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Gloria Allred Does Silver Vito Lopez Drops A Dime On Silver?

True News Exclusive First Sign of Vito Lopez Petitioning for City Council

Lindsey Park 25 Boerum Street

Both Lopez and his partner in corruption Maritza Davila who for the assembly seat he resigned from because of sexual Harassment have they flyers posted on the Subsidized Lindsey Park Housing community notice board. Will the Lopez campaign put more pressure on Silver to resign?

JCOPE's Cover Up Of A Hush Fund Cover Up
 “Indeed, Mr. Lopez often repeatedly explained to [redacted] that he wanted their relationship to be the same as Mr. Silver’s to his Chief of Staff, and was explicit in what that meant.”

Albany Sexual Blackmail 
Silver Lopez Sexual Abuse Hush Fund Cover Up
The Daily News scoops what could be a major turn in the Vito Lopez sexual harassment case: An email omitted from an ethic panel report suggests Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has had an affair with a top aide and provides clearest evidence yet the Assembly sought to block an investigation.  

A document that was omitted from the state ethics committee report on the Vito Lopez sexual harassment scandal suggests that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had an inappropriate relationship with a top aide. The Daily News writes that the severity of the punishment handed down to Vito Lopez makes the pass given to Silver all the more glaring, especially in light of new revelations about Silver’s own personal infidelities. And the Daily News took a second pass at it as well: “To critics, the theme song of the state ethics commission might be Bruce Springsteen’s ‘We Take Care of Our Own.’” And a third: “JCOPE’s omission of the Silver-related material was consistent with its secret decision to protect him from a formal investigation and finding of wrongdoing.” * EXCLUSIVE: Will this sink Teflon Shelly? Damning email omitted from Vito Lopez report suggests improper relationship between Silver and top aide(NYDN)

Allred Takes A Shot At the Speaker's Inner Circle
Damning email omitted from Vito Lopez sexual harassment report suggests Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver had inappropriate relationship with top aide(NYDN)
It also provides the clearest evidence yet that the attorney for the victims wanted the Assembly to fully investigate the allegations. Silver has insisted he preferred secret financial settlements only to protect their wishes and anonymity. The email also claims that the groping victims were so afraid of Silver and his chummy relationship with Lopez — and so upset that the Assembly had failed to “fully investigate” their allegations — that they declined an offer to take another job in the Assembly. The note from lawyer Mariann Wang, who is the New York partner of celebrity lawyer.
Gloria Allred, does not offer any proof that the Democratic speaker had a relationship with his chief of staff beyond the third-hand account attributed to Lopez, who was using it in an effort to seduce a staffer. Silver’s chief of staff is longtime confidant Judy Rapfogel, who earns $153,385 a year and is widely seen to be among the speaker’s most loyal aides.  Rapfogel, who is married to William Rapfogel, chief executive officer of the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, called the comments in the email “absurd and insulting to all women.  Wang, who declined to comment, apparently invoked the alleged relationship to buttress her suggestion that the close ties between Silver and Lopez made her clients feel unsafe.  The report found Silver exposed more women to harassment from Lopez by instead settling the case in a deal that cost taxpayers more than $103,000. But the Joint Commission has been criticized for not more aggressively scrutinizing the speaker’s actions.Poll: After harassment scandal, nearly 60% of NY voters wouldn't want their daughters interning in Albany *Republicans Pounce On Silver News(YNN) * State GOP Has Radio Ad Geared Toward Assemblywomen(YNN) The state Republican Party will begin airing a radio ad in the Albany market aimed at Democratic women legislators who publicly support Sheldon Silver holding his job as Assembly speaker.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver on The Daily News story today: “”here’s nothing to talk about. It’s nonsense.” (h/t the intrepid Jon Campbell of Gannett).* Vito Lopez Faces Ethics Fine, Speaker Silver Still Criticized Over Investigation (NY1) Cuomo won't call for Shelly Silver ouster, saying Assembly's affair to choose leader; but called for Vito to resign, duly elected by voters

Some Sexual Assaults Are More Important Than Others
U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand blasted the military’s handling of sexual assault cases.

Poll Major Want Silver Out

51% New Yorkers and One Assemblywoman Wants Silver Out

New York Voters Think Assembly Speaker Should Step Down, Poll Finds(NYT) The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds that 51 percent of New York state voters say Silver should step down as Assembly Speaker because of the way he handled the Vito Lopez scandal: 

A survey shows that voters believe Sheldon Silver should resign because of his handling of sexual harassment allegations against former Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

The Women Distraction

Shel-loving gov’s sex crackdown (NYP) ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo proposed a crackdown on sexual misconduct in the workplace as part of his 10-point “women’s equality agenda” yesterday — even as he continued to support Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver in the wake of the Vito Lopez sex-harassment..* Cuomo Women’s Rights Plan May Hinge on Abortion Proposal(NYT) Cuomo unveiled his 10-point Women’s Equality Act, cementing his reputation as a defender of women’s rights, although it is unclear if the abortion rights portion of the bill will pass in the Senate * Cuomo Unveils Women's Equality Act, But Abortion Rights Stir Up Controversy(NY1) * Cuomo condemned the “fear mongering” by those opposed to abortion. * Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos told The New York Post on Tuesday he won’t allow a vote on the abortion component. * Mainline Senate Democrats are more than happy to point to the breakaway faction of Democrats to apply pressure on the abortion issue.

Lopez Fined

No Sign of Lopez for Council Petitions But There is A Flyer Floating On the Internet

Lopez Is Said to Be Fined Over Sexual Abuse(NYT)
Vito J. Lopez resigned from the Assembly last month under pressure after a scathing report from a legislative ethics panel. * Vito Lopez hit with $300K ethics fine(NYDN) Former Assemblyman Vito Lopez will be fined $330,000 for reportedly sexually harassing several of his former employees, the largest fine ever handed down by the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics. Split the Anti-Lopez Vote  Another candidate, Charvey Gonzalez, filed yesterday to run for Mr. Lopez’s Assembly district this year. Mr. Gonzalez has worked for State Senator Martin Dilan, a Lopez ally, even as Mr. Lopez is running a joint ticket with a different contender for the seat, prompting one source to speculate that there’s a plot to split the anti-Lopez vote. But the Lopez case seemed to loom large over the day of lobbying for the women’s agenda. * Dilan Staffer to Run for Vito Lopez’s Seat Too(NYO)

Mayoral Campaign

3 fund-raisers have checkered pasts(NYP)

The high-end fund-raisers raking in dough for mayoral candidate Christine Quinn look more like a rogues gallery. Quinn’s “bundlers” — those who host events to collect large-sum campaign contributions for political candidates — include a former insurance executive who was just released from federal prison and a former Columbia University professor charged with incest, according to a review of her campaign finances. She also relied on donations from a restaurant honcho who was accused in a federal class-action lawsuit of allegedly failing to pay his employees the minimum wage — which Quinn wants raised in the state — and overtime, records show. Three of Democratic mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s top fundraising bundlers have checkered pasts, including an insurance executive just released from federal prison who took in $61,245 for Quinn

No Pander Quinn
The Post applauds Quinn for refusing to pander to Upper East Side residents who are railing against a proposed marine waste transfer station:* City Council Speaker Christine Quinn's strategy isn't shifting, even as the polls are. [Dana Rubinstein and Azi Paybarah]

The What Me Worry Election
A Campaign Trail Lined With Words Friendly to Each Audience(NYT)
Gotham Extra: The Democratic candidates for mayor at a forum sponsored by a Brooklyn Jewish group mostly followed the tenet that it’s best to tell voters what they want to hear.
  1. In Flatbush they called for cutting fines (Taxes) in the other areas of the city they promises more services - WHAT BUDGET

They also promised more services. Cut revenue pegs and add services, including costly day care program aimed at Orthodox. They also promised more services. Cut revenue pegs and add services, including costly day care program aimed at Orthodox* Budget Director Hears Pleas To Save City Services, But Warns Of Union Pay Raises (NY1)

After Looking Bored at Forum, Weiner Finds Energy to Tussle With Press(NYT)
Anthony D. Weiner, who is new to the mayoral campaign trail and so missed many past stages filled with his rivals, defended his demeanor, which prompted questions about his ability to sit through dozens of forums ahead.* Video briefing: What Anthony Weiner does at a debate when he's not talking. [Azi Paybarah] * Weiner voiced support for owner of a kosher factory convicted of hiring underage workers, bank fraud & $ laundering (NYT)  * Fundraiser For Weiner's Mayoral Campaign Held On Upper West Side (NY1)

How Bill Thompson "fights to get out of the publicity shadow of Anthony Weiner" [Erin Durkin and Jonathan Lemire]

New York City Mayoral Candidates Attend Political Forum
LGBT Conversation Causes Mayoral Heckling at Flatbush Forum(NYO)

New York City Comptroller John Liu will deliver his final budget testimony, and plans to identify $440 million in Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed budget that the City Council can tap to offset cuts to “vital services”, The Wall Street Journal reports

Speaking of politicians involved in sex scandals, John Catsimatidis‘ campaign mail features former Congressman Vito Fossella. “John is a wonderful, amazing guy. I admire his accomplishments.There’s not a guy out there who is more real,” Mr. Fossella declares in the piece. “Some successful people retire into the sunset. John wants to give back.” * GOP mayoral hopeful to host show on Staten Island about Fiorello LaGuardia: John Catsimatidis calls LaG...

In New TV Ad, Rudy Pitches For Lhota: "Take It From Me: Joe Is New York."

Affordable Housing, Unemployment Discussed At East Harlem Mayoral Forum(NY1)

In June 2001, Bloomberg was an awkward candidate, so maybe the current mayoral candidates can turn things around. [Michael Howard Saul]

FIVE BOROUGH BALLOT: South Bronx residents hold nuanced views on mayoral control, charter schools and teacher evaluations—and feel the state of the schools is more important than who's mayor(City and State)

The New York Observer profiles the United Federation of Teacher’s head Michael Mulgrew, who plans to flex some major financial muscle in the mayor’s race.
"Our approval rating’s much higher than the mayor’s." — Michael Mulgrew
1. NYC has a "gold standard" campaign finance system. 2. The UFT may spend in the high 7 figures on the mayoral race. 
Class Warfare: Teachers’ Union Boss Michael Mulgrew Claims He Can Crown the Next Mayor (NYO)

Election 2013

Brooklyn DA Race
Brooklyn DA's Re-Election Bid May Be His Toughest Political Fight To Date(NY1)
A look at Ken Thompson, one of the challengers to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes. [Reid Pillifant]

Candidates Start Collecting Signatures To Get On City Primary Ballot(NY1)

"The executive board of voted today to endorse Melinda Katz in the Democratic primary for Queens Borough President."
Espada Does Not Go Silently  
Now Espada is A Victim

Lawyer: Espada was perv victim as kid (NYP) As his sentencing on corruption charges approaches, former state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., in a bid for leniency, is claiming that he was nearly molested as a child. The disgraced former lawmaker made the revelation as part of a...

At brennan center breakfast, calls malcolm smith scandal like "uncovering a plot to invade fantasy island."


Why did the BOE Buy the New Scanners?

Source: lever machines for nyc election are a done deal. Silver bill to be introduced today or tomorrow
Candidates Start Collecting Signatures To Get On City Primary Ballot(NY1)

Sources say that a deal has been made in the state Legislature that will allow the old lever voting machines to be used for the September 10th primary election, though it’s unclear whether they will be used in the November general election, NY1 reports:.
The State Legislature, aware of the New York City Board of Elections’ apparent inability to conduct the primary-runoff contest this year, has reportedly decided to change the voting machines rather than simply move the runoff a week or two later.Delay the runoff? 'Ridiculous,' says

BOE Scanner Vendor Paying Grandson of Queens GOP Leader Payoff for A Pay to Play Contract
BOE Corruption Investigation

True News Has Confirmed From A Current Top Executive That BOE warehouse employee Phil Ragusa the nephew of the Queens GOP leader is on the payroll of ESS as A Paid Consultant.

New Yorker's Were Prevented From or Had A Hard Time Voting Because of A Corrupt Contract
The BOE purchased the scanners and a maintence contract from ES&S that every New Yorkers now knows cannot do the job of allowing voters to vote and counting them.

NYS Government

Abortion and Women's Rights
Albany & abortion(NYP Ed)
Let’s see if we’ve got this right: The governor insists New York... * Backlash at Abortion Plank(WSJ) * Conservative Party Blasts Abortion Provision(YNN)

Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder Sr. twice called Cuomo a “bully”, and said that his meetings with lawmakers were aimed at persuading them to honor the tribe’s exclusive gambling rights in Western New York, The Buffalo News writes:

Cuomo Plans To Introduce Casino Bill(YNN)
Not surprising... but any casino proposal under Cuomo's plan is required to have a proposal for at least one hotel as well. Casino licensing fee will be at least $50m for any upstate casino under Cuomo's bill. * Cuomo Releases Casino Legislation(YNN)
"Unlike most other regulated industries, gaming is especially susceptible to corruption and potential criminal influence" Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s casino legislation appears geared at upping the ante in the ongoing dispute with the Seneca Nation.* shut out of Andrew Cuomo's plan

An Old Judge Political Favor

Too Old to Judge? Albany Reconsiders
The Legislature is considering a bill that would, if approved by voters, extend the retirement age to 80 for hundreds of judges statewide. * New Retirement Age Sought for Judges(WSJ)
There’s support for raising the retirement age of the state’s judges, but the effort my be clouded by accusations of political favors.

Text Driving
The Journal News’ editorial board praises the move to strengthen the state’s texting-while-driving laws.

Indian Point
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has told Cuomo’s office that guards at Indian Point can apply for a waiver to carry firearms that violate state law.

Another Albany Bum Who Makes the Laws and Does Not Follow Them

East Harlem state assemblyman busted for DWI adds to Albany shame(NYDN)
's Robert Rodriguez busted for
Rodriguez "refused to take a breath or blood test, which could cost him his driver's license for one year"
East Harlem Assemblyman Charged With D.W.I.(NYT)

 Public Financing
Mixed Results For Public Financing(YNN) * Albany’s “stupid” scandals can help to pass reform legislation, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says.

NYC Government

The cost of the education system in New York City has gone up by $1 billion over the last fiscal year 
The Mayoral Candidates Remain Silent On How to Pay for It
Pension costs, training teachers for Common Core standards and the new teacher rating system helped increase the city's education tab by $1 billion over the last fiscal year
The Daily News breaks down some of the reasons for that dramatic increase: $200 million will go to "open 24 new charter schools," $10 million is "for tutoring," and $156 million is going to help "train teachers" in the new, tougher Common Core standard. The next mayor will have to figure this increased cost into the budget along with increasing health care costs and, possibly, depending on who wins this election, retroactive raises for public workers.
The mayoral candidates aren't talking much about these education costs, and to address them in detail is to wade into a political minefield. The union representing teachers is about to vote on its mayoral endorsement and its president, Michael Mulgrew, believes their choice will determine the outcome of the race.

The Evolution of Mayor Bloomberg(WSJ)
While the Wall Street Journal took a walk down memory lane to Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s first election: “‘My only regret is that my father did not live to see how lucky I have been,’ Mr. Bloomberg said that day. ‘Dad, if you’re listening, I will win and I will be the greatest mayor this city has ever had.’”
Risks Seen in New York City's Proposed Budget(WSJ)
’s charter school spending to exceed $1 billion in 2013-2014

City Revisits Offenders’ Wheels(NYT)
 The Bloomberg administration plans to replace most traditional towing with a program affixing wheel clamps onto vehicles whose owners owe over $350 in outstanding fines.

Bike Attempt Robbery 

Two men arrested for attempting to ripoff Citi Bikes from docking station(NYP)


R Train Tunnel Shut

R Tube to Be Shut More Than a Year for Storm Repairs(NYT)  The repairs, expected to begin in August, would close the tube between Brooklyn and Manhattan for 12 to 14 months, an official said. *  Subway Tunnel to Close(WSJ) The Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to close the Montague tube, which carries the R train beneath the East River, for at least a year to repair lingering damage from superstorm Sandy * MTA To Shut Down East River R Train Tunnel To Repair Sandy Damage(NY1)

Green Park City

New York Parks Rank No. 2 in a Survey of 50 U.S. Cities(NYT)
The Trust for Public Land looked at factors including park access, size, services and public investment. * City's Parks Reach No. 2 in Rankings(WSJ)

I Drink To That

Long Ago, a Pilot Landed on an Uptown Street. That’s Where the Bar Was(NYT)

In 1956, a drunken Thomas Fitzpatrick made a barroom bet, and then to win it he stole a plane in New Jersey and plopped it down on St. Nicholas Avenue. He did something similar two years later.


Myron Rushetzky is Leaving The New York Post(NYO)

Daily News
How Colin Myler is remaking the Daily News. [Joe Pompeo

Olbermann to host TBS' postseason baseball studio show(NYP)

Fox News chief Roger Ailes “tried to order bombproof glass for his office because he thought homosexuals outside News Corp. headquarters on Sixth Avenue might shoot at him.”

Newsweek/Daily Beast Loses CEO(NY Mag)


Gov. Chris Christie of NJ on cost of special Senate election: "I quite frankly don't care."
Chris’ special-election plan irks Dems, GOP(NYP)
Saying he refuses to play politics with a US Senate seat, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie announced yesterday that there will be a special election in October to replace Sen. Frank Lautenberg, who died Monday at age 89.  “The right thing is to let...  * Christie Decides on October Vote for New Senator(NYT) * Special Election Timing in New Jersey Points to a Weak G.O.P. Field(NYT) * Facing Years in Jail, Officer in Gun Scheme Has Regrets(NYT) * Gov. Christie’s Quick, Costly Decision(NYT Ed) * Christie Plans October Vote for Open N.J. Senate Seat(WSJ) * Poll Shows Christie's Broad Appeal(WSJ) * With Special Election, Newark Politics Take Center Stage (WSJ)
PM Netanyahu: "4 years ago I stood here and everybody said that my coalition is going to fall apart everyday"
SHAKE UP: Obama taps Susan Rice to replace Donilon as NSA; Samantha Power named new UN Ambassador

Rubio threatens to vote against immigration bill without more changes (The Hill)
Washington Booms at America's Expense - Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe
On Scandals, GOP Needs to Take a Breath - Leonard Pitts, Miami Herald
Who Ordered the IRS Targeting? - Charles Krauthammer, FOX News
Doubts About Credibility Take Toll on Obama - Mike Dorning, Bloomberg
Chris Christie's Risky Special Election Gambit - John Cassidy, New Yorker
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Immigration Bill Puts Focus on Red-State Dems - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RCP
GOP Is Clearly, Absolutely, Broken - Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect
The Galloping Tyranny of the EPA - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
GOP's Sick Position on Medicaid Expansion - Michael Cohen, The Guardian
Obama Admin: "Someone Lives and Someone Dies" - Ace, Ace of Spades
Dems Still Need Working-Class White Voters - Levison & Teixera, TNR
Dingell, Lautenberg and the Problem w/D.C. - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
Obama Job Approval: NBC/WSJ 48 | Bloomberg 49 | RCP Average 47.4

CNN Reveals Video Of Michelle Obama Confronting LGBT Heckler During DNC Fundraiser

It's Time for Senate to Act on Judicial Nominations - New York Times
Obama's Filibuster Ultimatum - Wall Street Journal
Chris Christie's Self-Serving Stunt - New Jersey Star-Ledger
IRS Targeting Is No Mere Political Scandal - Washington Examiner

Law and Order
Girl, 4, killed as fleeing teen jumps curb in SUV(NYP) A gutless teen sped away from cops to avoid a ticket for driving alone with a learner’s permit — and fatally struck a 4-year-old girl just steps from her Upper West Side school yesterday, law-enforcement sources said.  Franklin Reyes, 17, was pulled...   * Girl, 4, Is Fatally Struck By a Car Fleeing the Police(NYT) * Child Dies After Driver Flees(WSJ)

Ray Kelly defends police chase that ended in death of 4-y-o girl as "reasonable"

Teen's Hair Set On Fire Near Brooklyn Middle School(NY1)

ELMO'S RAMPAGE: Ex-costumed performer who went on anti-Semitic rant in Times Square now accused of extorting $2M from Girl Scouts

Police Commissioner Reveals Further Details In Manhattan Police Involved Shooting

BREAKING: DA vows to return Ramarley Graham case to grand jury by mid-summer

Judge Throws Out Verdict in Police Brutality Case(NYT)

Sean Thomas was awarded $450,000 in damages after he sued three police officers, but his main witness signed an agreement promising to testify in exchange for cash.
Police Locate Suspect In Fatal Queens Bus Shooting(NY1)
Man Arrested in South Carolina Over Killing on Queens Bus(NYT)

Police Shoot Chain-Wielding Man in East Harlem(NYT)
The man was taken to a hospital, where he was in stable condition with an abdomen wound.
Cellphone Thefts Reach "Summit" Level, State AG Says