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Memo to Mayor Candidates Quinn and Thompson: The Streets Were Not Paved With Gold for Their Immigrant Grandparents

More Fiction Unchallenged By the Press From the Candidates

Mayoral Candidates Longing for bad old days(Goodwin, NYP)
At a recent debate, Democrats Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson took turns extolling the New York that welcomed their respective immigrant grandparents 100 years ago. The candidates suggested they were running for mayor because the city no longer offered the same degree of opportunity and class mobility that it did in the early 20th century. Think about that. They are nostalgic for a past that had barely escaped the notorious Five Points and Gangs of New York era. The good old days featured the vile slums chronicled by Jacob Riis in “How the Other Half Lives” and a political culture controlled by Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall thieves. Moreover, Quinn’s Irish ancestors and Thompson’s Caribbean ancestors likely were subjected to merciless bigotry.  And they want to turn back the clock to that New York. Really?  Beyond pandering to unions, party stalwarts seeking citywide offices often act like students in a high-school play. Faced with a pervasive lack of enthusiasm among voters, the candidates ratchet up their rhetoric with false passion, exaggerated claims and utopian schemes.  From GannettNS: In June, 43,453 fewer people were employed in NY than in June 2008.Number of unemployed grew 45%, from 497,663 to 720,917! * "46% of New Yorkers are at or below the poverty line.

Real Estate Developers Class Warfare
They fund the mayoral and council candidates; They rip off the tax payers for tax deductions from Albany and City Hall; The push out the middle class and cause gentrification in black and other minority and poor neighborhoods; Yet the powerful city's real estate developers have not become an issue in this years campaigns

Rich man, poor man, angry man (NYDN) With 8 million New Yorkers increasingly divided between haves and have-nots, the next mayor must ward off destructive class warfare.

Class WarFare: How the Rich Control Government Funded Housing In Albany and City Hall

Extell Wants to Segregate the Poor
Upper West Side condo has separate entrances for rich and poor(NYP)
 This is rich! The poor will use a separate door under plans for a new Upper West Side luxury tower — where affordable housing will be segregated from ritzy waterfront condos despite being in the.

Tax Breaks for the Rich Do Not Save the City's Middle Class
Sheldon Silver aided Gov. Cuomo in sneaking through tax breaks for luxury developer(NYDN)
Two developers who stood to benefit from the tax breaks gave Cuomo big donations days before his bill-signing. Several sources involved in the process identified Silver as the creator of the lucrative tax relief. One 57th St. building in Manhattan was projected to save $35 million over 10 years. Between 2007 and 2011, as the median family income in the city dropped by 6.8%, the median monthly rent went up by 8.6%. Thirty-one percent of New Yorkers spent more than half their income on rent, as those not lifted up by New York’s booming, knowledge-intensive fields felt the squeeze.

Silver Builds Affordable Housing for the Residents of Qatar Not Middle Class and Poor New Yorkers

Qatar Prime Minister – New Owner of the $100 Million New York’s Most Expensive Penthouse


Spinola A Major Player in the Jobs for New York Pac Which is Buying the Next City Council Speaker Push Silver and Cuomo to the Luxury Tax Breakes
Steven Spinola, president of the influential Real Estate Board of New York, said his group had been asking to have properties citywide that once were eligible for a decades-old 421a residential tax abatement to again qualify for the program. Spinola said City Hall and Silver’s chief counsel, James Yates, instead each asked for a list of specific properties that the organization wanted covered. Spinola delivered the list to the mayor’s office, the Assembly Democrats and the state Senate. The city had two conditions, but was otherwise fine with it, Spinola said. The PAC effort is being spearheaded by the Real Estate Board of New York, which includes some of the most influential figures and families in the industry, including Larry A. Silverstein, the developer of the World Trade Center, Richard S. LeFrak, Daniel R. Tishman, the Speyers and the Rudins.
As the Millions to Excell Has Shown Real Estate Developers Who Already Own Albany Are Buying the Next Council Speaker
In an interview, Susan Lerner, the executive director of Common Cause New York, a government watchdog group, indicated that the multimillion-dollar effort was a significant shift in city politics and might alter the nature of campaigning on the local level.  “The entire point of a City Council race is to reflect the needs of the neighborhoods in a district,” Ms. Lerner said. “This undercuts the neighborhood-based nature of a district and replaces neighborhood concerns with industry concerns.”Pro-Business PAC Rolls Out Latest Round of Endorsements ... * Real estate PAC becomes a player in race for Staten Island Council ... * Say NO to "Jobs for NY" PAC - Ede Fox * Opponents go postal over Chin's real estate PAC mailings | The ...


Clueless Debate Moderators

Everyone Agrees the Public Advocate Debate Sucked But Nobody Blames the Moderator
Not On Follow Up Question That What A Public Advocate Promised to Do Could Not Be Accomplished Because of the Limited Power of the Office
Lewis and Lehrer Run A Circus Not A Debate
Ester Fuchs a professor at Columbia said on NY1  said on NY1 right after the Public Advocate debate that what the candidates promised to do had nothing to do with the powers of the office.Fuchs' comments came after NY1 Errol Lewis with his constant sidekick WNYC's Brian Lehrer ran the circus. Nobody seems able to connect the dots and blame the Lewis and Lehrer for not asking follow up questions and allowing a debate about nothing.  The Daily News said today in their editorial Dodos are extinct, the candidates conversations were about nothing, because the office was about nothing. At the debate, each candidate catalogued the ills of the “other New York,” detailing a host of “crises” in housing, jobs, education and so on, and their plans for advocating for “the most vulnerable.” None seemed to have a serious idea for how they would square these ambitions with the office’s limited mandate and scant budget.

Mirram Group And Vito Lopez Connection?
Who Put Tommy Torres In Vito Race To Spit Votes?
How Did Assemblywoman's Boy Toy Wind Up Living In Vito's District? Or Did He?
 Sex-scandal-plagued Vito Lopez loses ground in City Council election(NYP)
Tommy Torres has quietly been forced from the ballot over accusations of fraud. 
Bx. pol Rivera hired unqualified boytoy to run her nonprofit, which she used as personal piggy bank
 Torres was executive director of the Bronx Council for Economic Development before his boy toy arrangement with Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera was uncovered by the post.
Rivera’s BCED, which received city funding, took in at least $1.2 million in total
government funds between 2005 and 2009, records show.

Torres Drop Out on A Problem With His Brooklyn Address
The Bronx Council for Economic Development was founded in 1995 by former Bronx party boss Roberto Ramirez. In 2002, Ramirez handed the Bronx Democratic Party reins to José Rivera, and the Riveras became the most powerful political family in the borough.In 2006, political strategist Luis Miranda, who runs a consulting firm with Ramirez, sat on the board. Serafin Mariel, a politically connected business man, replaced him on the board when he left that year. Angel Cruz, an attorney, served as board secretary while his wife, Lumarie Maldanado, worked as Naomi River’s counsel part time in 2008, records show. 

Will Independent Party Candidate Carrion Take Away Enough Votes to Give the GOP A Victory in November or Will He Make A Deal With the Democrat Primary Winner?
David Keisman was paid by independent party mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion $75,000.   Keisman is publisher of both the Manhattan Times and the Bronx Free Press.  In 2003 former voice reporter Wayne Barrett showed how Keisman mixes his publishing role with his consultant friends in the Miranda Group.The Bronx Council on the Arts.

Stringer 3 for 3

Awesome NY Daily News front page endorsing almost outdoes Post
Saturday NYT and NYP Endorses Stringer for Comptroller
Sunday Daily News Gives Stringer Hat Trick By Their Endorsements 
In testy exchange with News editorial board, Eliot Spitzer affirmed, with arrogant dishonesty, why he's not fit for NYC controller — that's why we support Scott Stringer * It was, in other words, an editorial board trifecta for Stringer, though the tabloids focused more on lambasting Spitzer than elevating him.*
Spitzer's rough weekend * David Paterson campaigning for . Audio of robo-call here
*City’s Newspapers Endorse Stringer Over Spitzer(NYT)

All 3 dailies also agreed on comptroller David Yassky in 2009...
For New York City Comptroller(NYT Ed)
Scott Stringer, the Manhattan borough president, should be elected to the office. Scott Stringer has done an outstanding job as Man hattan borough president and would make a fine New York City comptroller. He is not a flashy candidate and he has no measurable notoriety. But in this turbulent election season, we don’t need another celebrity office seeker.. .  Mr. Stringer’s opponent, Eliot Spitzer, has intellect and cunning, but he lacks the qualities critical for this job. Mr. Spitzer entered the race at the last minute, seemingly for no reason except to thrust himself back into the limelight and to offer his services again as sheriff of Wall Street. But that is a problem: it’s the same character, in a different play, on the wrong stage.

NYP Comics Opposes Spitzer Saturday and Takes Credit on Sunday for Boosting His Campaign

Editorial: Eliot should be indicted, not in office(NYP)
 But Anthony Weiner’s weird psychosexual thrill from public humiliation seems honest in comparison to Spitzer, whose version of “contrition” gives off a distinctly Charlie Sheen vibe.
Comptroller Candidates Point To Family, Lineage In Battle For Votes(NY1)
Stringer rallies on Eliot’s Post-mortem
Great Scott! City comptroller candidate Scott Stringer basked yesterday in the big boost his campaign won with The Post’s endorsement

  1. The conflicted news business: Weiner & Spitzer selling lots of papers for NYC dailies, but all the ed boards want them gone

     Who Will the NYT Endorse?
    Who Will Win the New York Times’ Mayoral Endorsement? The Kremlinology behind the Gray Lady’s process(New Republic)

Wanted: Another Green Mayor(NYT Ed)

NYP Does Another Political Hit - BPCandidate Robert Jackson

City councilman makes goodwill kid-health trips to Dominican with child-porn crony(NYP)

Plaintiffs In Discrimination Case Call On Eliot Spitzer To “Make Right What His Father Messed Up”(Buzz Feed)  In 1999, four African-Americans who worked for one of Bernard Spitzer’s luxury apartment buildings as doormen and porters alleged they had been fired for the color of their skin.

NYC: Thompson strategist slams poll distortions, says surveys have never gotten the hang of reflecting minority votes

They’re no-Brianers (NYDN Ed)

Board of Elections just doesn’t think in throwing people off the ballot
While the Board of Elections is skilled when it comes to wasting tax money, they’re dumb as posts about enforcing election rules.  Even in a state that notoriously hassles candidates over improperly stapled paperwork, the board’s action in tossing Brian Jordan off the ballot — for a lowly position that nobody else wants — is unbelievable. Jordan was running to be a delegate to the convention where Manhattan Democrats will nominate judicial candidates. He gathered the necessary signatures — but mistakenly typed his first name as “Brain.”

Mayor's Race

Every Mayoral Candidate Today Should Be Asked What They Think of Commissioners Kelly's Comment
On “Meet the Press,” NYPD Commissioner
NYC Police Commissioner Kelly: 'No question' people will die if stop-and-frisk ends
Violent crime will go up if stop-and-frisk ends: Ray Kelly(NYP)
Kelly Defends Stop-And-Frisk On Sunday Morning Talk Shows(NY1)
  1. Ray Kelly is in denial. We need a Police Commissioner who can reduce crime without violating the Constitution.
    1. "Ray Kelly's remarks show there's no way a Quinn administration can break with Bloomberg's failed police strategies."

      Quinn Attacks de Blasio on Stop and Frisk
      NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn, locked in a dead heat with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio in the race for mayor, trashed her top rival, saying he’s done nothing to put an end to the controversial NYPD stop-and-frisk tactic. 

      Al D'amato Pushing Thompson in Boro Park
      . interview with Senator went well.
Anthony Weiner jumps into stop-and-frisk debate: NYPD body cameras were MY IDEA(NYDN)

Australian Newspaper On Weiner

‘Cats’ away, foes make hay (NYP) Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis took a ribbing from his rivals yesterday for skipping a televised debate in Queens. “I hope John’s OK,” deadpanned Joe Lhota after Catsimatidis missed a taped discussion hosted by Queens Public...* John Catsimatidis's New Venture(WSJ) "I'm tough," the 64-year-old New York City mayoral candidate said recently to a crowd on the Lower East Side. "But as I show everybody—I have a heart. I'm a softy." * Republican NYC mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis says his net worth is between $3 billion and $5 billion, and he’ll spend whatever it takes to get to City Hall, insisting: “Money is no object.”

Confronting de Blasio's rise as anti-Bloomberg candidate, Quinn recalibrating. Smart & piece Quinn Seeks Distance From Mayor on Police Stop-and-Frisk Strategy
Quinn, De Blasio Talk Stop-And-Frisk On Campaign Trail

Lesbian PAC has hardly given any campaign money to Christine Quinn — while LPAC board member works for Bill de Blasio(NYDN)

(NYT) Quinn’s Wife Is a Reluctant Campaigner


Judge Orders LICH Fully Open

Long Island College Hospital (LICH) supporters celebrated a victory in Cobble Hill late Friday after Supreme Court Justice Johnny Lee Baynes ordered the immediate restoration of hospital services and staffing to the levels that were in place on July 19.

Bloomberg Legacy

Future Owner of the NYT  Bloomberg, Who Hates the NYT, is Reviews By the NYT
Bloomberg legacy Will Be Based On How Much the Next Mayor Screws Up
Poll Shows New Yorkers Are Deeply Conflicted Over Bloomberg’s Legacy(NYT)
 Fifty-five percent of New Yorkers surveyed this month said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg cared “some” or “a lot” about the needs and problems of people like themselves.Bloomberg’s health initiatives have won over New Yorkers, but the public is less enamored of his overall mayoralty, The New York Times found.  

BLOOMBERG'S LEGACY: From cigs to fat to frisk — the policies foes say they will keep and what they would dump(NYDN)
Interactive Graphic: New Yorkers’ Views on Their Mayor and His Programs
The latest New York Times poll asked New Yorkers to take a look back as Michael R. Bloomberg’s three terms as mayor of New York City come to a close. * A Mayor Who Puts Wall Street First *NYT) No mayor has done more than Michael R. Bloomberg to consolidate New York’s identity with that of Wall Street.* The Impossible Mayor of the Possible(NYT) Poll Shows New Yorkers Are Deeply Conflicted Over Bloomberg’s Legacy(NYT)

City Hall Gadfly

The Bane of Four Mayors(NYT)
Known for his rambling and provocative questions, Rafael Martínez Alequin, a City Hall reporter, has been an irritant to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and other mayors.

The Journalist Blogger That Got Pedro Espada, Still Ignored By Main Stream Media
At First Rafael Martínez Stood Up to Pedro Espada Alone Putting His Life in Danger  .(TRUE NEWS) . .  13 Years After He Started His Investigation of the Former Senator's Corruption He Watch, the U.S. Attorney Declared "The Espada Era Is Over"

Bloomberg: Fingerprint Locks At NYCHA
QUOTE OF THE DAY: “If you have strangers walking in the halls of your apartment building don’t you want somebody to stop and say, ‘Who are you? Why are you here?’… Cause the locks on these doors with somebody here coming and going… What we really should have is fingerprinting to get in.” – Mayor Michael Bloomberg outlining a plan for fingerprinting NYCHA tenants, via State of Politics. 
Bloomberg proposed fingerprinting all NYCHA residents and for the prints to be used as a way to enter buildings, drawing sharp criticism from the candidates running to replace him, State of Politics writes: Mayor Bloomberg said NYC public housing should have locks controlled by fingerprint scanners to keep out criminals.   * Mayor's Musings Trigger a Storm(WSJ)
* 'Like prisoners in their own homes': Mayoral candidates blast Bloomberg's remark that NYCHA residents should be fingerprinted(NYDN)* NYCHA slows down controversial plan to lease land for luxury  developments(NYDN)

Bloomberg: Blasts Stop and Frisk Judge
Bloomberg blasts stop-and-frisk judge(NYP)
Bloomberg’s appeal(NYP Ed)

Quinn Seeks Distance From Mayor on Police Stop-and-Frisk Strategy(NYT)

Veiled Group Shows Ease of Using Web for Attack Ads(NYT)
The group, which a spokesman says is made up of former government workers and political operatives, is, at low cost, challenging Bill de Blasio’s character.

City Slows Plan for Market-Rate Units on Public Housing Land(NYT)

The Bloomberg administration faced criticism for its plan to lease to developers some of the land at eight housing projects and has shifted the plan to allow more time for discussion.


Latest Poll Shows the Public Is Not Impressed With Any Of the Front Runners - Lead Keeps Changing
Quinn at 24%, Bill de Blasio at 21% and Thompson at 16% 
Dead heat! Latest poll from NBC/Marist shows & tied among likely Democratic voters; close behind. Poll showing beating both and in a runoff. * widens his lead over in our new NBC 4 New York WSJ Marist Poll. 53-34. Black & Latino voters give him the edge* Joe Lhota led with 33%, followed by rival John Catsimatidis at 22%, and George McDonald at 12%.* Marist poll director Lee Miringoff says does better with Hispanics while beats her among African-Americans. * De Blasio, Quinn Neck-and-Neck in N.Y. Mayoral Race(NY1) * Bill Thompson is within "striking distance" of the front-runners in the mayoral race, according to Lee Miringoff, the Marist pollster whose latest survey put the former comptroller in third place.

Lhota Says Democratic Candidates Will Blow Up New York

Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota said the city would take one step closer to Detroit's fate if a Democrat is elected mayor in November because of the likelihood a Democrat would grant retroactive pay raises, the New York Post writes:
Bad Pension News
New York’s pension fund for public employees grew at the anemic rate of .29 percent in the first quarter of the fiscal year, according to a report from state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

The NYP Whose Attacks On Spitzer Have Not Worked Not Goes After de Blasio
Bill de Blasio’s clear message that New York is a tale of two cities, the haves and the have-nots, is a sentiment the New York Post agrees with while arguing that de Blasio’s strategy to fix the city’s problems would make the divide worse
De Blasio’s New Yorks(NYP Ed)
The latest news shows Bill de Blasio surging in the polls. What makes his rise interesting is that he is one of the few mayoral candidates with a clear message: We live in two New Yorks, he tells us — one for the haves, the other for the have-nots.. . We’d just add that virtually every one of de Blasio’s “fixes” would in practice make the divide between the two New Yorks deeper..  .De Blasio is the last of the big-time class warriors. And his solutions come out of the 1960s: Jack up taxes on the rich, increase spending and programs for the poor, award no-bid city contracts to women and minority-owned businesses and so forth.

Nobody Wants Spizer's Book
Eliot Spitzer has only managed to sell about 70 print copies of his latest book, according to Bookscan figures.

Weiner's Mom Knows Best

Teacher Praises Weiner (She’s Hardly Impartial)(NYT)
Fran Weiner, Anthony D. Weiner’s mother, a retired math teacher, made her first appearance on the campaign trail on Thursday outside of Brooklyn Technical High School, Mr. Weiner’s alma mater
Weiner Had Relationship with Former Staffer
* Anthony Weiner's Relationship With Former Staffer Raises Questions   
Only 6 reporters showed up to see if Weiner would talk about latest drama (report of romance with staffer). It's official: Weiner Fatigue.

Although William C. Thompson Jr. finished strong in 2009, many voters say they still do not know much about him.
A UFT mailer for Thompson references the "slush fund scandals" and "the repeal of term limits." [Azi Paybarah
With Burst of Energy, Thompson Tries to Escape His Opponents’ Shadow
Wall Street Panic Worse Since 1929
R.I.P. Bill "The Lynch Family Welcomes Madam President and Her Husband Bill" Rev. Sharpton
New York's powerbroker elite attend funeral for William (Bill) Lynch Jr., political consultant known for his genius(NYDN) Former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton said Bill Lynch was a “constant source of guidance” and a “trusted advisor” and former Mayor David Dinkins called him the “greatest man I have ever known * Bill Lynch, Political Mentor, Is Mourned by Names He Helped Elevate (NYT)
* Salute to political ‘prince’ Bill Lynch
* Former Deputy Mayor Always "Got Things Done", Mourners Recall(NY1)
* "NY's prince of progressive politics is gone now. His students must learn to dream and dare on their own."(NYDN)
Good guy gone (NYDN Ed)
The inspiring and history-making political leadership of Bill Lynch

 Public Advocate Debate
Public Advocate Rivals Try to Stir Interest(NYT)
The debate among the five Democratic candidates was heavy on biography and at times short on polish. * The five candidates for Public Advocate squared off in an hour long televised debate that got heated at times, NY1 reports:
* Candidates Spar Over NYPD, Ethics(WSJ)
* NY1 Online: Democratic Candidates For Public Advocate Participate In Debate* Those vying to replace Mr. de Blasio faced off in an occasionally fiery NY1 debate. For instance, Councilwoman Tish James refused to answer rival Reshma Saujani‘s question about conflicts of interest with: “I don’t think I’ll take any ethics lesson from a Wall Street lawyer.” She then answered State Senator Dan Squadron‘s outside spending question by declaring she’s “not going to take ethics class from an individual who comes from Albany.” Comptroller Candidates Point To Family, Lineage In Battle For Votes

Stop and Frisk Appeal Filed Today
WASTING NO TIME: City to file appeal on stop-and-frisk ruling on Friday as Bloomberg insists controversial policy has saved 'countless 'lives'(NYDN)

Developer incentives don't provide enough affordable housing

Report Finds a City Incentive Is Not Producing Enough Affordable Housing(NYT)

The Forgotten Issue in the Mayoral Campaign Jobs

New York City’s Jobless Rate Held Steady in July(NYT)
 The rate remained at 8.4 percent last month, despite a summertime surge in hiring on Wall Street, the State Labor Department reported.
Brooklyn DA Race

CM Says DA Candidate Said He Will Make Jews A Target, NYT Says Not True
The Times’ Michael Powell criticizes Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes for not speaking up when Councilman David Greenfield wrongly criticized his opponent Kenneth Thompson of “targeting” the Orthodox Jewish community

Hynes Uses Greenfield's Statement - Remains Silent
Prosecutor Silent on Questionable Claim(NYT) Mr. Greenfield, who represents Midwood, Borough Park and Bensonhurst in Brooklyn, attacked Kenneth P. Thompson, who is black and the opponent of Mr. Hynes in the Democratic primary. He “should scare you,” the councilman said at a news conference. “He said he’s going to target the Jewish community,” Mr. Greenfield said as Mr. Hynes stood next to him, barely blinking. “That’s something that quite frankly is shocking. It’s outrageous, and it’s unacceptable.” *Kings County DA, Charles Hynes, endorsed by the Jewish Voice.

The NYT Michael Powell calls out Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes for standing by while his endorser, NYC Councilman David Greenfield, accused his opponent, Kenneth Thompson, of planning to “target” the Jewish community if elected.* Hynes and Thompson Clash in Furious Brooklyn DA Forum(NYO) Peppering his language with words like “hell” and “damn,” Mr. Hynes resembled a cantankerous father scolding an impudent son, dismissing Mr. Thompson as a liar with a flimsy résumé. Mr. Thompson, meanwhile, painted Mr. Hynes as a corrupt product of a political machine completely out of touch with the needs of minority Brooklynites. * Abner Louima endorses in the Brooklyn D.A. race (Capital)

David Greenfield Answer
I'm suggesting that Ken Thompson was trying to appeal to other parts of Brooklyn by falsely claiming Jews get better treatment. * He was scoring points by criticizing the current DA by claiming that Orthodox Jewish defendants receive better treatment. * Fact is Ken Thompson introduced race/religion in DA's race by singling out my community to score pts. Now he's upset that I called him out? 
Greenfield's Radio Show
.: Ken Thompson is running a campaign theme against treating the Orthodox Jewish community better. "It's offensive." * DG: "This fellow" is trying to inject race and religion to get a few cheap votes. This should disqualify him becoming Brooklyn's next DA 

A Strange Investigation

NYP AG Who Is Investigating Rapfogel Conflict of Interest
Records show that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was friendly with William Rapfogel, whom he is investigating in a kickback scheme, though his office said their past history would not impact the criminal probe 
AG’s history with ‘kickback’ honcho(NYP)
 State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman was friendly with social-services honcho William Rapfogel before launching a criminal probe of him, records show. Schniederman appointed Rapfogel, the former longtime CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, to serve on his 32-member advisory panel on nonprofit revitalization in 2011.

 Hoping to secure their standing with the next administration, New York City taxi and livery car companies have poured money into the mayoral candidates’ campaigns

Taxi Industry Buying Supporet

Cuomo and Developers

More Pay Cuomo to Play Tax Breaks Development
Gov. Cuomo received $76,000 from real estate investors weeks before giving their property a tax break on bill (NYDN) Three partners at Fisher Brothers, which owns the New York Curb Exchange at 86 Trinity Place, each gave at least $25,000 to Cuomo weeks before he approved the tax breaks. The location is one of five Manhattan properties that was singled out for tax relief in a January bill.* Months before J. Patrick Barrett was named to Cuomo’s Moreland Commission to investigate public corruption, he threw a fundraising birthday party for friend and soon-to-be commission co-chair, Onondaga County DA William Fitzpatrick, netting him thousands in campaign cash.

Groundhog NYP Spitzer

Thursday's NYP Spitzer Attack
The chart that explains why is leading in the comptroller race
Eliot can ‘run’ – and apparently hide, too(NYP)
A strange silence (NYP) Spitzer prosecutor mum With New Yorkers and the local business community at risk of being again subjected to Eliot Spitzer’s often insane style of governing, it sure would be nice to hear from the guy who opted not to prosecute him for his crimes. Former Manhattan US Attorney Michael Garcia investigated Spitzer about five years ago as “Client 9” of the prostitution ring Emperor’s Club VIP. It was the revelation of Gov. Socks’ multiple trysts with prostitutes that ended his scandal-plagued term as governor. But Garcia isn’t talking. * Charles Gasparino would like to hear from former Manhattan US Attorney Michael Garcia, who might be weighing his own run for state attorney general, about why he didn’t prosecute Spitzer.
For Stringer, an Unsuccessful Stint Outside Politics(NYT) Scott M. Stringer tried his hand at being a restaurateur in the 1990s, but the experience included bankruptcy and an acrimonious dispute with the landlord, records show.

Mayor's Race

The Daily News chides Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner for not cooperating in providing documentation about his use of campaign funds in investigating who allegedly hacked into his Internet accounts
We give up, Carlos (NYDN Ed)

Waste no more time on Weiner and his bogus inquiry

Deep divide: Bill de Blasio says race for mayor defined by 'disparities' among New Yorkers(NYDN)
Bill de Blasio Insists He’s Not Too Nice to Be Mayor(NYO)
De Blasio on Bloomberg's decision to appeal of stop&frisk ruling: "wrong & deeply misguided...As mayor, I would drop this appeal on day 1." explores why Bill de Blasio has gained ground in NYC Mayor race and the challenges he faces.

Watch Chris on talking about how she'll grow NYC's middle class!
Christine Quinn promises to improve the city condom. [Yoav Gonen
NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn’s Spanish campaign mailer refers to her as “el unico candidato,” which is a male candidate.   Bill Thompson rolled out a transportation plan that presents the most driver-friendly of vision of the leading New York City mayoral candidates, including using church parking lots as park-and-rides, Capital New York writes:

Thompson Says He Has A Shot At 40%
Video: Bill Thompson at East Midwood Jewish Senior Citizen Center
Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson pledged during an online chat with Daily News readers to reach a contract with municipal unions if elected, but refused to explain how he would deal with demands for retroactive raises * Mr. Thompson, who is reportedly set to get the Assemblyman Dov Hikind‘s endorsement next week, also spoke to his outreach to the Orthodox Jewish community yesterday. “It is about the issues that affect the Jewish community but I think it’s also about relationships. I’ve worked in the Jewish community for decades,” he proclaimed. “It is part of who I am.” * Bill Thompson thinks he has a shot to get over 40% and beat the runoff
 * Norman Seabrook, who backed Thompson in 2009: all he ever did was waste our $. f

BOE Sucks

BOE Melt Down Primary Feared
True News Has Reported Not enough lever machines for ever ed. If voters turn out here your lines and delays guys
The possibility of “a nightmare scenario” has emerged where the results of the NYC mayoral primary are still in dispute due to chaos at the Board of Elections as the date of the final runoff approaches. 

They steal money (NYDN Ed)
The thieves at the Board of Elections must be stopped before they lavish more than $120,000 on an army of patronage drones in a preposterous boondoggle that only these people would have the nerve to dream up.

Another Hospital Closing

Yet another Queens hospital closing, another on critical list(Queens Crap)

From the Queens Courier:  Health care in the borough continues to flatline one facility at a time, with Holliswood Hospital the latest to shutter its doors. The 127-bed private psychiatric hospital in Jamaica closed on Monday, August 12 due to financial troubles, said a hospital official. Current patients will begin to be discharged, and after an estimated one to two weeks, the site will close permanently.* An audit by state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli estimates the state’s Medicaid program might have overpaid hospitals by as much as $31.1 million over a 34-month period for patients who died within a day of being admitted.
Many Holliswood Hospital Workers Say Goodbyes On Last Day Of Work
A court order to allows LICH to resume services  

Latest Poll Comptroller's Race

Democratic Candidates For Manhattan Borough President Make Their Cases In NY1 Debate(NY1)

Debate and Latest Polls de Blasio Leads 
In NY Democratic Primary Liberals Voters Always Come to the Polls
De Blasio- New Yorkers Victims of the Rich - Two Cities
Multiracial Family and the UnWeiner
 “A few weeks ago, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio lookesd like an also-ran. Today, he’s the leader of the pack, and a winner in the runoffs. Follow the bouncing ball, folks. This line-up keeps changing.” – Quinnipiac pollster Maurice Carroll on the latest New York City mayoral poll. Bill de Blasio has 30 percent of the Democratic primary vote, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll, with Christine Quinn at 24 percent and Bill Thompson at 22 percent, Weiner 10%
Bill de Blasio Leaps to Front in New Poll(NYO)
New Poll Suggests That de Blasio Is Now First Among Voters(NYT)
Q-Poll: de Blasio Surges (Update)(YNN)
De Blasio takes lead in mayoral race(NYP)
de Blasio's "his Park Slope neighbors shouldn’t start picking out inaugural-party-wear just yet"(NYM)'
De Blasio leads among white voters, with 39 percent. Thompson leads among black voters with 39 percent. [Colby Hamilton] * Dante de Blasio might just have gotten his dad elected Mayor of NYC with this amazing ad (Daily Beast)

For the first time, de Blasio passed Quinn in a poll, but that could change. [David Chen]
"The polling may reflect the fact De Blasio has been on the air with TV ads over the past week." [Bobby Cuza]
Bill de Blasio shoots ahead of Quinn in new poll(NYP)
Bill de Blasio Says Surge Is Similar to His 2009 Campaign
In a televised debate last night, mayoral candidates focused their attacks on Christine Quinn(NYT)
  1. De Blasio Asks City to Address Its Inequalities 
True News Wag the Dog
Two Weeks Ago TN Said the NYT's Is Falling in Love With Bill 
NYT City Desk is Trying to Elect Quinn But It Looks Like the Gang At the Editorial Board Might Not Agree
Could Public Advocate Bill de Blasio wrest The New York Times endorsement away from its expected recipient, Council Speaker Christine QuinnThe Times praises Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio’s plan (NYT Ed) to save dying community hospitals in Brooklyn, specifically his idea for a Brooklyn Health Authority run jointly by the city and state * Brooklyn residents hold vigil to protest hospital closing(WABC)

Today NY Magazine Says NYT Fell In Love With de Blasio
The Times “fell in love” with Bill de Blasio this month with positive opinion pieces and stories, writes New York Magazine’s Benjamin Wallace-Wells, who wonders if the public advocate might win the paper’s endorsement: 

Guess How the Post Attacked Today
It’s embarrassing(NYP Ed) Democrats don’t embarrass easily. But unless Gov. Cuomo exercises some adult control, the current Democratic candidates may well have the party trading in the traditional donkey for a new image: Client 9 on his hotel bed with his socks on. * In the Daily News, Blake Zeff, the politics editor for, argues that Eliot Spitzer’s candidacy for comptroller has evoked “privilege and disingenuousness”, as opposed to the progressive leadership he has shown in the past: 

White Castle Liu
While Road to City Hall spent a full, 15-hour day with Comptroller John Liu. “White Castle never tasted this good before, and now, I know why. The lady gave me a double,” Mr. Liu exclaimed between stops. “Seriously. Look. Two. Two patties.” Later, at a fried chicken joint near 10 p.m., he orders: “Two thighs and a drumstick. What’s that, apple pie?” * John Liu Compares Himself to Barack Obama at Harlem Rally(NYO)
The loss of his “life mentor” Bill Lynch was just another in a long list of setbacks for mayoral candidate and NYC Comptroller John Liu, but he insists he’llcontinue to fight on.

Mayoral Debate

Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn was repeatedly attacked by her opponents in last night’s first live televised debate, mainly for her role in helping Mayor Michael Bloomberg win a third term, The New York Times writes:

FIGHT NIGHT: New York City's Democratic mayoral hopefuls square off in Daily News’ debate as primary race heats up(NYDN)Weiner, Other Dems Spar in NYC Mayor's Race Debate(ABC) * Democrats in 1st debate since latest Weiner sexting scandal spar ...(Wash Post)Democrats in NYC mayor's race to hold key debate(WSJ) * First NYC mayoral debate moves past Anthony Weiner(Politico) * NYC mayoral debate gets ugly between Weiner, Quinn(CNN) * What You Missed in the First Televised Democratic Mayoral Debate(NY MAG) * The Post’s Michael Goodwin writes that the federal ruling on stop-and-frisk absolves the four leading Democratic mayoral candidates of any responsibility for keeping New York City safe should they take office: * Disgraced Anthony Weiner still has supporters despite newest sexting scandal(NYDN)

Weiner's first line: "I've made mistakes..." * Bill de Blasio begins with tale of two cities and says he's the only one who will provide a clear break from Bloomberg years. . says "the city is in my blood." * John Liu said he is the only candidate with the political courage to fight for a min. wage. He said he's only one calling to end stop/frisk. * "When I'm mayor, unconstitutional stops will end," says . * Quinn response: "The council and I have worked on reforming this for years" and next week will override Bloomberg veto * "the judge's decision was right"--
* Bill Thompson said judge's decision confirms what he's been saying for years. * "We need an independent inspector general," de Blasio says about stop-and-frisk policies but disagrees w/ Quinn wanting to keep Com. Kelly * responds he would keep one of ray kelly's lieutenants but not kelly. "Speaker Quinn's comment is simply inaccurate." * ! : "i don't want to talk about anthony and that's not why i'm here tonight."    *"I don't want to talk about Anthony," Thompson says, he would rather talk about and real problems * Christine Quinn uses question about Anthony Weiner to cite her accomplishments. She blasts Weiner's record in congress. * . talks about her record delivering from middle class. "For me is the bigger issue is his record," slams Weiner's record in House * . calls "visionary" on public health but said "he gets an F" for economic policies. *Bill Thompson said Mayor Bloomberg should not have had a third term. * Quinn is attacking Thompson's, de Blasio's and Weiner's record, but Weiner says she was not up to the job.- JM * after 3rd term exchange, Quinn says "My opponents are attacking me repeatedly" bc they have no record. * Bill Thompson wants a chief jobs officer, but isn't that what a deputy mayor is for? * Liu -- Are we in the Twilight Zone? Quinn faced a revolt on Living Wage * Quinn striking right back at De Blasio: "He does not want folks to know his record. He did not pass one bill to create a good paying job." * ABC's Dave Evans asks de Blasio: Should successful people or people who aspire to be successful be afraid of your campaign?
Anthony Weiner said all these people on the stage are from the same place -- entrenched politicians. Isn't Weiner a longtime politician? * Quinn: Union that sponsored Living Wage bill said that de Blasio was "missing in action" on that bill * Thompson says tax increase is a last resort, not a first. * NY1 Exclusive: John Liu Offers Proposal To Cut Tuition At CUNY By Legalizing Marijuana (NY1) * John Liu said he is proud to be an immigrant himself. He was born in Taiwan. If elected, he would be the city's first Asian-American mayor. * Everyone else's strategy has been to ignore in this debate. Only Quinn is inexplicably hitting him repeatedly. He's in 4th * Thompson says he supports ID cards. "Too many undocumented immigrants are hiding," he says - JM * Four of the five candidates say "no" when asked if they hired an undocumented worker. "Not to my knowledge," Weiner said. * . declines to answer the retroactive pay question, too. As does * "They can keep their money," John Liu to Campaign Finance Board.* takes it back to Mrs Brown and why he is fighting for * About 10 mins after the end of the debate, de Blasio, Liu and Thompson still chatting it up with press and supporters at ABC studios...
  1. Conclusive that ideological range in Demo fields runs from Very liberal to quite liberal to liberal and back again to Norman Thomas
    1. Quinn's debate per her campaign: "Quinn commands first major TV debate with
      1. While my opponents were practicing sound bites on Monday, I was in Bensonhurst w/ hearing from voters:
        1. Debate recap: Quinn trapped in consultant saran wrap; Thompson memorably unmemorable; Liu&deBlasio in stride; Weiner descending into shtick

Battle for the Black Votes: Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Press Their Case(NYO)

GOP Cats Catching Up
In the last , was leading by 14% among GOP primary voters; in today's poll, he's only ahead by 6%. . spox on Q poll: NYers realize he has the vision and leadership skills this city needs and though he's tough, he also has a heart

Republican NYC mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis warns “nuclear bombs” will fall on his opponents if they go negative on hi

Are TV Debate Hosts Chickens or Just Clueless?

These So Called Debates Are More Like Power Point Presentations.  Candidates Say Whatever They Want With No Follow Up Questions. False Promises and Statement Go Unchallenged By the Moderator

Nobody Talked About the Unspent Repair Money At NYCHA At the Debate Last Night
LATEST FAIL: NYCHA has been sitting on $50 MILLION of taxpayers' money set aside for repairs since 2008, report reveals(NYDN)  The New York City Housing Authority has held on to $50 million in taxpayer dollars allocated to repair its aging facilities, including $9.6 million from 2008 or earlier, according to a report sent to the City Council

Nobody At the Debate Last Night Talke About the Schools That Work and Why They Do

Daily News 
Credits the Parents
The Daily News details its analysis of state testing that shows that 22 of the 25 top performing schools in the state were in New York City, with parental choice as the common thread between the schools: 
EASY A: Bright spot in test gloom as 22 city schools among New York state's Top 25 Common Core exam performers(NYDN)
New York Issuing Scorecards on Teacher Colleges(NYDN)
The Bloomberg administration released scorecards for a dozen teacher preparation programs in New York City, with the results showing that even the country’s most prestigious programs have room for improvement, The New York Times reports:

At the Debate Last Night Nobody Talked About
How Real Estate $$$ Run Politics in NYC
Cuomo On Real Estate Contributors Subpoenas
Cuomo said he has no problem with the anti-corruption Moreland Commission he convened sending subpoenas to real estate companies that have contributed to his campaign, including Extell Development, the Times Union writes:  Evan Davis, a lawyer who served as counsel to former Gov. Mario Cuomo, is spearheading the launch of a survey that will review the effectiveness and potential improvements for the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics, the Times Union writes: 

The Times praises the anti-corruption Moreland Commission for investigating the link between campaign contributions to state lawmakers and legislation that benefits those contributors

True News Exclusive Part I: How Luxury Developers Avoid Paying Taxes While Pushing Out the City's Middle Class
Luxury Housing Developers, Vito Lopez and Met Council's Non Profit Housings Secret World

Part I True News Exclusive
How Tax Payer Are Being Fleased out of Hundreds of Millions of Tax Dollars By Real Estate billionaires

The average New Yorker pay real estate tax on their properties as well capital gains tax when the propertifes are sold.  In recent years greedy devlopers have come up with a way not pay capital gains taxes.  The law was changed by Speaker Silver and his buddies to allow non profits who do not pay any taxes to sell capital gains tax credits to greedy developers, saving them millions. 

The Rapfogel scandal if properly investigated will expose how the biggest greedy real estate developer avoid paying any taxes on capital gains for their luxury developments.  The city has lost 6000 cops and thousands of teachers because of this lost tax revenue from developers. 

The Bloomberg Pfzer Payoff
After the 2009 election Bloomberg gave the  Pfizer site to a group run by UJO of Williamsburg and Vito Lopez as as payoff for support/ According to insiders Rapfogel's Met Council was to be a partner in the Pfizer deal. Before his removal from Albany, Lopez as Housing Chairman controlled what gets built in NYC. Lopez made his mini me Erik Martin Dilan the chairman of the Council's Housing & Buildings Committee. At one time all the city developers who wanted tax breaks or government $$$ had to go through Lopez. Lopez was the lead pol on getting the tax breaks for Extell's ONE57.  Lopez though his non profit Bushwick Senior Citizen Council is one of the cities biggest non profit developers.  What needs to be investigated are non profits like Vito's Communlife and Met Council that sell he rights to 421-a tax certificates to luxury developers and who got what money.  Century Coverage Corp gave heavily to Brooklyn candidates connected to Vito Lopez.

The Peter Fine Cover Up Connection to Carrion and Luxury Developers Tax Breaks
“Atlantic Development and Peter played a very important role in helping us expirand our senior housing,” said William Rapfogel, CEO of the council. 

 In 2010 investigators from the city Department of Investigation and the Manhattan district attorney’s office raided the Soho offices of Atlantic Development, reportedly part of an ongoing investigation of the firm’s possible use of cash to influence various projects. During the boom, Atlantic Development generated millions of dollars in revenue by selling the rights to 421-a tax certificates to developers Larry Silverstein and Joseph Moinian — a common exchange between affordable housing and luxury developers. Silverstein and Moinian, in turn, used the certificates to offset the expenses tied to luxury high-rise apartment buildings. As a top city official, mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion went to bat for a major developer who had arranged to provide an architect for renovations to Carrion’s Bronx home, the Daily News has learned.  Carrion provided the help to developer Peter Fine when Carrion was Bronx Borough President and the developer was wrestling to win city approval for a $300 million project of apartments and retail space, Boricua Village.

Rapfogel is in trouble because of Century Coverage Corporation contributions to pols
Peter Fine's Atlantic Development so much money to pols that common causme wrote a press release about them: CommonCause/NY Responds to Daily News Exclusive about Adolfo Carrion & Peter
Common Cause/NY Responds to Daily News Exclusive about Adolfo Carrion & Peter Fine - See more at:
Mr. Fine is among the most prolific political donors in New York. Since 2004, he has personally given $458,130 in donations to state and city politicians and committees. During this same period, aggregate donations from Atlantic Development Group, Mr. Fine and his wife, and Atlantic Development Group co-founder Marc Altheim and his wife total nearly $1 million. 
Mr. Fine is among the most prolific political donors in New York. Since 2004, he has personally given $458,130 in donations to state and city politicians and committees. During this same period, aggregate donations from Atlantic Development Group, Mr. Fine and his wife, and Atlantic Development Group co-founder Marc Altheim and his wife total nearly $1 million. - See more at:

Is Rapfogel Instant Apology Designed to Limited An Investigation Into His Housing Deals
In a statement released by his lawyer, Mr. Rapfogel apologized for unspecified “mistakes” and said, “I will do everything possible to make amends.”  "How deep does this go? It’s hard to say. The authorities might have had a better chance of flipping Rapfogel had they arrested him before this became public. In that case, they may have been able to accumulate evidence demonstrating complicity between Rapfogel and his allies in government.  It’s a little strange frankly, that we know so much about this and the man at the center has already apologized and no one is in cuffs. All of that spells money being returned and slaps on wrists as one man takes the fall. More often than not it’s the feds who use RICO statutes to go after wider conspiracies involving government corruption. But this time it’s the AG and the Comptroller both of whom have ties to the Democratic establishment." YNN

"These developers have been subpoenaed by Moreland yet their donations helped get these candidates in tonight's debate" Sal Albanese

Breaking II The End is Near For Silver

NYC finance commissioner David Frankel to replace Willie Rapfogel as head of Met Council
City finance commissioner moves to Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty(NYDN)

City finance commissioner David Frankel is set to replace the embroiled William Rapfogel as the head of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty.
Poverty Group Appoints City Official as New Chief

Are the Feds Involved?
DiNapoli On Rapfogel Probe: ‘Stay Tuned’(YNN) “We’v been building strong relationships with law enforcement, whether it’s local district attorneys or the attorney general and we’re working with U.S. attorneys offices now more than we have in the past,” DiNapoli said.

Follow the money(NYDN Ed)
Met Council's Rapfogel got too cozy with the politicians who fund his organization
Sources close to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver say he has no intention of firing his longtime Chief of Staff Judy Rapfogel despite her husband being the focus of a criminal investigation involving alleged kickbacks to his nonprofit
All roads lead to Shelly(NYP Yet again the stench of scandal wafts over New York. Yet again a man whose organization has received millions from taxpayers finds himself under criminal investigation. And yet again the connections reach to the top: to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.The man under investigation is William Rapfogel, who was fired last week as executive director and CEO of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. The organization relies for a good chunk of its money on government grants, much of which has been provided by Silver and his allies via member items. Oh, did we mention that Rapfogel is married to Silver’s chief of staff?

Silver gal tarnished by hubby (NYP) She’s not staff, she’s family. For 37 years, Judy Rapfogel has been at Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s side. Now, as her husband potentially faces jail, Silver has her back. Those close to the state’s second-most powerful politician say the...

Piling On Silver (YNN)
Shelly pal booted in ‘kickback’ scam(NYP)
Sources said Rapfogel is under criminal investigation for allegedly taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks in a scheme he allegedly concocted to inflate the council’s insurance bills so he could keep the overcharges for himself.

Kellner Loses A Union
32BJ rescinds its endorsement of Kellner and calls on him to drop out

Attorney General Investigating New York Power Broker(NYT  The state attorney general, Eric T. Schneiderman, is investigating allegations of financial malfeasance involving William E. Rapfogel, the president of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty. * William Rapfogel Fired From Met Council Amid Criminal Probe(Jewish Forward)* Also, Comptroller DiNapoli is working with AG's office on investigation of Met Council, says spokeswoman Jennifer Freeman
Shelly pal in charge of Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty being probed for alleged 'financial irregularities' in group's insurance policies(NYP)* Cuomo still not denouncing Silver, amid more bad news   Rapfogel even served on AG Eric Schneiderman’s advisory panel on nonprofit revitalization, but now he’s in the AG’s cross hairs. *  City comptroller candidate Eliot Spitzer attacked Scott Stringer for his support of a Midtown rezoning plan during a debate, prompting Greg David of Crain’s to guess that internal polling shows it to be unpopular:

. and report a Jewish charity group leader being investigated for misuse of tax dollars. William Rapfogel: "After 21 years at the Metropolitan Council...I deeply regret the mistakes I have made that led to my departure." * "Investigation is looking 2c where the $ went & which mayoral candidates might have received improper funding"* Here's a link where Quinn cut funding that went to a sister organization to the Met Council  * "The invitees include Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty CEO William Rapfogel"   *William Rapfogel: I Apologize(NYDN)
Rapfogel Off Facebook and Twitter
Christine Quinn returns $25,000 in campaign donations tied to insurance firm at center of William Rapfogel scandal, rep says. 
bill thompson spx says campaign will see if rapfogel scandal dates back to when he received money from insurance company at center of probe 
Silver Never Knows Anything Mr. Rapfogel’s lawyer, Paul Shechtman, said his client’s conduct was not known to Mr. Silver. “Whatever Willie did, his wife and Speaker Silver knew nothing about it,” Mr. Shechtman said.
Bill Thompson received $15,350 since 2003, none in the current mayoral cycle. Bill de Blasio received $1,650 in the last election cycle and Anthony Weiner received a single $4,900 donation that is being used in the current cycle.  A de Blasio rep said the campaign would be returning the $1,650 from its 2009 account.
Spitzer says comptroller "shouldn't be political, esp when it comes to the pension funds ... Invest with caution."* Haile Rivera, a Democratic candidate for , is calling on to resign immediately. Benjamin Brafman, a lawyer representing Joseph Ross, the insurance company’s chief executive, said only, “Mr. Ross is aware of the investigation and intends to address the issues raised in a responsible fashion.”

Was there gambling also going on in Silver's Place?
Silver Stunned And Saddened By Rapfogel News: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says he is both stunned and sadd...

Silver Never Knows Anything
Mr. Rapfogel’s lawyer, Paul Shechtman, said his client’s conduct was not known to Mr. Silver. “Whatever Willie did, his wife and Speaker Silver knew nothing about it,” Mr. Shechtman said.
Investigators are, among other angles, looking at the relationship between Mr. Rapfogel and Century Coverage Corporation, an insurance company based in Valley Stream, N.Y., according to people familiar with the investigation. Investigators are focusing in particular on generous contributions that the company’s chief executive, Joseph Ross, and other employees have made to candidates for New York City offices. The company’s employees have given almost $120,000 to various candidates since the late 1990s, including $26,175 to several candidates in 2013. Company officials could not immediately be reached for comment. *

Century Coverage Corporation Has Given Money Too:
Maria Ayaoro, Adolfo Carrion, Bill De Blasio, Inez Dinkens, Erik Dilan, Fernado Ferrer, Michael Gianaris, Sara Gonzalez, Betsey Gotbaum, Melinda Katz, Jessica Lappin, Steven Levin,Gifford Miller, Hiram Monnserater, James Oddo, Christine Quinn, William Thomas, Peter Vallone, Anthony Weiner, David Weprin, David Yassky

CFB Show Us the Money

Judge Shira Scheindlin

NYC Police Commissioner Kelly: 'No question' people will die if stop-and-frisk ends

Stop-and-frisk monitor Peter Zimroth tells The News: I'll be fair(NYDN)

City’s own witness spurred cop cams (NYP) The federal judge who slapped down stop-and-frisk got the idea to outfit NYPD cops with video cameras from an off-the-cuff remark that one of the city’s own expert witnesses made on the stand. James K. “Chips” Stewart “inadvertently” mentioned the...

THOMAS A. REPPETTO: Stop & frisk: Why the city must appeal(NYP)

The Bloomberg administration will follow through on its pledge to appeal the stop-and-frisk decision tomorrow.

YPD SERGEANT: Judge's ruling took away one of our best policing tools; city crime will increase without stop-and-frisk(NYDN)

State Senator Eric Adam's description of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly wanting to instill fear in some people was key to the judge's ruling in the stop-and-frisk case. [Joseph Goldstein]

Police Dept.’s Focus on Race Is at Core of Ruling Against Stop-and-Frisk Tactic(NYT)

Update: Appeal of Stop and Frisk
Any legal appeal from New York City against a federal judge’s ruling on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy is likely weeks away, as city appellate lawyers met Tuesday to hash out a strategy for challenging the decision, The Wall Street Journal reports

Bloomberg Is Not Happy With NYPD Body Camera Plan(Huff Post)

Tabloid FREAKS OUT Over Stop-And-Frisk Ruling

Chicago victims warn New York: Expect slay spree over frisk nix(NYP)
NYPD in a ‘snap’ judgment: PBA and brass resist order to carry cameras(NYP)
Stop-frisk judge's own Brooklyn nabe was once hell(NYP)

Safe on the streets (NYDN Ed)  The link between stop-and-frisk and declining prison populations

City at risk(NYDN Ed)

In her outrageously predictable, dangerously misguided ruling on stop-question-frisk, Manhattan Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that the NYPD spits on the constitutional rights of New Yorkers. She convicted the department of massive, long-term “deliberate indifference” to civil liberties as the police achieved the most successful, life-saving crime reductions in American, if not world, history. Her opinion is a 195-page scream of self-righteous ideology.

NOW RECORDING: Cops in five NYPD precincts, where stop-and-frisk numbers are the highest, will be outfitted with body cameras in move to alleviate mistrust between police and residents(NYDN)

The story of the day continues to be yesterday’s stop-and-frisk ruling, which is featured across the front pages from El Diario to Hamodia. The New York Post was especially livid and ran a full-page editorial entitled, “Death wish, the sequel,” while the Daily News splashed “MURDER, SHE WROTE” on its wood

NYT Reports Wednesday That Mayoral Candidates Who Opposed Bloomberg's Stop and Frisk Have No Plan What To Do Now
  The Times praises federal Judge Shira Scheindlin for upholding “the bedrock principle of individual liberty” in her ruling against the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk and hopes Bloomberg’s successor will drop the appeal to her decision:
With Future of Stop-and-Frisk Tactic Within Their Grasp, Few Candidates Have a Plan (NYT)
 - Federal judge appoints outside monitor to oversee changes to stop-and-frisk policy. 
Judge Rejects New York’s Stop-and-Frisk Policy(NYT) * Where Stop-and-Frisk Tactic Is Business as Usual, Skepticism Prevails(NYT)

NYT It is Good Bloomberg is Leaving Office
As it is wont to do, The New York Times editorial page tacked in the opposite direction, declaring it “fortunate” that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is leaving office soon and his successor should retract the appeal. The publication further ran a report questioning whether the leading Democratic mayoral candidates have specific stop-and-frisk positions.
 * For Police, Court Oversight Isn’t New(NYT)
* Racial Discrimination in Stop-and-Frisk(NYT Ed)
Dead End Kids, Mayor Mike and Comm. Kelly take view that Stop&Frisk is about Never Saying I'm Sorry. Gotham Column: Powell criticizes Bloomberg’s lack of nuance in responding to Scheindlin’s stop-and-frisk ruling, while pointing out that legal stop-and-frisks “remain important
Two Powerful Signals of a Major Shift on Crime(NYT)
The Times also displayed a fun side last night by reviewing Anthony Weiner‘s BuzzFeed appearance as “The 11 Most Memorable Moments from Anthony Weiner’s Buzzfeed interview.” (Mr. Weiner’s shots at publisher Arthur Sulzberger, and whether he is still alive, didn’t make the cut.)

The NYP is Not A Fan of Judge Scheindlin
  1. In the Post, the Manhattan Institute’s Heather Mac Donald writes that Scheindlin’s ruling is “blind” to the realities of crime and policing in New York City and that it signals the end of living in freedom of fear. 
    Peter Zimroth, federal monitor tapped to rein in stop-and-frisk, vows to work with police(NYP)
    Police Commissioner Ray Kelly: Weekend heroin bust impossible without stop-and-frisk(NYP)
    Death wish, the sequel(NYP) This one will hurt: A federal judge took a powerful whack at New York City’s crime-fighting efforts in ruling against the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policies. If the judge’s ruling is allowed to stand, the price to the city will be incalculable. And the victims of her judicial caprice will overwhelmingly be our city’s poor and minority populations.
    MICHAEL BLOOMBERG: Frisks save lives(NYP)
    HEATHER MAC DONALD: Ignoring the realities of NYC crime(NYP)
    'Welcome to Chicago' NYPD cops warn Gotham residents officers will become overly cautious with stop-frisk, predict crime hike(NYP)

    NYPD stop-frisk ruled unconstitutional; cops could soon wear video cameras(NYP)
    Despite the ruling, judge says stop-and-frisk will not stop. Will go forward with a federal monitor.

In today's ruling, judge orders NYPD to conduct 1-year test of body-worn cameras by cops on patrol. * NYPD's federal watchdog eager to 'give back' to NY City

Stop & frisk ruling says NYC demonstrated widespread disregard for Fourth Amendment.(NYT) * Federal judge rules NYPD stop-and frisk unconstitutional — appoints monitor to reform controversial practice(NYDN) * Read the big stop-and-frisk ruling here  Thompson: "I will uphold the law & work w/ the Federal monitor to make sure NYers never have to choose" btwn constitutional rights & safety * Peter Zimroth, the 70-year old attorney appointed by a federal judge to oversee reforms of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, said his position is “narrow in scope” and not a replacement for an inspector general, The Wall Street Journal writes: 

The Daily News’ Mike Lupica writes that New York City is the big loser in Scheindlin’s stop-and-frisk ruling, and that the city is safer because of Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly:LUPICA: With stop-and-frisk ruling, the city loses – and those who can't see how the policy has scared guns off the streets of New York are blind to reality

Judge rules NYPD's stop-frisk were 'unconstitutional' stops, policy violates 4th and 14th Amendment rights(NYP) * NYPD mostly cited 'high crime area' & 'furtive movements' as basis for stops, both are "weak indicators of criminal activity." - Judge * on the stop-and-frisk ruling: "Appeal, Appeal, Appeal!"* "mayor bloomberg brought this on himself"--. * Candidates Weigh in on Judge’s Ruling Reining in Stop-and-Frisk(NYO) * Jewish Charity Group Leader Investigated for Misuse of Tax Dollars (NBC) * Quinn, De Blasio, Liu Vow to Drop Any Appeal of Stop-and-Frisk Decision via * Kelly: "The fact that most stops do not lead to arrests or summonses misses the point." *  Bill de Blasio said Christine Quinn shares some of the blame for the rise in stop-and-frisk. [Azi Paybarah] * Unnamed cops were quoted as saying crime will soar as a result of Scheindlin's decision. [Larry Celona and Jamie Schram]

'More than 7,300 people who today are alive would be dead': NYC mayor blasts judge and implies she's biased against NYPD(NYDN) * Bloomberg says city will appeal judge’s ruling on stop and frisk  Kelly sharply criticizing decision, says dept never uses race as guide. Stops in black & Latino comm bc "that's where the crime is." Unlike other cities says Kelly NYPD focuses on poorest & most crime-ridden nabes, which are largely minority, bc "that's where the crime is"  "nowhere in her 195-page decision does she mention the historic cuts in crime or the number of lives that have been saved. *BLOOMBERG BITES BACK: NYC mayor blasts judge who ruled stop-and frisk unconstitutional, implying she's biased against NYPD(NYDN)
TRANSCRIPT: New York's top cop Ray Kelly calls stop-and-frisk decision 'disturbing and offensive'
TRANSCRIPT: Bloomberg vows to appeal judge’s ruling that stop-and-frisk policy violated civil rights

WATCH: Colbert Takes On Stop & Frisk

Oliver Helps White People Get Stop-and-Frisk: ‘Your Neighborhood is Terminal B at LaGuardia’


  1. This decision could be the turning point for the November General Election. The continuing dividing line: race vs law & order.
    The Ad Campaign: ‘Serious’ Lhota Tries to Stand Out From Circus(NYT)

Campaign 2013

Tish James Slams ‘Failed Albany Politician’ Dan Squadron(NYO)
New York City public advocate candidate Letitia James released a “fact-check” blasting rival Daniel Squadron’s record on gun control touted in a new television ad featuring U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, Politicker writes:

Bill de Blasio Fights for the Proletariat(NYO)
“As many learned in May, he lives in Park Slope with his multiracial family, and talks a lot about inequality.”
Proud to stand w/ & to bring back integrity to the criminal justice system in Brooklyn.
    1. since I was involved in that, must correct: he compared *intimidation tactics* to mafia, not Jews
Bill Thompson Hits The Airwaves With First TV Ad 

Why Bill De Blasio won't get to runoff in NYC's Democratic mayoral primary(Guardian UK) Liberal darling De Blasio has the hype, but expect black voters to make Bill Thompson challenger to frontrunner Christine Quinn * he Ad Campaign: Thompson Emphasizes His Roots(NYT) * Thompson released his first TV ads, which focus on his biography as he still lags other New York City mayoral candidates in terms of name recognition, Capital New York writes:

Quinn TV Ads
The Ad Campaign: Quinn Supporter’s Testimonial of Her Effectiveness(NYT)
Council Speaker Christine Quinn released a new TV ad touting her efforts to pass Manny’s Law, which requires hospitals to make patients without insurance aware of financial assistance options, State of Politics writes:

Quinn's Slush Fund II
If you get away with a slush fund scandal you continue to reward your friends
Quinn rewards City Council pals with extra budget money for staffers and suppliesSeveral of Quinn’s allies in the New York City Council have additional staff paid for out of the Council’s central budget, despite the fact that all 51 members are supposed to get the same amount for personnel and office costs.  It pays to be friends with Christine Quinn. The powerful City Council speaker and leading mayoral contender rewards her pals on the council with additional staff paid for out of the council’s central budget. * Quinn wants to raise legal dropout age to 18(NYP) You should have to be an adult to throw away your education, says Democratic mayoral hopeful and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.  New York City’s legal dropout age should be raised from 17 to 18 to discourage kids from leaving high school. * Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn aims to raise the legal dropout age from 17 to 18
New York magazine checked in on Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s authenticity. “This idea that I’m going to walk around and think about being more authentic—that’s not how it works,” Ms. Quinn says. “I hope that’s where the authenticity is most demonstrated—in the work, in the results.” New York writes: “This kind of canned candidate-speak isn’t helping her.”

Flood of TV Ads Coming From Quinn and Weiner
Democratic mayoral candidates Christine Quinn and Anthony Weiner have more money than any of their competitors, with $8.6 million and $6.2 million respectively, allowing them to maximize their spending on television advertising, The New York Times writes: 
Weiner Leaks President Hillary Run
Weiner appears to leak that Hillary Clinton’s running for president(NYP)
MTV Weiner

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner being filmed for possible documentary(NYP)  Anthony Weiner may be gearing up for the big screen. Even if he doesn’t make it to Gracie Mansion, the mayor wannabe could star in a documentary film about his headline-grabbing campaign.  

SEXT A-PEEL: Mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner wields flag, big fruit as he puts on a show at annual Dominican Day parade(NYDN) Weiner could be starring in a documentary film about his campaign, as MTV filmmaker Josh Kriegman has been following Weiner around the campaign trail, though the campaign declined to comment on Kriegman’s recordings. * AT FULL MAST: Anthony Weiner may be known for his flagpole but his true passion is waving flags ... Take a peek and tell us your FAVORITE Weiner flag moment
*Weiner sinks to record low in new Siena poll - only 11% of voters 'still have a favorable view of Ameri...
*POLL: Sets new record with 80 percent disapproval...
Among women, that number is 81 percent, and among voters who identify themselves as liberal, it's 75 percent.

Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner sat down for a wide-ranging interview, touching on his sexting scandal, his standing in the polls, and criticizing the media's coverage of the campaign
Weiner, in response to sexting Q's from "You can do this, or show video of cats, or do whatever it is you do at Buzzfeed."
Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner‘s sexting pal Sydney Leathers is extending her 15 minutes of fame all the way to New York City, where she “will appear in the flesh Tuesday at the HeadQuarters gentleman’s club in Hell’s Kitchen, where venue rep Lainie Speiser says anything is possible,” according to the Daily News.* The Ad Campaign: Weiner’s ‘Powerful Voices’(NYT)
Weiner: "I've apologized many times for my personal failings. I don't recall Chris Quinn apologizing once" for term limits,slush fund * RT : Anthony Weiner: I'm Still Seeing A Therapist * Anthony Weiner speaks to at . Watch live:
Isn't the news from here that Weiner says he knows what Huma's role will be in Hillary's 2016 campaign?

Anthony Weiner ripped “policy jihadists” in the Bloomberg administration, but also said his pledge to rip out the mayor’s “f@#$ing bike lanes was just a joke.  
Weiner says the New York TImes' "heads are exploding over the idea" of him winning. Of the paper that helped launch his comeback.
Weiner casts himself as a man of truth overturning the tables of the moneychangers in the temple and the NY TImes as the Pharisees.
. to Anthony Weiner: "Why not use Snapchat?" Weiner: "I don't have a good answer to that."
Anthony Weiner Goes After 'Policy Jihadists' and the Press in Barroom Interview via
Anthony Weiner opens up in rare reporter chat.
"Weiner had the highest ever unfavorability rating the poll has ever measured for a public official"   
Weiner revealed he’s still in therapy – when he’s able to take time off the campaign trail to make it to the doctor’s office.  
Weiner Hints At Hillary's 2016 Plans
Weiner campaigned with his mom, who declined to discuss his sexting scandal.
Henshi Gorodetsky
  It's mid-August and everyone in the world is on vacation with the exception of the NYC mayoral candidates. the heat has gotten to all. The media is struggling for juicy stories and reported that Anthony Weiner marched in the Dominican parade yesterday wearing red pants, sticking his tongue out and making leering sounds. I don't know why that's news. 

What A Better Way for the NYT to Piss Bloomberg Off
Mayor Bloomberg Reportedly 'Detests' New York Times(Huff Post)

Comptroller Debate
New York City comptroller candidates Eliot Spitzer and Scott Stringer faced off in a live debate yesterday, with the focus veering away from issues and instead honing in on how each candidate has managed their past, NY1 reports

Eliot Spitzer is running a bully's campaign. [Blake Zeff]

Jerry Nadler Tears Into Eliot Spitzer on Scott Stringer's Behalf via  
Watch tonight's full debate between the Democratic candidates for City Comptroller here, with no login required(NY1)
"I think today was a very significant ruling, and I praised the judge," Stringer says of the stop and frisk ruling. "Hopefully a new day... * Spitzer finds a way to bring up in answer about
Stringer says he was one of the first elected officials "who looked like me" to call for the reform of stop and frisk. * Spitzer knocks Stringer for giving blessing to Bloomberg's East midtown rezoning, "rammed through" at the end of the 3rd term, he says. * Weiner: "The New York Times, as lazy as they are..."

* "You dropped the ball," Scott Stringer said. He is saying over and over that Spitzer was laundering money. * Stringer: Spitzer left Albany because he was under "criminal investigation" * Spitzer says he stood alone to predict a financial calamity. Stringer comes back hard, saying he didn't fix it, but instead resigned in ... * & are now fighting over newspaper editorials.* . says he was doing university expansions and fighting for NYCHA tenants “while you (Spitzer) were resigning.” * Spitzer and Stringer repeatedly exchanging "all due respect" disclaimers, even though they're bashing the hell out of each other.* Stringer: This job is not being the lone ranger and the sheriff, it's about working in coalitions  

* Spitzer says first off, the controller has to be able to do math, arithmetic. Stringer remains expressionless. Unclear if it was meant .. * Stringer knocks Spitzer for opposing commuter tax: "You sided with the people in the suburbs, not the people in the city." * Stringer strategy: remind everyone of Spitzer resignation & rocky governorship. Spitzer strategy: remind everyone of Albany & who was there * Stringer says even as Spitzer talks up his having funded education as governor, he proposed to cut revenue sharing for the city and side... * Spitzer takes a jab at Stringer's credentials, saying the city doesn't need a controller who requires on-the-job training. * Stringer bats back Spitzer's "ownership" theme: "This is not our money," it's retirees' $$ * Spitzer says comptroller "shouldn't be political, esp when it comes to the pension funds ... Invest with caution." * After Stringer says it's time for a "new generation of leadership," Spitzer asks Stringer how old he is. Stringer won't answer.* . & basically ceding control of debate to the rapid-fire sniping of candidates * Spitzer is Shvitzer - Looks like someone forgot to turn on the air conditioning for tonight's debate. Stringer sweating,too *

"What mark has he left on public policy?" Spitzer asks of Stringer. If he has a record, why all the ad hominem attacks? * Lehrer asks Stringer: If Wall St, public employee unions both oppose Spitzer, isn't that a good sign he'll be independent? * Spitzer says his work as AG has saved middle-class investors "tens of billions of dollars." * Spitzer says that's nice talk, but in Stringer's 8 years as trustee, the pension funds didn't improve much. * . says plan to depoliticize pension funds had merit but wasn't rolled out properly. * "You can't take a sledgehammer to the 58 trustees. You can't get rid of them," Stringer tells Spitzer, drawing style contrast. * Spitzer on Stringer: "the public doesn't know who he is or what he's done for a reason" * Stringer says he may not be the "celebrity candidate," but he's never "embarrassed" any of constituents.* Spitzer said he tried changing Albany by having Dems take over state senate. *Spitzer, Stringer Attack Each Other's Records In Live NY1 Debate: Former Governor Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan...
* NYC Comptroller Debate Gets Heated

Cuomo: Comptroller Spitzer “Dangerous”To Him
Spitzer foe looks good to gov(Dicker, NYP) May back Scott to halt debacle
An increasingly nervous Gov. Cuomo is considering his options to prevent the “very real’’ possibility that disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer will win the Sept. 10 Democratic primary for city comptroller — and turn into Cuomo’s worst political nightmare.* Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, the president of the state district attorneys association and co-chair of Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission, called the candidacies of Weiner and Spitzer “a joke”, the Daily News’ Ken Lovett writes:  * Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer are 'embarrassing' New Yorkers: Siena poll finds(NYDN)* In some ways, the city comptroller race is the Spitzer re-election campaign we never got to see * Poll Shows Modest Rise in Cuomo’s Popularity(NYT)

* New Poll Shows Cuomo With Highest Approval Rating Since Feb. (WSJ) * "Every day that goes by that Stringer has not dented Eliot Spitzer in a real way is another day where voters are getting more comfortable with the idea of Eliot Spitzer returning to office." — Maggie Haberman * Calcaterra pay almost as much as guv's Executive Director Of Gov. Cuomo's Anti-Corruption Commission Making $175K “If Spitzer is city comptroller, he’ll … be advocating an across-the-board left-wing agenda, which makes Cuomo nervous; and he’ll never acknowledge Cuomo as the leader of the Democratic Party, which could be worst of all if the governor runs for president,’’ one source argued. * Err...should be admitting he ran for comptroller b/c it was more 'winnable race?' True, but...

Cuomo Economic Problems
Despite Cuomo’s focus on revitalizing upstate New York, the economy remains sluggish with several major companies based upstate announcing layoffs, a reflection of a negative trend in job losses in industrial centers of the state, Gannett Albany writes: 

The Times Union writes that the sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Micah Kellner reflect poorly on Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s leadership and the Assembly Ethics Committee: * Editorial: Mr. Silver's latest blunder - Times Unionvia

Catsimatidis Overtime Legal Fees

Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis is being asked to pay an additional $800,000 in legal fees to the plaintiffs in a lawsuit against him for not giving his Gristedes supermarket workers overtime pay, the Post writes: 

Lhota: Democrats A Bunch of Clowns

In a new television advertisement, Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota accuses his Democratic opponents of turning the mayoral race into a circus, calling their actions in the primary race “embarrassing”New Lhota Ad Attacks Democrats(WSJ) * Republican Joe Lhota took aim at the entire Democratic field as an embarrassing circus, releasing his an ad that features Mr. de Blasio being arrested and Ms. Quinn in rabbit ears, as well as Mr. Weiner, Comptroller John Liu and former Comptroller Bill Thompson just sort of standing there.* TV AD: Serious

Not One Reporter Has Asked Those Brooklyn Pols Supporting Hynes About the Serious Problems in His Office
Brooklyn DA’s rackets chief advised prosecutors to withhold sex-trafficking (NYP)_evidence: sources The Brooklyn DA’s controversial rackets chief oversaw a training session in which prosecutors were told not to make written records of early interviews with sex-trafficking victims — so the information could be withheld from defense attorneys. WFP endorses after backing Hynes in 2009  * Hikind, Greenfield Exchange Heated Remarks About D.A. Endorsements

City Council candidate Paul Vallone, running to replace indicted Councilman Dan Halloran, received a key endorsement from his former rival Kevin Kim, who defeated Vallone in a 2009 Democratic primary before losing to Halloran, the Daily News learns: 

Schumer Endorses Squadron
Schumer Endorses Candidate for Public Advocate: State Sen. Daniel R. Squadron is a former aide to Sen. Charles E....

The Daily News Was First To Call for The Lever Machines Now They Seem Not So Sure
The Daily News highlights two damning reports on the lever voting machines from people being trained as poll workers as examples of the headaches the Board of Elections could face as the primary election approaches. Lever machines “break down 30% of the time, but in her experience it may be a higher rate of breakdown.” And the training sucks. * Voting for lever machines - New York Daily News
  • [image]Skyline Shakeup(WSJ)Logos of corporate behemoths in finance and media have long adorned Midtown Manhattan's skyline. Now, a Swedish purveyor of trendy, moderately priced clothing is preparing to upstage them. 
16 people shot Sunday morning over four hour period in

Councilman Leroy Comrie endorsed his one-time Queens borough president rival, Melinda Katz. 
With the Low Vote Expected in A Runoff Election Rev. Sharpton is In Cat Bird Seat to Pick the Next Mayor

With all media attention Sharpton endorsemnent has power in the black community.  Every Saturday morning his National Action Network is jammed with elected officials. It is not only the Rev. that will play a major role in the runoff.  John Liu won the comptroller office with just 2% of the vote of registered voters.  Unions, party leaders, big contributors for TV ads, newspapers will also major factors in runoff wins. Democratic mayoral hopefuls pay visit to Rev. Al Sharpton(NYDN)

Frequent-Flier Silver
Sheldon Silver goes out of his way to bank frequent-flier miles – and you pay for it(NYP)

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver spent $20,219 in taxpayer money over the past three years jetting from New York City to Albany — but the top-flight pol turned easy 150-mile, one-hour jaunts into epic 500-mile, five-hour odysseys in a greedy quest to rack up frequent-flier miles, according to sources and expense records.

 The NY Post re-reports a 2008 NY Sun story about Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver’s habit of wracking up frequent flier miles on the taxpayers’ dime by taking roundabout plane trips from NYC through D.C. and Pennsylvania to Albany.* The NY Post slams the governor for letting JCOPE give special treatment to NARAL Pro-Choice NY in granting it the only existing waiver from new donor disclosure rules.* After a month of review by good-government groups and news organizations, the new financial disclosures Albany elected officials were required to file with JCOPE mostly prompt more questions.

In 2013 Nobody But the 3 Men in the Room Knew What Was in the Bills Before They Voted On Them During the Last Day of the Session

Voting in 2015 - They Won't Even Turn on the Tablets
Albany, Long Buried in Paper, Resolves to Save a Small Forest(NYT)
The delivery of bills to New York State lawmakers on tablets or laptop computers requires a constitutional amendment, which the Legislature will put before voters on the statewide ballot next year.

Mad About Quinn
‘Mad Men’ star John Slattery knocks Christine Quinn for mayor over Soho garage (NYP) Christine Quinn made him one Mad Man. Silver-maned “Mad Men” star John Slattery is coming out strong against the mayoral front-runner — all because she approved a 10-story sanitation garage in his Soho neighborhood five years ago.

Weiner inserts his own campaign fliers into mailboxes(NYP)

Eliot Spitzer spends $3.7 million from his own pocket on comptroller race(NYP)

THE GOOD WIFE: If Christine Quinn takes City Hall, quiet Kim Catullo will be step into limelight as city's first lesbian First Lady

Stanley Schlein Works Free for Arroyos, Illegal Contribution?

In a letter, Dem Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg told a federal judge of his 'respect and admiration' for Joe Bruno (TU)

 Mr. Schlein did not respond to messages left on his cellphone. But a spokesman, George Arzt, said, “Mr. Schlein decided to settle this matter on an expeditious basis and has agreed to the stipulated payment called for in the settlement.

  1. Prediction: Peter Vallone, Jr. will lose because he has Hank Sheisskopf as his consultant

    Several candidates for mayor have made replicating “community learning centers” a centerpiece of their campaigns, even as some schools in the Ohio district are still in dire academic straits.

Daily News Asks Will the Puppet Ethic Commission Go After the Puppet Master?  No Way in Hell Says True News

Follow Cuomo’s money, too (NYDN Ed)

As it explores how luxury condos got big tax breaks, the Moreland Commission must also probe donations to the governor's campaign*
City developer, long-time donor to Gov. Cuomo, increased donations when it stood to save $35 million with new tax breaks(NYDN)

Extell Sponsor of One57 Also Paid City Officials and Candidates
True News Exclusive: Will Moreland Look At City Officials/ Candidates Who Got Matching Funds From Extell's One57?

Gaming the System
It was not only Vito Lopez, Marty Golden, Keith Wright, Cuomo the Albany Assembly and Senate PACs of both parties that got money from Extell Development, sponsor of One57 for tax breaks.  At least 6 citywide candidates got the loot from the buildings developers.  Extell contributions to city officials were designed to take advantage of the public matching fund program.  Most were $175 with many of the same contributors giving to more than one candidate.  The Moreland Commission is looking into the state contributions and tax reductions connections, there is no indication if the commission will look into with the city pols for their cash.  They should.  George Arzt a flack for Extell works for at least two of the candidates who got money from the developer. If you wonder why the middle class keep getting pushed out of NYC, It has to do with the same candidates who promise to save the middle class feeding off the tit of the luxury developers.

Election Lawyer Sarah Steiner Questions So, did any of these executives get expense reimbursements to re-pay their donations? Has there been an investigation as to whether their bosses told them that they had to donate and it would be made up to them, or they'd benefit later? I'd guess no, as they don't have minority-identified surnames of the sorts the CFB investigates.

$300,000 From Excell to Cuomo
Gov. Cuomo's long-time city developer donor got more generous when it stood to get $35 million in tax breaks(NYDN) Corporations and people affiliated with Extell Development made more than $300,000 in donations to Cuomo since May 2012, around the same time the governor and lawmakers were weighing a housing bill that would save Extell millions over a decade.

Should the Citywide Candidate Give Back Their Excell Contributions?

Christine Quinn $15,000
NYC Matching Funds $90,000 
 De Blasio $6,000
NYC Matching Funds $36,000
Daniel Garodnick $3000
NYC Matching Funds $18,000
Melinda Katz $1500 
NYC Matching Funds $9,000
Scott Stringer $3000
NYC Matching Funds $18,000
Bill Thompson $7000
NYC Matching Funds $42,000

A spokesman for Extell, George Arzt, said the event was Ms. Goren’s, and it also included her friends and other supporters outside of the real estate industry.  “This wasn’t an Extell event,” he said, although he did acknowledge that numerous Extell executives and others from the real estate industry attended. Extell is seeking zoning approval from the City Council for its mega-Riverside Center residential development, which is envisioned to hold 2,500 apartments.  Ms. Quinn has received large bundles of donations from real estate firms like the Related Cos. or Two Trees Management when they have been up for various approvals. Still, it’s notable given that the speaker,

More Lopez and Assembly Real Estate Corruption Being Investigated by JCOPE
How Many Blackmail Secrets Does Vito Lopez Hold

Towering corruption (NYDN)
Commission must find the truth about Albany's tax breaks for luxury highrises
DN on 421a probe: "Next up for sworn testimony is every lobbyist & legislator who midwived this abomination" Lopez, who pushed the deal before quitting in a sexual harassment scandal. Investigators should speak to one of the victims of that harassment, Victoria Burhans, who says Lopez told her she could help pass the housing bill by sleeping with an unnamed Cuomo aide.*  Subpoenas have gone to Gary Barnett’s Extell Development, sponsor of One57, as well as to Silverstein Properties, Fisher Brothers, Thor Equities and Ann/Nassau Realty — all of which were shoehorned into a discredited and discontinued provision of the 421a tax abatement program.

Cuomo;s Taste of One 57
Two corporations tied to Extell Development each contributed $50,000 to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign the same day the Assembly passed a housing bill with tax breaks for five developers, including Extell, the Daily News reports:

A towering insult - NY Daily News

As the Daily News revealed last Tuesday, One57 is among five residential projects that were shoehorned into a real estate tax abatement program under language mysteriously written into legislation passed in Albany.  The companies that will benefit, their lobbyists and PACs have donated $1.5 million to Albany campaign accounts over the past five years. The bill’s sponsors — Sen. Marty Golden and Assemblyman Keith Wright — professed ignorance.* How the Rich Get a Big Real Estate Tax Break -
* Atlantic Yards Report: Shades of 2007? Another 421-a carve-out to ...

How Does the Media Let George Arzt Get Away With Flacking for Luxury Highrise Tax Breaks, While Running Major Campaigns?
EXTELL DEVELOPMENT COMPANY. Media Contact: George Arzt  at 212-608-0333
Can we expect the candidates like Katz that Arzt is trying to elect this year will help him get more tax breaks for luxury highrises. Subpoenas have gone to Gary Barnett’s Extell Development, sponsor of One57 *

There, four mega-developers — Extell Development; Related Companies; Tishman Speyer, a partnership of the Durst Organization, and Vornado, and Brookfield Properties — have been vying to build a huge commercial/residential minicity over the MTA railyards. Brookfield dropped out on Feb. 26.  Lynch has received $120,000 from Tishman Speyer and $22,000 from Vornado. She did not return calls.  Extell also hired some of the same companies, including Greenberg Traurig, which employs Robert Harding, a Giuliani administration deputy mayor, and Edward Wallace, a former City Council member. Extell also hired Suri Kasirer, the wife of Rudy Giuliani's former chief of staff, Bruce Teitelbaum. Working with her are Patrick Jenkins, former campaign aide to Gov. Spitzer, and Julie Greenberg, a former top aide to Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer.Marc Shaw, Bloomberg's former top deputy, is an inhouse lobbyist for Extell.

Another Extell Building
Extell has announced plans for another tower, 50 percent taller, half a block away, and assuming it’s allowed to build that one, too, it will shortly steal One57’s thunder. Big real estate rules this island, and it always will. 

Pay to Play Albany
Protecting Developers Not the Disabled
Protecting the Most Vulnerable(NYT Ed)
Little has changed after The Times published a shocking article revealed disturbing abuses of disabled patients by New York State employees.

Council candidate Laurie Cumbo rehires “bleeping” staffer after sacking him(NYP)

NYP Running Out Ideas to Attack Spitzer?

In Comptroller’s Race, Spitzer Dwarfs Stringer in Spending(NYT)

Saturday Update: Even NYP's international columnist going after spitzer
One El of a nerve calling out Client 9  (Podhoretz NYP) pitzer was offended. Scott Stringer, his rival for the Democratic nomination for the job of city comptroller, was bringing up a few uncomfortable things about Spitzer in the course of an hour-long debate yesterday morning.  Spitzer’s skill set(NYP Ed) Spitzer has no comprehension of what a comptroller actually does.* Stringer and Spitzer Go on Attack in First Debate(NYT)* Charges fly as Stringer, Spitzer meet (WSJ)  * Stringer gets the Jho treatment “: Meet the man standing in the way of Eliot Spitzer's comeback  * Spitzer’s comptroller primary opponent, Manhattan BP Scott Stringer, has reportedly purchased $2.2 million worth of television air time, and will hit the airwaves for the first time on Aug. 20.

NYP Thinks Their Readers Are Jerks. . .
Their Reporters in the Newsroom Talk of Controlling the Masses

Spitzer lashed out at a defamation lawsuit brought against him by former AIG CEO Hank Greenberg, calling his claims “ridiculous, frivolous, and stupid,” and reiterating the accuracy of his public statements about Greenberg 

No, you’re ‘stupid!’ Spitzer blasts Wall Street exec suit(NYP) Self-described “steamroller” Eliot Spitzer yesterday blasted a defamation suit filed against him by an old nemesis last month — calling the claims “ridiculous, frivolous and stupid.” The court filing, by insurance giant AIG’s former CEO Hank Greenberg — one of the big financial fish targeted by Spitzer during his tenure as state attorney general — came after a series of interviews in which Spitzer repeatedly ripped him as “corrupt” and “fraudulent.” * Spitzer spent $2.6 million on race for comptroller last month -- more than 10 times rival(NYP)
* Eliot Spitzer cuts $3.6M in checks to his campaign, campaign records show (NYDN)

RIP, Bill Lynch
Bill Lynch, Dinkins deputy mayor and longtime Harlem political powerbroker, has died -RIP. The rumpled genius from the LI potato fields.
"Deep grief" in "Team Liu Family of which Uncle Bill is the patriarch...I would not be where nor who I am today w/o Bill Lynch."
Veteran Consultant And Former NYC Deputy Mayor William Lynch Jr. Dies At 72 | New York Daily News
  1. Without Bill Lynch there's no Jesse Jax '84 & '88 in NYC. And no David Dinkins '89.
    Bill Lynch, 72, Democratic Strategist in New York, Dies(NYT)

Mayor Candidates Education Policy is to Blast Bloomberg
Promise If They Are Elected Schools Will Be Great
Several mayoral candidates took turns blasting Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s education policies after state test scores showed that less than a third of students in grades three through eight citywide were proficient in reading and math In Mayoral Race, Looking for Substance in Schools Conversation(NYTY)
The Post’s William McGurn writes that any mayoral candidate serious about schools reform should start by streamlining the process for charter schools struggling to find space: 

Health Care
Public labor unions look to halt Bloomberg's $63 billion overhaul of health care system(NYDN)
Brooklyn Hospital Battle Drags On(WSJ)

Green Caps 
Green Taxis For All Five Boroughs Hit The Streets

  "We're in a heightened celebrity culture,"Saujani said. "More people have seen a picture of a candidate's private parts than have a knowledge of what the candidate's stances are." 
                                 Public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani

Rev. Sharpton Positioning Himself For Major Role in Mayoral Runoff

Mayoral hopefuls to join Rev. Al Sharpton in D.C. for 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King speech(NYDN)

Wish I Had A Quarter For Every Time A Mayoral Candidate Has Assured Up He Will Save the City's Middle Class
$3,000 rents close in on Manhattan prices(NYP)
Brooklyn is the new Manhattan. Sort of. The Borough of Kings is closing the rent gap with Manhattan thanks to soaring prices in luxury buildings that are driving up the market in its more trendy

Vito Lopez is Ripping Off the City Even Before He is Elected to the City Council

Vito Lopez, ex-assemblyman accused of sexual harassment, gets $87,780 from city taxpayers for his comeback campaign

The Daily News calls for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to step down as speaker after allegedly helping to conceal sexual harassment claims against Assemblyman Micah Kellner and ex-assemblyman Vito Lopez: 

Silver backed Boxley when a previous accuser had accused him of rape two years earlier. 

Charmian Neary ‏@CharmianNeary

Once again Paper Tiger @nyc_now pres.Sonia Ossorio refrains from criticizing THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM Sheldon Silver

When Sexual Harassment Worlds Collide
Insiders say that the Kellner investigation could increase the pressure on embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to resign, since Silver’s counsel failed to pursue legal action on past harassment complaints against Kellner 

JCOPE wants to know why the Assembly failed to disclose Kellner case in response to subpoena
Assemblyman Micah Kellner sexual harassment probe may hurt Speaker Silver if ethics commission uncovers dirty secrets. The probe comes after it was revealed last month that Kellner’s former chief of staff Eliyanna Kaiser brought allegations to Silver counsel Bill Collins in 2009 that the Manhattan Democrat had sexually inappropriate online conversations with a young woman on his staff. Even though Kaiser provided Collins with 15 pages of transcripts of the online chats, Collins never pursued the matter. After the issue became public, Silver said Collins never alerted him to the situation at the time and that he first heard about it in June, after it was brought to his attention by Assemblywoman Deborah Glick (D-Manhattan). * State Ethics Panel Opens an Inquiry Into a Sexual Harassment Cover-Up(NYT) * Sources say that the state Joint Commission on Public Ethics have launched an investigation into sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Micah Kellner, with subpoenas delivered to his former staffers, NY1 reports * “Assemblyman Charles Lavine, the chairman of the ethics committee, is seen by many as compromised. During the investigation of Mr. Lopez, he privately urged [JCOPE] to extensively edit its investigative report.” *  Now Carolyn Maloney disappears from Kellner's endorsement list, too * The Allegations Against Kellner(YNN)
* Friday Update Silver in more ‘harass’ hot water(NYP)  “We expect JCOPE [the ethics panel] will conduct a full investigation that identifies how and when the Assembly leadership failed to take sexual harassment seriously and how it failed to follow their own protocol on handling these cases,” said Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women NYC.* Assemblyman Micah Kellner made repeated sexual advances to a male staffer, telling the employee that he had “pretty hands”, later alienating the staffer after he confronted Kellner, which led him to quit his job, the Daily News reports:
The Lenox Hill Democratic Club is sticking with embattled Assemblyman Micah Kellner.

Latest Poll Numbers
Update Latest Mayoral and Controller Poll Results
Spitzer up by 9. RT : NYT poll for : Quinn 25, Thompson 16, De Blasio 14, that dick pics guy 10 * Christine Quinn Leads NYC Mayoral Race, Weiner Slips To Fourth: Poll(Huff Post) * Quinn Leads Democratic Candidates for Mayor, Poll Finds (NYT)
Weiner Continues To Fight As New Poll Shows Him In Fourth In Mayor's Race 

Sal Can You Hear Me Now
 Today, the Times argues in an editorial that former councilman Sal Albanese should be invited to the upcoming televised debate, even though he didn't meet the fund-raising requirement.

GOP Mayoral Debate
How come WABC is not asking follow up questions?  Where are the challenges to the candidates answers?
John Catsimatidis also lashed out at Anthony Weiner. Children, police and firefighters can't look up to him, he said.
Lhota says Weiner has created a circus atmosphere in the mayor's race "and he must go."
Catsimatidis also says parochial schools, which serve many low-income and minority students, have an impressive performance level.
. supporting upping arts funding in city schools is running counter to a lot of traditional conservative thinking.
McDonald: ESL "is a very important subject." But only 10% of public school grads are college-ready, he says. No specifics, though
"As mayor, I will close down any school that is failing," says
McDonald agrees that failing schools should be shuttered.
Catsimatidis speaks of providing housing for teachers to retain the best performers, as well as other incentives.
. wants to be known as infrastructure mayor: "I want to be known as the Mayor LaGuardia of the 21st century."
Teachers, "it's not their fault what's going on in the educational system," says , it's the teachers union.
Lhota: "You want to demonize someone? Demonize the teachers' union." He says he'll always support instructors over their union.
Lhota says any talk of retroactive pay puts NYC "one step closer to Detroit," and he'll never go for it. (NY's not Detroit, he adds.)
. says taking stance on retro pay is not "negotiating in public," which is answer & use to avoid Q
. and say Bloomberg not to be blamed for union contract lapse, while wanted something done.
"The pensions are a state issue," McDonald says, adding that the mayor should focus on curbing health insurance costs.
John Catsimatidis said Bloomberg should have met with unions and offered minimum increases. It was wrong to kick can down road, he said.
Joe Lhota defends Giuliani record, citing enormous drop in crime during Mayor Giuliani's term.
John Catsimatidis said he had a lot of respect for Rudy Giuliani. But he said some of Giuliani's staffers were very mean spirited.
McDonald also said the city can't go back to the days when his daughter couldn't walk to the corner as a kid b/c of crack dealers, etc.
"We will never give the streets back to the hoodlums," Catsimatidis says. Also, "I believe in high-paying jobs."
., asked about $2B deficit, says it's 3% of the budget: "It's not a lot of money."

Lhota Consultant Likes Lhota's Debate Answers
  1. . only candidate to answer stop,question and frisk question in a straight forward way. That is real leadership.

Albany Rips Off Per Deim Expenses For Years
State lawmakers received $1.8 million in per diem expenses during this past legislative session, a 28 percent drop from 2012, as the previously lax oversight of the reimbursement system has been subject to more scrutiny, Gannett Albany writes:
Politicians caught collecting Albany per diems when they're not there(2012, NYP)

NYP Uses AEG's Bum Hank Greenberg Lawsuit As A Reason For Spitzer Not to Be Elected as Comptroller
In the Post, Seth Lipsky, founder and editor of the New York Sun, details a libel lawsuit brought by finance mogul Hank Greenberg against Spitzer, saying it will help determine whether he’s worthy of wielding the bully pulpit again as comptroller
If Eliot Spitzer wins the race for city comptroller, his first job may be defending himself in court. Last month a libel suit was quietly filed against him in a state court in Carmel by Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the biggest of the tycoons Spitzer targeted as state attorney general. * Anthony, Eliot and anger(NYP) When Anthony Weiner bizarrely used a forum sponsored by the American Association of Retired People to deride Republican George McDonald as “grandpa,” it wasn’t the first time his anger got the best of him.   *With Tax Returns, Spitzer Sheds Light on Finances(NYT) Spitzer’s tax returns reveal that he was paid at least $2 million by CNN for serving as an anchor, in addition to the $2.5 million he and his wife earned from his family’s real estate holdings * Eliot Spitzer’s populist push, and why it just might work(Wash Post)
* Anthony Weiner Fires Away at Every Leading Rival(NYO)
* Eliot Spitzer Draws a Comparison to Martin Luther King, Jr.(NYO)
* McDonald Calls on ‘Punk’ Weiner to Apologize for ‘Grandpa’ Insult(NYO)
* A Cookie-Carrying Anthony Weiner Wins Over Brownsville Seniors(NYO)
* Spitzer: I Wish I Had Been Harder On Wall Street(YNN)
* Among Blacks, Spitzer and Weiner Find a More Forgiving Crowd(NYT)
* In Mayoral Race, Looking for Substance in Schools Conversation(NYT)
* What About Sal?(NYT Ed)
Organizers treated the New York City mayoral candidate Sal Albanese shabbily when they didn’t invite him to participate in a televised debate.
Stringer, Spitzer Court African-American Voters In Comptroller's Race (NY1)
* Eliot Spitzer's wife Silda Wall to be a no-show for city controller debate(NYDN)
* Weiner Mocks British Reporter, Scolds Staff (VIDEO)
*Weiner "caused a scene" after he was blocked from speaking at a concert at Brooklyn Bridge Park. [Page Six]
Weiner, unplugged. MT Weiner was asked today why he doesn't go on Hardball w/Chris Matthews. Response? "That guy is a bozo"
Video: Anthony Weiner today: I don't think I'm going to win the election at the present level
Weiner makes a hard sell as rivals’ PACs $tep up(NYP)
FUNDING SHRINKAGE: Anthony Weiner’s donations show sharp decline to a fraction of the $16G per day he once hauled in(NYDN)
Weiner sexting partner Sydney Leathers is now working at strip clubs

Spitzer, echoing de Blasio: "This is becoming a tale of two cities and we must address it." Says he supports raising minimum wage.
Spitzer notes raises $ as a mayoral candidate then rolled it over for his current race
Spitzer says "you need to be a perpetual candidate" to participate in NYC campaign finance system.
"To buy this office for $12 million - it can't be worth that much." = Stringer on Spitzer's personal spending.
Scott Stringer blasts Eliot Spitzer for not being in the city's campaign finance program. "To buy this office for $12m!" he said.
1st mayoral candidate reacting to comptroller debate is , who praises as "real progressive"
For those of you living in a cave for the last hour, the comptroller debate that just happened got nasty 
Comptroller’s Race Reaches New Negative Heights During First Debate(NYO)
The 13 nastiest moments of the debate, compliments of The Intelligencer.
Both candidates emerged from the debate declaring victory.
The secret behind Spitzer’s latest campaign ads: “The more voters think about what’s good for them, the less they are thinking about Spitzer and his troubled past.”
A really smart write-up of the Spitzer-Stringer debate by
"fact is most people who do what Spitzer did aren’t in prison — and are not ever charged with a crime" 
Spitzer and Stringer get nasty in debate for comptroller post(NYP)
Spitzer vs. Stringer: Highlights from the Comptroller Debate (WSJ)


 After The Murder of the Brooklyn Reform Movement Undemocratic Election

It's a lonely race for Brooklyn Borough President hopeful Eric Adams - who is now running against himself(NYDN) * Brooklyn District Leader in Line to Replace Eric Adams in State Senate (NYO) Jesse Hamilton

Queens BP Debate
The candidates facing off on NY1.Candidates Butt Heads in Queens Borough President Debate(NYO) * Three Democrats vying for the Queens BP office, who all once served together on the City Council, debated for the first time last night on NY1.  

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara (jokingly?) says he eats raw meat every day for breakfast. And when that’s not available, he settles for a chocolate chip Atkins bar and a Diet Coke.

Is the NYT Warming to De Blasio?
With Tax Returns, Spitzer Sheds Light on Finances(NYT)
De Blasio Takes His Modern Family on the Campaign Trail(NYT)
De Blasio's first television ad stars his 15-year-old son: (WNYC)
De Blasio's son goes to and 'fro in TV spot(NYDN)
The Nation endorses Democratic candidate Bill de Blasio for mayor, citing his “progressive, egalitarian” vision for New York City and his ideas for issues such as housing, early childhood education, and public safety:
Bill de Blasio launches NYCHA Watch List — a 'hall of shame' website that lists authority’s backlogged repairs(NYDN)
So, has de Blasio pushed the Atlantic Yards developer "to deliver on his promise for more affordable housing"? Nah. (Updated)(Atlantic Yartds Report)

The Media is Entertaining New Yorkers Not Informing Them On What Their Next Mayor Will Do

Anthony Weiner telling someone it's hard to take them seriously is really rich
Weiner mocked a British TV reporter’s accent, telling her “it’s hard to take you seriously,” and “I just have a feeling I like stepped into a Monty Python movie.”



Steve Levin Son of Vito Lopez Part of Growing Soft Machine

SOFT MACHINE: Seth Barron of City Council Watch questions the common practice of City Council staffers succeeding their bosses, which can allow politicians to install protégés as an end run around term limits:  Among current Council members, Christine Quinn, Jessica Lappin, Rosie Mendez, Leroy Comrie, Julissa Ferreras, Vincent Ignizio and Jimmy Oddo all served as chiefs of staff to their respective predecessors; Steve Levin and Diana Reyna were chiefs of staff to Brooklyn boss and former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, and Karen Koslowitz was aide to Council President Andrew Stein when she was first elected in 1989.

Reading Scores: Hard Truths
New York’s Common Core Test Scores(NYT Ed) The Times writes that the controversy over New York’s decline in test scores is amplified by the mayoral race, and that the candidates should advance the reform efforts instead of sniping at Bloomberg’s education policies  * In the Daily News, Diane Ravitch, a historian of education at New York University, argues that state education officials should be held responsible for the state’s declining test scores because they “hold the reins of power” * Accepting 'Hard Truth'(WSJ) The results posted by New York state students on tough new exams shined a spotlight Wednesday on what educators have been saying for years: Most students aren't ready for college-level work by the time they graduate.

Scandal pol Halloran hangs out a shady shingle

Even Lawyer Hallorian Broke the Law

New York City Councilman Dan Halloran, indicted on federal corruption charges, has rebooted his law firm while awaiting trial, with one client saying he met repeatedly with Halloran in his district office, a violation of city law, the Post reports:
. says she is referring use of office by dan halloran to da's office, says he can't take a step right latel

 Stop and Frisk
In an effort to scale back one aspect of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program, the Bloomberg administration agreed to remove hundreds of thousands of names from a database of information about New Yorkers collected during stops, the Times reports:
*NYPD Agrees to Purge Stop-and-Frisk Data(WSJ)

With a book deadline on the horizon, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has hired some help.

New York State Lags on Firing Workers Who Abuse Disabled Patients(NYT)
Two and a half years after Cuomo promised changes following the revelation that state workers were abusing disabled patients, the state has made little progress in firing abusive and derelict state employees

If the Next Mayor of NY is A Failure and Unemployment Increases and Crime Rises Blame the Media for Not Doing Their 2nd Amendment Job to Inform

One Road to Detroit? 

In this media storm of entertainment and celebrity culture that is driving the 2013 campaign, New Yorkers will have no idea what their next mayor will really do or if they can even handle the job.

McDonald Understands That the Only Way to Break Into This Type of Entertainment News Cycle is To Attack Weiner - Become Part of the Weiner Story
Tensions between Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner and Republican candidate George McDonald came to a head at an AARP forum where the two had a testy exchange, the Daily News reports: * Even Before a Debate, an Unfriendly Exchange(NYT)

Reporter Cover Sensationalism, Ranking Out Not the Issues That Effect New Yorkers and Is Proud of Her Work

    1. My full "grandpa" story airs on NY1 at 7. Includes mazing scene with shouting "penis!" during argument w Weiner fans. Unreal. * Can't believe I haven't resurrected this sooner. Here's the penis pull story I wrote at the Fremont Argus.

      The Daily News Think New Yorkers Should Know How Good the Mayoral Candidates Can Sing
      Mayoral hopefuls get patriotic with their best renditions of 'The Star Spangled Banner'(NYDN)



NYP Hits Spitzer Again 
Eliot Spitzer uses charter school, with kids as extras, in new commercial(NYP)
* Spitzer informed the Campaign Finance Board that he doesn’t plan on spending more than $12 million on his campaign, but he can change his mind, the Journal reports:  * More from Stringer's fund-raiser with Lena Dunham. [Homer Fink] * Eliot Spitzer’s Ad Barrage Wages Onward(NYO)  Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, didn’t rule out a campaign solely on the Working Families Party line should he lose the primary.* Sandra Fluke Enters the Mayoral Race(YNN) * Eliot Spitzer painted himself as the underdog in two new television ads, which suggest that entrenched interests don’t want him to be mayor but that the decision is up to the people of New York City, State of Politics writes:
The NY Post’s bar for printable rumors about Eliot Spitzer’s personal life is very, very low. 

Wall Street Keep Hitting Spitzer

Charles Gasparino    A record of failure(NYP)

If You Get Your News From the Internet or the Local TV News Your Already Know All The News Printed In Today's NYP

Weiner calls 69-year-old opponent 'grandpa' at AARP mayoral forum(NYP) *Anthony Weiner lobs hard words as 'grandpa' George McDonald, accuses him of anger management issues in heated exchange(NYDN) * Weiner Calls Opponent ‘Grandpa’(Daily Beast)

Feds charge 'Manhattan Madam' Kristin Davis with dealing prescription drugs(NYP)
Clintons pledge to remain on sidelines in NYC mayoral race(NYP)
Bloomberg: New York could face the same fiscal fate as Detroit(NYP)
Detroit couldn’t happen in New York City.
It can happen here (by Mayor Bloomberg, NYP))
Christine Quinn responded to Bloomberg's warning by reassuring others that it wouldn't happen on her watch. [Dana Rubinstein]
Video: "[W]hen you overturn term limits and show contempt for that vote, it diminishes your ability to govern going forward." [Azi Paybarah]

Pounding Thompson

Thursday-  Bill Thompson’s mayoral campaign is calling on his rival, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, to release legal documents from the federal “slush fund” investigation five years ago.

As the Media Continues to Ignore Quinn's Slush Fund Scandal They Are Pounding Thompson

Like Quinn Thompson Took Member Items $$$
Thompson, who has railed against the City Council for doling out “member items” to curry political favor, had no problem shelling out similar grants when he headed the Battery Park City Authority, The Post has learned.

Bill T’s ‘shady’ grants(NYP)
As chairman of the Battery Park City Authority, Democratic mayoral candidate Bill Thompson allocated $1.1 million to nonprofit groups whose board members later contributed $75,000 to Thompson’s campaign.Thompson doled out money to “at least five groups singled out by the state inspector general as unfit to receive such funds because they did not directly serve the authority’s mission,” including Rev. Floyd Flake‘s Queens nonprofit.

. continues to hit over slush fund scandal, which is suddenly a talking point again.  Thompson was warned by the Inspector General to stop using funds from the Battery Park City Authority to dole out favors to campaign contributors, but continued to do so anyway.

Thompson Speaks Softly in Cacophonous Race(WSJ)
The argument for Bill Thompson's mayoral candidacy comes down to one phrase, a favorite of his supporters: He is the adult in the room.

Five Questions for Mayoral Candidate Thompson(WSJ)

Thompson wants Quinn to release all the legal papers connected with the slush fund investigation

    1. Students across the spectrum -especially black & Latino students -are not receiving the basic math and reading lessons they are entitled to.
    2. Wait a minute, aren't you endorsed by the very people charged with providing them basic math and reading skills? Merit pay?

Thompson chose Emerald:registered in the Caymans & formed specifically to grab this city contract; had no experience
Does Thompson Have A Hevesi Pension Problem?
As comptroller, Thompson backed a pension investment that foundered but benefited an old friend, reports  The Times’ Michael Powell examines Bill Thompson’s decision as New York City comptroller to make a pension investment in Northern Ireland, which was later shut down but led to a hefty payment for a Thompson ally. The New York TimesMichael Powell looked into an old investment of former Comptroller Bill Thompson: “Like clouds on a mountaintop, more mysteries cling to this Irish investment project … Mr. Thompson’s campaign lauded the principals of Emerald for their experience in ‘complex structuring of project finance.’ Neither the campaign nor Emerald, however, provided examples of that expertise.” * Quinn and Thompson Tussle Over Northern Ireland Investment(YNN)
Thompson missed CityTime scandal because he wasn't 'focused' -- but was SO focused on this investment that he flew to N. Ireland

El Diario endorses Letitia James for New York City public advocate, citing her work on issues “critical to Latino and so many other New Yorkers,” such as housing:
inbox: Empire State Pride Agenda endorsed for
NY1 Online: Squadron’s Pitch for Public Advocate

Sandra Fluke Enters the Mayoral Race(NYO) Endorses Quinn
. calls Quinn "epitome of a power grabbing opportunist who rewarded herself."

JCOPE has launched an investigation into the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Assemblyman Micah Kellner

We mapped the neighborhoods where New Yorkers don't vote:

Math Reading Rate Drop

City Schools Quietly Using Fewer Librarians(WSJ)

Less than a third of NY's public school students passed math, reading exams last year(NYP) * New York students’ math and reading standardized exam scores decreased dramatically this year amid tougher testing tied to new federal curriculum standards, government officials said, the Journal writes:  * The Daily News writes that New York’s precipitous drop in math and reading test scores are a result of much-needed tougher education standards, and that students will eventually adjust * New York Test Scores Bode Ill for Rest of U.S.(WSJ) * Education Secretary Arne Duncan: "We should absolutely not be alarmed if test scores drop as a result of these more rigorous expectations and higher standards." [Ginger Adam Otis and Ben Chapman] Thursday * A test of honesty(NYP Ed) * Test Scores Sink as New York Adopts Tougher Benchmarks(NYT) * Friday Update Better test scores far off: state ed. boss(NYP)
* UNPREPARED: Critics say NYC schools aren't ready for next year's tougher reading and math tests(NYDN) * Starting with this fall’s incoming freshmen, students will be required to take harder Regents exams to graduate, in a push by state officials to make a high-school diploma more meaningful.

A UPT Charter Schools Failure
* The UFT’s glass house(NYP Ed)
In the aftermath of test scores that show the majority of city school children are not performing up to standard, everyone’s a critic. But not everyone’s earned the right to be. We’re thinking particularly of Mike Mulgrew, who heads the United Federation of Teachers. “This is a man-made disaster that should not have been,” he thunders. “The scores should have dropped, but not to this level. The children are bearing the brunt of the mayor’s decisions.” Perhaps. But Mulgrew’s in no position to throw stones. Because among the New York City students who fared the worst on these new tests are those who are being taught in Mulgrew’s own glass house — the UFT charter school. Whether scored against the city average or the charter average, a school that was supposed to showcase the union’s professionalism has only highlighted its failures. In English, only 9.7 percent of the UFT charter’s third to eighth graders are proficient, and only 12.6 percent in math.

Breaking Test Scores 
Success Academy Bronx 2: top-performing nonselective school in NYC ranked third out of 3,500 schools in NYS.
Pass-rates on tougher grade 3-8 state reading exams: NYC-26.4%; Yonkers-16.4%;Buffalo-11.5%; Syracuse 8.7%; Rochester 5.4%; Statewide-31.1%
Expected drop in NYC test scores are still extraordinary - 27 percent passed English, 30 percent math. *Under New Standards, Students See Sharp Decline in Test Scores(NYT)
NYC Charters, 34.8pct proficient in math vs 29.6pct citywide. 25.1pct prof in ELA vs 26.4pct citywide.
Within NY scores, there is progress being made. NYC students are performing much closer to their peers in the rest of the state.

Schooling the critics(NYP)\Eva Moskowitz isn’t satisfied. The poor, black and Hispanic students in her 14 charter schools just knocked the new state tests out of the park, but she had wanted even more. Those are the same tests that most city students failed, leading many educrats to argue the tests were too hard. 

Pay to Play Tax Break

Moreland Commission Update
  • A corruption commission has issued subpoenas to three real-estate developers, seeking information related to tax breaks they received in legislation, according to people informed of the subpoenas. Sources say the state Moreland commission investigating corruption issued subpoenas to three major New York City real estate developers over tax breaks granted via legislation.

  • ___________________________________________________________________________________
    Stop and Frisk

   "A tale of crime prevention turned upside down in the Bloomberg era. A police misprocedural. Read it to understand why Judge Shira Scheindlin is about to upend the NYPD." Tom Robbins

The NYPD Tapes

Graham A. Rayman
Councilman Erik Dilan closed the door on helping Bloomberg defeat a police oversight bill. [Azi Paybarah]


Bloomberg vs de Blasio and Liu on Can NYC Follow Detroit into Bankruptcy

Bloomberg claimed that the city’s expired union contracts will give the new mayor an “unprecedented opportunity” to win health care and pension changes
Mayor Bloomberg seems to kinda think "special interest" mayoral candidates will wreck this town 
Bill de Blasio Quibbles With Mayor Bloomberg’s Big Detroit Speech (NYO)
John Liu Issues Feisty Response to Bloomberg’s Economy Speech(NYO)

Political Journalism

 As Newspapers Weaken the Politicization of Journalism Has Grown and Real Reporting Has Stopped

Who Knew That the Last of the Corrupt Albany 4 Amigos Would Be the the Carrie In the Coal Mine That Warned Us the Politicization of Journalism Has Gone Over the Line

Corrupt Pol Charges Journalism is Corrupt - He is Right

Sen. Ruben Diaz wonders: Who is watching the watchers?  So he has released a new “What Your Should Know®” that goes through a litany of thinly veiled Page Six-ish blind items aimed at state and city political reporters.  Like the hit Adele song, each charge begins with a “rumor has it” as if to indemnify himself. What Diaz did not ask is NY's political corruption epidemic caused by a lack of investigative reporting due to media cutbacks or the corruption of the journalist themselves?

No Wonder Reporters Will Not Go After Corruption
Diaz did not look at how campaign consultants like the Global Strategy Group  used pols who they have worked for to get their hand on the pension funds. The NYP's Seifman sends out reporters to ask Spitzer over and over if he has a girlfriend, but never has a reporter confront the  assemblywomen of Albany and ask them why they support a speaker who cover up sexual harassment.  Diaz did ask in a very crude way if some journalist are giving out patronage jobs to their family and friends.  Thomas Jefferson said the job of the press is to protect the public from government tyranny.  Can anyone claim that the New York press is press is protecting New Yorkers from political corruption.  Or the gangs of thug lobbyists and party leaders who run campaigns and elected their puppets to assure the corruption continues.

Who is watching the (press) watchers? 

"I have no doubt that there are political darlings who will never be mentioned in the press in any of these corruption rumors.”
                                                                                Sen. Ruben Diaz

Diaz: Rumor has it that there may be a radio personality in New York who uses his influence on the morning airwaves to push for his candidate for one of the2013 Primary races, and that candidate may happen to be his partner
Curtis Sliwa Partner is Running for Queens BP With The Corrupt Crowley Machines Backing


Diaz: Rumor has it that there may be a political reporter on TV who uses his evening air time for political maneuvering that may be right in line with the political will of his spouse, who might be found on the top of a list of the most politically influential New Yorkers.Errol Lewis' whose wife now works for Al D'amato who works for Thompson 

Diaz: Rumor has it that there may be a powerful political reporter from one of New York’s tabloids who accepts money and favors from elected officials when the elected officials want to get a bill passed in order to get covered. 
It is No Secret That Lobbyists and Elected Officials Are Paying Some Reporters to Place Stories


New King of  BOE

Marty Golden Gets His Puppet Commissioner to Vote for SI Dem Ryan

 NYC board of elections votes 6 to 3 with one absence to name Michael Ryan of Staten Island its new executive director. SI GOP commission Simon Shamoun the with dems *  The New York City Board of Elections chose Staten Island Democrat Michael Ryan as executive director, winning the support of the board’s five Republicans and one Democrat after a long vacancy, the Daily News writes:

Reason Newspaper Die

Why Did the NYP Bother To Publish Today? All They Did Today Was Repeat Yesterdays Stories
Weiner gal Sydney Leathers bares online porn film selling for $4.95 a pop(NYP)
John’s the biggest Liuser: $3.5M in funds nixed for campaign violations(NYP)
What a 'gag'! Weiner trails only Obama as target of late-night comics(NYP)

Mayor's Race
Bill Clinton speak on NYC mayoral race: too many friends in the race to get involved

Many Mayoral Candidates Have Been What Bloomberg Is Not: Close to Cuomo(NYT)

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner faced hecklers at a Brooklyn campaign stop where he handed out a new booklet with 61 policy ideas, while his spokeswoman returned to the campaign trail, the Daily News writes:
Headline of the Day: “Anthony Weiner Proposes a Chicken in Every Pot and a Camera on Every Cop.”
Weiner Releases Policy Paper, Says Beat Cops Should Wear Cameras (WSJ)
Watch: says he'd put his character up against 's any day, gets booed:
Reporters no longer asking Weiner about scandal. How long does that last?
Weiner allegedly hurls 'grandpa' remark during AARP forum(NYP)
Anthony Weiner Gets Into It With George McDonald, Calling Him "Grandpa"
The Post’s Michael Goodwin criticized the Democratic mayoral candidates’ relentless attacks against the NYPD, said it reflects their lack of understanding on why crime has decreased in New York City: 
  1. . vows formally to fight prevailing wage decision: "We will appeal, and we will be victorious." 
Think  Bezos

Jonathan Soros Should Just Buy the NYP If He Wants Public Financed Campaigns

NYP Attacks Public Financing Of Campaigns Again and Again
The candidate killers(NYP Ed) The Post who opposes the matching fund program, uses Liu convicted treasure and Weiner $4 million in the bank to attack public finance campaigns.

Soros Funding the WFP Push for Public Campaign Financing in Albany
A super PAC founded by Jonathan Soros, Friends of Democracy, accounted for 80 percent of the money spent by the WFP and Citizen Action of New York to push for public campaign financing, the Times Union writes: 

A Times Union review of public records revealed that a federal Super PAC founded by Jonathan Soros paid for more than 80 percent of the effort – $1.1 million of $1.34 million – to establish a system of public campaign finance in New York state. 
Another take: "Anti-Israel Donor George Soros Endorses Bill de Blasio For Mayor"

Stinger Channels Cousin Abzug

Stringer Calls Spitzer A Bun
Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is unquestionably taking off the gloves when it comes to his rival, ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer. “As governor, he was a colossal failure,” Mr. Stringer said on Road to City Hall last night. “You want to elect somebody who has integrity … He couldn’t get things done. He couldn’t work with people. He spied on people. He passed tough laws on prostitution but he couldn’t live by those same laws. And that’s fair game.” 
Eliot Spitzer Launches Spanish-Language Ad 
"a) Stringer is regarded as weak."via

RT : Just in: Kristin Davis, candidate for Comptroller, arrested by FBI agents for selling prescription drugs.
FBI busts comptroller candidate, ex-madam Kristin Davis for selling Rx drugs(NYP)
Ex-Manhattan Madam's Consultant Urges Her to Drop Comptroller Bid
Kristin Davis pleads no guilty, won't comment on the status of her comptroller campaign:
Ex-Madam, Now a Candidate, Is Arrested(NYT)
Correction: Kristin Davis, former madam, comptroller candidate and - now - a defendant.

NYP lecturing another newspaper for not making money

Sulzberger Sells Times Stock

    1. Irony alert - NY Post writers lecturing another newspaper for not making money.
A Campaign About Nothing

 By Limiting Their Coverage To Sex the Media Is Allowing Candidates to Get Away With Not Offing Solutions to Rising Health Care and Pension Costs And Promising Programs and Services That There is No $ For

The Tinker Bell Mayoral Campaign

New York is one of many cities warning municipal unions that if they cannot figure out a way to rein in health costs, the looming “Cadillac tax” in the Affordable Care Act could threaten raises and jobs, The New York Times writes: *  Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn eyes big-money proposals (NYDN) Staten Island Ferry to midtown and iPads for every student are just part of candidates pricey plans. he leading mayoral candidate’s costly raft of proposals includes an $3 million-to-$6 million express ferry from Staten Island to midtown, a $60 million-to-$100 million plan to give every public school student an iPad and an up-to-$1 million-a-year proposal to subsidize tuition for bilingual students willing to work as translators for the city. * NYC spends $8 billion on pensions. That's more than police, fire and corrections combined.
  1. Small biz owners should no longer be fined bc they can’t understand what they’re being told by inspectors.* 3 of 4 Democrats for public advocate support retroactive raises for city workers(Capital)

    NYC Prevailing Wage Law Struck Down By the Court
    Judge Strikes Down City Council's Prevailing Wage Bill 
    Court Strikes Down New York City’s ‘Prevailing Wage’ Law (NYT) A State Supreme Court judge ruled in favor of the Bloomberg administration and struck down the prevailing wage law passed by the New York City Council, saying it is pre-empted by the state minimum wage law, The New York Times writes:
    The Non Sex Scandal That the Media is Not Covering

    The Media Has Covered Up Quinn's Slush Fund Scandal For Years

    "Did I think, as a speaker, having the [reserve] money to give out through the year might give me political leverage? Of course, I did," Quinn told New York Magazine

    ***Quinn: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME, May 12, 2008 *** Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn, May 13, 2008 *
    Six-year-old federal slush-fund probe is still costing New York City taxpayers (NYP)
    August 7, 2009 NY's Watergate: Several Slush Fund Cover-up
    July 15, 2009The City Council Slush Fund Scandal Is Way Bigger Than Miguel Martinez
    March 6, 2009 Cover Up At City Hall ContinuesJ
    January 12, 2009
    Inspector Clouseau Investigates NYC Political Corruption
    Jan 4, 2009
    Member Item Slush Fund Cover Up
    November 11, 2009 The Dishonor Roll - The Shame of New York
    The 29 Councilmembers who voted to extend their term in office
    November 8, 2008 Massive Lobbyist Scandal at City Hall

    Media Switch On Then Off - Slush Fund Story
    From a period of two weeks before the indictments of two city council aides to about a month after the arrests, the newspapers hammered away almost every day at the slush fund scandal. From the beginning of April to the the end of May over 100 story and several editorials were published about the scandal and the need for reform, including over two dozen investigative reports that exposed how councilmembers used member items for family, friends and paid off lobbyists for their campaign help. Since the end of May less than a handful of stories have been written about the slush fund, none during and since the debate and vote extending the council's term limits. It is inexplicable that challengers who use the Internet and Facebook for requests for funding, have not tried to use the online community against the media blackout, and to organize against the council's term limits vote.

    Slush Fund Coverage Day by Day, April - May Pork handouts offered to pressure council members to OK congestion plan, April 2, 2008 *** City Council investigated for slush fund, April 3, 2008 *** City Council Speaker's "Slush Fund" Investigated, April 3, 2008 *** Slush Fund Scandal May Drag Quinn To Court *** City Council invented phony charities to hide more than $17M, aides say, April 3 *** Christine Quinn Joins the Scandal Bandwagon, April 3, 2008 *** The Perils of Christine, April 4, 2008 *** NYC City Council Hiding Taxpayer Money, Created a Slush Fund, April 4, 2008 *** NYC pol caught in slush fund probe - April 5, 2008 *** City Comptroller To Audit Council Over Slush Fund - April 9, 2008 *** Discretionary funds in City Council must now be OK'd, April 11, 2008 Speaker Quinn Decides to Talk to a Lawyer, April 12, 2008 *** *** Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn, April 13, 2008 *** Unanswered Questions: City Council's Phantom Funds - April 14, 2008 *** 2 NYC Council workers indicted in slush fund probe -April 16, 2008 *** What Roll Did Chuck Meara Have In Creating The City Council Speaker's Slush Fund, April 16, 2008 *** Council member in funding flap, April, 17, 2008 *** SLUSH-FUND SHENANIGANS - April 17, 2008 *** Lobbyists’ Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed - April 17, 2008 *** AIDS Groups Have Doubts On Quinn Reforms, April 17, 2008 *** Indictments fall as Quinn eyes reforms in slush fund scandal - April 18, 2008 *** NYC pol caught in slush fund probe, April 18, 2008 *** Quinn Offers Apologies to Council, April 18, 2008 *** City Council scandal has nonprofits nervous, hampers budget talks, April 19, 2008 *** CITY HAUL POLS WANT YOU TO PAY LAW BILLS, April 19, 2008 *** DA weighs charges in City Council slush fund scandal - April 21, 2008 *** Quinn would flush ‘slush fund’ in a budget overhaul proposal - April 22, 2008 *** Daily News Editorial: All in the family - April 22, 2008 *** Brooklyn Pol Put $187G of Your Dough into Wife's Nonprofit, April 22, 2008 *** City Freezes Bronx Councilman’s Million-Dollar Non-Profit Play, April 24, 2008 *** The City Council Operates Under "Afikomen Rules", April 25, 2008 *** Councilman sent $406G to nonprofit with sister on board, April 25, 2008 *** Baez Tied to Council Slush Fund Scandal - April 30, 2008 *** Daily News Editorial: All in the family - April 22, 2008 *** Feds Probing Larry Seabrook Non-Profits in Council Slush Fund Inquiry - April 30, 2008 *** Slush pols look after their own, -April 30, 2008 ***Bloomberg downplays slush fund scandal, May 2, 2008 *** Papers Filed for Judicial Hearing on City Council Spending, May 3, 2008 *** More slush fund shadiness exposed, May 5, 2008 *** Gifford Miller: Slush-Fund Refugee, May 6, 2008 *** WHILE THE COUNCIL ROILS IN SCANDAL, THE FORMER SPEAKER STAYS MUM, HANGS WITH DEVELOPER CHUM - May 7, 2008 *** Brooklyn councilwoman Darlene Mealy's 25G for nonprofit run by sister tabled, May 11, 2008 *** Once Again, Quinn Tries to End the Funding Furor, May 12, 2008 ***Quinn: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME, May 12, 2008 *** Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn, May 13, 2008 *** More City Hall Slush, This Time From Mayor Bloomberg - May 14, 2008 *** Council slush fund quid quo pro, - May 15, 2008 *** Slush Fund Follies in New York - May 15, 2008 *** Vallone, Sr. subpoenaed in slush probe, May 19, 2008 *** Council slush funds date back to 1998 - June 1, 2008 *** Kendall Stewart - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, June 11, 2008 *** Lobbyists' Role in Council Slush Fund Scandal Probed, June 20, 2008 *** Role of Lobbyists Examined in Council Slush Fund Scandal - June 20, 2008 *** Baez Silent Amid Sea of Controversy, July 10, 2008
    THE SLUSH FUND LEGACY: (City and State) Council Speaker Christine Quinn reformed the discretionary funding process both before and after the “slush fund” scandal, but sources say she has continued to politicize funding: 

    What Happen to the Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

    DA's See No Political Corruption

    DAs Who Count On Corrupt County Party Organizations to Get Reelected Protect the Board of Elections
    Despite investigating the state Board of Elections, a number of district attorneys on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission did not pursue some 1,500 criminal referrals from the board since 2006, the Daily News’ Ken Lovett reports 
    Members of Cuomo's anti-corruption panel failed to pursue 1,500 criminal referrals from Board of Elections (NYDN)The nine members of Gov. Cuomo’s anti-corruption commission who are also sitting district attorneys did not pursue about 1,500 criminal referrals from the board since 2006, the bulk of which were related to campaign finance filings.* Sources say that Letizia Tagliafierro, a former aide to Cuomo, has been angling to be the next executive director of JCOPE, and is regarded as the front-runner with support from Cuomo and Public Ethics Chairman Daniel Horowitz, the Times Union reports: 

    The Daily News Says Why No Investigation of Pay to Play DiNapoli
    The Daily News wonders why JCOPE has not pursued an investigation into state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli allegedly pressuring Chevron to settle a major court case after taking campaign contributions from the company’s opponents:
    1. I give JJOKE Commissioner Gary Lavine good advice It's time to "embrace serendipity" translated that means RESIGN
      A really weird Moreland Commission robocall name checks Assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo 
      Mysterious Moreland Commission Robocall(YNN)
      The Times Union criticizes JCOPE’s decision to allow special interest groups to apply for exemptions from public disclosure, and praises Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos for objecting to it:
      The number of real estate developers slapped with subpoenas by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Moreland Commission now stands at five.

      Joe Bruno had his double jeopardy defense on bribery charges rejected today by an appeals court: 
      Joseph Bruno, former Senate majority leader, expected to face second criminal trial 
      COA: Bruno Case Can Proceed
      Joe Bruno on losing his appeal in federal court: “I intend to fully explore all legal options including a further appeal to the full U.S. Court of Appeals and if need be, the U.S. Supreme Court.”
    Silver's Cover Up of A Cover Up

    Will the Woman Remain Silent As Silver's Lawyers Attempt To Cover Up the Hush Fund Cover Up?

    Silver, arguing that his mishandling of past complaints against Vito Lopez is legally irrelevant
    Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assembly seek to quash Vito Lopez-related sex harassment lawsuits(NYDN) Accusers Victoria Burhans and Chloe Rivera contend Silver's signing off on earlier settlements with previous accusers of Assemblyman Lopez put them at risk. Lawyers for Silver and the Assembly say the Speaker took 'swift and effective' action * Women behind Silver (TU) Female Democrats say their concerns as a bloc are getting noticed. In papers filed last week in federal and state court, Mr. Silver’s lawyers argued the suits should be dismissed because Mr. Silver took “swift and effective” action after the women’s complaints.* Vito Lopez admits doctoring Hillary Clinton pic, says "I don't know how that's a problem."

    Assembly Republican pressures Ethics Committee to hire 'truly independent' firm for sex harass investigations ( * Campaign Mailer Rewrites History With Doctored Photo w/Hillary Clinton

    NYC Might Not Be 4 Sale But the PAC With That Name Is
    New York City Is Not For Sale, a group opposed to New York City mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, has taken in donations $320,000 over state-imposed limits, Crain’s Insider reports:

    Mayors' Race

    Here We Go Leather's Makes A Video (Tues' Wood)
    Weiner's Sexting Partner Strips Naked  In Hardcore Porn [PHOTOS] Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for an epic shock -- Anthony Weiner's sexting partner Sydney Leathers has filmed a hardcore masturbation porn ... and TMZ has some pics from the shoot.  Yeah, we saw it coming -- Sydney paid a visit to Vivid porn HQ in L.A. just days ago ... and Vivid's fearless leader, Steve Hirsch, isn't one to waste time. TMZ's seen the flick.. Leathers gets naked, strikes a bunch of stereotypical porn poses, and away she goes ... strumming the old banjo. * 'I’m not prostituting myself … It’s important to look at your body in a positive way’: Weiner's cyber mistress Sydney Leathers films 'hardcore' solo sex scene online(NYDN)

    A subtle change MT@AndreaWNYC: Anthony Weiner today: expand to all 5 boros, in 2011; "rip out all the F***ing"
    Weiner: David Axelrod attacked him cuz his firm works for Bill deBlasio
    Media Focus On Weiner Shifts From Past Scandals To His New Policy Book (NY1)

    A-Rod Knocks Spitzer and Weiner From the Wood

    Vote por Carlos! Weiner campaigns at Ecuadorean parade(NYP)

    Anthony Weiner Unsuccessfully Tries to Shame Media Into Discussing Policy(NYO)



    Victim John Liu Has A Convicted Fund Raiser and Treasure
    Liu at risk of losing millions in campaign funds (AMNY)
    John Liu embraces victimhood, via
    Martin Connor, Liu attorney: "What the staff is proposing is the death penalty for minor transgressions."
    Update: John Liu Denied Matching Funds(NYO)
    Mayoral hopeful John Liu denied public matching funds by campaign finance board(NYP)
    Report Finds Far More Issues With John Liu’s Campaign Financing(NYO)
    report: some contributors don live at listed addresses, others gave large contributions despite "relatively low income"
    Liu Pledges To Continue Mayoral Campaign Despite Setback From Campaign Finance Board (NY1)
    CFB Outsourced Private Investigation of John Liu Campaign(YNN)
    Campaign Finance Board Members Connected to Quinn's Fundraising Operations via
    "Mayor Bloomberg and Christine Quinn, they tried to deny me of my matching funds..." -” 
    One editorial page sides with the NYCCFB's decision to withhold matching funds from John Liu. [amNewYork
    - OUR TIME PRESS endorses John Liu! Elect John Liu!...  

    If You Want Millions From the City Public Funding System Don't Hire A 25 Year Old Treasure
    Tough message from CFB in Liu case: with taxpayer money on the line, candidate responsible for compliance with law
    Campaign Finance Board Denies Liu Public Funds(NYT)

    Team Thompson Worried Liu Lost $$$
    Liu pulled voters from deBlasio, and Thompson is now concerned he may fall out from the runoff
    "This campaign against my campaign..."--

    NYP Reacts to de Blasio Rise in the Polls By Attacking Him For Personal Government Funded Day Care - Calls Him sleaze Like Spitzer and Weiner, NYT's Keller Pushes de Blasio Hold your nose(NYP)
    Like Bill de Blasio. Sources tell The Post that, back when he served on the City Council, de Blasio used staffers (paid by your tax dollars) to tend to his kids. Great. And he’s approaching Spitzer-Weiner levels of hypocrisy in claiming he’d be “independent” when negotiating with labor. As teachers union boss Mike Mulgrew noted, de Blasio has sought union support so often that “many of our staff members thought he had an office in our building.”* De Blasio Asks City to Address Its Inequalities(NYT) Bill de Blasio is drawing new energy and voter interest to a candidacy that presents a sweeping rejection of what New York City has become.* The Times’ Bill Keller suggests that the upcoming New York City primary election, in particular with regard to the success of de Blasio’s mayoral campaign, will be a referendum on Bloomberg’s tenure as mayor: *
    De Blasio's surge irks Bloomberg(CrainsNY) * Mayoral Candidates Differ Over Handling of Occupy Wall Street(WSJ)
    * The mayoral candidates try their hand at standup comedy(NYDN)
    Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson criticized Bill de Blasio’s policies over Twitter, a sign that Bloomberg is unhappy with his rise in the polls, but Wolfson said he has also criticized Thompson’s plans, Crain’s Insider writes:

    Cuomo's Reelection Script

    The House Oversight Committee is investigating if Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office interfered with a Medicaid audit of a large nonprofit home health company by not releasing an audit on overbilling, The Wall Street Journal reports:   A U.S. congressional oversight committee has opened an investigation into whether Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office interfered with a Medicaid audit of the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, the nation’s largest nonprofit home-health company. * House Republicans Probing Medicaid Audit(YNN)

    Cuomo Dances to the Middle to Get Upstate Votes for His Reelection
    Cuomo plans a “major course correction” when he seeks re-election next year, shifting from the left-of-center agenda that has dominated his actions this year to the political centerGov’s new course takes ‘center’ stage(NYP)
    Cuomo will focus on "bread and butter" economic issues next year, hire ex-Sen. Joe Bruno's fiscal director

    Cuomo will announce a program today allowing the state to suspend the driver’s license of taxpayers who owe more than $10,000, which could bring in $26 million this fiscal year and $6 million per year in the future, the Post reports:

    In the Times Union, Ed Cox, the chairman of the New York Republican State Committee, argues that Cuomo has not done enough to help the state’s economy and pushes for “dramatic” tax cuts to help create jobs: 

    NY led all states in announced layoffs through July of this year.

    "NY is the least business-friendly, highest taxed, least economically free state, w/the highest debt per capita."

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo has rescheduled a boat show in New York City’s Jacob Javits Center, infuriating other businesses that claim his intervention will cost jobs and revenue.
    Once upon a time, Cuomo wanted to raze the Javits Center, now he thinks it’s “vital” to the NYC economy.

    NYS Fair officials mysteriously scuttled a $650,000 contract for Bon Jovi to play on Aug. 28, but the band will perform at a $1,000-to-$5,000-a-head fundraiser for Cuomo on Aug. 25 in the Hamptons.

    Bon Jovi concert axed ahead of Cuomo fund-raiser


    Snsujani Consultant Red Horse Who Is Running Her Campaign Works for Lots of Tainted Male Pols
    NYC public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani will launch a campaign called “Up to Us,” which will encourage women to vote against four men who have behaved badly — mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner, controller candidate Eliot Spitzer and two Democrats running for City Council, former Assemblyman Vito Lopez and Assemblyman Micah Kellner. 

    Past Spitzer Aides Offer Thoughts On Former Governor's Comptroller Bid


    NYT and Teachers Union Fights Bloomberg Over Building Space As Reading Test Scores Noise Diver
    The proportion of New York City students proficient in math and reading could decrease by as many as 30 percentage points, with Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott blaming new testing standardResults of New Testing Standard Could Complicate Bloomberg’s Final Months(NYT)
    New School Tests Expected to Hit Scores(WSJ)The Times writes that the teachers union’s lawsuit against Bloomberg’s plan to open new schools or expand old ones in 13 school buildings after he leaves office is a warning that the union wants a new set of policies from his successor: * The NYT editorial board fires a shot across the bow of Bloomberg’s successor by siding with the outgoing mayor against the UFT in the battle over replacing large, failing schools with smaller, specialized ones and greatly expanding the number of charters.

    LICH Closing Fight

    Rep. Nydia Velazquez and seven others were arrested on Monday in Brooklyn for protesting the state’s closure of the Long Island College Hospital, the Wall Street Journal reports:
    Get this: Associated Press says NYC hospitals have a problem. You think?

    Taxi Apps Slow Start

    Taxi-Hail Apps Mostly Used Outside Manhattan and at Odd Hours (WSJ) 
    For the city's taxi-hailing smartphone apps, the revolution has yet to arrive.
    Times Chairman Sells a Portion of His Stock (NYT)
    New York Times Co. CEO gets in sidewalk tirade with British TV crew reporting about Jimmy SavileNew York Times Co. CEO Mark Thompson got into an angry exchange with a British TV crew outside..

    The New York City Council held a hearing on the dispute between CBS and Time Warner Cable over retransmission fees, with harsh words from both sides, though the companies said they had resumed negotiations, the Times writes

    What a herculian jerk Weiner is. Bet some exec at MSNBC is getting ready to sign him.

    Reince Is Right(Dowd, NYT)
    Can Diane Lane do for Hillary what Helen Mirren did for the queen?

    . memo from Sulzberger family, reacting to WaPo sale: "Will our family seek to sell The Times? The answer to that is no."

    MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell says most of the NBC News staff would consider the network’s planned miniseries on Hillary Clinton to be “a really bad idea given the timing.”

    …That came after Chuck Todd called the miniseries “a total nightmare for NBC News.

    President Obama Talks NSA, Trayvon, And Hillary Lunch With Jay Leno (Full Interview)

    The Washington Post re-Kindled(Wolff, Guardian)The Post sale is a turning-point: as legacy media firms hit bottom, an opportunist visionary like Jeff Bezos will reinvent the business

    Cutting loose the Boston Globe may be a lifeline for the New York Times(Michael Wolff, Guardian UK) Rather than sink together, apart each has a better chance to stay afloat. But buoyancy in 'newsonomics' is still in grave doubt

    BREAKING: RT : The Washington Post has been sold to Jeff Bezos for $250 million. 

     Sally Quinn: Washington Post sale 'end of an era'

    'There won't be printed newspapers in twenty years'...

    First, Boston Globe. Then, WaPo. Do you think The New York Times will be next to be sold? (via )

    CNN Responds To RNC Threat Over Hillary Clinton Movie 

    MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski: NBC And CNN Trying To ‘Climb Up’ The… ‘Something’… Of Clinton Family (VIDEO)

    Two women will anchor the NewsHour on PBS, a first for a major network broadcast.

    CBS News: Terrorists Already Have Orders, Could Be In Place For Attacks


    Law and Order

    An NYPD sergeant who complained about colleagues downgrading charges to make crime stats look better, said he's being retaliated against. [Rocco Parascandola]

    Case in Unarmed Youth’s Death Falls Apart(NYT)

    A Bronx grand jury declined to bring criminal charges against Officer Richard Haste, who fatally shot Ramarley Graham, 18, last year. Above, Mr. Graham’s family.

    LIVES AND DIES BY THE GUN: Armed Bronx thug, 14, chasing man through the streets shot dead by cops as NYPD seeks answers to firearm's origin(NYDN)
     Bloody end for gun kid: Cop shoots armed 14-year-old dead in Bronx(NYP)Teenager Is Shot and Killed by Officer on Foot Patrol in the Bronx(NYT)
     14-Year-Old Is Shot by Police in the Bronx(WSJ)
    PBA prez backs cop who killed gun kid(NYP)