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NYP Joins the NYT and True News Book 'Em (Albany) Danno, Why Not Call for A Moreland Commission

The rot at NY’s top(NYP) Why There’ll Be No Real Reform

NYT Yesterday
NYP Today
Book 'Em Danno

The Post’s Bob McManus argues that there can be no real reform against public corruption until investigators address the current legislative leadership and their obvious conflicts of interest

NYP - There will be no real reform until Bharara, Lynch & Co. address the current legislative leadership and their obvious, egregious, conflicts of interest. And it wouldn’t hurt for the governor to bring less rhetoric and more example to this issue. There’s no room for ethics — nor for ethical people — in this mess.
So why be surprised when the skeezy back-benchers who predominate declare, Hey! I’m going to get mine! Bob McManus believes corruption in Albany starts at the top, and calls out Cuomo for his taxpayer funded pro-business ad campaign.

NYT “It will take more than public shaming to the Albany crowd to do things right.”

 NYT Should Call for the Moreland Commission
NYT "encourage the prosecutors to keep probing — and listening"
 Corruption in Albany(NYT Ed)
The indictment of yet another politician by federal investigators is one way to clean up New York’s rancid state government. Public financing of campaigns is another.

Huntley's FBI Sting

Those Huntley Wiretapped
Shirley Huntley also taped Melvin Lowe, former consultant of AG Schneiderman.
BREAKING: Huntley taped John Sampson, Eric Adams, Ruth Hassell-Thompson, Jose Peralta, Malcolm Smith, Ruben Wills and Velmanette Montgomery.
Wow, Unsealed court document shows Sen. Huntley invited colleagues INTO HER HOME at FBI behest to get them on tape. 
* Whoa. Among NY politicians secretly recorded was , a candidate for Queens borough president. 
Adams gov' office said to contact campaign, campaign spox phone off. Emailed. Peralta spox promises comment shortly

Huntley’s Colleagues Caught On Wiretap(YNN) * Six state senators among pols secretly taped by Shirley Huntley in corruption probe(NYP)
* State Senator Taped 7 Elected Officials in Corruption Inquiry(NYT) * Largely Unknown DSCC Consultant Cleared $300k In Last Year(City and State) * Hassell-Thompson’s office referred a call for comment to the Senate Democrats’ central press office  * Remembering Melvin And Curtis(YNN) * . left Council meeting early escorted by security; refused to answer questions. * Sen. Adams: I've not been contacted by feds, believe "deeply in transparency and the pursuit of justice," cites 20 yrs in law enforcement. * Three lawmakers, recorded by Huntley, deny wrongoing (TU) * Schneiderman source calls Huntley fingering them "ridiculous." AG indicted Huntley & Lowe worked for tons of pols  * Peralta: ‘Confident’ He Did Nothing Wrong(YNN) * Assemblywoman Vivan Cook, who allegedly went on shopping sprees with disgraced politician Shirley Huntley (and has not been charged), said her home was burglarized Monday night.* A classic video from Sen. Eric Adams, retired NYPD officer, on how parents can spy on their kids. (Yet he didn’t find Huntley’s wire).* Sen. Malcolm Smith’s lawyer confirmed his client spoke with Huntley in 2012, but insisted he’s “confident that there wasn’t a word spoken about criminal conduct.”* Assemblywoman Connected to Disgraced Pol Shirley Huntley Reports Burglary(DNAINFO) * 's Ruth Hassell-Thompson said she lunched w Shirley Huntley but never "did we discuss anything inappropriate, improper or illegal" * What Shirley Huntley’s Wiretap List Means for Two Borough President Races(Barkan)  * Mood Grim In Albany As Names Of Pols Recorded By Huntley Released (NY1) * Seven Elected Officials Caught on Federal Probe's Wire Tap (DNAINFO)

Letitia James Considering Brooklyn BP Race After Eric Adams Tapings: Sources(NYDN) * . "I am absolutely running for Public Advocate. Rumors to the contrary are unfounded."

Sen. Eric Adams says he has not been "contacted" by an investigation, which is different than simply saying he's not under investigation

On that Eric Schneiderman 'associate' in Shirley Huntley's sentencing memo 
Silver Staff Wants A JCOPE Cover Up

No Wonder Why This Report Has Not Been Released

NYT: Legislature demands ethics regulators edit Assembly Speaker’s staff out of Lopez sex harassment report. (NYT)

Only Morland Will Work

Why Is Everyone Afraid in Calling for Moreland

 The NYT and NYP Call for the Feds to Lock Up Albany Without Calling on the Governor to Appoint A Moreland Commission Makes No Sense.  32 Pols have been arrested since 2006. What is the magic number before the papers begin calling for Moreland? Do New York Have A Right to Have Their Democracy Restored?Cuomo Holds Out Threat of A Moreland Commission To Probe Corruption

Cuomo's Brain-Washing Economic TV Ads
Cuomo is spending $140 million on TV ads whitewashing Albany, but he better buy more paint. After Monday’s arrest of former state Senate Majority Leader Sen. John Sampson, it’s clear that the sepulcher needs a second coat. Sampson, who allegedly made off with more than a half-million dollars while — ominously — promising to “take out” witnesses in his case, is the fourth former majority leader to fall afoul of the law since 2006: Joe Bruno of Rensselaer County and Malcolm Smith of Queens face corruption charges, while Pedro Espada of The Bronx was convicted last year. All in all, the past seven years have seen 32 New York officeholders indicted, convicted, censured or otherwise obliged to slink shamefully from office. Astonishingly, they include the two men who topped the Democratic state-wide ballot in 2006: ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer and former state Comptroller, current ex-con Alan Hevesi.* Economic-development agencies run by local governments doled out $1.5 billion in tax breaks to 4,486 projects in 2011, an increase of 16 percent in net exemptions since 2010, according to the state comptroller’s office.

New Yorker Voters Has Dumb Down to the Point of Accepting Corruption
The Days of the NY' Well Informed Voter Are Gone
The NY Voter and progress have a breathtaking tolerance for corruption in the Empire State. And, in fact, New Yorkers expect very little from their elected leaders, at least in terms of public integrity, and rarely are they disappointed.* Moynihan: Defining Deviancey Down Defines Albany, City Hall and NY Politics(True News)

True News Tuesday Wags the NYP on NY's  DA's Who See No Corruption
Why Are NYC District Attorneys Not Indicting Pols?
DA Johnson Worked With the US Attorney on the Recent Bronx Arrests
Why is it always up to the federal government?

Insiders describe it as an inherently “political animal” that can often have trouble indicting members of the party—which in New York City is the Democratic Party—that controls who serves in the local legal system. To some extent, every Democratic district attorney has close relationships with Democratic Party leadership. For example, Hynes had to recuse himself from the investigation into Vito Lopez’s alleged sexual harassment of his staffers. Lopez, of course, is a former party boss that knows Hynes very well.

Today's NY Post DA Church Mouses
With the singular exception of then-Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s takedown of Hevesi in a pension-fund scam, virtually all the New York anti-corruption action since 2006 has been undertaken by federal prosecutors and the FBI. Local DAs remain as quiet as the proverbial church mouse. And that’s especially true of Albany County DA David Soares, who by virtue of geography and the law is particularly well-positioned to pursue corruption.

Sampson Mole

Sen. Sampson pal in US Attorney's office quick to turn mole for corrupt pol: legal papers(NYP)
 Those papers also disclosed for the first time that Sampson's mole -- federal paralegal Samuel Noel -- later became a cooperating witness for prosecutors investigating the Brooklyn senator after Noel's betrayal was uncovered last year.

John Sampson's alleged mole in the U.S. attorney office "liked" Sampson's Facebook fan page:

Sampson Meets With His Mole
The documents filed by prosecutors also reveal the 46-year-old Brooklyn resident Noel last September secretly pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for having accessed accessing an internal Justice Department computer in 2011 in an effort to help Sampson get confidential information about investigations. "On a weekend day in either August or September 2011, Noel received a phone call from Sampson asking if they could meet," court papers unsealed today said. "When Noel met Sampson, Sampson asked Noel, in substance, whether Noel knew if Sampson's name had come up in an investigation being conducted by the [US Attorney's Office]." That investigation was of a Sampson legal client named Edul "Eddie" Ahmad, a Guyanese businessman under investigation for a massive mortgage fraud. "Noel responded in substance that he did not know the answer, but would attempt to find out."Sampson also asked Noel to learn the names of people who were cooperating with the probe of Ahmad, according to the filing. That information would have been of keen interest to Sampson, who prosecutors claim had obtained an undisclosed $188,500 loan from Ahmad to help cover up his alleged embezzlement. * For Democrats, Corruption Arrest Is One More Barrier to Control of the State Senate(NYT)

Albany Gets Out of Town
Lawmakers plan to leave Albany ahead of 2 pm release of Huntley wiretap names
All the Feds Have to Do is Turn One Elected Officials and They Find Corruption
Inquiry Adds 6 Officials Taped by Ex-Legislator(NYT)At least six officials are the subjects of a criminal investigation, substantially broadening a case that has led to accusations against Senator John L. Sampson.
6+ New Huntley Tap Names Coming Out
In response to a petition filed by journalists, a federal judge will unseal a document this afternoon that contains the names of nine people who were recorded last summer by former state Sen. Shirley Huntley, six of whom are elected officials, the Times-Union writes * Judge Orders Unsealing Of Docs With Names Of Lawmakers Recorded By Former State Senator(NY1)

The Leaders of the Court Know That Foreclosure Appointments Are Political
Appointments Keep the Queens Machine Alive
 In Queens, Political Center Is in Surrogate's Court (NYT)
The indictment of state Sen. John Sampson has led the state Office of Court Administration to launch a review of how foreclosure sales are handled, after Sampson allegedly embezzled over $400,000 from the sales of foreclosed properties, the New York Daily News writes * Stunned by the indictment of state Sen. John Sampson, charged with embezzling $440,000 from sales of foreclosed properties, the state Office of Court Administration launched a review of how foreclosure sales are handled.

Sen. James Sanders, who replaced Huntley in the Senate, slams elected officials who “snitch” on their colleagues.

Son of a snitch(NYP) “There are few among us who can stand up to 20, 30, 40 years [in jail] without, as the streets call [it], snitching,” Sanders said. Recording conversations for law-enforcement, he added, is “even more tragic if you’re trying to buy down your sentence by ensnaring others.” Doing that, Sanders insists, “proves you have no honor.” You read that right: A state “lawmaker” is saying it would be dishonorable to help collar fellow “lawmakers” even when they’re suspected of being law-breakers. We wonder how many of Sanders’ colleagues share his view. Does Gov. Cuomo? Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver? Republican Leader Dean Skelos? Independent Democratic Conference head Jeff Klein? Don’t expect them to answer that, of course. In Albany, omerta rules.* James Sanders Clarifies ‘Snitching’ Stance Regarding Corruption

Albany's Closed Reform
During a state Senate hearing on New York City’s campaign finance system, the Senate’s sergeants-at-arms would not allow members of the public into the hearing room, saying the room had reached capacity despite a smattering of empty chairs
Senate Hearing On NYC Campaign Finance System Goes Out The Window(NYDN) The New York Public Interest Research Group reports more than 100,000 actual violations of state campaign finance laws since 2011, including campaign committee failures to file accurate reports, or any reports at all.As many as 2,318 campaign finance reports required of these political clubs were not filed*  “Something was missing at a public hearing held by the State Senate on Tuesday to examine New York City’s campaign finance system: the public.”

Public Hearing in Albany Is Held Without the Public(NYT)
At a State Senate public hearing on Tuesday about campaign finance, members of the public were not being allowed into the hearing room.* A report released by The New York Public Interest Research Group showed that political candidates and committees in New York have racked up at least 103,805 violations of state campaign finance law since 2011, Gannett Albany reports * Good Gov't Groups Upset About Being Shut Out Of State Senate Hearing On Campaign Finance Reform(NY1) * Klein and Carlucci OpEd in favor of the IDC’s campaign finance reform and ethics proposals.* "It does not help matters that the previous lead sponsor of a public financing bill was John Sampson" * Protesters, shut out of hearing, throw cash - Times Union

Kruger Rasputin Connection

Michael Levitis, the alleged middleman, is the owner of a notorious Brooklyn nightclub, Rasputin. Sources, yesterday confirmed that Kruger, a Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, is the "public official" accused of accepting kickbacks, saying Levitis is facing federal charges only because "he refused to testify against Senator Kruger." Levitis "is a very small part of a very significant criminal investigation," sources told The Post. "There is an allegation of quid pro quo between the senator and his constituents."  Pol eyed in bribe scandal(NYP)Brooklyn 'pay to play'

Rasputin Debt Relief Fraud
Rasputin Supper Club owner nailed for ‘fraud’ (NYP) It could be “do svidaniya” for the Rasputin Supper Club after the feds busted its owner yesterday on brazen fraud charges and filed suit to seize the swanky Russian-themed Brooklyn hot spot. Michael Levitis, 36, is accused of masterminding a scheme that soaked the down-on-their luck through a crooked debt-relief agency he opened in the wake of the recent financial crisis. Brooklyn Club Owner’s Debt Agency Cheated Clients, U.S. Says(NYT) * Feds Say Debt Settlement Company Officials Ripped Off Debt-Ridden People(NY1)

Mayoral Campaign

Bob Turner is approaching Ray Kelly to run for Mayor (GOP). Sources report

Weiner's congressional record: heavy on stuff for his district, light on major legislation
Weiner Defends His Record (WSJ)
As Anthony Weiner considers a bid for mayor of New York, his congressional career—abruptly cut short by a sexting scandal in the spring of 2011—provides a window into how the Democrat might govern. As former Rep. Anthony Weiner considers entering the New York City mayoral race, a look at his legislative record in Congress shows a politician who focused on local issues in his district at the expense of producing significant legislation.
Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner was an outspoken advocate for – and opponent to – many things while he served in Congress, but he was the lead sponsor one just one bill that was signed into law – a 2010 measure aimed at reducing cigarette sales-tax evasion. * Ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer was overheard saying that if he runs for office again, it needs to be an office that demonstrates his willingness to “work my way back up.”* "Why the ‘Mark Sanford=Anthony Weiner’ equation doesn’t add up" (Wash Post)

Chris Quinn’s plan for gifted and talented education has some smart ideas(NYDN Ed)

However, Council speaker is wrong to erode admission rules
Christine Quinn was the only mayoral candidate not to promise to pick an educator as the next schools chancellor. [Erin Durkin]*
As Candidates Vow to Hire Educator as Chancellor, Quinn Keeps Options Open(NYT) * .: is too busy defending himself to serve his district cc

Catsimatidis Liberal
Outsiders in Race for Mayor Are Irritating Their Better-Known Rivals(NYT)
John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire businessman, picked up an endorsement by the Liberal Party, and Sal F. Albanese, a former city councilman, accused two rivals of misusing taxpayer dollars.* Mayoral Candidate Says Clintons Have Used His Private Jet(NYT)
Liberal Party Backs Catsimatidis for Mayor(WSJ) * GOP Mayor Candidate Catsimatidis Picks Up Liberal Party Endorsement(NY1) 
Are party lines for sale in NYC? Liberal Party asked Catsimatidis to finance petition drive to get on ballot line:

. Do you "feel guilty" running Republican? RT Catsimatidis gets Liberal Party Endorsement

Thompson Picks Up Backing of a Fiscal Repairman(NYT)
Richard Ravitch, a former lieutenant governor known for righting wobbly institutions’ finances, has beco
Quinn Criticized By De Blasio At Mayoral Forum On Education(NY1)

Albanese Criticizes 2 Elected Rivals Over Office Staff Hiring(NYT) Sal F. Albanese accused Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, and Bill de Blasio, the public advocate, of having hired political operatives at taxpayer expense as they readied their own campaigns for mayor. New York City mayoral candidates Republican John Catsimatidis and Democrat Sal Albanese, are managing to get under the skin of their opponents despite remaining longshot candidates themselves

NYT Should Ask Where is the Mayoral Forum on NYC's Unemployed
Four Legs Are Good(NYT Ed)
Five candidates running for New York City’s mayoral race try to outdo one another in compassion at a forum on animal rights. Who loves pets the most? The Times explains some of the New York City mayoral candidates’ positions on the topic of carriage horses in Central Park and Midtown Manhattan* At One Forum, Mayor's Race Goes to the Dogs (and Cats and Horses)(WSJ) * “I’m going to make news tonight,” mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota said on AM 970 yesterday when asked if he’d ban horse carriages in Central Park. “Quite honestly, there are ways to do this without horses. You can have carriages with motors in it if you want … The smell that they drop there, is unfortunate. The smell on Central Park South is also unfortunate … I will get rid of the horses.”

Real Reason Liu is Sticking It Out is to Become the Go To Businessman for the Asian Community in Inter-Government and international Relations
Why John Liu May Be Sticking It Out | The Barkan Report:

Stop and Frisk and the Mayor's Race
Officials Divided on Police-Stop Drop(WSJ)  Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said a recent reduction in street stops was a reflection of the deterrent effect of stop-and-frisk, while City Council Speaker Christine Quinn drew a different conclusion
Data Shows Dip In NYPD Stop-And-Frisks(NY1) *  Mayor Michael Bloomberg and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn draw opposite conclusions from statistics that show crime went down at the same time police conducted fewer stop-and-frisks. [Tamer el-Ghobashy and Joe Jackson]* Mayor Bloomberg: Stop-and-frisk is lowering NYC crime, need for searches  (NYDN)

Wonder why school bus strike & new bid routes aren't discussed at mayoral education fora? Didn't some sign letter supporting ATU & the EPP?

Candidate Hoping to Be First Hispanic Mayor May Be 100 Years Too Late(NYT) Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Bronx borough president of Puerto Rican descent, is seeking to become New York’s first Latino mayor, though John Purroy Mitchel has roots in Latin America.

Brooklyn DA candidate and received the endorsement of the .

Mayoral Real Estate

Saving Midtown Developers
Saving Midtown East (NYP) Don’t look now, but the city’s future as a premier center of commerce is in grave danger: A good chunk of its central business district, Manhattan’s Midtown East, is rotting, and no one has lifted a finger to stop it. At least, not until now. Last month, Mayor Bloomberg’s staff finally moved to breathe new life into the commercial heart of the city by officially floating a plan to update zoning laws there.

  • [image]
    Six months after superstorm Sandy shut down much of Lower Manhattan, reminders of the destruction linger on Water Street, where half the shops and restaurants remain closed, their windows papered over.
Amid Creeping Mold, Calls for City’s Help(NYT)
Frustration remains, even though New York City has one of the most aggressive antimold programs in the country. *  At Hurricane-Ravaged Seaport, New Forecast Calls for Glitter Rain(NYT)
Hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, the neighborhood will be the center of a program of concerts, films and pop-up shops during the summer. * Manhattan Store Repays Far Rockaway Resident For Her Efforts Collecting Dresses For Sandy Victims(NY1) * Subway service to return to Rockaway in June(NYDN)* . is returning to Sandy ravaged Rockaway, Queens $15 roundtrip fare from Williamsburg


A Village Voice intern explains the backstory to the Cathie Black emails.* The Times’ Jim Dwyer details the long battle of one journalist to get the Bloomberg administration to release embarrassing emails about the appointment of former Schools Chancellor Cathleen Black:
"The dispute over these e-mails has lasted nearly 10 times as long as [Cathie Black's] chancellorship." 

NYC Government

Sick Days
New York City set to pass paid sick days plan(WABC)
City Council Holds Vote On Paid Sick Leave Bill (NY1)
Update: City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill(NY1)
The NYC Council voted 45-3 to pass a paid sick leave bill
City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill, Faces Bloomberg’s Veto(NY Mag)

Filmmaker Michael Moore thinks Mayor Bloomberg’s crusade against illegal guns is “wonderful.”

The "War on Brunch" may be lifted. [Jennifer Fermino]

Council Fearlessness
There may be "a new fearlessness" among City Council members in the waning days of Quinn's speakership. [Colin Campbell and Jill Colvin]

Bike Lanes
Mayor Bloomberg doesn’t think his successor will have the “nerve” to roll back bike lanes in NYC.

Cornell Tech
City Council Gives Approval To Cornell Tech Campus On Roosevelt Island

(Photo: iTunes)NYC Unveils Sex Ed App to Help Teens Find Birth Control and STD Screenings(NYO)
NYS Gambling

The Senate GOP’s casino plan, which is still being drafted, protects the Seneca Nation of Indians’ three casino investments in the region by honoring a decade-old compact between the state and tribe to keep new Las Vegas-style casinos from locating in a large portion of the region.*
When it comes to casinos, the TU says, Cuomo “is asking New York to buy into a game where the rules have yet to be explained and the payout is a mystery. Who’d take a bet like that?”
Stealing Parkland Again

Tennis Group and City Swap Parkland for U.S. Open(NYT)
Efforts by the tennis association to take over the plot of land have been fiercely opposed by local residents. * Expanded Willets Plan to end committee review(Queens Crap) *Fake park advocates think fake parkland swap is great(Queens Crap)

Toxi Gowanus 
Red Hook residents object to Gowanus Canal cleanup plan(Fox 5)


Bloomberg says Wi-Fi hookup coming to parts of NYC(NYDN)


After Mr. Bloomberg joked that he had a 50 percent chance of seeing the Second Ave. subway open before he dies, MTA spokesman Adam Lisberg issued this cheeky statement yesterday: “We hope and fully expect Mayor Bloomberg will live a long and healthy life, which means that he can celebrate his 75th birthday by taking a ride on the Second Ave. subway.”

Bike Share Memorial Day

Mayor Says Bike Share Program May Be Running By Memorial Day(NY1)

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Amid Navy Yard’s Ruins, Space for a Comeback in Manufacturing(NYT)

The idea driving the project was to bring together a variety of creative people and have them share equipment that would be too costly for them on their own.

The Fat Man No More

WH shot grows as he shrinks(NYP) * Weight Led Governor to Surgery(NYT) * Interactive Feature: The Personal and the Political on a Candidate’s Diet * No Easy Path to Slimness, Patients Say of Procedure(NYT)
Ad Criticizes Christie's Late Show Appearances(WSJ)
A new television spot from a liberal political advocacy group seeks to turn Gov. Chris Christie's talent for making quips on late-night TV on its head, the latest in a growing advertising war in this fall's race for governor.* Gov. Christie Discusses Weight Loss Surgery, Says Decision (WCBS)

Layoffs Hit The Daily News: Today is layoff day at The Daily News , reports Capital NY , who put the nu...

Daily News Digital ‘Restructuring’ Includes Big Layoffs(NY Mag)

The Military’s Sexual Assault Crisis(NYT Ed)
A new Defense Department study shows the numbers rising to alarming levels. And all the while, the Pentagon’s credibility is sinking. 
In the Daily News, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman writes that replacing the acting director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency is crucial to ending the country’s foreclosure crisis and providing relief to homeowners
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Obama's Rising Inequality - Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator
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Stock Rally Is Disconnected From Wage and Job Growth - USA Today
Obama's Benghazi Lies Begin Unraveling Today - Washington Examiner
A Step Toward Sales Tax Fairness - Tampa Bay Times

WATCH: Diplomat Gregory Hicks Describes Night Of Benghazi Attack In Excruciating Detail

House Should Block Internet Sales Tax - Orange County
Former President Clinton says his wife is “having a little fun being a private citizen for the first time in 20 years,” and hasn’t mentioned 2016 to him.
For 1st time ever, black voter turnout rate in a prez election exceeded white turnout rate
Man Charged In Alleged Attempted Rape Of 13-Year-Old Girl
Hillary Clinton is in Beverly Hills tonight.
Former US official describes 2 a.m. call from Secretary of State in middle of Benghazi attack

Al Gore's Golden Years (NY Mag) The almost president has become the ultimate Davos Man, a moral entrepreneur and richer than Mitt Romney.

Lake The Daily Beast Reporter Eli Lake Hilariously Destroys Anti-Israel C-SPAN Caller
 Man Arraigned On Charges Connected To Alleged Queens Sex Assaults
Stewart Slams Wrongful Foreclosures: Like A Key Party, But ‘Instead Of F*cking Your Wife,’ They Lose Your Deed

Law and Order

Homeless Man Charged In Queens Sex Assaults On 7-Year-Old(WCBS)
Kid-sex arrest (NYP) Police arrested a man for allegedly forcing a 7-year-old to perform oral sex and groping another girl in South Ozone Park, Queens, on May 1, police sources said. Lee Samuel, 25, has been charged with forcible touching and other sex crimes *

Police Want To Question Men Seen In Video In Connection With Possible Bias Attack

Columbia ‘hate’ rap(NYP)A Columbia University football player has been charged with a hate crime after an altercation outside a campus dorm building last weekend, cops said. Chad Washington, 19, was arrested yesterday over the incident early Sunday morning. He grabbed a 19-year-old Asian man on West 113th Street and made ethnic slurs while threatening to pummel him, police said.
Accused gangbangers in fatal Bx. shooting ordered held without (NYP)

Brooklyn Starbucks ex-employee sexually harassed by male(NYDN)
The parents of police shooting victim Kimani Gray plan to sue the city. [Oren Yaniv]

Man Charged in Mother’s Death Had Been ‘Acting Strange’(NYT)

Bail denied in Bronx teen slay(NYP) The two gangbangers accused of fatally gunning down an innocent...  

Mothers Convicted of Felonies May Get Chance to Stay Out of Prison(NYT)

A new effort announced in Brooklyn will allow a carefully chosen group of women who plead guilty to felonies remain in their own homes instead of serving their sentences in jail.

Detainee’s Appeal Cites Long Wait for a Trial(NYT)

Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani’s appeal comes amid continuing debate over whether the criminal justice system is the proper place to try terrorists.
Worcester police chief pleads for someone to step forward with cemetery plot for dead Boston bombing suspect(NYP)