Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Even the NYT Says Election Reforms Will Not Stop the Corruption In Albany, Book 'em Danno

NYT “It will take more than public shaming to the Albany crowd to do things right.”

 NYT Should Call for the Moreland Commission
NYT "encourage the prosecutors to keep probing — and listening"
 Corruption in Albany(NYT Ed)
The indictment of yet another politician by federal investigators is one way to clean up New York’s rancid state government. Public financing of campaigns is another.
It will take more than public shaming to the Albany crowd to do things right. Our list of proposals includes, foremost, the public financing of campaigns in order to provide competition for those entrenched in state office. That would be especially helpful in New York City, where voters have elected too many of the worst malefactors in Albany.

The DN endorses Cuomo’s reform plan * The NYT: “For all the talk among Gov. Andrew Cuomo and other leaders about cleaning up New York’s rancid state government, it is the F.B.I. that is doing the cleaning — indictment by indictment.”* Stop the thieves now(NYDN Ed) One more member of the state Legislature has been identified as a cheap crook. There was money to steal so Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson took it and then he pulled strings to cover the theft, according to federal prosecutors. New York’s grand jury rules hobble state prosecutors when conducting investigations. They should be revised to give state probers powers that match those in the federal system. that match those in the federal system. Controlled by political bosses, the state Board of Elections has given up on enforcing New York’s campaign finance laws. The state needs an independent monitor with full subpoena and prosecutorial authority. Legislative slush funds, called member items, must be permanently abolished.  The regulations governing who can seek a party’s nomination to run for office must be relaxed in order to diminish boss rule and the power to make inordinate demands.

The Obsever Says It is Time for Cuomo to Act But Does Not Says What He Should Do
Time for Cuomo to Act(NYO)
Legend has it that when Boss Tweed was at the height of his power, he dismissed criticism of his corrupt ways and means with a single, memorable phrase: What are you going to do about it? The cartoonist Thomas Nast made the phrase famous—some believe he actually fabricated Tweed’s response—as a symbol of official arrogance during the Gilded Age. Tweed is long gone, but the spirit of his supposed response—What are you going to do about it?—is alive and well in New York. In the last week, yet another senior member of the State Senate, John Sampson of Brooklyn, was arrested on corruption charges, while two of Comptroller John Liu’s former campaign aides were found guilty of fraud. Mr. Liu, who is running for mayor, was positively Tweed-like. As The Observer reports this week, Mr. Liu suggested that prosecutors “put up or shut up.” How’s that for remorse?
Unshackle Upstate: "Proposal for taxpayer-funded political campaigns is a scam.''
Public Hearing on Elections Is Held Without the Public (NYT)
Sampson's FBI File
Prosecutors say that state Sen. John Sampson stole $400,000 from the sale of foreclosed homes to finance his unsuccessful Brooklyn district attorney campaign, and persuaded a real estate developer to give him $200,000 to cover up the theft
Senator in Corruption Case Spoke of Silencing Witnesses, Prosecutors Say(NYT)
State Sen. John Sampson indicted on embezzlement charges, faces 120 years(NYP) With “extreme arrogance and hubris,” a Brooklyn state senator who held one of the most powerful posts in Albany embezzled nearly half a million dollars of escrow money he was entrusted to safeguard — and then used a mole inside the US Attorney’s Office to keep tabs on witnesses who threatened to expose his scheme, authorities said yesterday.* Sampson asked a mole in the US Attorney’s office for the names of witnesses cooperating to make a case against him so he could “take them out.”

Sen. Sampson pal in US Attorney's office quick to turn mole for corrupt pol: legal papers(NYP)
 Those papers also disclosed for the first time that Sampson's mole -- federal paralegal Samuel Noel -- later became a cooperating witness for prosecutors investigating the Brooklyn senator after Noel's betrayal was uncovered last year.
Sampson Meets With His Mole
The documents filed by prosecutors also reveal the 46-year-old Brooklyn resident Noel last September secretly pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge for having accessed accessing an internal Justice Department computer in 2011 in an effort to help Sampson get confidential information about investigations. "On a weekend day in either August or September 2011, Noel received a phone call from Sampson asking if they could meet," court papers unsealed today said. "When Noel met Sampson, Sampson asked Noel, in substance, whether Noel knew if Sampson's name had come up in an investigation being conducted by the [US Attorney's Office]." That investigation was of a Sampson legal client named Edul "Eddie" Ahmad, a Guyanese businessman under investigation for a massive mortgage fraud. "Noel responded in substance that he did not know the answer, but would attempt to find out."Sampson also asked Noel to learn the names of people who were cooperating with the probe of Ahmad, according to the filing. That information would have been of keen interest to Sampson, who prosecutors claim had obtained an undisclosed $188,500 loan from Ahmad to help cover up his alleged embezzlement.

Ed Ahmad faces over 10 years in jail, US$14M restitution

With “extreme arrogance and hubris,” a Brooklyn state senator who held one of the most powerful posts in Albany embezzled nearly half a million dollars of escrow money he was entrusted to safeguard — and then used a mole inside the US Attorney’s Office to keep tabs on witnesses who threatened to expose his scheme, authorities said yesterday.
“The fact that he was trying to become the top state prosecutor in this borough shows the extreme arrogance and hubris,” said Brooklyn US Attorney Loretta Lynch, whose office is prosecuting Sampson. “It’s all about him.“And when the defendant felt that his self-dealing would be exposed, this defendant, this state senator, this attorney at law counseled a witness to lie, hid evidence, and worked to reach inside the US Attorney’s Office to obtain non-public law-enforcement information.”* State Senator Arrested(WSJ)
* Sampson Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges(NY1) * Senate Democrats Try To Distance Themselves From Allegedly Corrupt Sampson(NY1) * Tom Precious believes Sampson’s alleged embezzlement of nearly $500,000 to help fund his campaign to be the top law enforcement official in Brooklyn “could be a first” and is “bizarre” – even by Albany standards.

Sampson Embezzled From Court Appointed Receivership's To Fund His 2005 DA Race
 Sampson pleaded not guilty, but has one month to decide whether to take the following plea agreement: Accept a sentence of 37 to 46 months by pleading to embezzlement and one other charge. * If he doesn’t take the plea deal, Sampson faces up to 120 years behind bars.* Three of the past four Senate leaders all face federal criminal charges, and one (Pedro Espada Jr.) has pleaded guilty already. * Sampson’s Arrest Is Another Roadblock for Senate Democrats in Albany(NYT) * Stewart-Cousins ‘Hopes’ For No More Charges, But Can’t Be Sure(YNN) * Prosecutors: Keep Huntley’s Contacts Sealed(YNN) * “The Senate now has four conferences: Republican, Democrat, Independent Democrat – and indicted.”  * Sen. John Sampson’s seat in the Senate chamber was moved, but he’s not sitting next to his scandal-scarred colleague, Sen. Malcolm Smith. * Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. suggests lawmakers of color are being targeted in corruption investigations.

Sampson allegedly urged his associate — identified by sources as Guyana-born businessman and Sampson legal client Edul “Eddie” Ahmad — to withhold financial documents from federal investigators that could incriminate the former Ethics Committee chairman in crimes dating back 15 years.Real estate agent with ties to Rep. Gregory Meeks admits to $14 million mortgage fraud scheme(10/2/2012, NYDN) * Feds probing Katrina charity set up by Rep. Gregory Meeks and state Senator Smith(NYP) *  The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that through all of his years covering New York State government he has never seen “so much sleaze” exposed in such a short amount of time, with the latest scandal involving state Sen. John Sampson: 

Ahmad's The $188.500 Check
“I can’t talk on the phone,” Sampson told Ahmad during a meeting in November 2011, the indictment alleges. “From now on, our conversation is, ‘I don’t have no contacts, you don’t know nothing.’

When we talk, that’s how we talk.”The powerful pol had allegedly received a secret $188,500 “loan” from Ahmad in 2006 — which he then used to pay back a fraction of the $440,000 he allegedly embezzled from four foreclosure escrow accounts he controlled as a court-appointed referee to fund his 2005 primary challenge for Brooklyn DA, federal prosecutors claim.Sampson later “instructed” Ahmad not to disclose to prosecutors a check register page that revealed those payments to the senator, according to authorities.* With the arrest of another former state Senate majority leader, John Sampson, Albany has seen 32 state level officials snared in corruption cases in the past seven years* If you're keeping score at home: the 30 troubled NY lawmakers since 2000

The New York Public Interest Research Group reports more than 100,000 actual violations of state campaign finance laws since 2011, including campaign committee failures to file accurate reports, or any reports at all.As many as 2,318 campaign finance reports required of these political clubs were not filed   * MLK Jr. Dem. Club, home club for Rangel & Dickens, not registered w/ NYS as a political cmte. or filed required campaign fin. reports* Cuomo Cheers NYPIRG Report On CampFin Violations(YNN)

Same senators now complaining about slow NYCCFB audits seem to have little interest in fixing even slower NY board of election audits.*Elections hearing under siege

Stevenson's Broke

Court Appointed Lawyers For Pols
‘Bribery’ Benz pol cries poor (NYP) Indicted Assemblyman Eric Stevenson rode off from court in a shiny black Mercedes-Benz sedan yesterday — after telling a judge he didn’t have enough money to defend himself against bribery charges.* Judge: Boyland to get court-appointed attorney - Newsday * Bronx Assemblyman Pleads Not Guilty To Corruption Charges(NY1)

Mayoral Campaign

Mark Sanford won. Tweeting Anthony Weiner
Now Weiner Has Anonymous Mayoral Hackers
Second happiest candidate in America tonight: Anthony Weiner

Hard ‘labor’ as unions whack Weiner (NYP) Big Labor is going after Anthony Weiner. An education coalition co-founded by the city’s powerful unions helped organize a rally yesterday to protest Weiner’s get-tough policy on school suspensions. A labor-backed coalition organized a rally yesterday outside the home of former Rep. Anthony Weiner to protest his “get-tough” policy on school suspensions, with speculation that supporters of mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio were behind it.*  Hamill: Insert your Anthony Weiner joke at own risk(NYDN)

Morgy Goes After Lhota's PAL Fund Raising
Morgy joins ‘Cats’ fight(NYP) Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau slammed Modell’s CEO for soliciting donations to Joe Lhota’s mayoral campaign from fellow Police Athletic League board members. Lhota’s Monday night fundraiser features an appearance by actor Steve Schirripa. Financial heavyweights hosting the event include real estate tycoon and former MTA chairman Peter Kalikow, Home Depot founder Ken Langone, Loew’s executive James Tisch and John Whitehead.

Cats Supermarket's Rot
John Catsimatidis gets a potential slot all the way oveeeeeeer theeeeeeeeeeeeeere on the ballot
Hoping to Make Voters Happier Than Shoppers(NYT)
During his mayoral campaign, John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire Republican candidate, must confront the public’s often-strained relationship with the company for which he is best known: Gristedes, as the company has paid out millions to settle various lawsuits * GOP candidate for NYC mayor wins the backing of the non-existant, non-ballot line holding Liberal Party. 
& Liberal Party Endorses Catsimatidis *Liberal Party Backs Catsimatidis(NYT) * Republican John Catsimatidis Endorsed By Liberal Party In NY Mayor's Race(NYDN) * With Liberal Party backing, Catsimatidis vows to run with or without the Republican line *THE CAT'S MEOW: Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis jokes about his name in ...

John's Plane
Mayoral Candidate Says He Has Lent His Private Jet to the Clintons(NYT)
The Gulfstream IV, an airborne lap of plush-leather luxury, hopscotched around the country over the past few days, breezing into Chicago; Orlando, Fla.; and Little Rock, Ark.
Its owner, John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire grocery store owner and Republican candidate for mayor, was not aboard.

The Staten Island GOP has backed Joe for Mayor!
Lhota regrets decision on art exhibit at Brooklyn Museum. Hates desecration of someone's religion, but freedom of speech takes precedent.
Lhota supports Liu's pension reform plan of consolidation.
. challenges Joyce Purnick over when Giuliani had a bad temper, drawing hisses from crowd

The NYP Point Out the Mayoral Candidates Weakness On Terrorism
Zazi, an Afghan immigrant, admitted in his guilty plea that he was planning to bomb the New York City subway on a date close to the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks as part of an al Qaeda "martyrdom operation." 
The cops stand alone(NYP) At a moment when our nation is reeling from a terror attack, a forum on Islamic issues for New York mayoral candidates has just made one shameful fact plain: Not one Democratic candidate is willing to stand up for America’s most successful police force the way Mayor Bloomberg did recently — unreservedly, with passion, and without political correctness. he sounds of silence echoed through NYU Sunday, where assorted candidates were asked whether police surveillance of Muslim communities is unconstitutional. John Liu characteristically gave the most outrageous response by answering yes. But Liu wasn’t the only one. His predecessor as comptroller, Bill Thompson, labeled the police program “disgraceful,” adding that as mayor he would “definitely not” allow it. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio hedged. Republicans were invited but none showed. If GOP candidates are prepared to back the NYPD on this issue, they passed on a good occasion to do so.* John Liu Insists His Campaign’s Bookkeeping Was the Best(NYO) * video: Mayoral candidates at a Muslim & Arab forum * learned that Abe Beame was last foreign-born Mayor, too.
  • New York Police Stops Plummet(WSJ)
    The number of stop-and-frisk encounters initiated by New York City police fell 51% in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year.New York Police Department data shows that the number of stop-and-frisk reports fell by 51 percent in the first three months of this year compared with the same period last year, with overall crime down 2.7 percent * Stop-and-Frisks On the Decline(NY mag)
Budgets need public feedback. New tool aims to crowd-source ’s budget:

NYT Press Release for Quinn Quinn Offers Plan to Add Slots for Gifted in City Schools(NYT)
Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, plans on Tuesday to propose an overhaul of gifted and talented programs that would provide space for more children and loosen admissions requirements. New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn plans to propose legislation today that would overhaul the gifted and talented programs in city schools by providing more space for children and allow for more diversity

No hope he runs- I Love to see DEMS kill each other- DeBLASIO, ( WFP) CARRION, (IP) QUINN- ( DEM) all on the Nov ballot

Bronx BP endorsing today at City Hall
Later this morning, Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz. Jr will endorse former Comptroller Bill Thompson for mayor. “Bill Thompson was the right man to be out mayor four years ago, and he remains the right man for the job in 2013,” Mr. Diaz told City & State in a statement. “Bill has a long record of accomplishment, and will be a strong mayor for all five boroughs.”* Thompson Gets Key Endorsement From Bronx Borough President(NYT)

wants to talk about Yankee stadium development. Regrets parking facility that is broke & often empty * Carrion says unions "are going to have to contribute" to health coverage. Not convinced on pension consolidation. * . says he'd publish a "john list every day in the newspaper" & says he'd publish their license plates

Mayoral Pandering Tour Continues
Plenty of Bark and Bite at Animal Rights Mayoral Forum(NYO)

  Mayoral Candidates Suck
FIVE BOROUGH BALLOT: When it comes to picking New York City's next mayor, many Upper West Side residents haven’t made a choiceand they’re not thrilled with what’s on the menu (City and State)

Empty Mayoral Campaign Promises As Debt Rises
n the Post, Nicole Gelinas, contributing editor to the Manhattan Institute’s City Journal, details the legacy of mounting debt that will be left behind by Mayor Michael Bloomberg:  * New York finished 49th in CEO Magazine’s 2013 ranking of states that are “best for business,” behind California.

All Democrats running for mayor of NYC are ridiculous pandering turds.

At mayoral forum, Atlantic Yards treated mostly as done deal, several candidates slippery; no tough questions on issues (SEIS) going forward(Atlantic Yards Report

Albanese Criticizes 2 Elected Rivals Over Office Staff Hiring(NYT)
Democratic NYC mayoral hopeful Sal Albanese accused two of his rivals – Council Speaker Chris Quinn and NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio – of hiring political operatives at taxpayer expense as they readied their campaigns.

A slew of Democratic contenders offering Bloomberg Lite shows why an Anthony Weiner comeback isn't such a crazy idea.

Candidate Hoping to Be First Hispanic Mayor May Be 100 Years Too Late
Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Bronx borough president of Puerto Rican descent, is seeking to become New York’s first Latino mayor, though John Purroy Mitchel has roots in Latin America.

Stop and frisk critics start NYC voter drive(WSJ)

Lobbyist Campaign Consultants

It's time to choose one or the other(Queens Crap)

From the Daily News:
Campaign consultants would no longer be able to turn around and lobby those they help elect under a bill to be introduced Monday.
Bill sponsor Sen. David Valesky (D-Syracuse) argued "we need to build a firewall between political work and public service."
Any firms that provide campaign management, fundraising services, public relations, development of campaign literature and ads, and strategic advice to a campaign will be prohibited from lobbying state officials on legislation, regulatory changes, budget items and procurement of services. The Daily News reported last week that at least 29 political consulting firms are also registered lobbyists with the state.Those firms were paid a combined $5.1 million for election work in 2011 and 2012 and then turned around when the campaigns were over to lobby. 

Valesky proposed the bill after The Daily News reported this week that 29 political consultant firms charged with running campaigns have turned around and lobbied the very candidates they helped elect.
Cruz vs Cuomo

Ted Cruz Continues His Attack On Cuomo
Cruz missile(NYP) Texan hits Andy on guns. Tough-talking Texas US Sen. Ted Cruz is firing back at Gov. Cuomo for branding him an “extremist’’ and saying New York Republicans should cancel his fund-raising speech here at the end of the month.* Harry Reid Calls Ted Cruz A 'Schoolyard Bully'(Huff Post)

3-D gun upload goes live (NYP) The Texas group that made the first fully functioning plastic handgun using a 3-D printer uploaded a chilling how-to for others to do the same on its Web site yesterday. Touting “design tweaks’’* CBS 2 Investigation: Untraceable 3D-Printed Guns Spark Major(WCBS)

Fracking Hamlet

The Journal News says it’s time for Cuomo to stop playing “Hamlet on hydraulic-fracturing” and make a decision about fracking. 


A Village Voice intern explains the backstory to the Cathie Black emails.* New York: City Fought 30 Months to Keep E-Mail About Cathleen Black Secret (NYT)

Bike Roll Memorial Day

Time to roll! Memorial Day bike-share debut(NYP)
Bicycling in the City and Living to Tell a Skittish Class(NYT)
Students who attended a class in Brooklyn meant to educate bicyclists on the best ways to safely navigate New York streets ranged from experienced to semi-mortified riders.

Taxi Apps Go

Despite a court injunction blocking a New York City pilot program to “e-hail” city cabs, cab drivers may not be disciplined by the Taxi & Limousine Commission if they pick up passengers through the e-hail program, the New York Daily News reports

Queens Parks Always Sweetheart Deal

The Times’ Michael Powell wonders why advocates for a revamped Flushing Meadows-Corona Park were asked to find wealthy investors while the prime investor in a proposed soccer stadium at the park got a sweetheart deal: 

Shoring up Rockaway beaches before another hurricane season (NYDN)
Sandy-battered Belmar working to finish new boardwalk for(WPIX)
Subway service to return to Rockaway in June3(NYDN)

NY's Mortgage Delay

Mortgage settlement leaves New Yorkers on hold (NY World)
Attorney General vows action against financial institutions as borrowers complain of delays
The Fat Man's Band

NJ Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lap-band surgery and has already lost about 40 pounds. He says it was for his wife and kids, not his political career.
Cutting waist: Christie reveals secret stomach surgery to lose pounds(NYP)
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie secretly underwent lap-band stomach surgery to aggressively slim down for the sake of his wife and kids, he revealed to The Post last night.* Ad Criticizes Christie's Late Show Appearances(WSJ) A new television spot from a liberal political advocacy group seeks to turn Gov. Chris Christie's talent for making quips on late-night TV on its head, the latest in a growing advertising war in this fall's race for governor.* Gov. Chris Christie Had Weight Loss Surgery(WCBS) * Christie Had Secret Weight-Loss Surgery(NYT)


The best of last night's late-night TV 
How Roger Ailes Runs Fox News in the Obama Era(NY mag)
‘Are You Sure You’re Watching CNN’? Christiane Amanpour Defends The Network Against Jon Stewart’s Ridicule


Breaking: Sanford wins South Carolina House vote, CNN projects -
Senate Passes Bill To Help States Collect Sales Tax From Internet Purchases(NY1)
Gov. Mark Sanford's bid for political redemption now in hands of SC voters(NBC)
James Carville hasn’t spoken to Hillary Clinton about 2016.
What the Political Numbers Mean - Michael Barone, Wall Street Journal
On Election Day, Sanford vs. Colbert-Busch a Tossup - Scott Conroy, RCP
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Video Highlights: Obama | Peters | Murphy | Paul | Clinton | O'Reilly

Law and Order

The Senate confirmed Justice Sheila Abdus-Salaam to the Court of Appeals, marking the first time a black woman has been elevated to the state’s top court. She’ll be sworn in today.

Chase for Escaped Prisoner Shuts Subway Lines for 2 Hours(NYP)
Escaped theft suspect captured(WSJ)
Handcuffed Suspect Who Caused Subway Manhunt In Custody(NY1)

Janitor convicted of beating & strangling 95-year-old man (NYP)
Chained gang: Two thugs in Bronx teen slay extradited(NYP)
Jail’s Broken Elevators Delay High-Profile Sentencing(NYT)
Two broken elevators in the Metropolitan Correctional Center delayed sentencing for Mansour J. Arbabsiar, who took part in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States.
Accused gangbangers in fatal Bx. shooting ordered held without (NYP)
Two Men Are Charged With Murder in Shooting of Bronx Teenager(NYT)
Raul Pacheco, 21, and Eric Landron, 23, were arrested last week in the killing of Alphonza Bryant III, whose death the Bloomberg administration singled out in its campaign against gun violence.
Man Arrested In Connection With Alleged Sexual Assaults (NY1)
'Killer Nanny's' mental fitness will be subject of June (NYP)
Phone hoax rap vs. ‘killer’ (NYP) The accused killer of stunning swimsuit designer Sylvie Cachay was slapped with charges of impersonation yesterday after allegedly pretending to be a correction officer in a phone call to a fellow inmate’s girlfriend from lower Manhattan’s Tombs
Son taken into custody after mom's murder(NYDN)

Two Suspects In Murder Of Bronx Teen Found In Rhode Island(NY1)

Thief steals girl’s cellphone in Bronx; police seek tip (NYDN)

NYPD releases more surveillance video of man wanted in Queens sexual assaults(NYP)
Police Release New Video Of Queens Sex Assault Suspect(WCBS)
Son kills’ honored cop aide(NYP)
Suspects sought in attack on gay couple near MSG(WABC)
New Surveillance Video Clearest Yet of Child Sex Assault (NBC)
Man's Nose Broken in Alleged Bias Attack Near MSG: Cops(NBC)
Two Latin Kings arraigned for Bronx killing(NYDN)
 Cops: man attempts to lure child into car(Fox 5)
New Video Shows Man Suspected In Queens Sex Assaults
2 charged with murder in slay of Bronx teen weeks before graduation.  
New York City gun giveaway planned by Armed Citizen Project (NYDN)
2 suspects charged in Bronx teen's killing(WSJ)
 Clinton Foundation Teams With NYPD To Fight Prescription Drug Abuse(NY1)