Wednesday, July 17, 2013

True News Fight Will Continue

Why Was Wills Ever Sitting in the Council?
Huntley pol pal on hot seat(NYP)
Councilman Ruben  — who formerly served as Huntley’s chief of staff — is one of four lawmakers under probe for steering taxpayer funds to the nonprofit Young Leaders Institute, according to a source close to the investigation.

Even Before Wills Was Elected to the Council There Has Been A Buzz of Him Pocketing Money From Non Profits to Help Pay For Child Support
True  News  2010 - 2012
Bladeo is Came in 3rd to Rubin Wills Who is Also Under Investigation and had or has 2 arrests warrants on on him 
Wills Investigation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,  

NYP and NYT Disagree  On Role of Spitzer's Wife
As Spitzer Pursues a Comeback, His Wife Chooses to Stay Offstage(NYT) Silda Wall Spitzer has so far been all but invisible as her husband, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, runs for New York City comptroller, a stark contrast from his earlier days in politics.

Why NYC women are backing tainted Spitz & Weiner: Louses’ spouses the key to poll surge(NYP)
Political experts and city women said yesterday that Anthony Weiner and Eliot Spitzer’s latest poll numbers — showing them leading with support strong from female voters — can be attributed to the forgiveness of their far better halves.“Both of them have strong and very competent, capable wives, so it’s certainly possible women would say, ‘Why not?’ These strong, sensible, competent women are standing by their guys, so why not” vote for them? said Maurice Carroll, polling director for Quinnipiac University.

Lopez Millions in Member Items For His Non Profit Locks Him Into A Council Win No Matter Who Backs His Opponent
“I’m very pleased with the support of the community,” former Assemblyman Vito Lopez said of his scandal-scarred City Council candidacy yesterday. And, although allies of rival candidate Antonio Reynoso have been trying to brand Mr. Lopez as the race’s front-runnner, Mr. Lopez argued that, “based on the endorsements and the amount of money that [Reynoso] has raised, he’s probably considered the slight favorite.” * Growth of a New-Age Political Machine - New York Times (1993)
* Group endorses Vito Lopez' rival for Council(NYDN)

Vito Lopez is Counting On his New Age Political Machine to Win A Council Seat

Only Bloomberg, Cuomo and Quinn Can Stop Vito Lopez From Become the Next City Councilman

In 1993 the NYT wrote an article about Vito Lopez's New Age Political Machine. Lopez has been using his government funded political machine to get himself and a lot of other politicians elected through the years since.  Lopez's machine the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council is what he is counting on to get himself elected this year to the city council. Lopez's machine employees almost 2000 people in his council district.  Those 2000 people service thousands of other voters in Lopez's council district, especially seniors who vote.

Vito Lopez Uses Government Funds to Run His Machine(True News)

Ridgewood Bushwick has also built with Lopez's political help thousands of low costs apartments for residents in the city council district Lopez is running in. Lopez using his political skills and genius has included powerful pols and even Wall Street Tax Shelters guys in his housing programs not only in Bushiwick but throughout the city and state because of his control of all the housing in Albany and City Hall.  It was Lopez's political power and who he made deals with that has block him from any legal problems.  While others pols were sent to jail for using their member items to help their friends and family.  Lopez also used his government funded machine to help his friends and family, but was for 20 years untouchable because of his political power to elect to office DAs and others who would investigate him.  Only by closing down Lopez's machine the Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council or treating to close it if he runs for City Council, can Vito be stopped from becoming the next city councilman. * Vito refuses to pull out of Council race (

Bloomberg Cuomo and Quinn Can Push the Vito Lopez Stop Button for Council
Only Bloomberg, Cuomo and Quinn has to power to cut off funds to Vito Lopez's machine. Quinn's city council charter commission gave him a district he can win in, even after moving his house out of the district.  We expect all the mayoral candidates will also promise to cut the funding to Lopez's machine if they get elected. The Mayor and Governor should do the same now. * Cuomo Spokesperson Calls Vito Lopez's Resignation "Best End To This Ugly Chapter" (NY1)
* The Scandal-Plagued Vito Lopez Campaign Forges On(NYO)

Vito Lopez Will Get Hasidic Support
Organizer in the Williamsburg Hasidic community: "Lopez should be judged on his record of helping Bklyn communities."

How Vito Lopez's Machine is Still Funded

For all your Vito Lopez backgrounder needs: state contracts with Lopez-connected Ridgewood-Bushwick Council  The Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizens Council got $873,589, despite having been under scrutiny from federal and state investigators since a probe found it had submitted fraudulent and questionable claims for taxpayer cash from the city this year. Funding was earmarked by Brooklyn Councilmen Erik Dilan, Steve Levin and Domenic Recchia, plus the borough delegation. (Cartoon NYP)