Friday, December 5, 2008

A Dearth of Movers and Shaker

M.T.A. Needs Champion, but Who?

There is no question that Mr. Ravitch needs help saving the authority again — but it is far from clear where it will come from. A quarter-century ago, when Ravitch was the MTA’s chairman the power brokers supported Mr. Ravitch’s plan for a huge spending program to resuscitate the mass transit system.

Robert Moses ** Nelson Rockefeller ** Carmine De Sapio ** Charlie Buckley ** Harry Van Arsdale ** Victor Gotbaum ** Ed Costikyan ** Cardinal Spellman

Who are the power brokers? More people, in and out of government, seem to share less power. The city seems to be experiencing an across-the-board civic brownout

Ed Costikyan a former power broker was asked are there 10 people who can come together behind a public agenda and guarantee that it gets done? “I’m skeptical,” Costikyan replied

Transit: MTA's Crisis
HIKES, NEW TOLLS AND TAXES IN BID TO RESCUE MTA *** Charging tolls on East River and Harlem River bridges — met with sharp opposition *** NY Post Editorial: TAX PAYROLLS, KILL JOBS *** Daily News and Times Editorials both like the plan *** paying nearly 20 percent of its operating expenses on debt service *** MTA's board should have clue about transportation, management, debt service and capital projects *** Big Three: 'We've made mistakes,' now give us $34B *** Auto bailout could be tied to gov't-run overhaul

Cutbacks and There Results . . .
FDNY'S SLASH AND BURN chops staffing to save $9M *** State employee unions are gearing up for a big budget battle with Paterson *** Act now to ensure that New York doesn't miss the boat on Obama's proposed public works stimulus *** Violence Unsettles Bed-Stuy Residents, Who Say City is Still Busing Homeless Men into Neighborhood

Foreclosure notices have been issued to nearly 5,000 households in the city during this holiday season *** Fat lady warming up for Atlantic Yards Nets Arena? work halted abruptly

Albany - DEM REBS' SECRET POWER-SHARE DEAL - unprecedented splitting of the top Senate job of majority leader, with most of the responsibilities going to Smith, as president pro tem of the Senate, the title of "majority leader" will go to one of the "gang" members, Sen.-elect Pedro Espada - Fall out possible from other senators *** Increasing Hispanic leadership in Albany *** Democrats to New York's Gays: Drop Dead *** More On Deal With "Gang Of Three" *** Rogue Dems win many concessions

Washington - Hillary's Eleanor Roosevelt moment *** Up against deadline to fund-raise for her presidential campaign debt

Time for a Media Bailout?
Ad losses send newspaper industry into a tailspin *** Dolans Cutting 5 Percent of Newsday Workforce; More Than Two Dozen Job Cuts Expected in Newsroom *** Pink Slips at NBC *** VIACOM BLOODBATH: TRIPLES ESTIMATE, FIRES 850+ *** ABC News Contemplates Job Cuts in the New Year