Thursday, March 26, 2009

Shanty Towns Surge in U.S.

Shanty Towns Surge in U.S.
What do Nashville, Olympia, Seattle, St. Petersburg, Fresno, and Sacramento have in common? Shanty towns. The New York Times reports that tent cities are cropping up across the nation as the country's recession deepens and people who used to make more than minimum wage become unable to house themselves and turn to modern day Hoovervilles as a last resort. Residents of Sacramento's tent city got tired of the media after Oprah's coverage of their plight prompted a media stampede. Fresno's homelessness prevention and policy manager said that drug use, violence, and prostitution happen in the encampments. "That's all part of that underground economy," he said. "It's what happens when a person is trying to survive." *** Cities Deal With Surge In Shantytowns 1937: Hooverville Bubble Meter: Hooverville in California *** Hooverville - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia *** - Story: The Return of the Hooverville: Car and Tent ... *** - Story: The Return of the Hooverville: Car and Tent ... *** A modern-day Hooverville opens in Seattle KOMO News - Seattle ... *** Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns - Politics *** Modern-Day Hoovervilles - *** A modern-day Hooverville opens in Seattle KOMO News - Seattle ...

BLOOD ON THE TRACKS "Shock and grief are the instant reactions to the subway disaster in Queens that killed two pas sengers and injured many others yesterday . . . the [MTA] has ig nored serious safety slippage...

The City $CARED STIFF: CUTS WILL DOOM TIMELY BURIALS: ME *** Chief ME: Budget Cuts May Delay Jewish, Muslim Burials *** Budget Cuts Could Impact Death Certificate Process *** MTA approves 'doomsday' budget *** LEGAL WAR OVER 9/11 AIR SECRETS *** THE UFT'S THIRST FOR POWER *** Ridgewood Theatre to Reopen (with Retail) *** Futuristic Car Lands in NYC *** MTA Approves Transit Fare Hikes, Service Cuts *** Traffic Agent Safety Gets Boost In Brooklyn *** NY1 For You: Beating The Parking Game, Part 2 *** 98 Years Ago March 25, 1911, In Lofts High Above Washington Square Park, Fire *** M.T.A. Votes to Raise Fares and Cut Service *** Here’s a history of fare increases *** It Has Computers, Gives Advice and Is Free Out-of-work professionals are crowding the computers at New York’s public libraries, and books on résumé writing are hard to keep on the shelves *** Commercial Tenant Set for Rebuilt Trade Center *** Study Reports More Deaths of Children Linked to Child-Welfare System *** SoHo S&M club owners tied to $50M mortgage ripoff *** Report finds more deaths of children under city's watch *** Mayor defends raises given to DEP administrators *** Anti-smoking drive facing 20% cut in new budget *** Kin lose bid for release of 9/11 info *** Gehry, Atlantic Yards bigs backpedal on remarks project is dead *** Mom sues city over PCBs in public schools *** Study: Money-saving day care closings will set city back $7M *** 141 high-tech cameras for violence-plagued apt. complex - The Redfern Houses *** New York musueum opens exhibit on credit crisis

Road to City Hall CONTROLLED PRAISE: MIKE TOUTS HIS ED.-REFORM SUCCESS *** MIKE GETS ACTION AS POLS HEAR FARE FURY: Their ears must be ringing! Hordes of angry straphangers yesterday heeded Mayor Bloomberg's call to flood state lawmakers' phone lines and get "mad as hell" at Albany's... *** Pataki Mulling Another Go for Governor? *** Bloomberg backs gay marriage in NY *** Notes from a City Comptroller Forum [The Albany Project]

Stand by Your Senator, With Partisan Inconsistency Senate Republicans have criticized Democrats for standing by a Queens senator accused of a crime, but concede they have circled the wagons around their own in the past.

Albany THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY: MTA HITS RIDERS WITH HORROR HIKE AS ALBANY SITS BY *** DOCS SICK OVER MALPRACTICE CAP BOOST *** PLAN WILL 'HURT' NY: MIKE: Bloomberg warned yesterday that a secret plan by Gov. Paterson to loosen a two-decades-old cap on legal fees from medical malpractice awards would "significantly" hurt New... *** THIS BITES: $3M TOOTHLESS SCAM BY DENTISTS *** Mayor Asks State Lawmakers To Avoid Education Cuts *** Healthcare targeting state government’s ‘weakest link’ *** Albany Reaches Deal to Repeal ’70s-Era Drug Laws *** Tentative Deal Reported on Cuts to State Health Care Spending *** On Long Island, Higher Fares May Push Some Off the Bus *** Wine-in-supermarkets battle: Focus on PBA stances *** DN Editorial: Of Rihanna and Hiram *** In Dem war vs. Paterson, the GOP wins - Lewis *** Daly: 'Gang of 3' is a gang of villains *** Daly: 'Gang of 3' is a gang of villains *** If pols have the will there's still way to avoid these hikes *** If pols have the will there's still way to avoid these hikes *** Newsday penned an open FOIL request on behalf of all New Yorkers for information about the budget state leaders are "rushing to cobble together" by midnight March 31 *** Assemblyman Richard Brodsky and Sen. Bill Perkins introduced a bill to force fiscal reform on the MTA. *** Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli will review the pension fund in the wake of the Hank Morris indictment.

President Obama LEFTIES TARGET O FOES: A group of centrist Democrats came under fire yesterday from liberal groups urging passage of President Obama's budget, as key Democratic lawmakers moved to pare back tax cuts and... *** Treasury head Geithner unveiling regulatory agenda *** Obama turns to Web to bypass news media *** Bold claims of stimulus jobs can't be measured *** Jindal Wants Obama to Fail Sometimes *** U.S. to Detail Plan to Rein In Finance World *** White House to Keep Agencies’ Focus on Terrorism *** Geithner to Outline Major Overhaul of Finance Rules *** Budget Has Obama Courting Fellow Democrats *** Obama and 'the press': The Dubya comparison *** W.H. putting best face on budget fight *** Education reform is a defining issue *** Nominee for EPA No. 2 spot withdraws *** Biden cuts radio ad in New York race *** ARCHBISHOP COMPARES OBAMA TO ALEXANDER THE GREAT... *** OBAMA SHOW: Viewership declines for press conference... *** PoliticsNewsweek: Holder Backing Off Weapons Ban Under NRA Pressure *** Bailed-Out Bank Accused Of Retaliating Against Exec Who Complained About CEO's Payout *** Obama Woos Democrats *** Obama's Own *** Obama Hearts Australia *** Will Obama Beat Bush's Fiscal Irresponsibility? - Mort Kondracke, Roll Call *** Time to Admit It: Taxes Will Have to Rise - E. J. Dionne, Washington Post *** Obama Points Back to the GOP's Future - Karl Rove, Wall Street Journal *** Blaming Obama for a Bush Economy - Joe Conason, New York Observer *** Education Reform is a Defining Issue - Harold Ford Jr., Politico *** Obama's Women's Initiative Not 'Reality-Based' - Cathy Young, RCP *** Obama, DNC AWOL in New York Race - Politico *** Interview with Rahm Emanuel - Larry King Live *** President Obama will host an on-line town hall at 11:30 a.m. today in an attempt to bypass the news media and speak directly to the public.

Congress Obama budget on the march through Congress *** Bill to appease public without peeving investors *** Reid open to fast-tracking health overhaul *** A Legal Adviser Worthy of the Job Republican senators’ harsh criticism of the nomination of Dawn Johnsen to lead the Office of Legal Counsel is groundless. She should be confirmed right away *** Union organizing law: Ditched in the Senate? *** GOP gloves off for budget brawl *** Democrats vs. Democrats *** Budget battle rife with contradictions *** 'Specials' push Obama agenda on Hill *** Rep. Murtha's Internet skirmish *** Senators shore up support for Hill *** Education reform is a defining issue *** Education reform is a defining issue *** Florida Blue Dog hit from the left *** Washington's Truth Deficit - Victor Davis Hanson, San Fransico Chronicle *** Specter Trails Toomey in GOP Primary Poll - The Hill

I deserved bonus! huffy exec whines An AIG exec who got a payout of over $1 million quit his job Wednesday in a huffy public letter that was meant to generate sympathy - but instead landed like a lead balloon.

Wall Street Mess MADOFF BRO'S $$ IS FROZEN *** 22-Year-Old Brooklyn Law Student Has Peter Madoff’s Assets Frozen *** AIG EURO TRASH CRIES BLACKMAIL *** Designer Hangs By A Thread *** HOME SALES REBOUND, SLUMP EASING *** AIG'S JET UNIT HITS BUMPS *** IBM PLANS 5,000 CUTS *** Geithner Discusses Policies, Dollar's Strength In NYC *** AIG Executive Resigns, Sticks It to Liddy *** 370,000 Jobless in New Jersey *** Five Accused of Operating Mortgage Scheme in the Hamptons *** Weak Demand at Treasury Auction Gives Wall Street Pause *** Unexpected Increase in Factory Orders *** Maker of trendy men’s suits near bankruptcy *** Vigilante justice... against finance execs *** Site for Bernie vics offers Web of relief *** Bailed-Out Bank Accused Of Retaliating Against Exec Who Complained About CEO's Payout *** Daddy, What Exactly is a Derivative? - James Carville, Financial Times *** U.S. Resembling Argentina & Russia - Desmond Lachman, Washington Post *** Dear AIG VP: Stop Whining - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg *** Economic Prosperity Hurts Environment - David Owen, The New Yorker *** Trillion Dollar Deficits No Laughing Matter - Las Vegas Review-Journal *** No Easy Answers, But Geithner's Plan a Start - St. Petersburg Times *** Analysts on Geithner's Plan for Financial Regulation - The NewsHour *** Washington's Class Sympathy for Liberal Wall Streeters - E. Klein, A.P. *** Where's the Plan, Wall Street? - Andrew Ross Sorkin, New York Times *** The Last of the Bear Raids? - Andy Kessler, Wall Street Journal *** A Free Trader's Proud Support of Card Check - Jagdish Bhagwati, TNR

National Investigators say food tracing system full of gaps *** Cities Deal With a Surge in Shanty Towns *** Doctors Raise Doubts on Digital Health Data *** Urban League: Close racial disparities *** Schwarzenegger Opens Up Fairgrounds to Residents of Tent City... *** Chicagoans destroy parking meters to protest huge rate hike... *** Post office is going broke *** Springtime For NE Republicans? - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal *** Justices Seem Skeptical of Campaign Finance Law - New York Times

International HILLARY'S DRUG SHOCK: SAYS US DEMAND FUELS MEX VIOLENCE *** Clinton: US shares blame for Mexican drug wars *** Investigators say food tracing system full of gaps *** BIG 'NO CONFIDENCE': NO BUYERS AT UK GOVERNMENT BOND SALE *** Afghan Strikes by Taliban Get Pakistan Help, U.S. Aides Say *** U.S. Sees Chinese Military Rise *** North Korea Moves Missile to Launch Pad *** Japan’s Small Exporters Are Hit Hardest *** Hurt by Economy, Europeans Vent Their Anger *** European Leader Assails American Stimulus Plan *** As Chinese Investment in Africa Drop, Hope Sinks *** I.M.F. Announces Financial Rescue Plan for Romania *** Bank of East Asia Buys Taiwan Unit of A.I.G. *** **VIDEO** BRITISH PM SAVAGED AT EU MEET: 'YOU HAVE RUN OUT OF OUR MONEY!'... *** E.U. leader calls stimulus plan a 'way to hell' *** Pakistan Backs Afghan Attacks *** Clinton: Drug War Has Failed *** The Shah of Venezuela - Enrique Krauze, The New Republic *** The Lessons of Camp David - Jehan Sadat, Wall Street Journal *** S. Tax Break Fuels Mideast Friction - David Ignatius, Washington Post *** Netanyahu & Barak Can Confront Iran - Ari Shavit, Haaretz