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DOI More Politics Than Investigation

Police IG & DOI

DOI's Hearn's Who Did Not Investigate Quinn's Slush Fund Scandal Has A Lot to Say Against An NYPD IG
New York City Department of Investigation Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn wrote a letter to Quinn outlining a number of reasons why the Speaker’s proposal to have the agency monitor NYPD policies and procedures is a bad idea

Bloomberg expresses hope that Quinn will get IG bill she's backing withdrawn. She's pushing it forward
Head of agency that would investigate NYPD practices blasts Christine Quinn’s proposal(NYP)
Detectives union chief blasts NYPD monitor idea(NYDN)* Imposing an inspector general on the police commissioner would slap handcuffs on the NYPD(NYDN Ed) But that's just what all four Democratic mayoral wanna-bes want to do* Battle Over Police Watchdog Heats Up Mayor’s Race (WCBS) * Bloomberg steps up pressure on Quinn to drop NYPD inspector general plan(NYP) * audio of Quinn refuting Bloomberg's argument re: inspector general proposal cc* Christine Quinn Won’t Be Sitting at Chris Hayes’ Mayoral Roundtable(NYO) * Quinn, Bloomberg Remain At Odds Over NYPD Inspector General Bill (NY1)

Slush Fund Flash Back
Over Six Years ago DOI said she was conducting an investigation of Speaker Quinn City Council slush fund scandal.   Normal Siegel lawsuit to get to the bottom of who in the council controlled and benefited from the the slush fund. * DOI: Cover Ups (True News)What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation?(True News)

Thomas A. Reppetto former president of the Citizens Crime Commission Says
 A Question of Police Control

Meet the New NYPD(NYP) Inspector general = circus We already have 10 watchdogs of the police: two federal and six state district attorneys, plus the Civilian Complaint Review Board and the municipal Commission on Police Corruption. So if criminal behavior is alleged against an NYPD officer, the IG will have to take a backseat. Whichever of eight DAs’ offices is handling the case won’t let an IG question suspects or release his findings until the DA’s investigation is finished.  IGs usually have no authority to impose discipline; they can only make recommendations. But some supporters of the council’s ordinance seem to expect otherwise, as they talk of the measure as installing an IG “over” the police commissioner. If that happens, we’ll have two commissioners. Actually, we’ll in effect have three commissioners, since the IG will report to the city Commissioner of Investigation. Oh, and many observers believe that the federal judge now hearing a lawsuit over the NYPD’s stop-question-and-frisk tactics will impose some type of monitor to oversee the NYPD — so we’ll also have a fourth commissioner.

In NYC You Might Get 5 Days Of Sick Pay But You Will Not Be Able to Find A Hospital

JAMES F. GENNARO: New sick-leave bill is the worst yet(NYP)

Business leaders who oppose paid sick leave legislation have given nearly $370,000 to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn in her bid for mayor, despite Quinn blocking a vote on the bill, the New York Daily News learns: * In the Daily News, Hector Figueroa, president of the 32BJ Service Employees International Union, makes the economic and moral case for the passage of paid sick leave legislation in New York CityIn the Post, New York City Councilman James Gennaro argues that the latest amended version of the paid sick leave bill is the worst yet, in part because it places a heavy burden on businesses: * NY1 Online: SUNY Chairman Explains LICH Closing

Montefiore Westchester Square opens(NYDN)

Update Stop and Frisk Trial
Recording Points to Race Factor in Stops by New York Police(NYT)
Secret Tapes Played in NYPD Trial(WSJ)* A recording played in court during the sto-and-frisk trial suggests that, in at least one NYPD precinct, a person’s skin color can be a deciding factor in who is stopped.

Campiagn 2013

 GOP Mayor Candidates Challenge Bloomberg Positions At Forum(NY1)  Plan For Trash Station Debated At Upper East Side Democratic Mayoral Forum(NY1) * GOP NYC mayoral candidates distanced themselves from Bloomberg at a candidates forum last night.* The crowd at the 92nd St. Y loudly booed Quinn when she confirmed her support for a waste transfer station planned for the neighborhood. Three other Democrats -- Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, ex-Comptroller Bill Thompson and ex-Councilman Sal Albanese -- said they were concerned about the plant, but did not offer an alternative location. Liu said he was delayed on his way from another event -- and also ripped the forum's sponsor, the New York Observer, for running "unfair" editorials on the FBI probe into his campaign's fundraising.* Catsimatidis elaborated on some of his comments at Tuesday night's Daily News/Metro-IAF forum on public safety, saying he felt the NYPD's use of the controversial "stop and frisk" tactic would fade away on its own with the advent of new technology -- including thermal imaging devices cops could use to check out potential troublemakers.

John Catsimatidis Suggests Robotic Solution to Stop-and-Frisk Controversy(NYO)


. won 98 out of 116 ballots from Chelsea Reform Democratic Club endorsement mtg

Mayoral Hopefuls Discuss Their Role Models(NYO)

Budget Details Leak Out

Albany Due Back At Work Saturday Night
The final details of the state budget are still being negotiated, including business tax breaks and the amount of say legislators will have in economic development appropriations, with lawmakers due back in Albany on Saturday to begin passing budget bills, The Buffalo News writes * As negotiations close, groundwork gets hectic(TU) Last big huddle is over, but aides scramble on school aid, other issues. Lawmakers are in a holding pattern as final details of the more than $142 million state budget are still under negotiation; they’re due back at the Capitol to start passing bills Saturday – or perhaps late Sunday. Says the TU: “The budget now on legislators’ desks pays more attention to political careers than to the problems facing schools, cities and public health.”

Cuomo claimed that the spending plan that he and lawmakers agreed to cuts tax rates more than increases them, though that is only true for the two fiscal years covered in the budget, with a billion-dollar increase in the two years after that, the Journal reports:  * Taxes Add Up, Even With Cuts(WSJ)
Election Year Tax Rebate
The Times-Union questions the motivations of legislators for including tax relief for middle class families in the state budget, which will be doled out in 2014—an election year:\

Cuomo Open 4 Business NYP Says Closed
Closed for business(NYP Ed)
A state TV spot meant to lure companies here touts New York’s “new approach to business development.” This week’s budget deal shows just what “approach” Albany has in mind. Hint: Central planners in the old Soviet Union would be pleased. Start with the Kremlin’s — er, Albany’s — hike in the minimum wage, to $9 an hour over three years. Never mind that businesses can go to other states and pay less. Next come profits: Should business folk prove successful despite all the over-regulation, the budget deal will force some of them to ship more of it to Albany. Breaking his “no new taxes” vow yet again, Gov. Cuomo slapped another 29 percent surcharge on the wealthy, effective in 2015.

Hidden Utility Tax
Utility-tax shock in Andy’s new budget(NYP) ALBANY — It’s not just New York’s top income-tax rate that Gov. Cuomo and state lawmakers are extending. A utility-tax surcharge that costs a typical homeowner $55 a year and was supposed to end next month will remain in place under the new state..The extension of the 18-a utility tax, as well as a three-year top income-tax-rate extension through 2017 and a hike in the state’s $7.25-an-hour minimum wage to $9 by 2016, has businesses leaders fuming.

Education Teacher Evaluations
Cuomo is proposing a change to state law to ensure local school districts’ teacher evaluation agreements won’t expire until they are renegotiated, an attempt to break the impasse between New York City and the teachers union, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * The New York City Department of Education revealed that it had been preparing for the very real possibility that $250 million in state education aid to the city will not be restored to the state budget, by declaring a hiring freeze and issuing hundreds of layoffs, NY1 reports:  *Cuomo Seeks New Evaluation Deal (WSJ) In an attempt to break a logjam between New York City and its teachers union, Cuomo is pushing to change state law to ensure local school districts' teacher-evaluation agreements won't expire until they are renegotiated.* Progress Seen in Talks Over Teacher Grades (WSJ) * DOE Hiring Freeze Continues As City Schools Do Not Get Aid In State Budget(NY1) * Education advocates are praising some of what’s reportedly in the budget deal and questioning other aspects of it. * The budget includes a provision initially proposed by Cuomo that requires the state Education Department to toughen standards for teacher certification and implement a teacher “bar exam.” * Cuomo wants the teacher-evaluation program to fall under the Triborough Law, which allows all the terms of an expired labor contract between localities and public employees to remain in place until a new agreement is approved.* The seven-round limit on magazines was Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s idea of a compromise, according to one GOP senator. Cuomo originally wanted the number dropped to five.* “I guess I might have tried to take a few more days, but  I certainly shouldn’t second-guess the governor,” Bloomberg said.

Gun Misfire 
A misfiring squad(NYP) Red-faced NY pols must rewrite 7-bullet law*  State Senate co-leader Dean Skelos voiced his opposition to giving the movie industry an exemption from the new gun control law so that action scenes staged in New York could feature actors carrying assault weapons, The Buffalo News writes: * Suit challenges NY gun control law(NYDN)* Senate GOP Leader Dean Skelos is opposed to giving the movie industry a special “carve-out” from the gun-control law so that action scenes staged in New York could include actors armed with assault weapons.* Silver said he, Cuomo and Senate leaders plan to suspend any provision of the law that “presumes that manufacturers are going to manufacture” seven-round magazines, because seven-round magazines aren’t manufactured.* Says the NY Post: “All of this, of course, might’ve been easily avoided if the governor hadn’t bypassed the constitutionally mandated three-day waiting period for legislation. Or if lawmakers had more than 15 minutes to consider the bill before voting on it.” * A new lawsuit challenging the SAFE Act alleges it violates the Second and 14th Amendment rights; restricts interstate commerce by prohibiting the sale of banned weapons and restricting the sale of ammunition; and violates due process rights with several vague provisions.* Bloomberg Says ‘Rush to Legislate’ Created Flaws in Cuomo Gun Law(NYO)

Stadium Box Seats
Deal Will Give Cuomo Administration 12-Seat Suite at the Bills’ Stadium(NYT) The box, part of the state’s $130 million deal to renovate Ralph Wilson Stadium, has been seen by critics as a perk, but officials say it will be used to promote the state. As part of the deal to keep the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo, the Cuomo administration negotiated a 12-seat luxury box, which public officials can use to help promote Western New York, though some critics see the suite as a perk. The idea, state officials said, is to have a place where state agencies can host out-of-town executives who might be considering moving a company to Erie County or to hold events to promote the region.
Develoment Disability Cuts
Advocates Upset Over Proposed Cuts To State's Developmental Disability Services(NY1)

Pension Smothing
The new pension smoothing plan in the state budget, a modified version of a proposal offered by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, is far different from the approach Gov. Cuomo first offered for the upcoming fiscal year, the Times-Union writes  *DiNapoli Wins Changes To Pension Smoothing Plan(YNN) * Mayor Miner Pans Pension Smoothing Compromise(YNN) * Senate Proposal Had Mirrored Of Pension Smoothing Deal(YNN)

DMV Saturday Service
The tentative budget would amend the Vehicle and Traffic Law to allow the DMV to open on Saturdays as a convenience for New Yorkers.

Tonight Show
“Jimmy Fallon tax credit”
In Budget, a Tax Break for ‘Tonight’ to Relocate(NYT)Cuomo administration officials denied that the tax break was written with “The Tonight Show” in mind.*Jimmy gets A NY boo$t(NYP)*  The bill says it is intended for “a talk or variety program that filmed at least five seasons outside the state…(and) episodes are filmed before a studio audience of at least 200 more” with a budget of at least $30 million. Asked about the issue, Cuomo administration officials denied that the tax break was written with “The Tonight Show” in mind, but said it was simply an effort to expand the existing tax break.* Tedisco: Protect The Disabled, Not Jimmy Fallon(YNN) * When ‘Tonight’ Was a ‘Lifeline to New York City’(NYT)


Despite Sandy’s Wrath, Coney Island’s Luna Park To Reopen(WCBS)

Vet Rights

Hotdog Vet Beats Mayor

Vets can sell hot dogs outside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, judge rules(NYP) * Hot dog king beats the mayor(NYDN)

A Zigzag Offers a More Direct Route to a Park(NYT)The long-awaited Squibb Bridge provides a new, faster way to gain access to Brooklyn Bridge Park from Brooklyn Heights.

Bike New York

Roll on! Bicyclists brave elements as ridership in city soars(NYP)
Commuter Cycling Stays Flat in ’12(NYT)

Circus Returns to Brooklyn

Circus Returns to Brooklyn
At Barclays Center, a Jumbo Homecoming(NYT) The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus has begun a 23-show run in Brooklyn, returning to a borough that was once a regular stop for its show.* Jumbo Homecoming(NYT)

Disney Bronx

Freedomland Forever!(Huff Post) The real story how a Disney Land type park was built in the Bronx* Once Upon A Time In The Bronx: Freedomland USA(NY1)


Why did CB3 try to meet in secret about the USTA project?

From the Queens Chronicle: Community Board 3’s March 13 public hearing featured the expected theatrics of a Uniform Land Use Review Procedure applicant presenting a contentious plan for Flushing Meadows Corona Park: angry statements, slideshow presentations and the odd round of applause. But there was a second show going on. In the idealistic world of open meetings, laws and light being shone on public documents, CB 3 has been the oddball. The all-volunteer board has a history of thwarting press attempts for access to documents, and even for taking photos at meetings.


Leno Meyers FallonLate Night Rumors: Leno To Fox, Meyers To Late Night, The ‘Fallon Tax Credit’ And More

Jay Leno jokes about 'elimination' from 'The Tonight Show'(NYP)

Gun Fight

Father of Newtown killer meets with parents of victim(NYP) * NRA enjoys cash boom(NYP) * Biden Joins Mayor and Newtown Families to Push for Gun Limits(NYT) *

Sandy Hook Investigation Details Due(WSJ) * Gun Violence Draws Vice President to City Hall (WSJ)* VP Biden, Bloomberg Join Newtown Victims' Families In Gun Law Push(NY1) * Hamill: Take aim at the Cowards of Congress(NYDN)

Washington and Israel

At Israeli Memorial, Obama Urges Action Against Racism

Once Few, Women Hold More Power in Senate(NYT)
Women in the Senate(NYT)

Officials Still Seek Ways to Assess Border Security(NYT)
Congress Avoids Shutdown as Bill Passes(WSJ)
President Obama’s Bracket Is Already Crap(NY Mag)
Happy Birthday, ObamaCare! - Reps. Levin & McDermott, USA Today
ObamaCare at Three: Headed Toward Failure? - Ben Domenech, Transom
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Daily Debate: ObamaCare Turns 3 | Pew Poll: Obama Approval at 47%

Wall Street

After the ‘London Whale’(WSJ) We will soon find out whether JPMorgan’s trading fiasco will change anything

Law and Order

One dead after four are shot at Coney Island projects (NYP): Police seek suspect in shooting that left 1 dead, 3 hurt

Police Wound Armed Suspect in Brooklyn(NYT)
Armed Suspect Shot by Police in Brooklyn: NYPD(NBC)

‘Sir, you are free to go’ – and wrong man rejoices(NYP) * Man Jailed in 1990 Killing of a Rabbi Is Released(NYT) * Judge Frees Man Convicted In Rabbi's 1990 Murder(NY1)

It's a boy! Ronell Wilson's prison guard baby mama gives birth(NYP)

Queens woman gets $59G after beating by cops while walking(NYDN)59G verdict in cop-beat doggy doohaha (NYP) These cops really stepped in it. A federal jury yesterday awarded a Queens woman $59,000 for a beating she sustained at the hands of two NYPD officers who accused her of failing to pick up after her tiny pooch, Psotka, before heading to church.

'08 shooting victim pleasured while killed: cops(NYDN)A 36-year-old drug dealer, killed during a 2008 botched robbery, was receiving oral sex when he was gunned down, according to cops who recently arrested two women involved in the attempted heist.

Man slashed at UWS nightclub(NYP)Cops Investigating After Man Stabbed In Neck At UWS (WCBS)
Man slashed at NYC nightclub(Fox 5)
Man Slashed in Throat With Broken Bottle at UWS Nightcl(NBC)

Cops hunt suspect in Bronx shootings(NYDN)
Second man charged in teacher slay(NYDN)
Woman killed inside her Bklyn apartment(NYDN)

Cops say Flatbush shooting stemmed from beef(NYDN)

Ex-Horace Mann Students in Talks on Sex-Abuse Case(NYT) * School Settles Six Sex Cases(WSJ)


Knives out for TSA rule (NYP) WASHINGTON — The Transportation Security Administration’s plan to allow small knives on planes has sparked a revolt in Congress, where Republicans and Democrats are vowing to block the change.
$2M NYC stun gun award overturned(WSJ)

Mental health questions delay Al Qaeda operative's court date in Brooklyn(NYP)

Alleged al-Qaida operative due in New York City court(WABC)

NYPD says decision to reopen Statue of Liberty was made against the NYPD's recommendations & leaves ferry passengers vulnerable to attack