Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cuomo One Step Close To 1600

Cuomo understood early that New York being 1st at new gun control law would be a powerful issues for him to run for president on.  That is why he rush yesterday to sign into law a new law limiting legal gun ownership before Obama announced his plans for gun control today
Quick-draw gov top gun(Goodwin, NYP) Say this for Andrew Cuomo: He knows how to run a race. Getting a gun-control package through the Legislature while the rest of the America is still talking puts New York, and him, ahead of the pack.

New York Leads on Gun Control(NYT Ed) The state is the first to change its laws, mostly for the better, since the Connecticut shooting.* The New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act was signed into law yesterday by Gov. Cuomo, with lawmakers hoping this bill will be the impetus for Congress to enact federal gun control legislation The Times approves of the gun control law passed by the New York Legislature, although some sections of the law were not thoroughly vetted and should be reworked before it becomes a national model for gun control * The Buffalo News reports * Under the new state rules for gun control, a rifle now qualifies as an assault weapon, guns must be registered with the State Police within a year of its purchase, and magazines holding ten or more rounds have been banned, the Times-Union writes: * “The only reason he's doing this is to beat President Obama to the punch,” Republican Assemblyman David DiPietro said during debate. * Law's Mental-Health Provision Draws Ire(WSJ) * The governor signed the bill just before dinner time, minutes after the Assembly sent it to his desk on a 104-43 vote.* Cuomo Signs Gun Laws(WSJ)  * Gun enthusiasts decry new New York gun control law(WABC) * Cuomo Gloats After Albany Fires Off Gun Control (NY1)
Washington Gun Update Obama Unveils Proposals for Toughening Laws on Guns(NYT) Details: President Obama unveils sweeping new gun control proposals  * Obama unveils gun-control proposals(Wash Post) * Obama Claims Assault Weapons Ban Supported By ‘Majority Of Americans’ And Ronald Reagan 

Where Every Member of Congress Stands on Guns(propublica)

Newtown choir of angels(NYP)Warning Signs of Violent Acts Are Often Unclear(NYT) Forestalling violence by keeping closer track of those with mental illness is an appealing idea, but it poses more difficulties than are at first apparent. * In the Debate Over Guns, Even Language Can Be Loaded(NYT) * Limits on Guns Become Law in New York(NYT) * New York Restricts Access to Permit Data(NYT) *Obama's Gun Plan to Test Lawmakers(WSJ) * Spotty Records Weaken Background Checks(WSJ) * New York Legislature Passes Strictest Gun Control Laws In Nation (NY1) * New Gun Laws Focus On Mental Health Patients With Firearms(NY1) * NY 1st state to act on gun control in wake of . Cuomo: 'We are fighting back'  * Hours before Obama reveals his gun strategy, the NRA blasts him for having the Secret Service protect his daughters.(NY Mag)* Pols target Apple over NRA game(NYDN)* Guns for Sale(NYT)* The furor continues over The Journal News’ decision last month to publish an on-line interactive map of handgun permit holders in Westchester and Rockland counties.* State GOP Has New Political, Communications Directors(YNN) * One Obama order will guide dealers on background checks for private sellers. Meshes with Cuomo law *N.R.A. Ad Focuses on Obama’s Children(NYT) * Cuomo Praises Obama’s ‘Common Sense Measures’ On Guns(YNN) * White House officials called the NRA’s new ad that brought Obama’s daughters into the gun control debate “repugnant and cowardly.” * The NRA is planning to mount the “fight of the century” against the president’s gun control efforts.* Kids' Letters to Obama: Four kids horrified by Sandy Hook shooting make most compelling case yet for gun control (Gawker)

Only Federal Laws Can Reduce Guns in NYC
85% of guns recovered in crimes in New York City originally sold out of state'

NYC Criminal Justice Coordinator - Confronting Crime - Illegal Guns


Joe Who, Quinn Steady Big Lead Points to Future Attack Campaign Aganist Her

They May Not Know Much About Lhota, But They Even Know Less About the Other GOP Candidates.  The only one who know they names are the bloggers who treat them like rock stars
Ex-M.T.A. Chief and Mayoral Candidate Is Unknown to Many Voters, Poll Says(NYT) Joseph J. Lhota, the former chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, remains an unknown quantity to the vast majority of New Yorkers, according to the poll. Sixty-nine percent said that they did not know enough about him to say whether they liked him or not, and of those who did, 19 percent assessed him favorably, and 11 did not.  

Lhota, Quinn front-runners to win party nods for mayor: poll(NYP)In the latest Qunnipiac University poll, former MTA chairman Joe Lhota leads the Republican primary for New York City mayor with 23 percent, while City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leads the Democratic field with 35 percent. Lhota is followed by businessman John Catsimatidis with 9 percent, newspaper publisher Tom Allon with 5 percent, former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion with 3 percent and Doe Fund founder George McDonald with 2 percent, the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe- ack) University poll finds. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has 11 percent, with 10 percent for former City Comptroller William Thompson and 9 percent for Comptroller John Liu.* Also, all the Democratic hopefuls beat Lhota by a margin of at least 3 to 1.* Joe ‘Who?’ Lhota Has a Long Way to Go(NY Mag) * While on Inside City Hall, GOP mayoral candidate Tom Allon was more than effusive for the gun control bill, adding he “absolutely” does not agree with Republicans opposed to new gun laws.*
The Rev. Al Sharpton said GOP mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota will face opposition in the minority community because he’ll be viewed as a “continuation” of the Giuliani years. * Examination Of Republican Voters In NYC

As Council Speaker for 7 Years Quinn Should Share in the Blame For the Failure of the City's Education System
The Media Pimping Quinn Campaign Never Blame Her for NY's Failed Education System?
As Spearker She Could Have Made Any of Her Education Ideas She Announced Yesterday As the City's Education Policy Years AgoHow many of the children of New York's has gone uneducated since she became speaker? She Contolled 7 Education budgets as the second most powerful player in the city's budget.   

Quinn Presents Vision for Improving New York City Schools(NYT)Among her proposals, Christine C. Quinn, the Council speaker, said she would replace textbooks with computer tablets and reduce the emphasis on testing. In a policy address on education, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn proposed replacing textbooks with digital tablets in all city public schools as well as an expansion of the school day to 6 p.m.* In Speech, Quinn Spells Out Education Platform (WSJ) *Quinn laid out in a speech a series of proposals for improving the city’s schools, which included replacing textbooks with computer tablets, creating online resources for parents and extending the school day for many students.* How the Democrats Mayoral Candidates Sent and how much they have(Capital) * And They’re Off: A Crowded Pack of Candidates and Crazies Races Toward City Hall(NYO)

Lincoln Restler's Push Poll With No Transparency

Brooklyn councilman calls foe’s poll ‘gutter politics’(CrainsNY)

“What’s your opinion of Steve Levin?”
“What’s your opinion of Vito Lopez?”
“Did you know Councilman Levin was Vito Lopez’s chief of staff?”

These were the types of questions residents of Brooklyn’s 33rd Council District were asked in a recent poll commissioned by Lincoln Restler, the scrappy Brooklyn reformer expected to run against Councilman Steve Levin this year. The poll, which was first reported by OrthodoxPundit last week, seems to be an indication that Mr. Restler’s campaign is essentially underway.Mr. Restler confirmed that he paid for the poll. He would not say how much it cost. His state campaign account doesn’t report any spending on polling. He has yet to register a campaign account with the city’s Campaign Finance Board, which some insiders say could prove problematic because any significant expenditure triggers a requirement to file. “It’s gutter politics,” Mr. Levin said.
[UPDATE, 4:44 p.m.] Mr. Restler responded to Mr. Levin’s comments, as well as the implication that his poll could be in violation of city campaign finance rules. “I am not a candidate for office at this time and I’m simply exploring my options. It’s hypocritical that Steve has chosen to open his mouth about this but continues the months of silence on the disgusting sexual harassment allegations against his boss and mentor Vito Lopez.”*

Public Advocates For Squadron
Betsy Gotbaum, Ex-Public Advocate, Backs Stepson’s Opponent in Race(NYT) * . also picks up backing of Mark Green, meaning that he has everyone with title of "former public advocate"

It is Time for An Update of the Late Journalist Jack Newfield's Book on the Permanent Government
Newfield and his co writer Paul du Brul claimed that an elite group of un-elected power brokers control the political power of New York City

Member of the New Perment Government: 
The Al Sharpton Stop

Mayoral Candidates Play to the Sharpton Crowd
New York City mayoral candidates debated issues of inequality at Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Headquarters yesterday, with Quinn provoking jeers by saying she would keep Ray Kelly as police commissioner if she were mayor, the News writes: Candidates Diverge on Residency for Police(NYT) Many New York City officers live in the suburbs, and the issue had not been raised until the Rev. Al Sharpton asked a yes-or-no question at a debate for mayoral contenders Tuesday night.At a forum all five Democratic mayoral candidates were asked whether NYPD officers should be required to live in the five boroughs. Only Mr. de Blasio said no. Ms. Quinn and Mr. Liu wanted the requirement and Mr. Thompson was “less clear.”

Quinn Gain Support in the Rest of the City When She Stood Up to Sharpton On Keep Kelly
NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who continues to lead the Democratic field, was jeered at a National Action Network forum last night after reiterating that she would keep Ray Kelly as NYPD commissioner if she’s elected.

State Senate Control High Court Rejects Amedore’s Appeal, 99 Ballots To Be Counted Friday(TNN) * Was Bloomberg’s $1 million to the Senate Republicans to help them keep the majority money well spent?

Former deputy mayor under Giuliani, Randy Mastro, is Bill Thompson's biggest fundraiser(NYP)

More celebs jump into Bk. DA's race(NYDN)
race for Public Advocate RT : Letitia James, net contributions for 6 months $199,911* AG Eric Schneiderman held his first public hearing on proposed donor disclosure rules for independent expenditure organizations.* DiNapoli Secures Deal With Key Bank On Political Spendnig(YNN)

Campaign 2013 . surprisingly announces he's dropping his BK City Council bid, exploring other social justice opportunities

Arzt is Happy 
Campaigning for Queens Borough President, former Councilwoman Melinda Katz raised a solid $283,000 in four months, putting a solid marker down among the Democrats vying for the support of county chairman Joe Crowley. “I am so appreciative to our hundreds of donors and their support for my candidacy,” Ms. Katz said in a statement.* Melinda Katz Vows to Keep Families in Queens as Borough President(DNAINFO)

To Get Vito Lopez Out of Albany He Will Have to Be Killed
Assemblyman Vito Lopez is reportedly not as interested in the City Council race as he once was, and currently is leaning against the possibility because of health concerns. “I don’t want to walk away from people I represent–I was elected in my [Assembly] district,” he explained.

Ex-Counsel to Gov. David Paterson Fined Over Ethics Law Violation(NYT) A lawyer who served as chief counsel for Gov. David A. Paterson has paid a $3,500 fine for violating a state law limiting the interactions between former employees of the governor’s office and the state government. 

Council Redistricitng 
Staten Island is almost wholly happy, Council-wise(SI Advance)

Despite not running for office, former New York City Congressman Anthony Weiner spent $36,999 from his campaign account over the last six months, while City Comptroller John Liu has chipped away at his account with legal fees, the News reports: 

The House of Representatives voted to pass the long-awaited $50.7 billion federal aid bill for victims of Hurricane Sandy that will cover repairs to people’s homes, assist business owners, and reimburse local governments
House passes $50.7B bill for hurricane relief(NYP) * House Approves $50.7 Billion in Emergency Aid for Storm Victims(NYT) The News rejoices over the long-awaited passage in the House of the Hurricane Sandy federal aid bill, chiding the 179 Republicans who voted against the measure for “turning their backs” on New Yorkers* The vote was 241 to 180, with 49 Republicans joining 192 Democrats.The Senate is expected to follow suit, and Obama is expected to sign the bill into law.
[image]House Approves Sandy Aid Package(WSJ) * House Approves $50.5 Billion In Hurricane Relief(NY1) * Family Decides To Demolish Home Destroyed By Sandy(NY1) * Lawyer sues Con Ed for $500M(NYDN)
Tottonno's owners vow to reopen Sandy-ravaged pizzereia(NYDN)* Heroic MTA workers in Coney(NYDN) * House Approves $50.7 Billion In Hurricane Sandy Relief(WCBS) *  Lawmaker says insurance companies are cheating Sandy victims(Brooklyn Eagle)* LIPA spent $1 million for advertising after Sandy * Hearing Examines City's Response To Sandy (NY1)

‘Traumatic’ NYC School Bus Strike Under Way
Chaos expected as school bus drivers set to strike(NYP)* Parents Gird for Disruptions as Bus Drivers’ Strike Looms* The News questions the motives of New York City school bus drivers who plan to strike today, detailing the numerous court battles that have ruled employee protections in city contracts to be unlawful NYC school bus drivers, matrons strike; 152,000 students seek other ways to get to school(WSJ) * School Bus Strike Causes Parents To Find New Ways To Get Kids To School(NY1) * Thousands Of NYC School Bus Drivers Go On Strike(WSJ) *
Bloomberg: "We pay for more than any other school system in the country for busing." $6,900 per student. No. 2 is LA at $3,100
Bus-strike nightmare: Mom’s 4 kids attend 4 different schools(NYP)
New York City bus drivers plan to strike today, with the city blaming the situation on the cost of contracts, and the drivers saying the city is hiding behind a court ruling preventing certain employee protections, The Wall Street Journal reports:* Companies Try to Hire Replacement Drivers(WSJ) * NYC mayor on school bus strike: 'We can't cave in'(fox 5) * Mayor: NYC's not eying bus court action right now(Fox 5) * Parents of Special Needs Children Worry About Strike(NBC)

How Come the Media Ignores the Mob Ties to the Bus Strike, They Did Not in the Last Stike in 1979
A History of School Bus Ownership
 The Goons, The Mob and the School-Bus Strike (1979 New York Mag) In 1979 the cost of the school bus system was $100 million today $1.1 Billion

The school-bus union's mob ties—Editorial ... - New York Post

Mayoral Candidates on the Bus Strike
As yellow school bus drivers strike today, many of the candidates for mayor have taken sides. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Comptroller John Liu, both Democrats vying for labor support, have backed the union and slammed City Hall, while the more cautious Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson have avoided categorical positions thus far. Republican George McDonald, on the other side of the partisan aisle, said striking drivers should simply be fired. *
No End In Sight To School 

NYC's Permanent
Nearly 30 thugs busted in massive metro-area sweep of private garbage companies(NYP)

BREAKING: Feds rounding up mobsters in massive metro-area (NYP) The feds this morning are conducting a sweeping series of arrests around the metro area in connection with a long-running investigation into continued Mafia control of the private garbage-hauling industry * Feds round up 30 suspected wise-guys(NYDN) * F.B.I. Arrests Nearly 30 With Ties to Waste Industry(NYT)
Mobster nabbed in massive bust was given big break when facing prison in 2012 (NYP)One of the dozens of people rounded up today in a mob-related waste carting industry shakedown scheme is a mobster who last year was given a big break as he faced prison for threatening to maim a debtor.

Property Tax Hikes Another Example of How NY Punished the Poor,Pushes the Middle Class, Business, Jobs Out of the City

Soar point: City homeowner property taxes up 4%(NYP) City homeowners are being socked with another property-tax hike, according to annual assessment rolls released yesterday.* City Food Banks Still Recovering From Sandy(WSJ) * Tax Bite to Climb From Boom Years (WSJ) While property values are slowly rising in New York, a quirk in the city tax law will drive up property taxes by considerably more, including higher taxes on 69 homes damaged in superstorm Sandy.* Survey: Many New Yorkers Struggled To Feed Themselves In 2012(NY1)* ‘Capital of the world’ fails in hunger report(NYDN)

Today The Council is Lookng Into City's Immediate/emerg Response to Sandy

The NYP Headlines Crap Caused A Subway Death, Not the Refined NYT
Man slips, falls to death while defecating between subway cars; another man hurt in same station(NYP) * Man Killed in Fall Between Subway Cars(NYT) The police said that their earlier information about a fighting was incorrect. * Trains up to speed(NYP)It was business as usual on the city’s subways yesterday, despite a controversial union directive telling operators to slow down. * Man Killed By Subway In Harlem Station(NY1) * One dead, one injured after being struck by separate trains (AM NY)

City Pushes Repairs to Apartment Building in Foreclosure

City Boosts Repair Push(WSJ)New York City has gone to court to force some property lenders to perform repairs on apartment buildings in foreclosure. Now, it has stepped up those efforts.


Engineer Unpacks Plan for the Stacks(WSJ) Critics of the New York Public Library's $300 million renovation plan have doubted whether its most important engineering challenge is even possible.

Honchos on park-perks pull: It’s a board $tiff! (NYP) Community board leaders are fuming that Mayor Bloomberg is about to yank their parking placards.

Bedford-Stuyvesant Always Changing
Greetings from Macon St.” – A picture postcard from 1911 (22 years after MACON MANOR was built), showing the type of large family for whom these homes were designed…

In Effort to Preserve Bedford-Stuyvesant, Some Ask: For Whom?(NYT)Some residents of Bedford-Stuyvesant are challenging a proposed historic district, saying it would impose so many regulatory burdens that the very people who had held the blocks together would be the first to go.

Come to Jamaica to leave it(Queens Crap)
From the NY Post: The only tenant so far in a long-planned retail center that’s supposed to attract shoppers to downtown Jamaica will be a bus station that instead takes them away — to the Resorts World racino at Aqueduct Raceway. A sign in one of the three storefronts, which have remained empty since they were finished last June, advertises: “Coming soon: Bus Depot Here!” The Greater Jamaica Development Corp., the politically connected nonprofit that used $9.2 million in taxpayer money to clean up the area and develop the retail arcade, says it has signed a lease with Resorts World for the largest of the storefronts on Sutphin Boulevard.
It will basically be a waiting room for free shuttle buses that run to the racino every 20 minutes. The 2,300-square-foot space is now an empty shell. The storefronts were the centerpiece of the revitalization of the Sutphin Boulevard underpass under the Jamaica Long Island Rail Road station. Rep. Gregory Meeks secured Federal Transit Administration funds for the site. The money and other grants that the Queens Democrat sent to Greater Jamaica are under investigation by the US Attorney’s Office, which last year issued a subpoena to the nonprofit seeking information on the funds.

In an email to local arts groups, The State Council on the Arts is offering to help arts organizations get loans to supplement a slow process in generating contracts for the 2,500 grants it awards this year, the Times-Union reports:

Residents say new sidewalk makes roadway too narrow for(NYDN)Pelham Parkway South residents are hopeful that a legal roadblock erected by the city in their fight against a “sidewalk to nowhere will be dismantled by a judge.

Work Starts on $4.5 Billion Skyscraper Project(Huff Post)

NY enviro groups to discuss Hudson PCB dredging(WSJ)

Chuck’s epiphany (NYP) That was quick.  Chuck Hagel sat down Monday with New York’s Sen. Chuck Schumer and in just 90 minutes completely disavowed everything he’s ever said about Israel, Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and “the Jewish lobby.”Whereupon Schumer heartily endorsed Hagel’s nomination as defense secretary and urged wavering Dems to fall in line. No New York skepticism there: “His views are genuine,” Schumer insists.* Schumer Says He’s Satisfied With Hagel on Mideast(NYT) * Hagel Wins Backing of Key Senator(WSJ)

The White House Knows Its Petition Website Has Become Ridiculous(NY Wash)
Pres Obama says he won't negotiate on raising the Debt Limit. Vows he won't let Republicans "collect a ransom" for raising the the Limit.
Obama's 1-2 Punch? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
President Obama Owns the Debt Now - Glenn Reynolds, USA Today
Next Fight Shifts Focus to Spending Cuts - Charlie Cook, National Journal
Cuomo's Leadership on Gun Control - Mike Lupica, New York Daily News
A Gun Ban That Misfired - Jeffrey Shapiro, Wall Street Journal
What Is the Future of Conservatism? - Mark Steyn, Commentary
Republican Party Resembles a Failed State - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast
For "Party of Business," Allegiances Are Shifting - Jackie Calmes, NYT
Who's the Fed Helping? Not the Little Guy - Rich Danker, RealClearMarkets
WH Press Corps Going Through the Motions - Debra Saunders, SF Chronicle
For Obama, It Takes One to Tango - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Jack Lew's Signature - Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal
Victory in Aghanistan? Not Without U.S. Troops - Max Boot, LA Times
Neocons Should Heed Hagel's Eisenhower Model - Evan Thomas, Bloomberg
Are We Ready to Reduce Gun Violence? - Sen. Tim Kaine, Washington Post
The Purpose of the Second Amendment - Erick Erickson, RedState
Zero Dark Thirty & the Hunt for Bin Laden - Kathryn Bigelow, LA Times
More on RCP: Ten Memorable Presidential Inaugural Addresses
McConnell says linking Debt Limit hikes to spending cuts "as standard in Washington as the Cherry Blossom Festival."
Obama and Republicans Need to Reach an Accord - Washington Post
California's Dilemma: Where Are the Kids? - Investor's Business Daily
President Morsi's Repulsive Comments - New York Times
Lance Armstrong Spins on Oprah - Chicago Tribune
While Congressman Charlie Rangel, who was removed from his chairmanship of the influential House Ways and Means committee in 2010, was named the ranking member of the trade subcommittee, perhaps a sign of his rehabilitating image after House found him guilty of various ethics violations.
Don’t expect too much from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony on Jan. 23.
Ken Salazar, the secretary of the interior, will reportedly leave his post at the end of March. 
The House GOP’s Intentional-Losing Strategy(NY Mag)
Yes, the White House petition site is a joke, but it's also the future of democracy

Stewart And Bob Schieffer Take On How Pro-Gun ‘Interest Groups’ ‘Skew’ Media Coverage Of Gun Control * Scarborough Goes Off On ‘Sheer Ignorance’ Of Gun Lobby Who Believe ‘Constitutional Right’ To ‘Assault Weapons’

POLITICO Playback: 1/16/13

Dad Blames Government
Dad of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz blames government for suicide(NYP)
Wal-Mart Reaches Out to Veterans(NYT Ed) Other companies should follow Wal-Mart’s lead to help reduce high unemployment among those who served in recent wars.

Newhouse cuts at Newark Star-Ledger(NYP)The Newhouse-owned Newark Star-Ledger newspaper is giving pink slips to 34 employees — including nearly 10 percent of its editorial staff

Stewart Rips ‘Liar’ Lance Armstrong And The ‘Idiots’ (Including Stewart) Who Believed Him

 Law and Order

Bitter pill for crooks: NYPD uncapping decoy Oxy-bottle GPS(NYP) * Police to Use Fake Pill Bottles to Track Drugstore Thieves(NYT)* Some OxyContin bottles to be equipped with GPS(NYDN)

‘Plate hide’ cop busted(NYP)

Man Pleads Not Guilty to Murder in Fatal Subway Pushing(NYT) * Suspect Blames Victim of a Push(WSJ)
* Subway pusher: I was still mad about my Timberlands(NYDN)

Victim 'rolled like a bowling ball': accused subway shover(NYP)

SAVAGE BEATING: Man clinging to life after brutal attack with baseball bat, tire iron and blackjack in Greenwich Village(NYDN)

A Girl Held for 16 Days in a Dungeon, Now Looking Back as a Woman(NYT)

Judge Rejects Victim’s Plea and Sentences Teenager to 18 Years in Shooting(NYT)
2 people found shot dead inside car in Bronx(NYP)
Young mother beaten allegedly by mob of girls(WABC)
Bystanders grab gunman after man shot in NY store(Fox 5)
Elderly Queens Man Beaten on J Train(NBC)
Bat- and tire iron-wielding thugs nearly beat Greenwich Village man to death(NYP)
Police: Man, Niece Found Shot To Death In The Bronx(WCBS)

Bronx-Born Justice Outlines Journey In New Book(NY1)

McKeon tapped to battle felony case logjam(NYDN) A Bronx-raised administrative judge and ten of out-of-town jurists are set to lead the charge against the backlog of felony cases in the borough’s beleaguered courthouse.

For a Thief in This Office, Paper Clips Wouldn’t Do(NYT)Adrian Rodriguez was accused of stealing thousands of cartridges of copy machine toner from a law firm’s office in Manhattan and selling them on the black market.

Second arrest made in murder of 17-year-oldBrooklyn 12
Geriatric Colombo underboss must see out 8 year sentence: court (NYP) A 95-year-old mob boss who authorities say boasted about killing 60 people in a lifetime of crime must serve his eight-year prison sentence after his racketeering conspiracy conviction, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

Kelly lets detective of(NYDN)POLICE COMMISSIONER Raymond Kelly has cleared a veteran NYPD detective of using excessive force against a Queens man even though the allegation was substantiated by the Civilian Complaint Review Board
 Teen: Rapist would have killed me!(NYDN)

WATCH: Cops hunt sicko wanted in Williamsburg sexual assault(NYP)
Cops: Woman assaulted at Lorimer St. station  (BK12)

SEE IT: Man beaten with bat, tire iron in Village(NYDN)

 Appeals Court Rejects Bail in Cannibal Case(WSJ) * 'Cannibal Cop' on mouth-watering lunch date(NYDN)