Sunday, December 7, 2008

The New "New Deal"

"We Need Action and Action Now"
. . . . . . . . . .FDR, 1933
. . . . . . . . . .Obama, 2008

Largest construction programs since the 1950's: JOBS, ROADS, BRIDGES, SCHOOLS, BROADBAND, ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORDS, ENERGY *** Obama's recovery wish list: Create 2 million new jobs -Obama Video *** Politico: Biden to limit role of vice president *** Financial Times: Chinese property hunters to raid US *** Oil on track for biggest weekly loss since 1991 *** German Bank Takes Over One Of NYC's Top Views *** You'll Need FDR's Optimism to Save Us, Obama *** Obama's Best and Brightest *** One of Kennedy's Best and Brightest speechwriter Ted Sorensen campaigned for Obama

KENNEDYS LOBBY FOR HILL SEAT *** Caroline Kennedy interested in Hillary Clinton's Senate seat *** Video: Paterson says he's spoken to caroline Kennedy about senate seat *** Senator Robert Menendez new DSCC chief to meet Caroline Kennedy *** Kennedy's Vs. Cuomos over Hillary Seat

Politics . . .
The Post is after Rangel again *** Vito Fossella wants to come back *** Albany Times Union: Probe tied to Bruno nears an end, charges possible *** Albany Project: Could The "Gang Of Three" Deal Fall Apart? *** What Role Will Upstate Democrats Have In New York State Senate? *** Money scandal hits city Board of Elections over expenses and raise *** Why the Board is a mess ***Online voter registration pushed *** PARKS DEPT.'S HIDDEN-TIX TRICK ON LUXE METS BOX *** A lot of spin about the New Bronx Dem boss Carl Heastie *** West Bronx Blog: Espada Leapfrogs to Plum Leadership Role *** Smith Safe - For Now *** Good behind the scenes on the Albany State Senate - deal if it holds *** Embattled La. Rep William Jefferson Loses Election
Economy and Terror ...
To make cabs more Green Gotham Gazette says share cabs *** Many Hurdles, Legal and Political, to Bridge Tolls *** Mr. Fix-it Richard Ravitch dragged in to clean up MTA mess *** MTA Report doesn't get at the root problem *** NYPD learns from Mumbai attacks * Video ***NYPD: NY Hotels Vulnerable to Mumbai-Type Attack *** Lewis: Crime and murder rate up as city sleeps *** A Deadly Week in Bedford Stuyvesant *** Queens Tribune: India's Terror Reverberates in Queens

Who Judges the Judges?
Parting Advice From State’s Top Judge, but No Mention of Controversy Over Successor *** JUDGES ARE DISSED ROBES AS COMPLAINTS HIT RECORD *** Daily News Editorial: Nora Anderson the Manhattan Surrogate Judge-elect who ran roughshod over laws and rules . Removed Brooklyn Surrogate Judge Michael Feinberg's Disbarred *** More about Feinberg & Anderson and the history of Surrogate Court Corruption
Bailout the Media?
Daily Intel: Layoffs cause "Media Death Watch" *** Who will bail out Publishers? *** Miami Herald up for sale *** Murdoch Sees Opportunity in NYT's Troubles