Tuesday, December 9, 2008

"The cover up always does more damage than the lies" Richard Nixon

The Lie "Given the level of economic tumult that exists, I have decided to change my position on Term Limits because I believe the potential of consistent leadership by this Council and this mayor would be in the best interest of the city." Speaker Quinn
One month later: Quinn blasts the mayor for dragging his feet as he awaits City Council approval for his midyear budget package, which totals $1.5 billion in tax increases and spending cuts *** Bloomberg tries to reduce senior center inefficient outdate structure to control costs ***Dump city senior center revamp, Speaker Quinn tells Mayor Bloomberg

The Cover Up or Real Reason for Quinn's gang of 29 actions: It all about extending their terms in office and going back to their district and getting reelected by telling the voters that their councilmemeber got them their $400 property tax checks and keeping the local senior center open and defeated big bad mike efforts to hurt the hicks

The Damage to the Tourist Industry and City's Budget
NY Post Editorial: Not content with the loses in the city's financial sector THE COUNCIL'S LATEST JOBS-KILLER - the Hotel Tax kills the tourism industry *** Economy forces Theater Ticket Prices Slash *** Record number of Broadway show closing as red ink flowing down Broadway *** NY Post Editorial: Not content with the loses in the city's financial sector THE COUNCIL'S LATEST JOBS-KILLER - the Hotel Tax kills the tourism industry *** 1991 New York Times article says High Hotel Tax Hurts New York City Tourism

New York's unemployment rate skyrocketed to 5.7 percent in October - up sharply from 4.6 in the same month last year

Politics and the Economy: GOV BACKS TAX OVER TOLLS *** Gov: Albany Must Act Now on MTA Plan even is the city council does not *** NYERS COULD PAY BIG CHUNK OF MTA TAX *** As Stadiums’ Costs Rise, City Agrees to New Bond Offerings *** Chicago gov cuts off Bank of America after Chicago factory-worker sit-in, more, video *** U.S. Could Take Stakes in Big 3 *** Auto bailout would include federal 'car czar'

More Politics: Obama camp eyes Adolfo Carrión for Cabinet posts *** Hil pays State visit followed by Rice dinner *** Fossella Sentenced to 5 Days in a Virginia Jail for Drunken Driving is he running again? *** *** Daily News Editorial: Throw the Bums at the Board of Elections Out *** Manhattan Borough President Stringer called for the highly politicized city Board of Elections to be replaced by a nonpartisan agency

Albany - NY Post Editorial: Questions the State's Leadership SQUALID SENATE SHENANIGANS *** Rebs Role Unclear *** Hammond: Smith must battle his way out *** HEADED OFF A CLIFF? GOV'S DANGEROUS STAFF CHAOS *** Smith on Dicker’s show: Ready to begin *** A look at who'll lead panels in the Senate *** Speculation mounts about 'Senator Caroline' *** Schumer Could be Cast in Larger Shadow *** Paterson's re-election could hinge on senatorial pick *** Kerry for Caroline: A Kennedy plan to block Andrew? *** Caroline Kennedy Endorses Barack Obama

****Breaking News**** Illinois governor taken into custody Federal prosecutors say Blagojevich, Harris and others conspired to gain financial benefits in appointing President-elect Barack Obama's Senate replacement

New York City Growing More Diverse: Race, ethnic, religious, income, rents, age . . .

Who Judges the Judges? A Post Editorial slams Jonathan Lippman for not respecting the limits of judicial power and challenges the judicial nominating process controlled by retiring Chief Judge Kaye and Speaker Silver which they charged was designed to name Judge Lippman the State’s new Chief Judge - gives Paterson a reason to go beyond their choice *** Another court gadfly says the the Republican chairman of the panel disrupted Dems plans to make CARMEN BEAUCHAMP CIPARICK chief judge for 4 years until she was required to retire and have Ted Jones serve the remainder of her term *** Daily News Editors: Slams Manhattan new Surrogate Court Judge Nora Anderson and Brooklyn's former Surrogate Court Judge Michael Fienberg

Health Care: The Institute of Medicine recommends that residents either stop work after 16 hours or take a mandatory nap *** Paterson is shifting a part of Medicaid spending to preventative care and away from hospital stays *** Democrat backs advertising limits for medicine

The Media Meltdown: At Nine Bowling for Dollars? TV talkmeister Jay Leno will stay at his longtime network - starring in a variety-type show starting at 10 p.m *** Tribune Co. - LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Wrigley Field, Chicago Cubs - files Chapter 11 bankruptcy *** How badly did Sam Zell stick it to Tribune Co. employees? *** Pulitzer Prizes to allow online-only publications *** The struggle for a free wi-fi America reaches a turning point

Chinese whistleblowers 'sent to mental wards'...