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U.S. Attorney and AG Pushing Moreland to Be Bold

NYC Jobless Rate Goes Up And No Candidate for City Office Has Come Up With A Plan to Create More Jobs in the City

A Issues Never Discussed in Campaign 2013 is Unemployment

City’s Jobless Rate Increased to 8.6% in August Despite Hiring Gains(NYT) The rise in the unemployment rate, from 8.4 percent in July, reflects an increase in the number of people looking for work in the city, biggest increase in a year since 1999. NYC's unemployment rate is 1.3% over the nations.   The new jobs in New York City are mostly low-paying and in the service industry. [David Seifman]  * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli's scary report about Wall Street shedding jobs is not surprising. [Nicole Gelinas] * The New York financial industry has replaced only one-third of the jobs it lost during the financial crisis.(Guardian) * Why New York's future is fleeing Nowhere near enough jobs for the younger generation(NYP) * City unemployment rate ticks up to 8.6% (CrainsNY) New York state's unemployment rate also rose slightly in August, to 7.6% from 7.5%. Both city and state trailed the national unemployment rate, which dropped slightly to 7.3% from 7.4%.

NYC's Budget Debt, High Taxes and Changing Population Will Are Limiting the Number of Jobs
The NYC budget has grown 56 percent above the rate of inflation over the last 11 years.” For the first time in history, the city has more than $100 billion in outstanding debt. The borrowing, which grew by 83 percent in the last decade, according to the Citizens Budget Commission. The borrowing carries debt-service costs of nearly $7 billion a year, a tab that will grow when interest rates rise. Throw in more than $8 billion a year in pension costs, and the combination consumes more than 20 percent of the budget of $70 billion, yet doesn’t hire a cop, a teacher or fill a pothole.  

Florida has no state or local income tax, so it can offer immediate savings of 13 percentage points to beleaguered New Yorkers. Bloomberg makes that point repeatedly, noting that about 5,000 wealthy families pay 30 percent of the city’s income tax. ‘Wall ST.’ flees NY for tax-free Fla. (NYP) * Escape from New York A new poll last week showed that more than one of every four New Yorkers is headed for the exits.*  Since 1960, 7.3 million people have left New York for other states.* NYers take worst tax hit in nation(NYP) Poll: 47 Percent Of New Yorkers Are Worse Off Financially Than They Were 4 Years Ago(WCBS) * Study Finds More New Yorkers Leaving State(NYT) * Census Shows New York Exodus(WSJ)* tudy finds NY entrepreneurship lagging nation Just over 15% of people in New York state are involved in some kind of entrepreneurial activity, compared with a national average of 18.8%.* NY ranks 49 in business tax climate * Taxes, regs hobble NY manufacturing recovery(NYP)

Erie Canal Became NY's First Economic Engine, Wall Street and Banking Followed Later . . .  Will High Tech Be the City's New Economic Engine With All the World Wide Competition?
Governor De Witt Clinton in spite of a lack of public support, funding, untrained engineers, and unforgiving terrain had the vision and leadership skills to build the Erie Canal in the early 1800's. The canal which opened New York’s manufacturing goods to the Midwest markets was responsible for the state overtaking Boston and Philadelphia to become the commerce and jobs capitol of America - increasing the state’s population five fold, in the decade after it was open.
NYP Starts Campaign for Lhota

NYP Goes After de Blasio on the City's Increase in Shootings
Confronted with statistics showing a sharp rise in gun violence following a federal judge’s ruling against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice, de Blasio offered no real solution to address the uptick, speaking in generalities about how to keep New York City safe 
De Blasio at a loss on gun surge(NYP)Mayoral front-runner Bill de Blasio offered no real solution Thursday when confronted with statistics revealing an alarming rise in gun violence that followed a federal judge’s ruling against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program. The Democratic nominee opposes the practice, but when asked point blank how he intends to keep the city safe, he would speak only in generalities. “We must restore the relationship between the police and community,” he said without explaining how that could be accomplished. But de Blasio insisted “nothing has changed in the approach to policing” since Manhattan federal Judge Shira Scheindin’s Aug. 12 decision.* Shootings rise after stop-frisk ruling(NYP)

De Blasio’s November opponent, Republican Joe Lhota, took a much stronger stance. He said Scheindlin’s ruling — along with two anti-stop-and-frisk laws enacted over Mayor Bloomberg’s veto — was “handcuffing the police.” “We’ve seen shootings go up. We’ve seen killings go up. And it’s directly related to the fact that all of these bills, all of these actions, have had a chilling effect upon the Police Department.”

NYP Also Hits de Blasio on Education
The Post criticizes de Blasio’s education plan and praises Bloomberg’s progress on education since taking office, noting that he’s worked hard to create more charters, close bad schools, and open good ones:

Kelly Going Out Hard
Kelly also said he was stunned to learn from The Post that Scheindlin had appointed a panel of 13 law professors to help reform the stop-and-frisk program. “I know nothing about it. I read it in the newspaper today. Quite frankly, I don’t know what their role is. I don’t know who they’re advising. I don’t know what their experience is,” Kelly said. “I think probably people with some more real-world experience, street experience, would also be helpful.”* Ray Kelly: Stop-And-Frisk Ruling May Have "Chilling Effect" On Law Enforcement (Gothamist)

Thirteen people were gunned down in a Chicago park Thursday night NY police sources believe the violence is a snapshot of what’s in store for the city as a result of the “stop-and-frisk” ruling
In a written decision without explanation, a federal appeals judge denied the Bloomberg administration’s attempts to expedite its appeal of reforms to the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice, the Daily News writes: * After a speech taking the mayoral candidates to task for ignoring terrorism, New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly confirmed that he met with de Blasio to discuss the threat of terrorism, and had scheduled a meeting with Lhota, the Post reports: * The Daily News cites a report by Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns group exposing a loophole that allows thousands of convicted criminals access to firearms: * Cops Close Illegal Gun Pipeline(WSJ) * Yet another mission to demonize the Finest(NYP)

The Inequality Mayor
on "The mayor's lost the inequality argument in NY. The election shows that." * The shots heard ’round New York(NYP Ed) Bloomberg "if you take off the pressure, kids who are really disassociated from society will start carrying guns again." Bloomberg blasts stop-and-frisk judge saying she is one of the most reversed judges around. Says city needs to get to appeals court.* Bloomberg: Glaring disparity between city's rich and poor exists because city is 'lucky enough' to attract billionaires(NYDN)
* Democrats Call Bloomberg’s Billionaire Comments ‘Out of Touch’(NYO) Bloomberg Countdown Clock
QUOTE OF THE DAY: The reason it’s so big is at the higher end we’ve been able to do something that none of these other cities can do, and that is attract a lot of the very wealthy from around the country and around the world. They are the ones that pay a lot of the taxes. They’re the ones that spend a lot of money in the stores and restaurants and create a big chunk of our economy. And we take tax revenues from those people to help people throughout the entire rest of the spectrum.”Mayor Michael Bloomberg, from his weekly Friday morning radio show, via the Wall Street Journal.

Lhota No Room to Run
Lhota Has Lost One of the Six Weeks He Has Before the Election With No Clear Message
New Poll Sucking Up All the Media Today, Hard For Lhota to Get  His Message Out
Lhota Blames Cats For His Low Poll Numbers, Attacks de Blasio Policing "Theories"
Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota blamed his poor poll standing on his bruising primary battle with John Catsimatidis, and criticized his opponent Bill de Blasio's “theories” on policing New York City, The Wall Street Journal writes: * Lhota, Behind in Another Poll, Wants More Debates With de Blasio(NYT) * Lhota Slights Rival De Blasio's 'Theories'(WSJ) Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota acknowledged he was waging an uphill battle against Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio but said Mr. de Blasio's wide lead in polls this week was "not insurmountable." "I've never met anybody who thinks I'm not hug-able." — Joe Lhota * Lhota defended de Blasio's children after a caller (Sheila from Bayside) said in a telephone town hall that the de Blasios are "sickening." [Erin Durkin] * On @BilldeBlasio not committing to debates, @JoeLhota4Mayor says @BilldeBlasio has to wait to listen to his consultants, not ready for mayor * BP Molinaro endorsing @JoeLhota4Mayor and says he doesn't want times square to go back to hookers and porn shops #2013* Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro endorsed Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota after endorsing Christine Quinn in the primary, citing his accomplishments as deputy mayor, the News reports: * The Koch-backed PAC supporting has released a new TV ad:
  1. De Blasio would rather see jobs leave the Bronx

    de Blasio Stays With Primary Message

Bill de Blasio pledges to use government as 'tool' to improve conditions for low-wage workers, while Joe Lhota vows to create jobs(NYDN) * Asked about his reported $75,000 threshold for attending an event, de Blasio said, "I don't get into the mechanics of our fundraising approach." [Jennifer Fermino]* Bronx Democrats endorsed de Blasio. [Ross Barkan] * Schumer supports de Blasio, won't say whether he supports bdb's tax hike proposal. Says he's supported tax hikes at federal level.* The primary results shifted NYC's electoral map - find out by how much, block by block, at *  Dante & Chiara in pic campaign using for their fund-raising pitch.  * De Blasio calls NYPD’s federal monitor a ‘temporary reality’(NYP)* After a rally in which he endorsed Bill de Blasio for mayor, Sen. Charles Schumer accused Republican lawmakers in Congress of holding the country hostage in the pending fight over the debt ceiling , Politicker writes: * Bloomberg argued on his radio program that de Blasio’s interpretation of a report on the city’s poverty rate, which increased from 20.1 to 21.2 percent over the past two years, is simplistic, Capital New York reports:

Just Like Obama
A de Blasio fundraiser raffle: Win the chance to hang out backstage with Bill.

4 White Men Running NYC?

De Blasio and Stringer wins raise a Democratic diversity issue for P.A. and speaker
Racial Politics
Watch Queens Boss Joe Crowley if He is Going to Elect Weperin as the next Council Speaker he must elect James the new PA.  If Squadron wins it would be hard to elect a white man as speaker. You can't have 4 white men running the city. Watch Queens Boss Crowley He and Manton Before Him Have Elected the Last 3 Speaker.
Insiders See Close Race in Public  
James  Union pull vs. Squadron Schumer TV Ads
Advocate’s Runoff (NYO)* Why is Obama's pic on ' palm card? cc:

New Council Speaker Ask Boss Crowley

Almost Every Councilmember is Running for Speaker

Apparently every single City Council member now wants to be speaker, including Vinnie GentileJimmy Van Bramer, Rosie Mendez and Jumaane Williams, in addition to the previously-known names: Mark Weprin, Dan Garodnick, Inez Dickens, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Annabel Palma and Jimmy Vacca.
 Race for City Council Speaker Intensifies After Primary(NYT)\Clockwise, from top left: Jumaane D. Williams, Daniel R. Garodnick, Melissa Mark-Viverito and James Vacca have all been mentioned as candidates for City Council speaker.* NY1 Online: REBNY President Defends Jobs For New York Attacks 

Hillary for Council Candidate X
RT : Hillary made a lot of random appearances in City Council races too!* de Blasio's victory in the Dem mayoral primary didn't so much end identity politics as push them down-ballot (Capital)

Jobs for New York Lost All Their Big Races
Of the 6 hotly-contested races they were in (5,19,27,36,38,48), Jobs4NY lost 5.

11 Days After the Primary and Still No Final Court From  the Board of Elections

New Poll

de Blasio has huge lead over Lhota in latest poll, 66 – 25: Q poll
New shows beating 2 to 1 among the highest income voters * NYC - Big Racial Gap In de Blasio Blowout In NYC, Poll Finds; Dem Ties Lhota On Taxes And Leads Every Other Measure* The Quinnipiac poll also has de Blasio with a big lead over Lhota: 66/25. * de Blasio's favorability rating is 63-21 and Lhota's is 30-35.*  Now w crosstabs: Quinnipiac: Democrat Bill de Blasio Leads GOP's Joe Lhota 66% - 25% | NY Daily News
asked about surveillance, "50% said it was 'appropriate.'"* In Q Poll, NYC voters say 61 – 17% "that the Democrat would do a better job improving public schools." Overall, de Blasio at 66, Lhota at 25

Moreland Update

The Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption is in the process of hiring consulting firms to help crunch loads of financial and other data, and is negotiating contracts through the state Division of the Budget, the Times Union writes:  * NY Assembly, Senate: "Separation Of Powers" Prevents Moreland From Demanding Info(NYDN)

 Bharara called it “a galling injustice” that corrupt officials can “draw a publicly funded pension” until their “dying day”


Corrupt Pension War
Cuomo said pensions are constitutionally protected and corrupt politicians cannot be stripped of their pension plans, as U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said he was planning to do earlier this week, NY1 reports: * Federal Forefiture Of Pensions Different, Cuomo Says: U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s plan to claw back pensions...
End pensions for convict pols(NYP Ed) Here’s the bad news: Because New York is incapable of policing its own system, the US attorney has to do the job for us. As Bharara testified, as bad as political corruption is, what “sticks in the craw of every thinking New Yorker is the almost inviolable right of even the most corrupt elected official — even after being convicted by a jury and jailed by a judge — to draw a publicly funded pension until his dying day.” * Retire these payouts(NYDN Ed)
Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara has found a creative new way to hit corrupt politicians where it really hurts — by taking their taxpayer-financed pension money away. Attorney General Eric Schneiderman will appoint the members of the Commission as Deputy Attorneys General giving the Commission broad investigative authority to probe matters that “involve public peace, public safety and public justice” The Commission will have the power to issue subpoenas and examine witnesses under oath.* Does Albany have constitutional handcuffs when it comes to taking corrupt pols pensions?

Albany's Acting Like They Have Something to Hide

Asssembly Lawyering Up Against Moreland Commission 
GOP Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin is upset with Speaker Sheldon Silver’s pick of a law firm with close ties to Democrats to represent the Assembly before the new Moreland Commission and suggested the GOP should have its own lawyer, the Times Union writes * The state Board of Elections is moving to freeze bank accounts of campaign committees that have broken election law until they have settled their debts or a judge orders otherwise, the Times Union writes:  * Prosecutors tell Gov's anti-corruption panel how to stop scourge: shine light on politicians' nonprofit business(NY World)

    1. Cuomo's Moreland Commission hearings reminds me of a Fran Lebowitz quip
      I think it was 2006 when Fran Lebowitz said that President Bush appointing an Iraq study group was like studying for a 3rd grade math test 3 years after it was given.  And then followed up by wondering where that study group would meet . . . at Windows on the World?
      lets just keep on making believe that if we do enough study groups on corruption in Albany somehow magically we will discover a magic bullet piece of legislation to cure the problem.
The Press must stop hiding with pols and ask them why they hired a lawyer to fight Moreland Commission Request  for financial Iinformation

The NYS BOE gets Serious After Moreland Commission said they did not go after committees that did not file committee report for the board
Board of Elections gets serious about scofflaw committees

Silver Missing?

Silver's Press Pass
Since His Close Friends and Advisor Willie Rapfogel Got Caught Pocketing Cash From His Non Profit Silver Has Been Out of the Press

  1. Any legislator who wants to gridlock Albany as retribution for something Moreland does should find a new line of work
    Silver hires more lawyers w/ public $.   
    Did Vito Lopez writer the letter That Destroyed Rapfogel?
    Whistle-Blower's Letter Led to Charity's Firing of Chief Executive(NYT)
    Sheldon Silver on hot seat over racino bid as e ... - New York Post As the state evaluated the billion-dollar proposals for the Aqueduct Racetrack racino in 2009, principals for the shadiest bidder gave thousands to a political committee controlled by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver — money that nobody today can account for. And months later, just before that scandal-plagued bidder was picked, Silver solicited “campaign dough” from Hank Sheinkopf, a friend who was lobbying for the company, the Aqueduct Entertainment Group.* William Rapfogel's Close Relationship With Sheldon Silver |NYDN) * \Sheldon Silver keeps role at convention despite sexual harassment ...
    Assemblyman Keith Wright furious with Sheldon Silver over tax break bill scandal: source
    Wright inherited the bill after Silver replaced former Assembly Housing Committee Vito Lopez, who was removed because of his sexual harassment scandal. The bill is the subject of an investigation, in which high-level politicians allegedly received money from real estate developers.* Silver hit by 'hu$h' probe | New York Post

    New York’s unemployment rate rose from 7.5 percent in July to 7.6 percent in August. The national rate was 7.3 percent in August (

    Lhota 5 Weekly Debates
Lhota's Slow Start
Lhota, Behind in Another Poll, Wants More Debates With de Blasio(NYT)
Lhota seeks to close gap vs. de Blasio(NYP) GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota is overhauling his fundraising team, replacing his wife, a veterean fundraiser, with Republican state party finance director Jason Weingartner, the News writes:  * Joe Lhota picks new team of rainmakers for New York mayoral campaign *.@JoeLhota4Mayor says @uft's mike mulgrew won't return his phone calls #2013*
Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota overhauls his fund-raising team less than seven weeks before Election Day(NYDN) * . to call on to join him in 5 debates to be held in each borough. Presser at 4. Weekly debates * Michael Mulgrew Won’t Take Joe Lhota’s Calls
"I don't believe for one second that raising taxes is going to make the city a better place... These people can leave" says @JoeLhota4Mayor * . and are going to meet! Mulgrew changes his mind.

  1. Vowing To Elimate Industry, De Blasio Secretly Accepts Endorsement:

2 Cities Data Backup

A Tale of Two Campaigns: de Blasio's Primary Vs General
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio’s handlers are now telling donors he won’t hold a fundraiser unless it will net $75,000 or more, which is more than Gov. Andrew Cuomo requires, the Daily News writes De Blasio says there's a serious retention problem w/ teachers in the nation's largest school system. "Huge morale" problem here, he says.  "i wouldn't say ripped off. i'd say poorly managed" says re: financially strapped hospitals. "not a q about who's to blame." Bill de Blasio says David Yassky is out at TLC if he is NYC's next mayor. . says subsidies have to be taken away from big companies, and name-checks . *"the city has gone to 13th highest from 6th highest among poverty rates for the 20 biggest cities.

De Blasio Had No Snail Mail 
Does de Blasio have a mole in Census Bureau? New census nums tell "tale of two cities" EXCLUSIVE: Call him Dough Blasio! Bill charging $75K minimum for fund-raiser appearances after nailing down NY primary win — $25K more than Cuomo, Schumer * Bill de Blasio built digital-first campaign in move to stimulate social media users(NYDN)  Before hiring fundraisers, de Blasio brought on Jessica Singleton, a veteran of President Obama's re-election campaign, to oversee his website, social media and emails. * In a 21st century campaign, when robocalls are detested, door-to-door canvassing is often ineffective, and snail mail is expensive, "digital ranks high in importance," said Kenneth Sherrill, political science professor at Hunter College. Back in August, Bill de Blasio said he was "unburdened by the support of the municipal labor unions," most of which had chosen to back his various rivals in the Democratic primary. Yesterday, that burden returned, as some of the unions who had opposed him began to express their support for the new Democratic nominee. * De Blasio, a taxi-industry ally, will start by ditching Yassky
* "The generation that's voting for him now doesn't remember what the city used to be like" (NY1) * Bill de Blasio Would Fire TLC Commissioner David Yassky Right Away If Elected NY Mayor(NYDN * updated w/ video of his speech and Q&A with reporters // De Blasio wants to do 'something' about retroactive pay * Former 2005 Dem mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer the latest to endorse de Blasio * Bill de Blasio's digital outreach wasn't just for young voters(Capital) * De Blasio Causes Stir by Saying He Would Fire Taxi Commissioner(NYT)

de Blasio Thanks Bill Lynch
  1. "if it werent for Bill Lynch i would not be standing here today."--
    New poverty stats in today give more ammunition w income inequality arguments. De Blasio says certain people (aka ) suggests it is divisive to talk tale of 2 cities. BdB says not divisive to talk about it.* BDB disagrees labor is a special interest; says they reflect the public interest. * . making familiar points at Amsterdam News  Says labor movement created middle class and mc now in danger of disappearing. speaking at Labor Breakfast says, "we need to build labor back up for the good of everyone."

    Looking for Press Coverage

    Carriron Pushing 3 Way Spin Before the Polls Come Out

. held a big policy presser and declared mayoral contest is a "three-way race" \via

. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Today's Top Spinners

NYP Connects the Dots to Fit Their Political Goals
Since When is the Post A Defender of Minority Rights?
Bill de Blasio’s war on minorities(NYP)
De Blasio may be seen as a champion of minorities, but his policies on crime, education and his push for a living wage will instigate a war against minorities, leaving many worse off

In the Daily News Today Errol Louis Sounds More Like  de Blasio Consultants Than An Objective Journalist
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio will likely be attacked from both the right, for creating class warfare, and from the left because he isn't proposing to do enough to close the inequality gap , Errol Louis writes for the Daily News:

DA Joe 2.0?

A GOP Run for Hynes
Hynes Is Said to Be Weighing a G.O.P. Run for District Attorney(NYT)
People close to Charles J. Hynes, the incumbent in Brooklyn who lost the Democratic primary last week, say that he is reconsidering his resolution not to campaign as a Republican.

BOE F- and They Should Be Arrested

Clueless Reporters Allow the Truth to Be Twisted By Spinner
Mike Ryan, the new executive director at the Board of Elections, gave his agency’s Election Day-performance a “solid B-plus,” in a Gotham Gazette interview. “I wouldn’t be as pretentious to give us an A, but a solid B-plus,” he contended. ”I don’t think we did so badly,” he further told Capital New

This is  Not A Joke
York.State Board of Elections set to tap former Silver aide as enforcement officer

Update on BOE Slow Count
Latest tally from the Board of Elections: 40.88% for after machine and emergency ballots counted *  In final Board of Elections machine count, de Blasio fell just short of Thompson + Quinn, by < one percentage point (40.88% vs. 41.74%). * Thompson is at 26.25%; Quinn, 15.49%; Liu, 6.9%; Weiner, 4.88%.* Randy Credico did better than "What about" Sal Albanese. Credico, 1.73%; Albanese, 0.83% Still counting affidavit, military, absentee votes. The Board of Elections' official count of the paper ballots is not expected to be done until end of week. So, it's not over 'til it's over. * De Blasio’s vote total jumped up slightly to 40.88 percent as the city Board of Elections continues to tally the votes to see if de Blasio amassed enough votes to avoid a runoff, the Wall Street Journal reports: * Mayoral election done? Don't count on it as workers tally huge pile of paper ballots(NYDN)

BOE spox says she can't say how many paper ballots remain to be counted. Says she hopes to have # tomorrow.

Reality Times

The NY Times Discovers After the Election That There Are Two Manhattans
 A Tale of Two Manhattans
In Manhattan, new census data reveals 80-fold difference in mean income between top 5th & lowest 5th, biggest gap of any large US county. De Blasio says his whole campaign is about addressing income inequality.New census data shows that even though New York City is coming out of a recession its poverty rate continues to increase and its income inequality gap is still high,Poverty Rate Is Up in New York City, and Income Gap Is Wide, Census Data Show(NYT)

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Council Speakers Race

Curb the Power of the Next City Council Speaker
4 members have "plan that would significantly check the power of the next speaker." via * According to New York, behind the scenes, influential City Council members “are reaching out to the rest of the membership in hopes of coming up with a plan that would significantly check the power of the next speaker,” to decentralize power in the chamber. The first priority is to allow legislation to emerge without the speaker’s approval.* Race for City Council Speaker Intensifies After Primary: A number of council members have been suggested as... Multiple members have been mentioned as candidates – in addition to Mr. Weprin, Mr. Garodnick, and Ms. Palma, they include James Vacca of the Bronx, Inez E. Dickens and Melissa Mark-Viverito of Manhattan, and Jumaane D. Williams of Brooklyn. * to on abortion & gay marriage: "My personal beliefs are less important than what I've done legislatively." * More speaker race speculation, including and Jimmy Vacca's makeover (CrainsNY) * Update: Jimmy Van Bramer confirms speaker run. Spkr "may need to be part of the Progressive Caucus" & Queens Dem (CrainsNY)

Bloomberg's Rosebud

Mayor Michael Bloomberg deflected all questions about his legacy at a press conference Wednesday, declaring he has done "more in the third term than any administration's ever done Asked to Reflect, Bloomberg Grumbles Instead(NYT)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg was especially testy at a press conference yesterday. “I really have no idea. All I can do is tell you what we’ve done. If you want to write that, or if you want to make up some stuff, that’s totally up to you. I have no idea,” he said when asked why voters want the city to move in a new direction.

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NYPD and Crime 2014

Gun violence has increased by 13 percent since the ruling by U.S. District Court judge Shira Scheindlin forcing the NYPD to change its stop-and-frisk policies, when compared to the same period of time last year
City gun crime shoots up following stop-and-frisk ruling(NYP) In the month after federal judge Shira Scheindlin’s decision that the police procedure is unconstitutional, shootings spiked nearly 13 percent — and gun seizures plummeted more than 17 percent. During the 28 days ending Sept. 8, there were 140 shootings across the Big Apple, compared with 124 during the same period last year. And the number of gunshot victims was up more than 9 percent, with 164 people struck by bullets this year, compared with 150 shot over that month last year. * NYPD, New York Post, and Bloomberg: See, You’re All Going to Get Shot Now(NY Mag)

Kelly learned about NYPD oversight eggheads from the Post(NYP)

The victims include two tragic tots: 16-month-old Antiq Hennis, who was slain in his stroller as his parents pushed him across a Brownsville, Brooklyn, street, and Tharell Edward, 3, who was struck and wounded by a bullet in the head as he slept in his crib in the same borough. Less Frisking, More Focus on Youth Gangs(NYT) The New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk tactic is yielding to a strategy called Operation Crew Cut that uses social media to track conflicts and punish agitators. The NYPD is moving away from stop-and-frisk and toward a focus on youth gangs as a way to curb violent crime in the city with Operation Crew Cut, which has cut shootings in recent months* Woman dead after getting shot multiple times in Brooklyn(NYP) * EXCLUSIVE: Landmark study finds stop-and-frisk leads to mistrust of cops, unwillingness to cooperate with police * Extra $169 Million Will Go to Public Safety(NYT) The Manhattan district attorney’s office cashed a check for more than twice its total annual budget, and the money will go toward lowering crime and modernizing courtroom technology.
* Stop-And-Frisk Compromises Police Trust In High Crime Areas, Study Claims(NY1) * An investigation commissioned by Mayor Bloomberg found that thousands of guns are being sold on websites to people with criminal records.* Some of the guns NYPD confiscated being sent in the mail to NYC. 2 alleged Traffickers arrested. * NYPD has a pal on oversight panel(NYP) * Judge shoots down Bloomberg’s request for speedy stop-frisk appeal(NYP)

Kelly meets with de Blasio, Lhota on terror(NYP)


Taxi Wars de Blasio vs Yassky vs Wolfson vs Kellner vs 
‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ able to stop smells(NYP) Including an odor-killing system that could help riders escape any obnoxious scents.* Lemon yellow taxis(NYDN Ed)The “Taxi of Tomorrow” will be a rolling violation when it hits the streets next month and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is right to go after the Bloomberg administration for failing to require that cab vans are handicap accessible. *  Backstory to this: de Blasio and Yassky really don't like each other.(NY Mag)* David Yassky responds to Bill de Blasio's ill wishes. [Dana Rubinstein] * Bill de Blasio vows he’d fire Taxi & Limousine Commissioner David Yassky(NYDN)

    1. . said he'd replace at Taxi & Limousine Commission. cc:
    2. Won't you be looking for a new job soon? “: Amen! : . said he'd replace at Taxi & Limo Commission
    3. SNAP! Play nice, boys.

      And Kellner Vs Wolfson Fight Over Taxis?
      Anyone Want to See an Incredibly Sassy Twitter Fight Between Two New York Political Officials?
Sheriff Bharara

U.S. Attorney Bharara is Being the Press to Help Him Uncover Corruption He Even Quotes Murrow

Bharara: New Media End NYC's Journalism of Sheep
Public corruption, based on all evidence, appears rampant,” Bharara told the Moreland Commission to Investigate Public Corruption at its first public hearing.
“And the ranks of those convicted in office have swelled to absolutely unacceptable levels.” \Earlier in the day, Bharara’s office moved to take away the pensions of state officials convicted of corruption. The office filing seeks to include pensions as part of the property It comes in the case against state Sen. Malcolm Smith (D-Queens), who stands accused of scheming with officials in New York City and Rockland County to raise funds for his one-time attempt to switch parties and run for mayor as a Republican. Letting felons collect state pensions is a “a galling injustice that sticks in the craw of every thinking New Yorker,” Prosecutors in Bharara’s office filed court papers in two separate corruption cases giving notice that they were adding the pensions of two state senators, a city councilman and two other officials to the list of property subject to forfeiture if the officials are convicted.

 Today is the 152nd birthday of the NY Times. It was born on September 18, 1851
Bharara planned to say Tuesday night in a speech before Gov. Cuomo’s new anti-corruption Moreland Commission.* Preet Bharara hopes for more muckraking in Albany(Capital) Albany has been fertile ground for investigative journalists in recent years, with two governors embroiled in ethical woes, and a number of legislators either indicted or forced to resign.  With each press outlet that closes or downsizes, opportunities to ferret out fraud and waste and abuse are lost.

Bharara Begs the New Media Companies to Do What the Old Media Has Not Done, Investigate Corruption

Preet Bharara: “fresh news outlets like BuzzFeed … bent on doubling down on political investigations will provide grist” 4 corruption probe Bharara, SDNY US Atty, bullish on , /, & new , in testimony tonight to Moreland Commission *  In testimony, Bharara laments loss of investigative journalists, and puts high hope in new outlets and revived old * U.S. Attorney To Commission: Political Corruption Is Out Of Hand In N.Y. State(WCBS)

While Bharara Was Speaking Last Night At the Moreland Commission Hearing This Is What the Political Director of the Times Was Tweeting 

My goodness. Among blacks, de Blasio leading Joe Lhota 86 to 3 percent. 

The U.S. Attorney Wants to Take Away Corrupt Pols Pensions Something Albany Lawmakers Won't Do
Preet Bharara--"Maybe Politico¹s purchase of Capital New York... will mean more Albany muckraking":   "Intellectual level of two eight year olds arguing..." Moreland Commission chair William Fitzpatrick on legislators' responses to commission  Moreland Commission's Fitzpatrick: Recent arrests "beg the question: Who the hell are we hiring here?" * U.S. attorney wants to takeaway corrupt pols' pensions

The Media Has Been Silent On Malcolm Smith's Corruption Since His Arrests
Bharara says he's going to try to clawback the pensions of Sen. Malcolm Smith and Assemblyman Eric Stevenson * "Convicted pols shld not grow old comfortably cushioned by a pension paid for by the very ppl they betrayed .. * U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara says a "galling injustice" is the ability of crooked politicians to keep their pensions * Bharara: "public corruption is rampant" and a "bi partisan affair" * Bharara calls for Moreland Commission to apply "broken windows" theory to Albany corruption. * Bharara says his office will pursue any cases that Moreland refers 

Bharara called it “a galling injustice” that corrupt officials can “draw a publicly funded pension” until their “dying day.”
Preet Bharara pushes for "broken windows" approach to political corruption - go after minor violations of campaign finance law* Bharara namechecks as hopeful (maybe) signs for fighting NY pol corruption. * Bharara says he hopes the purchase of and its staffing up will mean more investigations of political wrongdoing New Rules Could Strip Pensions From Politicians Convicted of Corruption(NYT) The policies, aimed at stopping jailed politicians from collecting public money, were detailed Tuesday by Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York.* Preet: No pensions for corrupt pols(NYP)  Bharara: When officials moonlight w/out disclosure, prosecutors face hurdles: "That’s why God made the subpoena."  * New Rules Could Strip Pensions From Politicians Convicted of Corruption * U.S. attorney wants to take away corrupt politicians' pensions(NYDN) * US Attorney: Corruption "Appears Rampant" in New York Politics(WNYC)* More on Bherara effort to reclaim the pensions of elected officials found guilty of corruption. [Erica Orden]* Moreland Commission Holds Hearing Into Public Corruption(NY1) * US Attorney's Proposal Renews Debate Over Seizing Public Pensions From Elected Officials (NY1)

Crooks Who Get Pensions Now
Prosecutors have had difficulty in the past forcing ex-officials to pay up including former Assemblyman Brian McLaughlin, who pleaded guilty in 2008 to embezzlement, fraud and bribery charges for stealing from taxpayers, labor unions and and even a Queens Little League. In 2011, he fell behind in paying $850,000 in restitution to his victims, prompting the feds to move to seize his leftover campaign cash. Among other pols currently collecting generous pensions are disgraced city and state Controller Alan Hevesi, convicted of using state workers to chauffeur around his wife. He takes home $170,000 a year from two separate taxpayer-funded pensions.
Also receiving a pension for life is former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik, who was convicted of taking discounted home renovations from a contractor pal. He pockets $57,000 a year. One corrupt pol, state Sen. Efrain Gonzalez, is collecting a $37,000-a-year pension while doing time in a federal penitentiary. Gonzalez was convicted in 2010 of stealing $500,000 from a children’s charity to finance his cigar business and sentenced to seven years. More than 30 New York State politicians have been indicted or convicted of a crime, censured or otherwise accused of misconduct in the last seven years. Mr. Bharara said that under his office’s new policies, prosecutors would also seek what he called “appropriate fines” with an eye toward the money that convicted corrupt officials might receive from publicly financed pensions so “the punishment fits the crime and so we can take the profit out of that crime.”

Lawmakers Moreland Push Back

Moreland Commission and Cuomo's Reelection - Cuomo seeks, legislators hide
Albany Lawmakers FU/NY
Legislative insiders warn that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission could threaten his 2014 election year agenda because of anger among lawmakers about the demands of the commission, the Daily News’ Ken Lovett reports
Sources say that Michael Garcia, a Republican former U.S. attorney, has decided not to run for state attorney general next year against incumbent Eric Schneiderman, but has not ruled out a run for a different statewide office, the Daily News writes: 

Leaders of the Legislature are acting as if they and their colleagues have something to hide
Attorneys for the state Legislature want more time to gather info for the Moreland Commission (by ) (TU) * A source tells the DN that former US Attorney Michael Garcia, who took down Eliot Spitzer and was recently hired by the Senate GOP to defend it against the Moreland Commission, has decided not to run against AG Eric Schneiderman next year.* State GOP Chairman Ed Cox insists multiple candidates are interested in challenging Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2014, but he can’t name names yet.* Lovett: Governor Cuomo's investigation of Albany politics a threat to his agenda(NYDN) * The Daily News’ Bill Hammond questions whether Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and state Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos will cooperate with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission: * Michael Garcia — a possible candidate for NYS office — could end up playing offense instead of defense in Albany. * Bill Samuels Says Anti-Corruption Commission Should Look Into Gov. Cuomo's Corporate Donors

 In Moreland testimony, U.S. Atty Loretta Lynch points out that many convicted NY pols represent "historically underrepresented districts."* The # of committees like that is massive. Looking at just NYC political clubs, found 224 not registered.* What can state do to help feds fight corruption? "Certain things we think should be public information are not" -U.S. Atty Lynch.Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has deputized the prosecutor members of the commission, which could allow them to investigate lawmakers. But the commission’s primary role seems aimed at developing new laws to address official misconduct, which has dogged New York politics for decades.   The Assembly’s Democratic majority has hired an attorney to address requests for information and other action by the commission directed to the Assembly, as has the Senate majority, controlled by Republicans and the four-member Independent Democratic Conference. A spokesman for the Independent Democratic Conference confirmed the group has also hired a law firm.
  1. Absolutely! Corrupt officials should lose their pensions. NY should also pass the recall bill that and I have sponsored.

The Silence of the Media On the Vote Count

Why Did NYC Spend $95 Million for New Voting Scanner That Don't Work?
Where is the Demand for A City Council Investigation of the BOE Scanner Contracts

The BOE give out a list of the broken machines a day after the  primary - has anyone seen that list?
What Happen to the BOE Machine Count Due Out Sunday Night?  Why is the media so passive? The Daily News was the first to ask for the old machines but has not said a word about counting the votes.  The truth is the scanner were bought after lobbyist made deals with the BOE commissioners and party leaders.  Only True News has investigated those deals. 

  1. Bloomberg Mad About Going

Asked to Reflect, Bloomberg Grumbles Instead(NYT)

At a news conference on the Lower East Side, the mayor seemed annoyed with questions about the end of his tenure leading the city.
Council Update

City Council Report: Meet the New Boss Nydia velazquez
Former Councilman Ken Fisher wrote an op-ed about congressional members' influence in the primary races (NYO)
In Queens, City Council candidate Austin Shafran conceded the race to rival Paul Vallone, who got a lot of support from Jobs for New York. [Azi Paybarah] * Advice to Democratic City Council primary winners: instead of education-themed photo-ops and reading to little kids, try visiting local schools (not ones that got As or Bs) and spend a few hours in a classroom with an "average" teacher. [Ben Max]* "How the heck does a man who works as an aide to a city councilman even qualify for one of these coveted, subsidized apartments?" [New York Post] * Headline of the Day: “Astoria City Council candidate claims New Orleans home as primary residence.” * City Congressional Delegation Looks to Expand Its Electoral Influence(NYO)

Tammany Hall Voting and Counting

Update:  The say it is still not ready to release the results of its recanvass & offers no estimate of when results will (Tuesday 5PM). They promised to release the results Sunday Night  WHERE IS THE DEMAND FOR CITY COUNCIL HEARING ON THE BOE?

I Am In  Control of the Numbers Count Says the Executive Director of the BOE Picked By NY's Corrupt Party Bosses

The New York City Board of Elections acknowledged that it still did not know when it would be able to release official results from the primary election, with the board’s Executive Director Michael Ryan defending the slow timetable.
A Week Later, No End in Sight for Primary Vote Count(NYT) The Board of Elections acknowledged on Tuesday that, a week after the primary election for mayor of New York City, it still did not know when it would be able to release official results.The executive director of the city’s Board of Elections, Michael J. Ryan, responded defiantly on Tuesday.

Sounding frustrated, he said the board had compressed its usual vote-counting schedule, and suggested its critics were being unreasonable. If Mr. de Blasio were to drop below 40 percent in the official results for the Democratic mayoral primary, the city would also have to hold a runoff for that nomination, even though Mr. Thompson has said he would not contest it. The recanvassing of the machines has been completed, election officials said, but the board has not yet released adjusted numbers. Mr. Ryan asserted that the counting of paper ballots was “on schedule,” but he declined to specify what the schedule was because he said he did not want to put “undue pressure” on his staff. He added that the board would not release any results for the recanvassing of the machines or the counting of paper ballots until each task was finished. “That’s the way it’s going to be, and that’s my decision,” he said. “I’ll quote Forrest Gump: ‘And that’s all I have to say about that.'”* Board of Elections slow to tally final primary votes from ancient lever machines(NYDN) As of late Tuesday, the board still had not finished verifying results from 5,059 lever machines — a task it had hoped to complete by Saturday.

The Capital of the World is Forced to Live With A 3rd World Voting System Designed in the 20s'
 NYT: The board’s failure to deliver official results nearly a week after the vote a “disgrace
NYT uses Bill Thompson’s exit from the mayoral race as an opportunity to criticize the New York City Board of Elections for its slow response in counting votes from last week’s primary election
Thompson Bows Out(NYT Ed) We say probably because the New York City Board of Elections hasn’t finished counting the votes. For the last week, Mr. Thompson has been in the awkward position of hanging around to see whether Mr. de Blasio’s unofficial 40.3 percent holds up. In leaving the race, Mr. Thompson called the board’s failure to deliver official results nearly a week after the vote a “disgrace.” He’s right, though its incompetence is hardly a surprise. This was the election, after all, where more than 5,000 antique lever-action voting machines had to be dragged out of storage because the board knew it couldn’t get optical-scanning machines ready for a possible runoff.

The board, whose members are appointed by county leaders of both parties, is a patronage-riddled agency with one job, which it does very poorly. The most appealing solution is just to abolish the board, as Mayor Michael Bloomberg has urged for years, and to replace it with a nonpartisan body of skilled professionals. But that would require rewriting the State Constitution, which the Legislature would resist. Perhaps a good, civic-minded project for Mr. Bloomberg, Speaker Christine Quinn and Mr. Thompson — all of whom know how to run big operations — is to take on reform of this abysmal system.* New York City Board of Elections officials defended their timetable for counting additional ballots in the mayoral race and say there may still be a mayoral runoff, even after Bill Thompson bowed out of the race and attacked the Board, NY1 reports:

Thompson Hoisted By His Own Petard
Thompson Campaign Consultant Sheinkopf Was the Winner Lobbyist for the BOE $95 M Scanners Contract That Don't Work for Runoffs
  1. That "disgrace" at Bd of Elex? Brought to you by same political cronies advising and .
    The Feds are investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. 

    Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post  
    Feds probing how Board of Elections chose flawed electronic voting ...
    Green Party City Council candidate Lynne Serpe, running for a seat in Astoria, Queens, has saved hundreds of dollars in taxes by listing her primary residence in New Orleans, a situation Serpe promises to rectify, the Daily News writes:

Lhota Vs de Blasio

Lhota Meets With the NYC's Modern Day DeSapio Who Wants de Blasio to Win
Cuomo closer to Lhota on the key issues(NYP)
Cuomo has more in common with Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota when it comes to taxes and schools than he does with the candidate he endorsed, Democrat Bill de Blasio. By comparison, Cuomo campaigned for governor pledging to rein in skyrocketing property taxes. And he approved a law imposing a property tax cap in 2011. Lhota, like Cuomo, opposes tax increases.* Campaign Trail Leads Lhota to Sharpton * Joe Lhota seeks support outside Republican Party, tries to woo Al Sharpton(NYDN)* Why Joe Lhota is meeting with Al Sharpton. [Azi Paybarah]* Lhota Meets With Sharpton As Part Of Effort To Appeal To Crossover Voters (NY1)* Cuomo: Lhota Did A ‘Good Job’ Leading The MTA(YNN) * Joe Lhota Dismisses His Dismal Poll Numbers(NYO) * Lhota spent yesterday reaching out to constituencies not likely to support him. (WNYC) * Cuomo, who has endorsed Bill de Blasio for mayor, told reporters that GOP mayoral candidate Joe Lhota did a good job running the Metropolitan Transit Authority, State of Politics writes * Can New Yorkers Pick Joe Lhota and Bill de Blasio Out of a Lineup? (NY Mag) * Lhota seeks to close gap vs. de Blasio(NYP)


Who, between Joe Lhota and Bill de Blasio, is the uniter, and who’s the divider? Depends on whom you ask.

de Blasio Stays Away from OWS 2 Years Anniversary, NYP Looking to Kill Bill Upset
Quinn, Humor Intact, Endorses an Old Rival(NYT)
The Daily News’ Harry Siegel writes that de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” slogan is a reductive message that belies his likely intentions to continue the top-bottom policies of the Bloomberg administration: * The Post’s Bob McManus notes the similarities between de Blasio’s campaign themes and the ideology behind the Occupy Wall Street movement: * New York Post columnist Bob McManus wrote some harsh words against Bill de Blasio for brushing off Occupiers: “Occupy Wall Street turned two years old yesterday, and Bill de Blasio didn’t even send a birthday cake. The ingrate. For if ever a politician has owed spoiled, bad-tempered kids a loud shout-out, it’s the 2013 Democratic candidate for mayor.”
The Clintons endorse Bill de Blasio for NYC mayor The Daily News‘s Harry Siegel opined on a tangent subject: “As Bill de Blasio — who won just a quarter-million votes in a crowded Democratic primary filled with tainted candidates — is hailed as a progressive hero, it’s worth noting that his economic first principles are nearly identical to those of Michael Bloomberg, the mayor he’s running as the antidote to.” * UFT endorses Bill de Blasio for NYC mayor | Brooklyn Daily Eagle

After Spending $2 Million to Elect Thompson UFT Endorses de Blasio
* State Senator Kevin Parker weighed in on Mr. de Blasio’s electoral success against Bill Thompson in the black community. “I think that what you’re starting to see is, frankly, black candidates taking black candidates for granted and thinking that they have their votes,” Mr. Parker told City & State. “I think that Public Advocate de Blasio did not subscribe to that.”* Carriage horse union backs carriage-banning de Blasio(NYDN) * Why Bill Thompson Came Up Short Again: A Q&A With His Chief Strategist (NY Mag) * The was secret to Koch 1977 win. No mail in Primary - just TV * Mike Mulgrew taking credit for getting Thompson to withdraw from race. Says he and BT and de Blasio had private weekend talk to hash it out. * The de Blasios went to Cuba (illegally) for their honeymoon, which their daughter, Chiara, thinks is “badass.”

Carron on Education
Carrion on education: institute a social contract for parents to get more involved, create a “Master Teacher” track for top-tier teachers.* Mayoral Candidate Adolfo Carrion Unveils Eight-Point Plan For City Schools (NY1)

Clown Show

A Tail of Two Weiner Campaigns
“I’ve now lost two elections where my opponents framed this two-cities thing,” the disgraced ex-congressman said on NY1, also referring to his 2005 Democratic mayoral primary race against Fernando Ferrer. *
Weiner, with Mark Green and Al D'Amato, on the mayor's race. [NY1] * Anthony Weiner downplayed the notion of continuing as a television pundit. [Jennifer Fermino and Celeste Katz] * Anthony Weiner ‘explains’ mayoral loss(NYP) * Former Rep. Anthony Weiner’s new role following his loss last week: Pundit. (Maybe that was the idea all along?)

Stop and Frisk Update

Judge Won’t Delay Order on Policing(NYT)
Judge Shira A. Scheindlin, who told the New York Police Department to change its stop-and-frisk strategy, declined to postpone them pending an appeal by the city.* Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin declined to delay the changes to the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy pending appeal from the city, saying that delaying the effects of her decision would send the wrong message, the Associated Press writes:

Always Corrupt Albany

In 1948, New York Times correspondent Warren Moscow published a book called “Politics in the Empire State” — a 238-page look at New York state government. book2
Here is how Moscow portrayed the view of formal influence peddling at the state Capitol:
“In Washington a stink is occasionally raised over the fact that some lobbyist has sat in with a congressional committee and participated in the drafting of a bill. In Albany it is done all the time and no one gets excited about it. The politically sophisticated members of the state Legislature see no harm in it, and if not done sub rosa, it really isn’t wrong.”
Patricia Lynch Associates, one of Albany’s powerhouse lobbying firms, laid off several staffers, including two in Albany, lobbyists Lisa Reid and Zack Hutchins, sparking speculation of financial troubles at the firm, the Times Union reports: 

First Mayoral Poll
Bill de Blasio pulls far ahead of Lhota, 65% to 22%, in a new WSJ NBC 4 NY poll  Lhota unfavorables look problematic. 29% see him favorably, 41% unfavorably. BdB is 65% fav/19% unfav.* What about that whole pre-K debate? 53% say raise taxes to pay for it; 40% say find money in budget.* 42% of registered voters approve Bloomberg's job in office, his lowest rating since Aug. 2011, 59% of registered voters say de Blasio's ideology is about right. For Lhota, it's 32%.* The only demographic that leads among are white Catholics: both men are white Catholics. In the poll, 27% of Republicans have an unfavorable view of Lhota. Is the Cat Man responsible for that? Among blacks, de Blasio leading Joe Lhota 86 to 3 percent. Among women 68% to 18% I don't have post-runoff from Marist, just before. Then it was ferrer 51 MB 37, green 53 MB 31* Marist what Bloomberg's numbers were in fall 01. Oct 5 he was 64% fav/22% unfav. Big difference from Lhota.* Poll Shows de Blasio With Huge Lead Over Lhota  * De Blasio has 3-1 lead over Lhota: Poll(NYP) * "[P]erhaps the most troubling sign" for Lhota: "Only 30 percent of registered voters say they have never heard of Mr. Lhota, and 41 percent said they had an unfavorable view of him." [Michael Grynbaum] * De Blasio Picks Up Quinn Endorsement As New Poll Shows Him With 43-Point Lead (NY1)

Caution about New Mayoral Poll. de Blasio surfing the big Media/Primary Wave, & Lhota like a ground hog, emerging blinking into the light. Lhota might want to consider that 83% of black voters have negative view of him. Downside of Rudy Rudy Rudy?

Port Authority Insider Rips Off 9/11
State attorney general will investigate sale of World Trade Center trademark(NYDN)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said 'we will take any action within our power to right past wrongs' over sale of WTC name by late Port Authority executive Guy Tozzolio. Gov. Andrew Cuomo formally asked Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate a secret 1986 deal to sell the exclusive rights of the World Trade Center name for $10 to a nonprofit that made millions off the brand * $10 Deal for Rights to World Trade Center Name Draws Scrutiny (NYT)

Ken Thompson Beat the Brooklyn Machine and That Has Consequences 
98% of the elected officials who have gone to jail in New York have been put there by the feds not the city's DAs.  The reason the DAs don't do political corruption cases is that they depend on the local political machines and elected officials to get elected and reelected.  Brooklyn's Carl Kruger was put in jail by the feds.  Queens' Shirley Huntley was put in jail by the feds.  The Bronx's Larry Seabrook was put in jail by the feds.  Brooklyn Boss Seddio, Vito Lopez and the Orthodox Jews who protect sexual abuses who back Hynes and now not going to be protected in the DAs' office starting January 1, 2014.  The loss of the DA has started a panic in Brooklyn machine.  There is an effort to encourage Hynes to run a real race on the GOP and conservative lines.  That will be up to a 78 year old man when he comes back from vacation next week.  Yes Hynes was defeated with the help of former Brooklyn boss Clarence Norman who Hynes sent to jail for 4 years for selling judgeships and AEG Carl Andrews.  But you can't beat a machine with out creating a new one.  Brooklyn now has a competitive machine.  Seddio Turano BJs the Community

GOP Pressures Hynes to Run GOP Con

Only 16% of Brooklyn's Democratic Voters Voted for A DA Candidates This  Year 

Push On to Keep Hynes In(WSJ)Mr. Hynes couldn't be reached for comment. His campaign manager, Dennis Quirk, said Mr. Hynes "said he's not going to campaign but that doesn't mean the Republicans won't campaign" for him. Mr. Quirk said Mr. Hynes was expected back from vacation by the end of this week and "we'll see when he comes back what his position is." State Sen. Marty Golden, a leading Brooklyn Republican Party member, said he had reached out to Mr. Hynes's campaign to urge Mr. Hynes to actively campaign for the general election. State Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long said he also was encouraging Mr. Hynes not to concede the office. Mr. Golden said he believes Mr. Hynes could gain votes among Republicans and the 80% of the registered Democrats who didn't vote in the primary.* New Brooklyn DA may keep some controversial staff(NYP)
GOP wants Hynes to campaign to remain Brooklyn DA(NYP) Brooklyn’s Republican and Conservative party leaders want veteran DA Charles “Joe” Hynes to actively campaign to hold on to his office.* Successor to Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes likely to face troubling 'police kill' cases * New Brooklyn DA set to remake staff: It’ll be Extreme Makeover: Brooklyn DA edition now that Ken Thomps...  *Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes’ primary loss(NYP Ed) * Letters: Hynes answers back(NYP)

    1. DA race review in BP Jewish EDs shows 53% for , 29.5% skipped it, 17.5 for Not exactly running 2 polls

Boyland to Jail

Did Boyland Deal  Include Ratting On His Fellow Lawmakers and Mob Carnival Operators?
Brooklyn pol William Boyland Jr. expected to plead guilty: Feds (NYDN) Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. is expected to plead guilty to federal corruption charges next week, though federal prosecutors did not say what crimes Boyland will admit he committed. Better make that seven special elections in February 2014.

Thompson and NYT Agrees With True News
QUOTE OF THE DAY: “But the reality is right now the votes have not be counted and it’s by no means clear when they will be counted, for all we know, given the Board of Elections, they might not be finished counting the paper ballots until the runoff, or until after it’s over, or until a few days before. Under those circumstances, it is impossible to even campaign, let alone offer a meaningful choice to Democratic voters.”– Bill Thompson conceding the Democratic mayoral primary

Lhota Calls de Blasio A Divider, Polarizer

New York City Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota congratulated his opponent Bill de Blasio on securing the Democratic nomination and then proceeded to call de Blasio’s “Tale of Two Cities” campaign theme “a divide and conquer strategy”, Daily Politics reports: * Two Very Different Candidates For Mayor(Huff Post) * Lhota continued to attack de Blasio as someone trying to polarize the city as he left a meeting with leaders of DC37, the city’s largest public employees union, the Daily News writes:   

Former GOP Gov. George Pataki and Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, both backers of John Catsimatidis in the primary, called Lhota a "uniter" in a press release endorsing him, the Daily News writes:  * Former public advocate candidate Cathy Guerriero backed former rival Daniel Squadron in the run-off election versus Letitia James, saying they agree on better schools and fair wages for union workers, the Daily News writes: 

de Blasio Dems' United
New York Today: De Blasio and Occupy Wall Street(NYT)
Following a final televised debate, Christine Quinn said of de Blasio: "New Yorkers just can't trust him." Today Quinn Endorses Him. "[Bill] de Blasio will want every young man of color encountered by a police officer in this city to be treated as if he were the mayor’s son. That will make for a sea change in New York policing." [Denis Hamill]

QUOTE OF THE DAY:  “Bill and I, and so many Democrats around the city and on these steps, share the same progressive values. We believe this city is the greatest in the world. We believe that working together, the best days of this city are ahead of us, not behind us.” – Council Speaker Christine Quinn endorsing Bill de Blasio, via The Wall Street Journal.
11:30AM the once presumed next Mayor and darling of the editorial boards stands at steps of CH to endorse * Good read. If de Blasio wins, is he more LaGuardia or Koch, ideologically-speaking?(CrainsNY) * Six black and Latino elected officials representing the younger, upcoming generation of the Democratic Party, who had previously supported Thompson, announced they would back de Blasio. [Azi Paybarah]* . says she does trust despite nonstop campaign she waged that said otherwise. * NYC Central Labor Council Gets Behind Democrat Bill de Blasio In Race For | New York Daily News   * . "I have made the questions of inequality front and center...Mr. Lhota hasn't."*  Sharpton: "contrast of someone more progressive always helps a moderate move further 2 the left w/o looking extreme"  * Quinn endorsed Bill de Blasio on the steps of City Hall, calling for party unity as the animosity between the two during the primary campaign seemed to dissolve, the Journal writes: * De Blasio Picks Up Quinn Endorsement, As New Poll Shows Him With 43-Point Lead
  1. Poll conducted at most auspicious time for deBlasio. Race will become competitive. De Blasio? No there there.

Progressive Bloomberg Policies

Progressive Bloom No Teddy Roosevelt But Nobody Is
. is right in this morning's column: the de Blasio-Bloomberg (and de Blasio-Lhota) contrast isn't nearly as stark as most suggest
The Times’ Michael Powell writes that Bloomberg’s legacy is far more progressive than de Blasio has painted it during the mayoral campaign: 
Is the Progressive in NYC the retiring Mayor?(Harvard Politics)* Now that he’s all-but-secured the Democratic nomination, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s campaign says their core message will not shift going into the general election. “We will stick to the inequality message—it’s what Bill believes, and it’s what got us here,” a de Blasio strategist told New York magazine. “And we’ll keep drawing the contrast with Bloomberg.”* “He’s pro-development and pro-affordable housing, and I don’t think he should be feared by the business community.” * The Post proposes eliminating arbitrary campaign finance limits, such as the $150,000 state cap on individual contributions to a political action committee, to increase the freedom of political speech

What Runoff?

Squadron TV Ads Vs James Labor GOTV
Insiders See Close Race in Public Advocate’s Runoff (NYO) The October 1 runoff between Brooklyn Councilwoman Tish James and State Senator Daniel Squadron is widely seen as a tossup by political insiders, who note each Democrat carries glaring strengths and weaknesses into the contest. While Ms. James has a broad labor coalition and would be the only non-white Democrat to win a nomination, Mr. Squadron has enjoyed a fund-raising advantage and solid debate performances thus far. Without a mayoral runoff to worry about, powerful unions like 1199 SEIU and 32BJ will be working overtime for Ms. James, who, supporters noted, was elected to the City Council on the labor-backed Working Families Party line alone. Just yesterday, the Central Labor Council convened a meeting of 41 leading labor operatives to discuss ways to boost Ms. James’s candidacy, according to a source with knowledge of the meeting.

Post Primary

Queens boro president Katz faces grilling over in vitro pregnancy(NYP)
Now that her primary battle is over, presumptive Queens Borough President Melinda Katz may face a legal grilling over highly personal details of her alleged love affair and in vitro pregnancy with Guardian Angels Founder Curtis Sliwa. An attorney for the unofficial crime fighter’s third ex-wife, Mary Sliwa, subpoenaed the former City Councilwoman in a child support case over the summer

John Liu Looks Forward to Life After Elected Office(NYO)
John Liu yesterday with his top consultant at his right, Chung Seto.Even though he finished a distant fourth in last week’s Democratic primary, Comptroller John Liu was surprisingly upbeat yesterday.
Bloomberg's Education Success Push Back

Bloomberg Celebrates Education Success As A Way of Putting It to the Dems Who Attacked His Education Policies
For Bloomberg, a Day to Celebrate Successful Schools(NYT)
Mayor Michael Bloomberg and education officials visited 22 New York City public schools that ranked among the state’s top 25 in reading and math exams last spring, allowing Bloomberg a chance to boast about his education record.* Mayor Bloomberg hails 22 ‘improved’ schools(NYP) Bloomberg and education officials visited 22 New York City public schools that ranked among the state’s top 25 in reading and math exams last spring, allowing Bloomberg a chance to boast about his education record.  The state Board of Regents is expected to approve a proposal that allows schools to base the need for remedial services on the percentile ranking between the 2012 and 2013 standardized testing results, rather than overall score, Gannett Albany writes: * Despite being the target of every Democratic mayoral hopeful, Bloomberg boasts school success(NYDN)

Fun City for the Rich

An uneasy question is hanging over the charity galas and society fundraisers that begin this week: What will become of these opulent events when Mayor Michael Bloomberg leaves office?

More on Bloomberg
Bloomberg takes credit for transforming NYC into the second biggest tech economy in the country. Does he deserve it?
Bloomberg is planning on introducing a bill banning large-scale producers of food waste from sending the leftovers to landfills, encouraging them to compost the waste instead, Crain’s Insider reports:

Thompson Concedes
de Blasio at 40.7% After Recount
Not Every Vote Needs to Be Counted - Thompson Says He is Out of  the Race
  1. "Nothing more Beautiful Than Democrat Unity "
  2.               Bill de Blasio
  3. 28m
    Sources to the AmNews have confirmed that Bill Thompson will concede today all 11 a.m. to avoid a runoff and endorse Bill de Blasio  Per latest canvass, de Blasio was up to 40.47% of the vote, so not clear Thompson making much of a choice
    1. How cld pro like Cuomo give a stump speech w/10 items on podium index card to kidnap deBlasio-Thomp moment? Weird.

    BREAKING Mayoral also-ran Bill Thompson throws in the towel Monday after recanvassing shows no shift in vote
    Cuomo will hold an event with Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson later this morning to help bring an end to the primary (Capital)  The sources said Thompson is confident enough with the results he’s seen so far in the re-canvass of voting machines to believe that de Blasio has cinched the nomination and has more than 40 percent of the vote needed to avoid a runoff.* Bill Thompson expected to officially drop bid for Mayor with 80,000 votes yet to be counted according to The * Six key Thompson supporters switch after a meeting with de Blasio (capital) * Thompson out of mayor's race  * Gov. Cuomo is expected to attend the event at City Hall where Bill Thompson will end his bid for mayor. * Even some supporters were surprised there wasn't a runoff.

    ‘Nothing More Beautiful Than Democratic Unity’: Bill Thompson Endorses Bill de Blasio(NYO)HE'S OUT: Bill Thompson concedes to Bill de Blasio in New York City mayoral Democratic primary(NYDN) * Thompson Concedes to de Blasio in Mayoral Primary(NYT) * Suddenly, here's Cuomo, headlining de Blasio-Thompson unity fest via In New York City, Democrats Avoid The Circling Firing Squad: Former New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson of...   * VIDEO: Bill Thompson and Bill de Blasio Unite Under The Wings - See more at: *Full Story: Bill Thompson Concedes to To Bill de Blasio In Democratic Primary | New York Daily News * Cuomo re Thompson: "It's a very tough day, personally. I know that. Ive been there myself." cc:
    *Cuomo: This Was Thompson’s Own Decision(YNN) * Bill and Hillary Clinton are expected to make their endorsement of Bill de Blasio official in the coming weeks. (WSJ) * "Mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson threw in the towel" * RT De Blasio re Cuomo: "What he has done for this state is nothing short of miraculous." * Democrats Stress Party Unity Heading Towards General Election  (NY1)
    *For Thompson, a Disappointing End to a Not-Quite-Compelling Quest(NYT)
    * Thompson Ends Bid for Mayor(WSJ) The Former Comptroller Concedes to Democratic Nominee Bill de Blasio
    Dante Hair Thompson Camp Reaction
    * Thompson campaign fought over how to respond to "Dante" ad. Nice details in thils piece:
    * Greg Meeks on why Thompson lost blacks and Latinos to de Blasio: "It's the message" (WSJ)
    Thompson Ends Bid for New York City Mayor(WSJ)
    Mayoral candidate Bill Thompson retains hope during Mexican Day Parade while all votes are recounted(NYDN) * Thompson’s mayoral campaign running out of time — and money(NYP)Despite his vow to press on, Thompson’s appearances Sunday were low-key in comparison to de Blasio’s campaign events, which included a morning stop at a Brooklyn church. Thompson insists he is determined to continue his City Hall bid until every primary vote is recounted, but he won’t get additional campaign funds unless he qualifies for a runoff. Thompson has an estimated $463,000 hanging in the balance. 'You cannot have a winner before all the votes are counted': Bill Thompson remains optimistic for a runoff while enjoying the festivities at the Mexican Day Parade(NYDN) * Mayoral election returns reveal that Bill Thompson's big endorsements didn't translate to votes(NYDN)Despite endorsements from many of the city's prominent black and Hispanic leaders, Bill Thompson was soundly defeated by rival Bill de Blasio in the majority of those areas. Are voters becoming less reliant on backers? * "Displaying a fluffy 'fro, [Dante de Blasio] became a symbol for progress, acceptance, diversity and freedom. * Merryl Tisch, Top Bill Thompson Supporter, Blasted For Calling Mayoral Primary For Bill de Blasio * GONZALEZ: Finally, Dems stand united for mayoral election
    the unraveling of Bill Thompson‘s mayoral campaign: “As the campaign began to fall apart, senior advisers openly puzzled over his approach on the stop-and-frisk tactic. It won the candidate endorsements from police unions, but it confused his message where it mattered most.” Those same police unions don’t seem overly thrilled with the man Mr. Thompson endorsed yesterday: Bill de Blasio. Detectives Endowment Association President Michael Palladino answered “no” when asked if Mr. de Blasio was “reasonable and realistic,” as he described Mr. Thompson.

    Thompson Attacks the BOE

    Thompson Attacks the BOE - Cannot Count the All Votes

    Like the Broken Scanner and Long Lines of Voters in 2012, The BOE Will Get Away With Mayoral Incompetence in 2013 and the Fact They spent $95 Million On Scanner That Don't Work
    Thompson: It's a "disgrace" that the Board of Elections still does not have official results for the primary. Thompson: Return a progressive to City Hall. "Today I'm proud to stand next to a great New Yorker and offer my full support." Bill Thompson says it is time for a progressive to be mayor. He says all his supporters should back de Blasio.*  Thompson concedes, yielding to de Blasio but blaming election officials(Capital) * Bill Thompson blasted the New York City Board of Elections for the delay in counting votes before conceding to Bill de Blasio at a press conference where Gov. Andrew Cuomo featured prominently, City & State reports:  *Thompson Persists in Wanting Every Vote Counted (NBC) Bill Thompson said "the democratic process" should be followed
    1. The New Tale of Two Cities : Votes cast on broken lever voting machines count towards NYC mayoral primary, but not paper ballots.
NYP's Dicker Wrong Again
Dicker Says Cuomo and de Blasio Do Not Get Along 7 Hours Before A Joint Unity Press Conference
Don’t expect Cuomo and de Blasio to get along(Dicker, NYP)

Cuomo and all-but-certain Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio are on a collision course certain to explode next year — over taxes, class warfare, charter schools, and Brooklyn’s Long Island College Hospital — if de Blasio is elected mayor, insiders agree. What’s more, the widely made claim that Cuomo and de Blasio will, despite their differences, get along well because they’re old friends and political allies dating back to de Blasio’s days working for Cuomo, then the federal housing secretary, is false because the two “have had serious tensions over many years,’’ said a source who knows both men. Sources believe that Cuomo and presumptive New York City Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio are not likely to get along should de Blasio win, with some claiming the two have had “serious tensions” for many years,

Lhota: Pre K Does Not Solve Income Inequity
Lhota trashes de Blasio’s pre-K tax plan(NYP) Taxing the wealthy to fund pre-K programs won’t help to close the gap between the city’s rich and poor, Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota said on Sunday. “That’s not going to do one bloody thing to solve income inequity,” Lhota told WABC-TV’s “Up Close.” “Preschool programs, though, are absolutely needed. Lhota also said he would replace Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott.* In a farewell email to his supporters, supermarket billionaire and former Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis blasted Lhota for “dirty tricks” that led to his victory, and vowed to “stay active” in politics, the Daily News writes: * Lhota surrogates will try making de Blasio sound like David Dinkins. "The electoral playing field is very, very different, however." [Chris Smith]*  New: Al Sharpton, Joe Lhota To Meet Tuesday | New York Daily News Independence Party mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion blasted de Blasio for using “divisive class warfare rhetoric” and calling Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota’s view of the city “insular,” Politicker writes: * Joe Lhota Welcomes Bill de Blasio To Faceoff With Promise Of "Stark Contrast" | New York Daily News    * Lhota Prepares To Take On De Blasio In General Election (NY1)

Bloomberg's Surrogate NYP

Big Mouth "Racist Campaign" Toxic Bloomberg Needs the NYP to Defend His Record Against de Blasio
The NY Post says de Blasio is mistakenly running against “the good Bloomberg.” 
De Blasio knocked what Bloomberg did right(NYP Ed) the Bloomberg that de Blasio is running against is the good Bloomberg. This is the Bloomberg who brought crime to historic lows with policies such as stop- and-frisk, who took on the public unions and their bloated contracts, who gave hope to thousands of schoolchildren by opening up charters and trying to hold teachers accountable, who has pushed rezoning and development to revitalize entire neighborhoods, and who has remade the waterfront, expanded parks and public places, rebuilt lower Manhattan, expanded jobs, avoided budget deficits and made New York synonymous with resiliency.*

de Blasio Truning to the Middle
* De Blasio dodges Occupy Wall Street anniversary(CrainsNY)
* Congruence of Bloomberg and de Blasio(NYT) Our billionaire mayor has seen his golden touch turn to dross of late, and so he decided that he would not bestow his endorsement on a successor. But facts intrude. Mayor Bloomberg’s legacy is far more progressive than Mr. de Blasio and his supporters let on. And the mayor might one day find himself nodding in grudging admiration as a de Blasio administration works to deepen and extend some of his policies.
* Triumphant as Thompson Quits, de Blasio Turns to Next Race(NYT)
* De Blasio: Bill Bratton on short list to be police commissioner(NYDN)


True News Guest Columnist

Will Micah Kellner Return to Albany?  
By Charmian Neary
Rejected by the voters of his district in an attempt to get out of Albany – not that I blame him – preemptively before he was turned out  in the same ignominious manner as the big P pervert Vito Lopez he was defeated in his council run – caught up in those pesky changing mores.   It is hard to win on the upper Eastside when the NY Times endorses your opponent and says you are being investigated for sexual harassment by the Joint Commission on Public Ethics in Albany. Micah Kellner will now be returning to Albany -- back to the welcoming arms of Shelly Silver’s Assembly.  Where treating young women staffers like chattel seems to be a quaint hold over from the good old days which newly elected members can’t wait to emulate, kind of like bowties or cigars or fake parking passe

Glick Sees Nothing?
There is a big problem for Kellner, however. In one of those only in Albany serendipitous (for Shelly) occurrences – it was only after Kellner was among a handful of members who questioned Silver’s handling of sexual harassment cases under his watch that Silver’s mini-me, Deborah Glick, “heard”  a rumor about Kellner dating back to 2009.  The rumor, that Glick “heard” in early June, but somehow didn’t mention during the end- of-session WEA lovefest, was that that Kellner made life miserable for a young woman in his office. In a twist, he also made life miserable for a young man in a separate incident. There were complaints made at the time, 2009, but Silver’s ever loyal henchman William Collins fell on his sword and “admitted” that he never told Shelly about it – for 4 long years- and he took a cushy retirement.

So of course when all the professional feminists were fawning over Silver in June as the “idol” of women and their “health decisions” Shelly Mr. Roarke” Silver and Deborah “Tattoo” Glick were sitting on this thing with their sorry old behinds and soaking up the accolades. How will Kellner be treated in Silver’s Albany when he has nothing to lose and knows, I imagine , other dirty secrets Shelly’s been sitting on, in stubborn defiance of JCOPE, and now the Moreland Commission?

Will NOW_NYC head up to Albany and protest Kellner yet continue to laud Silver – who hid Kellner’s case from them in June? Will they still lionize Deborah Glick -- who sneered at the women’s groups in the papers saying they lacked “political sophistication” (presumably because they actually wanted to get some legislation beneficial to women passed this year-- rather than fail and have it to use against Republicans next year.)    What will JCOPE and MORELAND do about Collins, Glick and Silver deceiving them? Will they state the obvious and call Silver's actions criminal?   If what is past is prologue, Albany will freeze over before Hell does.  Silver will survive this investigation as well.

More Problems For Speaker Silver 

An Anonymous Whistle-Blower Exposed a Scandal at a Jewish Charity: A letter sent to the board of directors  of the Metropolitan New York Council on Jewish Poverty

Did Vito Lopez Drop A Dime on Silver and Rapfogel For Revenge?

An Anonymous Whistle-Blower Exposed a Scandal at a Jewish Charity(NYT) it says Met Council directed skimmed monies to pols who gave them grants. A letter sent to the board of directors of the Metropolitan New York Council of Jewish Poverty led to the firing of its chief executive, William E. Rapfogel.* Times digs into investigation of the Met Council's Rapfogel; will it touch Silver and/or Forest City?(Atlantic Yards Report) The Met Council scandal that cost Willie Rapfogel his job was revealed not by an audit or other government effort, but through a whistle-blower’s letter, highlighting the lack of oversight of nonprofits.  The Metropolitan New York Council on Jewish Poverty scandal, where insurance money was improperly siphoned off, “has the potential for significant political ramifications,” according to the Times. According to one allegation, the money was also given “to politicians who supply the government grants to the nonprofit organization.” William Rapfogel's Non Profit Tax Shelters Connects to political payoffs (True News Investigation)

Bertha Lewis is Back
ACORN chief gets back in the game(NYP)
Former ACORN head Bertha Lewis played critical behind-the-scenes roles in the victorious primary campaigns of both Bill de Blasio for mayor and Kenneth Thompson for Brooklyn District attorney, The Post has learned.Lewis said she played an even bigger role in Kenneth Thompson’s successful campaign for DA in Brooklyn, where he toppled 24-year incumbent Charles “Joe” Hynes.
“We ran a hell of a campaign,” she said of Thompson’s victory. “Early on I gave advice and direction on the field operation and the entire campaign.”

Despite Bravado, Teachers’ Union Bets Wrong Again(NYO)


____GOP Pressures Hynes to Run

Only 16% of Brooklyn's Democratic Voters Voted for A DA Candidates This  Year 

GOP wants Hynes to campaign to remain Brooklyn DA(NYP)
Brooklyn’s Republican and Conservative party leaders want veteran DA Charles “Joe” Hynes to actively campaign to hold on to his office.* Successor to Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes likely to face troubling 'police kill' cases * New Brooklyn DA set to remake staff: It’ll be Extreme Makeover: Brooklyn DA edition now that Ken Thomps... *Brooklyn DA Joe Hynes’ primary loss(NYP Ed)

Will There Be Special Elections

Will Cuomo Be Able to Not Give Party Leaders the Right To Fill Vacant Seats in An election Year?
Special Elections?
With state Sens. Eric Adams and Daniel Squadron running for office in New York City, Cuomo will be presented with the challenge of calling a special election next year, or to delay doing so until the general election for tactical considerations, the Times Union writes:

City Council Corruption

We’ll be watching (NYDN)
Cleaning up the City Council: An imperative for the new crop of city legislators, including the next speaker

"[City Councilwoman Inez] Dickens refused to explain why her campaign paid rent to a tenant who paid rent to her." [Michael Gartland]

Primary wins shape contest for council speaker(NY World) Progressive Caucus gains add new player to traditionally county-dominated process

Will the NYT Keeps It Kindom?

NYT investigates whether Politico will be able to directly compete with NYT
NYT Vs Capital (Politico)
NYT labels Capital a "three-year-old news Web site" last week Today? "obscure Web publication"

  1. Reckless driving injures more New Yorkers than guns. candidates need to say "no more."
 NYT Smacks Politico: Jill’s Revenge?(Fishbowl)

Sunday Counting

With Only 200 Hours to Go Before the Runoff When and Will Thompson Campaign.  Insiders Say If the Recount is Done Properly It Will Not Be Finished in Time for A Campaign
After 6 Long Years of Running for Mayor is This Thompson Way of Saying Goodbye?
“We are closely monitoring the vote count and determining our next steps,” a Thompson campaign source said Saturday.  Election officials continued the ballot count from voting machines and predicted the process would be finished Sunday. After tallying the votes cast at more than 5,000 machines, election workers will start counting paper ballots on Monday, a Board of Elections spokesperson said. Bill Thompson hoping for runoff(NYP)

Thompson May Reassess After Machine Recount
Sunday AM at African American Day Parade breakfast in , still vows to stay in race Thompson rebuffed a television reporter's assertion that some backers are telling him to drop out, saying, "There are still a number of people telling me to hang in there." He also said, "Most of my support has remained very firm." Thompson said he is "waiting to see the count" of Democratic primary votes. (Capital)  He added, "The fact that it is Sunday and we don't have a machine canvass count from the Board of Elections says a lot about a process that is slow, to put it mildly."

The Candidates Dance Around the Runoff
. kicks off his parade route w/ band playing "Ain't No Stopping Us Now"
Is Thompson Looking for Something To Pull Out?
* Update 1:40PM . in harlem says waiting for every vote to be counted. May reassess after machine vote count is completed tonight #2013*Bill de Blasio: "We ended up on Tuesday night ahead of the 40 percent, & we expect to remain there."* . says awaiting the full vote count "is about democracy." *
 .: "The party is in great shape. This has been a positive, respectful process." cc: * "The ideas that animated the campaign were about changing the city," de Blasio told a church congregation today. "I don't accept the status quo in this town...I ran explicitly to end the tale of two cities." He also said, "we will end the stop and frisk era," and spoke about the need to keep hospitals open and enact a new tax on high-earners to pay for expanded educational programs. * Thompson said, "there a huge difference" between a multi-candidate primary and a run-off featuring only two candidates. (Thompson lost to de Blasio by 14 points in Tuesday's primary, 40 percent to 26 percent.) Later, de Blasio said there's been "constant, positive communication between both camps," and "we feel very confident" about the results. Asked about the impact of the unresolved election is having on the Democratic Party, de Blasio said, "The party is in great shape. This has been a positive, respectful process." Updated 7PM Updated: . & . weigh in on . hanging in the race via
Monday's NYT  Thompson Still Dispensing Handshakes and Smiles

    1. Let's understand Thomp's wait for final count after 6 years running for mayor: "To leave public life is to die a little."- Dean Acheson
Lhota: Change or Die

Can the Rudy and Bloomy playbooks work for J-Lho in 2013?
 Lhota Leaving Bloomberg Behind Calls Himself the Candidate of Change
“I’m a candidate of change,” declared former MTA chairman Lhota at Little Italy’s San Gennaro festival. “I’ll be in the communities listening to the communities — it’s not going to be a Manhattan-centric government.”* . says Joe Lhota risks running an old-school Republican mayoral campaign in a profoundly changed city: Risking Rudy redux (NYDN) In a profoundly changed city, Lhota looks set to mount a throwback 1990s campaign * Group supporting Republican mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from David Koch(NYDN) * Raymond Kelly unlikely to stay NYPD commissioner(NYDN) * Pro-Lhota PAC now relying on former Quinn/Thompson Business donors to fill up the chest, reports * On , says entire interview with was insensitive #2013* "Preschool programs are not going to do a bloody thing to income inequality," tells .* . says city may have to merge agencies to save cash (something did at one point) #2013 * . w on raising taxes: we don't have a revenue problem, we have an expenditure problem * "Lhota lacks several advantages that the mayor had: incumbency, weak competition and an unlimited campaign budget" (CrainsNY) * "You want a hug?" Lhota asks WABC's Williams. Lhota is being asked if he is going to be warm/fuzzy.* Greg David was first person to call for Joe Lhota to run for mayor post Sandy. Now he says his chances are dismal: (CrainsNY) * Asked for a closing comment on WABC-TV, Lhota says, "Joe Lhota is not about necessarily keeping everything from the past." *Why money, message woes may doom Lhota(CrainsNY) * for the record, commuter tax was fair,$2 bil in revnue,Assembly Dems dealt it for a seat in Rockland.

Team de Blasio Patrick Gaspard
Bill de Blasio campaign driven by political mix of former Clinton and Obama aides, U.S. ambassador to South Africa, and local talent(NYDN) Behind the scenes, de Blasio has had help from some of the most seasoned political hands in the country, including Patrick Gaspard, who was recently sworn in as the ambassador to South Africa, and Bill Hyers, a veteran of Obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. But he also had help navigating the city from Emma Wolfe, de Blasio’s former chief of staff in the Public Advocate’s office. She was appointed Hyers’ deputy.  The day-to-day running of the campaign fell to Bill Hyers, a veteran of Obama’s 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

NYC's Real Class Warfare

Many of the Voters Who Cast Their Ballot for de Blasio Voted to Keep Hospitals Open
The Real Class Warfare in NYC Leaves New Yorkers Dead Because of Close Hospitals

New York's Home Town Paper Seems Upset That A Judge Step In to Keep LICH Hospital Open But Does An Entire Article on Carriage Drives Who Might Lose Their Line of Work  - No wonder why their circulation is dying, hiring Linda  Stasi who hangs around Zuckerman's Eastside dinner parties is a  joke.Nobody who attends those dinner parties needs LICH Hospital.  By the way Quinn if not off Zuckerman's party invite list.   * Closing of LICH on hold, de Blasio among celebrators

Dennis Hamill of : " appeals to the new New York City population"

REINING ON THE PARDE: Carriage drivers in Central Park fear next mayor will work to eliminate city's $15M horse-drawn industry(NYDN)

“We’re still 100% confident that Mayor de Blasio will be true to his word and get these horses off the street,” said Allie Feldman, a spokeswoman for NYCLASS, a nonprofit dedicated to banning the industry. “It’s inhumane.” NYCLASS helped boost de Blasio’s campaign by pouring money into a political action committee that attacked Quinn, the City Council speaker, as an animal hater for her support for the horse-drawn carriage industry.

 Daily News is Mad At A Judge Fighting Big Money Contributors From Big Hospitals That Are Bribing NY Pols to Close Hospitals That Serve the Poor

Justice, Johnny Lee Baynes
Judges gone wild (NYDN Ed)

In the Long Island College Hospital case, more legislating from the bench
Brooklyn Supreme Court justice, Johnny Lee Baynes, bars LICH’s closure on the ground that long-standing Health Department regulations are unconstitutionally vague, thereby eviscerating the department’s power to okay the closure of any hospital. Never mind that a governor, health commissioner and Legislature have wrestled with LICH’s fate as the most closely considered and debated hospital issue in decades.  
NYP Uses Obama de Blasio Comparisons to Charge Class Warfare
De Blasio is NYC’s Obama — and the lack of results will be the same(NYP)
He was the only Democrat in a cluttered primary field to recognize — and then to capitalize on — the lesson Barack Obama taught the nation in 2008: That is, it is no longer necessary to do important things to win high office; it is only necessary to talk about doing important things.Each wandered into his respective spotlight from stage (far) left, audaciously ambitious bit players with inauspicious résumés. Beyond this, Obama and de Blasio grasped something truly fundamental: That America no longer has much patience for difficult problems, to say nothing of plodding problem-solvers, but it has a prodigious appetite for unserious solutions.But they are truly political twins in this regard: Each came to prominence untested, hawking superficialities and promising what amounted to the unattainable.

Did the NYP Just Wake Up That Middle Class Are Being Push Out of New York? If Being Priced Out of NYC is not Class  Warfare WTF Is?
de Blasio: Tale of Two Cities
– Economic hard times always exacerbate class resentments, a pot that each man stirred with gusto. Obama had his “America’s millionaires and billionaires” who must be made to “contribute just a little more” to make things right. There was no policy attached to this meme — not surprising, because the only point was to generate votes. The politics worked, of course. Too bad the same can’t be said of the national economy. Now Bill de Blasio has his “Two New Yorks” pitch and an inchoate “tax the rich” scheme — neither a solution to anything, and the latter all but guaranteed to depress the local economy further. But both are vote-getters — and that, too, is the point.

Marshall Berman The Man Who Took On Moses Cross Bronx Expressway and NYC's Class Warfare
Marshall Berman | Author, philosopher, 72
During the fateful year of 1953, when Robert Moses came blasting through his neighborhood in the East Tremont section of the South Bronx. The cause was the Cross Bronx Expressway, but in that cause and its demonic villain, Berman found his muse, his Faust, his Fleurs du Mal.* Marshall Berman on Robert Moses(Video) * Marshall Berman - Emerging From The Ruins(Video) * Marshall Berman, Professor, Dies at 72(NYT) Dr. Berman spent his career at City College because of its mission of diversity and accessibility.

during the fateful year of 1953, when Robert Moses came blasting through his neighborhood in the East Tremont section of the South Bronx. The cause was the Cross Bronx Expressway, but in that cause and its demonic villain, Berman found his muse, his Faust, his Fleurs du Mal. - See more at:
BOE Apologist

The Use of the Old Voting Machines Have Turned the BOE's New Executive Director Michael Ryan into A Professional Apologist 
Don't Count On BOE
 Many mayoral votes unreported(NYP)
 Michael Ryan, the board’s executive director, said the “zero” figures were clocked accidentally by fatigued poll workers and will be corrected when the machines are double-checked by Sunday. . .  “It’s a long day. People make mistakes,” Ryan said. “People take a reading from the machine, then write it down on a piece of paper called a canvass sheet. There can often be transcription errors.” As an example, he said a 495 might be entered as 945. “That would be a flip of 500 votes,” he noted.* NYC waits as officials recount Dem primary votes(WSJ) * City workers begin tallying final votes to determine whether Bill Thompson's mayoral dream is still alive(NYDN) * de Blasio, Thompson await results in vote recanvassing (WABC)* Perfect Saturday night activity: You too can play BOE ballot counter with WNYC's mayoral vote widget (no napping!)

“Once again, the Board of Elections just is not able to give the public the easy guaranteed reliable ways to vote,” Bloomberg *  Bloomberg Bashes Elections Board as Manual Ballot Count Begins

"When a group of journalists arrived around noon to observe the recanvassing — three hours after it had been scheduled to begin — three election workers were dozing amid the voting machines. Another worker could be overheard on a cellphone expressing alarm that reporters were present to witness their work." NY Times
It Will Be A Long Wait For Results From the BOE
On Monday, the board will begin tabulating 78,491 paper ballots — a mix of absentees, affidavits filled out by those whose names were erroneously left off the voting rolls and emergency ballots cast in cases when machines broke down. But officials could not predict when that process would be complete. The overtime and outside hires $$$ will be high.

Commissioner and Lobbyist Corruption Led to Purchase to Scanner That Don't Work
Why Did the City Spend $95 Million on Scanner That Don't Work. And Why is the Media Covering Up That Fact
There were 657,330 votes cast in Tuesday’s election, each recorded on mechanical lever machines dating back to the 1960s.
  1. NYC election workers begin double-checking results from state-of-art voting equipment.
    Bloomberg said the board’s real problem lay with the paper ballot and electronic scanner voting system it rolled out three years agoBecause of difficulties with the electronic voting machines, the Board of Elections revived the old lever voting machines for the primary.
    1. Be advised that Commissioners of the Board of Elections in New York will NOT certify an election until every vote that is cast is counted.

Mayoral  Campaign Pause Button

Mayoral Campaign Sort of Pauses 40% Confusion
Thompson held no campaign events Friday, while de Blasio staged a press conference spotlighting his successful effort to keep Long Island College Hospital from closing.* As Vote Verification Begins, Thompson Stays Hopeful(NYT)

What Will Thompson Do?
Is Thompson Waiting for New Machine Count Before He Decides to Restart His Campaign . . . It Will Take Too Long to Wait for the Paper Count Which Might Not Be Finished Before the Runoff

Boss Sharpton Identity Police

By the Way the Pols React to Him Sharpton Has Become the Most Powerful Political Boss of NYC Since DeSapio
Sharpton calls "Presumptive Nominee"
“What the election showed the other night is a lot of the identity politics of 20 years ago, 30 years ago has now become identity politics of policy,” Sharpton
Sharpton invites de Blasio to appearance, but snubs Thompson(NYDN)
* Spending Saturday morning with Sharpton and and at National Action Network in Harlem. PA run-off candidates Tish James and Dan Squadron both invited to NAN today. "community boards should be webcast."-- Sharpton said identity politics if 20 years ago has given way to "identity politics of policy."* Hospital still breathing after ruling(NYP) * "The extreme capacity for hope in this city is why I'm standing here tonight." -Chiara.* Sharpton hosts de Blasio in Harlem, and declares a new 'identity politics of policy' (Capital) * Al Sharpton Hosts Bill de Blasio, Declares End To Traditional Identity Politics(NYDN) * Contrary to a report in the Daily News, Sharpton told Capital New York's Azi Paybarah that he did in fact invite Thompson, but the former comptroller declined because he was "reluctant to attend out of fear it would make the unresolved count the dominant theme of the gathering."*.: “I think that as we mature, the values are different. Because no one wants to be taken for granted now."

The de Blasios, sans Dante, at a church in .  

Business Community on de Blasio is Not United Against Him
Far from everyone in the biz community is concerned about a mayor de Blasio, reports
REBNY head says he can work w/ de Blasio: "Understands that the objective is to create housing...Not just programs"

 NYT Misses That the Dinkins Win Over Koch in 1993 Was Also An End  to  Identity Politics
Identity Politics, in a Brand-New Form(NYT)
ARGUABLY, New York’s identity politics peaked in 1945. That year, William O’Dwyer, the Democratic Party machine’s mayoral favorite, was Irish and from Brooklyn. Lazarus Joseph, the candidate for comptroller, was Jewish and from the Bronx. Party leaders balanced their citywide ticket with a candidate for City Council president by plucking the name of Vincent R. Impellitteri, an obscure legal secretary to a Manhattan judge, from the index to the official city directory. The 1961 citywide elections are fondly remembered as a banner year for identity politics. The Wagner-Screvane-Beame ticket defeated the Levitt-Mackell-DiFede slate for the Democratic nomination and then went on to win over the Republican team of Lefkowitz-Fino-Gilhooley. Actually, the increased diversity within the minority community suggests we may be returning to the Al Smith-Fiorello La Guardia model, where ethnic politics is played best via issues which unite rather than race cards which
 divide.”*  Bill de Blasio appeals to the new New York City population(NYDN)  De Blasio's campaign — and his mayoral primary triumphs across voting blocs — reflects the changing face of New York City, and the hunger for change from Mayor Bloomberg's elitist policies.

de Blasio No Direct Mail
 Bill de Blasio Won the NYC Mayoral Primary Without Sending a Single Piece of Snail Mail  Theory: Direct mail is ineffective not because mail is ignored, but because everyone does it. The fewer who do it, the more potent it'll be.

Pay to Play Runoff Elections
Nobody Votes in Runoffs, Special Interest Permanent Government Wins
For the last few days Public Advocate candidates (maybe Thompson and de Blasio) will be going around to special interests promising everything but city hall's bathroom sink, in return for pulling out their members next Tuesday to vote for them. The groups being promised government pay to play $$$ include: the democratic Machines, religious, racial and ethnic leaders, unions, lobbyists.  Non profits are already on the government tit for member items are very effective in getting out the vote.  Real estate and Wall Street whales give the quick  $$$ the candidates need for TV and GOTV operations.  All these special interests gain more power because of the city's falling voter participation. Runoffs elections controlled by the permanent government and special interests.   
Just 2.7% of Registered Voters in Runoff
In 2009 just 1.7% of all the registered voters voted in the city voted for Bloomberg. Before the paper is counted, the mayor received 548,660 out of the 4,657,516. The recent runoff does make Tuesday's vote look like a mandate. In New York the Democratic Primary is the real election, for most elective officers.. In the primary runoff Comptroller John Liu received 127,173 or just 4% of the registered Democrats in the city (3,177,740) in the runoff. De Blasio did a little better with 138, 736, he got 4.4% of the city's democratic voters. John Liu was elected with just 2.7% of all the city's registered voters casting their vote for him.

2013 Turnout Down 10% From 2001
21 % of registered Dems voted yesterday, with more votes to be counted. Nearly double 2009, when turnout among Dems was 11%  turnout in 2001 Dem primary was close to 30%
With about 1 percent of votes citywide left to count from Tuesday's primary, 646,774 votes for New York City mayor have been tallied from Democrats, and another 56,763 from Republicans. It sounds like a lot. But in fact just 20 percent of registered Democrats turned out to vote, and only 11 percent of Republicans.* 20% Turnout in New York Primaries(NYT) A total of 700,000 voters took part in city elections this week, according to incomplete returns.* New York’s Turnout Crisis (City and State) * Low-Turnout Primary Becomes Referendum On Bloomberg(Gothamgazette)

Why Does NYC Have A Runoff?

 Because of Mario Procaccino
After a "law-and-order" conservative won the 1969 Democratic mayoral primary with a plurality, the New York state legislature passed a law widely recalled as the "Procaccino Provision."  The law required that a candidate win at least 40 percent of the vote in the Democratic primary to become the nominee for mayor. Failure to reach that threshold means that the top two vote-getters will compete in a runoff to determine a nominee.


The Vote Counting Delay Delays Lhota Coming Out
Joe Lhota targets de Blasio, taxes(NYP) Lhota says that since Bloomberg has ruled out endorsing, "I now have the liberty to run as free and clearly as possible."* How Giuliani and his inner circle are shaping #2013* Joe's appearance on earlier this morning * How 'J-Lho' May Keep Democrats Out Of New York Mayor's Office 

Jewish Democrats May Shift Support To Lhota In The General - See more at:

Jewish Democrats anointed Bill de Blasio as the King of the Jewish vote in Tuesday’s Primary for mayor. Hence, while a plurality of 38% of Jews voted for de Blasio over the remaining Democratic candidates in the race, some experts expect Republican mayoral nominee Joe Lhota to pull heavy Jewish support in the general election. - See more at:

  1. . 's divisive politics won’t fix NYC’s problems. I can bring together both sides. .* In Woodside talking about why we need an independent in City Hall* Adolfo Carrión: ‘Let the Real Campaign for New York’s Future Begin!’

Toxic Bloomberg

Bloomberg  Will Remain Toxic Until the Next Terrorists Attack Or A Chicago Style Weekend of 25 Shoots Under the New Mayor
Bloomberg Decides Not to Endorse a Successor(NYT)* Bloomberg Will Sit Out Mayor's Race(WSJ) * Mayor Bloomberg quiet on endorsement: Backing a candidate would 'complicate things for the next mayor'(NYDN) * Mayor helps Lhota by not endorsing(NYP)
* Bloomberg weasels out of race by claiming neutrality(Goodwin, NYP)

  1. Mayor Bloomberg gives major boost to by endorsing no candidate for Mayor

Cathie Black Emails Cost City(WSJ)  The cost of trying to shield Cathie Black emails? >$160k. City pays attorneys fees of reporter who FOILed * City Penalizes Two Test Companies(WSJ)
Council Speaker Race

Two Harlem Councilwomen Vie to Be Next Speaker(DNAINFO)
Melissa Mark-Viverito and Inez Dickens are positioning themselves for City Council Speaker

NYT Face Saver

After Getting Burned By Their Quinn Endorsement the NYT Gives US Their Winning Record of Picking NYC Mayor's Since 1897 - Jimmy Walker, Fiorello H. La Guardia, Seth Low, Robert F. Wagner, =John V. Lindsay, Mario Cuomo, Edward I. Koch,David N. Dinkins, Rudolph Giuliani, Mark Green, Michael R. Bloomberg

The Next Mayor, a History(NYT Ed)
The New York Times has made an editorial choice in every mayoral election since 1897, a few years after the five boroughs of New York voted to consolidate into one city. The Editorial Board will make a final selection for 2013 in the fall.

Spitzer Needs to Count

The Babysitter Outreaches to Stringer

Spitzer’s bizarre outreach to Stringer(NYP)
Eliot Spitzer is turning into a big softy. The self-described steamroller is offering to turn over all his campaign research to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer
  1. On Stringer's win: "The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly." Tom Paine

Cats Never Got It
After Spending $4 Million Dollars, $169 Dollars A Vote Cats Blames His Loss On A Video Few Have Watched
Cats blames election loss on YouTube vid(NYP)
The video, which the Gristedes boss says is filled with lies, was viewed by just 231 people as of 12:30 pm Friday. Catsimatidis lost to Joe Lhota in Tuesday’s GOP primary by about 6,700 votes. Video “Grocery Employees United.” (Has 5000 viewers not the 231 the NYP Says)

Friday BOE Meltdown Perfect Storm

The BOE Melted Down During the 2012 Election And Nothing to Reform the Boards Leadership
Thompson Staying In
is vowing to stay in the race until at least the re-canvassing process is over

Update One Out of 7 Votes Have Not Been Counted Yet

The latest count on paper ballots: Over 100,000+
Update As Vote Verification Begins, Thompson Stays Hopeful (NYT) 9PM
Board Of Elections Begins Recanvassing Vote Tallies From Tuesday's Primary (NY1)
CBS is reporting there are 78,000 paper ballots from election day and possibly as many as 14,000 absentee ballots, some still in the mail 
New York Today: Checking It Twice(NYT)
It will take weeks to count 100,000  paper ballots - this is like last year ***There is no legal way to  stop a recount and get Thompson off the ballot. This could be like the presidential election in 2012 where the count was not done for six months even after the elections were certified. * Thompson Supporter Tells Deserters to ‘Grow a Pair’  * There’s good reason top Democrats are pressuring Bill Thompson to abandon his race for mayor as soon as possible: If he waits past midnight Friday it’ll be too late to cancel his possible runoff against Bill de Blasio, election officials told The Post. A little-known section of state election law — known as the “Weiner Rule” — gives a candidate three days from the day of a primary election to decline to take part in a runoff.Dems to Thompson: Concede before it’s too late(NYP) * attempts to make sense of where they mayor's race stands. Up2U, UFT. (WNYC)

Thompson camp makes a voting-rights argument against an early de Blasio win
. seems unconcerned about Fri deadline, which means he will likely appear on runoff ballot. * Thompson Decides To Stay In Mayor's Race After Meeting With Supporters  * Thompson not backing down(NYP) * Election Math Works in Favor of de Blasio(NYT) Bill de Blasio, who finished first in the Democratic mayoral primary, would need to capture about one-third of the votes left to be counted to avoid a runoff against William C. Thompson Jr. * Bill Thompson vows to stay in mayoral race as supporters defect and unions flock to rival Bill de Blasio(NYDN) * Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio said his campaign is ready for a potential run-off against Bill Thompson, adding that his rival has every right to pursue a full vote count, Capital New York writes: 

The Paper  Ballots Will Not Be Counted Before the Runoff, How Will Thompson Campaign?
Recanvassing underway at aptly named BOE "voting machine facility." *  State Senator Diane Savino said: "In a democracy, every vote has to count." Rep. Charlie Rangel said: "I mean, we're not talking about unification. We're talking about counting the votes." [Azi Paybarah] * De Blasio supporter Rep. Jerry Nadler: "No, you can't call a halt to the campaign because of the technicalities," and "we know more or less what the count was." [Azi Paybarah]* De Blasio needs roughly one in three of the remaining primary election ballots to be counted to go his way in order to remain above the 40 percent threshold to avoid a runoff against Thompson, with additional ballots to be counted starting Monday, the Times writes: * Vote counting continues as Bill Thompson lies low amid criticism.(WPIX)

a couple of lessons from '05 of "taking one for the team" and not contesting runoff. it quick. else it looks forced

Worried at first when we saw several sleeping workers, but those doing recanvassing are taking it seriously.

The Only Man Who Can Make Sure the Votes Are All Counted
If there are 100,000 Paper Ballots How Many Were Caused By Broken Machines?

The Board of Elections Has not Released the Number of Broken Machines 

Coming Soon Board of  Elections Meltdown II

  1. BREAKING NEWS: There are over 98,000 uncounted ballots. It is estimated that as many as 16,000 of them are GOP Ballots. With 100,000 uncounted paper ballots will Liu and Weiner demand a recount?  
  1. Mulgrew said tonight 95 machines (wrongly) reported 0 votes, fwiw

    Cats Throws in the Towel
    Catsimatidis Bows Out of Race for Mayor(WSJ)
    John Catsimatidis, the billionaire businessman who lost his bid for the Republican nomination for New York City mayor, decided Friday to drop out of the race and not run on the two third-party lines he secured earlier in the year.
    Norman's Gets His Revenge and Makes $100,000 Where Else But Brooklyn

    A Personal Fight Hidden Inside A Campaign for DA
    ‘New DA’ quizzed on ties to ex-con pol(NYP)
    Presumptive DA-elect Kenneth Thompson, an attorney and former federal prosecutor, emphatically denied that ex-con Clarence Norman Jr. played a key role in his upset victory over Hynes, despite multiple sources telling The Post that the disgraced ex-assemblyman was a fixture of the campaign — working for Thompson out of an office on Montgomery Street near Nostrand Avenue. Norman — whom Hynes put in the Big House for public corruption in 2007 — was calling the shots for Thompson’s “get out the vote” effort, the sources said. Prior to that, Norman worked for months on the campaign from other locations, they added. “I think this was also personal for Clarence,” said a political operative, referring to Norman’s “hatred” of Hynes. A jubilant Norman told The Post at Thompson’s victory party Tuesday night that “God said it was finally time that justice should be served in Brooklyn.”* For Hynes, History of Making Brooklyn Safer Wasn’t Enough to Survive(NYT) * Charles Hynes’ dramatic rise and fall — a retrospective of the borough’s soon to be former top prosecutor(Brooklyn Paper)

    A businessman and his associates tried to bribe a Queens councilman over a liquor license issue

    The Main Event

    Lhota Attacks de Blasio
    Lhota Accuses de Blasio of Trying to Divide the City(NYT)
    Lhota, in a series of interviews, criticized his likely Democratic opponent for mayor, Bill de Blasio, portraying him as a free-spending liberal who wants to raise taxes.*
    After Mayoral Primaries, a Sharp Divide(NYT)"It's the right thing to do," Lhota says of universal per-kindergarten. But he says the city can find money in the budget to pay for it.   Joseph J. Lhota and Bill de Blasio embraced the role of fierce rivals on Thursday, even as thousands of ballots from New York City’s mayoral primary had yet to be counted.  De Blasio, Lhota Spar as Thompson Refuses to Concede | Eye-Opener (Gothamist)* In 2011, 750,000 NYers lived on less than half of the poverty level, while 727,100 NYers were worth at least $1 million.
    * The de Blasio-Cuomo Dynamic(YNN) * Even though the Democratic primary is not yet settled, GOP nominee Joe Lhota went on the attack against the frontrunner, de Blasio, calling his platform “a repudiation of everything great that’s happened over the last 20 years.” * . says of Dem primary: "there was no focus abt keeping our ppl safe....They wanted to bash the NYPD...I'm very pro-police."* Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said he agrees with de Blasio’s plan to offer universal, all-day pre-kindergarten, but said he doesn’t need to raise taxes on the rich to fund it, Bloomberg reports:  * De Blasio could be a helpful ally to Clinton on the left(Politico) * With Bill Thompson still in the race, Bill de Blasio says he’s prepared for a runoff.* A pro-Lhota “super PAC” may run ads attacking de Blasio’s platform.* Wall Street is already beginning to miss Michael Bloomberg — and bracing for a possible backlash from his replacement  Giuliani Legacy Chases Lhota On Campaign Trail(NY1)

    Joe Lhota relaunches mayoral campaign, framing himself as candidate of change while taking shot at Bill de Blasio(NYDN) * Lhota says he will have a "participatory" govt. In intvu w/ WSJ he said his administration would be more City Hall-centered than Mayor B's. *Attacks Shift to de Blasio(WSJ)
    * Lhota Shies Away From 9/11 Site(WSJ) In a televised interview, Lhota said that he hasn’t returned to the site of the World Trade Center since his former boss Rudolph Giuliani left office, recalling nearly being killed “two or three” times on September 11th* Judge Rips Hospital-Closure Process(WSJ) * So, Bloomberg won't endorse in the mayoral race. Is that a blow to Lhota, or does it potentially give him more freedom to define himself? * Diaz Sr: "no endorsement from any elected official or labor leader or biz ldr cud have had the impact on this election that Dante had on it"* Bloomberg deprives de Blasio of punching bag and Lhota of validation (Capital) * Our look at how Giuliani and his inner circle are shaping #2013

Not Thrilled With de Blasio Tax the Rich Plan
Gov. ‘not thrilled’ with de Blasio tax-rich plan(NYP) Cuomo is “not thrilled” with Bill de Blasio’s plan to hike income taxes on the city’s high-income earners to finance pre-K programs

Moreland Commission Update
Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission will hold its first public hearing, where it will hear from law enforcement officials who have pursued corruption cases, including federal prosecutors Preet Bharara and Loretta Lynch, the Daily News reports:

Looks Like the NYP and Daily News are  Headed to Lhota

De Blasio to judge: stick to ‘frisk’ reforms(NYP)
“A stay … will result in irreparable harm to the citizenry of New York by allowing the unconstitutional stop and frisk violations of untold numbers of people to continue, especially and disproportionately in communities of color.” The news of de Blasio’s letter wasn’t well received by NYPD union honchos — especially since he’s a front-runner to be the city’s next mayor.

Cause for suspicion(NYDN Ed)

City lawyers have devastatingly revealed why the NYPD investigated the three Muslim men and three Muslim groups that charged the department with federal civil rights violations. The court document makes for scary reading. It also calls into question the judgment of presumed Democratic mayoral nominee Bill de Blasio, who had been admirably measured in discussing allegations of improper Muslim surveillance by the police — until he went off the dial at the height of the campaign.

Citizen United Has Given Million to Bad Guys and Groups to Subvert Fair Elections
A sign of things to come in the PA race? is front &center & is relegated to the back 

The Taking for Granted, A Lot of People Will Get Hurt
New Yorkers take public safety for granted(Goodwin, NYP)Nearly 12 years ago, with the fires still smoldering under the rubble of the World Trade Center, Mayor Rudy Giuliani made a late endorsement. Nine days before the general election to pick his successor, he threw his support behind Michael Bloomberg.* Bloomberg agrees w/ Gambling that many NYers don't remember days of higher crime. "If you let your guard down it can come back," he says.

Bloomberg Says He Will Not Endorse NYC Mayoral Candidate

Mayor Defends Record Amid Campaign Attacks(NYT)
Bloomberg offered a spirited case for his stewardship of the city and warned that his hard-fought accomplishments could be lost.
Bloomberg says he’s sitting out NYC mayoral race, won’t endorse anyone
Bloomberg no endorsement plan an interesting turn for a man who probably wouldn't be mayor but for last-minute endorsement from Rudy.
Bloomberg Decides Not to Endorse a Successor(NYT)

Thompson's Campaign Chairwoman Thinks He Should Quit

Big money losers(NYP)
So much for the liberal dogma that mega-bucks guarantees electoral victory. Fact is, Tuesday was a bad night for the well-heeled. For all their personal fortunes, both Eliot Spitzer and John Catsimatidis came up short. And this happened without the campaign-finance “reforms” that would have had them losing with your money instead of their own.* For Spitzer, Some Still See a Political Future(WSJ) * From the Daily News editorial board, primary lessons:

How Much $$$ Per Vote

1. Anthony Weiner: $148/vote

2. John Liu: $54/vote

3. Christine Quinn: $40/vote

5. Bill de Blasio: $20/vote

GOP Candidate John Catsimatidis actually spent the most per vote of any candidate, at $169

The Times’ Michael Powell recaps the winners and losers from the primary election, and names Mayor Michael Bloomberg a “loser” for his comments about de Blasio’s “racist” campaign: 

SETTING THE AGENDA: City & State recaps the 2013 legislative session in Albany and looks ahead to 2014, with lawmakers and stakeholders laying out top priorities in healthcare, the environment, economic development, good government, insurance and finance:

The DA who’s staying put, with the help of generous donors(NY World)

Reviewing Wiretaps in Ticket-Fixing Cases
How de Blasio Won

NYT making of Blasio story sinks the usual CW hype about field. Fact is TV + good message/creative = Win.

"Not Quite Post-Racial, New York Politics is Still Tribal" [Arun Venugopal]

The Daily News attributes de Blasio’s victory in the Democratic primary to his “Tale of Two Cities” pitch, and cites economic data to back up his message of bridging the city’s equality gap: 

Graphic: How de Blasio Turned Conventional Wisdom on Its Head(NYT)

Brownstone Brooklyn handed itself to de Blasio, block by block - nobody else even competed:

Bill de Blasio’s full-spectrum victory is redefining what it means to put together a diverse coalition.

Will Thompson demand recount or honor BDB win as Weiner did with him in 2009?

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio beat his two main mayoral rivals, Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn, in their own voting districts, further demonstrating his broad appeal, Politicker writes:

Bill and Hillary Clinton would "not say no" if Bill de Blasio asked them to campaign for him or help out in other ways, according to sources, and support from President Obama is also not out of the question, the Post reports: 

Clintons ready to help de Blasio in mayoral race(NYP)


Will Thompson Throw in the Towel?

"This is far from over." — Bill Thompson

It will take a week to count the paper ballots

Thompson vows to fight de Blasio to end of primary(NYDN)

What you need to know about the NYC Board of Elections and the strange science of ballot counts.

de Blasio 40.2% With 98% of the Vote In

  1. on nyc mayor's race: thompson's people are convinced that if they get in runoff they win dem primary and win it all in the end

    Is toast? thinks so.

    Defiant Thompson won’t concede(NYP)

    "If Only Thompson Would Have Let Me Run the Campaign We Would Have Won"
           Hank Sheinkopf Thompson Consultant    

    An election isn't over until absentee ballots are counted and writes a story like this "

    UFT president Michael Mulgrew, who backed Thompson, said Monday: "We don't pick winners we make winners." Last night, he said, "We're waiting for every vote to be counted and clearly that has not happened at this point." [Beth Fertig]
    1. Yes like '05 w/ Ferrer at 39.9%. But Weiner opted out bc feared he'd be attacked on racial grounds if ran. Not gonna stop BT

      Mayor's Race
      Results from 98 percent of precincts, via WNYC:
      40.19-Bill De Blasio
      26.04-Bill Thompson
      15.52-Christine Quinn
      7.01-John Liu
      4.91-Anthony Weiner 

de Blasio Stated His Move to the Center in His Acceptance Speech Last Night When the Tale of Two City's Changed to We Have to Work to Build On City

de Blasio Big Tent Win. Will Now Bring In His Democratic Opponents - Like Koch in 77

Luck and a Shrewd Strategy Fueled de Blasio’s Ascension(NYT)

  De Blasio First in Mayoral Primary; Unclear if He Avoids a Runoff

RT : NY1 reports that Board of Elections will do a recount to determine whether De Blasio got 40%

The New York Times took a deep dive into Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s once-improbably victory. The piece is filled with interesting anecdotes, including his team’s reaction to the mayor’s “racist” remarks: “As they scrolled through the article, Mr. de Blasio’s advisers privately rejoiced.”

DN: de Blasio "topped the field .. by effectively channeling the anger of working- and middle-class NYers" (NYDN)

"In the name of progress": De Blasio celebrates a big, tentative victory. [Reid Pillifant]

NY Times, Post, and Daily News all endorsed Christine Quinn for the primary. Talk about a disconnect with readers.

New York magazine also took a look at Mr. de Blasio’s climb: “Bill de Blasio was riding to yet another appearance when he got a\ phone call telling him a new poll would show he had suddenly, for the first time, jumped into the lead in the Democratic primary. De Blasio’s reaction? To check that the call wasn’t a prank.”

The New York Times took a deep dive into Public Advocate Bill de Blasio‘s once-improbably victory. The piece is filled with interesting anecdotes, including his team’s reaction to the mayor’s “racist” remarks: “As they scrolled through the article, Mr. de Blasio’s advisers privately rejoiced.”

Bill Thompson loses key black, north shore districts in Staten Island -- but cleans up on white, south shore of Staten Island. Times Change 

New York magazine also took a look at Mr. de Blasio’s climb: “Bill de Blasio was riding to yet another appearance when he got a phone call telling him a new poll would show he had suddenly, for the first time, jumped into the lead in the Democratic primary. De Blasio’s reaction? To check that the call wasn’t a prank.”

Bill's power surge(NYDN Ed)
Give Bill de Blasio credit for political smarts: He topped the field in the Democratic mayoral primary by effectively channeling the anger of working- and middle-class New Yorkers who have had their fill of falling standards of living and rising expenses.

comes in #1. Avoids runoff for now. strong showing for Brooklyn and African-American voting block.

The story of de Blasio's rise (NYT)

De Blasio wanted to savage Weiner to shake up race; advisers held him back

Bill de Blasio, development pragmatist

Here's How Racial Coalition Politics Showed Up In The NYC Mayor Race(Business Insider)

Vito Lopez Goes Down

Vito Lopez tosses all reporters and photographers from his campaign headquarters. Source says he's down by 700 votes.
Vito's hand-picked successor wins his old state Assembly seat
Bloomberg Loser

Bloomberg Biggest Loser of the Night
The biggest loser in yesterday's NYC elections was Mike Bloomberg:
Bloomberg's braintrust: Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson and NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly tried to warn voters against voting for Bill de Blasio, but their rhetoric only fueled his rise by reinforcing the Democrat's promise to break from the Bloomberg era. The mayor's team didn't seem to know what to do with their boss during the run-up to the primary, finally letting him do an ill-advised interview with New York magazine that blew up when Mr. Bloomberg called Mr. de Blasio's campaign "racist." The mayor and his staff quickly walked back the remark, but it had already given the Democrat a final push heading into the election. * BLOOMBERG BACKLASH: 2 Colorado lawmakers recalled for gun laws support...
good primary night for advocates of more oversight.

NYC Voters  Very Liberal
    1. Important point here - this is a minority-majority city now, WWC voters who propelled Rudy/Bloomberg less of a force

      And it is not the same white voters, the old Reagan Democrats have died or moved to retirement states.

Quinn Implodes
No Message Quinn
In July, powerful women, including Bloomberg's girlfriend Taylor told Quinn they were worried about her campaign: (NYT)

Quinn Smiles Gamely, but Primary Wasn’t Supposed to Be This Hard(NYT)

Parties turn into funerals for NYC's losing mayoral bids(NYDNP * Christine Quinn said New York City can elect a woman mayor "soon." [Dana Rubinstein]

 Primary winners and losers(CrainsNY)

WAY TO FRO! Bill de Blasio surges ahead in Democratic primary election for NYC mayor as Bill Thompson left hoping for runoff(NYDN)

. sent out 47K absentees, most of them to Dem voters. 25K rec'd so far; 19K were valid. Counting begins Monday.

In Election, Political Power for BrooklynNot since 1973 has a Brooklynite been elected mayor of New York, but that may change this fall if Bill de Blasio and Joseph J. Lhota face off.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn

Mark Appel the Man Who Took Down Joe Hynes
Mark Meyer Appel found the website Voice of Justice which exposed the covering up of sexual abuse in the orthodox Jewish community. He worked hard on getting the media to pick up the story on sexual abuse including the very important New York Times investigative story, that was the beginning of the end for DA Hynes. Mark M Appel is a real champion of children rights.

NY1 Online: Ken Thompson Talks Primary Win In Brooklyn DA Race
 Former federal prosecutor Kenneth Thompson defeated incumbent Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes in the Democratic primary, the first candidate in more than a century to defeat an elected district attorney in the borough, the Journal reports:
  1. Thank you, Brooklyn! I am humbled and honored to serve as your next District Attorney.
    Brooklyn DA Candidate Plans Smooth Transition From Longtime Incumbent (NY1)

    Ken Thompson, poised to become Brooklyn’s next district attorney after defeating incumbent Charles Hynes in the Democratic primary, said that the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy would come under greater scrutiny once he assumes office, the Journal reports:

    DA Hynes Goes Down

    The Newspaper Investigations of His Office Took Their Toll on the Long Time DA

 Thompson Wins Primary for Brooklyn District Attorney(NYT)

Bad night for the sexual malefactors: Spitzer, Weiner, Lopez and Kellner all losing, or lost.
NY1 Online: Ken Thompson Talks Primary Win In Brooklyn DA Race cc:
Bad night for Brooklyn Boss Seddio lost A DA and a few council seats
Brazen voting fraud alleged among ultra-Orthodox in Williamsburg. Read More:

The New York Times covered the hell out of the Brooklyn D.A. race, but didn't make an endorsement. [Azi Paybarah]

New Ken Thompson pledges to root out corruption.

Amazing inside story on how de Blasio built his candidacy. Read this. (NYT)

Lhota Tools Message

For the First Time in 40 Years the Mayor Will Not Be From Manhattan
Lhota and de Blasio Both From Brooklyn

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota declared victory over his opponent John Catsimatidis, winning nearly 53 percent of the vote, with 97 percent of precincts reporting, compared with 41 percent for Catsimatidis, The Wall Street Journal reports:
Huh. Anthony Weiner got more votes yesterday (31,874) than Joe Lhota (29,807).
Lhota Is Hoping to Capitalize on Dismay Over a Liberal Tilt(NYT)
The Post’s Bob McManus calls 2013 “the year of the electoral overreach”, naming the candidacies of flawed politicians such as Quinn, Spitzer, Anthony Weiner, Catsimatidis and Thompson as examples:
Bizarre ending to a bizarre candidate's bizarre campaign for NYC mayor. I give you 's concession speech.

The Once Powerful Machines
Crowley Lose His Mayoral Candidate
Political machines: Mr. de Blasio didn't get the endorsements of any of the five county Democratic party bosses, but still may have won the Democratic primary without a runoff. Ms. Quinn got the backing of the most powerful remaining county organizations, the Queens Democrats, yet finished a distant third. The Bronx Democratic Party backed Bill Thompson, as did the majority of the Brooklyn Democrats, but they appear to have failed to propel his candidacy.
Lhota is GOP nominee(NYP)

Joe Lhota has defeated John Catsimatidis to become the Republican Party nominee for New York City mayor. Lhota, the former head of the Metropolitan Transit Authority, has 52 percent of the…

Uh oh, in shocking upset, Quinn has now LOST Chelsea to De Blasio, 40.9% to 41.3%, with 100% reporting..


    Stringer Fights Back

    Stringer beats Spitzer in comptroller race(YP)
Stringer Defeats Spitzer in Comptroller Primary(NYT)

Stringer saves New York! Beats Spitzer in comptroller race(NYT)
Eliot Spitzer’s Comeback Attempt Fails  

And in the bad news.Margaret Chin and Inez Dickens Won. And Yetta Kurland Lost.

Challenger Wins Primary for Brooklyn District Attorney: An upset victory by Kenneth P. Thompson followed a fierce...
. gets at the level of behind-the-scenes help Stringer got from Cuomo against Spitzer

No More Lopez

Reynoso declares Council victory
Reynoso declares Council victory(NYP)

Upstart challenger Antonio Reynoso declared victory Tuesday night over accused groper Vito Lopez in the spirited Democratic primary for a Brooklyn City Council seat. “We won!,” exclaimed  Reynoso campaignmanage…* There were two big downballot upsets against incumbents last night. Carlos Menchaca, running against Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, decisively won, as this Brooklyn Paper story entitled “Men-shocka!” chronicled. Also in Brooklyn, Joe Hynes lost a bid for a seventh term, making him the borough’s first incumbent district attorney to ever lose.* Building Blocs, Not Lofts(NYT) It was evident in two City Council districts in Brooklyn that New York’s immigrant communities helped shape the results of the primary elections.

Weinger Flips

 Not A Class Act
Weiner ‘flips’ out in defeat)NYP)

Very interesting. Huma Abedin stays in Hamptons as husband faces crushing election nite loss, NYPost says.

Voters choose public advocate, DA, borough presidents(NYDN)

Public Advocate Who?
For public advocate, the exit polls show it's neck and neck for James (34%) and Squadron (33%). 
 Public advocate could require runoff. Public advocate budget: $2.3m. Cost of runoff: $20m. 
 Two Democratic candidates for New York City public advocate emerged as front-runners last night, as City Councilwoman Letitia James and state Sen. Daniel Squadron appear headed for a likely runoff to determine a winner, the Times writes: http://nyti.Advocate runoff a waste at $20M(NYP) There’s going to be one definite runoff election next month — for public advocate. The race for an office with a measly budget of $2.3 million was headed for an…
  1. The Daily News asked, "How To Run in a Run-Off?" Here's my answer for maybe

Manhattan BP

City Councilwoman Gale Brewer won the four-way Democratic primary for Manhattan borough president, taking 35 percent of the vote compared to Jessica Lappin’s 25, Robert Jackson’s 20, and Julie Menin’s 18, the Epoch Times writes:

And that City Council speaker's race looks a lot different now. [@Azi]

Queens BP
Former City Councilwoman Melinda Katz defeated City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. in the Democratic primary for Queens borough president, and will face Republican candidate Tony Arcabascio in November’s general election, the Queens Times Ledger reports:


REBNY wins big in council races(Real Deal)

Jobs for New York PAC spends $3.3M on winners, $890K on losers
Tightest Council race is in my Crown Heights/BedStuy district. 94 votes separate Rob Cornegy + Kirsten John Foy, who is not conceding.

There were two big downballot upsets against incumbents last night. Carlos Menchaca, running against Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez, decisively won, as this Brooklyn Paper story entitled “Men-shocka!” chronicled. Also in Brooklyn, Joe Hynes lost a bid for a seventh term, making him the borough’s first incumbent district attorney to ever lose.

Be Careful on the Way Up You Might Meet Political Dead Bodies On the Way Down
New Yorkers have come to take public safety for granted(Goodwin)

Stop and Frisk Lawsuit
Cop unions join court fight against NYPD monitor(NYP) Various law enforcement unions in New York City, most notably the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, announced Wednesday night that they would file a motion in court, hoping to prevent a federal monitor from overseeing the NYPD * Brooklyn D.A. Winner Plans Review of Frisks(WSJ) * Unions seek to join fight against NYPD monitor(WSJ)

AVERSION TO PERVERSION: Voters deny Anthony Weiner, Eliot Spitzer, Micah Kellner and Vito Lopez — all embroiled in unique sexual scandals — electoral redemption(NYDN)
Summer of deviancy: Are we done with pervs?(NYP)

Emma Wolfe Political director for de Blasio's campaign

Wolfe got her start with the Democrats in the state senate and later worked for the Working Families Party, a group that helped propel de Blasio out of the crowded 2009 Democratic primary for public advo

Exit Polls

NYC exit poll: Not enough to push de Blasio over 40% mark to avert runoff, polling director tells on .

reminds us in 2005, Ferrer had 39.5 percent of the vote on

What about Sal? Sal Albanese is dead last in 9-person race for Democratic mayoral nomination, according to preliminary returns.

Weiner ‘flips’ out in defeat: Anthony Weiner’s clownish run for mayor ended like a three-ring circus la...

Democratic Runoff Is Likely in Contest for Public Advocate(NYT)

BREAKING: Stringer leading Spitzer 53 to 47 percent, thanks to women, older voters and white voters.

BREAKING: Bill de Blasio 43, Thompson 23, and Quinn 18 in exit polls.

BREAKING: Bill de Blasio drawing 46% of black votes to Thompson's 38%, early exit polls show. Wow.

The constitutional amendment to expand casino gambling uses some rosy language to suggest that it will create jobs and lower taxes, the Associated Press reports:

De Blasio Wins Most Votes in Democratic Contest(NYT)
 Public Advocate hopeful Reshma Saujani appears to have lost her 2nd bid for public office by a huge margin, the exit poll showed

Bill "Tale of Two Cities" de Blasio has a VIP room at his election party(NY Mag)
Strikingly, the exit poll showed Bill de Blasio with a 9 percentage point lead over Quinn among primary voters who identified as LGBT.

'I’m confident we will make it past today': Christine Quinn 'optimistic about the future of the city' despite mayoral primary loss(NYDN)

De Blasio does exceptionally among black women, with 50% of vote, compared with Thompson's 34%
The only borough in which Quinn was competitive was Manhattan, check out exit poll.
One of the few groups Quinn ran strongly with is white women, exit polls indicate
Hipster strategy may have paid off for , exit polls indicating he's getting 44% of 18-29 year olds.  
The Board of Elections set up a polling booth and staffed it with two workers in an election district in Manhattan that had only one voter, and it turns out the voter no longer lives in that voting district, DNAinfo writes:  
Daily News on casino amendment language: "The house always wins"
 With 7 weeks to go before voters decide the casino amendment, the silence is deafening:
 The state supreme court judge who authorized wiretaps on the phones of police union officials four years ago, which led to the ticket-fixing scandal, "appeared willing to reconsider the possibility that he had been wrong to sign off" on those wiretaps, and "questioned Bronx prosecutors about whether they had met the threshold necessary" for that kind of surveillance. [Joseph Goldstein
With just seven weeks to go before voters statewide decide whether to amend the constitution to allow up to seven new full-gaming casinos in New York, advocates and opponents of the issue have been curiously silent, the Times Union writes:
BIG BREAK AT : Judge undoes closure plan
  Attorney General Eric Schneiderman reflected on the five-year anniversary of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and touted steps taken to prevent another financial crisis, State of Politics writes:
New York City has obtained the necessary easements to complete a long-delayed quarter-mile pedestrian bridge between the South Bronx and Randall’s Island, DNAinfo writes:
State Voters To Be Asked This Fall If They Want To Legalize Gambling
State lawmakers received an extra week to respond to the Moreland Commission seeking more information on their outside income. 
The Daily News editorial board on the World Trade Center name: "Give it back."  
Pro-gambling interests have privately discussed spending up to $20 million on an advertising campaign to urge voters to pass the state’s greatest-ever expansion of casinos in a November referendum. Sen. John Bonacic would like to see Cuomo more involved in the effort.  
Attorneys for state lawmakers have negotiated an extension from the Moreland Commission from Sept. 12 5o Sept. 20 for its request seeking outside income and client lists from legislators.  
NYT: POLITICO Plans for New York Are Drawing Some Doubt...  
New York trailed the rest of the nation in Gross Domestic Product growth in metropolitan areas in 2011 and 2012, with Albany and New York City outperforming other urban areas, Gannett Albany writes:
Loopholes in state election laws allow companies and wealthy campaign donors to use an unlimited number of subsidiaries, formed as limited liability companies, to drive as much cash as they want to a candidate or political party, Newsday reports: