Sunday, March 24, 2013

True News Sunday Update

EgoCircle Exhibitionism
Journalist and Mayor Performs for their Masters, Real Estate Developers
Bloomberg pokes fun at Chris Christie and Pope with cast of 'Annie' in final Inner Circle dinner(NYDN) The Inner Circle, a group of current and former City Hall reporters, holds the dinner each year to lampoon city officials. Bloomberg's rebuttal performance featured Broadway stars from the 'Nice Work If You Can Get It' and 'Rock of Ages.' The charity fund-raiser is held at the New York Hilton. The paying audience was mostly made up of the city's real estate developers and corporate leaders
1920's Drunk Men, 2013 Acting Press and Scripted Mayor 
In the 1920's when the first innercircle was held newspaper reporters who could not sing or act go on stage drunk and flub though their lines.  The drunken men reporters add-ons attacking the pols were more cutting then the scripted line. One old time pols said mayor's would not talk to reporters for weeks after the show.  Reporters dress in drag were the only woman on-stage, pushed dirty jokes which made the shows cutting edge. The uncontrolled off color jokes were the fun of the show in the old day according to the old pol. Who want to see a bunch of jerks singing and dancing. I have not gone in years said the old pol.  The innercircle only admitted its first woman member in 1973.  Today TV trained actors who read the news have transformed the show to a cut up rank out to a Broadway show.  Today reporters go on stage not to rank pols but to show off their acting and singing skills to each other. Many of the actors in the show are retired reporters who are now working as government lobby who make money influencing pols and reporters.  No wonder the innercircles cutting bitter attacks of the olden days have turned in to sophomore jokes that don't offend anyone and bore many* Bloomberg Pokes Gentle Fun At His Future Plans At Final "Inner Circle" Show(NY1)* Mike’s $12M anti-gun ad ‘air’strike(NYP) * Bringing in Help, Mayor Bows Out in Style at Annual Revue(NYT)

What Kind of Mayor Will Quinn Be? Mayor Flip Flop?

Quinn seeks deal on ailing sick-leave bill(NYP) *

Today's Editorial by the Daily New Seems to Misjudge Quinn's Ability to Flip Flop
Quinn stands tall (NYDN Ed)
The City Council speaker is right in her opposition to the sick paid leave bill
Attacking the NYPD: wannabes’ bid for votes(NYP)
Council Members May Bypass Quinn(WSJ)
* Chris Quinn was the star of the Paid Sick Days hearing - though she didn't ask a single question(NYDN) *Rivals Fault Quinn’s Block of a Vote on Sick Time(NYT)

Will Bloomberg Dump Quinn Over Stop and Frisk Bill?
Bloomberg blasts Quinn’s plan to monitor NYPD * Walking While Black in New York(NYT Ed) Testimony in a stop-and-frisk trial has pointed to disturbing conduct by the police command.* NYPD Chief Set 'Goals' for Officers(WSJ)* Quinn, Bloomberg Remain At Odds Over NYPD Inspector General Bill(NY1)
* NYPD deputy chief admits to quotas on stand(NYDN)* Tensions at wake for Kimani Gray(WABC)* Al Sharpton: Secret Recording Is "Smoking Gun" In Stop And(NY1)

NYP Defends Thompson Stand on Stop and Frisk Triangulation
NYP knows that Lhota Their Pick Would Do Much Better Against Thompson Than Quinn in the General
Safety minded Democrat making the frisk case(NYP) The most electric moment on the mayoral campaign trail occurred this week when Bill Thompson, a concerned father of a teenage son, found himself vigorously defending stop-and-frisk before a predominantly African-American audience. Hearing that, rival John Liu urged Thompson to join him in demanding the practice be abolished, not just modified. 
  1. 2m
    Dean of City Hall press, , explains why big moment on stop & frisk could be pivotal

    Eduardo Castell is out as CM for This time BT has selected Jonathan Prince to head his campaign.With Roberto Ramirez also out will J. Prince be able to connect with the Puerto Rican/Latino vote BT needs in primary?* Thompson Names 2 Campaign Aides With Experience Beyond City(NYT) Mirram will only be advising Not involved in campaign. Jonathan Prince will put the new team together.

    Liu Matching Funds Good News and Bad
    $3.4M is Liu’s to lose(NYP)Operating largely under the radar, Comptroller John Liu has pulled off an amazing feat in the race for mayor by filing claims that would entitle him to $3.4 million in public matching funds. The $564,400 he has amassed for matching purposes is second only to the $637,038 rounded up by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who leads in the polls and has raised twice as much overall as her less successful rival.

    Greg David: Shapeshifting mayoral race takes another turn(CraigsNY) Tom Allon drops out, Christine Quinn irks the NYPD.
BloomTrek Generations

Bloomberg: Resistance is Futile. Eat Your Vegetables

Bloomberg on drones over New York: 'Can't keep tides from coming in
Military-style drones will patrol NYC: Bloomberg -
Sharpton wants NYPD brass charged for stop-and-frisk qu (NYDN)

The outrage of Bloomberg comments are all over the internet. But remember how the media used to blast Reagan's Start Wars missle defense ideas? Well last week Obama annunced the US was setting up star wars missles to  protect us from the nut running North Korea 

Nanny Bloomberg
City Hall smoke signals(NYP Ed)
If New Yorkers had any thoughts that Mayor Bloomberg was going to let Judge Milton Tingling’s slap down of the soda ban get in the way of imposing his personal preferences on the city, the mayor quickly put them to rest. No sooner had the judge ruled than Bloomberg announced a new ban that would force stores to hide cigarettes they were trying to sell. But, wait. It appears the mayor did learn something from Judge Tingling. This time, at least, Bloomberg has submitted his ban to the City Council for approval.

Bloomberg on Meet the Press
On sugary drink ban being overturned, says "we think the judge was just clearly wrong about this" "I don't think we should give up on the assault weapons ban," Bloomberg says on . Calls it "more difficult" than bkgrnd checks 

CM Wants More Support for Stigmatized Young Parents

Bronx Councilwoman Annabel Palma slams Bloomberg ad campaign against teen pregnancy(NYDN) Palma gave birth to a son at 17 and spoke out against the mayor for not providing enough support before stigmatizing young parents.

Campaiagn 2013

The Bullpen Bloomberg Built: Candidates Debate Its Future(NYT)* Murky Future For 'Bullpen'(WSJ) At a mayoral forum this week, many candidates said they would return City Hall to a more traditional layout, mirroring a vital national workspace debate: Open-plan or offices?

The more things change..During the 00 Clinton campaign sat in an office while I was in a bullpen.

With out of , a boost given to who can pick up Jewish votes

The Progressive Caucus Takes on a County Organization | The Barkan Report The PC endorsed Mercedes Narcisse in the race to replace term-limited Brooklyn Councilman Lew Fidler, placing them at odds with the county organization, which is firmly behind Assemblyman Alan Maisel. Maisel is an ally of county chair Frank Seddio and the influential Thomas Jefferson Club

Lack of Subway Cameras

Lack of security cameras at NYC subway stations threatens safety, hinders criminal investigations(NYDN) Only 111 stations of 468 have the crime-fighting technology that might have helped police probing the stabbing of an 18-year-old at the 21st St. and 41st Ave. stop in Queens. The MTA says it lacks the money to equip all stations with the crime deterrents, so it's time for our public officials to step up.

NYS Government

Breaking Session Delayed:

Speaker Silver has scheduled session for Thursday, March 28, at 10:30AM. NYSA has postponed tomorrow's session. : Senate GOP spox says chamber will go into session Sun at 3 p to pass budget. Work will conclude Mon night.* N.Y. State Senate Holds Sunday Session To Advance Budget Bill  * NY Legislators Will Need Week to Pass Budget(NBC) * Early Budget Seems Unlikely For Albany As State Senate Begins(NY1)
Voting On State Budget Expected To Get Underway This Weekend(NY1) 
Albany Budget

None Budget Issues Become Part of the Budget
"What amazes me about this process it is so much more than a budget. They are throwing in speed cameras, they are throwing in discrimination of pot, and they are throwing in minimum wage increase.  These are not budget issues. These are side issues. They plow it into one big document and they vote on it.  Without a hearing or scrutiny. I do not know of any of other state that does this." Joel Siegel, managing editor for politics at the New York Daily News

Rushed Gun Law
"Cuomo's Rush to Beat Obama on Gun Control Legislation Has Led to Changes in His Gun Law"  Robert George, New York Post's editorial board

Cuomo understood early that New York being 1st at new gun control law would be a powerful issues for him to run for president on That is why he rush yesterday to sign into law a new law limiting legal gun ownership before Obama announced his plans for gun control today

Editorial: The fading dream of Cuomo as Uniter(Kinston Times)

Cuomo is agreeing with the NYP about statewide teacher-rating systems: They serve no point if they expire before they can be used to fire bad teachers.
The education of Andrew Cuomo(NYP) Cuomo proposed legislation, as part of a budget deal, to leave any rating system in place until districts and teachers unions agree on a new plan. Good for him.* Bad news, good news (NYDN Ed) Cuomo is refusing to put an expiration date on educational quality — and rightly so. In budget talks with the Legislature, the governor has pushed for a law that would make teacher evaluation systems permanent until districts and unions renegotiate the terms. Such a statute would stop the unions from securing one-year deals as a way to weaken the evaluations through endless contract talks.

Mixed-Martial Arts Wins Political Support(WSJ)

Texting Fine
Texting-while-driving $50-fine in tentatice budget deal(NYDN)

NYC Government

Pesky sidewalk sheds and scaffolding on the rise in NYC, will continue to grow(NYP)Scaffolds and sidewalk sheds seem to be everywhere these days — because they are. The number of the ugly overhead structures has steadily climbed each year since 2009 — to 8,514 last year — as the city’s new rules for façade inspections kicked in..

The Mayor’s Geek Squad(NYT) New York City’s Office of Policy and Strategic Planning is a group of tech-savvy and civic-minded number crunchers analyzing city statistics for solutions to some pressing and convoluted problems.

Data Help
. looks at how crunches big data to tackle the city's everyday problems: The City's Big Data Office Knows New York(NY Mag)

Hunts Point Has No Doctors
Hunts Point, Bronx, has no family doctors. The growing doctor shortage - as Obamacare kicks in

NYFD's Race Problem
Racist FDNY Employees Still Posting Racist Things on Twitter
Bronx Court Corruption

Public records blocked by court (

Every year, Bronx judges appoint hundreds of attorneys to handle vital matters for incapacitated people or distressed property. These individuals, known as “fiduciary appointees,” are well-paid for their time, earning a total of $2.6 million in the Bronx last year. Despite reforms put in place in 2003 to stem the tide of political patronage, many top appointees are also well-connected, with strong ties to the Bronx Democratic Party and the political organizations that help judges win election, a recent investigation by the The Riverdale Press found.


Girls Excel in the Classroom but Lag in Entry to 8 Elite Schools in the City(NYT)
City to put new schools in several struggling Queens high

NYU faculty casts NIMBY no-confidence vote in university president(NYDN Ed) Profs are sulking because many live near planned construction site


Just Give Us Liberty
Security Screening to Change for Visits to Statue of Liberty(NYT)
Security change for Lady Liberty irks cops(NYDN)
National Park Service, NYPD Vow To Work Together For Liberty Island Safety(NY1)
State Says 10 Banks Are Failing To Get Needed Money To Sandy Homeowners(NY1)

Coney Island Opens Despite Setbacks(NYT)
Coney Island’s colorful rides, which were awash in almost five feet of seawater after Hurricane Sandy, reopened Sunday. Above, Polar Bear Club members take a swim.
City's Rapid Repairs Effort Hits 20,000 Mark(NY1)
Work Continues On Restoring A Subway Service To Rockaways(Ny1)
Statue of Liberty Security Screening Moving to Ellis Island(DNAINFO)


 MTA clerks pay price for 19G funny money(NYP) Crooks and unsuspecting straphangers forked over 917 counterfeit bills — with a face value of $19,060 — to pay for MetroCards last year, according to the MTA. In 2011, the agency took in a total of 975 phony notes, totaling $30,232. Subway-booth..


Yesterday the Daily News Said the NYP Has Few Riders Today the NYP Ad is total BS
Heeere’s . . . Jimmy!(NYP Ed) We’ve never quite forgiven Johnny Carson for moving “The Tonight.* Tax Break Lure Plays Into "Tonight Show" Rumors(NY1)

Are Upstate Pols That Dumb?
It is the NYC Tourism That Is Keeping Alive
‘Tonight’ not worth tax gift: pol (NYP)  Late-night host Jimmy Fallon can go work on his tan! New York state would be better off spending money on services for the developmentally disabled than on tax credits to lure “The Tonight Show” back to the Big Apple, an upstate lawmaker argued... * When ‘Tonight’ Was a ‘Lifeline to New York City’(NYT)

A New Focus on Poverty Raises a Question About News Coverage(NYT)

Did Bill Maher Just End America's Class War? - William F. B. O'Reilly (New Yorker)


Bloomberg Gun Show
Bloomberg’s TV Blitz on Guns Puts Swing State Senators on the Spot (NYT)
Bloomberg gun ads will name names, targeting 12 senators in 12 states and carry obvious threat of his Super PACs wrath next election. Girl’s Parents Meet Father of Gunman in Massacre(NYT)
* Keep Guns Out of Criminal Hands(NYT Ed)

MOURNING IN AMERICA: Thousands Killed Since Newtown(Huff Post)

Mike’s $12M anti-gun ad ‘air’strike  (NYP) Mayor Bloomberg is planning to spend $12 million for an ad campaign meant to pressure senators on gun control, administration sources said.* Bloomberg buys $12 million in ads in effort to push senators on gun laws(Wash Post)
New Ad From Mayor's Gun Control Group Demands Background Check(NY1)* Mayor Bloomberg Drops Another $12 Million on Gun Control Ads(NY Mag)
Mayor's guards get special permission to carry guns in Bermuda...
Bloomberg Issues Pro-Gun Control Ad Campaign, Spars With …(WCBS)


Dem budget targets rich(NYP)
Congress Didn't Fix the Big Problem: Spending - Debra Saunders, SF Chron
Capture Karl Rove: 'I Could' Imagine 2016 GOP Presidential Candidate Backing Gay Marriage
Cheney Was Right: Deficits Don't Matter - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Cyprus Can't Happen Here? It Already Has - Jonathan Trugman, NY Post
With Fannie & Freddie, It's Deja Vu - Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times
Payback Time for Our Insane Energy Policy - Christopher Booker, Telegraph
How Dems Can Win the ObamaCare Debate - Jill Lawrence, Natl Journal
The Doctor Will See You...Never - James Warren, New York Daily News
RNC's 'Reforms' Might Make Things Worse - George Will, Washington Post
Never Mind GOP, What Do Dems Need to Fix? - Jim Arkedis, The Atlantic
The Obama Era, Brought to You By the Iraq War - Ross Douthat, NY Times
What Tea Party Congress Accomplished - Conn Carroll, Wash. Examiner
Is There Really a 'Boy Crisis'? - Judith Warner, Time
Conservatives Divided on Gay Marriage - Jonah Goldberg, Boston Herald
Gay Marriage Has Already Won - Frank Bruni, New York Times
This May Finally Be Hillary's Time - Kathleen Parker, Washington Post
Has Israel Forgotten That It's in the Mideast? - Tom Friedman, NY Times
Before Madness, a Game That Really Mattered - Jerry Green, Detroit News

Obamacare's Good Report Card - New York Times
Lowering Expectations on ObamaCare - Washington Examiner
Unions Undermining Immigration Reform - Wall Street Journal
We're Losing the Peace in Iraq - Washington Post
Republicans Can Learn From Dems of Yore - Dan Balz, Washington Post
GOP Neglecting Its Best Issue: Growth - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Sequester Causing Pain - For Congress - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Dems, GOP Engage in Fairy-Tale Budgeting - Jack Kelly, Pitt Post-Gazette
Shadow of Roe Looms Over Ruling on Gay Marriage - Adam Liptak, NYT
No Blank Check for Criminals - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune
Merkel Can't Contain Anger Over Cyprus - Weiland & Wittrock, Der Spiegel
In Mideast, Obama Knocks It Out of the Park - Frida Ghitis, CNN
Saving the Soul of Classical Liberalism - James Buchanan, Cato Policy Rpt
Big Data Is Opening Doors, But Maybe Too Many - Steve Lohr, NY Times
Sunday Show Clips: Senator Paul | Mayor Bloomberg | Karl Rove | More

Senate Manages to Pass a Budget(NY Mag)

Senate approves Democratic budget plan that recommends $1 trillion in tax increases(NYP) * Senate Passes $3.7 Trillion Budget, Its First in 4 Years(NYT)

With Obama as Broker, Israelis and Turkey End Dispute(NYT) Israeli Apology Resets Alliance With Turkey(WSJ)

Cyprus Lifts the Curtain - Peter Schiff, Euro Pacific Capital
DC & Wall Street: Masking Risk With Gibberish - Floyd Norris, NY Times
Republicans Are Estranged from America - Andrew Kohut, Washington Post
ObamaCare Isn't Forever - Jay Cost, Weekly Standard
A Prescription for a Democratic Headache in 2014 - Roarty & Reinhard, NJ
McCain Hits Sequester Defense Cuts - David Ignatius, Washington Post
McCain/Graham: 2 Wacko Birds Out on Limb - Paul Mulshine, Star-Ledger
Why Can't We Childproof Guns? - Joe Nocera, New York Times
The Room That Could Transform D.C. - Sen. Manchin & Rep. Jenkins, RCP
The Truth About Teens & Out-of-Wedlock Births - Ruth Marcus, Wash Post
Why Do Economists Urge College, But Not Marriage? - Megan McArdle, DB
Geopolitical ADHD - Mark Steyn, National Review
When the Whole World Has Drones - Kristin Roberts, National Journal

Pope Francis tells Benedict, 'We are brothers'(NYP)The Woman Who Dared to Drive - Sohrab Ahmari, Wall Street Journal
Why the Rich Don't Give to Charity - Ken Stern, The Atlantic

Obama ending mideast trip with tour of Jordan's fabled ancient city of Petra(
Talent for Arm-Twisting and Raising Hopes(NYT)
How to Protect Your Assets From the Oncoming Crash - Bill Frezza, Forbes
'Til Faith Do Us Part: When Two Traditions Wed - Bradford Wilcox, WSJ
The Revenge of the Euro Crisis - The Economist
BidenTravel Joe Biden's Trips To Europe Cost How Much??
ObamaCare a Detriment to Hiring - Las Vegas Review-Journal
Put Health Above Politics - Tampa Bay Times

BLOOD GAMES: Video game industry rakes in billions with violent games and uses massively deep pockets to gain clout in D.C.
Democrats' Fiscal Follies - Washington Times
FAA To Close 149 Air Traffic Towers, Including Several In(WCBS)
Republicans Have Edge on Economy(NYT)
Maher Battles Conservative Panelist Over GOP Hypocrisy, Calls American People ‘Morons’
MAP: Thousands Killed Since Newtown(Huff Post)
Senate passes first budget in four years(Wash Post)

Law and Order

Court officer smashed my head into the wall: lawyer(NYDN)

Everybody Wants a Piece of Kimani Gray(Village Voice) How a boy's death became street theater in Flatbush

Mourners remember Brooklyn teen Kimani Gray, who was shot by cops, at funeral(nyp)* Funeral Is Held in Brooklyn for Kimani Gray (NYT) * Funeral Held in Brooklyn for Kimani Gray(WABC)* Hundreds Attend Funeral For Teenager Killed By Police(NY1)

Gang pallbearers cover their faces at Brooklyn funeral(NYP) 
Cops shoot dead knife-wielding man in Brooklyn (NYP) Cops shot and killed a Brooklyn man Friday after he lunged at the officers with a knife moments after stabbing his roommate, police said.* Police Fatally Shoot Suspect in Knifing(NYT) * Officers shoot and kill NYC man wielding a knife(WSJ) * Sources: Police Shoot, Kill Man Who Allegedly Stabbed Roommate In Carroll Gardens(NY1) * Carroll Gardens man killed after lunging at cops with k(NYDN) * Police: Knife-Wielding Suspect Shot Dead By Cops In Red (WCBS) * Cops kill knife wielding man(WABC)

PA tollbooth clerk accused of pocketing $10G in tolls(NYP)
Brooklyn man shot to death in his home

Cabby used 'scenic route' to beef up SI woman's tab - then he sped off with iPads(NYP)

EMT's a tear jerk when Post exposes hateful Nazi tweets(NYP)
Update Gunman who shot four at Coney Island housing project arrested(NYP)
4 shot in Brooklyn, one dead(NYDN) * 1 Dead, 3 Others Injured In Coney Island Shooting(WCBS)

Man Killed in Brooklyn Shooting; Three Are Wounded(NYT)

Video shows NYPD cruiser ramming into dirtbike during fatal Bronx chase

Federal prison guard gives birth to cop killer’s baby - and names him Justus(NYP)

Police Identify Suspect In Deadly Coney Island Shooting(NY1)

Suspect Arrested After Allegedly Beating Man Near Queens Nightclub(NY1)

Man Accused Of Groping Woman On Plane, Protesting That He(WCBS)
Teen victims’s dad blasts rapist(NYDN)
Elite Bronx prep school ignored sex abuse allegations(NYDN)

Man wrongly convicted of rabbi slay has heart attack after being freed(nyp)
Wrongly jailed guy ‘steaks’ claim on freedom (NYP) The man who spent more than two decades locked up for a murder he didn’t commit celebrated his first night of freedom with a steak after a judge wiped out his conviction, his family said* Just Freed, Cleared Man Has a Heart Attack(NYT) * David Ranta suffers heart attack less than 2 days after(NYDN) * Cleared Murder Convict Suffers Heart Attack On Second Day(WCBS)
False Ranta witness repents (NYP)He helped send a wrongly accused man to prison because of what cops told him to say — and he helped get him out because of what the Torah commanded him to do.  Menachem Lieberman was just a scared 13-year-old when police steered him to finger David...  

Video Shows Deadly Police Car Crash into Dirt Bike(NBC)

Wedding bells? Ivanka Trump stalker tells cops: 'I want to be her husband'(NYP)
DA drops nightclub fight charges against Lindsay Lohan(NYP)
LiLo will not be charged with punching psychic(NYDN)
$5M cop-attack payout(NYP)

WATERY GRAVE: Brooklyn man accused of killing roommate’s fish in dispute(NYP)

Stars of a Violent Rap Video Are Found Guilty of Violent Crimes in Real Life(NYT)