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True News Analysis What the Media Leaves Out

The City's Establishment: Wall Street, Partnership and Real Estate Fear A Controller Spitzer

Can Errand Boy Consultant Lobbyists George Arzt's Save the Establishment From the Sheriff of Wall Street?

NYP Offering Team Stringer Newsprint Space to Attack Spitzer
NY taxpayers footed bill for Eliot Spitzer’s trip to DC for dalliance with Ashley Dupré(NYP)
Back in 2008, then-US Attorney Michael Garcia dropped prostitution charges against Eliot Spitzer, in part because Spitzer had resigned the governorship and taken responsibility for his actions. Plus,...

Wall Street Takes Their Shot At Spitzer

Charles GasparinoSpitzer’s funny ‘business’(NYP)
Back in 2008, then-US Attorney Michael Garcia dropped prostitution charges against Eliot Spitzer, who may have used state resources to facilitate his activities — something voters should take into account as he attempts a political comeback. * Eliot Spitzer beats heat by staying in TV studios (NYDN) * WATCH: Tapper DESTROYS Spitzer
* Spitzer's campaign is based out of his father's real estate firm. [Annie Karni]

Partnership Member Time Warner Takes Spitzer Shots Also

Spitzer Likes Goldilocks "[Spitzer] told CNN he has not broken that law since 2008
Spitzer has tremendous faith in the power of television and good advertising over street campaigning, according to people who have worked with him. The following exchange took place between Spitzer and Stephen Colbert last night on The Colbert Report:

“Why do you want this job? Because before you had your fall from grace – or whatever her name was – you were the governor of the state! You were the governor! Aren’t you at one and the same time both above and below this job?” ES: “That’s why I’m trying to get right in the middle, (like) Goldilocks here.” * * WATCH: CNN's Tapper DESTROYS Spitzer
Self Control is Over Valued
Voters seem more forgiving. Colbert to Spitzer: "Do you think that signals progress for our country or the slow decay of our moral values?"
Late to party. Colbert to Spitzer: "Shouldn't the job of comptroller go to someone who has shown a modicum of self-comptrol?" He laughs.* Spitzer Releases His First Ad In City Comptroller's Race (NY1) * . ad fondly recalls his days in office; no mention of/apology 4 scandal. maybe thats what natl itnvws r4

Hospital Closing

Closing Update SUNY just announced it plans to close Long Island College Hospital. 
State Health Department Approves SUNY's Closure Plan For Long Island College Hospital (NY1) * It's over. Cuomo's health department pulls the plug. Brooklyn Daily Eagle* The official DOH doc closing LICH  * State Health Department Approves SUNY's Closure Plan For Long Island College Hospital

Restraining Order * Judge rules LICH cannot overrule medical counsel of doctors & nurses demanding hospital remain open to serve patients
  1. : We secured restraining order to stop closure of . Delivering to administration at 5pm.

Killing New Yorker's With No Finger Prints
Steven Berger and Stanley Brezenoff Close Another Hospital and the Media Never Even Prints Their Names

Continuum is run by a ruthless powerbroker named Stanley Brezenoff whose nickname at LICH is Darth Vader.

Close Community Hospitals to Protect the Big Hospitals

LICH, the Zombie hospital, mean to house 375 patients, it has 18
Pulling hosp’s plug(NYP)
Despite a clear court order, and a punishing heat wave, state officials are going ahead with plans to shut down Brooklyn’s Long Island College Hospital this weekend, according to health-care workers. Doctors, nurses, health-care workers and patients...* Brooklyn officials storm LICH, protest SUNY’s closure plan(Brooklyn Eagle)

Crisply Made Beds and Empty Corridors as State Prepares a Hospital for Its Closing(NYT) * Bill de Blasio and Dan Squadron storm rally to save Long Island College Hospital(NYDN)
* Protest Erupts After LICH Staff Claims Hospital Closure Is Imminent(NY1) * A hospital on life support(Village Voice)

The Corruption Act

The Moreland Act Has Become A Campaign Tool
Andrew’s ads(NYP Ed)

If Andrew Cuomo means to undermine the credibility of his new corruption-fighting Moreland Commission, he couldn’t be doing a better job. Cuomo’s campaign committee took to the airwaves this week — 16 months before the next election for governor — with commercials touting the new commission. “The politicians,” says the ad, “won’t like it.” Neither will the voters, at least if they suspect that the commission is little more than a re-election gimmick. At the least, the governor’s campaign ad is a trifle premature. The commission is just getting started and has held one (closed-door) meeting. If the governor is going to trumpet his corruption-fighting, wouldn’t it be better to wait until he has something to show for it? * The NY Post slams Cuomo for using campaign funds to pay for TV ads touting his Moreland Commission created to investigate public corruption and the state’s notoriously lax campaign finance system.* A history lesson on the Moreland Commission(NY Now)

Mayor's Race

 On the Same Day NYC Jobless Rate Rose to 8.4% Quinn Who Has Been Council Speaker for 8 Years Run Ads How She is  Champion for the Middle Class

Quinn Pitches Herself as Champion for Middle Class(NYT)
Christine C. Quinn, in the season’s first television ad for a Democrat running for mayor, presents her central message, that she gets things done. NYCLASS, a group hoping to derail New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s mayoral candidacy, launched a website called because of her position supporting the city’s carriage-horse industry, the Daily News writes: * A fact-check on Quinn's first ad says her claim of "balancing eight budgets" is "hardly heroic," since it's required by law. [Michael Barbaro]

Another Man of the People Billionaire: Candidate
Billionaire John Catsimatidis shows diverse financial portfolio of companies — 69 properties in 18 states(NYDN) Republican mayoral contender John Catsimatidis’ first city financial disclosure report since announcing his candidacy reveals that the billionaire grocery magnate is also a real estate baron who owns an oil refining * Republican mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis draws a relatively modest five-figure salary from the Gristedes supermarket chain he owns, with most of his fortune coming from his real estate and energy holdings, The Wall Street Journal reports * Billionaire John Catsimatidis owns an oil refinery, a private aviation service and 69 properties in 18 states 
Presented without comment: “‘John Catsimatidis’s signature is basically illegible which indicates a sense of arrogance and speed of thinking,’ said Bart Baggett, a handwriting expert based in Los Angeles. ‘It is one big jigsaw, which indicates a fast hyper-analytical, in fact, probably social, friendly, outgoing and laser-sharp thinking processes.’”

Joe Lhota $$$
 Michael B. Mukasey, former US attorney general under President George W. Bush, and his wife will host a fundraiser at their Hamptons home next week for GOP NYC mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. * Paterson: Lhota Has ‘No Class’: Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota and Democratic former Gov. David Paters...

Bill Thompson's internal campaign poll shows he's leading among blacks likely to vote in Sept. 10 primary.
Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese Meets With Jewish Voters In Catskills(NY1) 

Yankee Petitions

Corrupt Councilwoman Carmen Arroyo Yankee Support
EXCLUSIVE: Derek Jeter's signature allegedly forged on petitions by ethically-challenged Bronx City Councilwoman(NYDN)
The team of City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo gathered 3,863 signatures — far more than the 450 she needs for her re-election bid — but her challenger is disputing 3,437 of the signatures. Handwriting experts analyzed the NYC candidates’ signatures.* Derek Jeter Moves to Bronx Walkup, Signs Councilwoman's Suspicious Petition(NY Mag)

Stop and Frisk Vs. Terrorism? 

Stop-and-frisk may hurt Kelly’s chances of being President Obama’s next Homeland Security czar – especially after the Trayvon Martin case acquittal
Sources say the Obama administration is worried about taking heat for nominating New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly to lead the Department of Homeland Security because of potential furor over the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy, the New York Post reports:
In the Daily News, Rep. Carolyn Maloney lists ten reasons why Kelly would be the best choice * A group of NYC Council members who support a bill that would let people sue the NYPD if they’re racially profiled by cops are fighting back against what they call “disingenuous” attacks from the police lead the Department of Homeland Security* One editorial page picked up on John Liu's criticism of the NYPD's stop-and-frisk policies, and his support for Ray Kelly becoming the next Department of Homeland Security Secretary. [Daily News] * Ray Kelly May Be Next to Leave NYPD (Weiss, DNAINFO) *Parker To Schumer: Don’t Back Kelly For DHS(YNN)

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly is losing Paul Browne, his right-hand man for two decades whom he once described as “my consigliere.” More here.* "NYPD's Chief Lying Liar Will No Longer Be Paid by New York to Lie"(Gawker)


Reclaiming the Education Empire $$$
The UFT is suing to block Bloomberg from opening six more charter schools after he leaves office
The United Federation of Teachers filed a lawsuit against the city to stop more than a dozen school co-locations from opening, in anticipation of Mayor Michael Bloomberg planning more co-locations before he leaves office, the Post reports:
The UFT slapped NYC with a lawsuit Thursday to stop Mayor Bloomberg from opening more charter schools in traditional public school buildings — after he leaves office. * Former CNN host Campbell Brown's political group is excempt from disclosure requirements because their ads say voters should "demand action" from the mayoral candidates, rather than "vote" or "reject." [Javier Hernandez and David Chen]

A Silver Moment
Silver Supports See Nothing
Assembly Speaker Silver may be tarnished, but Staten Island pols won't oppose him
    1. "Eliot spitzer was patronizing an industry that denegrates women, that traffics women, that promotes misogyny," says at rally
    2. Sounds like the New York State Assembly intern program

More Council Crooks

By 2014  Most of Queens' Pols Will Be Locked Up, But the Media Sees Nothing Wrong With the Boss Crowley Machine

Flack Lupe Todd Works for George Arzt
When NY1 asked to talk about it on Thursday, Wills got on the phone with his political consultant, and then he declined to take questions. "I'm not going to read a statement," he said. "I'll have Lupe contact you."

Hire This Highly Respected Councilman Getting Arrested?
Never one to let corruption charges slow him down, Councilman Dan Halloran has launched a new law practice. The firm’s website describes Mr. Halloran as “a highly respected member of the City Council, one who can deliver funds and services to the district by working to build positive relationships.”

Is Smith Ready to Sing?

No Fat Lady Yet, But They Could Be Taping
Senator Due In NY Court After Allegedly Trying To Rig Election(Huff Post) * Several Lawmakers Appear In Court On Corruption Charges (NY1)
Next date in Malcolm Smith/Dan Halloran case is December 13, 2013 (After the election)
  1. Will Senators Smith or Sampson roll on Former Gov. David Paterson ?

    Machine pols and reformers alike are ensnared


Lopez's Life is A Picnic

Vito Lopez Feels The Love At Annual Ridgewood Bushwick Picnic(City and State)

Obama On Black America

 WATCH: Video of Obama's comments on race, Zimmerman case
Obama: Black Americans feel pain after Zimmerman verdict because of 'history that doesn't go away'(NYP)
In Rare Talk on Race, Obama Reflects on Trayvon Martin(NYT)
President Obama Talks About Trayvon Martin and Race in a Surprise Speech(NY Mag)
READ: Transcript Of Obama's Statement On Trayvon Martin * Obama on raceStory(Wash Post) * Twitter reacts to Obama's Trayvon Martin speech (Wash Post) * How Conservatives Are Reacting to President Obama’s Race Remarks(NY Mag) * So the White House press corps was TOTALLY caught off guard when Obama entered the briefing room on Friday 

John Haggerty Bloomber II

The state Court of Appeals will hear an appeal from John Haggerty, who was convicted of stealing $750,000 from Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 2009 re-election campaign, State of Politics says

NYC's Federal Bankruptcy Save

    1. A major American city goes bankrupt. Either Dem campaign for NYC comptroller issue a statement or directly addresses the news? Should they?