Sunday, June 16, 2013

True News Update All Weekend

It is Sad That This Video of One of New York's Great Journalists Jimmy Breslin That Every Young Reporter Should View, Only Has 30 Hits

The Wit and Wisdom of Jimmy Breslin
A Newspaper Journalism Generation Lost

Politicians are not close on an honest scale with mobsters. You can believe gangsters not politicians.

What is the job of the reporter?
Tell the news that is all – which they have decided not to do. And wondering why newspapers are in some much trouble.  There are things in the papers I do not read, because it is not news.  Newspaper should tell me something new.  That is dangerous that you ought to know about

What is wrong with journalist today?
Reporters don’t Go Out.  Television would be your answer.  They are all on TV giving the news as you listen to them talk you know they have not left the office.  They are not authentic, have no spirit to the voice as they are telling you what happen in NY, because they do not know and don’t bother with it.  They make a lot of money that way doing nothing.  Shirt and tie and talk well.  It is not personal. They just don’t do anything.

What Makes A Good Journalist?
Two feet to go out and get the story. Spend hours and hours to get it into a column.  It has to be something you did not know when you read him.
Who did you look up to when you were a young reporter?
Old men on newspaper desks who would ask me to do things, who would say this would be good, to go out and get something.

What is the worst thing to happen to newspapers?
Ivy league colleges – worst places know to man were sending these people into the news business – they did not want the news business, they just wanted to take it easy.  Ivy Know you in a newspaper, which are on the way down, because they do not cover the news and are uninteresting They did go into the lead sentences – not like the old ones like Red Smith where 12 words were. We now have the NYT blasting away with 55 words in the lead sentences. The Post and the Daily News follow with 60 word lead sentences and nobody reads them.

"The Newspaper Way of Life is Dwindling Right in Front of Us. The NY Post and the Daily News are Not Going to Be Here.  The NYT Is In Real Trouble." Jimmy Breslin

Will the Real Joel Rivera Please Stand Up?

Pulling the Name Game
Newcomer named Joel R. Rivera running for 'real' Joel Rivera's City Council  seat in The Bronx (NYP) They may not know him, but Joel R. Rivera bets that voters know the name. He’s one of seven Democratic candidates vying for the seat being vacated by term-limited City Councilman Joel Rivera, causing an identity crisis in The Bronx. He’s “banking on...

Public Financing Will Become A Welfare Program for A Small Group of Campaign Consultant Lobbyists Who Control All the Well Funded Campaigns Today

Get real on reform (NYDN Ed)
Gov. Cuomo introduced his version of the dubious concept of public campaign financing with just six days to go in the legislative session, far too little time to consider such a complex and far-reaching overhaul of New York politics. The governor’s bill belatedly joined proposals by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Democratic co-leader Jeff Klein. All purport to be the remedy for corruption, the appearance of corruption and the undue influence of money, while empowering outsiders to run for office.  The governor and Legislature should stick to reforms that are powerful without the complexities of tapping taxpayers. To wit: Slash donation limits across the board, with the federal ceiling of $2,600 a suitable benchmark. Establish an election law enforcement sheriff answerable to the governor. Empower district attorneys to prosecute corruption by toughening the bribery and grand jury statutes.

Fake JCOPE Reforms
The last time Cuomo took a crack at cleaning up Albany, secret negotiations produced the fait accompli of the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, a body so rigged to protect the Legislature, it gave Silver a pass in the Vito Lopez sex harassment case. Imagine what the same bunch would cook up regarding their own campaign treasuries. * The TU opines that this is the best time for lawmakers to make an effort and purge the state of corruption.For anything to succeed in the final week of the legislation session, compromise will likely be the name of the game. * The Post-Standard editorial board urged leaders in Albany to take up the Tax Free NY program, anti-corruption legislation and provisions in the women’s agenda.

The Daily News Demands That The Candidates Talk Real Issues and Gives Us More Fluff Crap
PICTURED: WEREN'T THEY CUTE? Check out what the next mayor of New York looked like in high school in these yearbook shots(NYDN)


Whoever we vote for, the city is screwed (Queens Crap)
From City Journal:Listening to some of the candidates to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg, you’d think that New York City’s biggest challenge was how to spend billions of dollars in spare revenue. Bill Thompson wants to put 2,000 extra cops on the street at a cost of $200 million a year. One of his rivals, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, pledges to introduce universal pre-K in the city’s schools, a project with a $530 million annual price tag. Thompson, de Blasio, and another candidate, New York City comptroller John Liu, want to build at least 60,000 units of new subsidized housing over the next four years. The bill for that could dwarf the cost of the police and school proposals. But no matter how big the spending dreams of the city’s would-be mayors, one of them is going to wake up to a fiscal nightmare in November. New York’s budget has grown hugely over Mayor Bloomberg’s 12 years in office, and it may finally have outstripped the Wall Street–generated tax revenues that have made such profligacy possible. The next mayor won’t have the luxury of expanding the government; instead, he’ll have to figure out how to pay for one that’s already dangerously bloated.

If Bloomberg’s goal was soaking up revenue and leaving his successor as little to spend as possible, he seems to have pulled it off. Spending from city revenues rose from $28.9 billion when Bloomberg took office to $47.5 billion in fiscal year 2012 and will be an estimated $50.2 billion in 2013—a staggering 70 percent increase per resident. Inflation rose only 29 percent over the same period. Had Bloomberg held Gotham’s budget increase to the growth rates of inflation and population, the city would currently be spending $12 billion less a year.
Albany's Blue Wall of Silence

Not Even Espada Can Break Albany's Blue Wall Silence

Not One Democratic State Senator Has Apologized To New Yorker for Making Espada Their Majority Leader in 2009

Pedro Espada, again a democrat, they anoint him majority leader



"A thief in a suit." Once-powerful NY state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. sentenced to 5 years for embezzlement
Pedro shipped to the pig pen(NYP)
There’s no lobster where he’s going. Disgraced ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. — who looted his taxpayer-funded Bronx nonprofit to pay for lavish meals and a fancy car — was slapped with five years in prison yesterday after refusing to apologize for...  * Espada will have plenty of corrupt company(NYP)

Big house for big louse(NYDN Ed)

The loathsome Pedro Espada was sent to prison Friday for a term of five years — half the maximum sentence he deserved for the crime of being Pedro Espada.
Espada Sentenced to 5 Years for Stealing From Nonprofit(NYT) * Former State Senator Is Sentenced to 5 Years(WSJ) * Pedro Espada Sentenced To Five Years In Federal Corruption Case(NY1) * SHELLFISH JERK! Crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada will spend 5 years in prison — a cold place where taxpayer money will NOT be used to crack his lobsters(NYDN)

Lopez Still Haunts Silver

State Assembly Speaker Faces Second Lawsuit In Handling Of Vito Lopez Scandal(NY1)

COLUMN: Case against Silver should be open and shut (Poststar)
Lopez City Council Update: Working the Ridgewood Queens neighborhoods hard with his workers

Nearly 200 advocates for the women’s agenda rallied Sunday to pressure Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos on holding a vote on the full package. 
Tarnished Silver's future in question(Newspaper)

Mayors Race

Mayor’s race a ‘mad’ dash (Goodwin, NYP)
Give The New York Times credit — twice. It has published investigative-style articles showing that neither Anthony Weiner nor Christine Quinn is fit to be mayor. The March article on Quinn depicted her as a rage-aholic who engages in eye-bulging screaming fits, and included this sentence: “She has threatened, repeatedly, to slice off the private parts of those who cross her.” On Weiner, the Times last week painted him as abusive to his staff and a dishonest glory hound with no patience for actual work. It suggested legislation he authored was a payoff to a donor and family friend.

Anthony and Jordan Weiner Charm Park Slopers on Father’s Day(NYO) *  Anthony Weiner brings 18-month old son - in hipster-ish fedora - to campaign with him in Brooklyn (NYDN)

NYP Keeps Attacking Weiner
Politician seeks answers on Weiner wife Huma Abedin's private consulting gig(NYP)
WASHINGTON — One of the Senate’s most aggressive investigators is probing longtime Hillary Rodham Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s employment status, asking how she got a sweetheart deal to be a private...* Weiner Defends Huma’s Honor in Face of Iowa Senator’s Inquiry: Yesterday, Politico and other outlets re...

Liu’s $crews tighten Mayoral hopeful John Liu won’t know if he’s getting millions of dollars in campaign funds from the city until just weeks before the September primary — a headache that’s sure to hamper his campaign, experts told The Post.

Why Did the Media Stop Investigation the Council Slush Fund Scandal?

Lhota Stop the Slush Fund
Freeze that slush(NYP)
Joe Lhota’s onto something. We’re talking about member items. This is the spending drawn from a City Council fund — $400 million last year — the speaker doles out to members to use in their districts.  In other words, a slush fund.  The speaker likes it because it gives her the power that comes from having money to buy . . . er, reward . . . political loyalty. The members like it because they use it to buy loyalty and votes in their districts, making it hard for a challenger to unseat them. Meanwhile, the taxpayer gets screwed. * Catsimatidis Counts on 'Friendraisers'(WSJ)

Quinn Picking Up Endorsements In Queens In Mayor's Race(NY1)

. to officially announce 's endorsement

Brooklyn DA Troubles Mount, Support Solid

Brooklyn Officials Proud to Support Hynes
It is Interesting That Most Of Brooklyn's Election Officials Supporting Hynes Have Not Been Asked to Commented on Any of the Problems Facing the DA

DA big is ‘N’ & out (NYP)  Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has fired the head of his Gang Bureau for using homophobic language and calling a top prosecutor “the head n----r,” The Post has learned.  Deanna Rodriguez had been suspended since March for using terms...* Brooklyn D.A. Charles Hynes Faces Questions About Hiring Reluctant Witness in Murder Case (Village Voice)
* 'Brooklyn DA' Nothing More 'Than An Unabashed Campaign Puff-Piece?'(Huff Post)

911 System Change

Steve Cassidy, head of the Uniformed Firefighter Association

City Tries to Fix System After the Death of Ariel Russo
City Finalizing Plan For Changes To 911 System(NY1)

Spinning Positive News About An EMS Operator After the Death of Ariel Russo

Kelly Pissed Off At Feds

Kelly hits Team O frisk stance (NYP) Police Commissioner Ray Kelly last night blasted the Obama administration for recommending a monitor to oversee the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program. “It is disappointing, quite frankly,” Kelly said after a graduation ceremony.  Kelly said he’s known..

Sitting, and Ready to Serve and Protect
The Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department’s canine unit held its graduation ceremony on Friday at Grand Central Terminal’s Vanderbilt Hall on Friday. Eight dogs were added to the active duty force.


Chancellor Matthew Goldstein will get his full salary during his first year off and for five months of unused sick time, and then he will have a $300,000 job at CUNY.

City Officials Call For State Lawmaker Support Of Speed Camera Legislation(NY1)
City officials are urging state lawmakers to get behind legislation that would place speed cameras in front of schools

NYU: Dissident out in 2 weeks(NYP)
Nyu brass grudgingly gave blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng an extra two weeks to move off campus — but warned he’ll have to find a hotel if he misses the deadline, The Post has learned. The school this week told Chen — who came to New York... * NYU torches a hero(NYP)

Failing NYC school principals are rarely fired (NYP) They dole out discipline to teachers and students, but city school principals rarely get a taste of their own medicine. In the past three years, just two of 14 principals formally accused of misconduct have been fired — and not a single boss in the...

Picture Mario

Mario Cuomo Portrait Unveiled At Hall Of Governors (NY1)


Intimidating the racinos into silence! Win or lose: Cuomo Casino bill would expand gambling, regardless of vote
Watch a video of the unveiling here.

NY Tech

GEEKS, COME HITHER! In bid to make NYC next Silicon Valley, Bloomberg announces tech summit(NYDN)

Budget Not the Rats

Fine dining à la Bloomberg(NYP Ed)
New York restaurant owners have been complaining about it for years, and however inadvertently, the city has just confirmed it: Health Department restaurant fines are more about generating dollars for government than keeping diners safe from bad food practices.

Dangerous Waters

Barclays Beer and Strippers

Cop touts bikini bar (NYP)  Cops and strippers — they’re not just for bachelorette parties anymore. A retired NYPD detective wants to open a “bikini bar” complete with pole dancing — and possibly stripteases — near the Barclays Center to attract fans seeking some post-game... 

More NYFB  Bias
5 Settle Gender Bias Suit Against Fire Department
Five women who say they were prevented from being promoted in the Emergency Medical Service have settled a lawsuit for more than $1.25 million. * FDNY Will Pay $1 Million To Settle Gender-Discrimination Suit(WSJ)

 Albany to New Yorkers: No matter how you vote on our casino amendment, we're going to expand gambling. 
Cuomo is circulating revised legislation that would allow for a New York City racino should the Constitutional amendment to expand casino gambling fail.
Bike Share


 Lots of Stories About Problems With the Bikes But Few of Albany's Inaction to Stop Speeding  Why Albany should approve speed cameras (NYP)

BREAKING: Snowden Reveals British Government Spied On Officials’ Phone Calls, Emails During G20 Summit

Clinton and Christie, 2 Politicians Sharing Wonk-Speak(NYT)
Officials: NSA programs broke plots in 20 nations(Politico)

Hillary’s tenure stained as scandals pile up (NYP) Under Hillary Rodham Clinton, the State Department was littered with scandals: * It hired law-enforcement agents with criminal or checkered backgrounds under a flawed vetting process. As a result, many of the roughly 2,000 agents in the agency’s...
New State Department scandal: Whistleblower accuses consul general of trysts with subordinates and hookers

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)

 Sweden Refutes ObamaCare Doomsaying - Robert Frank, New York Times
Lois Lerner: The Face of ObamaCare - Greg Richards, American Thinker
This Father's Day, a Reason to Celebrate - Jonathan Cohn, New Republic
Obama's Perfect Storm of Mistrust - Michael Walsh, New York Post
Will Social Conservatives Evolve? - Molly Ball, The Atlantic
Syria Is Like Iraq, Except Worse - Ramzy Mardini, New York Times
Pathological Altruism - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
We Need a Wake-Up Call on Climate Change - Zoe Williams, The Guardian
Gas Engine Stands the Test of Time - Mark Perry, Detroit News
A Lesson in Hope from My Father - Jill Klein, New York Daily News
Joe Dolan: A Father Remembered - Lee Habeeb, National Review Online
Sunday Panels: This Week | Face the Nation | FOX News Sunday | MTP
O readies ‘no-fly’ forces in Jordan to aid rebels(NYP)
Iran voters pick a ‘saner’ prez(NYP)

Tea for 2? Senators in a Marriage of Convenience(NYT)

Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, both Kentucky Republicans, have formed an odd-couple, scratch-my-back alliance that stretches from Washington to Louisville.
Egypt’s Perilous Drift (Friedman, NYT)
Egypt is a mess. But there is hope in the young environmentalists.
EASY THERE: Sen. Chuck Schumer asks Bloomberg to holster attacks against anti-gun-check Democrats(NYDN)
Lawmakers are putting the finishing touches on a LIPA privatization plan.
The White House claims to not know the whereabouts of NSA leaker Edward Snowden.

Howard Goes For His Current Boss Over the Guy Who No Longer Pays Him

Donors shouldn't give $ to Senators who voted No on gun safety. Disagree? How would you hold them accountable?

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  On Friday at 10pm? RT : BREAKING: ICIJ releases its database to the public
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Law and Order

Anguish of slain immigrant cabby’s kin (NYP)  The Brooklyn cabby who was killed with an umbrella came to the United States to provide a better life for his five children, grieving relatives said yesterday.  “He didn’t go to university, and he wanted to do everything in his power for his kids to... * Before Cabby Was Killed, His Dream Came True(NYT) After moving to New York from Nigeria about a decade ago, Uro Ama Orji worked long hours as a cabdriver with the goal of bringing his five children to the United States.His face was just exploded with blood': Cops hunt for suspects who fatally stabbed cabbie in the eye with an umbrella as family mourns dedicated father of five who came to the U.S. to give family 'a better life'

Police Hunt Cycling Shooter That Hit 9-Year-Old Girl in Bronx(DNAINFO)
Girl Wounded by Stray Bullet in Bronx (NYT)
* A 9-year-old girl is shot in the Bronx; she's the third kid struck by stray bullets in four weeks(NYP)

Another kid caught in crossfire (NYP) An adorable 9-year-old girl was shot in The Bronx — the third time in a month that an innocent child was caught in the crossfire, police said yesterday. Amanda Chauan, an energetic third-grader who loves basketball, was playing in a parking lot near...* Police Search For Suspect In 9-Year-Old Bronx Girl's Shooting(NY1)

Police hunt gun-toting cyclist after 9-year-old Bronx girl shot in the stomach(NYP)
 An adorable 9-year-old girl was shot in the Bronx last night -- one of three tragic cases in which a child has been struck by a stray bullet in the past month, police sources said. Amanda Chavan...
Back in papa's arms: 9-year-old shot by stray bullet leaves hospital on Father's Day(NYP)
'She doesn't want to go back': Bronx girl, 9, shot in stomach by bike-riding gunman released from hospital, but family says shooting has her too scared to go home(NYDN)

Shot girl, 11, rallies (NYP) The 11-year-old Brooklyn girl who was shot in the neck by a stray bullet sat up in her hospital bed for the first time yesterday, according to her family. The mother of Tayloni Mazyck said she was able to sit up for the first time with the help of a...

Families Of Gun Violence Victims Praise Arrests, But Say More Work Has To Be Done(NY1)

Chilean nanny claims Upper East Side socialites kept her as a slave
A Chilean nanny says she was forced into virtual slavery by an Upper East Side couple who denied her food and medicine — and imprisoned her in a room with their children. In a bombshell lawsuit

Got Her Father's Killer
Her father’s daughter(NYP Ed)
Apparently the folks at the National Security Agency aren’t the only ones who know how to mine data to track down the bad guys. Just in time for Father’s Day, Joselyn Martinez helped bring to justice the man accused of murdering her father. Her dad was José “George” Martinez. On Nov. 22, 1986, he was fatally shot in front of his horrified wife after throwing Justo Santos and a group of his friends out of his Washington Heights restaurant. Joselyn was only 9 years old.

Roosevelt Island security chief quits amid lawsuits alleging officer brutality(NYP)
Racially Biased Arrests for Pot (NYT Ed)The “war on marijuana” has become a war on minorities.
Police Arrest Man Who Allegedly Crashed Car Into Brooklyn Building(NY1)
Teacher on stand: I’m no molester (NYP) A Queens teacher accused of molesting several students took the stand yesterday to defend his record and vehemently deny any wrongdoing. Simon Watts (left, at court yesterday) is accused of touching five students between 2007 and 2010 when he taught.

‘Thief’ in the red (NYP) He was caught red-handed. A blubbering bank robber was busted with his hands still red from exploded dye packs, Manhattan prosecutors said yesterday. Maverick Madore, 20, gave cops a full confession about the Midtown robberies, detailing how he and...

Surveillance footage shows final images of swimsuit designer - as well as accused killer(NYP)
Stunning surveillance footage played in court yesterday showed the final images of a swimsuit designer — and the frantic pacing of the narcissistic layabout who allegedly killed her. Silvie Cachay...
Brooklyn Man Shot to Death in Flatlands(DNAINFO)

Suspect Sought For Alleged Sexual Assault Of Bronx Bus Operator(NY1)

14-year-old boy shot on S.I. (Fox 5)
’86 slay suspect booked (NYP) A Miami man captured 26 years after he allegedly fatally shot a Manhattan restaurant owner was extradited back to the Big Apple yesterday to face murder charges, police said. Justo Santos, 43, was busted in Miami last week after the victim’s...