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Changing New York: Lux Housing Market Healthy As Hospitals Close

Mayoral Candidates Fight For Developer $$$ Not for the Well Being of New Yorkers . . .

Pols Are the Bag Men and Woman for Developers
The SUNY Board of Trustees voted, for the second time in several weeks, to close Long Island College Hospital, which was taken over by the university system two years ago. 2nd Vote for Closing Long Island College Hospital(NYT) * Brooklyn Hospital Under Ax(WSJ) * SUNY Board Votes Again To Close Brooklyn's Long Island College Hospital(NY1)
* State officials vote to close LICH; layoff notices to go(NYDN)* Brooklyn's Long Island College Hospital dies again(NYP)

Lux Housing Market Healthy
[image]New York Luxury Market Find Takers(WSJ) In the latest sign that New York City's luxury market remains hot, the developer of Manhattan's tallest residential tower said it has signed contracts to sell more than a third of its luxury condo units two years before the building is set to be completed.

Mayoral Candidates Addiction to Developer $$$
Real estate mogul Stephen Green and seven fellow executives at his firm contributed money to Democratic mayoral candidates Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson, following the lead of many donors who have contributed to multiple campaigns, the Daily News writes: * Real estate moguls giving to all sides in mayors race Silverstein Properties gave $4,440 to Quinn Thompson & deBlasio*Real estate mogul Stephen Green is hedging his bets in the NYC mayor’s race, giving campaign cash to both Quinn and her Democratic rival Bill Thompson. And he’s not alone in splitting the proverbial baby.* Campaign Finance Analysis Shows Real Estate Execs Buttering Up Multiple Mayoral Candidates: Daily News(nyo)The Real Estate contribution game never changes Real Estate's Last Stand (2009, Gotham Gazette)

Real Estate Boro President Pac TOO
Real estate industry gets into beep race • TimesLedger
A political action committee funded by REBNY has trained its focus on a rather unlikely target in 2013: the city’s borough president races.

Pols Pick the Judges Who Support Development
Judge tosses suit against NYU expansion plan(NYDN)* Judge OKs NYU expansion(Fox 5)

Campaign 2013

You Can Get 5 Days Sick Pay But Can't Go to the Hospital

It is Odd that On the Day the SUNY Voted to Close Long Island College Hospital the Debate is About Sick Pay

 Quinn seems in a (sick) daze(NYDN) The Daily News’ Juan Gonzalez urges Council Speaker Christine Quinn to stop stalling on bringing paid sick leave legislation up for a vote* Gonzalez: Stalling sick pay vote injustice to NYC(NYDN)

The Amen Chorus
Local Pols Did Protests Against the Closing of the LICH Hospital But Did Not Attack Steven Berger or Cuomo who Commission is Closing the Hospital

Policing the Police

Council Speaker Christine Quinn plans to move a bill through the Council that would create an Inspector General’s Office for the New York Police Department and empower the office to shape police policies such as stop-and-frisk

Quinn hails deal to tie up Ray’s cops(NYP)

 Racial doubt in trial of stop-frisk(NYP)

Police Department Monitor Is Topic at a Mayoral Forum(NYT)  

At a forum on public safety in Jamaica, Queens last night, the Democratic and Republican candidates for New York City mayor debated the NYPD’s controversial use of stop-and-frisk, with emotions running high at times * NYPD Quotas Are Alleged in 'Frisk' Trial(WSJ)On the second day of testimony in the federal trial challenging the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk  policy, a suspended New York City police officer testified that his supervisors pushed quota requirements for stop-and-frisk searches and arrests* New Monitor Is Now Likely For the NYPD(WSJ) * Emotions Run High On Day 2 Of Stop-And-Frisk Trial(NY1) * Quinn: City Council Reaches "Broad Agreement" On Inspector General For NYPD(NY1) * Mayor Candidates Talk Public Safety At Forum(NY1) * Mayoral Candidates Talk Public Safety Post-Bloomberg(WNYC) * Bill Thompson's fist-pounding moment at last night's debate. [Azi Paybarah] * Christine Quinn said the numbers of stop-and-frisks conducted does not "correlate" with the reduction of crime in New York City. [Azi Paybarah] * Bloomberg's office referred inquiries to the NYPD, whose spokesman said the NYPD has enough oversight. [Erin Durkin and Jonathan Lemire]* Republican state senator Marty Golden of Brooklyn, a former police officer, called the legislation "pathetic," "sad" and "a setback" for the city's safety. [Sally Goldenberg, Jamie Schram and Carl Campanile]* Video of Thompson's reaction to Liu on stop-and-frisk, and a Bloomberg-Thompson conspiracy theory(Capital)
* would like to see more NYPD officers “either on a bicycle or a tricycle." 

What is Next
Put google glass on every cop. record all interation with citizens 

Courtney Gross .@nyccouncil GOP delegation now blasting nypd ig bill on city hall steps with joe lhota #2013* : "Stop and frisk is a New York City problem," his proposal would apply to NYC only.

Bloomberg to veto Quinn's plan to rein in NYPD(NYP) * Are Quinn and Bloomberg breaking up over NYPD oversight?(NY Mag)

Quinn made some news at a mayoral forum in Jamaica last night when she said the connection between use-levels of stop-and-frisk and crime rates in New York City was unclear.(Capital)
. calling IG proposal "ill-conceived, cynical and wrong"  
Lhota And Republican Councilmembers Against NYPD Inspector General
 Republicans Argue NYPD Inspector General Is ‘Absolutely Unnecessary’(NYO)
Bad news for NYC mayoral candidate Adolfo Carrion: The Bronx GOP switched its allegiance and is backing Joe Lhota. More here.* Some Question Whether Guy Molinari Is Still Leader Of Staten Island's GOP (NY1)  * GOP's Eric Ulrich: "Buffoon" John CatsimatidisShould Exit NYC Mayor's Race, Back Joe Lhota (NYDN)

Catsimatidis Settling Gender-Based Discrimination Suit
New York City mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis and his Gristedes supermarket chain are finalizing a $1.45 million settlement with female workers who claim gender-based discrimination, with 666 women filing claims to benefit from the payout, the New York Daily News writes

No Discussion At Last Night Mayoral Debate Why New York's Crime Rate is So Much Lower Than Chicago
Chicago Cop 'Overwhelmed' By City Violence Takes Own Life...

Staten Island pol joins unions in opposing watchdog for

Liu Stop and Frisk Forum
Controller Liu holds stop and frisk forum in Bronx(NYDN) 

NYT So In Love With Quinn

The biggest challenge for NYC mayoral contenders?

The Newspaper of Record has Pictures of All the Candidates Except Quinn Gulping Down Food  

 Next Campaign Stop: The Third Lunch Today(NYT) Keeping off the pounds is never easy, but for New York politicians facing months of generously catered campaigning, it can be torture.*
Mr. Liu also explained his campaign trail diet to The New York Times. “I love eating!’ he exclaimed. “I am on a ‘seafood’ diet. I see food, I eat.” Former Comptroller Bill Thompson was more cautious, however. “In the end, you just can’t eat,” he said. “There was the most appetizing looking pastries and baked goods and it smelled wonderful. …. But you can’t. If you do, I’ll weigh 400 pounds and it just won’t work. So you have to be careful. You’re at events all the time, you don’t eat.”

Campaign 2013

Joe Lhota at City Hall to receive endorsement of Republican City Council members 

Liu on A Bus
DNAinfo has more on Comptroller John Liu‘s ride in the back of the press van on Sunday, where he made pronouncements on various topics. “We’re all liberal Democrats. There’s not going to be that much contrast,” he said of his opponents at one point, for example. “You know, we’re not going to be all that different on housing, on education. … There might be some slight nuances here and there. Are voters really gonna get all the different nuances? Maybe some of the advocates will.” 

Carrion Blasts the Daily News
In an interview with El Diario, Adolfo Carrion criticized the Daily News. [Cristina Lobogurerrero] * Adolfo Carrión Continues Campaign Against the Daily News(NYO)

NYC GOP hopeful JOhn Catsimatidis’ company, Big Apple Real Estate, was just hit with a lien for $113,421.31 by the London Terrace Towers Condominium for water charges relating to its 15,403 square foot Gristedes supermarket at 215 Ninth Ave., between 23rd and 24th streets. 

Queens GOP gets big booster(Queens Crap)

From Crain's: Supermarket billionaire John Catsimatidis is continuing his pattern of offering financial support to those willing to support his mayoral bid: His just-posted campaign filing shows $23,000 in payments to the Queens Republican Party's housekeeping account on March 1, which came after the Queens Republican Party officially endorsed his candidacy. In December, Mr. Catsimatidis bluntly told Crain's that his donations to political parties "depends on who is supporting me." Regardless of the payment, it's not surprising that the Queens Republicans would back Mr. Catsimatidis. He has had a long relationship with the party leadership. And its executive vice-chairman, Vincent Tabone, is a paid consultant on Mr. Catsimatidis' campaign. Mr. Tabone also works for Ms. Catsimatidis' Red Apple Group. In general, Mr. Catsimatidis' generosity over the years had helped endear him to the various county chairmen.

Political Corruption

Political consultant John Haggerty turns himself in to begin serving prison sentence(NYP) Ex-G.O.P. Consultant Begins Prison Term(NYT)

They even bribe each other!(Queens Crap)

From Crain's: Some of the most likely candidates to become the next New York City Council speaker are spreading campaign cash to other campaigns, in an apparent early effort to curry favor and votes among potential colleagues in 2014. Over the past several months, Queens Assemblyman Mark Weprin, who is jockeying to be selected speaker by his council peers, has given out seven $1,000 donations. The $7,000, most of it doled out in recent weeks, has gone to members of the Assembly running for the City Council who are not only likely to win their races, but have a relationship with Mr. Weprin from his own days as a member of that body. Recipients include Assemblymen Rafael Espinal and Alan Maisel of Brooklyn, Councilman Vincent Gentile of Brooklyn, Costa Constantinides of Queens, Assemblywoman Vanessa Gibson of the Bronx, Mark Levine of Manhattan, and Manhattan Assemblyman Micah Kellner.

State Budget

Budget Update ": At 8:05 PM Governor Cuomo and Legislative Leaders Announce Agreement on 2013-14 Budget in Red Room, Albany"

Remember When Angrey New Yorkers Fought Three Men in A Room

 Now We Just Passively Accept It
Andrew’s tax attack(NYP Ed) Question: What’s worse than yet another tax hike in tax-plagued New York? Answer: Yet another tax hike presented as a tax cut.  That’s the not-so-funny punchline the state faces this week as Albany prepares to hit New Yorkers again with a new budget deal. The new tax hike takes the form of a second extension of the “temporary” millionaire’s tax that was first imposed in 2009 and renewed by Gov. Cuomo in 2011. One problem: The governor himself is on record as rejecting that argument as phony.* Wage War(YNN)
During his campaign, he made his case clear. “It’s a new tax. It was supposed to sunset. If it doesn’t sunset, it’s a new tax.”* Albany Deal Would Extend Higher Taxes on Top Earners(NYT) In a surprise deal, Gov. Cuomo and legislative leaders agreed to extend a high tax bracket for the state’s top incomes, extending it through 2014, meaning Cuomo and lawmakers can avoid debating high tax rates while running for re-election * As part of a potential state budget agreement, Cuomo and legislative leaders have a tentative deal to provide a family tax rebate to middle class homeowners with children and to make changes to the magazine limit provision in the state’s gun control law, Gannett Albany writes: The Times-Union advocates for a better minimum wage deal than the one currently on the table, which wouldn’t raise the wage to “adequate” levels until 2016* Day of Budget Talks Ends Without Deal(WSJ) * Cuomo and legislative leaders have a tentative deal to provide the money to parents who earn between $40,000 and $300,000 a year. Parents with children up to age 18 may be eligible, though the age range is still being negotiated by lawmakers.* There’s not much for business groups to like in the budget deal that is taking shape down at the Capitol.* U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand wants to see the federal wage — which hasn’t gone up in four years — boosted to $10.10 over the next three years. That’s higher than the $9 an hour President Obama has proposed.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said the proposed tax hike under consideration would make the state's tax codes more "progressive." [Erik Kriss]* NY Budget Talks Could Stretch Into Weekend(WNYC) *No Training Wage In Final Minimum Wage Deal(YNN) * Stewart-Cousins: Break Minimum Wage Out Of Budget(YNN) * Changes Mulled To Pension Smoothing Proposal(YNN) * Total tax collections in February trailed the latest projections in the amended executive budget financial plan, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.* Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said lawmakers are rankled by Cuomo’s attempt to control of discretionary economic-development spending through panels he appoints.* The first major budget bill is headed to the printer, but (as of 5 p.m.) a final deal has yet to materialize.

What About Unemployment
In the Post, Michael Saltsman, research director at the Employment Policies Institute, provides evidence that the state’s tentative agreement on a minimum wage hike would put jobs further out of reach for a “vulnerable population”:

Fracking Poll
A Quinnipiac University poll finds that New York State voters oppose drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, 46-39 percent, with splits down party lines as 60 percent of Democrats oppose drilling and 62 percent of Republicans support it:* Q-Poll: Opposition To Fracking Grows(YNN)

Abortion Debate
Bishops Challenge Cuomo on Stronger Abortion Rights(NYT)
A delegation of the state’s Catholic bishops met with Cuomo on Tuesday to express their concerns over the governor’s plans to codify the state’s abortion protections through the Women’s Equality Act, the Times-Union reports: * Catholic bishops and senior clergy met privately with Cuomo to voice opposition to his proposal to expand New York abortion law, but said afterwards they still found common ground with the unequivocally pro-choice governor.* Yesterday was the start of a two-day lobbying effort by local bishops against Cuomo's abortion legislation. [Jess McKinley]

State Lawmakers Debate Change To Gun Control Law As Budget Talks Continue(NY1)
Bullet-limit portion of Cuomo's gun law could get watered (NYDN)
According to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, lawmakers want to correct “inconsistencies” in the SAFE Act that bans possession of 10-round magazines but allows their use at gun ranges and shooting competition.  * In a brief appearance with reporters, Cuomo said the gun control changes being discussed are merely “technical.”* The bullet restriction in Cuomo's gun legislation may get watered down. [Glenn Blain] * New York state lawmakers say they may revise new gun control laws * Cuomo: It’s Not A Rollback(YNN) * Now that the SAFE Act is on the budget negotiating table, mental health groups are hoping to get technical changes to the controversial new law.* The Post-Standard’s Teri Weaver takes a closer look at criticisms of the SAFE Act.* Organizers of an anti-SAFE Act rally planned for this Saturday in Syracuse issued an open invitation to the governor to attend.* Cuomo Indicates State Gun Reform Law Could Be Altered (NY1)

Ethics Commission
Source: NYS Senate GOP Looking To Cut Ethics Commission Funding

Andy barely beats Chris – in NY!(NYP)

NYC Government

Waste Transfer Spin Crap Hurting the Poor
Upper East Side Waste Transfer Station Unduly Affects the Poor, Locals Say(DNAINFO)

As Rich People Sell Their Homes
People fleeing their UES neighborhood because of incoming trash transfer station(NYP)

Oil Barrons
State and Federal Inquiry Asks Whether Heating Oil Companies Cheated Customers(NYT) * State and federal authorities are investigating whether several New York heating oil businesses cheated tens of thousands of customers for years, selling fuel diluted with waste or recycled oil.

Nanny Bloomberg

Put Cigarettes Out of View? It’s Been Tried(NYT)
In the Daily News, George Loewenstein, a professor of economics and psychology at Carnegie Mellon University, cheers Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on the display of cigarettes at retail stores: 
Smoking Rate Among Teens Stagnates(WSJ)
Store Owners Protest Mayor's Latest Smoking Initiative(NY1)
Banning the Big Gulp Ban(NYT)
If a venti Starbucks has TWICE the caffeine, why are "energy drinks" getting the bad P.R.?
Sugary Drinks Responsible for 180K Deaths ... Per Year (Newser)
Bodegas fuming over Mike cig-display ban(NYP)(NBC)10 hrs ago 


NY1 Exclusive: Bus Driver, Matron Arrested After Allegedly Leaving Student Sleeping On Manhattan Bus(NY1)
NYC schools to open mental health clinics(NYDN)
Why Poverty, Disability Are Baked into Student Test Scores
City IDs Schools With Known PCB Leaks(Huff Post)
Star NYC principal caught coaching students to game school grades(NYDN)

Brooklyn Population

Bed-Stuy’s boom: Nabe tops Brooklyn population  rise (NYDN)Babies, hipsters, immigrants behind the boom. The area added about 20,000 fresh faces in the last decade as the white population grew six fold while the number of blacks dropped by 14. 6 %.

WTC Viewing Deck

Port Authority approves $875M deal for WTC observatory(NYP)Top of the world! Take a ‘peak’ at new WTC’s viewing deck(NYP) * Port Authority, With Eye on Income, Will Pick Firm for Trade Center Observatory(NYT)
At its board meeting today, the Port Authority is expected to approve a 15-year deal with Legends Hospitality Management to operate the observation deck that, officials say, could generate as much as $875 million in revenue for the authority over the life of the contract.


Sandy caused $185M in damage to WTC site(NYP)Federal officials announced that the Statue of Liberty, which has been closed to visitors since Superstorm Sandy because of damage to Liberty Island’s electric, water, security, and sewer systems, will officially re-open by Independence Day
 Statue of Liberty to Reopen by July 4(NYT) * Lady Liberty's Return Is Set(WTC)

Businesses Return to the Neighborhood, and the People Follow(NYT)
The House That Generosity Built: Staten Island Little League Plans Opener(NYT)

The state revealed yesterday that ten banks and mortgage firms are sitting on $41 million in checks issued by insurance companies for homeowners devastated by Hurricane Sandy, with banks saying the delay is necessary to ensure the money goes towards repairs, the Daily News writes: * Lenders Tie Up Sandy Funds (WSJ) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday identified 10 lenders and mortgage servicers that are holding $40.7 million in insurance-claim checks meant for victims of superstorm Sandy.* Liberty Island To Reopen To Visitors On Fourth Of July(NY1)
New York City signed a $5 million contract with a private company to help the city collect $5 billion in Hurricane Sandy-related relief. [David Seifman]*
Deal Reached For South Street Seaport Food Markets(NY1)


Rudy Popeil

Rudy the shill: Giuliani plugs Lifelock on late-night TV(NYP)
Rudy Giuliani Has Descended Into the Abyss of Infomercials(NY Mag)

NBC has a plan to bring the “Tonight” show back to its roots in New York with Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno as host.

Arthur Sulzberger made $6.9 million last year.

 ed_schultz-316x229 Schultz Blows Up At POLITICO Over Report On His Move: 'Nothing But A Bunch Of Freaking Whores' is getting a makeover.

Report: 'Tonight Show' Moving Back to New York With Jimmy Fallon As Host(Rolling Stone)


Democratic Senate Cowards
Harry Reid Protecting 12 Democrat Senators From Going On Record in A Vote
‘Assault’ ban dies(NYP) * Harry goes to work(NYP Ed) * Gun Bill Scraps 'Assault Weapons' Ban(WSJ)

The federal gun control bill is moving to the Senate floor without the part that would ban assault weapons, which pretty much makes it pointless. [Daily News]* Too Far? Michael Moore: If Gunman Killed Harry Reid’s Grandkids, He Wouldn’t Drop Assault Weapons Ban

Welcome to the Powderkeg

Jewish settlers: Bam dissing us(NYP) * Arriving in Israel, Obama Seeks to Offer Reassurance(NYT) * Obama Begins First Visit to Israel(WSJ) * Obama to Israel: We’re Friends (Daily Beast) * Here Is President Obama Speaking Hebrew for Three Seconds(NY Mag)

israeli embassy video 'Thank You For Being A Friend': Israeli Embassy Celebrates Alliance... Through Animated Video * G.O.P. Opposition to Immigration Law Is Fading(NYT) 

For the G.O.P., It’s Not Just the Message(NYT Ed)

Law and Order

Acevedo hit with manslaughter charges for Brooklyn cras(NYDN)
Hit-&-run horror at 70 mph: DA Hynes (NYP) The hit-run driver who killed an Orthodox couple and their newborn baby was going nearly 70 mph — more than twice the speed limit — when he crashed into their livery cab, the Brooklyn DA said yesterday adding three manslaughter counts against him. * New Charges in Car Accident(WSJ)

Jailed for 2 Decades in Rabbi’s Death, Unjustly, Prosecutors Say(NYT) * Rabbi 'killer' to be released after 20 years in prison after investigation turns over his conviction(NYP)

Bravest spring trapped subway worker(NYP) * Subway Worker Freed After Hours Stuck in Mud(NYT) * Trapped Second Avenue Subway Worker Rescued(WSJ) * Firefighters Work To Free Worker Stuck At Second Avenue Subway Construction Site(NY1) * Worker Recovering After Being Trapped For Hours Below Second(WCBS)

NYPD release images of suspects who shot livery driver in Harlem

Father Describes Behavior of Son Accused of Murder(NYT)
Turncoat testifies to Vernace's mob promotion(NYDN)
Suspect caught as purse snatch victim won't let go(NYDN)

Cleaver thought he was on mission from God: psychiatris(NYDN)
Box cutter rapist gets 25 to life(NYDN)
Cops hunt gunman in Brooklyn slaying(NYDN)
Charges Upgraded in Hit-Run Crash That Killed Couple(NYT)

regnant jail guard misses court after going into labor(NYP)
Cop suspended for firing gun following Brooklyn bar fig (NYDN)
Man Fatally Beaten Inside Hospital in Brooklyn(NYT)
Patient fatally attacked at Interfaith Hospital(WABC)
Suspect in Brooklyn attempted rape caught on camera(WABC)
Mayor Bloomberg pushes forward in plan to move cigarettes (WABC)
Patient killed in Brooklyn psych ward(Fox 5)
Man Offers to Help Woman With Bags, Tries to Rape Her:(NBC)
Charged with strangling teacher in Queens home(NYDN)