Thursday, May 9, 2013

Huntley Throws An FBI Tea Party

Huntley used an ankle injury to lure Senate Democrats a Democratic City Councilman to her home, as the names were released of those officials she secretly taped 

Tea Party 
Albany Style 
Would you like a spot of tea? Now tell me more about your plans to fleece the taxpayer
NYC Senate sewerNYC Senate sewer (NYP)  Six state senators from New York City are under federal criminal investigation, a court filing revealed yesterday. The six Democrats — one-quarter of the Big Apple’s Senate delegation — as well as a former press adviser to one of the pols, and a highly paid political consultant, are being eyed by Brooklyn federal prosecutors. 

Shirley's Jail Time Reduced By Taping Collages
UPDATED  FULL HUNTLEY JAIL TIME: Ex-Queens State Sen. Shirley Huntley Gets Year And A Day In Prison For Looting CharityHuntley sentenced to one year and a day in prison plus three years probation. Ms. Huntley, 74, was first elected to the State Senate in 2007  by defeated another troubled senator, Ada Smith, who, among other things, was convicted of throwing hot coffee on a staffer who commented on her weight.* Former State Sen. Shirley Huntley sentenced to one year and one day in prison, three years probation(NYP) Judge Weinstein didn't give her what she wanted, but he did sentence her to less than the 18 to 24 month range requested by prosecutors and federal sentencing guidelines.* Huntley Is Sentenced to a Year in Prison (NYT) *Huntley  agreed to invite certain elected officials chosen by the FBI into her home and record their conversations, the sentencing memorandum states.* State Senator on Shirley Huntley's List Racked Up Legal Bills(NYO)

Huntley: Bags of Cash Being Take  up Elevators at the Capital
Huntley’s attorney Sally Butler sought leniency from Judge Jack Weinstein, citing both the ex-lawmaker’s health and helpfulness to government investigators seeking to find more corrupt public officials. Butler detailed to court how Huntley knew of bags of cash being taken up Senate elevators at the Capitol and that she was able to have an unnamed senator admit being part of a bribery scheme. Huntley’s attorney also claimed the then-senator approach
Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office about possible corruption in the Legislature.Butler detailed to the court how Huntley knew of bags of cash being taken up Senate elevators at the Capitol and that she was able to have an unnamed senator admit being part of a bribery scheme. Huntley’s attorney also claimed the then-senator approach Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office about possible corruption in the Legislature. Huntley Sentenced To A Year And A Day (YNN)

The senators named in a Huntley court filing unsealed yesterday are John Sampson, Eric Adams and Velmanette Montgomery of Brooklyn; Malcolm Smith and José Peralta of Queens; and Ruth Hassell-Thompson of The Bronx. * For Officials on Tape, Legislator’s Invitation Was Ruse (NYT) Shirley L. Huntley, a former New York legislator, told other elected officials she had broken her ankle, then recorded them at her home in an effort to help her own corruption case. * Corruption Cases Hit N.Y. Legislature(WSJ) * Lawmaker's Secret Recordings Aid Federal Probe of Politicians(WSJ)*   The hostess with the leastest (NYDN) Shirley Huntley's wiretap scheme speaks volumes about Albany culture.

What is clear is that the feds believed that, by barely batting an eye, Huntley could deliver enough corrupt politicians to field a baseball team. New York’s capital is in a league of its own.* Using a broken ankle as an excuse, Huntley lured fellow lawmakers to her Queens home to visit, where, unbeknownst to them, she recorded their conversations while chain smoking and sipping Zinfandel.* Political scandal grows as secret recordings lead to new(WPIX) * Latimer: Sampson & Smith Should Resign, Or Face Expulsion(YNN) * State Sen. John Sampson indicted on nine counts(Amsterdam News) * Huntley's lawyer says two white FBI agents were essentially "living" in her house while she wore wire:... *One-Year Prison Sentence for an Ex-State Senator Who Taped Her Colleagues(NYT)
  1. Source: “People who are not following politics at all are following this. It’s like an episode of 'The Wire.'”

Adams BP: So Close But So Very Far
Buzz More Adams Scandal to Come
Sources told The Post that the Brooklyn Democratic Party nixed a scheduled a vote to endorse Adams for borough president last night. “I have not been contacted about any investigation,” Adams told The Post. “I believe deeply in transparency and the pursuit of justice — and that is why I committed 20 years of my life to law enforcement. I am more than willing to help with any investigation.”

The Campaign Begins for Tish to Replace Adams
Update Adams is telling the district leaders that there is nothing on the tapes and he is asking for them to be released
Letitia James Considering Brooklyn BP Race After Eric Adams Tapings: Sources(NYDN) * . "I am absolutely running for Public Advocate. Rumors to the contrary are unfounded."* Given fundraising difficulties, Boro Prez makes sense. I would fully support her as well as for Public Advocate.* Brooklyn Borough prez hopeful Eric Adams among the 7 names (NYDN) * State Senator Dan Squadron is still not waiting for a conviction to call for his colleagues’ resignations. After Sen. Malcolm Smith was arrested on bribery charges, Mr. Squadron said, “Regardless of the outcome of the criminal charges … he has lost the public trust — and he should resign.” Politicker asked the public advocate candidate’s spokeswoman if the same applied to Monday’s arrest of Sen. John Sampson. She replied, “Yes.” In the wake of yesterday’s investigation revelations, Councilwoman Tish James is reportedly eying a bid for Brooklyn borough president, a race currently occupied by State Sen. Eric Adams, who has not been accused of any wrongdoing. Ms. James issued a statement soon after the report clarifying, “I am absolutely running for Public Advocate. Rumors to the contrary are unfounded. In fact, our campaign continues to pick up support across the City.” * Dan Squadron Rolls Out a Batch of Assembly Endorsements

Peralta Tap and $31,000 in Legal Fees
Peralta, meanwhile, is currently running for Queens borough president. The former assemblyman was elected to the Senate in a 2010 special election to replace Hiram Monserrate, who was ousted after being convicted of assaulting his girlfriend.Jose Peralta Wire Tap Brings New Attention to Senate Seat's Corrupt History - Jackson Heights - DNAi
Jose Peralta, lawmaker on wire recording, won't comment on $31,000 in "legal fees"
FLASHBACK * Assemblyman Jose Peralta scored $500,000 in taxpayer funds for inactive nonprofit(2009 NY Daily News) 
* Update: Peralta, coincidentally, has a BP fundraiser set up for tomorrow night in Corona, and you can see the invite below. Four lawyers will play host. One is Nestor Diaz, who worked for Hiram Monserrate -- the man Peralta replaced in the Senate -- during Monserrate's City Council years. (NYDN)
  1. Possible Peralta criminal defense lawyer said, "I don't talk about who my clients are," hung up
    1. RT Great campaign slogan! : Peralta: I Am Not A Target In Corruption Investigation

Feds Are Following the Money of Sampson Campaign Consultant Melvin Lowe Who Also Worked for Schneiderman
The other two under investigation are Smith’s former press adviser, Curtis Taylor, and consultant Melvin Lowe. * On that Eric Schneiderman 'associate' in Shirley Huntley's sentencing memo(Capital)

Is Their A Political Investigation that Wills Is Not Part Of
A ninth person whom Huntley taped, Councilman Ruben Wills (D-Queens), is no longer under investigation, according to his lawyer Steve Zissou.
Rubin Wills Who is Also Under Investigation and had or has 2 arrests warrants on on him 
Wills Investigation 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,

Joe Bruno A Corrupt Albany Pol Plays the Victim

Battlin’Bruno ‘fed’ up (NYP) Former state Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno yesterday blasted the feds for doggedly pursuing him on corruption charges, saying, “I’m not a terrorist!”  “I’m a big boy. I’m 84 years old, so that proves I’m a big boy and I want an end to this,”...* Former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno Continues Fight Against Corruption Charges(NY1) * A subcontractor who oversaw paving work at Sen. Tom Libous’ $415,000 lakeside home outside Binghamton says the FBI asked him about his work there.

Watergate II
Tax looter hit by break-in(NYP) Cops are investigating a break-in at the home of Queens Assemblywoman Vivian Cook — a pal of ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley. Cook is being sentenced today for looting taxpayer funds that the friends allegedly spent on shopping jaunts together. Cook believes that whoever broke into her Jamaica home at 9 p.m. Monday was looking for Huntley-related documents, a source said. The burglar went through Cook’s personal papers after bypassing many valuables, the source said.Assemblywoman Vivian Cook, who is reportedly connected to State Sen. Shirley Huntley but was not named in yesterday’s wire tap list, strangely had her home broken into on Monday. According to the New York Post: “The burglar went through Cook’s personal papers after bypassing many valuables, the source said. Cook — who was in Albany when the break-in occurred — was polite but uncooperative with cops, another source said.”

Sampson Kept the Surplus Funds From the Foreclosure, the Court and the Owner Clueless

William Easterling and his wife used to own 165 Forbell Street, a two-family home in Brooklyn on the border of Cypress Hills and Ozone Park. The couple raised their four kids there. But they haven’t lived there in almost 20 years.  What he didn't know was that his old property was listed in the indictment against Senator John Sampson, who's accused of keeping money that came from the foreclosure sale. He also didn’t know that years ago he may have had a right to claim some of the $80,000 Sampson reported from the sale of 165 Forbell Street.

Stevenson How to Be Arrested

Avoiding arrest, by Eric Stevenson(TU)

Lopez's Hush Fund Cover Up Continues

 Albany Transparency
Or How Silver Covers Up His Involvement In the Lopez Hush Fund Scandal

Now We Know Silver is Holding Up Release of the JCOPE Vito Lopez Report
In a Letter, State Lawmakers Demand Edits to a Sex-Scandal Report
(NYT) The note is said to press an ethics commission to remove details about how the Assembly speaker’s staff handled harassment allegations against Vito J. Lopez. The Legislature demanded that the state’s ethics commission remove details about Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver from a report on sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez * Can Cuomo Get Elections Enforcement?(YNN)

Vito Lopez Club is Also Covering Up His Club Filings
Clubbed for staying hu$h(NYP)
Political clubs tied to rogue lawmakers broke the law by failing to report campaign spending with the state Board of Elections, according to a new report by Citizens Union. The Guy Brewer Democratic Club in Queens — whose members include indicted Sen. Malcolm Smith and convicted ex- Sen. Shirley Huntley — are among clubs that failed to file reports. Huntley paid the club $1,500 for campaign space and signs, while Smith gave $8,400 in contributions — and both transactions went unreported by the club. The political club founded by accused groper Vito Lopez — B

Mayoral Campaign

Lhota Facing Anger After He Likens Port Authority Police to ‘Mall Cops’(NYT)
 Area police unions condemned Joseph J. Lhota’s comment that Port Authority police officers “are nothing more than mall cops,” and the fallout could include lost support for his candidacy for mayor.* Candidate for Mayor Apologizes for Comment About Port Authority Police(WSJ)
* New York City mayoral candidate Joe Lhota apologized for mocking Port Authority police as “nothing more than mall cops” at a candidate forum after police unions called the attack insensitive, the Daily News writes:  * Lhota Apologizes For Port Authority "Mall Cops" Comment (NY1) * Political scandal grows as secret recordings lead to new (SI Advance)

Liu City Pension Drops Guns
City pension drops guns(NYP) The pension fund for city employees has dumped $16 million in stock it held in gun and ammunition companies after pressure following mass shootings across the country. City Comptroller John Liu made the announcement yesterday about the New York City Employees’ Retirement System.* John Liu Receives First Endorsement After Guilty Verdicts(NYO) * Liu campaign likely to suffer over convictions(Queens Chronicle)

After Quinn Does A 180 of Blocking Sick Pay Only Bloomberg Stands In the Way of the Policy Become City Law
Bloomberg Veto, Override & Lawsuit Expected
A sick feeling (NYP) Businesses would have to dig deeper into their pockets to provide paid sick time to more than 1 million workers under a bill passed yesterday by the City Council — and blasted by Mayor Bloomberg as a job killer.
 City Council Approves Bill Mandating Sick-Day Pay(NYT) * The New York City Council voted 45-3 to pass a paid sick leave bill, requiring businesses with 20 or more workers to offer five sick days a year starting in April, The Wall Street Journal reports *New City Law Requires Paid Sick Days for Workers(WSJ) * City Council Passes Paid Sick Leave Bill(NY1)

A political committee determined to block NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s path to City Hall will blanket 50,000 Manhattan homes with flyers blaming the council speaker for the closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital. 

Paterson LT Gov Endorses Thompson
Thompson Picks Up Backing of a Fiscal Repairman(NYT)
Richard Ravitch, a former lieutenant governor known for righting wobbly institutions’ finances, has become an adviser to William C. Thompson Jr., who is running for mayor.Bill Thompson is reportedly close to securing the support of the United Uniformed Workers of New York–a group of unions representing 120,000 active and retired members–for his mayoral campaign. Mr. Thompson, along with fellow Democrats Sal Albanese and John Liu, were the only candidates invited back for a second interview. Mr. Thompson further announced the endorsement of former Lt. Gov Dick Ravitch yesterday.

de Blasio Joins Liu in Mayoral Candidates Who Can't Even Handle Their Own Funds But Want to Run A $70 Billion Dollar Budget

De Blasio’s Wife Gives Candid Interview(NYT)

CFB de Blasio Comingling Funds$20,000 Fine
Back in 2011 story, de Blasio campaign insisted they weren't "comingling" 09 & 13 funds. CFB says otherwise
Back in 2011 story, de Blasio campaign insisted they weren't "comingling" 09 & 13 funds. CFB says otherwise 
Socks Team Bill de Blasio With $20K In Fines For 2009 Run Update: Spox says fines w/o merit but won't appeal* Bill de Blasio’s 2009 Campaign Fined by Finance Board(NYO)

What Sanford Means to Weiner
Both Politico and the Washington Post looked into what the former Gov. Mark Sanford‘s electoral win means for certain New York politician looking to make a comeback. And, while The New York TimesNate Silver doesn’t name-check former Rep. Anthony Weiner, he penned a piece entitled, “Sanford and the Electoral Effect of Sex Scandals.” For his part, asked about Mr. Weiner, Mr. Sanford said, “I wouldn’t presume to give any other politician advice.”* Anthony Weiner moves very slowly for a guy who wants to run (via )

Wonder why school bus strike & new bid routes aren't discussed at mayoral education fora? Didn't some sign letter supporting ATU & the EPP?

Good to know u can literally be anyone say, IM RUNNING 4 MAYOR, and go on tv. John Adams is twitching in his grave

Non Citizens Voting
NYC Mayoral Candidates Slam Non-Citizen Voting | TPMDC via
Catsimatidis on non-citizen voting “Last time I looked, NYCs still part of our country, the United States of America”
Campaign Reform

The TU: “Failure of the governor and the remaining honorable members of the Legislature to enact such reform this session will constitute an indictment of its own.”

In the Times Union, Joshua Spivak, a senior fellow at the Hugh Carey Institute for Government Reform at Wagner College, advocates for the use of the recall in local governments throughout the state:

The Journal News writes that the state Senate Republicans need to give a fair and open hearing to reasonable ideas on ethics reform, such as public financing of campaigns:

After the nine Huntley wiretap names – including seven elected officials – were released, Cuomo called the atmosphere in Albany “miserable” and said progress on reform talks with legislative leaders “has not been especially good thus far.” 

We've made pretty charts out of data on how Am Law 200 lawyers are contributing to NYC's mayoral race:

New City Council district lines haven't received DOJ pre-clearance. Is it time to w/draw from Section 5 oversight?

Let's fix elections board(2011 NYP)

Subway Homeless

Another Hospital Closing Crisis
Cuomo warned the Obama administration that four Brooklyn hospitals could close within a year unless the state gets federal help, with hope that a Medicaid waiver will provide the necessary funding, the Daily News writes:


Firefighter gets utility bills for home that burned down in Hurricane Sandy(NYP)

Cuomo Tourism

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced $60 million in new initiatives at his tourism summit to expand the state’s  $57 billion tourism industry, including a commission to attract major sports events, the Times Union writes: * Tourism Summit Sees Upstate as Destination(WSJ) * Cuomo tourism initiative targets gays and lesbians(NYDN)

Bloomberg Slips Into Rare Island Reverie (WSJ)Mayor Michael Bloomberg was busy yesterday, however, at a cruise ship press conference where he may have suggested Bermuda and the Bahamas are more welcoming than Manhattan. “Mr. Prime Minister, I play a lot of golf both on your island and on the premiere’s island,” he said. “It’s fair to say that these two islands, and I’ve been to a lot of islands in my last 71 years, you never are made to feel as welcome as you are in both of these places. “


With no teacher evaluation deal between the Bloomberg administration and the teachers union, both sides will plead their case to state Education Commissioner John King, who will have final say, the Post reports:

In Switch, City Says It Can Speed Up Replacing School Lights Containing PCBs(NYT)
The Bloomberg administration had previously said that it needed 10 years to complete the job. * NYC to remove PCBs from schools ahead of schedule(WSJ) * NYC to remove PCBs from schools ahead of schedule(Fox 5)

Reports of Cheating at Barnard College Cause a Stir(NYT)

Teacher’s Facebook Post Didn’t Warrant Firing, a Panel Upholds(NYT)After Christine Rubino, a fifth-grade teacher in Brooklyn, posted some rather impolitic comments about her students on Facebook in 2010, the Department of Education fired her. * State Education Department Commissioner John King said there will be an evaluation system for NYC schools by June 1 if the city and the United Federation of Teachers can’t resolve disputed issues.
NY1 Exclusive: Parents Sue City, State Over Stalled Decisions For Their Special Needs Children's Education

City schools will now conduct lockdown drills each year(NYDN)
NYC School Cafeterias Cited for Vermin, Liquid Waste(NBC)

The Michael Moore of the Grade-School Lunchroom(NYT)

A fourth-grader took a hidden camera into his Manhattan public school cafeteria to show how the offerings often fell short of the yummy-sounding menu descriptions.

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Amid Navy Yard’s Ruins, Space for a Comeback in Manufacturing(NYT)

The idea driving the project was to bring together a variety of creative people and have them share equipment that would be too costly for them on their own.

 Tagging the Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge Repair Creates Graffiti Canvas(WSJ)

Water Stinks

New York City to Freshen Water Street(WSJ)

Bike Share Start

I don’t care what they do in Paris! I live in New York City!" Bike share rage in Greenwich Village:
Bike-Share Program to Start May 27
This story about the bike-share backlash is chock-full of hilarious, un-self-aware quotes. via

'Daily News' chief Colin Myler tells staff layoffs were 'inevitable,' announces new digital initiative in boroughs:

Bad day for New York print media as Village Voice editors step down, New York Post offers buyouts

Top Village Voice Editors Quit in Protest(NY Mag)
Top Editors Abruptly Leave Village Voice(NYT)
Editors Will Bourne and Jessica Lustig chose to resign from the Village Voice rather than oversee a round of layoffs, the New York Times' David Carr reported Thursday. They had been instructed to eliminate five positions from a 20 person staff. 
Two top Village Voice editors refused to lay off more staffers today, resigning in protest.
CNN jon Jon Stewart Takes CNN To Task With Epic Mockery Of Network's Jodi Arias Trial Coverage

Colbert Reacts To His Sister Losing To Mark Sanford


The Republicans’ Benghazi Obsession(NYT ed)
While they focus on the attack that killed four Americans in September, Libya is unraveling.
Benghazi diplo rips W. House (NYP) WASHINGTON — The US diplomat who was second in command in Libya during the fatal attack on the Benghazi consulate fought back tears yesterday when he told lawmakers about his colleagues’ final moments — and said he was “stunned” by administration... * Diplomat Airs Benghazi Attack Details(WSJ)
Diplomat Airs Benghazi Attack Details - Hughes & Entous, Wall St. Journal
Benghazi: Incompetence, But No Coverup - Michael Hirsh, Natl Journal
A Coverup Laid Bare - Tom Bevan, RealClearPolitics
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The Prison Next Door - David Von Drehle, Time
Stewart Rips Fox News Over Benghazi Coverage: ‘Denizens Of Bullsh*t Mountain Have Cried Wolf Before’
Scarborough Calls Out MSNBC Guest For Echoing ‘Democratic Talking Point’ On Benghazi


Diplomatic Stirrings on Syria - New York Times
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Law and Order

Mothers Convicted of Felonies May Get Chance to Stay Out of Prison(NYT)
A new effort announced in Brooklyn will allow a carefully chosen group of women who plead guilty to felonies to remain in their own homes instead of serving their sentences in jail.

NYPD Teaching ‘Dimwitted Yuppies’ How Not to Get Robbed(NY Mag)

In the Daily News, Michael Breyer, Maurice Hinchey and William Weld applauds New York’s Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman for calling on the Assembly to end its prohibition on cameras in trial proceedings:

Police Arrest Suspect In Queens Carjackings Spree

Judicial license-plate ticket abuse no problem: state(NYDN)

Police Search For Missing Brooklyn Woman(NY1)

Video released in attack on gay couple near Madison Square (WABC)
Photo released of suspect in 2012 Brooklyn rape(WABC)

Opening Statements Heard For Two Men Charged In NYPD Officer's Death(NY1)
 DNA Tests Identify '12 Gunpoint Rape Suspect in Brookly (NBC)
Men Arrested After Stabbing Each Other in Brooklyn: Cop (NBC)
Staten Island barber kills fellow stylist over set of broken clippers (NYP)
  Queens man busted on rape of 20-year-old trying to catch …8 hrs ago(NYDN)

NY cyber criminals stole $2.8M from ATMs over 10 hours in 2nd biggest heist in state history(NYP)
In Hours, Thieves Took $45 Million in A.T.M. Scheme(NYT)

Police Seek Man in Queens Carjackings(NYT)
Cops hunt for armed carjacker in Queens(NYP)

Steely Sentinels When Bullets Come Knocking(NYT)
In public housing projects, the apartment door has become a target with which, via a strategically aimed bullet, a dispute is made public, an enemy is warned, or a rival is brought to the attention of the police.
Former PTA Official Jailed After Failure to Repay Funds

Cyberthieves Looted A.T.M.’s of $45 Million in Just Hours(NYT)
Charred bodies found in Bronx fire were butchered: source(NYP)
 Shear madness(NYP) A Staten Island barber allegedly killed his stylist co-worker during an argument over some broken clippers, law-enforcement sources said.
Columbia student charged with hate crime(WSJ)
Ruling backs NYPD's refusal to disclose info on Muslim (NYDN)

Police Want To Question Men Seen In Video In Connection With Possible Bias Attack(NY1)

Ruling backs NYPD's refusal to disclose info on Muslim(NYDN)

CYBERTHIEVES CUFFED: Secret Service busts global band of cyber thieves responsible for stealing $45 million from banks

BREAKING: Man charged in NY had connections to Canadian terror suspects. -
Former Detainee’s Appeal Cites Long Wait for a Trial(NYT)
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, the only terrorist detainee to be held at the Guantánamo Bay prison and then tried in the civilian court system, is seeking to have his conviction overturned.

Boston Police Chief says federal agents never shared warnings about Boston bomber. Read More:

Tunisian Is Accused of Proposing Contamination of Water or Air in U.S.(NYT)

Ahmed Abassi is also accused of seeking to develop a terrorist network in the United States, federal prosecutors said.