Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mayoral Candidates and Interests Searching for An Echo

Who is the NYP, Bloomberg and the Gays Against Quinn Talking Too?

Is Anyone Talking to the Voters?

The question the mayoral candidates and interesting groups are asking themselves this morning is who is getting through to the public.  Is it Quinn who came out for police controls or Bloomberg who is attacking her and the other candidates for support to the Inspector General.  Is de Blasio and those pushing the sick pay bill hurt Quinn.  Will the Gays against Quinn who attack her last night for blocking the sick paid bill at the mayoral forum on gay issues having an impact at hurting the frontrunners poll numbers?

Yassky Was Talking to the Special Interests Not the Voters
Or will the poll numbers of the candidates not move because New York's voters are more concerned with issues the candidates are not talking about like high taxes,high unemployment numbers and hospital closing. After 12 years of a very strong leader are New Yorkers looking for a mayoral candidate that has a similar strong message?  Which is hard to do when your running for office and play to all sides and flip flop on issues to win votes. What message does pandering to interests groups send to the voters?  Remember the editorial boards of the Daily News, NYP  and the NYT supported David Yassky for comptroller in 2009.

A Victim of Their Own Success?  Does the NYP and Bloomberg Concern About Police Control Matter in An Era of Low Crime
Quinn’s usual ally, Mayor Bloomberg, said the plan “will put the lives of New Yorkers and our police officers at risk,” and he vowed to veto it
Bloomberg warned that New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn’s plan to install an Inspector General to have oversight of the NYPD could force a spike in crime to the levels of the 1970s or ‘80s  Mayor Bloomberg slams Christine Quinn's plan to have NYPD 'inspector general'(NYP) *Mayor Blasts NYPD Monitor(WSJ) * Bloomberg Blasts Council's Proposal For NYPD Inspector General(NY1)
The mayor argues that legislation she supports to install an inspector general to oversee NYPD “policies and strategies” effectively sets up a rival police commissioner. NYP asks "what would be the mission of that rival commissioner? To undercut one of the tools that has helped Mayor Bloomberg and Commissioner Ray Kelly transform New York into the safest big city in America: stop-question-and-frisk."* Mayor Vows to Veto Inspector for Police(NYT) * Christine Quinn rejects criticism of her police-oversight (NYP) * There's at least one sign that this is yet another relatively controlled disagreement between the mayor and speaker, though. As NY1's Bobby Cuza pointed out, Bloomberg denounced the bill without mentioning Quinn by name.* Is Quinn risking Bloomberg's support by endorsing the I.G. legislation? [Chris Smith] * How the mayoral candidates are debating public safety. [Brigid Bergin]

9m NY Post cover so unfair to and the rest of us who want to have a thoughtful conversation about NYPD practices.

Will Gay Leaders Who Oppose Quinn Reach the Voters With Their Message?

Christine Quinn booed by LGBT groups during forum for Democratic mayoral candidates(NYDN) Quinn's jeers came in response to her resistance to paid-sick-days legislation, saying the move would hurt small businesses. But Quinn said she expects the legislation will eventually pass. Quinn was booed by LGBT groups during a mayoral forum last night because of her resistance to paid sick leave legislation, maintaining that the mandate would hurt small businesses * Quinn, Rivals At Odds Over Paid Sick Leave At Mayoral Candidates Forum(WSJ) * Quinn booed by LGBT groups at mayoral forum(NYDN)* A 'paid sick time' poll and campaign video, aimed at Quinn. [Azi Paybarah]

Team Lhota Starting to Make the Right Calls
 Republican Council Members Endorse Lhota(NYT) All four Republican New York City Council members endorsed former MTA chairman Joe Lhota, a Republican, for mayor, while the Bronx Republican Party also voted to back Lhota in the mayoral race instead of his Republican counterpart John Catsimatidis * Lhota Gets Bronx GOP Nod(WSJ) * Some Question Whether Guy Molinari Is Still Leader Of Staten Island's GOP(NY1) * Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos is backing supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis for mayor of NYC.

Catsimatidis Spin Crap Against Lhota Endorsment
Mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis, who has “a very important press conference” later today, dismissed rival Joe Lhota‘s various endorsements yesterday, and further insinuated that Minority Leader Jimmy Oddo is trying to deliver City Hall to Council Speaker Christine Quinn by backing Mr. Lhota. “It would be easier for Quinn to beat Lhota than to beat me,” he argued. “So I’m not sure he’s acting in the best interests of the Republican Party.”* Only in New York, kiddies: Catsimatidis once owned the townhouse in which his rival, George McDonald, now lives.  

With Less Than 3% of the GOP Registered As Latino Does the WSJ Think Carrion Had Any Shot in That Primary?
Bronx GOP's Lhota Endorsement Strikes Blow to Carrion

Why Does the Media Ignore A Criminal Trial and Investigation that Will Have A Major Inpact on the Mayor's Race

Will Any of His Ads Get the Play His Testimony At Next Month Trial Will Get?
Liu is First Dem to Run Ads in Mayoral Race (WSJ)Another mayoral hopeful, Comptroller John Liu, is hitting the radio waves with ads in Spanish, Creole, Russian and English. “In the fight to take back our city, consider this the first blow,” the English, “African-American” ad narrates. “Because after 12 years of edicts from City Hall, John Liu is going to start a dialogue with every corner of the city. Because he’s not going to be the mayor of the 1 percent, but of the 100 percent.”* Charles Barron Making Mayoral Endorsements Far From Home(NYO)

What if Anything Will the SI DA Investigation of the WFP Tell Us About How de Blasio Tried to Hide Campaign Spending?
In the Times, state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio write that the Securities and Exchange Commission should mandate that publicly held corporations disclose their political spending * Bill de Blasio rep votes against Cornell 'genius school' (NYDN) * De Blasio’s mayoral hopes rest on taxing rich for preschool:(City and State)

NY1 Online: Saujani Makes Her Case For Public Advocate(NY1)

Passover Ads
Democratic mayoral candidate Erick Salgado. “I am the man who is going to understand the rabbis, the priests, the pastors, because I have been on both sides of the aisle,” Mr. Salgdo declared in the piece.
Queens BP candidates looking to make their mark(NYDN)

 Council candidates flush with cash(NYDN)

Orthodox Jewish fixture considers another challenge to a 'punk' Council incumbent in Williamsburg(Capital)

full-length video of this week's Daily News/Metro-IAF mayoral candidate forum on public safety.
Stop and Frisk Trial

Whistleblow officer is for stop-&-frisk (NYP) A disgruntled cop who’s serving as a star witness against the NYPD’s use of stop-and-frisk unexpectedly praised the controversial police tactic yesterday as an essential weapon in the city’s war on crime.* Stop-and-Frisk Trial Turns to Claim of Arrest Quotas(NYT) * A second New York City police officer testified in court that he believed police faced retaliation if they did not meet monthly arrest quotas for arrests, tickets, and stop-and-frisk activity, and claimed that he was made an outcast after complaining to Internal Affairs, the Journal writes:  *Second Officer Cites Street-Stops Quotas(WSJ) * Court Hears Tapes Of NYPD Bosses Allegedly Explaining Stop-And-Frisk Quotas(NY1) * Cop testifies he was called 'rat' for protesting stop-and-frisk (NYDN)
Kimani Gray's Mother Meets With Prosecutors(WSJ)* NYPD Shooting Victim Kimani Gray's Mom 'Not Pleased' with DA Investigation(DNAINFO)

Political Corruption

Live by the sword be prepared to die by the sword
Political consultant who stole 750G from Bloomberg turns himself in (NYP) His appellate options likely exhausted, disgraced political consultant John Haggerty finally turned himself in yesterday to begin serving a sentence of at least 1 1/3 years in prison. Haggerty had been convicted in October 2011 of stealing $750,000... * Appeal Denied, Ex-Consultant Is Off to Jail(NYT) * Queens Politico Begins Serving Time for Stealing Mayor's Money(WSJ) Political consultant John Haggerty turned himself in yesterday to begin serving his one-and-a-third year prison sentence for stealing $750,000 in campaign cash from Bloomberg, but will still appeal to the state’s highest court* GOP operative to prison for stealing from Bloomy(NYDN)

The Staten Island District Attorney should explain what's happening with his probe of Assemblyman Vito Lopez. [Staten Island Advance]

Budget Deal

Budget Update The Senate and Assembly are planning to return to the Albany late Saturday afternoon to begin passing budget bills. It is still uncertain, however, whether either or both houses will work through the night or return Sunday and possibly Monday for further action.
It could be a late night down at the Capitol this coming Saturday.
The state Business Council split the baby with its statement on the conceptual budget deal.
The CBC deems the early extension of the millionaire’s tax “disappointing.”
"Some taxes go up, some taxes go down." — Andrew Cuomo
Gov. Cuomo dances around past claims on taxes as he extends hikes for the rich again(NYP) * Gov. Cuomo’s tax commission had no role in new state budget’s tax plans(NYP) * State Lawmakers Agree To Budget Deal(WSJ) * The Daily News questions whether the state has enough money to send tax rebates to middle-class families if the state gov(NYDN)6 hrs ago* Framing The Framework Agreement(YNN) * Some Details On Budget Remain Elusive(YNN) * CUNY Prof. Eric Alterman: “Politically as well as philosophically, the younger Cuomo is a hybrid species, one that pundits have trouble identifying.” * Ron Deutsch New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness calls the $350 “family rebate” check championed by the Senate GOP “ill conceived.”

Daily News and NYP Not Happy With the Budget

Albany is playing fast and loose with planned rebate(NYDN Ed) There's no thrift involved in election year bonus

NYP's McManus Attacks Budget Deal
The NYP says Albany is Ignore the Dismal Employment Stats by Passing the Job-Killing Minimum-Wage Hike  The Post’s Bob McManus argues that U.S. Census Bureau statistics which show that upstate counties are losing residents reflect poorly on Cuomo’s economic policies * Bob McManus accuses Cuomo of being the governor of NYC and not the entire state – largely because he won’t approve fracking. McManus: "Cuomo’s slow-motion evolution from Different Democrat 2 just another poll-driven blue-state pol"* calls the extension of a temporary tax rate for high earners "a shortsighted, politically expedient deal."

Guns: No 7 Round Magazines
New York Governor Favors Easing Newly Passed Gun Law(NYT) * Biden and Mayor to Meet on Gun Policy(NYT) Cuomo changed his position on the need to ban the sale of larger bullet clips, saying that gun dealers would still be allowed to sell magazines that hold up to 10 bullets, after the new state gun laws would have banned gun clips holding more than 7 bullets, The Buffalo News writes: * Cuomo Plans Change to Firearms Law(WSJ) * Cuomo Indicates State Gun Reform Law Could Be Altered(NY1) * The Rev. Al Sharpton, Grammy winner Tony Bennett, Sheriff & Newtown resident Darren Wagner and others will lead a rally in support of the SAFE Act and against gun violence in Harlem at 4:30 p.m.*

After insisting New York needed to ban the sale of larger size bullet clips, Cuomo now says gun dealers still will be able to sell magazines that hold up to 10 bullets.* Cuomo and legislative leaders are negotiating language that would continue to allow the sale of magazines holding up to 10 rounds, but still forbid New Yorkers from loading more than 7 rounds into those magazines. * Despite all its flaws, Cuomo says the SAFE Act was not hastily passed.* Meanwhile, AG Eric Scheniderman is getting positive press for reaching a deal with gun show operators to close a tracking and sales loophole.* Cuomo Acknowledges Seven-Round Magazines Don't Exist, Loosens Gun Law(NY Mag) * Cuomo Seeks To Ease Restrictions On New York Gun Control As Budget Talks Reach 'Conceptual' Deal (Huff Post) * Cuomo says the revision to his gun control bill isn't political. [Reid Pillifant]* Silver said top lawmakers have an agreement in concept to remove the April 15 effective date on purchase ban for 8, 9 and 10-round magazines* Rifle And Pistol Association Files Federal Suit To Overturn Gun Law(YNN) * After being hit with a long-awaiting lawsuit from the New York Rifle & Pistol Association, AG Eric Schneiderman said his office will continue to defend the controversial gun-control law passed in January.

New School Aid in Budget(WSJ)Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers reached a deal on a framework for a $142 billion state budget that helps city schools recover funding it lost for missing a deadline for a teacher-evaluation plan.  Council hearing on Dept. of Ed budget. Of note, funding comes from NYC (56%), NY State (36%) and US Govt (8%).* Walcott says impact of state cuts being felt in schools by losing teachers through attrition. Says this is "within the letter of the law..." * CM Jackson says loss of education state aid violates preliminary injunction*  In testimony before City Council, Walcott blames loss of $250 mil in state school funds on UFT's "obstinance."* . chancellor walcott says hiring freeze since jan. 29th. Have already lost 400 teachers through attrition *In an attempt to break a logjam between the Bloomberg administration and the UFT, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is considering tweaking state law to ensure teacher-evaluation agreements wouldn’t expire until they are renegotiated.

Medical Marijuana
The Times-Union urges Assemblyman Steve Katz to reconsider his opposition to a medical marijuana bill in the wake of his arrest for marijuana possession, which showed that he uses the drug for recreational purposes: * A deal on marijuana reform for New York City has not been reached yet. [Jon Campbell and Joseph Spector]

Medicaid Overcharges
The Poughkeepsie Journal: “The state has been rightly outed and then roundly criticized for bilking billions of dollars out of the Medicaid system for decades, a practice that both New York and federal officials now recognize must stop.” 

Appeals Court To Consider Local New York Fracking Bans(Huff Post)

Toll Relief
"To support toll relief, Staten Island pols had to vote for DREAM Act"

Killing A Hospital

The bad news is in the mail: 90-day layoff notices sent (NYDN)The bad news is in the mail. Layoff notices were mailed late Tuesday to the homes of 1,800 Long Island College Hospital employees — the same day state officials voted to close the Cobble Hill healthcare* MT : NY1 Online: Board of Trustees Chairman Carl McCall Explains Closing

Nanny Bloomberg

City's Styrofoam ban will cost $100M per year: report(NYDN)*

Hiding the Smokes(NYT Ed) Keeping cigarettes out of sight could help prevent young people from developing a deadly habit.


NYC Government

Mayor Finds New Passion for Recycling(WSJ)Bloomberg hopes to expand recycling in New York City with 1000 new recycling receptacles across the city, as statistics from the 2012 Mayor’s Management Report shows that recycling is down from 35.1 percent in 2002 to 16.6 percent in 2012 * With nine months left in his term, Bloomberg hopes to expand recycling in New York with a plan to station 1,000 new recycling receptacles across the city, including 30 big-bellied, solar-powered canisters in Times Square.

Police Overtime
GOP Senator Tom Coburn to NYPD commish Ray Kelly: Grow up and pay your own overtime(NYDN) Coburn pushed a doomed bill on Wednesday that would prevent police from using federal counterterrorism funds to pay for overtime. Kelly, worried about the money being cut, sent a letter to the senator, who dismissed it.

Healty Eating
City teams up with L.A., Chicago for healthier school l(NYDN)
Speed Cams
\City OKs speed-limit cam plan, asks state Legislature to (NYDN) * Drivers caught speeding near 44 Brooklyn schools, new DOT (NYDN)

Pre-K Fraud
Orthodox Tied To Pre-K (Jewish Week)

Cars Snow Plowed
Neighbors: Video Shows NYC Plow Truck Hit Our Cars(NBC)


New York City Is Getting Futuristic Touchscreen Subway Maps

Second Ave Subway
 MTA's East Side Access Slowly Digs Its Way Forward(NY1)
Bowery Without the Bums

Martin Scorsese pleads with city planners to preserve Bowery's 'grittiness', 'atmosphere'(NYP)


Heck of A Job Browne II?
An official investigating the state’s disaster response found that the gasoline shortage in New York City after superstorm Sandy was made worse by poor communication between state, local, and federal officials who weren’t trained for the crisis Poor Training Exacerbated Gas Shortage(WSJ) * Oklahoma Senator Says FEMA's New Flood Maps Are Creating Confusion(NY1) * City Council Adds Markets to Seaport Plan(WSJ) *Coney’s back? Not according to new group(Brooklyn Paper) * 40 Percent of Sheepshead Firms Still Shut Post-Sandy

Mob and Heating Oil Prices

Heating Oil Companies Face Inquiry on Purity of Fuel(NYT)

Brooklyn Circus

Jumbo in dumbo (NYP) It was an elephantastic time yesterday as the circus came to Brooklyn. Eight Asian elephants with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus stomped on watermelons and other fruit before lifting the pieces with their tusks and enjoying their...  


Decrepit Stable in Queens Is Shut Down After 6 Horses Die(NYT)

Saving Penn Station

Flexibility and Moxie Can Save West Side(NYT) An opportunity has arrived in New York City to address the disaster of Penn Station, beyond developing the James A. Farley Post Office, above, into an Amtrak station.

375 Pearl Street

A New Purpose for an Old Telephone Building, but Its Dull Face Remains(NYT) Plans to turn 375 Pearl Street in Lower Manhattan into a glass-skinned office tower collapsed in the five years since they were announced, and now the building is becoming a commercial data center, its limestone exterior intact.


 In the 2012 race for the White House, journalists played a smaller role in shaping what voters heard about the presidential candidates. In the 2012 campaign, only about one quarter of the statements in the media about the character and records of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney came directly from journalists while about half came from political partisans. In 2000, half of the statements about the presidential candidates came from the media and only about one-third from the partisans.

Tonight’ headed to Apple(NYP)

NBC Would Be Crazy to Give Jay Leno's Tonight Job to Jimmy Fallon(NY mag)

leno nbc Jay Leno Ripped His NBC Bosses Once Again; What Did He Say This Time?
 leno drudge Drudge Defends Leno From Liberals 'Cheering' His Exit: He 'Dared To Entertain Other 50% Of Country'

WATCH: Inside The Actors Studio Host James Lipton Interviews Tina Fey… As Sarah Palin


Washington and Israel
Rockets hit Israel as President Obama prepares to meet Palestinians(NYP)

‘Peace’ in Mideast (NYP) JERUSALEM — President Obama began his whirlwind tour of the Holy Land with his new best pal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as the two exchanged jokes, compliments, and a hug, while closing — or, at least, papering over — the gap on...  *Obama Touches Down in West Bank(WSJ) * Cuomo announced his administration has signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel that will expand technological and economic relations in nanotechnology, which involves manipulating matter on an atomic scale.* President Obama meets Palestinians as rockets hit Israe (WABC) * Obama meets with Palestinian officials hours after Gaza militants launch rockets into Israel (NYP): "political leaders will not take risks if the people do not demand that they do. You must create the change that you want to see." "As we face the twilight of Israel's founding generation, you - the young people of Israel - must now claim the future." - Obama * Obama heckled in Israel(Wash Post) * WATCH: Obama gets heckled in , handles it smoothly *Obama’s Empathetic Israel Speech(NY Mag) * President Obama Denounces Hamas In Speech At Joint West Bank Press Conference * TOUGH LOVE: Obama's Speech A Bitter Pill For Israel * Obama Lays Out Case for Israel to Revive Peace Talks(NYT) * This Time, No Call to Halt Settlements(NYT)

GUTLESS COWARDS! Congress shows no spine, shame in betraying the dead and the living with their decision to strip assault weapons ban from gun control legislation

Fusion Power on the Right - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
It's the Rubio and Rand Party, Now - Jim VandeHei & Mike Allen, Politico
To Stem Gun Violence, US Needs Assault Weapons Ban - Ron Fournier, NJ

Bloomberg and Biden's Message For Congress
VP Joe Biden will meet Bloomberg and families from Newtown at City Hall in Lower Manhattan at 11 a.m. The group will demand that Congress take action on commonsense gun reforms and pass legislation like background checks for all gun sales.* Biden To Meet With Bloomberg, Newtown Families To Talk Gun (WCBS) * Vice President Biden in NYC to talk gun control(WABC)* Biden: Gun-control laws may have saved children in Newtown(Wash Post) * Biden and Bloomberg Team Up to Pressure Congress on Guns Again(NYO) * Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg Press Congress On Gun Control: 'Think About Newtown'(Huff Post)

Meet the NRA's Biggest Recruiter - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Can Republicans Close the Pop Culture Gap? - Tevi Troy, RealClearPolitics
A Letter to Paul Wolfowitz - Andrew Bacevich, Harper's Magazine
The Future of Nation Building - Max Boot, Commentary
Iraq War Made ObamaCare Possible - Philip Klein, Washington Examiner
Was Ryan's Budget Really a Losing Issue in 2012? - Sean Trende, RCP
Republican Budget Kills American Dream - Rep. Tony Cardenas, Politico
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Can the U.S. Dollar Become Almighty Once Again? - Michael Sivy, Time
Cyprus Is Eurozone's Own Lehman Moment - Matthew Lynn, MarketWatch
The Unmourned at Kermit Gosnell's Abortion "Clinic" - Mark Steyn, NRO
Obama Hopes for a Fresh Start in Israel - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Why Did President Obama Come to Israel? - Caroline Glick, Jerusalem Post
The Growing Need for Missile Defense - Chicago Tribune
Afghan Friction: U.S. Faces a Bumpy Road to Withdrawal - Pittsburgh PG
Jim Webb Takes On Both Parties on Foreign Policy - Richmond TD
Pope Francis: Strength in Symbols - Boston Herald
Neurosurgeon’s Speeches Have Conservatives Dreaming of 2016(NYT)
Rising Stars in G.O.P. Compete for Spotlight(NYT)
House Passes Plan to Avert Federal Shutdown (NYT)
Wall Street

Toxic Financial Product Returns To Wall Street(Huff Post)


Law and Order

Police involved shooting in Brooklyn
Update Judge Vacates Man's Conviction In Rabbi Murder Case
Cop who got innocent man jailed claims he’s a scapegoat (NYP) The NYPD detective whose corner-cutting investigative work, combined with a community’s blood lust for quick justice, put an apparently innocent man in prison for 23 years insists he’s being scapegoated by the very district attorney
A Man May Be Freed for a Wrongful Murder Conviction and a Brooklyn DA May Take a Re-election Hit (Barkan)* Jailed for 2 Decades, David Ranta Is Facing Freedom With Apprehension(NYT) Brooklyn D.A. candidate, Ken Thompson, blasted incumbent Joe Hynes over yesterday’s front-page New York Times story on one of his cases. “The people of Brooklyn deserve a DA who will insist from Day 1 that every case is investigated and prosecuted fairly and with integrity—and not just in an election year, because the legitimacy of the criminal justice system is at stake. DA Hynes must explain what he knew and when he knew it, why he authorized immunity for the man now believed to have framed Mr. Ranta, and why his office waited so long to investigate a case that was so flawed from the very beginning,” he said in a statement.*
Man Convicted In 1990 Killing Of Brooklyn Rabbi Due In  (WCBS) * Brooklyn D.A. Moves to Drop Murder Charge After 23-Year Incarceration

Hit-run monster Acevedo pleads not guilty to manslaughter charges(NYP) Acevedo pleaded not guilty during the minute-long hearing. Back in court May 31.* Acevedo pleads not guilty to manslaughter in hit-and-run crash that killed Hasidic Brooklyn family: Driver In Deadly Brooklyn Hit-And-Run Pleads Not Guilty (NY1)
GWB’s a ‘high’ bridge (NYP)A George Washington Bridge security guard whose job is to look out for terrorists and jumpers had better things to do yesterday — like smoke a blunt in his heated booth, law-enforcement sources said. 

Turk-slay hubby’s doubts (NYP) The husband of the Staten Island woman killed in Turkey isn’t convinced that a homeless man arrested for her killing is the true culprit, according to Turkish media reports. Steven Sierra raised his concerns to Turkish newspaper Hurriyet that... 


Hard hat battered, brewsed(NYP) * To Save a Man’s Life, a Muddy Tug of War With the Earth Itself(NYT) * Rescued subway worker looking forward to cold beer(WSJ) * Worker Recovering After Being Trapped For Hours Below Subway(WCBS)

Psychiatric Patient Arrested in Beating Death at a Brooklyn Hospital(NYT)* Beating at Brooklyn Hospital Kills Man(WSJ)

 Cops hunt Bklyn robbery crew2(NYDN)

Charged with strangling teacher in Queens home(NYDN)
 Man on lam after fleeing detention center(NYDN)

Brooklyn Couple Accused Of Scheme To Drug, Sexually Abuse Children(NY1)

2 arrests in death of gay man in Queens(WSJ)
Second man arrested for murder of Queens middle school teacher(NYP)
NYC man accused of killing woman found inside drum(WSJ)
Cops: Suspect Arrested In Death Of Harlem Woman Found Inside (WCBS)
Boyfriend Charged With Murdering Woman Found Inside Dru (NBC)
Driver caught on camera literally kicking autistic girl …(WABC)
Suspect arrested in Brooklyn attempted subway rape(WABC)
2 Arrested in Strangulation Death of Queens Spanish Tea (NBC)
Homeless Man Arrested in Brooklyn Subway Rape Attempt(NBC)


Man Charged With Plotting Against U.S. Abroad(NYT)