Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vito Lopez Starts Petitioning for City Council

Lopez Petitions Very Quietly to Stay Out of the Press

True News Exclusive First Sign of Vito Lopez Petitioning for City Council

Lindsey Park 25 Boerum Street

Both Lopez and his partner in corruption Maritza Davila who for the assembly seat he resigned from because of sexual Harassment have they flyers posted on the Subsidized Lindsey Park Housing community notice board. Will the Lopez campaign put more pressure on Silver to resign? * Vito Lopez Faces Ethics Fine, Speaker Silver Still Criticized Over Investigation(NY1)

The race to succeed Assemblyman Vito Lopez is getting crowded. State Sen. Martin Dilan’s legislative director and former Marine Charvey Gonzalez declared his intention to run for the seat on Wednesday. “It’s something I’ve always been interested in, in light of what has happened to the seat,” he said. “It’s a great opportunity to serve my community after serving my country.” The lifelong Bushwick native said that he has not spoken with Lopez, who resigned last month after a blistering report described a pattern of harassment. He would not say that Lopez should have stepped down from office. “I’d like to keep this about me,” he said. “This is a fresh start for this district.” Gonzalez will face former City Council candidate Maritza Davila, who Lopez is backing, and former state Senate candidate Jason Otano, who ran against Dilan last year. Dilan said he thought Davila would run for City Council again and had nothing negative to say about her. He spoke about Gonzalez’s run to Lopez, who was reportedly not happy about it. “I don’t think he was pleased about it,” Dilan said. “Vito has his own candidate. I wish the other candidates would drop out and let Charvey run.”(City and State) * Lopez campaign flyer ignores scandal(NYDN)

SEX IN GOV'S MANSION: New harassment bombshell as two Vito Lopez staffers file suit against him, Sheldon Silver(NYDN)

Poll Major Want Silver Out

Fed-up voters tell Shelly: Shove off! (NYP)
A majority of New York voters is willing to say what politicians around the state are too afraid to: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should get the boot.  Only 22 percent said Silver should remain in power and 27 percent did not know enough to comment or had no opinion. More startling is that 58 percent said they don’t want their daughters to intern for a New York state legislator.* Voters Think Silver Should Resign, Poll Finds(NYT) * Good-government groups are blasting the Joint Commission on Public Ethics for omitting an email its report on the Vito Lopez sexual harassment case that came to light yesterday in The Daily News. Zack Fink confirms that Lopez faces a $300,000 as criticism of Silver won’t die down.*Cuomo on Silver support: "I don't get involved with picking the leadership of the Senate or the Assembly."

Lopez Being Sued By Sexual Harassment Victims, Silver Named in the Complaint
Two Vito Lopez sexual harassment victims file lawsuits in state and federal courts against Lopez, Sheldon Silver(NYDN)
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver named in complaint by Lopez plaintiffs
The water’s getting hotter for Shelly. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is the subject of federal and state complaints filed today by two of the women who say they were sexually harassed by former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. “Lopez would not have been...* Lopez And Silver Sued In Federal, State Court(YNN) * "Suit: Lopez also accused another staffer of being a lesbian and offered to set her up with a gay elected official. 'That would be very hot.'" [@NickReisman] * Former state ethics watchdog David Grandeau said female reporters are sleeping with lawmakers but concedes "I'm not in the room when it happens." [Casey Seiler]* Suits Say Silver Helped Lopez Conceal Sexual Misconduct(NYT) * 2 women staffers sue NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver over scandal (blog) ‎* Sheldon Silver, Vito Lopez sued in harassment scandal(Newsday)

58% of NY voters don't want their daughters interning in Albany, says poll (NYT)
After JCOPE, Assembly Ethics and Donovan have all investigated and found substance to their complaints, are they alleged victims?

WTF  Lopez also pushed the woman into having sex with a senior Cuomo administration aide in order get the bill approved.

Watchdogs blast key omission from Vito Lopez report(NYDN) 

Mariann Wang, the attorney who represented some of former Assemblyman Vito Lopez‘s alleged victims, slammed Speaker Sheldon Silver‘s role in the controversy. “His office’s handling of this did not involve accidental ‘mistakes,’” she argued. “This was a calculated decision to place the reputation of the speaker above the safety and health of the women who worked for Vito Lopez and sweep it all under the rug.”

You can fool some of the people all of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.

NYP: The only thing that would signal real change has come to Albany would be a push by the gov to end Silver’s two-decade reign of sleaze
Get the Shel out(NYP)

Andrew Cuomo would love to be known as the governor who cleaned up Albany — and a poll out yesterday suggests one way he might do so: by demanding Shelly Silver step down as Assembly speaker.  Cuomo has claimed that “government is working” and “legislators want to keep it working.” He’s called the state Senate and Assembly “the best legislative body in the nation.” Yet yesterday’s Quinnipiac University poll suggests he may be the only person in the state who thinks so. So forget legislative “reforms,” like Cuomo’s 2011 ethics bill. Never mind government “watchdogs,” like his Joint Commission on Public Ethics. The only thing that would signal real change has come to Albany would be a push by the gov to end Silver’s two-decade reign of sleaze. And nothing signals business as usual as much as Cuomo’s insistence that Shelly’s fate is not for him to say. Cuomo appeared yesterday at Vassar College to promote his women’s agenda, saying New York should be a state that “invest in everyone and treat everyone equally.” * A snowbird returns to find NY politicians taking credit for doing their jobs:  * Cuomo to Parents: Don’t Worry, Your Daughters Are Safe in Albany(NYO) * Cuomo does not single out the I.D.C. if his agenda is stalled in the State Senate, which the I.D.C. jointly controls with Republicans. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Mayor Alfred E Newman

The What Me Worry Mayoral Election
A Campaign Trail Lined With Words Friendly to Each Audience(Powell, NYT)
Gotham Extra: The Democratic candidates for mayor at a forum sponsored by a Brooklyn Jewish group mostly followed the tenet that it’s best to tell voters what they want to hear.New York Times columnist Michael Powell looked at the state of mayoral debates and dubbed them “pander fests.” He noted a recent mayoral forum where Anthony Weiner “ended by saying that he could not ‘promise you that milk and honey will flow through the streets of Flatbush.’ Given the spirit of this evening, that registered as a disappointment.”
  1. In Flatbush they called for cutting fines (Taxes) in the other areas of the city they promises more services - WHAT BUDGET
They also promised more services. Cut revenue pegs and add services, including costly day care program aimed at Orthodox. They also promised more services. Cut revenue pegs and add services, including costly day care program aimed at Orthodox* Budget Director Hears Pleas To Save City Services, But Warns Of Union Pay Raises (NY1) * Budget Director Hears Pleas To Save City Services, But Warns Of Union Pay Raises (NY1)

Jumping the Sexting Shark
 Weiner Gets Into Shouting Match in First Confrontation Over Sexting Scandal
Anthony Weiner lashes out after being questioned about sexting scandal(NYDN)  The ticked-off mayoral candidate clashed at the New Kings Democrats panel in Williamsburg with two questioners. Brooklyn political activist Chris Owens ripped into Anthony Weiner about his texting scandal. * Anthony Weiner: “I’m Gonna Win This Election, OK?”(Buff Feed) * Weiner fired back at audience members during a candidate screening by the New Kings Democrats, the Post reports: * Weiner: "It’s like Fonzie, meet shark. Are you guys done with the bored thing yet?!”"(NYO)  *If You Want to Ask Weiner About Sexting, Prepare to Be Shouted At(NY Mag) * Anthony Weiner lashes out after being questioned about sexting (NYDN) * Weiner talked w/ reporters & joked "about running one over with his car." This, after a shouting match with a voter.

"I’m going to win this election and I’m going to govern this city really well. You’re supporting another candidate — who’s not going to win." — Anthony Weiner
After Looking Bored at Forum, Weiner Finds Energy to Tussle With Press(NYT) Anthony D. Weiner, who is new to the mayoral campaign trail and so missed many past stages filled with his rivals, defended his demeanor, which prompted questions about his ability to sit through dozens of forums ahead.* Video briefing: What Anthony Weiner does at a debate when he's not talking. [Azi Paybarah]

Weiner voiced support for owner of a kosher factory convicted of hiring underage workers, bank fraud & $ laundering (NYT)  * Fundraiser For Weiner's Mayoral Campaign Held On Upper West Side (NY1) * Fundraiser For Weiner's Mayoral Campaign Held On Upper West Side(NY1) * Mr. Weiner also held a fund-raiser on the Upper West Side where reportedly 200 people, including former GOP mayoral hopeful Tom Allon, turned out.  * Anthony Weiner Uses Yiddish and Hebrew to Woo Jewish Voters(NYO) * Thompson doesn't believe the polls, and doesn't assume a runoff (Capital) * Anthony Weiner Wonders Whether Voter Is Flirting With Him (NYO)

Christine Quinn dodged question on whether she is surprised Anthony Weiner is so close to her in polls. "Polls go up and down -- who knows?"
  Quinn said 10 different bills would be introduced later this month to sharpen the city's response to future natural disasters. In the Daily News, NY1 anchor Errol Louis credits mayoral candidates Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson for their back-and-forth over a waste transfer station, and encourages more “adult conversations” in the campaign*  Quinn wants a database of vulnerable New Yorkers before the next disaster hits. [Dana Rubinstein]

For One Night, Quinn and De Blasio as Allies(WSJ)
At a candidate forum sponsored by a Jewish group in Brooklyn, Mr. de Blasio found himself being heckled by a member of the Orthodox Jewish community — and it was Ms. Quinn who jumped to his defense.  When Mr. de Blasio volunteered  that as mayor he would “protect the rights and the needs of the LGBT community,” a member of the very religious audience started shouting “shame, shame!”   Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was profiled in the Italian newspaper Il Mattino. Mr. de Blasio’s name immediately hints at his Italian origin, the paper notes, saying his family left for America in the early twenties and is currently vying to become mayor of the Grande mela (“Big Apple”). Mr. de Blasio apparently has a cousin named Ninni too. * Christine Quinn Doesn’t Care if You Don’t Like Her(NYO)
 Bill Thompson was endorsed by 18 of the 20 members of the United Uniformed Workers of New York. [Azi Paybarah] * EXCLUSIVE: Herman Badillo backs mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson in stark about-face from 2009 — the 'City needs a leader that can bring people together'(NYDN)

The 911 Pitch

In a television ad supporting Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota that begins airing on cable today, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani credits Lhota with running the city in the wake of the September 11th terrorist attacksNew Giuliani Ad Backs Lhota * Giuliani Criticized for Trying to Share 9/11 Credit With Lhota(NY mag)

City's Bar Association Hosts Latest Forum For Mayoral Candidates*NY!)
BOE $98 Million Scanner Crime
Legislature Appears Set to Delay Date for Primary Runoffs in Mayoral Race(NYT)
New York City’s Board of Elections said it wanted the extra week to determine the Sept. 10 primary results and prepare for the runoff.
NYT Editorial Writer Eleanor Randolph Does Not Ask the Question Why Would the BOE Buy Scanner's That Cannot Handle the Runoffs

New York’s Clueless Election Board Drags Out Ancient Machines(NYT)
The Shoup machines were notoriously cranky when they were in full use. Imagine their troubles after two years in storage.*
The Assembly bill for lever machines in New York City wouldn’t allow for their use in the general election. * Thompson doesn't want to see the runoff delayed. [Azi Paybarah]

BOE Scanner Vendor Paying Grandson of Queens GOP Leader Payoff for A Pay to Play Contract
BOE Corruption Investigation

True News Has Confirmed From A Current Top Executive That BOE warehouse employee Phil Ragusa the nephew of the Queens GOP leader is on the payroll of ESS as A Paid Consultant.

New Yorker's Were Prevented From or Had A Hard Time Voting Because of A Corrupt Contract
The BOE purchased the scanners and a maintence contract from ES&S that every New Yorkers now knows cannot do the job of allowing voters to vote and counting them.

Pushing the Middle Class Out

Rent Board Trims Roster of Hearings on Increases(NYT)
The Rent Guidelines Board is proposing to allow rent increases for tenants living in about one million rent-stabilized apartments in New York City.

NYS Government

Campaign Reform
Activists’ Stunt Livens Up a Routine Senate Session(NYT)
About 15 protesters in the upstairs gallery showered New York State legislators with fake hundred-dollar bills to draw attention to calls for campaign finance reform."The fact the I.D.C. may not bring [campaign finance reform] to a vote in the Senate … should startle even jaded New Yorkers." [Times Union]

Cuomo introduced a multi-faceted casino expansion bill to the Legislature, which would authorize a dramatic shift in gambling policy and will be negotiated over the remaining eight days of the legislative session, the Times Union writes
Cuomo released his gaming enabling legislation yesterday, with the final details being worked out with the Legislature in the last eight days of the session. No New York City casino is the works for the immediate future. * LETTER: New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo bullies, ignores the law

Report Says State Economy Grew Slower Than National Rate In 2012

Abortion and Women's Agenda
A spokesman for Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos said that he intends to block a vote on the abortion rights piece of Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act, though will support the other nine measures with minor revisions, Gannett Albany reports * GOP plans to block abortion bill via* Cuomo: ‘Blame Everyone’ If Women’s Agenda Isn’t Voted On(YNN)

A Quinnipiac University poll finds that 67 percent of voters support Cuomo’s proposal to expand abortion rights, while 70 percent support legalizing medicinal marijuana, and 51 percent support Atlantic City-style casinos in the state

Text and Drive
State lawmakers — quickly — approved a bill that suspends the licenses of teens who text and drive.

Left-leaning groups are challenging the state Senate Independent Democratic Conference to move forward on bills that are being blocked by Senate Republicans, including a public campaign finance bill and the Women’s Equality Act, the Times Union reports: 

Where is the NYC Job Creation ?
Some Dems Concerned That NYC Is Being Left Out Of Cuomo's Tax-Free Job Creation Plan

Long Island Power
Senior Cuomo administration officials introduced their plan to restructure the Long Island Power Authority, including the terms of an amended contract with New Jersey-based utility PSEG, though reaction to the plan was mixed, Newsday reports: 

Medical Marijuana
In an op/ed for The Journal News, Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz explains his vote for medical marijuana and apologizes for being ticketed for marijuana possession in March.

 DNA Records
DN on DNA: "NY needs to get with the program and start swabbing everyone busted for a felony or serious misdemeanor" 

Annoy A Cop
This New York Senate bill would make it a felony to annoy a police officer (Gawker)

Harlem Legislator Accused of D.W.I. in Albany Suburb(NYT)
Robert J. Rodriguez was pulled over on Interstate 87 in Colonie, an Albany suburb, early Tuesday, the police said. Rodriguez has been charged with driving while intoxicated in a suburb of Albany, was issued an appearance ticket, and is due in Colonie Town Court on Monday * Manhattan Assemblyman Charged With DWI In Albany Suburb(NY1)

Is This the Last Of Pedro? 

Federal prosecutors presented evidence that undermines former state senator Pedro Espada Jr.’s attempts to get a new trial on embezzlement charges, as jurors were confused by the line of questioning from Espada and his investigator, the Daily News writes * Former Sen. Pedro Espada, due to be sentenced June 14, is barely squeaking by these days on $3,000 a month.* Judge disputes Espada's claim he privately urged a verd NYDN) * Major setback could make state Senate Majority leader rethink (NYP)

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Albany’s various scandals: “Some of the things that we uncover, the schemes of some of the folks in Albany are pretty remarkable, not because they’re brilliant but because they’re so stupid … One state senator’s plan to buy county leaders to get the Republican nomination for mayor, it’s sort of like uncovering a plot to invade Fantasy Island.”

Outer Boro Taxi

Huge victory for NYers in the outer boroughs as court upholds 5 borough taxi plan.

Court Reinstates Plan for Expanded Taxi-Hailing Service (NYT) *

Court lifts block on city's e-hail pilot
N.Y. State Court Of Appeals Reinstates Bloomberg Outer Borough (WABC)
City wins state appeal for new taxi system in outer boroughs(NYP)
Victory for Bloomberg after NY appeals court clears way for new taxi system in outer boros(NYP)
NY court votes unanimously to expand street-hail taxi service. New cabs will be painted apple green(NYT)
Better Teachers for New York City(NYT Ed)
The teacher evaluation system imposed by the state education commissioner is an important and necessary step toward education reforms. The Times writes that the new teacher evaluation system imposed on New York City by state Education Commissioner John King is an important step toward carrying out the new Common Core education reforms
Schools Chancellor Walcott told not to testify on $25B (NYDN)Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott said he was just following orders from city lawyers when he refused to testify under oath at Tuesday’s City Council hearing on next year’s record $25 billion education

Reformer Sleeper Out

Fat’s all, folks, for union’s big shot(NYP)
The Fat Cat union president exposed by The Post last week for sleeping on the job and scarfing down thousands of dollars in food on the rank-and-file’s dime was pushed from his cushy perch last night in a landslide vote. Mark Rosenthal — a 400-pound labor heavyweight who had run municipal-workers union Local 983 for 15 years — was trounced by his challenger, Joseph Puleo, in a 371-165 vote.

London Buses NO

Fill a U.N.-Bound Double-Decker With Diplomats? Citing Risk, New York’s Police Say No(NYT)
With its passengers to be high-level diplomats, the police said, the double-decker from London was too vulnerable.

Bike Share Rolling
"New York City is quickly becoming one of the top cycling cities in the nation." [Walker Angell]
100-Person Poll: Citi Bikers Edition (NY Mag)
Sandy Tunnel Rebuild

M.T.A. Details Shutdown Plans for R and G Trains(NYT)
Company Wants You To Help Rebuild The Rockaways By Playing A Video Game(CBS)
Mold again appears at Sandy-damaged Queens school(NYDN)
You Got Boot

Motorists that owe more than $350, get ready for the "self-releasing boot."

City Revisits Offenders’ Wheels(NYT)
 The Bloomberg administration plans to replace most traditional towing with a program affixing wheel clamps onto vehicles whose owners owe over $350 in outstanding fines. * Report: NYC To Boot More Cars By End Of Summer(WCBS)
Car boots to return(Fox 5)


Report: Two Men Sue Post Over Boston Marathon Coverage  

Laid off Sun-Times photographers and their supporters picketed the newspaper this morning.  

On This Day

We Lost Robert

22m  45 yrs ago this AM I awoke 2 the news that Sen. Bobby Kennedy was dead. A miserable morning! 1968 was deadly, tumultuous & unforgettable.

 Greatest Generation Heroes Gave Us Our Freedom

___________________________________    For D-Day: We'll Meet Again - Vera Lynn


All the president’s women (NYP)  WASHINGTON — President Obama named longtime adviser and UN Ambassador Susan Rice to his national security team, in a rebuke to Republican critics who slammed her response to the attack in Benghazi, Libya. The White House’s selection of Rice as.
Government defends the secret collection of millions of Verizon customers telephone records.
Obama Administration Collecting Verizon Calls - Savage & Wyatt, NYT
U.S. Surveillance Explodes Under Obama - Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian
Obama's Security State Now Out of Control - Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph
Hard for GOP to Overplay Their Hand on IRS - John Dickerson, Slate
With Rice & Power, Obama Seeks Conflict w/GOP - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Obama's Picks Put Politics First, Foreign Policy Last - Ralph Peters, NY Post
All in the White House Family - Dana Milbank, Washington Post

President Obama’s Dragnet(NYT Ed)
The scooping up of all our phone records is an abuse of power that demands a real explanation.

"IRS" Is New Way For Republicans To Say "N***er" - Martin Bashir, MSNBC
They Weren't "Rogue" IRS Agents - Andrew Stiles, National Review
Michelle Right to Not Put Up With Being Heckled - Jonathan Capehart, WP
How the Well Connected Win & the Weak Lose - Thomas Crown, Red State
Eight Firebrand GOP Governors Up for Reelection - Susan Page, USA Today
McAuliffe Tests Obama Playbook in Virginia - Beth Reinhard, Natl Journal
The ObamaCare Debate We Didn't Have - Peter Suderman, Reason
What Is the President Fighting For? - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Cyber War Casualties Are Piling Up - Michael Joseph Gross, Vanity Fair
The Boys of Pointe du Hoc - Ronald Reagan, June 6, 1984
Good Soldier Rice Gets a Promotion - Boston Herald
Do Obama's Picks Signal More Activist Foreign Policy? - Washington Post
Sebelius Waivers For Union Pals, Not Dying Kids - Investor's Business Daily
It's Time for Senate to Act on Judicial Nominations - New York Times

‘Laut’ of love at funeral (NYP)  Nearly 90, and in failing health, Sen. Frank Lautenberg wavered almost to the end about whether to give up his cherished US Senate seat without a fight, friends and relatives said at his funeral on Manhattan’s Upper East Side yesterday. Lautenberg..* Political Leaders Honor Lautenberg as a Senator Who Loved the Fight (NYT)
Election Move Typifies Christie: Fast and With Politics in Mind(NYT)

EXCLUSIVE | The NSA and FBI are tapping into the servers of nine U.S. Internet firms, extracting audio, video, photos, e-mails and documents that enable analysts to track a person’s movements and contacts. * N.S.A. Said to Gather Users’ Online Data(NYT)

The Guardian newspaper revealed last night that the National Security Agency has been collecting information about phone calls made by Verizon customers within the United States and abroad, the first widespread electronic surveillance program directly connected to the Obama administration.
Lindsey Graham ‘Glad’ NSA Gathering Phone Records: ‘I Know I’m Not Talking To Terrorists’ (VIDEO) (By )
Attorney General of New Jersey Named as Interim Senator(NYT)
Show Me the Memo, Mr. President - Jeffrey Rosen, The New Republic
Kirk to Holder: Did You Spy on Congress? - Joel Gehrke, Examiner
What We Don't Know Is Scariest - Bruce Schneier, The Atlantic
The Hidden Jobless Disaster - Edward Lazear, Wall Street Journal
How a Nation Unwinds - Joe Klein, Time
Establishment's Plan to Pass Legalization First Bill - John Hinderaker, PL
What Samantha Power & Susan Rice Learned - Amy Davidson, New Yorker
Why Susan Rice Will Be a Disaster - K.T. McFarland, FOX News
The Evolution of the Presidency - Jonathan Bernstein, American Prospect
What Connects Obama's Scandals? Contempt - Frank Schell, Am Spectator
The Greatest Generation Passing Into History - Michael Barone, Examiner

Law and Order

Slain bus girl’s kin rage at suspect (NYP)  The family of a Queens girl shot dead while riding a bus last month lashed out furiously in Criminal Court last night at the man who allegedly killed her.  “Murderer! Murderer! You killed my cousin, you killed my baby, you killed my grandbaby!”...* Charges Filed in Fatal Bus Shooting(WSJ) * Suspect In Queens Teen's Fatal Bus Shooting Arraigned(WSJ)

Jury Convicts Harlem Man in Killing of a High School Basketball Star(NYT)

Man Convicted In 2011 Murder Of Teen Basketball Star(NY1)

NYPD: Man pepper-sprays cop at Bronx subway station(WABC)
He said what?! (NYP) The lawyer for the 17-year-old boy facing manslaughter charges for running down a 4-year-old girl on the Upper West Side insinuated yesterday that cops were to blame. “[My client] doesn’t blame the police officers for chasing him, even though they...* Kelly: Chase Handled Properly(WSJ)
Tutor busted on kid-sex rap(NYP)
"Police officials in New York defended the 8-block, 23-second chase of a sport utility vehicle fleeing after a traffic stop on 89th Street. That chase ended with the death of a 4-year-old girl as she walked with her grandmother on the sidewalk." [J. David Goodman]
New video released in Richmond Hill firebomb toss(WABC)
Self-helpless (NYP) They were the ones who needed help. A Brooklyn couple who hosted a self-help radio show committed suicide by suffocating themselves with helium and plastic bags — leaving behind tragic suicide notes detailing a battle with bipolar disorder, police...  * 2 Hosts of Self-Help Program Kill Themselves in Brooklyn(NYT) *NYPD investigates homicide-suicide(WSJ)
Series of carjackings leaves Brooklyn, SI residents on edge [VIDEO]
 Suspect being questioned in Bronx shooting death(NYDN)

Off-duty cop allegedly kills wife before turning shotgun on himself(NYP)
 An off-duty police officer gunned down his wife on a Queens street last night before turning the weapon on himself, all because she didn’t cook dinner, according to law- enforcement sources.

Queens Subway Gropings Spike 109 Percent: Police(NBC)
Bronx Robbers Trick Victim, Put Her in Chokehold(NBC)

Bad ‘Elmo’ in s’more trouble (NYP) A Times Square Elmo with a history of terrorizing tourists with his anti-Semitic rants was hauled back into a Manhattan courtroom yesterday for allegedly trying to extort $2 million — from the Girl Scouts. Transient loon Dan Sandler, who also uses.. * Weirdo ex-Elmo performer tries bikling Girl Scouts: pro (NYDN)
Conviction in death of school basketball star(Fox 5)
Former teacher pleads guilty in tutoring scam(Fox 5)
‘Role’ over! (NYP) She’s the “Meryl Streep” of the criminal-justice system.  The alleged Queens madam who feigned cancer to stay out of jail on prostitution charges was told by a judge yesterday that she’s “worthy of an Academy Award” — and a whopping $250,000 bail....

‘Turf’ war growing serious (NYP) A East Hampton landscaper wants to nip this crime in the bud. Kevin Keyser had 60 ostrich fern plants brazenly stolen from his front yard — and he’s digging in for a fight to find the thieves with a new lawn sign.  “$1,000 reward for the low life...

Nearby Shootings Don’t Ruffle a Stately Brooklyn Neighborhood(NYT)

Residents say the spate of violence has happened outside or on the margins of Prospect-Lefferts Gardens, not within its historic district of single-family homes.

Attorney for pimps with family of 'happy hookers': I'm trying to find a job that pays $10K a week(NYP)

After a Police Pursuit Ends Fatally, Doubts Arise Over the Decision to Give Chase(NYT)
In the case in which a teenage driver fleeing the police killed a 4-year-old girl on a sidewalk, some are weighing whether the officers should have chased him or allowed him to get away.
Police are looking for the fake cop who Maced a real cop in a subway station yesterday.
Fake Cop Maces Real Cop in Bronx Subway Station(NBC)
 Robber IDs Self by Posting Instagram Photo on Stolen Ph(NBC)
Off-Duty NYPD Cop Shoots, Kills Wife, Self in Queens(NBC)
NYCLU Report Shows Racial Disparities In Marijuana Possession Arrests(NY1)
Cops catch more than 150 johns during three-day sting (NYP) The NYPD nabbed more than 150 johns in a citywide sting targeting people paying for prostitutes, police said. The three day “Losing Proposition” initiative took place between May 30 and June 1, during which time cops arrested 156 people for...
Police Say Woman Recants Report Of Riverside Park Rape

Queens Man Accused Of Stabbing Girlfriend To Death(NY1)

From : City Health Dept finds brain injuries widespread among incarcerated Rikers youth.