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Albany Footprint on New Council

Warning Albany Corruption Plague Spreading to the Council

COUNCIL WATCH: MUSICAL CHAIRS: About a quarter of the 21 New York City Council members leaving office are likely to be replaced by Assembly members, and they have a history of political and financial ties that will certainly affect their work on the Council, writes Seth Barron:

Mayoral Race

de Blasio Rose Garden Strategy
With the Democratic mayoral nomination locked up and a 40-point lead in the general election, suddenly de Blasio has made himself scarce on the campaign trail.
Bill de Blasio Briefly Returns to the Campaign Trail(NYO)
NYP Keeps the Hits On Bill Coming
De Blasio suddenly scarce on campaign trail(NYP Ed)
De Blasio ‘fixed’ pal’s water bill on council(NYP) de Blasio made it a “high priority” to help political pal Dan Cantor of the left-leaning Working Families Party reduce a water bill of nearly $9,000 * So what does de Blasio believe now?(NYP)The Post’s Bob McManus argues that de Blasio should be pressed harder on his past political beliefs and how they have informed his current beliefs* In Radio Interview, De Blasio Dodges Questions About Cuban Honeymoon(NYDN)

"Primary Night with the de Blasios" (New Yorker)* . says he has not seen lawsuit against UFT over lack of arbitrators for problem teachers.* Areas de Blasio says B'berg was effective: health, environment, mayoral control. But cites third term as "losing touch" with inequality.* de Blasio: I don't think there's evidence that small, local tax increases, esp temporary ones, impact people's choices on where to live.* . says it would be "hard" to find enough savings in city budget immediately to fund Universal Pre-K. Hence his tax hike.* . says a NYC mayor is "empowered" to make changes to income inequality but agrees feds can do much more* ducks endorsement of PA runoff... you're on your own! * . says NYT article only captured parts of his support of Sandanistas. Said story "clearly could've been more balanced" * . says his biggest lesson from working in HUD: "How easily government gums up a good idea" & "gridlock" is unfortunate default * de Blasio says he would seek to reduce employee healthcare costs, cites health clinics* Bill DeBlasio blasts Cuba on Cuban-American’s show(NYP) * Bill de Blasio Explains His ‘Liberation Theology’(NYO) * Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio is seeking campaign contributions from Wall Street in a fundraiser next month despite his proposal to raise taxes on the wealthy, the Post reports

If the nytimes ran that deblasio-sandinista story during dem primary

Lhota's Money Problems, Jobs Plan Finally
State tries to thwart Lhota PAC bid(NYP) State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman vowed to thwart an attempt by a political action committee supporting Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota to overturn the $150,000 cap on campaign contributions. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, is New York’s restriction is blatantly unconstitutional? JOBS* Lhota Takes Jobs Plan On The Road (NY1)
* In Proposals, Lhota Aims to Promote Job Growth(NYT

Lhota: New Members of the NYCHA Board Must Resign
The new board members of the New York City Housing Authority made their debut yesterday, though Lhota said they will have to resign should he become mayor, while de Blasio did not say whether he would keep them on, the Daily News writes:

City Council Recount
Cornegy comes out on top after recount in central Brooklyn City Council race 

Bloomberg Stands Alone

With the Voters Not Making Crime and Terrorism An Issue in the 2013 Elections, Is Bloomberg A Victim of His Own Good Policies?
Bloomberg threatened to no longer hold news conferences with reporters yesterday after growing frustrated with questions being posed to him, mostly about the race to replace him, saying he does not find the race “interesting”, The Wall Street Journal writes: *Mayor Bloomberg on the brink: Testy exchange with reporters leads to threat of ending press conferences(NYDN) * Mayor Bloomberg defends horse-drawn carriages in Central Park. Come New Year's Day, that might become a relic of the past.* Data Supports Bloomberg on Disparity With Income(NYT)*  Bloomberg and de Blasio question the press (Capital)

Rubber Room UFT Stall?

UFT Lawsuit by City
Bloomberg’s administration filed a lawsuit today against the United Federation of Teachers charging the union is violating the terms of the agreement to assign arbitrators to hear cases of teacher misconduct. The increased number of arbitrators was meant to end the practice of so-called “rubber rooms” for teachers accused of misconduct or wrongdoing.But Bloomberg today in a radio interview said the UFT has been delaying the implementation of the new arbitration system, which he says is adding to a backlog.* QUOTE OF THE DAY: “By failing to agree to a full arbitrator panel, the UFT grossly delays the adjudication of disciplinary cases, and causes an untenable backlog of charged personnel awaiting hearings—for months on end—during which time they are entitled to full salary and benefits. This harms the interests of schools, students, other teachers, and the DOE.” – A New York City lawsuit against the United Federation of Teachers, via The Wall Street Journal. * New York Sues Teachers’ Union Over Deal on Disciplinary Hearings(NYT)

Clean Air

"I Don't Want to Live In A City That Has Air That I Cannot See" John Lindsay
New York City air is the cleanest among American cities, touts Mayor Bloomberg(NYDN)
Bloomberg touted a survey that found that air pollution has improved in New York City, as sulfur dioxide levels have dropped by 69 percent since 2008, while soot pollution has dropped by more than 23 percent (NYT)

Election Law Protects Corrupt Pols
The state Board of Elections' enforcement counsel decided to reduce the scope of an effort to freeze the assets of campaign treasurers with judgments against them and the banks that held their funds, because of restrictions in state law, the Times Union reports: * The NYS Board of Elections' "test group" for stepped-up enforcement letters is small indeed:

Queens GOP War
Bob Turner Moves to Take Over Queens GOP 

City Council Speaker
"For 31 months the state had a black chief executive. Two of the state’s biggest upstate cities will have black mayors in 2014. Miss New York, Nina Davuluri, an Indian-American, was recently crowned Miss America. There’s no reason to believe that the speakership should be exempt from the march of demographic change." [Michael Benjamin]

Mayor's Race

Mayoral Rivals Entangled in Debate on City’s Rules for a Circumcision Rite(NYT)

Bill de Blasio and Joseph J. Lhota have seemed to embrace changing positions on a policy requiring parental consent on a procedure common among ultra-Orthodox Jews.

Lhota Backers Challenge Cap on Spending(NYT)
A “super PAC” supporting Joseph J. Lhota, the Republican mayoral nominee, sued New York election officials over a limit on contributions to independent political groups.* “Unlike Mr. de Blasio, who in June released a 74-page policy book packed with ideas big (tax increases) and small (protecting pet-owning seniors), Mr. Lhota’s campaign has yet to lay out his ideas and policy prescriptions for New York.”* Joe Lhota Ramps Up Attacks Against Bill de Blasio on Twitter, Too(NYO) * . says in talk that anyone who engages in racial profiling shd be disciplined in "the most severe-ist" way.* . says the proportion of crimes committed by minorities is not an easy topic for a "bald, white, fat guy" to discuss.* Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said it is tough to talk about race and crime because he is a “bald, white, fat guy,” and added that rival Bill de Blasio sympathizes with socialists, the Daily News writesJoe Lhota believes the Sandinistas are “a murdering, racist, anti-Semitic organization,” but he would rather talk about something else.

Buzz Team Cats Trying to Undercut Lhota
 Former Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis said that he’s suspicious of Lhota’s primary victory and promised to conduct a full investigation, while also saying he’s in no hurry to endorse Lhota, the Daily News reports: If I did endorse him, would he appreciate it?…Deep down inside, I feel like he doesn't like me" — John Catsimatidis

NYT's Powell Thinks Lhota Jumped Sandinista Shark 
Facts Are Lost in Lhota’s Attack on de Blasio’s ‘Marxist’ Strategy(Powell, NYT)
Joseph J. Lhota expressed concern that years ago, Bill de Blasio joined a solidarity group supporting the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, though the history of the movement is complicated. “Mr. Lhota not only jumped the shark, he rode a Great White bareback through New York harbor,” Mr. Powell wrote. * De Blasio "has made a series of promises that, to charter school managers, sound like a declaration of war." [Errol Louis]

Does de Blasio Have A Rose Garden Strategy?
While The Epoch Times noted a sudden shift in Mr. de Blasio’s campaign schedule since his primary victory two weeks ago: “Four days on the Democratic nominee’s schedule he had no public events, including no public events the entire last weekend.” He has not scheduled any meet-and-greets with actual voters since the win, either.Asked why he denied describing himself as a democratic socialist, Bill de Blasio said, "I literally don't remember nor do I understand what he [Joe Lhota] is referring to." [Dana Rubinstein]* "de Blasio appears to be less accessible as he pursues becoming NYC's 109th mayor."(WSJ)
Since clinching the Democratic mayoral nomination, Bill de Blasio has had fewer events on his public schedule, and markedly shorter sessions with reporters, though de Blasio denies that he’s become less accessible * Biden met with de Blasio while he was in NYC.* De Blasio Lowers His Voice(WSJ) * Later today, however, Mr. de Blasio will be holding his first meet-and-greet with voters in over two weeks–the only item on his public schedule.* Hillary Clinton to Host Fund-Raiser for Bill de Blasio(NYO) * Bill de Blasio Briefly Returns to the Campaign Trail

 The NYP Continues Its Daily de Blasio Attacks
De Blasio’s bleary, dreary eyes of youth(NYP)
City Hall hopeful Bill de Blasio was a much scruffier dude back in his college days, with a hairdo almost as distinctive as son Dante’s Afro, a beard to match and a far-away gaze. This NYU yearbook photo of “Bill Wilhelm,” as he was known before legally taking his mother’s maiden name, indicates that ties were not in style among the school’s activist set.* De Blasio’s favorite countries have dismal human-rights records(NYP)
The Post questions whether de Blasio’s judgment has improved since the days he supported the Sandinista movement in Nicaragua, honeymooned with his wife in Cuba, and welcomed Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe to City Hall * De Blasio ignored Nicaragua anti-Semitism(NYP)

Bloomberg on the Candidates
Bloomberg Gets Testy When Asked Questions About Mayor's Race (NY1)

Public Finance Waste

When overwhelming favorites get matching funds(Capital) When the New York City Campaign Finance Board met this morning, they approved hundreds of thousands of dollars in matching payments to candidates who face relatively little opposition heading into November.

Another Member Items Crook

US Atty Bharara: We are holding accountable individuals who wanted the law to be for sale and the legislature to be a bazaar
.4 defendants have now pled guilty to conspiring to bribe NYS Assemblymember Eric Stevenson 

The Rochester Democrat & Chronicle finds state agencies under Cuomo have a “pattern multiple deadline extensions on Freedom of Information Law requests,” but the administration has made gains in putting some information on line.

State Budget Director Bob Megna is pushing to hold next year’s state budget to a 2 percent increase, and is directing agency heads to once again submit “zero growth” spending requests. The only bumps in aid will be for Medicaid and K-12 education.

Next Tuesday marks the debut of New York state’s health-insurance exchange, an online marketplace that will allow consumers to choose between more than a dozen coverage plans. A range of challenges looms. 

Vice President Joe Biden presented Mayor Michael Bloomberg with the Clinton Global Citizen Award at a gala hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton, hailing Bloomberg’s efforts to promote gun control and environmental policies, the Daily News reports: 
Bloomberg to serve as chairman for London gallery(NYP)

Booker The New Weiner?
Cory Booker’s e-flirt with raunchy stripper(NYT)

New rules limiting the number of art vendors allowed in Manhattan’s busiest parks can remain in place after a federal appeals court ruled the vendors’ First Amendment rights weren’t violated because the restrictions apply equally to everyone regardless of content.* Vendors Lose in Court(WSJ)


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Pulitzer Prize winner explains how to fix journalism, saying press should 'fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can't control'

CNN bending ethics rules to allow Crossfire hosts in the door? Politico asking some smart and important questions: (Politico)

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Law and Order


3 shot in Bronx, 1 critical(NYP)

Big Shift In The Way NY Deals With Prostitution(Huff  Post)

City to Arm Staten Island Police With Anti-Overdose Drugs(NYO)
New York City is launching a pilot program to arm police officers with anti-overdose drugs to be used before medical personnel arrive in the ongoing fight against prescription drug abuse
Eatery-grade ‘forger’ busted(NYP)

19 Are Charged in a Plot to Cheat on Commercial Driver’s License Tests(NYT)

A Bold Plan to Aid Sex-Trafficking Victims(NYT Ed)
An important initiative in New York aims to treat those charged with prostitution as abused victims, rather than criminals.The Times praises a new initiative by New York state’s chief judge, Jonathan Lippman that will create the nation’s first statewide system of specialized criminal courts that deal with sex-trafficking offenses

Grandma-shove thief was on a purse-snatch spree: officials(NYP)