Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Comeback

To Win The Democratic Runoff the Candidate Will Need the Black Vote
And That Means the Rev Sharpton, Who the Media and the Mayoral Candidates Recognize As Speaking for the Entire Black Community

'He was incapable of governing the city': NYC mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota says David Dinkins lost '93 reelection on merits, not race(NYDN) * Lhota Visits Store Seeking Jewish Vote, Not Those Kosher Skittles(NYT) * On the GOP side, most voters have no idea who the candidates are, but Joe Lhota is leading among those who do.

Quinn Poll: Back on Top
A new poll by The New York Times and Siena College finds that empathy is the most important trait for the next New York City mayor, and that among Democratic voters Christine Quinn is leading the field with support from 27 percent, The New York Times reports: 

New Quinn Message
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn back on top in mayor's race in latest Siena poll(NYDN) After seeing herself trailing Anthony Weiner in two public polls in a row, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn is now back on top of the Democratic mayoral primary heap, according to a new poll.* Quinn released the first TV ad of the Democratic mayoral primary. The spot focuses on her efforts to fight for the middle class. Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who was endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice New York today, said she wants to talk about her record, not her looks, the Daily News writes: * Quinn Pitches Herself as Champion for Middle Class(NYT) * New Poll Shows Quinn Leading Dems In Mayoral Race (NY1)

Real Estate $$$ Runs Politics In NYC
New York City real estate companies are exploiting a loophole in state election law that considers limited liability corporations as individuals, allowing them to contribute up to $150,000 through LLCs that they own for different sites, Crain’s Insider reports
Power 100: The Most Powerful People in New York Real Estate

Quinn and fellow Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio ripped their opponent Anthony Weiner for likening the New York Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policy to pre-World War II Germany, calling the comparison “offensive”, the Post writes:  * Daily Show'sJohn Oliver Is Thrilled Eliot Spitzer & Anthony Weiner Are Running For Office (VIDEO)* Eliot Spitzer, who was not charged with any crimes as a result of his prostitution scandal, insists he didn’t get special treatement from federal prosecutors. Spitzer is doing a lot of media interviews, but not a lot of shoe leather campaigning. “It seems as if the narrative of Spitzer’s life is catching up again to that ‘Good Wife’ narrative for which it provided the initial impetus.” * WATCH: Tapper DESTROYS Spitzer(Huff Post)
Bowing to Pressure
Eliot Spitzer releases two pages of 2011 and 2012 income tax returns after pressure from comptroller rival Scott Stringer(NYDN) * Spitzer released the top two pages of his federal tax return from the past two years after fierce criticism from his opponent, Scott Stringer, who accused him of hypocrisy, The Wall Street Journal writes:
* But he kept hidden the details of his business holdings, deductions and charitable giving.
More > * Scott Stringer’s campaign described Spitzer’s four-page release as a “non-disclosure disclosure” and called on the former governor to meet the “standard of transparency he once championed” and release his full returns for the past five years. The NY Post slams Spitzer for changing his tune on the release of tax returns.* Eliot Spitzer Is on the Airwaves but Not the Streets(NYO)

Cuomo Cleans Up Corruption on TV
In TV Ad, Cuomo Vows to Clean Up Corruption(NYT)
Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who is expected to seek a second term next year, promises a “government that we can trust. * The Times Union writes that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent fundraising activities leaves him open to accusations of hypocrisy after previously beating the drum on campaign finance reform: *
Gov. Cuomo slammed by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics over disclosure (NYDN) ‘The only thing transparent about Gov. Cuomo’s administration is his obvious attempt to avoid disclosure,’ says the liberal organization. A new TV ad by Cuomo touting his anti-corruption Moreland Commission drew sharp criticism from former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green, who lost to Cuomo in the 2006 AG’s race. Cuomo used campaign cash to pay for the ad, which is unusual, since up to this point he had been relying on the Committee to Save NY and the state Democratic Party to do that for him. A circus-themed analysis from the left-leaning Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington categorized Cuomo as a “sideshow” — the least awful of its three categories of bad executives — for what the group described as transparency and cronyism failures.

From Saturday Night Live Skit to Comptroller
Spitzer told his former Lt. Gov. David Paterson that he regretted leaving him to grapple with massive budget deficits after resigning as governor in 2008, the first time he’s talked about his resignation since becoming a comptroller candidate
Spitz to Paterson: Oops, sorry(NYP)
Eliot Spitzer (pictured) yesterday told David Paterson he regretted leaving him and New Yorkers in the lurch by resigning over a hooker scandal during the worst economic meltdown in 50 years.* Spitzer on Spitzer(NYP Ed) When Eliot Spitzer appeared on “The Tonight Show,” Jay Leno asked...

Rep. Peter King indicated that New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was considering the top post at the Department of Homeland Security, a day after Kelly was lauded by President Obama as one of the best at fighting terrorism
Ray Kelly ‘definitely’ interested in Homeland Security chief post: source
Ray Kelly is ready to return to Washington.  The NYPD commissioner is “definitely” interested in heading up the US Department of Homeland Security, a law-enforcement source told The Post.

NYCHA board members keep drawing six-figure pay — for their eliminated jobs(NYDN)

This week, NYCHA board members Margarita Lopez and Emily Youssouf — who each made $187,000 last year — were still on the New York City payroll, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s office confirmed.

Daily News Asks Where Is City Council Slush Fund IG
This is the same City Council that voted overwhelmingly to impose an inspector general on the NYPD to monitor how the department is doing its job, which has been excellently and overwhelmingly without corruption. And this is the same City Council that refuses to abide by its announced principles and impose an inspector general on its operations, despite the thievery that plagues member-item giveaways. The difference is that DOI catches crooks after they steal while the IG, as the Council envisions it for the cops, is charged with critiquing policies to head off lapses before they occur.

Henry Berger and Stanley Brezenoff Close Another Hospital and the Media Never Even Prints Their Name

Flack Lupe Todd Works for George Arzt
When NY1 asked to talk about it on Thursday, Wills got on the phone with his political consultant, and then he declined to take questions. "I'm not going to read a statement," he said. "I'll have Lupe contact you."

The Daily Show’s Lewis Black responded - in truly Daily Show style – to Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s latest attempt to poach jobs from New York.