Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Media Gatekeepers

The Media Barrons Have Created An Obstacle Course To Protect the Special Interests Not To Save the Middle Class

NYP is Giving de Blasio the Spitzer Treatment
New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin is not a fan of Bill de Blasio. “In a nutshell — emphasis on nut — the Democratic nominee for mayor has outed himself as a supporter of oppression, as long as it comes from the far left,” Mr. Goodwin wrote today. “He also expressed his fondness for “democratic socialism,” which is like calling himself a socialist.” *  De Blasio’s ticket-fixing past(NYP) Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio — a vocal critic of police ticket-fixing — wasn’t above doing favors for relatives and helping constituents get parking tickets dismissed, according to documents in his City Council archives.  In June 2005, de Blasio — who has called for a deeper probe into the Bronx NYPD ticket-fixing scandal — wrote an e-mail to the Parking Violations Bureau on behalf of constituent Jeff Getz. It said, “I recognize that double parking is illegal, however, as you know, double parking during street cleaning has long been an accepted practice in New York City.”* \De Blasio’s warped world view should set off alarm bells(NYP)\ “They had a youthful energy and idealism mixed with a human ability and practicality that was really inspirational,” he told a reporter, before conceding that his heroes were “not free enough by any stretch of the imagination.”* The Post’s Michael Goodwin writes that the emerging portrait of de Blasio as a “supporter of oppression” should alarm New Yorkers who assume he is a “garden variety liberal”* De Blasio among legislators who honored African tyrant(NYP) Bill de Blasio was also among the legislators (36 or the 52) who honored reviled Zimbabwe despot Robert Mugabe at City Hall in 2002 — an event organized by Councilman Charles Barron.

Bill de Blasio's Elusive City Council Papers Raise More Questions Than They Answer(Village Voice)As a New York City Council member, de Blasio made a habit of trying to fix tickets for his constituents, repeatedly writing letters to agencies such as the Parking Violations Bureau, according to once-inaccessible Council records Village Voice story looking into questionable actions Mr. de Blasio took as a city councilman. (They further ran a critical editorial.) * Lenora Fulani Doesn't Back Bill de Blasio For Mayor, But Defends His Work In Nicaragua(NYDN)

Lhota Takes His Lead From the NYP
‘Past Is Prologue’: Lhota Continues Case Against Pro-Sandinista de Blasio(NYO)
A new PAC planning to bankroll TV ads supporting GOP mayoral nominee Joe Lhota sued NYC and state Board of Election officials for the right to accept contributions exceeding the state’s $150,000 annual limit for individuals.
Lhota Backers Challenge Cap on Spending(NYT)

Dante and President Obama
Obama’s Praise of Dante de Blasio’s Afro Lightens Day(NYT) President Obama reportedly compared his 1970s Afro to that of Bill de Blasio’s son at a fund-raiser Tuesday night in Manhattan, adding a tone of levity to a barbed day on the New York City mayoral campaign trail.* Not 1 event with voters too RT With hefty lead, de Blasio changes strategy, shys away from public events* Unions Back Bill de Blasio for Mayor, Even While Preparing to Battle Him(DNAINFO) * De Blasio declined Lhota's request to debate five times, saying their three televised debates would be the most in a general election since 1985. [Erin Durkin, Jennifer Fermino and Annie Karni] * . can't remember asking to include 'Transcendental Meditation' in the NYC school curriculum


Carrion Can't Get Any Media Sunlight
  1. 24 Sep
    1. "The most important social program ever created was a job," tells group of women and minority owned business peeps.
    2. .AdolfoCarrion said same thing an hour before but you wouldn't know cuz he campaigns in a media penumbra.

FBI Found $400,000 in Rapfogel House -Where did he get this kind of Cash?
The Met Council scandal & NY’s nonprofit nightmare(NYP)
Rapfogel began to steal from the Met Council shortly after he became its leader in 1992, eventually allegedly taking $5 million with the assistance of two confederates
Sheldon Silver pal busted for theft, money laundering(NYP) The arrest came after an investigation by the offices of state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli into funny business involving the charity’s books and insurance policies.*Former Chief of Jewish Charity Stole Money Early and Often, Prosecutors Say(NYT) * Ex-Charity Chief Is Charged(WSJ)* Ex-powerbroker and charity CEO William Rapfogel charged in $5M theft(NYDN)
William Rapfogel Scandal Widens as Met Council Axes Key Consultant(Forward) Dovid Cohen Bounced on Same Day as Disgraced Chief. The Metropolitcan Council on Jewish Poverty ended a long-term relationship with its former executive director on the same day that it fired his successor, William Rapfogel, who has since been charged in a $5 million kickback scheme, the Forward has learned. Rabbi Dovid Cohen who ran the group in the 1980s, was dumped as a paid fundraising consultant for the Jewish anti-poverty agency in August, an individual familiar with the Met Council said. Because of the ongoing investigation, the source declined to be identified.

Besides the Personal Attacks On Each Other the Moderators Allow the Candidates to Talk About Issues That Cannot Be Accomplished By the Limited Powers of the PA

Debate Does Not Matter (nobody watched) 
It is All About Turnout and GOTV
Dan Squadron says James has agreed with Mayor Bloomberg "98% of the time." Goes into attack mode, saying she's taken corporate contribu...
Squadron says James was accepting donations from coke when she was opposed to mayor's soda ban.
Squadron says Tish James voted w/ MRB "98% of the time." Squadron raises a trustworthiness issue with James, saying she didn't disclose rental income or taxes. * Squadron is asking James a Q. He's looking at her. She's not looking at him. Icy. But perhaps not as icy as Lhota not asking Cats a Q. * Squadron says he didn't endorse in 2009 race. * Squadron says he did speak out against the extension of term limits.* Daniel Squadron hit Letitia James for accepting money from Coca-Cola while opposing the mayor's soda ban. James hit Squadron for supporting Bloomberg's 2009 re-election and not opposing the mayor's term limits extension. [Derek Kravitz]

Public Advocate Debate About Personal Fiances, Attack on Truthfulness &Bloomberg, Another Debate Moderators Failure
He doesn't say anything about Thompson. * "I don't have a trust fund," Squadron says. He says his family was victims of Madoff scheme. He says they lost everything. * Squadron says personal attack on him is deeply inappropriate. This feels ugly and tense. * James pledges to Squadron that she'll release her tax returns tomorrow. She pivots to ask about Squadron's "trust fund."* "What we really need is a public advocate who has uncovered CityTime" and will do more on waste and fraud: James* Both candidates agree we should have instant runoff voting. But for now, RUNOFF DEBATE! The next public advocate, live * Dan Squadron going after Tish James on "transparency" again -- says he doesn't take PAC money. * Squadron says the intent of saying he brought lux housing to Bklyn Bridge Park is just out there to "mislead voters." * \James comes back at Squadron; says he broke trust with the voters by bringing luxury instead of afforable housing to Brooklyn. * . claims took $100k from charter supporters but he counters that he doesn't support all of their co-locations * quadron says Silver should not step down. James says he should. *  James says she has worked effectively with Ray Kelly to increase community policing.* Public Advocate Runoff Candidates Debate On NY1 * Bitter Tone in Debate Between Public Advocate Rivals(NYT) * Below you can watch both State Senator Daniel Squadron and Councilwoman Tish James talking to reporters after yesterday’s public advocate debate:

Mayoral Debates Set All With Clueless TV Reporters

News Team Assembly for Debates
Mark your calendar: televised mayoral debates will be held Oct. 15 on WABC-TV, Oct. 22 on WCBS-TV and Oct. 29 on WNBC.
De Blasio and Lhota Agree to 3 More TV Debates (NY

  1. Why did clueless jerky TV reporters get all the debates?
  2. cuz who's gonna watch a Buncha losers blogging?

Bloomberg Unlikely to Testify In Citytime Trial

Strange Not One City Employee Has Been Charge With the CityTime Corruption, Now the Mayor May Not Testify. . .  Not Getting to the Cause of the Biggest Scandal in NYC History
Judge George Daniels of Federal District Court indicated that he was unlikely to approve a defense lawyer’s request to have Mayor Michael Bloomberg testify as a witness in a fraud trial over New York City’s failed CityTime program, Bloomberg Is Unlikely to Testify in Fraud Trial, Judge Says(NYT)

A Bloomberg Tale of Two Cities Behavioral Experiment Fix to Help the Poor Works
The Bloomberg administration’s “cash-for-good-behavior” experiment, which pays poor families for basic behaviors such as going to the doctor, has been operating quietly in the Bronx years after a report said the experiment was a flop, Good Behavior' Still Pays Off(WSJ) A second phase of the Bloomberg administration's cash-for-good-behavior experiment has been operating quietly in the Bronx, three years after a preliminary report left the impression that the experiment was largely a flop.

Day 17 No BOE Count For Several Days
Update The Board of Elections expects to finish counting paper ballots in Manhattan in the next several days, the board's executive director says.
Democracy? Secret Count By Tammany Hall Hacks
17 Days After the Primary and Still No Final Count From  the Board of Elections
Final count from primary voter helpline: 60 voting machines reported broken - 33 from Brooklyn! (NYPRIG)
Why is the media not covering?  Or Why the City Spent $95 Million on Scanner That Don't Work in Runnoffs


True News Wags NYT, Albany Bankshot

True News Correction to NYT's Monday Editorial
True News As Managing Editor of the NY Times Editorial Board
The NYT does not mention in today's editorial on Albany's corrupt pensions that the lawmakers are stone walling a request by the Moreland Commission to provide them with personal financial information Scandalous Pensioners(NYT Ed)

Tuesday NYT's Editorial Includes True News Correction

Times writes the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption should not back down
New York Legislators’ Secret Income(NYT Ed) The state anticorruption commission must press for details about outside money sources that lawmakers have kept hidden for decades.Considering the scandals in the New York State Legislature, one would think that battered lawmakers would be eager to clean up their reputation. Instead, they’ve hired lawyers to fight a new anticorruption commission’s efforts to find out precisely where they earn outside income. This fight, they insist, is all about maintaining a separation of powers and protecting the Legislature from an intrusive executive. That's the press, baby (Video from Deadline - USA)

Secret Picture Below of NYT Editorial Board At  Work
The real reason is that revealing income sources could also uncover conflicts of interest.Moreland has started asking about the private business deals lawmakers have kept hidden for decades. The Assembly speaker, Sheldon Silver, made up to $920,000 for his work with a law firm and his investments; the Senate Republican leader, Dean Skelos, earned as much as $263,000 in legal work, investments and deferred compensation. All told, 115 of the 212 legislators earned income on the side. Crucially, however, these raw numbers do not show in detail where that money comes from, and thus where the conflicts of interest may lie. Is this legal client pushing a particular piece of legislation? Is that insurance company seeking a tax exemption? Last week, lawmakers rebuffed a request for details of outside employment in 2012 of more than $20,000, including private law clients. The commission will have to subpoena those records, including lists of lawyers’ clients. The commission should not back down, no matter how desperate state politicians may be to keep Albany the way it is.

On Saturday True News Asked Why is the Press Allowing the Other 211 Albany Lawmakers Hide Behind Their Lawyers and Collect Their Corrupt Pensions?

Today The NYT Agrees With True News and U.S. Attorney Bharara: Take the Crooks Pensions Away
Scandalous Pensioners(NYT Ed)
The top federal prosecutor in Manhattan is right to move to seize state pensions from lawmakers who are convicted of corruption charges, instead of waiting for the New York Legislature to act. At a public hearing of the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, Mr. Bharara said that he sees his clawback program as a way to help discourage rampant corruption in New York State. His office will seek “appropriate fines” that match the pensions accrued while convicted public officials were engaged in criminal conduct. It will also consider federal forfeiture actions in some cases when defendants have failed to pay fines imposed by the court, as well as in pending and future cases. Mr. Bharara’s plan to remove corrupt officials from the retiree payroll is yet another example of someone outside the Legislature taking the initiative to reform that body. The lawmakers themselves can rarely be counted on to carry out real reform. Mr. Bharara’s plan probably will not retroactively affect the handful of former public officials now in prison, but it could be part of a larger effort, going forward, to deal with the state’s toxic political culture. Ultimately, the Moreland Commission must come up with more ways to clean up systemic corruption than frog-marching public officials to jail in front of the television cameras. Mr. Bharara’s initiative is welcome, but without fundamental reforms, Albany’s culture will not change.

True News Corrections to NYT Ed
The NYT does not mention in today's editorial on Albany's corrupt pensions that the lawmakers are stone walling a request by the Moreland Commission to provide them with personal financial information

NYT Correction 2 Hush Fund Cover Up
The NYT wrote in their editorial: "This long, shameful line includes those who have been indicted or convicted of a crime or accused of misconduct like harassing women on the legislative payroll."  What the NYT did not write about was the cover ups of the sexual harassing done by Speaker Silver and Assemblywoman Glick* Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, who has been an unabashed supporter of Speaker Sheldon Silver, now suggests it might be time for the powerful Democratic leader to step aside. (p. 40).

Sheriff Bharara Tricks the Old Media

U.S. Attorney Bharara Said Last Week If the Old Media Won't Investigate Albany Corruption the New Media Will

Bharara: New Media End NYC's Journalism of Sheep
Quotes Murrow

Preet Bharara: “fresh news outlets like BuzzFeed … bent on doubling down on political investigations will provide grist” 4 corruption probe Bharara, SDNY US Atty, bullish on , /, & new , in testimony tonight to Moreland Commission *  In testimony, Bharara laments loss of investigative journalists, and puts high hope in new outlets and revived old * U.S. Attorney To Commission: Political Corruption Is Out Of Hand In N.Y. State(WCBS)

The Old Bulls At the NYT and Daily News Embarrassed By Bharara Get Off Their Ass Today

Silence of the sheep(NYDN Ed)
The two top officials with the most to hide about their private incomes and public business have engineered a power-grabbing cover-up whose message to New Yorkers concerned about integrity in government is that they can go to hell. In a rare show of bipartisanship, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Republican chief Dean Skelos joined in having lawyers, hired at great public cost, notify Gov. Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission that the Legislature will not cooperate with the panel’s inquiries. The Assembly and Senate are cowards who have concocted a backroom scheme to evade embarrassment and, possibly, worse. Assembly lawyer Kasowitz and Senate private counsel Michael Garcia told Moreland Commission lawyer Perry in writing to get lost.  They cited the separation of powers, since the commission is part of the executive branch. They also point to the disclosure law passed and signed by Cuomo in 2011 as covering all that needs to be revealed by members.

United Term Limits Quinn Show Us the Money

3 Papers That United to Offer Us Quinn Unite Again to Demand Albany Show Us the Money
Silver, Skelos should show us the money(NYP)

And Albany Times Union Also Blasts the Lawmakers
The Editorial Board blasted legislators for refusing the commission's request for information
Cuomo offered words of support to his Moreland Commission after the Legislature refused its request for disclosure of lawmakers’ sources of outside income, and also predicted the casino gaming referendum would pass, the Times Union writes:

Albany Member Items By Another Name
A study by Citizens Union suggests that up to $3 billion of New York’s budget is set aside, some of which goes to the “Community Projects” fund, only to be doled out in a process that’s done out of the public view, the Times Union reports:

keeping Secrets About Where Lawmakers Make Their Money

Albany Style

  • Commission spokeswoman Michelle Duffy slammed the Legislature as 'disrespectful to the public's right to know'
  • Scurrying for cover
    (NYDN Ed)With an arrogant sense of entitlement, Albany’s legislators have told the state’s new independent anticorruption commission it can stick its request for additional transparency where the sun don’t shine.
  • The lawmakers’ unanimous, bipartisan answer, delivered through newly hired attorneys, was approximately as forthcoming as the Iranians have been with UN nuclear watchdogs.“All information legally required to be disclosed and relevant to any legitimate inquiry already has been disclosed,” declared the letter from Assembly lawyer Marc Kasowitz and Senate lawyer Michael Garcia.The lawyers   letter further argued that the commission “is constrained by the constitutional doctrine of separation of powers, and the Legislature’s independence is also safeguarded by the speech or debate clause.” * Attorneys Say State Lawmakers Won't Give Additional Info On Outside Incomes To Corruption Commission(NY1)
Albany's Acting Like They Have Something to Hide,
commission spokeswoman

Lawmakers to Moreland No Income Information
The Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption is in the process of hiring consulting firms to help crunch loads of financial and other data, and is negotiating contracts through the state Division of the Budget, the Times Union writes:  * NY Assembly, Senate: "Separation Of Powers" Prevents Moreland From Demanding Info(NYDN)

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara to Journalist
Investigate Stop Copying My Press Releases
"Rather than just covering the cases that my office and other offices are already bringing, figure out ways to break new ground and to cover new stories," Bharara said. "Groundbreaking corruption coverage is not just good copy, it's a path to good government." Bharara (April, 2013)

Top prosecutors: Nonprofit scrutiny key to fighting pol corruption(NY World)In testimony delivered Tuesday before the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption, some of New York’s top prosecutors called for significant changes in state law to end state legislators’ bad behavior. One dominant theme emerged in the proceedings: A call for increased oversight of the nonprofit organizations that have been the nexus of numerous corruption schemes.

2nd Moreland Hearing
Moreland Commission Co-Chair Bill Fitzpatrick told reporters "one way or the other" they will get income information from legislators
Paul says common cause recommends abolishing soft money accounts all together
Paul of Common Cause says the soft money reporting is usually "riddled with errors and inaccuracies"
Fitzpatrick trying to nail down whether DAs can reverse LLC loophole opinion
Independent enforcer should have its funding stream protected. But adds current BofE suffers from "a lack of will," not just funds.
Maimonides subpoenaed in Hikind probe(CrainsNY)  Maimonides Medical Center has been subpoenaed by JCOPE in a state probe of advertising payments made to a company owned by Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a hospital spokeswoman confirmed.
COPE has fine tuned its non-disclosure regulations on the sources of financial backers of non-profit organizations.
Mahoney says "it's definitely a lack of will" at the Board of Elections to hire new enforcement investigators
NYPIRG's Bill Mahoney goes for throat: Notes 1 donor gave many times limit to Gov Cuomo by exploiting loophole
Mahoney said most important change would be creation of independent enforcement entity to police campaign finance with odd # of members.
NY's corruption commission takes on 'legal abuses,' but faces biggest fight w/ Legislature challenging authority
Fitzpatrick sez Citizens Union testimony on Albany's $3B slush funds falls into the category of "I can't believe this is legal." 
Moreland Commission holds public hearing: Call it a corruption crackdown. The Moreland Commission to investiga...
The Albany Empire Strikes Back At the Moreland Commission
Costs associated with Cuomo’s Moreland Commission are already piling up, but are not being made public.

Daily News Says Boyland Chickened Out
William Boyland Jr. Pleads Not Guilty to Corruption Charges(NYO) 
Though he was reportedly expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges today, Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. instead pleaded not guilty, setting up a trial date for December or January. *  Brooklyn Assemblyman Boyland Backs Out of Plea Deal In Corruption Case (WCBS) * Daily News says William Boyland "chickened out" by pleading not guilty  * After Hints of Guilty Plea, Lawmaker Opts for Trial(NYT)* Boyland "faces evidence that most defendants would hesitate to address at trial," like a secretly made audio recording of him allegedly discussing bribes. [Mosi Secret]

This Is How the Three Daily Papers Covered de Blasio Today

NYT Obama Endorsement

Obama Endorses de Blasio in New York Mayor’s Race(NYT) Bill de Blasio describes himself as a progressive Democrat. Casts himself in image of FDR. * Joe Lhota hasn't offered a "vision" for addressing inequalities in NYC, Bill de Blasio charges.* Bill de Blasio calls President Obama's endorsement an incredible honor. He says he would love to see Obama today but there's no firm plan.* Obama Endorses de Blasio(WSJ) * Cox Blasts de Blasio: Obama’s Campaign ‘On Steroids’(YNN) * Three out of four of de Blasio’s main Democratic primary rivals have endorsed him. The latest was NYC Comptroller John Liu. Still outstanding: Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner.

NYP Goes After de Blasio ACORN Roots
ACORN sowed seeds for de Blasio(NYP) “Without exaggeration, ACORN’s long-range plan since 2001 was to elect de Blasio mayor,” said the Democratic insider. “De Blasio was a big ACORN project.”* . asked whether he is a "radical, left-wing Democrat." Responds:"I'm a progressive and I'm a Democrat, that's right."* Counting op-eds, there were 5 Bill de Blasio hits in today's New York Post.A “Democratic insider” told the New York Post that the now-defunct ACORN organization has been plotting for more than a decade to elect Mr. de Blasio mayor. “Without exaggeration, ACORN’s long-range plan since 2001 was to elect de Blasio mayor,” the source contended. “De Blasio was a big ACORN project.”The Post was pretty critical of Mr. de Blasio overall this morning, running five negative items, including a Bob McManus column attacking Mr. de Blasio’s Sandinista past, a report where critics slam said Sandinista past, an ominous editorial criticizing his policing policies, and a report cataloging charter school advocate’s fears under a de Blasio administration.* Lenora Fulani says de Blasio's Sandinista work is 'something he can be proud of'(Capital)

Daily News Charter Schools Attack de Blasio
With the threat of an unsupportive mayor on the horizon, charter schools shamelessly send students to protest de Blasio's plan(NYDN)Democrat Bill de Blasio could potentially win the mayoral race, which could spell the end of rent-free space for charter schools located within public school buildings. Twenty-two schools are canceling classes on the morning of Oct. 8 so kids can attend a Brooklyn Bridge rally against the plan. * Parents to rally against de Blasio’s charter school attacks(NYP)

John Liu Set to Endorse Bill de Blasio(NYO)
Bill de Blasio's vision of the city is very different than Michael Bloomberg's, but his track record on housing is less so. [Michael Greenberg]
More on the de Blasio campaign's social media savviness. [Tim Herrera]

The Ten Million Dollar Jerks, Cats $450 A Vote
Catsimatidis and Spitzer each spent more than $10 million in losing campaigns(WSJ)
. spent more than $10 million for 23,000 votes: I believe thats about $450 per vote.* Spitzer, Catsimatidis Do Not Regret Spending $10 Million Each to Lose(NY Mag)

Goodbye Joe

Charles Hynes Reportedly Conceding General Election(NYO)
The New York Law Journal reported today that Mr. Hynes will not contest his re-election after losing the Democratic Party.

Democrat Nominee Thompson Has A Transition Team  
While Hynes Stays Silent If He Will Run A Full Campaign in the General on the GOP Line
Kenneth Thompson has tapped former Manhattan US Attorney Michael Garcia and Michele Hirschman, who squared off during former Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s prostitution scandal, for his Brooklyn district attorney transition team, the Daily News writes:
Eliot Spitzer's attorney, and his foe, both on Brooklyn DA's team 

EXCLUSIVE: Held 21 years for triple slay, including murder of his mother and half-sister, Brooklyn con hopes new DNA evidence ends 'nightmare'(NYDN)

Silver Pal Gets Arrested This Morning

William Rapfogel will likely be accused to stealing $1 million from the organization 
A complaint filed in state court today alleges a wide-spread and mutli-decade money laudering scheme in which Rapfogel is accused of padding insurance policies costs and then funneling the money to make contributions to candidates for public office. Complaint: Rapfogel pocketed over $1 million(WSJ)

The Prince of the Jews is Arrested
 Rapfogel also arranged for political donations using the skimmed funds. He had multiple donors write small checks, to maximize public match. stealing more than $5 million with two confederates and pocketing $1 million himself.
Update Rapfogel officially arraigned -- accused of grand larceny, money laundering, conspiracy etc. Posting 100 grand cash bail Charity’s Fired Chief Executive Is Expected to Face Grand Larceny Charges(NYT) William Rapfogel, the head of the Metropolitan New York Council on Jewish Poverty, is expected to face grand larceny charges from an investigation by the state attorney general and comptroller into his stewardship of the organization
* Embattled Sheldon Silver ally to be criminally charged for allegedly taking kickbacks from insurance company while pocketing $417K-a-year as CEO of Met Council(NYDN) * Former Charity Head Arrested(WSJ) * Charity’s Fired Chief Is Charged With Stealing Millions (NYT) * 53

Pressure On Stevenson to Rat
Businessman Pleads Guilty In Assemblyman Eric Stevenson Bribery Case | New York Daily News 
Igor Belyansky, a Bronx adult day care operator, testified in court that he and his brother bribed indicted Assemblyman Eric Stevenson with $10,000 to help them get quick government approvals, and pleaded guilty to bribery charges, the Post writes: 
*Businessman Pleads Guilty In Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson Bribery Case(NYDN) * Day-care operator pleads guilty to paying off Stevenson(NYP)


Gambling Games the Public

Casinos to Pick the Pockets of Working New Yorkers
Like Lotto the Ballot Measure Needed for Gambling is Worded: promotes “job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local governments to lower property taxes through revenues generated.”
Gambling, Horses and Slots, & Gov Cuomo's Drive to turn NYS into Las Vegas East, with desperation encoded? Gotham: (Powell, NYC)The Times’ Michael Powell examines the murky reforms of the New York Racing Association as a “prologue” to Cuomo’s desire to expand casino gaming in the state
Our governor has developed a pronounced taste for gambling’s revenue streams. He has put a constitutional referendum on the ballot to allow full-fledged casinos, proposing to raise money for schools by letting the industry run its fingers through the pockets of working New Yorkers.  With this reform experience as prologue, let’s turn to Mr. Cuomo’s efforts to persuade New Yorkers to approve expanded legalized gambling. His aides took care to word the measure in what might be called the Leonid Brezhnev Triumphal Style: “The proposed amendment,” the ballot reads, promotes “job growth, increasing aid to schools, and permitting local governments to lower property taxes through revenues generated.”* Among the corporate entities using the loophole: Gambling, Real estate, ultimate fighting, telecoomunications firms like YNN parent TWC
  1. Cuomo pushes Gambling "in Leonid Brezhnev Triumphal Style". Running fingers thru pockets of working NYers. Gotham:


    * Video: Lhota Receives Warm Crown Heights Welcome 
    . says opposition to Fresh Direct jobs deal is tantamount to saying "let's send them to New Jersey."
    Two New Yorks: 2013 v. 1990 

    QUOTE OF THE DAY:Bill de Blasio needs to explain himself—and explain himself now—to the hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers who escaped Marxist tyranny in Asia, Central America, and from behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. Mr. de Blasio’s involvement with the Sandinistas didn’t happen in 1917; it happened 70 years later when the cruelty and intrinsic failure of communism had become crystal clear to anyone with a modicum of reason. Mr. de Blasio’s class warfare strategy in New York City is directly out of the Marxist playbook. Now we know why.” – New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, via the News.*
    Lhota Targets De Blasio's Activist Past In Attempt To Gain Campaign Momentum (NY1)
de Blasio Nicaraguan Revolutionary Roots

 “My work was based on trying to create a more fair and inclusive world,” he said in a recent interview. “I have an activist’s desire to improve people’s lives.”
A Mayoral Hopeful Now, de Blasio Was Once a Young Leftist(NYT) Bill de Blasio, then 26, went to Nicaragua to help distribute food and medicine in the middle of a war between left and right. But he returned with something more profound: a vision of the possibilities of an unfettered leftist government. References to his early activism have been omitted from his campaign Web site. Mr. de Blasio became an ardent supporter of the Nicaraguan revolutionaries. He helped raise funds for the Sandinistas in New York and subscribed to the party’s newspaper, Barricada, or Barricade. When he was asked at a meeting in 1990 about his goals for society, he said he was an advocate of “democratic socialism.”

But a review of hundreds of pages of records and more than two dozen interviews suggest his time as a young activist was more influential in shaping his ideology than previously known, and far more political than typical humanitarian work. Update Bill de Blasio Dismisses Socialist Charge as ‘Right-Wing Tactic’(NYO)

Bill de Blasio tried avoiding questions about his past support for the Sandinistas and said the phrase "democratic socialism" was "not a quote from me."
Update Joe Lhota Slams Bill de Blasio's "Democratic Socialist" View Of Government | New York Daily News  * 2 Rivals Attack de Blasio on Sandinista Past(NYT) Lhota and Independence Party candidate Adolfo Carrión, criticized him for once supporting Nicaragua’s Sandinista party and for calling himself a “democratic socialist* Lhota, Carrion Take Joint Shot At De Blasio's Activist Past (NY1)* Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota blasts Bill de Blasio's work in Nicaragua, Cuban honeymoon(NYDN) * Bill de Blasio claimed he never described his views as “Democratic socialism,” saying yesterday: “That’s not a quote from me; that’s someone’s notes.” But The New York Times fact-checked him this morning: “The notes were, in fact, written by him; a copy is kept at the New York University archives and was reviewed by The Times.”* Full Joe Lhota statement calling de Blasio's strategy "directly out of the Marxist playbook": Lhota: “Bill de Blasio needs to explain himself -and explain himself now- to the hundreds of thousands of NYers who escaped Marxist tyranny"* Joe Lhota on Bill de Blasio's Strategy: 'Directly Out of the Marxist Playbook'  * The 19 Most Revealing Documents From Bill De Blasio’s Socialist Past (Buzzfeed)

The 70s' Battle In the Middle of  the Mayoral Campaign
"Ratso Rizzo died on the bus to Florida; Travis Bickle moved on. The Bronx stopped burning." Don’t Fear the Squeegee Man(NYT)

The New York Times blames Mayor Michael Bloomberg for perpetuating the “nonsense” that a Bill de Blasio administration would be a throwback to the city’s worst times in the 1970s and ‘80s: *
In the Post, the Manhattan Institute’s Nicole Gelinas criticizes de Blasio’s desire to have a federal monitor oversee the New York Police Department, using New Orleans as an example of federal oversight gone wrong: 

Turnout Math %
Over 3 Million Reg Dems in NYC 100,000 turnout would mean 3.3% turnout  
Over 4.5 Million  Voters in NYC 100,000 turnout would mean less than 2% turnout

Perkins Triangulation?
Sen. Bill Perkins endorsed Sen. Dan Squadron.  Is Perkins Endorsement connected to Perkins Pick for Council Speaker - If Squadron wins PA there will be a lot of pressure on the council to elect a black or latno to the speakership.
    1. So you're going to ask the people who lost the race how it went?

City Council Speaker's Race

Almost Every Councilmember is Running for Speaker

Apparently every single City Council member now wants to be speaker, including Vinnie GentileJimmy Van Bramer, Rosie Mendez and Jumaane Williams, in addition to the previously-known names: Mark Weprin, Dan Garodnick, Inez Dickens, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Annabel Palma and Jimmy Vacca.
 Race for City Council Speaker Intensifies After Primary(NYT)\Clockwise, from top left: Jumaane D. Williams, Daniel R. Garodnick, Melissa Mark-Viverito and James Vacca have all been mentioned as candidates for City Council speaker.* NY1 Online: REBNY President Defends Jobs For New York Attacks  * Remaining Public Advocate Candidates Rethink Strategies Ahead Of Runoff(NY1) * Vinnie Gentile wants to be Speaker too. [Chris Bragg]

The NYP Follows Up On de Blasio Honeymoon in Cuba
Daughter proud of ‘badass’ de Blasio(NYP) Bill de Blasio’s daughter is proud of her “badass” Democratic daddy’s illegal travel to a communist dictatorship. Chiara de Blasio, 18, said one of the big surprises of the campaign was learning that her parents honeymooned in Cuba in 1991, according to New York magazine. “They had always told me they went to Canada. They actually flew out of there to go to Cuba, but they’d never told us. I thought it was awesome. I was like, ‘Why didn’t you tell me that? That’s so badass,’ ” Chiara said. *De Blasio’s Cuban vision for New York City(NYP)

Update From Lhota
Joe Lhota Hits ‘Democratic Socialist’ Bill de Blasio(NYO)

As the NYP and NYT Write About International de Blasio  
When Will They Ask the Candidates How They Will Create Job for New Yorkers?
Lavish perks take a drubbing on Wall Street (LA Times) The days of bottle service at posh Manhattan clubs, firm-funded lavish holiday parties and giant bonuses are gone for many who work in finance. NYC lost some 28,300 securities industry jobs during the financial crisis. Only 8,500 of those jobs have come back

 Lhota's Reagan Democrats In NYC
A quarter of Democrats who supported New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor and 17 percent who backed Bill Thompson, plan to vote for Republican Joe Lhota in the general election, according to a poll, Crain’s Insider reports: 
Quinn only got 15% of the vote. That's not a lot of bleeding. That means 4% of Dem electorate vote. Poll finds 25% of Quinn voters and 17% of Thompson's support Republican Joe Lhota for mayor

 Does the NYP Think Anyone is Taking Their Stories Seriously?
First NYP's Goodwin Compaires de Blasio to Castro Then He Tell Us Cuba is Falling Apart. Who Are they trying to influence the anti-cubans in Miami? Most of today's New Yorkers do not know who Karl Marx was
De Blasio’s Cuban vision for New York City(NYP)“Fighting inequality and fighting economic injustice,” as he put it, is what he’s all about.  Good luck with that, but before New Yorkers jump onto the Democrat’s bound-for-utopia bandwagon, some history is required. We could start with Karl Marx, but we’d just get lost trying to decode the incomprehensible differences among Marxists, Leninists and Trotskyites.* Why Russian billionaires won't fix the inequality gap 

Lhota's Wife Studied to Become A Priest
Lhota’s wife studied to become a priest(NYP) he once studied to become an Episcopal priest — and could now be her husband’s best secret weapon in his mayoral contest against Bill de Blasio.
Joe Lhota arrives at event on Iran before Democratic opponent Bill de Blasio.
A look at Joe Lhota's Giuliani years, both the bad and the good (City and State)

de Blasio and the NYPD, Unions, Willets Pt Obama Endorsement

United labor supports de Blasio for big payday(NYP)
Mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio's slams at NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly hurts New Yorkers(NYDN)
Barack Obama Endorses Bill de Blasio (NYO)
Obama Endorses De Blasio For Mayor, Cites "Progressive" Vision 
bama Endorses de Blasio in New York Mayor’s Race (NYT)
Bill de Blasio explains his position on federal monitor. He says he agrees w/ decision and will work to alleviate need for monitor.
"Maybe people will have a different opinion about things when violent crime goes up, and perhaps dramatically." — Ray Kelly
In an op-ed, two critics of the Willets Points development plan urge a potential Mayor de Blasio to oppose it: "when you voted to approve the original deal in 2008, you were played by the Bloomberg administration." [Jerry Antonacci and Irene Presti] * to : "I don't claim a magic bullet" to fix income inequality, only that he will try\ * De Blasio campaign adds Obama-Spitzer aide Lis Smith(Capital) Bill de Blasio describes NYC as the No. 1 terror target. Says every tool must be used to protect NYC.* From - iran has been #1 sponsor of terror for years. sanctions have brought on these change in words.* During a radio interview, de Blasio reiterated that he was considering Bill Bratton and Philip Banks for police commissioner, two people who historically have supported stop-and-frisk practices, Capital New York writes
Some of de Blasio's police reform ideas look smaller from close up (Capital)
    1. Joe Lhota takes Bloomberg's position on out-of-towners and homeless shelters, draws criticism:
    2. Having worked in a men's shelter, I can attest that one-quarter are foreign nationals & out of towners. And mentally ill.

De Blasio Foe Yassky to Leave Taxi Commission
, head of Taxi&Limo Commission, says he plans to leave in January, instead of staying his full 7yr term 

Cuomo's Triangulates With GOP Again 

Kept Dems Out of Power in the State Senate in 2010
Gov. Cuomo’s odd alliance to stop Democrat(Dicker, NYP)
Nassau County Democrats charge that Gov. Andrew Cuomo has secretly joined with former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D’Amato and other top Republicans to stop Democrat Tom Suozzi from defeating incumbent GOP County Executive Ed Mangano*  A report by Common Cause New York shows that the state’s telecommunications industry has donated nearly $12 million since 2005, mostly to campaign committees controlled by the leadership in both legislative houses, the Daily News writes:  * State Republican Party Chairman Ed Cox said that he would not vote for a Nov. 5th referendum to legalize up to seven Las Vegas-style casinos in New York calling casinos “destructive to neighborhoods”, and “not real economic development”, the Post reports:   QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “I’m here to govern, I’m not here to campaign for a particular individual or a particular party.” – Gov. Andrew Cuomo responding to questions about endorsing general election candidates around the state, via State of Politics. *  Sources said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo would endorse Democrat Thomas Suozzi over Republican Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano, despite a report to the contrary, City & State reports:  * State Budget Director Bob Megna said that tax cuts for 2014-2015 are “under discussion” and suggested they could be included in the budget, Capital Tonight writes:

A Real Eye Opener Skelos Dumps GOP for Independence Party
As Cuomo plays what may be a double game in Nassau County, Skelos is alleged to be doing the same in Westchester County. Some close to Republican Westchester Executive Rob Astorino say Skelos has been undermining Astorino as he faces a tough Democratic opponent in the November election. They say Skelos has rewarded Westchester Independence Party leader Giulio Cavallo with patronage jobs and other support — in hopes of getting Independence backing for Senate candidates next year — at the same time that Cavallo was blocking Astorino from getting his party’s ballot line.

Albany's Moreland Cover Up
Update Gov. Cuomo: Moreland Will Get What It Wants(NYDN)
Cuomo ready to weed out NY political corruption with his own investigative panel(

More Meat for Moreland: No Wonder Why Skelos Does Not Want to Release His Personal Finance Info
A law firm employing state Senate co-leader Dean Skelos is representing the Concerned Home Care Providers, a group of home health agencies suing to stop Cuomo’s bid to rein in salaries at state-funded nonprofits LOVETT: Law firm employing Senate co-leader Dean Skelos reps group suing state * In the Daily News, Lawrence Norden and Ian Vanderwalker of the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU, cite 14 different tax breaks that have been repeatedly “sunsetted and renewed” as examples of money driving policy in Albany:  

Lawmakers Go After Cuomo and Moreland
Legislative Officials Call Gov. Cuomo's Anti-Corruption Commission Spitzer-esque(NYDN)
Cuomo said he expects that the Moreland Commission’s request to force lawmakers to disclose information about their outside work will be upheld in the courts, Capitol Confidential writes:

Gipson, Krueger and Hoylman Will Give Info to Moreland

62 years TODAY Richard Nixon saved his political career with the CHECKERS Speech

Hillary 2016

What Will Huma Do?
Hillary to Huma: Dump Weiner or you’re out(NYP) * 'A FOREGONE CONCLUSION:' Friends of Hillary Clinton tell New York magazine she'll run for president in 2016, but bid could be bad news for longtime aide Huma(NYDN)
A pair of Clinton-world magazine pieces were published yesterday. The first, from New York magazine, features Hillary Clinton speaking openly about potentially running for president. The second, from The New Republic, is far more critical, profiling Clinton associate Doug Band while raising possible conflict-of-interest questions.
"The biggest question among Hillary’s circle concerns Huma Abedin…" (NY Mag) “Huma has a choice to make,” says a close associate of hers. “Does she go with Anthony, or does she go with Hillary?”* Tina Brown's next move? Power lunches with Huma Abedin 
Tina Brown and Huma Abedin had a power lunch in SoHo together (GAWKER) Michael Goodwin: Anthony Weiner on a radio show “I’m not an idiot.” Actually, we had an election on that, and voters clearly believe u are.* Weiner loses it over kid’s pee(NYP) * Now that Hillary Clinton has joined the foundation her husband and Band launched, she is "giving up, some thought, the (genuinely) plausible deniability that could protect from a charitable venture that had always had, up close, a seedy side." [Ben Smith]*Both David Axelrod and David Plouffe think Hillary Clinton will be in a stronger position in 2016 than she was in 2008. If someone challenges her, they’ll have to run to her left.
Tuesday Update: Former mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner praised his wife, Huma Abedin, calling her “one of the most talented people I know”, but sidestepped questions about her choosing between her marriage and working for Hillary Clinton, the Daily News reports: 

 What Will Hillary Do?
Why Hillary Clinton thinks it's too early to talk about 2016: NY Mag)
The 5 things you need to know from Hillary's New York mag interview. 
If you want to skip ahead to the page with Huma/Weiner stuff: 
In interview w/CBS at CGI, Prez Clinton defends longtime advisor Doug Band, but: "I haven't even read the article."
  1. That Clinton interview sure does seem timed to step on a deeply-reported, damaging Clinton story popping tonight in another mag.

Scandal at Clinton Inc. How Doug Band drove a wedge through a political dynasty(New Republic)
Huma Abedin and Doug Band had "an ingenious method of collecting intelligence on each other’s behalf." Details here:
  1. Presumably at some point Clintonworld will have to actually demonstrate lessons learned from '08 beyond just dumping on the past team(s)?

    President Cuomo?
    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been presented by supporters anxious about him being left on the sidelines as other potential candidates gear up with ideas to quietly prepare for 2016. His response: No.  * Accusations of lack of transparency continue to dog Cuomo, and will likely intensify when he runs for re-election next year.* For Cuomo, presidential race begins on local turf The Buffalo News 
    President Barack Obama’s top advisers David Axelrod, David Plouffe, and Jon Favreau offered their thoughts on Cuomo, his path forward as a potential 2016 presidential candidate, and the qualities needed for any successful candidate, the Times Union writes:

Rent Guy is On the Ballot for Mayor
Another music video from perennial NYC mayoral candidate Jimmy “the Rent is too Damn High” McMillan.
Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party can go on the ballot for NYC mayor, judge rules

43 Days to Election Day

Daily News Goes Through The Long Twisted Road of de Blasio's Name Changes
A TALE OF TWO NAME CHANGES: Bill de Blasio was once Warren Wilhelm Jr. — though he wanted to recognize his Italian roots(NYDN) Bill is his third legal name. Bill de Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm Jr., legally changed his name twice over the past 30 years. The mayoral candidate who often calls New York a “tale of two cities” has a personal tale of three names. In 1983, fresh out of New York University, he petitioned a Manhattan judge to formally change his name to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, according to legal records. In recent years the candidate has, at times, talked about the evolution of his name, saying it reflected a personal journey that involved his parents’ divorce and an identification with his mother’s family, the de Blasios.*  How committed is Bill de Blasio to progressive reforms?(Video) * Hello, Operator: Can Bill de Blasio Go From Master Strategist to Mister Mayor? (NYO)

de Blasio Policy Problems
In June, Bill de Blasio released a little-noticed 74-page policy book. read it, and experts see holes

Lhota Meeting With Jewish Leaders in Williamsburg

Will They Do For Lhota What They Could Not Do For DA Hynes?
Joe Lhota at the home of Rabbi Moshe Zupnick in Williamsburg "We will come forward with a plan," Joe Lhota promises. "We need housing. It's a big plus for our community," says Rabbi Zupnick.* Lhota happy to play underdog in NYC mayor's race:  * Can Joe Lhota pick up the bigger Satmar voting bloc in Williamsburg?  * Joe Lhota Happy To Play The Underdog In NYC Mayor's Race(Huff Post) * Joe Lhota Hits The Parade And Street Fair Circuit  * More than one-third of the $144,000 in contributions made to Republican Joe Lhota’s mayoral campaign in the days since his nomination came from donors working in finance, banking, insurance or real estate.


Real Voice of the People Heard By Daily News

The Daily News Discovers the City's Dying Middle Class After Quinn's Defeat and de Blasio Tale of Two Cities Victory and True News Report On the City's High Unemployment and Disappearing Middle Class
While the city's unemployment remains higher than before Great Recession, middle-class families continue wage slide(NYDN)
Many families in the city are struggling as solid, middle-class jobs are disappearing. The city gained 250,000 jobs between 2000 and July 2013, but most of the growth came from low-paying service-industry positions and a few spikes in high-paying professions. Last week, the Census Bureau released data showing that New York City’s poverty rate rose for the third straight year, with nearly 74,000 more people falling below the poverty line in 2011. Over the past 13 years, the city shed 48,879 finance jobs — averaging between $250,000 and $300,000 a year — and an additional 23,000 in the trade and information industries, the Fiscal Policy Institute said.

True News Real Voice of the People Wags the Daily News

Note to the Daily News the Dying of the Middle Class are Not Caused By the Same Policies Which Has Led to the Great Divide in Pay in NYC
The professional and tech sectors added about 37,000 jobs — but high-wage industries still posted a net loss of 11,040 positions. The same pattern emerged in middle-income wage industries, with salaries between $45,000 and $75,000 a year. That sector dropped 54,717 jobs total — but that figure tells only part of the tale. The biggest losses came in the well-paying blue-collar and public-sector jobs — construction lost 1,554 spots, government shed 24,000, warehousing lost 8,175 and manufacturing, once the lifeblood of the city, dropped 102,992 jobs, the institute found. low-wage jobs grew the fastest at 36%, with about 200,000 new jobs in the four lowest-paying industries where the average yearly pay is under $28,000. That’s half of what a middle-income job pays.”
The city’s unemployment rate remains higher now than before the recession

Last Weeks True News Explained Tale of Two Cities as Increased Unemployment and the Dying Middle Class
NYC Jobless Rate Goes Up And No Candidate for City Office Has Come Up With A Plan to Create More Jobs and Save the City Middle Class in the City

A Issues Never Discussed in Campaign 2013 is Unemployment

City’s Jobless Rate Increased to 8.6% in August Despite Hiring Gains(NYT) The rise in the unemployment rate, from 8.4 percent in July, reflects an increase in the number of people looking for work in the city, biggest increase in a year since 1999. NYC's unemployment rate is 1.3% over the nations.   The new jobs in New York City are mostly low-paying and in the service industry. [David Seifman]  * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's scary report about Wall Street shedding jobs is not surprising. [Nicole Gelinas] * The New York financial industry has replaced only one-third of the jobs it lost during the financial crisis.(Guardian) * Why New York's future is fleeing Nowhere near enough jobs for the younger generation(NYP) * City unemployment rate ticks up to 8.6% (CrainsNY) New York state's unemployment rate also rose slightly in August, to 7.6% from 7.5%. Both city and state trailed the national unemployment rate, which dropped slightly to 7.3% from 7.4%.

NYC's Budget Debt, High Taxes and Changing Population Are Limiting the Number of Jobs
The NYC budget has grown 56 percent above the rate of inflation over the last 11 years.” For the first time in history, the city has more than $100 billion in outstanding debt. The borrowing, which grew by 83 percent in the last decade, according to the Citizens Budget Commission. The borrowing carries debt-service costs of nearly $7 billion a year, a tab that will grow when interest rates rise. Throw in more than $8 billion a year in pension costs, and the combination consumes more than 20 percent of the budget of $70 billion, yet doesn’t hire a cop, a teacher or fill a pothole.  

Florida has no state or local income tax, so it can offer immediate savings of 13 percentage points to beleaguered New Yorkers. Bloomberg makes that point repeatedly, noting that about 5,000 wealthy families pay 30 percent of the city’s income tax. ‘Wall ST.’ flees NY for tax-free Fla. (NYP) * Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits.*  Since 1960, 7.3 million people have left New York for other states.* NYers take worst tax hit in nation(NYP) Poll: 47 Percent Of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago(WCBS) * Study Finds More New Yorkers Leaving State(NYT) * Census Shows New York Exodus(WSJ)* tudy finds NY entrepreneurship lagging nation Just over 15% of people in New York state are involved in some kind of entrepreneurial activity, compared with a national average of 18.8%.* NY ranks 49 in business tax climate * Taxes, regs hobble NY manufacturing recovery(NYP) * Skyrocketing pension, health care costs & local tax hikes drove Detroit to bankruptcy  * GREENSPAN: AMERICANS BEING PULLED APART IN WAYS UNRIVALED SINCE 1929... 

Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine, Wall Street and Banking Followed Later . . .  Will High Tech Be the City's New Economic Engine With All the World Wide Competition?
Governor De Witt Clinton in spite of a lack of public support, funding, untrained engineers, and unforgiving terrain had the vision and leadership skills to build the Erie Canal in the early 1800's. The canal which opened New York’s manufacturing goods to the Midwest markets was responsible for the state overtaking Boston and Philadelphia to become the commerce and jobs capitol of America - increasing the state’s population five fold, in the decade after it was open.

Ethnic Politics Not Dead Yet

NYP Tells the NYT That Ethnic Politics Still Rules in NYC
Not the end of NYC’s ethnic politics(NYP) For one thing, one election does not a trend make. But ethnic politicking is already rearing its head once again in the upcoming runoff for public advocate and, more significantly, in the battle to succeed Quinn as City Council speaker come January. Then again, it’s not as if the mayoral primary was devoid of ethnic-based campaigning. De Blasio’s hugely successful ad featuring his bi-racial, but identifiably African-American, son may have cut across racial lines, but it was a clever way to appeal particularly to black voters, which it clearly did. No one said it more crassly than Sonia Ossorio, president of the local chapter of the National Association for Women: “Do we really want . . . the most important positions here in the city to be all-white, all male?” Which means that candidates like Williams or Inez Dickens (subject of several Post stories about unpaid violations in buildings she owns) or Melissa Mark-Viverito or Annabel Palma would likely become the front-runners against either Mark Weprin or Dan Garodnick. So don’t be misled by what happened with Bill de Blasio: New York hasn’t yet entered a post-racial era. Ethnic politics is still alive and well, and tt’s not going to disappear anytime soon.* Identity Politics, in a Brand-New Form -

NYT on Sal Albanese

Dinner With Sal Albanese
‘Tale of 2 Cities’ didn't start w/de Blasio. Sal Albanese got there 1st (after Dickens, of course). Breaking Bread

First Weiner's Sydney Leathers Now the Sandinistas Is This the Best Way to Make Sure the garbage is Picked Up?

Brit Loses Leg and City Finds A Glitch in Software
British tourist hit by NYC cab remains upbeat(WSJ)
A software glitch at the Taxi and Limousine Commission prevented them from seeing violations by thousands of taxi and livery drivers, including one who severed a woman's foot during a crash last month. [Ted Mann]


The Unopposed Brooklyn BP

Borough President-in-waiting Eric Adams opens up about credit, dogs, race relations and, of course, Marty Markowitz (NYDN) Current state Senator ran unopposed for borough president. Either the job is meaningless or he's a major heavyweight. * Eric Adams Says He’s Still Worried About Winning BP Race(NYO)

Carrion on Stop and Frisk and Crime

    1. . hits for having no plan to halt gun crime 'surge' since stop and frisk 'ended.' But stop and frisk hasnt ended
    2. Duh! Boy, u r SMART!! The bad guys know cops r dialing back. That's bad for NYC. Maybe u can dial back the sass.

The Long Goodbye of Liu
Liu End Game
NYC Comptroller John Liu failed to report $736M in lawsuits, settlements(NYP)

City Controller John Liu says his plan for a new taxi fleet is more fair than the Bloomberg administration's (NYDN)
Liu wants to open up competition for wheelchair--accessible cabs to multiple firms, and allow Access-A-Ride users to participate in a prepaid debit card program


Brooklyn Grapples With Struggling Hospitals(WSJ)

    Don Silver

    Despite scandals, Silver’s power grows(NYP) The spate of scandals that has surrounded Shelly Silver should have forced him out as Assembly speaker long ago. Instead, he’s only reinforcing his grip over state government — this time, by having another of his former top aides assume a key spot at the state Board of Elections. Remember, Silver already has stoolies looking out for him in even higher posts. Tom DiNapoli was his hand-picked choice for state comptroller. His close childhood friend, Jonathan Lippman, is the state’s chief judge. But now the board is under heightened scrutiny from Gov. Cuomo’s Moreland Commission. More than ever, Silver may need someone in a key spot there to protect his interests and those of his party.* Vito Lopez JCOPE Report
    Silver Missing?

    Silver's Press Pass
    Since His Close Friends and Advisor Willie Rapfogel Got Caught Pocketing Cash From His Non Profit Silver Has Been Out of the Press

    Any legislator who wants to gridlock Albany as retribution for something Moreland does should find a new line of work
    Silver hires more lawyers w/ public $.   
    Did Vito Lopez writer the letter That Destroyed Rapfogel?
    Whistle-Blower's Letter Led to Charity's Firing of Chief Executive(NYT)
    Sheldon Silver on hot seat over racino bid as e ... - New York Post As the state evaluated the billion-dollar proposals for the Aqueduct Racetrack racino in 2009, principals for the shadiest bidder gave thousands to a political committee controlled by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — money that nobody today can account for. And months later, just before that scandal-plagued bidder was picked, Silver solicited “campaign dough” from Hank Sheinkopf, a friend who was lobbying for the company, the Aqueduct Entertainment Group.* William Rapfogel's Close Relationship With Sheldon Silver |NYDN) * \Sheldon Silver keeps role at convention despite sexual harassment ...
    Assemblyman Keith Wright furious with Sheldon Silver over tax break bill scandal: source
    Wright inherited the bill after Silver replaced former Assembly Housing Committee Vito Lopez, who was removed because of his sexual harassment scandal. The bill is the subject of an investigation, in which high-level politicians allegedly received money from real estate developers.* Silver hit by 'hu$h' probe | New York Post

    The Mayoral Battle Begins
    De Blasio Has Early Advantage in Fund-Raising(NYT) BDB "raised more than $500K for a possible runoff & he is not allowed to use that $ in the general election" CFB informs that Bill de Blasio has $704,157 cash on hand to use in general. The $1.2m in account, includes runoff money.

    Mayoral Candidates Spar Over Stop-And-Frisk(NY1)
    "Just because his children go to a public school doesn’t make you the expert in what you need to do,” Lhota said.(WSJ)
    * Joe Lhota turns up the heat on Bill de Blasio(NYP)“He changed his position in the same sentence,” Lhota said, referring to de Blasio’s stance on a court-ordered monitor for the NYPD. “To me, that’s soul-less.”

    Post Continues Its Lhota Campaign By Staying on the Stop-and-Frisk Crime Issue

    Lhota calls out de Blasio as ‘soulless’ flip-flopper(NYP)
    Court Monitor of NYPD

    While campaigning for primary votes, de Blasio was a staunch supporter of a judge’s decision to establish stringent oversight of the department and reform the stop-and-frisk practice. But now that he’s courting moderate voters, de Blasio has changed his tune and called the monitor just “a temporary reality.” “He’s for a monitor when he’s a candidate, he’s against a monitor when he’s mayor?” Lhota said while accepting the endorsement of Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro.* Pro-Lhota PAC releases first ad for general election(NYP) * Police Response Times on the Rise According to a New Report(DNAINFO)

     Lhota & NYP Pushing on Crime Issue
    “What about the increased murders that are happening here, and why is the New York Police Department being handcuffed?” Lhota asked. “How do you explain to the mother of a young child who was murdered how community relations is going to deal with the fact that crime is going up?” Lhota asked, referring to 16-month-old Antiq Hennis, who was shot dead in his stroller last month during gang gunplay in Brooklyn.
    Yesterday's NYP De Blasio at a loss on gun surge(NYP)


    A Judge's Goodbye to the Mayor

    Mayor Rips Scheindlin Over Killed Kids, Scheindlin Stalls Back
    Mayor rips stop-frisk judge over ‘killed’ kids(NYP) Bloomberg said on Friday that he was alarmed by the rise in shootings that followed a federal judge’s ruling against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy — and he fears the decision will embolden more criminals to carry guns.
    13-year-old shot in Brooklyn park(NYP)
    Man shot dead in Queens(NYP)
    NYPost's quotes anonymous NYPD source saying cops aren't allowed to take guns off the street anymore. 

    Scheindlin’s stall ball (NYDN)
    Stop-and-frisk judge is running out the clock on Mayor Bloomberg With just over 100 days left in office for Mayor Bloomberg, Shira Scheindlin is running out the clock to block the city from having time to challenge the decision, as is its right. Scheindlin’s ruling, issued in mid-August, months after the trial ended, was the culmination of epic proceedings that began five years ago.

    Bloomberg Welcomes More Billionaires(WSJ)
    On his weekly radio show, Mayor Michael Bloomberg suggested New Yorkers would benefit if the income gap were even wider because the wealthy pay for a big portion of city services* WE NEED MORE BILLIONAIRES: Bloomberg minimizes widening class divide as he says more mega-rich in the city would be a 'godsend'(NYDN)
      1. they won't fix inequality - but they would add $$ to city coffers - $$ that would then be redistributed to needy
    The Final Data Report of Bloomberg’s Tenure(NYT)
    Among the varied statistics noted in the Mayor’s Management Report is the roughly one-third decrease in civilian fire fatalities.

    Bloomberg is being asked to take the witness stand in the upcoming criminal trial over the CityTime scheme that bilked taxpayers out of more than $500 million.

    Bloomberg is making plans for the day he’ll be “unemployed,” which is rapidly approaching.

    Charles Rangel says Mayor Bloomberg was a 'Jekyll and Hyde’ in final days of campaign(NYDN)
    The city's longest-serving member of Congress says Bloomberg's remarks seemed out of character, and that he doesn't know what makes 'rich people' change dramatically toward the end of their political duties.

    Jobs for New York Lost All Their Big Races
    Of the 6 hotly-contested races they were in (5,19,27,36,38,48), Jobs4NY lost 5.

    Food Workers in Hunts Point Criticize a Commission’s Scrutiny(NYT)
    Background checks of hundreds of workers by the Business Integrity Commission, which combats organized crime, are raising concerns.

    The SUNY Board of Trustees approved a resolution, supported by Cuomo, last week that will impose higher admissions requirements for students looking to become teachers through SUNY colleges and universities, Gannett Albany writes: 

    State legislators and City Council members are pushing to end Madison Square Garden’s $17 million property tax break and have found an ally in de Blasio, Gannett writes: 

    Report: There are more rich people in Brooklyn now 

    Dolan: ‘Thank God’ for pope’s new tone(NYP)

    Dolan Welcomes Pope Francis’ Remarks On Homosexuality, Abortion (WCBS)

    Cardinal Timothy Dolan praised Pope Francis for saying the Roman Catholic Church should broaden its focus beyond abortion and gay marriage, but that he would not scale back his positions on those issues, The Wall Street Journal reports: 


    New and Post Copy News From  Local Paper

    Wall Street

    AIG CEO: Outrage over bonuses "just as bad and just as wrong" as lynchings in Deep South.


    "Tuesday morning, [Huma] Abedin stayed close to Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, smiling as they strode into the Sheraton New York ballroom. [Anthony] Weiner was nowhere in sight." [Mara Gay]

    The Obamacare Wars Are Just Starting - Holman Jenkins, Wall St. Journal
    Texas Senator Is Cruz-ing for a Bruising - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
    Cruz Pushes Senate to Listen to the People - Timothy Carney, DC Examiner

    Reckless Republicans Holding Back Progress - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
    Obama Lied, My Health Plan Died - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
    Barack and Bill Talk Up Health Law - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
    President Obama Can't Catch a Break - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
    Warming Up for a New Climate Change Report - Donna Laframboise, WSJ
    Why We Shut Our Comments Section - Suzanne LaBarre, Popular Science
    Don't Know Much About History - Sean Davis, The Federalist
    It's Hard to Hate Rand Paul - Frank Rich, New York Magazine

    Democrats See New Opening for 2014 - Zachary Goldfarb, Washington Post
    Voters Will Blame Democrats for Obamacare - Chris Stirewalt, FOX News
    The GOP Must Stand With Senator Cruz - Reince Priebus, Red State
    Hillary for President...of the Universe - Sally Kohn, The Daily Beast
    Are Gay-Rights Trampling on Freedom of Religion? - Alex Roarty, Atlantic
    Losing Is Good for Your Children - Ashley Merryman, New York Times
    Watch Live: Cruz Still Talking; Paul, Rubio Join Cruz on Floor
    US Sen. Ted Cruz pulled an all-nighter on the Senate floor, and as of this posting was still at it.
    Cruz’s two daughters watched (on TV) as their father read “Green Eggs & Ham” during his 15-plus hour talking marathon.
    Rep. Pete King called Cruz a “fraud” and accused him of “governmental terrorism.”
    Huma Abedin has re-emerged as a top aide to Hillary Clinton.
    Judicial Watch has sued the State Department over its refusal to release details of Abedin’s outside employment contracts.


    Don't Be Alarmed by Obamacare - Bloomberg
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    New Yorker Cover Shows Bashar al-Assad With Walter White, At Long Last


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    Poll: Shutting down government over Obamacare really, really unpopular

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    The Benghazi Report: Conflicts & Obstruction - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
    More Gun Deaths, Less Resolve in Washington - New York Times
    In DC, Cutting Any Spending Is a Challenge - The Oklahoman
    Another GOP Train Wreck - Louisville Courier-Journal
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    Big billboard for al Jazeera America in United LAX lounge proclaims, "No more pundits." See, they ARE a threat to our way of life
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    The Giants Just Played Their Worst Game Of The Last Decade (Gothamist)

    Hockey debuts at Barclays Center with big crowd, buzz, mixed reviews from fans(Atlantic Yards Report)

      1. There's a package of articles celebrating . Do any mention that DN sponsors arena plaza?

    Pettitte Up Next as Dynasty Nears End(NYT)

    Andy Pettitte said he struggled with the timing of his announcement because he did not want to take away from Mariano Rivera’s final home game on Sunday.


    Law and  Order

    Police Investigate UES Burglary Pattern
    State To Lessen Penalties For Sex Trafficking Victims, Prostitutes
    New York is creating a statewide system of specialized criminal courts to handle prostitution and human trafficking cases, which Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman called “a form of modern-day slavery.”

    NY seeks to delete phony online reviews(NYP)
    Perv cookbook author gets 11 years for luring girls into harem(NYP)
    ' Ray Kelly on the new threat from homegrown terror, and what means to US strategy.
    Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance said the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy has become a burden on his office and warned about abuses that could lead to prosecutions of police officers, the Post reports:
    Manhattan DA knocks NYPD’s stop-frisk Bloomberg/Kelly response? DA as ignorant on crime as know-nothing woman judge? 


    Bullet fired into elementary school bus(NYP)
    Designer’s Boyfriend Is Sentenced in Killing at Soho House(NYT)
    Tourist busted with gun at WTC(NYP)
    Chronicling Anti-Sikh Violence, and Now a Victim(NYT)
    Police Investigating Harlem Assault as a Hate Crime(WSJ)

    'We took care of that child': NYPD big who held Antiq Hennis as a newborn while investigators scoured his family's home for weapons vows to end gang violence(NYDN)Months before Antiq Hennis was buried inside a tiny white casket, NYPD Deputy Inspector Joseph Gulotta cradled the adorable infant in his arms.

    NYPD Releases Video Of Suspects Who Allegedly Attacked Sikh Professor
     Bullet pieces hit bus filled with kindergartners, NYPD says 
    The Incredible Way Feds Busted Fake Yelp Reviewers In NY(Huff Post)


    Secret mob history of Ray’s Pizza(NYP)

    Orthodox Neighborhoods Gets $1 Million In Security Cameras(Huff Post)
    Looking for a Bandit Who Took 3 Handbags, and Never Left His Chair(NYT)
    Wheelchair-Bound Suspect Charged With Stealing Purses, Wallets(WCBS)
    Thief in Wheelchair Arrested for Stealing Bags in Manhattan: Cops (WNBC)

    Bronx teen arrested in father’s murder(NYP)
    Bronx Teen Arrested In Connection With His Father's Murder(NY1)
    Ray Kelly: You're All Gonna Be Real Sorry When I'm Gone

    No Retrial in ’95 Bronx Killing for 3 Freed From Prison(NYT)

    Subway Samaritan OK after track-shove
    Subway Samaritan OK after track-shove(NYP)
    Man trying to help woman, pushed on subway tracks(WABC)
    Police hunt gunman after teen shot in groin in Canarsie(WABC)
    Man dies after being shot in head, neck in Jackson Heights:
    13-Year-Old Boy Shot In The Groin In Brooklyn


    Hamill: Queens Center Mall is a soft target for terrorists, but city residents refuse to live in fear(NYDN)

    Abdel Hameed Shehadeh, NYC Man Convicted In Terror Training Case, Sentenced To 13 Years In Prison(Huff Post)

    Kenya Update 
    BREAKING: Kenya's foreign minister: "two or three Americans" and "one Brit" among those who attacked mall in Nairobi:
     Kenya Moves to End Mall Siege as Death Toll Rises to 68(NYT)

    They 'told Muslims to stand up and leave': At least 39 people dead after gunmen open fire in terror attack targeting non-Muslims inside Kenyan shopping mall hosting kids event(NYDN) * Gunmen Kill Dozens in Terror Attack at Kenyan Mall(NYT)
    NY Rep..Peter King says the group behind Kenya mall attack recruited Somali-Americans from communities in U.S.: (AP) JUST IN: FBI is investigating whether Americans were involved in Nairobi mall attack, based on tweets from terrorists, sources tell NBC News * Shock: CNN: 3 of the terrorist in Westgate Mall attack in Kenya are Americans. Two from St. Paul, MN and one from Kansas City, MO
    Pregnant Harvard grad was two weeks from giving birth when terrorists killed her and architect...

    Exclusive video footage on the Westgate attack