Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Mayoral Campaign About Nothing Continues, DA Hynes WTF, Moreland High Noon, More Pol Arrests Coming

NYT Calls Quinn An Insider Master Others Call Her A Power Hungry No Morals Machine

With her support in the polls dipping, NYC Council Speaker/Democratic mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn went on the attack against her rivals. 

Quinn’s History of Mastering the Insiders’ Game(NYT)
A review of Christine C. Quinn’s early career in New York City suggests that she has always preferred pragmatism to idealism. A review of mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s early career in New York City shows that she prefers the “insiders game”, honing a work-the-system strategy while working as an advocate on housing and gay rights issues Lesser Lights, Big City(NYT) Anthony Weiner preens. Christine Quinn calibrates. And New Yorkers wonder: who’s got the stuff to be our next mayor? * Quinn's Strategy Left Others Short(WSJ)  Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn is highlighting her record on the City Council, but a similar strategy failed when her predecessors as council speaker ran for mayor.* "Christine Quinn isn’t just slipping in the polls — she’s plunging on the best-seller list"
Quinn is highlighting her record on the City Council as the crucial factor that sets her apart from her competitors, but a similar strategy failed when her predecessors as council speaker = Gifford Miller and Peter Vallone Sr. – ran for mayor. * Roots Of Betrayal : The Ethics Of Christine Quinn: Chapters 1 and 2 -   
Christine Quinn's book "was number 224,525 in book sales on Amazon.com Monday, just a week after its release."  PIcking up on speculation from unnamed rivals that Quinn was reacting to "internal polling." [Jill Colvin] * Quinn Attacks Rivals As Her Poll Support Shrinks(NY1) * Christine Quinn’s memoir, ‘With Patience and Fortitude,’ plunging on best-seller list(NYDN) * "The last legislative leader to become mayor was Vincent Impellitteri" in 1950  * To Roll Out Policy Platform On Thursday |

Mayoral Candidates Kissing the UFT Ass 
The Post’s Michael Benjamin writes that the mayoral candidates’ education agendas consist of bashing Success Academy charter school founder Eva Moskowitz to curry favor with the teachers union: None of the Democratic candidates for mayor has a plan for the city schools other than not being Mike Bloomberg. That’s it. * Bloomberg: Teachers Union Endorsement is 'Almost a Kiss of Death' (WSJ)
  1. is on point about significance of UFT endorsement for a candidate. However, all wannabes salivate over it.
Catsimatidis on bike lanes: "That'll be the first thing to go."

"Bill Thompson isn't interested in Christine Quinn's 'name-calling.'" [Dana Rubinstein]
Thompson and a real setae company opposed to the East 91st Street garbage site have something in common: paying Del Giorno & Giblin LLC. [Victoria Bekiempis] Former Comptroller Bill Thompson is reportedly set to get a major boost for his campaign with the endorsement of the United Federation of Teachers tomorrow. The influential teachers’ union would give the even-tempered Mr. Thompson several things, including motivated boots on the ground and a potential independent expenditure ad campaign on his behalf. One day before UFT appears set to endorse Thompson, principals' union endorses him via
Mayoral Candidates Eagerly Await UFT Endorsement

Some Top People TPM - Quinn Going Down and de Blasio on the Bottom
While Talking Points Memo looked at the various Democratic mayoral candidates’ staffing situations. Many of the leading candidates, including Ms. Quinn, Mr. Thompson and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, have attracted top-tier talent with experience on presidential campaigns. Other Democrats in the race have cobbled together more inexperienced operations * A new web video highlights NYC Council Speaker/Democratic mayoral frontrunner Chris Quinn’s efforts to help communities struck by Sandy.

Buzz Feed Shrink Calls Weiner Uncured
Anthony Weiner has consistently denied having a sex addition, but BuzzFeed is skeptical of the claim and interviewed a number of sex therapy experts who believe him to be uncured. “Addiction runs deep. It takes a lot of time and work,” said one. “I get the impression that he sees this as an anomaly, that he’s fine and fixed now. It doesn’t read to me that he is dealing with the issue and problem — he’s just presenting it as a mistake.” * Weiner takes questions. 1st: he opposes congestion pricing. To clear roads, he would push overnight truck delivery in Manhattan Weiner holds up copy of Daily News, praises paper's series on small business fines. Makes sure DN photog gets shot.
says the city's economic recovery has been "deceptive" because jobs are low wage * Weiner says the city has spent enormous amounts of money on education, with minimal results. Bemoans low teacher morale * New York Post Editor Defends Weiner Puns on Australian TV (NYO) * Weiner says Bloomberg 'deserves a lot of credit' for improving race relations, easy to forget tensions under Rudy * In what was billed as his first major policy speech of his campaign, Democratic mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner attempted to woo members of NYC’s business community.
Weiner's campaign didn't exactly dispel the rumors they've had trouble hiring: 

WFP and Labor Working A the Running Move
Union big to serve as WFP mayoral placeholder(CrainsNY)
Labor Seeks Influence in New York’s Mayoral Race (NYT)
Even though they aren’t united behind a candidate NYC labor leaders are gearing up to re-establish political primacy after Bloomberg’s departure.*

Joe Lhota, Everyman, Wears Costco Clothes(NY Mag)


Appeals court OKs E. 91st street garbage facility(NYP)


High Noon On Moreland

Where Is Cuomo's Moreland Commission? Only Move
Daily News editorial: The gov who cried wolf
The Daily News criticizes Cuomo for failing to act after putting a Moreland Act commission on the table to combat public corruption: 
Gov pro-abort bill terminated(NYP) * Cuomo Says Abortion and Anticorruption Bills Aren’t Likely to Pass Legislature(NYT) * Cuomo all but conceded defeat on several key initiatives of his progressive agenda, including a measure codifying abortion rights and legislation instituting public financing of political campaigns, The Buffalo News writes:   * Year ends with blame(TU) Posturing stalls abortion, campaign finance measures in state Senate. “Tainted by a series of corruption scandals and at loggerheads over the highest-profile legislative issues, lawmakers seem eager simply to return home.” Cuomo and legislative leaders spent over an hour behind closed doors trying to finalize legislation to privatize the LIPA, create tax-free zones on upstate university campuses, reauthorize binding arbitration with special provisions for fiscally distressed cities, and authorize up to four new casinos around the state."History shows that it can be a risky move to tie a run to a record of legislative achievement.". [Michael Howard Saul] * Cuomo Faces Potential Failure Of Women's Equality Act, Anti-Corruption Bill(NY1)
    1. 6m
      Cuomo agenda in peril as approval rating falls

Cuomo Power Drain  The Daily News’ Bill Hammond argues that with Cuomo not passing two of his biggest legislative priorities it shows that his power has dramatically deflated in the last three years.  A great look at why Cuomo's agenda is stalled in the State Senate. Some of the answers: He doesn't have redistricting as leverage anymore and the abortion bill he's pushing is "largely symbolic."
Gov. Cuomo's agenda faces dimming prospects as approval rating sinks to all-time low(NYDN)

The New York governor's approval rating is now 50%.

Target IDC's Klein
Senate Independent Democratic Conference Leader Jeff Klein has found himself in the crosshairs of Cuomo, advocacy groups and lobbyists, all targeting him as the key to passing several progressive measures as the session winds down, The Wall Street Journal writes: * The governor suggested the loss of his Women’s Equality Act will likely come back to haunt some senators – especially the IDC members – in next year’s elections.  As the legislative session winds down, all eyes in the Capitol are on IDC Leader Jeff Klein, who insists: “I don’t bring bills to the floor that fail. That’s not what leaders do.” Cuomo said the I.D.C. members are "theoretically, Democrats," one of his sternest rebukes of the four-member breakaway caucus that controls the State Senate with Republicans. [Reid Pillifant] * IDC Leader Jeff Klein on pro-choice groups: "It's very interesting that you'd hammer someone who advocates your position."

More Pol Arrests Coming

Breaking Arrests PM

U.S. Attorney Bharara: More Corruption Cases Coming
U.S. Attorney Says New Yorkers ‘Can Expect More’ Corruption Cases (NYO)
In a rare televised interview with Capital Tonight, Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said even more public corruption cases can be expected to emerge due to the “pervasive” nature of the problem in the state. US Attorney Preet Bharara to scandal-scarred New York lawmakers: There’s more where that came from. (View the entire interview here).

Old Machines
The Senate and Assembly reached a compromise on a bill that will delay any primary runoff in the NYC mayoral race and allow the city Board of Election to use lever machines.

Hiding in the Bear Mountain Compact Swamp

Elected Officials As Enablers of Sexual Abuse

Dump tarnished Silver: poll (NYP) ALBANY — A majority of voters wants to give Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver the boot over the way he handled sexual-harassment claims against pervy ex-pol Vito Lopez.  Fifty-two percent of state voters think Silver (pictured) should step down,...Bear Mountain Compact - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In 2004 NYT Wrote About Albany Facing Its Sex Problem, But Not Today When It Effects It Boy Silver
New York Times, however, Al Baker associates the Bear Mountain Compact with the Bear Mountain Bridge, writing, "For years, the joke has been that the mostly male lawmakers and their hangers-on have clung to a secret code known as the Bear Mountain compact, whereby any liaisons with interns or young staff members that occur north of Bear Mountain Bridge, which spans the Hudson River between Orange and Westchester Counties, are not spoken about in the home districts in New York City or elsewhere."
In the
  1. New York Times, May 16, 2004, "Albany Faces Its Sex Problem, and Nobody's Snickering
  2. ^ New York Magazine, June 30, 2003, "Capital Offense"
  3. ^ Amy Goodnough, "Oh, Everyone Knows That (Except You)," New York Times, September 2, 2007. Found at NY Times archives. Accessed June 8, 2010.

Dad's Fault

Espada Jr. Blames Dad 
Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada’s son – Pedro Gautier Espada - was sentenced to 6 months in prison for his involvement in father’s theft and tax fraud case.
Espada Jr. says dad pressured him into looting non-profit as judge gives senator six months jail

The Shame of Brooklyn

A Hasidic cantor was convicted of sexually abusing a 16-year-old. The man who brought the case to light has now been charged with trying to extort the cantor.

Gotham: After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted (NYT)

Five years ago, this gray-bearded and excitable man with a black velvet yarmulke spoke out about the sexual abuse of his 16-year-old son by a prominent Hasidic cantor. As Mr. Kellner helped investigators with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office search for other young Orthodox victims of this man, the Orthodox establishment grew ever angrier at him. The rabbi at his Hasidic synagogue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, denounced Mr. Kellner as a traitor and forbade parishioners to talk with him on the street. Yeshivas barred his sons. His businesses dried up — he pawned his silverware to meet his bills. And he still fears that he will never find a marriage match for his son.

Brooklyn Political Disconnect: Enablers to Sexual Abuse
Brooklyn Officials Proud to Support Hynes
It is Interesting That Most Of Brooklyn's Election Officials Supporting Hynes Have Not Been Asked to Commented on Any of the Problems Facing the DA

Reformer and Progress Silent 

DA big is ‘N’ & out (NYP)  Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has fired the head of his Gang Bureau for using homophobic language and calling a top prosecutor “the head n----r,” The Post has learned.  Deanna Rodriguez had been suspended since March for using terms...* Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Faces Questions About Hiring Reluctant Witness in Murder Case (Village Voice)
* 'Brooklyn DA' Nothing More 'Than An Unabashed Campaign Puff-Piece?'(Huff Post)

Two weeks after Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes’ campaign emailed reporters to announce the endorsement of Rep. Yvette Clarke, the congresswoman was on the steps of Brooklyn’s borough hall to back one of Hynes’ opponents, Ken Thompson.Another Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries also endorsed Thompson.


Arzt Corruption Enabler Friends

Daily News Leaves Out Lobbyist for Tax Breaks and His Political Clients
The Media need to ask Controller Candidate Stringer, Manhattan BP candidate Mennen, Queens BP candidate Katz, Brooklyn DA Candidate Hynes, Brooklyn Boss Seddio why they are being represented by a lobbyists that will costs NYC cost tens of millions of dollars in property taxes.  Arzt was the lobbyists for the luxe tax breaks described in the Daily News Today

The Daily News Failed to List the Lobbyist for These Luxe Tax Breaks, George Arzt (What is His Connection to the Daily News Owner)
EXCLUSIVE: NY lawmakers single out luxe Manhattan developments for tax breaks, critics call for campaign finance reform(NYDN)  Language quietly inserted into a bill that sailed through the state Legislature singled out five NYC developments to make them eligible for tax breaks that could cost the city tens of millions of dollars in property taxes, the Daily News has learned. Developers of four of the projects, their relatives and affiliated companies gave $1.5 million to various state campaign committees from 2008 to 2012. The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Martin Golden (R-Brooklyn), defended the tax breaks, saying the projects would create jobs and boost the economy. And the Assembly sponsor, Keith Wright (D-Manhattan), said he knew little about the tax breaks. The contributions included $53,000 to the state Senate Republican campaign treasury, $34,000 to the war chest of Assembly Democrats and $150,000 to the campaign of Gov. Cuomo, who signed the bill Jan. 30.But Councilwoman Gale Brewer (D-Manhattan) who voted for the bill called the provision an “end run” around the Council. “Why did they go to Albany, and why did Albany not ask for (a vote) from the City Council? I think the answer is that the powers that be wanted to bury it in an omnibus bill.”

Koch’s granite grave marker in Trinity Church Cemetery in upper Manhattan was corrected Tuesday to reflect his birthday accurately, Koch’s former press secretary George Arzt said.

Other Arzt Clients
Feds question Meeks over millions steered to Qns. nonprofit(NYP)
Greater Jamaica Development Corporation

In the last six months, Meeks' campaign has also paid out another $13,500 to the public relations firm of George Arzt.(Daily News 2010)

CUOMO Challenger

 Republican Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin confirmed his interest in challenging Cuomo in the 2014 gubernatorial race, saying that the 4 million gun owners in the state would provide a natural support base, the Times Union reports:

Albany's Final Days

A gambling man(NYP)
Cuomo has a curious way of letting New Yorkers decide an issue: If the voters disapprove an expansion of full-scale casino gambling at the polls this November, he’s going to expand it anyway.* Cuomo Submits Local Gov Finances Bill(YNN) * Cuomo Wants To Cap Casinos At 2 Per Region(YNN)

The Times Union calls the state’s Brownfield Cleanup program a “poster child” for waste and abuse, and favors scrapping it in favor of a new approach that separates cleanup and development incentives: http://bit.ly/12GfRr5

Lawmakers passed a bill to restore funding to disabled care programs (by

Ira Stoll: How Cuomo's 'Tax-Free New York' Will Hurt New York Taxpayers

IDC Leader Jeff Klein on pro-choice groups: "It's very interesting that you'd hammer someone who advocates your position."
Bill For Speed Cameras In City School Zones Clears Legislative Hurdle

. spoke exclusively to . Says needs a home run... Not some small ball solution like tax-free zone.
Rick Perry On Cuomo’s ‘Small Ball’: What a nice little proposal! That’s the posture Texas Gov. Rick Perry is t...

Rep. Darrell Issa says NY's Medicaid Inspector General isn't cooperating with a congressional probe (by ) In a letter to Medicaid Inspector General James Cox, representatives of the U.S. House Committee on Government Oversight and Reform chastised him for advising an employee to get permission to talk to committee probers, and for not providing requested documents.

Kelly Vs Holder
Wow. Ray Kelly unloads on Obama/Holder/NSA soon after NYPD monitor move 

‘It should not be a secret’: Ray Kelly rips feds phone & Web snooping  (NYP) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly launched a stinging rebuke to the federal government’s secret phone- and Internet-monitoring campaign — and suggested leaker Edward Snowden was right about privacy “abuse.” “I don’t think it ever should have been made...*

Murder & monitors(NYP Ed)If Eric Holder is looking for a police force that could use a federal monitor, maybe he should look in his boss’s hometown. Last week at the last hour, the attorney general chose to insert himself in New York, where we have a trial in federal court over the constitutionality of the stop-and-frisk program. The argument is that the NYPD is violating the civil rights of minority citizens. So Holder’s Department of Justice entered a brief supporting the idea of a federal monitor for our cops, which is bound to happen because Judge Shira Scheindlin wants to do it anyway. Meanwhile, in a city rapidly becoming known as Murder Capital USA, Chicago just experienced another bloody weekend. Forty-six people were shot, with at least seven killed. That brings the total number of killings in Chicago for this year to 171 — out of a population of 2.7 million.* Civil Rights Activists Sue NYPD Over Muslim Surveillance Efforts
More Council Slush Fund Corruption
Non Profit Pushes for Corrupt Arroyo Re-Election
A Bronx nonprofit organization, the Bronx River Art Center, sent out an email on behalf of City Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo, inviting guests to a fundraiser for her re-election campaign and encouraging voters to cast their ballots for her this fall--which would be a clear violation of tax laws governing nonprofit organizations--though the head of the organization claims that the email was meant to be sent out as a private email, not on behalf of the art center. The email invites voters to a private fundraiser for Arroyo and encourages voters to cast their ballot for her in the fall primary and general elections. Gail Nathan, the executive director for the Bronx River Art Center, said that the email was meant to be sent privately, without the Bronx River Art Center masthead. "This is something that I, along with a couple of other arts professionals in the area, are doing privately, but I made a mistake and I used one of our standard format e-blast things and it had our BRAC letter head on it," Nathan said. "This is a totally private thing, a couple of us our getting together and doing this personal thing and it has nothing to do with the arts center." Arroyo did not immediately respond for comment.  (City and State)

Thompson Approved 911 Contracts

Comptroller Thompson Approved Most of the 911 Contracts 

Hey Reporter Thompson Approved A Lot of these 911 contracts as controller - do you job Firing back, says is wrong for asking for a review of 911 system instead of a new system
Firing back, says is wrong for asking for a  review of 911 system instead of a new system #2013"Bill Thompson isn't interested in Christine Quinn's 'name-calling.'" [Dana Rubinstein]system instead of a new system


NYC sheepskinned: First-in-decade drop in high-school grads (NYP) The city’s four-year high-school graduation rate slipped last year for the first time in a decade — dropping to 64.7 percent from 65.5 percent the year prior, education officials said yesterday.  With the small step back, it means the city’s on-time...  *New York City Graduation Rate Remains Steady(NYT)Broom Street Academy 0 % Graduation Rate * New York City’s high school graduation rate dipped for the second consecutive year to 60.4 percent, showing that the city’s graduation rate has plateaued after making big gains since 2005 when the rate was less than 50 percentGraduation Gains Begin Leveling Out(WSJ)  New York City’s high-school graduation rate dipped slightly in 2012 for the second consecutive year to 60.4 percent as it became tougher to qualify for a diploma. * City's Grad Rate Takes Slight Dip As State Remains Flat(NY1) * City HS graduation rate declines as new state standards kick in: Which two schools failed to graduate ANY students in four years?(NYDN)

N.Y.U. Gives Its Stars Loans for Summer Homes(NYT)

No Worker Safety
 Moya, Gutierrez, Breslin and Workers Safety
 Assemblyman Francisco Moya is mostly known in Albany for promoting the DREAM Act, but he also has been trying to block a bill that would make building workers liable in several situations that could occur on a developer’s construction site. The Scaffold Law protects workers by holding contractors and developers accountable for injuries at the site, but opponents say that risky employee behavior should also be taken into account. Moya sent a letter last week to his colleagues to scuttle an amendment to the law, citing his concern for construction workers’ safety. “Many of my constituents who are immigrants working in construction face the fear of compromised wages and safety,” he said. “As construction deadlines create an impulse to push speed over safety, and with employer retaliation all too common, the Scaffold Law maintains its importance in both protecting workers and giving employers incentive to keep job sites safe.” Moya’s persuasiveness may have worked. Sources expect the bill to languish this week and as of Monday evening it had not been brought to the floor of the Assembly. (City and State)

Pension to Heroes
City to Settle Pension Suit for Workers Called to Arms(NYT)
The settlement would cover police officers as well as firefighters, teachers and other city employees who were summoned to active duty after 9/11. After months of negotiations with U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, New York City agreed to settle a federal lawsuit that accused it of improperly withholding some pension benefits from police officers called to military service after 9/11* NYC agrees to settle police pension lawsuit(WSJ)

No Worker Safety

Koch In 1942 Fighting in World War II

Koch Stone Says Born in 1942
A grave mistake: Engraver botches Koch’s birth year (NYP)  How’s Ed Koch’s grave site doing? Horrible! The former mayor’s tombstone at Trinity Church in Washington Heights was mistakenly engraved with the wrong birth year — Dec. 12, 1942, instead of 1924. * Incorrect Date of Koch’s Birth on Tombstone(NYT)


What Brooklyn Really Needs Is a Giant Helium Balloon(NY Mag)

A peek at $3 billion Brooklyn of the future(NYP)
 Brooklyn’s $3 billion tech boom will get another boost with a slick “Tech Triangle” development project that includes a massive helium observation balloon overlooking it all.  The ambitious plan — which covers the area from DUMBO, to the Downtown...  

Rat Food

It’s a heap of trouble: Vermin fear over Mike's compost bid(NYP) Skeptical city residents say Mayor Bloomberg’s new food-waste-recycling program is a great idea — if you’re a rat. “Recycling, in general, takes a lot of effort,” said Geneva Jeanniton, 22, a hairstylist from East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

 “People have to *Latest load of garbage from Mike’s ‘bully’ pulpit(NYP) Bloomberg’s proposal to expand a food waste recycling program to all five boroughs was met with mixed reaction from city residents and mayoral candidates from both parties, with some residents worried about vermin. The Post’s John Podhoretz writes that Bloomberg’s new citywide composting proposal is another example of the mayor using his bully pulpit * City Expanding Organic Waste Collection Program This Fall(NY1)


Bloomberg’s idea for a “SeaPort City” development was met with skepticism from environmental advocates and urban planners who argue that building a waterfront district makes no sense in an era of rising sea levels, the Journal reports: http://on.wsj.com/14Htllj

Storm Plan's 'Clunker'(WSJ)
Alone among Mayor Michael Bloomberg's 250 ideas to shield New York City from storms and the impacts of climate change, his so-called SeaPort City for the east side of Lower Manhattan has prompted skepticism, criticism and confusion.
Replacing lost sand in Rockaway is making the most expensive beach in America even more costly, via :

updated evacuation zones and the interactive map to find yours: . What zone are you in?

Sarah Palin skips through NYC in sexy snakeskin heels(NYDN)

AT&T to Introduce Solar-Powered Charging Stations(NYT)
The portable chargers for wireless devices will rotate among areas in New York City until October.

WABC guy in storm (NYP)  WABC/Channel 7 weatherman Bill Evans and his wife will be arraigned in a Connecticut court today after a violent blowup at their Old Greenwich home.  Both the meteorologist and Dana Evans, his wife of 19 years, are facing charges of third-degree...

The TV Watch: ‘New Day,’ a Revamped Morning Show, Makes Its Debut

CBS News reporter who was hacked: Computers woke up at night

1981 the beginning of the end of Newspapers 

John Oliver Starts Mocking Palin Returning To Fox, Then Has A Revelation: ‘We Can Just Fu*king Ignore Her!’
Christie on "Almost everything I see" on the floor of House and Senate from both parties "shocks me."
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Behind the Slide in Obama's Poll Numbers - Gloria Borger, CNN
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Need to Feed the Crazy Will Cost the GOP - Jonathan Bernstein, Wash Post
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Rise in Illegal Crossings Roils Immigration Debate - Byron York, Examiner
Rubio Doubles Down into Disaster - Mickey Kaus, The Daily Caller
Headhunter For The Rich Turns On Them - - Andrew Ross Sorkin, NY Times
Chris Christie calls Obama’s outreach “a little bit late in the dating game” (Politico)
Why Schumer's Immigration Bill Must Be Stopped - NH Union Leader

Climate Change Needs a Rational Response - Washington Post
What Is Obama's Plan in Syria? - New York Daily News
Cash the Biggest Crop in This Farm Bill - Orange County Register
Bill Clinton is at his best when he's not talking about politics. [Maggie Haberman]
Obama Defends NSA On Charlie Rose, Rejects Cheney Comparison: Americans ‘Not Getting The Complete Story’
Obama Hints At Big Bernanke Decision(Huff Post)
Police: Stabbing At Crossroads Of The World An Isolated Incident
Sen. Claire McCaskill, who surprised fellow Democrats when she backed Barack Obama for president in January 2008, has become the first sitting senator to endorse Hillary Clinton for president in 2016. 
Law and Order

Body hunt at home of ‘Goodfellas’ mobster(NYP)  Organized-crime investigators swooped in on the Queens home of James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke yesterday — digging for human remains in the driveway, back yard and basement of the late Luchese killer made famous by Robert De Niro in the film...

Two Views of the Night 27 Shots Were Fired(NYT)
Thomas Dunikowski of Marine Park, Brooklyn, is on trial, charged with attempted murder after he fired into a group of rowdy teenagers outside his home, wounding one

New York City Police Officer Acted Fast After a Barbecue(WSJ)

Bronx Robbery Victim Injured After Fall Out Window
Slay left Soho beau unfazed (NYP) His poker face could lose him the game. Accused bathtub strangler Nicholas Brooks showed no emotion — and no curiosity — when a cop told him “something happened to your girlfriend,” a Manhattan murder jury learned yesterday as the second week of...
Cops arrest Brooklyn man in eye-stab killing of livery cab driver
Police Investigate Attempted Assault In Lower East Side Public Housing(NY1)
Judge, tell Astor son: Scion-ara!(NYP)
As Prison Term Nears, Lawyers for Astor’s Son Fight On(NYT)

Boy Praised for Saving His Mother in an Attack(NYT)
Officials credited Jacob Rodriguez, 11, and Joseph Koch, an off-duty officer in Queens who heard his cries, for saving Jacob’s mother from an attacker.