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Ah, Like Person Imitating Person Doing Another Person’s Thing

U.S. Attorney Says New Yorkers ‘Can Expect More’ Corruption Cases (NYO)
In a rare televised interview with Capital Tonight, Preet Bharara, the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, said even more public corruption cases can be expected to emerge due to the “pervasive” nature of the problem in the state.

A Hasidic cantor was convicted of sexually abusing a 16-year-old. The man who brought the case to light has now been charged with trying to extort the cantor.

Gotham: After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted (NYT)

Five years ago, this gray-bearded and excitable man with a black velvet yarmulke spoke out about the sexual abuse of his 16-year-old son by a prominent Hasidic cantor. As Mr. Kellner helped investigators with the Brooklyn district attorney’s office search for other young Orthodox victims of this man, the Orthodox establishment grew ever angrier at him. The rabbi at his Hasidic synagogue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, denounced Mr. Kellner as a traitor and forbade parishioners to talk with him on the street. Yeshivas barred his sons. His businesses dried up — he pawned his silverware to meet his bills. And he still fears that he will never find a marriage match for his son.
Brooklyn Officials Proud to Support Hynes
It is Interesting That Most Of Brooklyn's Election Officials Supporting Hynes Have Not Been Asked to Commented on Any of the Problems Facing the DA

DA big is ‘N’ & out (NYP)  Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has fired the head of his Gang Bureau for using homophobic language and calling a top prosecutor “the head n----r,” The Post has learned.  Deanna Rodriguez had been suspended since March for using terms...* Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Faces Questions About Hiring Reluctant Witness in Murder Case (Village Voice)
* 'Brooklyn DA' Nothing More 'Than An Unabashed Campaign Puff-Piece?'(Huff Post)

Tomorrow's A1 Christine Quinn NYT piece
Quinn On The Attack
There is No Business Like Show Business

It is All About Selling the Act
Quinn, Shifting Approach, Will Fight Attacks in Speech(NYT)  In an address on Monday, the City Council speaker will highlight her legislative accomplishments and claim that her Democratic mayoral rivals are more talk than action.After months of attacks on her, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will fire back in a speech in which she criticizes, but doesn't name, her rivals. [Kate Taylor] In what her campaign is billing as a major speech today, Quinn will push back against her critics and rivals and argue she’s more qualified and more gutsy than the other Democratic contenders.This is quite the shot at from : "4-yr-old position papers dusted off for a political comeback." De Blasio: Quinn's "accomplishments include giving Mayor Bloomberg a 3rd term, proposing to shower big developers w/ a billion $ giveaway.." answers her detractors "I will stack my record against anyone who is running."  * Christine Quinn Goes Into Attack Mode as She Vows to Run City Like ‘The Boss’(NYO) * Video: Christine Quinn talking about governing like Bruce Springsteen. [Azi Paybarah]* Quinn Attacks Rivals As Her Poll Support Shrinks (NY1)

The What Me Worry Mayoral Election

Promises Promises What Me Worry About Paying
A theme is emerging among the New York City mayoral candidates where they are promising to create new offices to fill what they characterize as “holes” in city government, with critics saying additional bureaucracy is unnecessary City's Mayoral Candidates Stump on New Czars(WSJ)

“Quinn Borrows a Line From Weiner, Who Probably Stole It From Someone Else.”
Quinn uses Weiner’s old 'middle class' campaign slogan(NYP)
Mayoral hopeful Christine Quinn has a populist campaign phrase that’s got a familiar ring to it — it’s strikingly similar to rhetoric that rival Anthony Weiner used in his 2005 run for City Hall, documents show.  The City Council speaker — who has...And while Weiner may have been the first candidate to use the phrase in a New York mayoral race, he can’t take credit for inventing it.When John Kerry ran for president in 2004, he said during a speech in the city, “I will be a champion for the middle class and those struggling to join it.”  And before him, then-Gov. Mario Cuomo used similar phrasing in his 1984 Democratic National Convention speech when he referred to “the middle class and those trying to make it, to work their way into the middle class.”* Everybody loves a little Weiner: Anthony hits the campaign trail at Park Slope street fair with little Jordan in tow(NYDN)
69% of 's followers are male (Politico) * Weiner Hits Lhota Anthony Weiner called Joe Lhota a hypocrite for heading the M.T.A. then advocating more city control over its transportation system. [Jill Colvin]

Comptroller Thompson Approved Most of the 911 Contracts
Hey Reporter Thompson Approved A Lot of these 911 contracts as controller - do you job
Firing back, says is wrong for asking for a review of 911 system instead of a new system

Firing back, says is wrong for asking for a  review of 911 system instead of a new system #2013"Bill Thompson isn't interested in Christine Quinn's 'name-calling.'" [Dana Rubinstein]system instead of a new system

Quinn Supports the 91st Transfer Stations While Thompson and the Rich East Side Interests Opposed It

Former Comptroller Bill Thompson: "Speaker Quinn has sided with rich Manhattan interests at the expense of the working people of the city."* Trash Talk Dominates Christine Quinn’s Upper East Side Campaign Stop(NYO)

Hikind Calls Quinn A Dictator
Assemblyman Dov Hikind does not appear to be the biggest fan of Ms. Quinn in the mayoral race, and in a heated, post-Shabbos interview with consultant Ezra Friedlander, Mr. Hikind lambasted her while tying her to Mayor Michael Bloomberg. At one point, Mr. Hikind notes, “I mean, a lot of people call her a dictator.”

While on the Republican side of the aisle, mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota will receive the formal endorsement of Congressman Michael Grimm later today. The move doesn’t come as a surprise–he once attended a Lhota fund-raiser on Staten Island–but comes as anonymous detractors were trying to highlight Mr. Grimm’s absence from Mr. Lhota’s literature.

Mayoral Candidates Rake in Cash from Out-of-State Supporters (DNAinfo)
Jill Colvin reports: “While most New Yorkers can’t even name many of the candidates jockeying to become the city’s next mayor, supporters from California to Tennessee are already busy writing them checks more than a year and a half before the race.” *  How Much the N.Y.C. Mayoral Candidates Have Raised and Spent(NYT)

State Senator James Sanders unsurprisingly bucks county, endorses

Education Mayor
Education reformers plot to sway the mayoral race:(CrainsNY)
At Press Conference On Dipping School Grad Rates, Bloomberg Calls UFT Endorsement A "Kiss Of Death" (NY1)
Mayor Bloomberg had some choice words for the UFT and their endorsement of a mayoral candidate. Mulgrew fired back.
Mulgrew: "Candidates would rather be the victim of zombie attack than get a Michael Bloomberg endorsement."  

mayor just called UFT endorsement "the kiss of death" for mayoral candidates. Says the last to win w it was Dinkins

Catsimatidis and Trump
Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis has a new ally in the race for Gracie Mansion: Donald Trump.
High Rent Brooklyn DA

Exclusive: Bklyn DA empaneling serious legal minds to review 50 murder convictions obtained by 1 detective: (NBC)

After 25 Years the NYP Notices the Brooklyn DA Has the Highest Rent
Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes pays top price for his office’s downtown real estate (NYP)  It’s good to be Kings County’s top lawman. District Attorney Charles Hynes spends nearly twice as much to rent his cushy staff headquarters as all of the city’s four other district attorneys combined, The Post has learned. The posh Renaissance Plaza...The cozy setup was ironed out in the mid-1990s by the Giuliani administration to help guarantee local developer Joshua Muss an anchor tenant so his mega-project — which included Downtown Brooklyn’s first major hotel — could finally get built after years of delays.

Six-term Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes spends nearly twice the amount on rent for his posh offices as all other city DA’s combined: * Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes: $11.7M/year * Queens DA Richard Brown: $4.8M/year * Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance Jr.: $1.9M/year * Bronx DA Robert Johnson: $127,803/year * Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan: $0/year

Clarke for DA Candidate Thompson

Clark's endorsement of Thompson in DA race is notable b/c Hynes camp once said YC was backing Hynes via

The Cover Up is Worse Than the Crime

Poll: 52% Says Silver Should Step Down
Shelly’s compromising position(NYP Ed)
They say the coverup is worse than the crime. Shelly Silver sure found that out. And now those who back him are finding that covering for the man who covered up may be worst of all. In the latest fallout from Silver’s coverup of Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment, the Assembly speaker now faces a lawsuit saying that he should refund from his own pocket the $103,000 he took from taxpayers to keep two early Lopez victims quiet. The New York state head of the National Organization for Women calls for Silver’s resignation, while the city chapter remains silent in the hopes that Silver will shepherd through Gov. Cuomo’s “Women’s Equality Act. Of the five who were not on the letter, two--William Boyland and Eric Stevenson--are under indictment weren’t asked. A third, Inez Barron, opposes Silver. The two others are  Deputy Speaker Earlene Hooper and Jose Rivera--both of whom Moya said he did not see to ask them to sign last week.

.” US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand — a major critic of how the US military chain of command deals with sexual assault — expresses “anger” and “disappointment” at Silver’s actions, but says questions of his keeping his post is an Assembly matter. * The latest Siena College poll finds that 52 percent of New Yorkers believe that Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should step down as Speaker, while Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s favorability rating, at 58 percent, is the lowest of his tenure:The NY Post criticizes several key female elected officials – including Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand – who have not called for Silver’s ouster in the wake of the Vito Lopez scandal.

Brodsky: Albany is Still Vito LopezVille
"Putting an end to Vito won't put an end to Vito-ism, as long as power and ambition are reasons to turn one's head"  (TU) A former assemblyman blames the colleagues who enabled Vito Lopez to operate for years. [Richard Brodsky

Brodsky rationalizes behavior from which he benefited and continues to benefit. He's a Silver apologist and a bully himself.

At least 11 real women were harassed, abused and even raped while Sheldon Silver defended the perps—his colleagues—and fought the women.

Nelson the Informant
Former Assemblyman Nelson Castro‘s New York profile is a ringing endorsement of Albany culture: “Elected officials are worried because they think, Oh, I wonder what I said to Nelson? Come on, man! You know me! I never asked anybody any suspicious questions or anything like that. I never did. We talked about women. We talked about, ‘Oh, this girl has a nice ass.’ I won’t lie about that. But basically I never tried to get any information from any of my colleagues.”* Nelson Castro on Becoming an Informant(NY Mag)

Black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican caucus praised Silver
Embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver receives key show of support from minority lawmakers (NYDN)   A letter signed by 29 of 34 members of the black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican caucus praised Silver, who is under fire for his admitted mishandling of sexual harassment claims against former Assemblyman Vito Lopez, for advocating issues important to minority communities. A letter signed by 29 of 34 members of the powerful black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican caucus praised Silver for fighting for issues important to minority communities — such as a minimum wage hike, the decriminalization of possession of small amounts of pot and the creation of a state “Dream Act” to allow college tuition assistance for the children of undocumented immigrants.  The letter does not mention Silver’s admitted mishandling of the sexual harassment scandal involving former Assemblyman Vito Lopez. It instead thanks him for his “support, courage, and leadership” and dubs him a “true champion for our communities.”  Queens Assemblyman Francisco Moya, who circulated the letter, said, "Silver has really pushed and pushed the progressive agenda when the Senate hasn’t done anything and the governor’s been silent on some.”

Eric Stevenson. (Photo: NYS Assembly)Indicted Assemblyman Will Lose Minority Caucus Executive Post(NYO)
Former Assemblyman Nelson Castro gave an “apparent warning” to his wire target, Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, to the dismay of his minders in the U.S. Attorney’s office.
Cuomo Challenger

Gunning for Cuomo
Feisty but little-known GOP Assemblyman
Pol gunning for gov  (Dicker, NYP) Upstate GOPer eyes run vs. ‘bully’ Cuomo   An AGGRESSIVE upstate lawmaker who backs gun rights and Texas-style low taxes and calls Gov. Cuomo a “bully” has emerged as a likely — some say certain — Republican candidate against Cuomo next year, The Post has learned. Rensselaer County Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, 49, a former commercial pilot who in February compared Cuomo to Hitler over the way the governor rammed through the anti-gun SAFE Act, has privately told legislative colleagues he’s planning to run. Mclaughlin also compared Cuomo to  Mussolini, as well as being a frequent Cuomo critic on Twitter, said he’s considering it. “I personally don’t find Cuomo to be a very likeable person,” he explained. “They say he’s a pain in the ass.”

Budget Deal Week And Poll Numbers

Poll Numbers Fading, Here Come the TV Ads
Can A Moreland Commission Save Cuomo?
A Siena poll this morning shows Governor Andrew Cuomo's favorability and job-performance numbers at their lowest points since he became governor in 2011.  Cuomo is viewed favorably 58-35 percent, compared to 64-32 percent month ago. Voters approve of his job performance 50-49, compared to 52-47 last month. Cuomo's Favorability Fades a Little" [Taegan Goddard] * Cuomo says creation of a Moreland panel would be the "purist resolution" to ethics questions. * New York State Legislative BillTracker (NY World)Cuomo said he believes he's going to do a Moreland Commission to address corruption because he doesn't see legislature passing reform agenda* Update Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers are preparing for a late night to try and hammer out deals on major outstanding bills. They aim to wrap things up by Thursday.

New York State Legislative Bill Tracker
Bronx Courthouse Patronage Keeps Assembly Dinowitz Out of the Poor House
Some think elected officials should be in the poor house, "I’m not among them," Assemblyman
Dinowitz in audio - WNYC 
After reading the articles, I became concerned about how vulnerable we are to becoming victims of the justice system because of this courthouse patronage. According to the investigation, judges had a list of a hundred names to select, but they repeatedly appoint the same people: Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, state Sen. Jeff Klein, Counsel Howard Vargas and attorney and real estate business owner Lorraine Coyle, wife of longtime councilman and one-time attorney general Oliver Koppell. They all are active and prominent members of the Benjamin Franklin Reform Democratic Club, which backed and helped judges ascend to their Bronx court positions.  * NY1 Online: Student JournalistsExamine Possible Courthouse Patronage * Cuomo says he doesn't intend to issue messages of necessity, which means for voting Thursday, bill language must be done by midnight tonight 

Investigation Shows Politicians Profit off Foreclosure Sales(WNYC)WNYC spent weeks trying to understand how these court appointees operate -- reviewing property records, real estate data and hundreds of court files – and found a system with little oversight, rife with irregularities and dominated by political insiders. While more than 2,500 attorneys have been eligible to act as referees over the past few years, about 3 percent received a third of the cases, according to a WNYC analysis of data from real estate information service PropertyShark.
NY1 Online: Student Journalists Examine Possible Courthouse Patronage - See more at:

Success of Cuomo’s Plan for More Casinos Relies on His Power of Persuasion(NYT)
With regard to expanding casino gambling, Cuomo is hoping that he can persuade the Legislature to place a referendum on the ballot authorizing casinos, and convince casino companies to invest in upstate New York.  The Syracuse Post-Standard says there’s still time for the Legislature and Cuomo to do “big things” in Albany. The NY Post dubs Cuomo “Gov. Andrew M. Excuses.” If Cuomo’s casino expansion plan is to become a reality, “he is going to have to hit a three-part parlay.”Amidst all the horse trading for the number and location of casinos that’s constantly changing, three leading contenders have emerged in the battle to build gaming facilities in the Catskills.* In Queens, a casino bet gone bad (NYT)

The final week of the 2013 session is here, and Cuomo’s top progressive agenda items – the Women’s Equality Act (with an abortion plan), marijuana law reform and public campaign financing – look increasingly unlikely to pass. The administration is instead doubling down on casinos and Tax Free-NY.  * The IDC on Sunday introduced its version of the Women's Equality Act, without any abortion language. *Klein Rules Out Abortion Plank(YNN) * Cuomo's 'women's equality agenda' introduced as bill without abortion rights proposal(NYP) * Klein Calls IDC ‘All Pro-Choice’(YNN)  * Cuomo Faces Potential Failure Of Women's Equality Act, Anti-Corruption Bill (NY1)

Tax Free NY
With the major pieces of Cuomo’s agenda stalling in the closely divided state Senate, Capitol observers expect the final push of the legislative session to revolve around casino legislation and the Tax Free NY initiative, the Times Union writes:

The Times Union argues that the provision in Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act regarding abortion rights is not a “radical expansion” of abortion, and calls for a vote on the legislation:

Campaign Financing
The super PAC Friends of Democracy is prepared to fund primary/general election challengers next year to some Senate Republicans and IDC members over the likely imminent failure of public campaigning financing.  

Corruption has hurt by association. Sheldon Silver has had his foot on the neck of reform for two decades.

New Disabled IG
State Begins New Outreach to Aid Disabled(WSJ)Criticized by the federal government for poor care and oversight of disabled New Yorkers, the state is installing a new prosecutor and inspector general to crack down on institutional abuse while a legal services group has assumed statewide protection of their rights. The new Justice Center will start investigating criminal abuse cases June 30.

Among the 138 appointees handed up to the Senate by Cuomo is outgoing JCOPE executive director Ellen Biben’s husband, Matthew, who’s up for a non-compensated post on the Cornell University board.

State Assemblyman Still Pushing Tenant Bill 10 Years After Deadly Fire (NY Daily News)
Daniel Beekman reports: “[Assemblyman Jeffrey] Dinowitz's bill would close a loophole that allows bad landlords to operate slums with severe housing and building code violations by requiring timely repairs.”

Liu's Plumbers
John Liu will be endorsed by 6,000-member Plumbers Local Union 1. [Andrew Hawkins

Cuomo nominated former state Secretary of State Basil Paterson (former Gov. David Paterson’s father) to be a Port Authority Board commissioner.

New York received a failing grade for its manufacturing climate in a Ball State University report.
Texas Raids NY Business

Another Tail of Two Cities Which the Media Ignores

De Blasio pushes tax hike, subsidy cut | Crain's New York Business

 Do Any Political Leaders Notice
A Texas Businessman Coming To New York: As Texas Gov. Rick Perry seeks to drain jobs from New York through a T...

NYC Secret Ticket Tax On Small Businesses
FINE MESS! Daily News investigation finds secret quota system resulting in unrelenting ticket blitz and sky high penalties for city's small businesses – including a $14K fine over toy guns (NYDN) Bloomberg On NYDN Consumer Affairs Ticket Blitz Expose: Quota? What Quota? | New York Daily News
Forgotten Homeless

NYT Who Supports Developers Pushing the Poor Out of Their Homes, Says Remember Them

The Forgotten 50,000(NYT Ed)
The next New York City mayor will inherit an overlooked emergency: homelessness The shelter population has grown since Bloomberg took office and his pointing a finger at out-of-towners in the system is a distraction. [New York Times]

Fed Sequestration Hits NYCHA

New York City is beginning to feel the effects of the federal sequestration, with budget cuts already hampering the New York City Housing Authority and Coast Guard, and other city agencies facing further cutbacks, The Wall Street Journal reports: * John Rhea, the chairman of NYCHA, said an 11 percent cut in federal funding to his agency is "absolutely devastating." [Josh Dawsey]

The tentacles of federal budgets cuts—known as sequestration—have finally begun reaching into the everyday lives of hundreds of thousands of New York City area residents.Public advocate candidate Reshma Saujani made an app so NYCHA residents can take pictures of problems in their buildings and post them on the public advocate's web site. [Greg Smith]

In the Post, Nicole Gelinas, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes that the next mayor needs to prioritize fixing the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s messy fiscal situation: 

Glimpse of New Teacher Ratings Is Offered(WSJ)
New York City’s new teacher rating system could be dramatically tougher on educators than the previous one, according to data released last week. About 6 percent of fourth- through eighth-grade teachers were rated ineffective based on their students’ scores on state tests last year.
In the Daily News, Sol Stern, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes that the next mayor’s challenge with regard to education will be to get parents, teachers, and principals to support dramatic changes in classroom instruction: "In the current system, less than 3% of teachers are flunked by their principals." [Lisa Fleisher]

NYS Edu Dept:Most students entering NY’s community colleges required to take remedial courses,and pay college prices for high school classes

As Students Drown In Debt, NYU Pushes Multibillion Dollar Expansion(Huff Post)

N.Y.U. Gives Its Stars Loans for Summer Homes(NYT)

911 Council System Failure

Council Discovers 911 Problems
Two Council committees will hold hearing on glitches in city's new 911 computer system after several failures.
For Years the Council Knew About the Failing and Corruption of the City's 911 System.  Now With the Death of Ariel Russo and the Delay in Getting Her Emergency Help Dominates the News the Council Springs to Action
Council Eyes 911 System(WSJ) * City Council to review 911 system after delays in response(Fox 5) 

Nanny Mayor
LIGHTEN UP, BLOOMY! Sarah Palin rips Mayor Bloomberg for treating New Yorkers 'like a bunch of little babies'(NYDN)
Orphan Parks

In Kelly Park, basketball courts have divots, hoops have different heights, and water fountains do not work
A Little-Known Reason for Disparities in New York’s Parks(NYT)
With many smaller capital projects, the parks department is often constrained by the preferences of City Council members and borough presidents.* Playgrounds bank Swing Toward New Design Models(WSJ)
Human Medical Waste
Bronx hit-run victim tossed into Medical Examiner’s van with trash(NYP)
He was thrown out with the trash. A young Irishman who came to the city to work for the summer was killed by a hit-and-run driver in The Bronx early yesterday, and his body was then stuffed into the...

Bio Bloomberg

 Bloomberg Wants Some of Willy Nelson Bio Gas, The Rats Approve

Mike bids to expand food recycling citywide(NYP)Mayor Bloomberg is planning to expand a food-recycling program that is one of his administration’s final pet projects — and to also seek proposals to build a plant that would turn the table scraps into bio-gas. * Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting(NYT) Bloomberg, who has tried to curb soda consumption, ban smoking in parks and encourage bike riding, is taking on a new cause: requiring New Yorkers to separate their food scraps for composting.Bloomberg administration is rolling out a plan to begin collecting food scraps and will hire a composting plant to handle 100,000 tons of food scraps every year, about 10 percent of New York City’s residential food waste.

New York City to Introduce Composting Program (WSJ)* City Expanding Organic Waste Collection Program This Fall (NY1) * FUNGUS AMONG US: Bloomberg calls for composting program to go citywide — at first voluntary, but could become mandatory, even in city towers(NYDN)

Cinnamon It A Gas

Making scents of it all(NYP)
If you live in Harlem and smell cinnamon today, it’s not fresh buns baking — it’s a gas project.
The city Office of Emergency Management last night said it will be upgrading a gas pipeline, and in order to keep people from calling 911, it is replacing the normal lousy smell with the scent of cinnamon.


The Daily News questions whether any of the mayoral candidates have the “gravitas” to implement Bloomberg’s ambitious proposal to protect New York City from the effects of climate change:

NYC DOT workers suspended after they were caught working out at gym during work hours (NYP) Three beefy city Transportation Department workers have been suspended after they were caught pumping iron at a Brooklyn gym on the taxpayer dime, The Post has learned.  A DOT probe found that assistant city highway repairer Alvero Arias and his co...

Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng blames Beijing pressure in NYU eviction(NYP)  Welcome to New York University — now get out. Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, speaking out for the first time since The Post reported the school was giving him the boot, said pressure from Beijing had school officials planning his...

Transportation Chief Talks of Giving the Public More Public Spaces(NYT)
Janette Sadik-Khan, New York City transportation commissioner, said world-class cities have beautiful, safe public spaces where people can gather and relax.

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Wow. Ray Kelly unloads on Obama/Holder/NSA soon after NYPD monitor move 

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Voters do not have to prove citizenship: Supreme Court(NYP)
President Obama's approval rating falls 8 points to 45% in poll as scandals weigh on public
Astor's son, 89, going to New York jail after losing mercy plea
In a 7-to-2 decision, the US Supreme Court ruled that Arizona cannot require documentary proof of citizenship from people seeking to vote in federal elections there. 
Chelsea Clinton says her mother’s tweets are “deliberate and intentional and full of so much energy and effort.” 

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Law and Order

Boats bearing names of detectives killed in 2004 will patrol, protect NY Harbor -

Update Teen Charged By Police With Shooting Bronx Girl(NY1)
Girl struck by stray bullet gives her dad the best Father's Day gift of his life (NYP) A Bronx dad had the best Father’s Day of his life yesterday when his 9-year-old daughter, who was wounded by a stray bullet while playing outside Friday, was released from the hospital. Amanda Chauan left Jacobi Medical Center flanked by her happy.. * Bronx Girl Wounded In Shooting Is Released From Hospital(WSJ)

Gotham: After Sexual Abuse Case, a Hasidic Accuser Is Shunned, Then Indicted

Off-duty cop shot in arm saving woman after young boy’s plea for help: sources(NYP)
A hero cop was shot in the arm last night when he left a Father’s Day barbecue in Queens to rescue a woman after her desperate young son told him, “Someone’s trying to kill my mother,” law... * 2 Are Wounded, Including an Off-Duty Officer, in a Shooting in Queens(NYT)

Off-duty cop shot in arm saving woman after young boy’s plea for help: sources(NYP)

Married man living ‘double life’ kills girlfriend, then himself, on UWS: police(NYP)
A married man living a “double life” bludgeoned his girlfriend to death yesterday and then killed himself in her Upper West Side apartment, cops said. Edwin Rodriguez, 58, had worked with his victim, Florenciana Martinez, 44, at a church thrift shop...  

Police Investigate Attempted Assault In Lower East Side(NY1)

At 89, Astor’s Son Wouldn’t Be the Oldest in Prison(NYT)

Teen Charged By Police With Shooting Bronx Girl

Manhattan defense attorney is in deep $#^% over courthouse slurs(NYP)
A criminal-defense lawyer with a randy reputation could get the book thrown at him for using language that won’t be found in any law library. Paul Lieber, a married 69-year-old father of two, called.