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Only A Moreland Commission Can Stop the Organized Crime in Albany

Albany's Has Corrupted A Nun

Reformers and Goo Goos Have No Answer for Smith and Liu's Campaigns Gaming Public Finance
Errol Lewis: You see something like John Liu and your ask a reformer how to fix the problem and the say campaign finance reform
Kate Pastor, the editor of The Riverdale Press: Yes the reformers have been waiting for an opportunity ........ Oh I see what you are saying (the rest of the answer was confused)

One old time reformer says these Pol bums corrupt a nun when they planed to cash in on public financing. Team Smith Plan Was To Rake in $$$ from the City's Public Finance System, Which Was Put in Place to Stop the CityTime Corruption in the Koch Administration.* The debate over using public funds in political campaigns will intensify this week as Senate Republicans hold a hearing into abuses of a similar system in New York City and advocates of the measure begin attacking GOP incumbents with mail advertisements.
Albany's Groundhog Corruption

Sampson's Insider Mole Incredible
Sampson Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges
Fmr Dem leader of NY Senate accused of having mole in prosecutor's office, in addition to corruption(NYT)
Sampon was accused of seeking information from an employee of the United States attorney’s office in Brooklyn about whether he was under criminal investigation and for the names of any potential witnesses who could be used to testify against him.  
Sampson charged with two counts of embezzlement, five counts of obstruction of justice and two counts of making false statements
Feds allege Sen John Sampson used embezzled money in part to fund his campaign for Brooklyn DA.
 Indictment: Sampson had a mole within the U.S. Attorneys office! 
Indictment: Sampson said he would arrange to "take ... out" witnesses helping the real estate developer, using info from his mole 
Sen John Sampson allegedly tried to get inside info from US Atty's investigation by cultivating administrative employee as mole. * State Senator from Brooklyn Charged withEmbezzlement and Obstruction of Justice

Will Sampson Rat - Feds Offered A Deal Till the End of the  Month

“For years, Senator John Sampson abused his position of public trust to steal from New Yorkers suffering from home foreclosure and from the very county he was elected to represent,'’ Loretta E. Lynch, the United States attorney in Brooklyn, said in a statement. “But the former Senate ethics leader didn’t stop there. Senator Sampson allegedly stole that money to fund his own ambition to become Brooklyn’s top prosecutor.'’ 

4:00PM Sampson lawyer: "The senator does not stand accused of any offenses that implicate the misuse of his office as a NYS senator, period."

U.S. Attorney Slams John Sampson’s ‘Extreme Examples of Political Hubris’(NYO)

I'll find informant and 'TAKE THEM OUT': Shocking vow revealed in corruption indictment of disgraced State Senator(NYDN)

"Not everything I told you was false," Sampson was said to have told FBI agents after they reminded him that lying to them was a crime.
Sampson is accused of stealing $440K from escrow accounts relating to foreclosure proceedings from his work as a court-appointed referee
Sampson is also accused of taking a $188,500 "loan" from an associate who was arrested for mortgage fraud in July 2011 
Discussing the cooperating witnesses in his associate's mortgage fraud case, Sampson reportedly said he could arrange to "take them out." 
Sampson said to have told an associate he embezzled money in order to pay for his 2005 campaign for Brooklyn DA, which was not successful. 
The indictment also alleges that Sampson obstructed justice by interfering w/ the federal investigation of a real estate developer. 
Read federal charges against State Sen John Sampson 
 Albany scandal deepens: frmr Democratic leader of State Senate charged w/embezzling $440,000. (NYT) * Sampson Attorney: This Is Not A Corruption Case(YNN)
State Senator John Sampson faces 9 charges, life in prison if convicted in corruption case

State senator John Sampson was taken into custody this morning by FBI agents following a public corruption investigation, according to FBI.* Sen. John Sampson surrenders today after being caught in Huntley wiretap (NYP) * : State. Sen John Sampson, a Democrat, was taken into FBI custody on federal corruption charges. * Sen. John Sampson Taken Into Custody In Connection With Corruption Probe(CBS) * John Sampson Faces Charges After Corruption Inquiry(NYT) * . says the Sampson indictment has made a bad situation worse. * State Senator Is Charged With Embezzlement(NYT)

Brooklyn state Sen. John Sampson is expected to be charged today in connection with a public corruption investigation related to accepting bribes from a businessman who wanted to expand his business at Kennedy International Airport
Pol will surrender after being caught in Huntley wiretap(NYP)
Embattled state Sen. John Sampson of Brooklyn is set to turn himself in to authorities today after being ensnared in a bribery scandal involving former colleague-turned-rat Shirley Huntley, sources said. Sampson told his aides over the weekend that he was preparing to surrender to the feds, reaching out to staffers to give them the news, the sources said.* Corruption Charge Expected for Senator(NYT) * Former US attorney Zachary Carter representing state Sen. John Sampson, in latest Albany corruption scandal  * Senate Dems Leader Stewart-Cousins says Sampson stripped of ranking positions and committees He also won't sit with Democratic conference. Senate Dems Leader Stewart-Cousins says Sampson stripped of ranking positions and committees He also won't sit with Democratic conference. Andrea Stewart-Cousins statement: John Sampson "has been stripped of his ranking positions and all committee assignments."
In 2010, the state inspector general said Mr. Sampson and other Senate leaders had manipulated the bidding process for the right to build a casino at the Aqueduct racetrack. * Stewart-Cousins boots Sampson from the Senate Democrats * Apparently, FBI agents confronted Sampson on July 27, 2012 outside his Brooklyn home. He said embezzled checks "didn't ring a bell." Sampson was once chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee * Sampson told feds he was cultivating a mole because he was not “good” with computers * "minor party lines have been for sale"--. * What To Know About John Sampson(YNN) * Sampson Pleads Not Guilty To Federal Corruption Charges (NY1) *  Tom Precious recalls John Sampson‘s heyday: “Soft-spoken, the large, muscular Sampson held a regular workout routine in a legislative gym located across the street from the Capitol.”

AEG Cover Up (True News)

Despite New Lawmaker Arrests, Cuomo's Ethics Reform Plans Face Legislative Opposition
Daily News Says Cuomo Election Reforms DOA
Only Moreland Commissioner Stick Left for the Governor 
 Two of Gov. Cuomo’s proposals for cleaning up Albany are “nonstarters” according to insiders in both chambers of the Legislature, with some lawmakers charging that Cuomo is more interested in turning around his declining poll numbers. Cuomo wants to strip party leaders of the power of granting access to their ballot lines to nonparty members. And he has proposed a new investigative panel, led by a Cuomo appointee, within the ineffective state Board of Elections to probe campaign violations.   Gov. Andrew Cuomo sees bills and ratings slip up(NYDN) * Ad Blitz by Democrats Backs Two of New York Governor's Planks(WSJ) The campaigns, to begin airing early this week, will focus on Mr. Cuomo's package of anticorruption proposals, as well as on the 10-point Women's Equality Act, which includes a measure to codify state abortion rights with federal law. Both are items the governor has identified as priorities he hopes to pass by the end of session, in late June. * Senate Republicans will hold a hearing on the abuses of New York City’s public campaign financing system on Tuesday, while an organization backing public campaign finance will begin attacking Republican incumbents with mail advertisements, the Times-Union reports * Cuomo has an op-ed, outlining the "to do" list of NY legislators(NYDN) * Senate Hearing on NYC Campaign Financing A 'Kangaroo Court' 

Here Comes More Cuomo Ads 
* Lovett: Gov. Andrew Cuomo sees bills and ratings slip u (NYDN) * A “high-level official” says Cuomo is “floundering around” and trying to get his poll numbers up as corruption cases mount in Albany. * State Senator John Sampson to surrender on corruptions (WABC) * Yet Another New York Politician to Be Charged With Corruption(NY Mag) * As the Legislature heads into its final months of the session, the state Democratic party is set to spend more than $1 million on TV ad campaigns designed to promote and execute two central planks of his agenda: The Women’s Equality Act and anti-corruption proposals.* Newsday editorializes against the Assembly Republicans recall elections proposal, saying it won’t stop corruption in Albany. * Cuomo on passing anticorruption laws: "With today, there is more of an urgency to do it, and denial is not a life strategy." 

Reading the Huntley sentencing letter makes me sense that the feds learned of the Port Authority "scheme" from Senator#1 wiretap.

Klein & IDC feeling pretty vindicated right about now.
Only Morland Will Work
New York Needs A Moreland Commission to Restore to Democracy

Campaign finance reform will not longer fix with is wrong with government.  Both of our  U.S. Attorney's have already proven in this sick political culture of  New York our elected officials are criminally selling their vote and and corruption public financing of campaigns.  We need ongoing commission at least 5 years that will put our political system on trial to get the bottom of this criminal conspiracy and jail those who have taken advantage of their position.  These bums have gamed out political system to the point that no one reform will change the criminal culture.   In the 1930's the Seabury commission exposed judges, attorneys, police and bail bondsmen who extort money from defendants facing trial.  The people of the state of New York have the same rights to have a commission to expose the political culture corruption.  Everyone in government is trying to find a way to go around, ignore or find some public relations way to keep the system going.  Bharara calls that strategy Groundhog day.  A band aid will not fix this.  Organize crime elected officials are a cancer that is destroying our democracy.* Senate Republicans will hold a hearing on the abuses of New York City’s public campaign financing system on Tuesday, while an organization backing public campaign finance will begin attacking Republican incumbents with mail advertisements, the Times-Union reports: With Sampson's indictment, 32 state officeholders have been convicted or accused of misconduct in 7 years, according to 

New Yorkers Have A Constitutional Right to A Corruption Free Government 
The Moreland Act was an act passed by the New York Legislature and signed into law in 1907. It was introduced by Sherman Moreland who was the Republican leader of the legislature. The act allows the governor, in person or through one or more persons appointed by the Governor, to examine management and affairs of any department, board, bureau or commission in the state. Investigators could interview witnesses, administer oaths, hold hearings, and seize any material deemed relevant to the investigator's case.  

NY Organized Crime Politics
New Yorkers are continuing to lose faith in their state government and elected officials. The governor cannot continue to claim New York is better off today than it has been in years until he exercises his power for the Moreland Commission and rids the Capitol of these corrupt politicians. The investigators then had to use that intelligence to recommend legislative actions.  It is time to drain the swamp of these corrupt politicians.

New York State legislators are paid very well. Among highest in country. They need to take bribes? All this shame for a little bit of money.I can understand why the and his renegades would rather conference with GOP than with this bunch.

More Albany Politics
A review of the salaries of state legislators shows that some lawmakers were rewarded with high-profile leadership positions that come with higher stipends, with the largest salary increase going to Assemblyman Joe Morelle, Gannett Albany writes

Corruption in Albany(NYT Ed)
The indictment of yet another politician by federal investigators is one way to clean up New York’s rancid state government. Public financing of campaigns is another.
 It will take more than public shaming to the Albany crowd to do things right. Our list of proposals includes, foremost, the public financing of campaigns in order to provide competition for those entrenched in state office. That would be especially helpful in New York City, where voters have elected too many of the worst malefactors in Albany. Meanwhile, we encourage the prosecutors to keep probing — and listening.

Good Government Bill vs. lobbyists

Campaign consultants would no longer be allowed to turn around and lobby those they help elect 

'Firewall' bill vs. lobbyists: Campaign consultants would no longer be allowed to turn around and lobby those they help elect(NYDN) Any firms that provide campaign management, fundraising services, public relations, development of campaign literature and ads, and strategic advice to a campaign will be prohibited from lobbying state officials on legislation, regulatory changes, budget items and procurement of services.* Campaign consultants would no longer be able to turn around and lobby those they help elect under a bill to be introduced today by IDC member Sen. David Valesky.


The Parkside Corruption (True News)

 Smith Advisor Hank Sheinkopf Connected to AEG and Much More

NY1 Reporter Grace Rauh listed corrupt lobbyist Hank Sheinkopf as one of the 50 relatives, pals, colleagues and clients who wrote character letters on his Lipsky's defense successful to avoid a long prison sentence The NY1 reporter failed to mention the absurdity of a Sheinkropf send a letter of character to a judge.  Rauh should have told her views that Sheinkropf took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.  Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post   There is a lot more in areas like pensions and HUD corrupt where Sheinkropf name appears. Former Village Voice reporter Wayne Barrett best described how Sheinkopf operates "Sheinkopf makes kings so he can then make deals with the kings he’s made." 
Sheinkopf working for Robert Williams Scandal.
Behind Big Political Gifts, a Mysterious Donor - The New York Times

David Paterson says if he's ever going to steal something, it will be a complex, Ocean's 11 style art heist in the mold of a gentleman thief

Why Are NYC District Attorneys Not Indicting Pols?
DA Johnson Worked With the US Attorney on the Recent Bronx Arrests
Why is it always up to the federal government?

Insiders describe it as an inherently “political animal” that can often have trouble indicting members of the party—which in New York City is the Democratic Party—that controls who serves in the local legal system. To some extent, every Democratic district attorney has close relationships with Democratic Party leadership. For example, Hynes had to recuse himself from the investigation into Vito Lopez’s alleged sexual harassment of his staffers. Lopez, of course, is a former party boss that knows Hynes very well. Another Corruption Case is Brought by the Feds, Not a District Attorney(Barkan) * Brooklyn DA candidate Ken Thompson used the Sampson scandal to slam his primary target, DA Joe Hynes, though the charges against Sampson stem from his ’05 challenge to Hynes, which complicates things. (More here).* The John Sampson saga spills over into the Brooklyn D.A. race

NY1 Online: First Look At Report Examining Political Clubs (NY1)
Read the complete report, "Hidden from View, The Undisclosed Campaign Activity of Political Clubs in New York State," written and published by Citizens Union. 
Campaign 2013

 Spy’s the limit: Liu calls NYPD Muslim watch unconstitutional (NYP) City Comptroller John Liu yesterday ripped the NYPD’s program that monitors the Muslim community in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, calling the effort unconstitutional.* .: "Some things that are being said today are in contradiction to what certain people have said in the past." Means de Blasio

Bill Thompson is charity cheapo (NYP) Bill Thompson is the charity cheapskate among the top rivals in this year’s Democratic mayoral campaign. The former city comptroller, who turned heads with his $727,621 in private-sector earnings last year, gave just $4,750 to charity, according to, the lowest of the Democratic candidatesBill Thompson Set To Pick Up Backing From Two NY Assembly Members Today(NYDN) Assemblyman Karim Camara, the Brooklyn Democrat who heads the Legislature's black, Hispanic and Puerto Rican Caucus; and former Manhattan Democratic chairman and longtime Assemblyman Herman "Denny" Farrell are set to formally back Thompson. * Bill Thompson’s well-paved private sector path (NY World) Mayoral candidate prospered as exec of bond firm whose city business boomed during his stint as comptroller * After That 2009 Bloomberg Campaign Thing, Bill Thompson And Hank Sheinkopf Reunite(NYDN)

Does anyone believe that the attacks on Weiner in the NYP are not coming from her opponents
Drooping Weiner got boo$t from shady bros(NYP) Hedge-fund brothers David and Eugene Grin helped former Rep. Anthony Weiner find consulting work after resigning from Congress amid scandal and also contributed over $50,000 to his mayoral and congressional campaigns * Inbox: "TODAY 4:15pm, Students to Protest Anthony Weiner for Discriminatory Position On Discipline" * Ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner isn’t a candidate for mayor yet, but he’s already drawing demonstrators.* Protesters Target Weiner on School Discipline Stance(NYT)

Make City Council meetings "must see" TV. Mayor's Question Time. Idea 46.

McDonald and Campaign Finance

Strict Limits on Giving in City Races Are Upheld(NYT)
George T. McDonald, a Republican mayoral candidate, said that the city’s laws disadvantaged first-time candidates without a longtime base of supporters or a personal fortune. A judge rebuffed an attempt by New York City mayoral candidate George McDonald to overturn the city’s limits on campaign contributions, saying that the city’s laws were not pre-empted by the state, as charged by McDonald

John Liu
NYC Comptroller and mayoral candidate John Liu ripped the NYPD’s program that monitors the Muslim community in the wake of the Sept. 11 terror attacks, calling the effort unconstitutional. *  Liu lashes out at prosecutor over allegation he knew of straw donor scheme:
* , video of speech before unveiling , a rethinking of NYC's fiscal priorities:

GOP NYC mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota won’t ever wear a dress at the Inner Circle show like his former boss, Rudy Giuliani.

Hoping to Make Voters Happier Than Shoppers(NYT)
During his mayoral campaign, John A. Catsimatidis, the billionaire Republican candidate, must confront the public’s often-strained relationship with the company for which he is best known: Gristedes.

The Working Families Party has a number of litmus test issues for NYC Council candidates who want its endorsement for the fall elections. 

Mayoral Pandering Tour Continues

NYC Government

Pension Costs
The Post writes that Mayor Bloomberg’s budget presentation highlighted the harsh reality for the city’s municipal unions that pension and benefit costs are so high that there is little money left over for pay increases

Sick Pay
A bill to require businesses to give their workers paid sick days passed a City Council committee today and will go before the full Council for a vote Wednesday.

Voting Machines
INBOX: NYS Senate GOP passes bill allowing use of lever voting machines in NYC elections.

911 Emergency

EXCLUSIVE: Emergency situation for 911! City's EMS in disarray as lack of dispatchers forces cops to respond to life-or-death calls(NYDN)
City's 911 Call Center Facing Operator Shortage

Safe at last: Crime way down in danger zones (NYP)  Some of the city’s meanest streets have seen the largest drops in crime this year. The city’s biggest plunge comes in The Bronx’s rough 49th Precinct — which includes Morris Park and Pelham Parkway — where total major crime fell 28.5 percent through...

A Court Rule Directs Cases Over Friskings to One Judge

Over the last decade Judge Shira A. Scheindlin has presided over many cases involving the Police Department’s stop-and-frisk policies — a development that has frustrated city officials. Federal District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin has come to exercise nearly exclusive domain on whether the New York Police Department’s policies adhere to the Fourth Amendment restrictions for officers conducting street stops

"Bloomberg, NYPD & King have been accused of being anti-Islam. But Boston vindicates their foresight." - Goodwin:


Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz fired back at Cuomo for labeling him an “extremist” and calling on New York Republicans to cancel his fundraising speech here at the end of the month, saying the governor should focus on running his state, the NNYP’s Fred Dicker writes
Gun is lock & ‘upload’: print-your-own pistol would beat metal detectors(NYP) * Cruz missile(NYP)  Texan hits Andy on guns. Tough-talking Texas US Sen. Ted Cruz is firing back at Gov. Cuomo for branding him an “extremist’’ and saying New York Republicans should cancel his fund-raising speech here at the end of the month. * Real Gun Control From Sacramento(NYT Ed) * Schumer: Ban 3-D Printers from Making Guns(NBC) * 3D gun raising safety concerns(Fox 5) * Activist plans NYC gun giveaway

Bike Safety

Security Tight for Bikers Through New York's Five Boroughs(WSJ)
Amid heavy security Sunday, a popular annual bike race—one of the first large-scale public events since the April 15 bombings at the Boston Marathon—rolled through New York City without major incident.* Cyclists Hit City Streets For Five Boro Bike Tour(NY1)

Neighbors Resist a Plan to Clean a Toxic Canal
The Environmental Protection Agency’s $500 million proposal to clean the Gowanus Canal has worried Brooklyn residents about the effects on the air and a beloved swimming pool.

ENVIRONMENT SPOTLIGHT: City & State looks at the push for a hydrofracking moratorium in the state Senate [], assesses Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s environmental record [], and asks top environmental officials to weigh in on the issues [].(City and State)


The Board of Education Lives On, if Only to Be Sued(NYT)

Many lawyers have found that if you have a legal complaint against New York City’s schools, you have to sue the department or the Board of Education, which many thought was abolished.


Cuomo: $5.9M To Restore Sandy-Damaged SI Beaches


Reluctant Cuomo's Portrait
Almost 19 years after he left office, Mario Cuomo's state portrait will finally take its place alongside the likes of John Jay, Nelson Rockefeller and even Mr. Cuomo's successor, George Pataki.Nearly two decades after he left office, a portrait of former Gov. Mario Cuomo will finally take its place in the Hall of Governors at the state capitol, after Cuomo famously refused to sit for his portrait for years.  Almost two decades after he left office, former Gov. Mario Cuomo’s state portrait will finally take its place alongside those of John Jay, Nelson Rockefeller and his successor, George Pataki, on June 15, which is also his 81st birthday.

 U.S. Senate Expected To Pass Internet Tax Bill Monday(NY1)

Foes and friends of reform are set to offer a slew of amendments to the mammoth immigration bill this week(Politico)
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Sunday Roundtables: This Week | Meet the Press | FNS | Face the Nation
CBS News producer John Nolen reports Senate just voted 69-27 to pass the Internet Sales Tax bill. Now goes to the House.


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The Daily Debate: Friedrich Hayek, Call Your Office 

Law and Order

Gang: Just kill anyone (NYP) The Latin Kings suspected of gunning down a college-bound Bronx teen last month knew they were firing at an innocent — but were ordered to shoot anyone they saw, sources said yesterday. Raul Pacheco, 21, and Eric Landron, 23, had initially been...
Fugitive apprehended after escaping custody in Harlem; subway service resumes(NYP)

Suspect arrested in East Village groping of young girl(WABC)

City on high alert as search continues for Queens sex p (WPIX)

Juvenile deliquents housed near home are finding it too easy to go AWOL(NYDN Ed)City must tighten up loose control of the teens
Handcuffed Suspect Who Caused Subway Manhunt In Custody(NY1)

Chase for Escaped Prisoner Shuts Subway Lines for 2 Hours(NYT)
Man Arrested in East Village Groping of 9-Year-Old Girl(NBC)
Let's make a plea deal! Bronx ‘thugs’ slide in bid to clear backlog(NYP)
Cops Release New Video of Queens Child Sex Assault Susp (NBC)
Suspected gang members arrested in murder of Bronx teen to be extradited from R.I., cops say:
Chase for Escaped Prisoner Shuts Subway Lines for 2 Hours(NYT)

FBI believes "a terror attack was disrupted" when authorities arrested a man in western Minnesota

Friend of Bostom Bombing suspect accused of lying to police to be released(NYP)

FBI finds Molotov cocktails, 'pipe bombs' and firearms in home of suspected homegrown terrorist(NYP) 
FBI: Local 'terror attack' thwarted in Minn. town - Newsday - Newsday