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Former director under Thompson, Josh Wolf-Powers, secured $70 million in investments for his private equity company Blue Wolf Capital after he left the Comptroller's Office. Wolf-Powers did not use a placement agent.
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The Wolf at Thompson's Door

“Wolf-Powers told Mr. Rattner that he could not think of any investment firm that had persuaded the city’s pension fund to invest without using a placement agent.”

"Wolf-Powers knew so much about how the City invests its pension money with private firms, because Wolf-Powers and his close associates reinvented the New York City Employees Retirement System (NYCERS) when they were working under Thompson."

"The same year that Wolf-Powers turned Rattner onto Morris, Wolf-Powers left his key position with the City Comptroller to co-found the company Blue Wolf Capital Management with another top Thompson aide, Adam Blumenthal, who served as First Deputy Comptroller and Chief Financial Officer from 2002-2005. "

"Mr. Wolf-Powers oversaw the process by which the New York City Retirement Systems invested in private equity, economically targeted investments and other securities for which there is not a public market. During his tenure, the New York City Retirement Systems more than doubled their allocation to the private equity asset class, and their commitments to private equity funds, committing over $2 billion to nineteen private equity funds.”

“On July 9, 2007, six days after the ban was passed, [Thompson] accepted a $4,950 donation from the investment firm Blue Wolf Capital Management L.L.C. and a $4,050 contribution from its co-founder and managing partner, Adam Blumenthal.”

Daily News Editorial: Malcolm flies high ...
On our knees, we beg state Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith: please, please, jet off next weekend with your Democratic troops for backslapping and sunshine in Puerto Rico. Please, do not cancel plans to spend quality time away from Albany with Sen. Hiram Monserrate, who needs a break from domestic abuse charges in Queens, and Sen. Pedro Espada Jr., who hates sleeping overnight in the Bronx (see below), and as many other senators who can go. Please arrive in style so we can document the historic moment when you lead your slim Democratic majority to its doom. We need to get photographs for New York's picture newspaper. . . And don't stint on food, drink or accommodations. We're reserving space to publish your expense accounts for straphangers, who may well have to pay 50% more to get to work. Should you instead decide to splurge with campaign funds, we'll be happy to document how swell it is to live large on political favor seekers.

Pay to Play: Pension
Uncovering Multi State Network
CUOMO-PROBE TARGET AN 'ADVISER' ON COP $$ Aldus Equity Partners *** N.M. Investment Adviser Caught Up in N.Y. Scandal: Case focuses on ... *** New Mexico Suspends [Mexico City's Bill Richardson's] Broker as Kickback Probe Widens (Updated) *** Pension Fund Scandal Expands: Rattner's Ties To Bill Richardson *** Times Piece On Rattner Scandal Makes No Mention Of Ties To Richardson *** Embattled Obama exec Rattner gave $20K to Richardson campaigns ... *** Records link city pension middlemen to pay-to-play probe of $122 billion state pension fund A host of politically connected firms acted as middlemen for many financial companies that won city pension fund business in recent years, city records show *** Ex-Assemblyman says his piece in pension scandal *** Disclosure Issue Emerges for Quadrangle *** 'KICKBACK' FIRM $CORED BIG NYC PENSION BIZ *** QUAD-BUNGLE FUND STATE, CITY PENSIONS AX INVESTMENT FIRM *** Wetherly Capital Group tangled in probe of pension fund kickback ... Wetherly has represented clients at two Los Angeles pension funds. A Los Angeles investment firm run by a well-known Southern California political operative Dan Weinstein, longtime Democratic fundraiser . . . $313,750 payment it made to a firm run by a New York political advisor who was arrested last month on charges of running a kickback scheme involving New York state's pension fund, Henry Morris *** SEC Queries Los Angeles Fire, Police Pension Fund on Conflicts of ... *** Silobreaker: SEC Pension Probe Extended to L.A. Fund *** Subject: Pension Fund Kickbacks Used To Fund Richardson's 'Latino U.S. Voter Registrations' *** Pay to Play? Firm Receives Government Contract After Donating to Bill Richardson *** Indicted NY Consultant Earned Fees From LA Police and Fire Pension Plan *** SEC Letters Outline “Informal Inquiry” into California Pension Deals *** Indicted political consultant Hank Morris reportedly made a placement fee on an $85 million deal between Quadrangle and the city's pension fund, but Comptroller Bill Thompson says he has no record of it *** Pension Fund Probe Now With Former Senator, Israeli Company

Late Breaking U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu *** As Nations Try to Contain Flu, N.Y. Cases Are Confirmed *** White House Declares 'Health Emergency' ***Geithner: Banks Must Change *** Weather's hot, Oliver Perez is not as Nationals pound Mets, 8-1 *** Palin Didn't Write Obama Slam in Post *** Former State Senator John Marchi Dies *** CDC Confirms Swine Flu Cases At Queens School *** Ahmadinejad On ABC... McCain On CBS... Larry Summers On Fox... Robert Gibbs On NBC

The City Bronx teacher arrested after bomb threat *** Second Ave. subway set back - again *** New York City crime rate still falling *** Archbishop Dolan prays at Ground Zero *** Quinn supports naming street after Sean Bell *** City worker charged in credit scam *** Timothy Wright, famed New York gospel singer, dies *** Body Blows for Rivera and the Yanks *** Swine Flu Fears at a Private School in Queens *** Health Officials Investigate Illness at Queens Private School *** Queens School Tested For Swine Flu After Students Complain Of Symptoms *** One Year After Acquittal in Sean Bell Shooting, Lives Remain in Limbo *** New York-Tel Aviv Flight Diverted After Passenger Outburst *** Dozens of Blank Birth Certificates Are Stolen From City Records Office *** FreshDirect Will Limit Idling Time for Trucks *** Former DOH Employee Arrested For Credit Card Theft *** New Archbishop Visits World Trade Center Site *** Staten Island: Mortgage Scams Leave Residents Looking For Answers *** CAB RIDES PLUNGE AS ECONOMY TAKES A HACK *** BIRTH-CERTIFICATE TERROR ALARM *** 'FRESH AIR' $LAP AT FRESHDIRECT *** FEARS OF DEADLY NEW MEX FLU COME TO QNS. *** JFK GOES FROM BIRD TO WORSE *** Dramatic drop in building permits
From The Real Deal *** Superfund Stigma Vs. Super-smelly Canal *** Outrage Spreads Over Donnell Library's Closure *** Itching Powder Prank at Brooklyn School Summons Hazmat Unit! *** Sunday *** 'BAD COP' SUIT$ COST THE CITY A HALF-BILLION *** HOME-RUN REPAIRS: BRAINIACS TAKING A SWING AT YANKEE STADIUM FLURRY *** CON ED SLAMMED OVER KILLER QNS. GAS BLAST *** RHAPSODY IN '$UE' AT JAZZ HALL
LINCOLN CTR. DEADBEAT DONOR *** QNS. SCHOOL FEAR CANCUN TRIP EYED IN SWINE OUTBREAK *** FOES FUMING OVER CITY CIG INVESTMENT *** PT-HEY! 200 'ROGUE' SCHOOL HIRINGS *** STATE SLAPS B'KLYN HOSP IN FATAL TRANSPLANT Brooklyn Hospital *** $43M CONEY HOSP PACT PROBED A DOCTORS' group that gives medical care to Coney Island Hospital at an annual cost to the city of $43.5 million has been under investigation for the last three years and officials... *** Water boarders continue the torture From the Daily News *** JFK has most bird strikes From NY1 *** Preventing illegal halfway houses From NY1 *** Who'll do the dirty work at Gowanus? *** DN Editorial: Scratch this nag The season ends today at Aqueduct, and with the finish of the ninth race should come the closure of the Queens horse track *** Family hammers Con Ed over blast *** Gun buyback bombs in Bronx *** Eight Queens Students May Have Swine Flu, DOH Says *** Target Date For Second Avenue Subway Reportedly Delayed Again *** Students Fall Ill in New York, and Swine Flu Is Likely Cause *** Cleanup Day in the City as Volunteers Put the Recession Aside *** Residents Allowed to Return Home After Fatal Explosion in Queens *** Jamaica Bay Grows for First Time in Decades *** First South Bronx Hotel in 40 Years Opens *** What No One Else is Telling You About Next Year’s Water Rate(Water Watch NYC) *** Getting Down To Work on Green Buildings Program(Sallan Foundation) *** In Dribs and Drabs, New York Allocates Stimulus Funds(Tri-State Transportation Campaign) *** Javits’ pre-fab expansion not the most fab option *** Four Bronx Institutions Push to Transform Area *** 189 Buildings Worth $9 Billion In Distress

Times' Spins the Campaign E-Mail Sheds Little Light on Term Limits Campaign in City Hall (Times) *** BLOOMBERG'S 'TERM' PAPER When Mayor Bloomberg revealed his plans last fall to change the term-limits law so that he could run again for mayor this year, his inbox filled up with protests. City Hall released documents (Post) Road to City Hall Run for gov, Rudy! - Sharpton *** Lisberg: Taxation with no irritation Mayor Bloomberg and the City Council have to plug a billion-dollar hole in the budget by the end of June - but they're running out of taxes to raise, ... *** Molloy: Natural-born crime buster Leslie Crocker Snyder is one tough mother *** NY1 Exclusive: A Defiant Paterson Says He Is Definitely Running For Governor *** As Some Ring a Death Knell, Paterson Hears a Call to Arms *** Why Bloomberg Should Go Ahead and Spend *** Comptroller Race Warming Up *** Paterson Letting Everyone Know He's In It to Win It *** Paterson Receives Boost Of Support At Harlem Rally

Pay to Play 2 years later, Carrion finally pays architect White House aide Adolfo Carrion has finally paid the architect who designed his home renovation, a transaction that's part of an expanding city probe.... *** WATCH: Blago Takes To The Air To Promote Reality Show*** Sunday *** House Heavyweight Feels Threat to Power A string of federal criminal investigations of contractors or lobbyists close to Representative John P. Murtha are threatening to undermine his legendary backroom clout *** Spacey to play Abramoff in film *** 43M Coney Hosp. Pact Probed

Albany Malcolm Smith, Sheldon Silver in 'huge fight' on MTA *** NY1 Exclusive: A Defiant Paterson Says He Is Definitely Running For Governor *** More Tedisco fallout, the battle for Republican leadership *** GOV SNUFFS OUT HARD-TIME 'ROCKY' DRUG LAWS *** AIR ATTACK ON JUNKETING DEM Globe-trotting Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith was blasted from both sides yesterday as government-reform groups panned the Queens Democrat's plans for several overseas junkets *** POLS' FARE SUMMIT GOES OFF THE RAILS *** New York, Sacramento airports lead in bird strikes *** Paterson-Kennedy Mess Not Over *** Paterson Signs Rockefeller Drug Law Reforms *** Sunday *** Ruiz: Rally in Albany for domestic worker rights *** Paterson, Tired of Waiting for the Senate, Prepares for a Leaders Meeting *** Widespread support for bill extending time limits on abuse lawsuits

President Obama Obama wants government to be primary financier of student loans *** Geithner to outline plan to clean-up U.S. banking *** Obama Takes 100th-Day Hoopla and Runs With It *** Over the Limit If President Obama is really serious about credit card relief, he could pressure Congress to end some of the banking industry’s worst tricks right now, NYT Ed *** Clinton: Extremists Fear Progress In Iraq *** U.S. Releasing Iraq, Afghan Photos *** Geithner Calls for More Action *** O'S LOAN-LY CRUSADE FOR STUDENT AID *** AN OBAMA OVERLOAD NETWORKS BALK AT ANOTHER PRIMETIME PREEMPTION *** Obama asks for ideas on curbing federal spending *** Homeland secretary apologizes to veterans group *** Clinton Makes Surprise Visit To Iraq *** PoliticsObama Spars With GOP Leaders In Private White House Meeting *** Agency Warned Against 'Torture' *** 100 days: How Obama changed D.C. *** Hundred days: highs and lows? *** Obama takes new tack with Congress *** Biden To Appear On "Good Morning America" Monday *** Sunday *** Tell me how to save us some money, says Bam in weekly speech *** Goodwin: 100 days with Obama
He inspires many Americans and scares others, which is another way of saying there is almost nothing ordinary about Barack Obama's presidency *** The Banality of Bush White House Evil
Torture was a tool in the campaign to exploit 9/11 so that fearful Americans would support a war that had nothing to do with Al Qaeda, Rich NYT *** President Fares Well in Poll, Congress Less So **** Reagan's First 100 Days *** Obama's health OK after Mexico trip *** Mixed grade for Gibbs from W.H. press *** The Campaign's Over; It's Time to Lead - John Kass, Chicago Tribune *** So Far, So Good For Obama - Dick Polman, Philadelphia Inquirer *** Obama's 100 Days in League with FDR, LBJ - Jonathan Alter, Newsweek *** Israel, Iran -- And Obama's Dilemma - Jim Hoagland, Washington Post *** Mornings After: Obama's Rx - New Hampshire Union Leader *** Obama Right on Credit Card Reform - Austin American-Statesman *** Eyes Wide Shut The Bush administration repeatedly ignored warnings about its detainee interrogation policies Washington Post *** What Will Obama Do For National Day of Prayer? - Washington Post *** Gates Defuses the Defense Budget Battle - Los Angeles Times *** An Ugly Handshake - Mona Charen, Washington Times *** Obama. Don’t Leave Home Without Him.
“Since apparently everything in America is going into the toilet except the public’s faith in Barack Obama, it seems that the way to fix everything in America is to entrust it to Barack Obama. What’s the White House going to back next, your credit card? Maybe.” {Atlantic} *** The 10 Most Important Obama Faith Moments *** Facebook makes friends with attorneys general *** Darth Vader Refuses to Die How much of the buck stopped with Dick Cheney ? - Wolff

Congress and Washington Democrat Is Winner of a New York House Race *** NSA Chief to Head Cyber Command *** Budget Pact Helps Health Bill *** GILLY'S NY SEAT IS A DEM WIN: 400-VOTE VICTORY *** DC HEALTH-CARE BREAKTHROUGH *** New Democrats flash independent streak *** Republicans push nuclear energy to lower costs *** Gingrich, provocateur, returns *** No Minn. senator until at least June *** TMZ to Pelosi: Chill out ***Sunday *** Health Care Reform, Step One As the Senate prepares for a bruising battle on health care reform, there would be no more fitting prelude than to authorize F.D.A. regulation of tobacco products *** In GOP base, a 'rebellion brewing' ***Politi-quotes: the week in one-liners *** Mark Sanford: Last Conservative Standing - Andrew Romano, Newsweek *** Barney Frank: Housing Bubble Nostradamus - James Joyner, OTB *** On the Hill, battle on war spending looms *** Democratic whip woos all caucuses for votes *** Mortgage relief faces Senate defeat *** Obama to Finally Meet With Progressive Caucus *** Groups Meet With White House on Lobbying Restrictions *** Rebel Without a Republican Cause *** Murtha on the Outs

Wall Street Mess Investors may have to give back Madoff Ponzi profits *** GM is getting another $2 billion *** New Worries for Next Tier of Banks *** At Ford, a Sense of Survival Despite the Losses Piling Up *** Auctions for Troubled Property Loans Jump to the Web *** Suit Claims JPMorgan Aided Madoff’s Fraud *** Recession, Far From Over, Already Setting Records *** Freddie Mac’s Former Chief to Return *** U.S. Loses a Trade Case Over Japanese Steel Imports *** Regulators Shut 4 Banks, Bringing Total for Year to 29 *** Schlumberger Revenue Falls as Oil Exploration Slows *** U.S. Presses Banks to Act After Stress Tests *** U.S. Fells One Bank, Spares Its Rival *** Stress Positions May Let Banks Off Easy *** GM Kills Pontiac *** Lenders Will Reduce Chrysler Debt By 46% *** Mortgage Bill Looks Doomed *** What's Driving the Bull Market in Commodities? *** Sunday *** MORGAN VERSUS GOLDMAN: A HARE & TORTOISE RACE *** MONEY FOR NOTHING FUND INVESTORS HIT BY HIGH FEES, LOW RETURNS *** Grab for Madoff money *** GM is getting another $2 billion *** The Stress Test Results If the stress tests provide credible information, the government will have what it needs to deal forcefully with the banking mess — assuming the White House also has the will to do what is needed, NYT Ed *** After an Off Year, Wall Street Pay Is Bouncing Back *** BofA Blame Game Comes at Opportune Time *** The Market's Next Big Move? Nowhere - Jack Hough, SmartMoney *** U.S. Prods Banks to Act After Stress Tests *** The Market's Up 23% … Feeling Lucky? *** The Audacity of Wall Street *** Chrysler's Creditors Must Concede

International Pakistani Taliban forces begin withdrawing from Buner region *** Indonesia’s Voters Retreat From Radical IslamSuicide bombings outside Baghdad Shiite shrine kill at least 60 *** As Jobs Die, Europe’s Migrants Head Home *** Unemployment in Spain Hits 17.4% *** South Korea’s Economy Expands Slightly *** Kazakhstan Bank Stops Repaying Foreign Debt *** Mexico Races to Stop Deadly Flu Virus *** Taliban's Pakistan Retreat Complete *** N. Korea Says Restarted Nuke Facilities *** Clinton assures Iraq of US support *** South Africa's ANC fails to get 2/3 majority *** Finance officials at odds over IMF funding plan *** Petraeus: Taliban, not India, top Pakistan issue *** Even with a New Government, Conditions in Zimbabwe Worsen *** Sunday *** ERASING $1T DEBT TO CHINA DIFFICULT *** Amid spike in violence, Hillary visits Iraq, says we won't abandon you *** Iraq Resists Pleas by U.S. to Placate Hussein’s Party *** In Pakistan, Guile Helps Taliban Gain *** At the Polls, Icelanders Punish Conservatives *** Clinton in Beirut Ahead of Key Vote *** I.M.F. Planning to Sell Bonds to Finance New Loans *** Mayoral Race in Russian Town a Test of Openness *** Ahmadinejad, Abdullah point to Israel *** MEXICO CITY CANCELS ALL PUBLIC EVENTS *** Tehran Launches its Custard Pie Strike - Dominic Lawson, Times of London *** Pakistan's Terrorist Windfall *** Kim's Nuclear Reaction - Greg Sheridan, The Australian *** Clinton Offers Support for Lebanon *** Pakistan Moves Against Militants *** China, Taiwan Sign Cooperation Pact *** Escape From Hell: Refugees Flee Sri Lankan War Zone *** The Portuguese Experiment: Did Legalizing Drugs Work? *** Clinton stopsin Beirut ahead of key election *** Heads of Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua declare capitalism 'threatens life on the planet'... *** Pakistanis Caught Between Taliban and Military *** IMF Beefed Up *** Parents Push Toddlers Into Japan's 'Exam Hell' Parents move back starting line for race to secure best schools *** Gorbachev, Shultz, Nunn, Perry Urge a Nuclear-Free World

National Anonymous Donor Gives Millions to Colleges *** Ocean Race to Detour for Whales Near Boston *** Army Ends Delay on Lightweight Armor *** A Culture Soaked in Blood
America is an insanely violent society, and the worst of that violence is made insanely easy by the widespread availability of guns, Hurbert, NYC *** The Siegelman Case Attorney General Eric Holder should investigate the case against Don Siegelman, the Alabama governor convicted in 2006 on dubious corruption charges, for prosecutorial misconduct, NYT Ed *** Mr. Bennett, the Hold and the Oil Leases The canceled oil and gas leases in Utah are the real reason Senator Robert Bennett has stalled a sound nomination for deputy secretary at the Interior Department, NYT Ed *** TARGETING 'TORTURE' ATTORNEYS UN BIG: CHARGE 'EM *** Gore, Gingrich debate the Earth's future *** Sunday *** DN Editorial: The high cost of inequality Perhaps you think the achievement gaps between white students and their black and Hispanic counterparts, and between high- and low- income kids, are someone else's problem. You're wrong *** Same-Sex Ruling Belies the Staid Image of Iowa *** A New Chance for Online Gambling in the U.S. *** The Wreck of the Racial Spoils System - George Will, Washington Post *** Tax Tea Party Fantasy - Bruce Bartlett, New Majority *** Will Gay Marriage Pit Church Against Church? *** Echoes of the Crack Age {Atlantic} *** Enlisting new media in the abortion fight *** The Dilemma of E-Reading The New Yorker *** Elizabeth Kolbert: Earth Day isn’t what it used to be. *** Pro-lifers Go Web 2.0 *** A 9/11-Style Bipartisan Commission Needed - Jon Meacham, Newsweek

Media & New Tech Scientific American’s Editor and Its President to Step Down *** Harbinger's Times Stake Gets Interest *** Yahoo Communications Chief Departs *** VAN NATTA NAMED AT MYSPACE News Corp. yesterday tapped former Facebook executive Owen Van Natta as CEO of its popular social-networking site MySpace. Van Natta replaces MySpace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, who stepped down *** CRAIGSLIST Founder Doesn't Plan to Change Web Site... *** Broadcast ratings crash: 11 shows hit lows on first night of May Sweeps... *** NPR Lays Off 13 *** NPR, Hachette Cut Back *** Auto-Tuned News: Now With Katie Couric *** Sunday *** Slouching Towards Oblivion Old-school newspapers seem like aging silent film stars, stricken to find themselves outmoded by technology *** AOL Launching Politics News Site Next Week *** New York Times, McClatchy Credit Ratings Cut *** CBS Chief Moonves Earned $32M In 2008 *** Can New York Save Broadband?(Gigaom) *** Social Media Hub: New York(Mashable) *** City Relaunches GIS Map With New Features(GovTech) *** Times Looking At Paid Online Content Again(Editor & Publisher) *** The Times Spins Downward - Bill O'Reilly, Boston Herald

People and Places LI'L MISS PERFECT NJ GIRL A STAR AFTER BEATING THE BOYS AP She's in a league of her own. Mackenzie Brown was invited to throw out the first pitch at tonight's Mets game at Citi Field after she became the first girl in the 58 years of the *** Eulogy for the (Shorter) Starbucks Bathroom Line {Gothamist} *** Sunday *** FINAL BOW FOR 'MAUDE' CANCER TAKES BEA ARTHUR *** Farber: Tribute to 'House' that rock built CBGB *** Big Town, Big Picture: The Polo Grounds *** Fight for Astor Estate Mirrors Battle 50 Years Ago *** The Spy of Cadman Plaza *** For Hudson, homecoming concert a family affair *** Longtime Chelsea butcher carved out history on 9th Ave. *** Tribeca, Baby!Famous folks from all walks of life converged in Lower Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival opening-night party {Vanityfair} *** Leaveing NYC? Please, here is the door! {The Angry New Yorker} ***
Obsessed With Beyonce
***London Library Yields Lost Ben Franklin Letters *** Hillary Duff "Excited" To Be Back At Tribeca *** Growing Up Buckley - Christopher Buckley, New York Times Magazine

Blog Report How Many Wood Chips Would a Contractor Dump if the Contractor was Dumping Wood Chips? {} *** Time to Nets rethink arena revenue assumptions? {Atlantic Yards Report} *** Diaz Hopeful on Takeover {Bronx News Network} *** SOHO POLITICS: THE FLAP. With the contentious races for several political offices, it’s no surprise that even the clubs are giving off some heat {} *** 2009 Manhattan Judicial Vacancies {The Flacks Report} *** Wanted: Neighborhood Crime Stats On-Line *** Stupid - Lack of Patient Care (Maimonides) {Stupid NYC}