Sunday, March 15, 2009

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Incumbent Protection Society
Bx. Pol Got A Slick 'Rangel' Tax Break *** Bronx Representative Loses a Tax Break *** Bx. pol calls Md. home for tax break *** REVVED-UP POLS GET RUN OF THE ROAD ON TAXPAYER'S DIME : Top city elected officials can use their government cars to hightail it to the Hamptons - or anywhere else their hearts desire - without having to reimburse taxpayers, under a controversial decision issued yesterday by an ethics panel *** City ethics panel: Pols' public cars OK for personal use *** Sunday COMMISH A 'TWO-TIMER': REAL-ESTATE SIDE GIG SECRETLY OK'D BY CITY *** BLAZING PAST TAX COPS : Employees who commute using a state car are required to pay taxes on that benefit - yet many officials, including seven state senators, fail to do so *** STATE BIGS TAKE NYERS FOR A RIDE: $86 MIL TAB FOR CHAUFFEURS AND LAVISH CAR PERKS *** Bx. pol calls Md. home for tax break *** Pols dish out 450M!: Mid-winter island travel, a tricked-out SUV, equipment to make a Hollywood movie, even helicopter rentals *** DN Editorial: Useless wastes
Potentates in their own minds, the city's borough presidents are primping and preening and promoting themselves on the public's dime. And, boy, they're not at all shy about wasting the taxpayers' cash *** Molinaro's megabucks promotion machine: A sleek promotional video funded by Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro opens with a bird's-eye view of his famous hometown ferry cutting *** House Speaker Pelosi refuses to hold a vote on a bill to do away ... automatic pay raises for congress every year.

The City MTA's Fare Warning *** CITY'S $1M 'CAR CELL' HAUL *** NY WAIT$ ON AMTRAK *** TUNNEL ON TRACK *** MTA'S FARE WARNING: PLUG $1B GAP OR THE RIDERS PAY *** Next stop: disaster! MTA details painful cuts *** MTA details layoffs, service cuts *** A Stay in Stuyvesant Town Rent Ruling *** District Attorney’s Secretary Has Seen It All *** Speaking the Language of School Control *** Educrats hear it from pols on bilingual woes *** New York City Police Ticket 9,000 Drivers in Cell-Phone Crackdown... *** The Condo Glut *** Foreclosures Surge in Manhattan (Real Deal) *** Author of Mayoral Control Law says it Needs Revision (Queens Chronicle) *** Eight Percent of Upper East Side Storefronts Empty (Our Town) *** New York and the 2010 Census *** Where Are We Going?: Proponents Of Ravitch’s MTA Plan Look Toward The City’s Transit Future *** CLOSED FOR BUSINESS - Upper Eastside Businesses *** TIME TRAVEL DOWNTOWN: OLD LOOK IS NEW ON FULTON *** CONEY PIZZERIA OVERBAKED - Totonno's Pizzeria *** Sunday Police Stress Deterrence Measures as Bank Robberies Surge in the City *** Parent Voting for School Councils Is Moving Online*** W. Village street will forever bear slain aux cops' names *** Businesses & lives trashed after crane horror; no recovery or help in sight *** Blaze endangers famed brick-oven pizza in Coney Island *** Brooklyn's Daniel Goldstein: The last man standing - stopped Ratner's project for 3 years *** Bidding Revs Up For Hudson River Tunnel Projects *** Tishman Speyer To Appeal Deregulation Case *** Key Magazine New York City’s real estate market in the midst of recession.

Road to City Hall MIKE'S $3M CHUMP CHANGE *** Bloomberg Already Spent Millions on Campaign *** Bloomberg and the Incredible Shrinking Mayor’s Race *** Bloomberg Denies His Wealth Intimidates Challengers (Associated Press) *** Bloomberg, City Council members undecided on term limits had sit-downs before term limit law vote - Felder, Gonzalez, Maria del Carmen Arroyo and her mother, Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo and had a half-hour meeting with Dickens *** After Special Election Win, Ulrich Hopes To Avoid Como Curse (City Hall) *** Primary Turnout History *** Bloomberg Turns Over His Next Campaign to Blagojevich's Ex-Deputy *** Sunday Mayor Bloomberg awaits ok from Department of Justice for third term run

How the New York Times Spins
A Is for Artwork That Lures Bronx Schoolchildren to New Libraries

What is Really Happening in the City
City Library Systems Poised To Cut Hours, Staff *** Foreclosure crisis builds in New York

Pay to Play More Questions for Carrion Re: Architectgate(AP)

Abany M.T.A. Chairman Makes Appeal to Senators to Pass Rescue Plan *** DN Editorial: Rock on, Gov Gov. Paterson is moving to head off an overhaul of New York's drug laws that would come dangerously close to decriminalizing hard-core narcotics. All who care about safe streets should thank him *** Poll on Paterson Finds 55 Percent Would Rather Vote For Someone Else(Manhattanville College via Political Wire) *** Cuomo Attracts Critics, Admirers *** Silver Pushes on MTA Bailout *** Here’s the bill for the governor’s new patio furniture *** Sunday After Promises of Openness, Comptroller’s Pension Fund Moves Draw Scrutiny *** DN Editorial: Smith's doomsday Dems State Sen. Majority Leader Malcolm Smith and his Democratic colleagues stand fairly warned. Unless they change course, they will impose the most backbreaking fare hikes ever on subway, bus and commuter rail riders *** MTA and Albany Point Fingers with Fare Hike Clock Ticking

Inspector Clouseau This Week in Scandals: Merrill Probes and Madoff’s Plea *** Quick Picks: FBI Stashes Documents Where The Sun Don’t Shine *** Waters Asked Twice for Treasury to Give Bank Bailout Bucks

President Obama O'S POLL SLIDE *** SUNNY ECON FORECAST AS BAM VOWS 'CONFIDENCE' *** 'We're going to get through this,' says Obama *** Obama shifts to more upbeat economic message *** White House: No safer investment than US *** Obama announces FDA picks, food safety measures *** Obama admin. to end use of term 'enemy combatant' *** It's Still Lonely At The Top (of The Treasury) *** Lobbyist ban limits Obama's options *** 4th Treasury Department Nominee Withdraws *** Napolitano Targets Border Violence *** Team Obama Runs the Offense - BusinessWeek *** Obama's Plan Fixing the School - Philadelphia Inquirer *** Sunday Administration Is Open to Taxing Health Benefits *** Bam: Food safety is hazard to our health *** DAY 53: Biden sees signs economic confidence returning... *** OBAMA ACTIVATING CAMPAIGN NETWORK TO PUSH BUDGET... ***Treasury objects to AIG bonus payments... *** Next Stop, Health Reform - Boston Globe

Congress THE INFLUENCE GAME: Number of PACs hits record *** Senate Dems squabble over which homeowners to help *** G.O.P. Rift on Need for Alternate Budget *** John McCain on Cutting Edge of Social Media *** Waters fights back Rep. Maxine Waters fires back on potential conflict of interest allegations involving a California bank *** Rep. Waters' Troubling Ties - Tim Rutten, Los Angeles Times *** Coleman v. Franken *** Senate Guru: Where the Minnesota Senate Race Stands *** Pelosi hedges on stimulus II *** Pre-med students rally They want to boost spending on National Health Care Service Corps and worldwide health-care work force *** Interview with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi - Charlie Rose, PBS *** Vouchers on the Line - Washington Post *** PM Fake passports easy to get, investigators find *** Ticker: Minnesota Senate fight nears end *** Lobbyists Scramble to Shape Climate Legislation - Washington Post ***

Wall Street Melt Down CHINA SYNDROME LEADER WARNS US OF MELTDOWN FROM SPENDING *** Madoff Had Accomplices: His Victims *** Many Left Unsatisfied by Madoff's Punishment *** What was Bernie worth? $826 million, claim court papers *** Madoff Appeals Jailing *** Bernie Madoff's World - Mark Seal, Vanity Fair *** Family caught in Madoff swindle forced to sell Jewish heirlooms *** Foreclosing on a Plane, Then Flying It Away *** Judge Will Rule in a Week on Merrill Bonus List *** Warren Buffett's BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY stripped of its 'AAA' credit rating... ***Judge to BofA: Public shame not reason to keep Merrill bonus info secret *** Mexican drug lord makes Forbes Billionaries List *** Romantic Vermont inn giving away free trips - to the unemployed *** Daily Show Showdown: Jon Stewart reams Jim Cramer *** Summers: Recovery Timing Unclear *** Corporate-Cash Umbrellas: Too Big? *** MGM Mirage Facing Breakup *** Stock Market's Best Week Ever (Since November) *** Responding to an Historic Economic Crisis - Lawrence Summers *** Wife's Web message: Hire my husband, please *** New twist for jobless: Debit card fees *** Wal-Mart Crushing Target *** Cities Once Immune Now Suffering in Recession *** Beverly Hills pawnshops snap up artwork, Rolexes... *** Sunday A.I.G. Planning Huge Bonuses After $170 Billion Bailout *** As Oil and Gas Prices Plunge, Drilling Frenzy Ends *** Following the A.I.G. Money Congress and the public alike need to know which firms are on the receiving end of the bailouts and what responsibility they bear for the financial mess *** Pressures on Coaches Ease in Hard Times ***Has the Economy Hit Bottom Yet? *** Has the Economy Hit Bottom Yet? *** Harnessing the Sun, With Help From Cities *** Add terrible tipper to Bernie's offenses *** AIG agrees to restructure bonuses *** Madoff, Who Wants Outta Jail, Worth $823-826 Million *** The Economist Knocks Alan Greenspan On Housing Bubble: 'He Had The Power' *** GM Hoping Battery-Powered Car Will Be A Game Changer ***
Wall Street's Survivors
*** Saudis Push to Make Oil Scarcer *** Bonuses for Ruining the EconomyToday's Papers *** Obama plans to boost small biz *** G20 Summit Must Learn From 1930s - Sunday Times *** Rivals Says Bailouts Give AIG an Unfair Advantage - CQ Politics

International Obama, Brazilian president to meet at White House *** Clinton to visit Mexico to support drug crackdown *** Pakistan Military Chief Intervenes *** Polls Show Dead Heat in El Salvador *** PM Despite U.S. Efforts, Pakistan's Political Tensions Mount *** Rioting follows arrests in Northern Ireland *** Pakistan Arrests Opposition Leader *** The Russian Power Play

National Illinois Income Tax Jump 50%? *** NEW LAW: Home Sellers Required To Provide Fingerprints in Chicago... *** The Palins and the engagement: Setting up the spin *** Justice Ginsburg Makes Cryptic Remark About Court Opening *** Are two of the nation's biggest banks racist?... The NAACP is accusing two banks of forcing blacks into subprime mortgages, while at the same time giving whites with the *** Bobby Jindal To Reject $98 Million In Stimulus Funds *** Time: Why would a governor spurn stimulus? *** The Move to Digital Medical Records: A First Step in Tampa *** Cuba and Venezuela to Host Russian Bombers? *** PM HIV/AIDS RATE IN D.C. HITS 3% *** Battle brews over Bush library

Media Mess PINCH MULL$ WEB CHARGE: New York Times Publisher Arthur "Pinch" Sulzberger Jr. said the beleaguered paper may start charging for access to parts of its Web site, as the cash-strapped newspaper looks to shore up its faltering business *** NY Times May Go Back To Charging For Online Content *** TIME'S KELLY TO END RUN *** INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WASHPOST -- CUTTING BUSINESS SECTION, STOCKS, COMICS, CROSSWORDS, TV LISTINGS... *** WASH. POST BIZ OUT TO DRY *** 2008 A MULTIMEDIA AD CRASH *** The Magi of the Meltdown *** The Question Every "J" School Student Wants Answered *** About CNBC - Josh Marshall, TPM *** On Jim Cramer - Marty Peretz, The Spine *** Us Style Launch Delayed *** PAPER: Recession shuts up talk radio... *** PAPER: Recession shuts up talk radio...

NYC History From New to Old (Amsterdam, That Is) *** Slideshow: The Endangered Species of New York *** Big Town, Big Picture: The Woolworth Building