Monday, June 14, 2010

No Albany Shutdown . . . The Media and Pols who Cried Wolf: Not True News

Breaking News
Campaign operative Haggerty charged with swiping Bloomberg's $1M (NYP) * Indictment Expected Over Bloomberg Campaign Funds (NYP)* The Haggerty Indictment, No Comment From Bloomberg * Bloomberg Scolds Reporters Again (NYT) * John Haggerty Indicted, Accused of Stealing from Bloomberg * Rep. Joe Crowley is focus of ethics probe (NYP) * PM Update State Legislature Passes Budget Extender: The Aftermath (DN) * BREAKING: Senate Passes Budget Extender - Shutdown Averted: Updated (DN) * Budget Extender Passes; No Government Shutdown (The Daily Politics)

No Albany Shutdown . . .
The Media and Pols Cried Wolf . . .

Not True News

The entire budget shutdown threat is a new way for the pols to get their names in the news. The real work is being done behind closed doors like the attempt to loot the state's pensions. The media enablers epically TV make the shut down the story not the state weak economy which cannot support its spending habits.

On Thursday June 10 True News said Government Shutdown No Way: No High Noon in Albany On June 13 True News said The Media Makes Fiction Out of the Budget

The NYT said Parties Clash as Albany Edges Closer to Shutdown (NYT)
The NYP said on June 11 Paterson warns of 'anarchy' after shutdown (NYP)
The DN said on June 11 Paterson: Shutdown would cause 'unimaginable chaos' (DN)
WCBS said Chaos, Anarchy To Reign If Paterson Shuts Down NY (WCBS)

State' of relief State leaders yesterday ruled out the possibility of a government shutdown today * In Albany, Questions on Averting a Shutdown (NYT) * Shutdown Fears Wane in Albany Stepping away from the brink of a government shutdown, Gov. Paterson and lawmakers look to be entering into the final stages of budget negotiations. (WSJ) * N.Y. Leaders Optimistic About Avoiding Shutdown (NY Magazine) * High noon for Albany: With clock ticking, Senate will try to keep New York State open for business (DN) * State Lawmakers Work To Avoid Possible Shutdown * Espada Will Vote ‘Yes’ (YNN) * It’s shutdown D-Day, although few believe the Legislature won’t pass the governor’s 11th budget extender bill. * Albany lawmakers say even if the latest stopgap bill gets passed, a long-term plan is still not within reach. *AUDIO: New York Legislature Faces Shutdown Vote (WINS) * Clock Ticking To NY Government Shutdown (Fox 5) * Shelly Silver says Sampson has it under control * State Sen. Pedro Espada, Jr.: Budget Extender Will Pass * Paterson is giving legislators a “warning period” of two weeks before forging ahead with more contentious budget cuts * Skelos: No state shutdown (this week)

Nobody Listens to Me So I am Going Home
Ravitch blows off budget talk

And the City Health Department wants to change the rules about expiration dates on milk.

Election 2010 NY GOP suicide (NYP) * Cuomo as Would-Be Governor Shows What Happens When Foes Say No (Bloomberg Businessweek) * Working Families Party's future clouded by Cuomo snub * Would-be AG Eric Dinallo will make a constitutional convention (one of Mario Cuomo’s pet causes) part of his campaign platform. * Collision course with fellow Dems ahead for Cuomo? (Newsday)* Siena: Cuomo Slips, Independents Abandon Dems (YNN) * Siena Poll: Andrew Cuomo's Favorables Down; Leads Lazio And Paladino Strongly, But By A Little Less * Tea Party catching on in NYCThe staunch conservative movement has the support of 1 in 5 people in "liberal" New York City. *Indy voters cool to Cuomo, Dems (NYP) * Barron Says He's Running to Protest Cuomo (NYT)

True New Gets Results

DiNapoli Gets Religion On Pension Fund ‘Raid’ (YNN) *DiNapoli to NY Legislature: Hands off pension fund (NYP)

No Strings Pension Funds 2010 Vs 70s Strings
In the 70's when New York borrowed from the pension funds they were forced by the federal government and others that loaned money to them to cut the budget and put the Emergency Control Board in charge of spending. State Controller DiNapoli has not made one demand on controlling the spending side if Albany uses the state pension funds to plug the budget gap. DiNapoli raised eyebrows by not immediately denouncing the borrowing plan, which was first reported Saturday according to the Daily News.

Signing on to the plan could also further jeopardize DiNapoli's standing with Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, who has made it clear he opposes borrowing to fix Albany's financial woes. Cuomo is still investigating DiNapoli in the pay-to-play pension fund probe and has demanded to no avail that the comptroller give up his sole control of the pension funds and appoint a board like the city to make the final decision who get the pensions to invest.

Wilson, the GOP candidate, said borrowing from the pension fund to cover pension costs would be a "perverse situation where the controller is reversing his historical role of defending the pension fund at all costs." Controversial pension plan could sink state Controller Tom DiNapoli (DN)

Everybody Doing It
Andrew Cuomo appalled by warped excuse of Hevesi crony Hank Morris (DN)
"'Business as usual' is not a defense to fraud, and 'Everybody does it' is not a defense to public corruption," Attorney General Andrew Cuomo's office wrote late last week in response to Morris' bizarre argument. * Cuomo might forgo an endorsement of state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, who could be politically injured beyond repair by a controversial pension fund borrowing plan.

Is David Yassky now the Taxi Commissioner who lost his comptroller race last year to John Liu, now exposing corruption to show up his former opponent?

Where is John Liu on Albany's Pension Plan?

Where is City Comptroller John Liu on the proposed state plan to use pension funds to cover part of the budget gap? Has Liu missed this development. He also missed the fact that taxis were overcharging us for years while he can chairman of the City Council Transportation Committee. NYC Taxis Overcharged Passengers $8.3 Million, New York City

Independence Party Leader Indictment Near
Republican gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino's campaign is bracing for the likely indictment this week on grand larceny charges of GOP Queens operative John Haggerty by Manhattan DA Cy Vance Jr. Vance rejected Haggerty's offer to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, sources said. Haggerty is tangled in Vance's probe into Mayor Bloomberg's use in the 2009 mayor's race of the state Independence Party as a pass-through for $750,000.
Twitter azipaybarah results of governor's investigation into @StevePigeon have been forwarded to US attorney in manhattan. #wnyc #nygov * Indy Party Under Investigation For Hanna Contribution Endorses Hanna* Maggie Haberman writes that so far, the Independence Party "is clearly not out of the woods."

Back to the Future: 70's Bronx?
Giveaway apts. now tax duds Hundreds of buildings seized by the city for unpaid taxes and turned over to low-income tenants and nonprofit groups decades ago are now in default

Tale of Two Cities: Developers Still Building
Competing Chinatown Plans Developers want to rezone Canal Street for high-rise buildings, but the effort is opposed by those who fear it will damage Chinatown's economy and heritage. (WSJ) * Pass the sugar: City council must okay Domino housing development (DN ED) *Photo op in crane case (NYP)

New York Economic Meltdown 24-Hour Read-In Protests Cuts to Libraries (NYT) * 30 staff from ANOTHER school go on swanky trip (DN) * Uncertainty builds over federal aid to New York * NYRA is a credit risk, but her nevertheless received the first installments of a big loan from the state. * Just a day after exposing one school's boozy, high-priced staff getaway, the Daily News has learned another school went on a similar big-bucks junket * Hospital Association, 1199/SEIU Hit TV To Protest Budget Cuts

Terrorism NY Trial to Begin for Alleged Riverdale Bomb Plotters (WSJ) * Security Tight For Jury Selection In Synagogue Bomb Trial - WPIX * Targeting an anti-terror tool (NYP Ed) * Ground Zero workers who developed cancer after 9/11 could get less compensation under a proposed new settlement than those who developed respiratory ailments *Security tight for jury selection in NY bomb trial (NYP) * Synagogue bomb plot trial put on hold (NYP)

NYC's Drunkest It's earning its name. Corona, Queens, which shares a name with the popular Mexican beer, leads the city in drunk-driving arrests, NYPD statistics show. Law and Order Parties End With Gunshots * Colombo Nod Father's son destroyed his family, wife of John Franzese Jr. claims (DN) * Good kid' is shot dead in Staten Island (DN) * Police Investigate Fatal Shooting Of S.I. Teen (NY1) * Long Island couple charged with faking kidnapping (NYP)

Oil Leak U.S. to Demand BP Damage Fund (WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg Defends BP CEO (NY Magazine) * Obama says impact of oil spill on national psyche 'echoes 9/11' * The POTUS will use his meeting with BP executives this week to demand they create and fund an escrow account to cover damages and create an independent panel to handle claims.

Obama pleads for $50 billion in state, local aid (Wash Post)

Jimmy Dean, 'Sausage King' and Country Music Singer, Dead at 81 (NY Magazine) * R.I.P. Jimmy Dean: The Sausage King's Grossest Meals (Gawker)

Media and New Tech
Doubts dog Cablevision's $1.36B Bresnan buy
* Weary Larry King eyes NY return * WABC Radio considered hiring Eliot Spitzer to host a weekend call-in show, but then decided against it. * Eliot Spitzer Might Not Be a Media Steamroller * NYT Public Editor Signs Off: I Felt Like 'Internal Affairs Cop' (NYT) * Washington Post Ombudsman: Anonymous Sources 'Remain A Problem' For Newspaper

Israel Pete King wants the U.S. to quit the U.N. Human Rights Council over its flotilla investigation.