Monday, May 4, 2009

Deadline Boston Globe

Deadline Boston Globe
Will the Times Shut the Newspaper Today?

Agree or else, Globe tells unionsBoston Globe management was continuing to negotiate concessions with its major unions well past a midnight deadline, but said it was prepared to file a plant closing notice with the state today if they failed to reach agreement (Boston Globe) *** At Deadline, No Deal Yet on Boston Globe’s Future (Times) *** GLOBE'S FATE UNCERTAIN AS DEADLINE PASSES *** BRIEF-Boston Globe union says offer more than adequate (Forbes) *** Globe Negotiations Turn 'Ominous,' Union Says *** End of Another Big Paper? Boston Globe Prepares to Shutter, NYT Co ... *** Shed no tears as Boston Globe fat gets Pinched *** Boston Globe Faces Shutdown **** Globe Unions Go Down to the Wire *** NY Times to File Notice It Will Close Boston Globe

Pay to Play TEACHERS HOLD $WAY These puppet masters' strings are spun from gold. The United Federation of Teachers and New York State United Teachers unions funneled more than $9 million into their political arms... FEDS EYE EDWARDS' 'MISTRE$$' *** Edwards Faces Federal Probe of Campaign Funding *** Edwards Confirms Inquiry Into Finances *** THE INFLUENCE GAME: Lobbyists prosper in downturn *** Political Reform, Springfield Style With Illinois’s knack for enacting hollow reforms, a public vote on a civic commission’s prescription for fighting corruption is a good idea, NYT Ed *** Did John Edwards use campaign cash as hush money? *** N.Y. Fed Chair Faces Questions on Goldman *** The state IG is investigating whether two unnamed state officials caught in Albany's parking ticket scandal broke the Public Officers Law

PensionGate Cuomo pension probe goes nationwide *** Hevesi aide a pension fund octopus Hank Morris, the indicted top political aide to former state Controller Alan Hevesi, had his tentacles in public pension funds from sea to shining sea. Morris' back-room and illegal dealings stretched from New York to California *** Cuomo pension probe goes nationwide
AG's office issues 100 subpoenas Friday
*** Hank Morris’ alleged pay-to-play scheme might have been uncovered sooner if state leaders had heeded calls for campaign finance and lobbying reform *** Meanwhile, Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli Spinning reforms in the press.

City's Economic Melt Down CAREERS REROUTED LAYOFFS LOOMING FOR MTA NEWBIES *** NEW PLANS SHOULD BE DERAILED, SAYS SHEL *** POWER TAX A $HOCK CON ED BOOST DUE *** Bloomberg Announces 13,541 Jobs Cut in FY 2011 *** City water budget drops, costs may rise

The City MAYOR'S ED. PUSH PAYS OFF GRAD RATES SOAR *** BIRD RISK IN LGA TRASH A proposed trash-transfer station across Flushing Bay from La Guardia Airport would be a dangerous bird magnet *** Biking Enthusiasts Take Citywide Tour *** Non-profits desperate to sell From the Epoch Times *** Will developer donate the RKO Keith's?
From the Daily News *** NYC Could Start Confirming Swine Flu Cases On Its Own *** Report: Few NYC drunken drivers do jail time *** St. Francis Prep reopens after swine flu outbreak *** New York’s Lab Readies Tests for New Strain *** White Way Gets a ‘Green’ Theater *** Con Ed meet for residents in Qns. blast *** SLAY-CAM HORROR HARLEM GUNDOWN TEEN WANTED TO QUIT BLOODS *** Manhattan judges are the most lenient when it comes to DWI *** FILM A B'WAY SMASH 2 HURT IN TIMES SQ. STUNT *** Raccoon Ringworm Now the Deadly Disease Du Jour *** Making The Call: MSG...Remember When? *** Meatpacking District Loses The Meat *** MLB Investigates A-Rod (Again) as Girardi's Had Enough *** Mixed Reactions For Dog Restrictions At Housing Projects *** Amid all of the MTA's woes, an authority board member forwarded top officials a chain e-mail about a crippled boy and his puppy *** TNPM Gifted Kindergarten Programs Expand

Albany There was ominous news buried deep in the financial plan released last week by Gov. Paterson's budget office: Five years hence, one in every four New Yorkers will be on Medicaid *** MARCHI'S BATTLE FOR A BETTER NEW YORK, Marlin *** GOV IS GREAT (FOR GOPERS) 'PRAISED' AS PARTY BOOSTER *** Paterson Wants Immediate Vote On MTA Bailout *** NY legislative spending is up From Fox 5 *** Can Gay Marriage Pass in Albany? *** MTA bailout held up in Albany by Democrats Craig Johnson, Brian Foley *** Paterson’s Order Will Help Unions Trying to Organize, Counting Votes, Kremlin Style
What the Kremlin wants, the Kremlin gets, except when the Kremlin’s man chooses to go his own way *** 2 key Dems not on track to bail MTA *** Surprising Hold-Outs On the MTA "Quick Fix" *** NY Gay Marriage Battle Becomes All Out War - Elizabeth Benjamin, NYDN *** State agencies are scrambling to figure out how to lay off 8,700 state employees by the July 1 deadline *** Two Republican senators viewed as potential "MTA yes" votes: Tom Morahan and Kemp Hannon *** MSNBC's Joe Scarborough said "thanks to David Paterson," New York could "very well go Republican."*** Laura Anglin, before announcing her departure from the Paterson administration, recused herself from budget discussions involving colleges *** Paterson backs off from system improvements in MTA bailout *** TNPM M.T.A. Bailout May Omit Capital Project Money *** Skelos Pans Paterson As GOP Lite *** Bloomberg Wants MTA Capital Now, Oppenheimer Wants Something In Writing *** Paterson Makes the Case for Half a Loaf

President Obama Obama to crack down on business taxes *** Who's watching news scorecards on Obama? *** Would Prosecuting Cheney and Friends Work? *** Options for Obama in Pakistan Are Limited *** Plans Would Alter College Aid President's proposal would make Pell Grants an entitlement akin to Medicare and Social Security *** Obama Targets Offshore Tax Havens *** SHOCK CLAIM: WHITE HOUSE BULLY THREAT OVER AUTO BANKRUPTCY... *** Obama ISO 'empathy' shapes debate *** Obama urged to look beyond courts *** Admin: We're not overreacting to flu *** Obama's Legacy Begins w/Souter Replacement - Joan Biskupic, USA Today *** Obama's First Debacle? - Mickey Kaus, Slate *** Rahm's 'Crisis' Theory Continues to Dominate WH - John Harwood, NYT *** Buying Time on Immigration - E.J. Dionne, The New Republic *** With Obama, It's His Way or... His Way - New Hampshire Union Leader *** Obama Targets Tax Havens *** Bush Library Raises $100 Million in 100 Days *** Obama to announce court nominee 'by end of week'...

Congress & GOP SUPREMES FIGHT LOOMS *** GOP POLICY HURT KEMP: PECTER Specter said yesterday that his passion for health care was a major reason he left the Republican Party last week *** Senators to Obama: Look beyond the federal bench *** GOP group launches listening tour to rebrand image *** Pork Lobbyists Work to Reassure *** Democrat joker Al Franken to hand Obama control of Senate... *** GOP turns to Bush aides for revival *** The lessons Reid learned *** Dems clash over climate bill *** GOP leaders give Palin cold shoulder *** The pawns in a party-switch *** The lessons Reid learned *** Dems clash over climate bill *** GOP leaders give Palin cold shoulder *** Specter denies 'loyal Democrat' pledge *** Cautious optimism at AIPAC conf. *** VIDEO: Sunday shows highlights *** Colbert mocks the House *** With bipartisanship, reform is possible *** Ariz. activist wants to dethrone McCain *** Kemp recalled as early leader of GOP *** GOP tours Dem-leaning suburbs *** Specter Won't Back Public Health Care Or Employee Free Choice Act *** Specter Vulnerable in Dem Primary - Christopher Borick, Philly Inquirer *** What Jack Kemp Accomplished - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard *** Media Missed the Specter of Disloyalty - Howard Kurtz, Washington Post *** Not So Fast, Arlen! - The New Republic *** Jack Kemp: Capitalist for the Common Man - Wall Street Journal *** Conservatives Raise Money Off Of Souter Vacancy - CQ Politics *** Interview with Arlen Specter - Face the Nation *** Last of the Big Tent Republicans - J. P. Green, Democratic Strategist *** Sen. Chuck Schumer basks in the glow of the almost-filibuster proof Senate majority that he helped deliver

Health Care Reform Now is the time for health care reform By SEN. EDWARD M. KENNEDY *** Kennedy's lifelong quest *** Technology is key to health reform *** To reform, create a real marketplace *** Health care: What are the odds? Tom Daschle Q & A *** Who to watch for in debate over care

National Flushing government stimulus cash down the toilet? *** Predicting Flu With the Aid of (George) Washington *** Experts: Virus may be no more severe than normal flu...Goes person-to-pig; Could it jump back? *** News finds pricier priority mail isn't faster than 42-cent stamp *** Aww, shoot! NRA makes Palin top gun *** 4th-Grader Questions Condoleezza Rice On Waterboarding *** James Baker Backs Reinstating The Draft *** This Week In Magazines: Are Computer Hackers The Pentagon's Real Threat? *** Was the Alarm over Swine Flu Justified?

International Gates plans to reassure allies on Iran outreach *** Pakistan Strife Raises U.S. Doubts on Nuclear Arms *** Pakistan’s Islamic Schools Fill Void, but Fuel Militancy *** U.S. Media See a Path to India in China’s Snub *** Israel Faces a Hard Sell in Bid to Shift Policy *** E.U. Says Europe Faces Deep Recession *** Irate pig farmers clash with police in Egypt... *** Divorce, Italian style as PM's wife e-mails it's over *** Pakistan Repeatedly Deflected US Requests To Find Out Where Its Nukes Are Located *** WorldIraq Will Not Extend U.S. Troop Withdrawal Deadlines *** Moment of Truth in Pakistan - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Maggie Thatcher’s Unassailable Legacy - Boris Johnson, Daily Telegraph *** Sarkozy's Big Plans for Greater Paris - Bruce Crumley, Time *** Margaret Thatcher's Revolution - John Blundell, Washington Times *** Ninety Years of Chinese Nationalism - Samuel Chi, RealClearWorld *** Economic Slump Hits Armenia

*** THE WEEK'S WINNERS AND LOSERS *** CLAW & DISORDER VICTIMS: MADOFF TRUSTEE NOT LOOKING OUT FOR US *** Worries Rise on the Size of U.S. Debt (NYT) *** Falling Wage Syndrome Even if the recession is declared over, there still are not enough jobs — which is a recipe for continuing wage cuts, which will in turn keep the economy weak, Kurgman *** Tests of Banks May Bring Hope More Than Fear *** Fiat in Talks to Buy G.M.’s European Operations *** Banks Are Prevailing in a Tug of War *** BusinessCiti, BofA Each Plan To Raise $10B In Fresh Capital *** How the Big Banks Got Too Big - James Surowiecki, The New Yorker *** How Banks Will Game Mortgage Mess - Eric Brenner & Hamish Hume, WSJ *** U.S. Home Prices May Be Lost For a Generation - John Wasik, Bloomberg *** Credit Card Companies As Villains? - Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times *** Big Bored: Traders Look for Diversions *** Industries Seek Free Pollution Credits *** Buffett Plays Down Hoopla *** Jobs, Stress Tests Key for Stocks *** U.S. Helps Bailed-Out Firms Pick Executives *** Chrysler Ads Promote Confidence

Media & New Tech CBS SPREADS THE NEWS ABOUT STRONG SEASON *** Films that highlighted Tribeca *** Looking to Big-Screen E-Readers to Help Save the Daily Press *** An Upstart Gossip Site With a Gentler Tone Is Making a Big Splash *** Mini-Links to Web Sites Are Multiplying *** A Battle With a New Jersey Newspaper Backfires Upset by an article in The Record, the Hackensack University Medical Center retaliated by removing ads and blocking newspaper sales before backing down *** Losing Popularity Contest, MySpace Tries a Makeover *** Drilling Down: The Hispanic Audience Grows Online *** NBC’s SNL ‘Weekend Update’ to Expand *** EVERYWHERE: CBS launches unprecedented ad campaign... *** White House: No bailout for newspapers! *** Some Magazines Die, But Some Dead Magazines Rise Again

People and Places IT'S ONE FOR THE AGES SEEGER'S 90TH IS A STAR FEST *** NYT: Obama's mother-in-law 'savoring new life' at 1600 Penn...