Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Secret Primary Date

Why are the Two and a Half or Four Men in the Albany Room Keeping Primary Day Secret?
Some buzz yesterday about an August Primary which would drive New York's already low voter participation rates even lower.  We Know the NYT and the pols they control are pushing for an early primary to help Quinn.We also knows the BOE has no realistic plan or ability to count the runoff in the two weeks that the election law allows.

BOE  Still Can't Count the Votes the 2012 Vote . . . Look Out 2013

133 Days after the most disastrous election day operation in the Board of Election history, the board still is counting votesTomorrow morning when the commissioners meet they will add 400 more votes and recertify the Novemember 6th General Election. This comes one week after after the BOE executive director Dawn Sandow accused her own workers of being crooks at a city council hearing. Board of Elections fears poll workers would steal iPads(NYDN)

BOE No Plans for 2013, No Pressure to Reform

The BOE has not had an executive director in two years.  It is being controled by the party bosses.  In other words New Yorkers who want fair well run elections are screwed.  We are only 176 days away
 from possible citywide runoffs in which the BOE has no plan.  For some reason the media does not think that is a problem.  The City Council is involved with a cover up with the media of the BOE.

If We Move the BOE to Arizona Will the NYT Then Write About New Yorkers Right to Vote?
Arizona’s Barrier to the Right to Vote(NYT Ed) Arizona’s Proposition 200 conflicts with the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 and should be struck down by the Supreme Court.

Political Corruption

Feds Piling On Boyland

Pol is also a ‘fraud’: More Boyland raps (NYP) Federal prosecutors hit Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. with more corruption counts yesterday, leveling charges that the already indicted Brooklyn pol sought reimbursement for official trips he never took.* Brooklyn Assemblyman Indicted on New Charges(WSJ)* Feds charge assemblyman with faking expenses(NYDN)* Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland Jr. faces new federal charges related to allegations that he filed bogus travel vouchers and collected per diem payments for days that he wasn’t in Albany, in addition to the counts of bribery and extortion of which he has already been accused, the Times-Union reports: 

Why No Federal Charges for Cook or Scarborough?
Both Abused Per Diems Like Boyland
Politicians caught collecting Albany per diems when they're not there(NYP, 2012)

Quinn and Bloomberg

Limiting Quinn Puppet Damage: Bloomberg Makes Up A Secret

Bloomberg keeping his choice for mayor a secretNYDN)* Who has 's vote in the race to replace him?

Allon Exits

As Allon Exits the Mayor's Race for City and State Long Times Questions Remain About the Finances
Republican Tom Allon bows out of mayoral race(NYDN) City & State Editor Morgan Pehme relates the newsroom's reaction to the publication's purchase yesterday by its founder, Tom Allon, and to Allon's consequent withdrawal from the race for New York City mayor:  Allon Exits Race for New York Mayor(NYT) * Publisher Tom Allon Gives Up Mayoral Bid(WSJ)Tom Allon's withdrawal 'The Lone Jew in NYC Mayoral Race Drops Out' * "[Allon's] withdrawal puts the Liperal Party…back in play." via &

Mayor's Debate

Carrion says he would keep Kelly as some sort of advisor to NYPD. Goes over badly with .
John Catsimatidis one-ups Liu, saying if he gets elected , there will be a cop in every building. *Catsimatidis says crimefighting should include pinpoint targeting of high-crime areas/buildings: "Let's just do it and get it done." ...Quinn says fixing NYCHA and making it safe requires a broader approach, including other departments, to address the "unacceptable level...Quinn says fixing NYCHA and making it safe requires a broader approach, including other departments, to address the "unacceptable level...Joe Lhota says stop and frisk should not be abolished, but it has to be controlled. "I do believe that an office must also tell you why" .. 4m ... and when most of them are people of color. Racial profiling has no place in this city, or in our country. End, don't mend. 29m I do not have to single out any one candidate for mayor to say it is almost hard to watch the level of pandering here tonight.

Campaign 2013

Maloney Endorses Quinn for Mayor(WSJ)
Dem hopefuls for mayor answer the tough questions(SI Advance)

Catsimatidis Who Said He Would Spend A Million A Month to Help His Campaign for Mayor Just Spent This Months Million
Catsimatidis Settling Gender-Based Discrimination Suit
New York City mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis and his Gristedes supermarket chain are finalizing a $1.45 million settlement with female workers who claim gender-based discrimination, with 666 women filing claims to benefit from the payout, the New York Daily News writes
* Women's History Week: Leading Author Women's Liberation NY1)

Emily's List Pushes Quinn
EMILY’s List is focusing its political muscle this year on mayoral races, giving early endorsements to female candidates across the country – including NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn. 

Developers Contribute to More Than One Mayoral Candidate
The Real Estate contribution game never changes
 Real Estate's Last Stand (2009, Gotham Gazette)
Real estate mogul Stephen Green and seven fellow executives at his firm contributed money to Democratic mayoral candidates Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson, following the lead of many donors who have contributed to multiple campaigns, the Daily News writes: * Real estate moguls giving to all sides in mayors race Silverstein Properties gave $4,440 to Quinn Thompson & deBlasio*
Real estate mogul Stephen Green is hedging his bets in the NYC mayor’s race, giving campaign cash to both Quinn and her Democratic rival Bill Thompson. And he’s not alone in splitting the proverbial baby.* Campaign Finance Analysis Shows Real Estate Execs Buttering Up Multiple Mayoral Candidates: Daily News(nyo)

The Race for Council Speaker
Candidates to be the next speaker of the City Council are donating heavily to other council campaigns in an attempt to curry favor with their colleagues, Crain's Insider reports

Lhota Gains Some GOP Support
GOP City Council Members Endorse Lhota, for Now(NY Mag)* All four Republican members of the NYC. Council are going to back Joe Lhota in the GOP primary for mayor. While Joe Lhota scored a nice endorsement basket in his own bid for mayor, grabbing all four GOP councilmen. In the process, a division in the Republican Party appeared, with Queens’ chair Phil Ragusa sniping at Mr. Lhota for transit fare increases and saying his preferred candidate, John Catsimatidis, has “got the same gravitas that Bloomberg has.” Councilman Eric Ulrich, an opponent of Mr. Ragusa’s, called Mr. Catsimatidis a “buffoon.” 

Liu Accepts Barron Endorsment
Mr. Barron, of course, has said a raft of controversial statements during his tenure in office. So, during Mr. Liu’s hang-out in the press van, we asked if the comptroller embraced the support. “I worked closely with Charles in the City Council,” Mr. Liu said after expressing some initial surprise that Mr. Barron had, in fact, offered his endorsement. “The answer is ‘yes,’ I would happily accept his endorsement.”* "John Liu, unlike most other politicians, is willing to call a springboard a springboard."

Liu NYT and FBI Are Targeting Me
Headline of the Day: “John Liu: It’s ‘plainly obvious’ feds are feeding the ‘Times’ stories about me.” City Comptroller John Liu said a series of narrative-defining stories about his fund-raising activities in theNew York Times was being driven by a hostile U.S. attorney's office.
Liu Accepts Barron Endorsment
Mr. Barron, of course, has said a raft of controversial statements during his tenure in office. So, during Mr. Liu’s hang-out in the press van, we asked if the comptroller embraced the support. “I worked closely with Charles in the City Council,” Mr. Liu said after expressing some initial surprise that Mr. Barron had, in fact, offered his endorsement. “The answer is ‘yes,’ I would happily accept his endorsement.”* Front page of today's Hamodia: Charles Barron, Divisive Councilman, Endorses John Liu

Liu's Sweatshop Story
On Inside City Hall last night, Comptroller John Liu also criticized a New York Daily News piece on his continued claim that his mother worked in a sweatshop. “I thought that was the last word on it,” Mr. Liu said, referencing a 2009 Times Ledger article on the back-and-forth. “But apparently maybe the Daily News doesn’t think that it’s the last word.” John Liu admits he wanted to become mayor of NYC “probably from the moment I got elected comptroller.”

Quinn Spanish Hit on Paid Sick Leave
Working Families' Spanish-language 'paid sick days' ad: Quinn can 'change this terrible reality'(Capital)

Thompson on Sick Pay
FWIW, Bill Thompson told 2 weeks ago he supported paid sick bill, only now cooked up idea about yr delay
Bill Thompson is ramping up pressure on his mayoral rival, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, on her refusal to allow a vote on paid sick leave legislation. 

Carron's $$$ Disappear
Capital New York called out campaigns that fudge their fundraising numbers by leaking them early with framing to make them seem more impressive than they are. Common tactics include reporting the entire campaign’s total rather than the latest filing, reporting matched contributions while burying the raw total and, apparently in the case of Adolfo Carrión, touting hundreds of thousands of “pledged” dollars that have yet to actually materialize. 

Adolfo Carrión is not a fan of the New York Daily News
Adolfo Carrión Continues Campaign Against the Daily News
Mr. Carrión, a candidate for mayor this year, blasted the publication this afternoon for a March 5th story questioning an old campaign committee, continuing what has become an apparent feud between Mr. Carrión and the tabloid. The report called into question the committee’s regular large cash disbursements, an apparent violation of state election law, but the Carrión campaign is claiming it misled readers.

Lincoln Out of Council Race is Squadron State Senate Senate Next?
Restler bows out after "influx of approxy 5,000 Hasidic potential voters in Clinton Hill and Bed-Sty" (NYDN) * Will it be Restler Versus Rapfogel for State Senate? 

(Photo: Mirocznik campaign)Ordained Rabbi Aims to Capture Staten Island Council Seat(NYO)
State Budget

Deal near to boost NY’s min wage to $9 (NYP) ALBANY — New York is poised to raise its minimum wage to $9 an hour — phased in between two and three years — as part of negotiations on a new state budget, sources said last night.* State Leaders Reach Deal to Raise Minimum Wage(NYT) * Albany Near Deal on Budget, Taxes(WSJ) * Tentative State Budget Includes Multi-Year Minimum Wage Increase(NY1) * As part of the $136.5 billion budget, state lawmakers agreed to raise the state’s minimum wage to $9 an hour, phased in over three years to $8 by Jan. 1st, 2014 and $9 by Jan. 1st, 2016, but not indexed to inflation, the Times-Union reports:  * The minimum wage hike – New York’s first since 2009 – will not include indexing or a so-called “training” wage and will be part of the budget, although there’s no full deal yet. * Gianaris Not Thrilled With Minimum Wage Compromise(YNN) * Valesky Slams Gianaris’ ‘Corrosive’ Minimum Wage Criticism (Update)(YNN) * The minimum wage increase will include some protections for businesses, including tax breaks for companies that are required to hike the current $7.25 per hour level for workers they employ who are under age 20.

 A deal is expected today, which needs to occur if bills are going to be printed and aged in time for passage by the end of the week. That deal may also include a compromise on Cuomo’s desire to decriminalize public possession of small amounts of marijuana, allowing just NYC to pass its own law on the matter. This is a sticking point with Senate Republicans. Senate Republicans appear to have won $700 million in tax cuts and credits for businesses and middle income families. Included in that deal is an alteration of an assessment on utilities that Senate GOP lawmakers have pushed for. Also expected in the final budget deal: An early extension of the 2011 tax reform deal (AKA the millionaire’s tax) and additional school aid. * Silver: Tax Breaks Won’t Take Effect This Fiscal Year * The first budget bill, which enables the state to pay its $5.8 billion debt service bill, is likely to receive little debate.
  1. "What's concerning is that Cuomo would promote a deal that smacks so much of Albany's bad old ways."

GOP Honeymoon Over?
Quinnipiac Poll shows Republicans no longer approve of Cuomo's job performance after gun law
Cuomo Pushes for On Time Budget to Reverse His Falling Poll Numbers
The latest Quinnipiac University poll finds that Republicans disapprove of Gov. Cuomo for the first time since he took office, and Cuomo places second behind Hillary Clinton for New York voters among potential 2016 presidential candidates The Daily News’ Bill Hammond writes that Gov. Cuomo’s reversal on his “no new taxes” pledge in the state budget means he is losing his reputation as a tight-fisted progressive and becoming a “run-of-the-mill” Democrat:* Q-Poll: Is The Republican Honeymoon Over?(YNN) * Cuomo's approval rating continues to slide: poll(NYP)

Wow. Gov. Cuomo only beats Gov. Christie, 46%-38%, in heavily Democratic New York? New Q poll.

In the Post, Tom Shepstone, a spokesman for Energy in Depth, argues that Cuomo has put natural gas development on hold because of a powerful special interest lobby, which includes his brother-in-law Robert Kennedy Jr.: Att: Gov. Cuomo: the anti-frackers & the Blueblood agenda - via

Pre-K Waste $$$
Pre-K Provider Stole Millions, State Audit Says(NYT)

Medicaid Overcharges
Dentists overcharged the state Medicaid program $3.2 million for dental services between 2006 and 2009, including bills for fillings and root canals to 465 patients who have no teeth, according to the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General.

New Judge
New Court of Appeals Judge Jenny Rivera was sworn in yesterday.

Timothy Cardinal Dolan Sends Greetings And Anti-Abortion Message From Rome To Albany 

Marijuana Laws Part Of Budget Negotiations, Silver Confirms(YNN)
NYPD Spent 1 Million Hours Making 440,000 Marijuana Possession Arrests Over Last Decade(Huff Post)
Drug Policy Alliance head Gabriel Sayegh is “disappointed” marijuana changes appear coupled with bath salt and synthetic marijuana criminalization, saying: “Put away the bulls- and do something for poor kids.”

NYC Government
Homeless Increases 
New York City Council members blasted the Bloomberg administration for failing to address the rise in homelessness and urged the city to find funding for the rent subsidy program, Advantage, that helped the homeless find permanent housing, the Journal reports:

Increase Traffic Deaths

Traffic Fatalities in City Increased in 2012, but Officials Point to Larger Picture(NYT) More people died in New York City traffic last year than the year before, but officials said there is a long-term trend of reduced fatalities.* Citywide Traffic Deaths Climbed Last Year(WSJ) New York City saw an uptick in traffic deaths during 2012, evidence city transit officials used Monday to renew calls for cameras that would catch speeding drivers.* City Lawmakers Want More Speed Cameras As DOT Studies Speeding By Schools(NY1) * The number of people killed on New York City streets last year in accidents that involved a speeding motorist increased by 65 percent over the prior year.

Golden  Blocks Street Cameras
Camera shy(Brooklyn Paper) Mean Streets: Councilman Steve Levin says there is one roadblock keeping speed cameras from New York City intersections — and that obstacle is state Sen. Marty Golden. Comment.

Pols Block Outer Boro Taxis

Why council members do things against their constituents' best interests(Queens Crap)

From the NY Post: Two City Council members who have accepted more than $9,000 in campaign donations from the livery industry yesterday joined the suit against the city to stop yellow cabs from taking smartphone hails. Ydanis Rodriguez (D-Washington Heights) and Elizabeth Crowley (D-Queens) filed papers in Manhattan Supreme Court in support of the livery industry. The suit, which was filed by Livery Roundtable, Black Car Assistance Corp. and several car-service firms, claims the city’s e-hail app pilot program violates the law giving livery cabs the exclusive right to accept prearranged trips.
Both pols said the campaign contributions were irrelevant.

From the NY Observer: However, a source directed Betabeat towards records from the New York City Campaign Finance Board and New York City’s Doing Business Portal, which show that the two Council Members joining the case both received financial contributions from livery and black car lobbyists as well as the plaintiffs in the case. Council Member Rodriguez, a former livery driver himself, received $3,000 during 2010 and 2011 from both Dial 7 and Carmel, two of the lead plaintiffs in the case. Council Member Crowley was given $2,200 between 2010 and 2011 from lobbying firm Constantinople and Vallone, which represents the two black car companies, as well as from their lawyer, Randy Mastro.


 Teachers at 142 of New York City’s 1,269 public schools all received a “satisfactory” grade over the past 8 years on the city’s pass/fail system for job performance, giving ammunition to those who say the teacher evaluation system should be changed
Teacher Social Promotion

Principals Give Teachers A Pass at City Schools(WSJ) Principals at more than one in 10 New York City public schools didn't flunk a single teacher for at least eight years, according to an analysis of city data by The Wall Street Journal.

Williamsburg School Marked for Closure Opens New Library(DNAINFO)

: Over 1/2 of the guidance counselors in NYC public schools are assigned more than 250 students.

Police and East Flabush, Stop and Frisk

Police Unnerve Many in East Flatbush(WSJ)
A Focus on 3 Encounters in a Stop-and-Frisk Trial(NYT)
NYPD, Activists Face Off as Stop-Frisk Trial Begins (WSJ)
Testimony In Stop-And-Frisk Lawsuit Starts With Teen's Claims Of Mistreatment(NY1)
Weinstein: Reform is best plaintiffs can get in stop-and-frisk (NYDN)
‘Stop & frisk’ is on trial(NYP)
Quinn may rein in cops(NYP)

NYFD Hate Son

The shamed son of FDNY Commisioner
 Commish kid burnt, out: EMT resigns following firestorm over his racist tweets(NYP) * Fire Commissioner’s Son Resigns as Offensive Twitter Posts Surface(NYT) Joseph Cassano, an emergency medical technician, resigned after it was discovered that he posted messages suggesting hatred for Jews, blacks and poor people. * More Charges Against Brooklyn Legislator(NYT) * Fire Commissioner's Son Resigns As EMT After Hateful Tweets Are Made Public(NY1) * FDNY Commissioner’s Son Resigns Over Offensive Tweets(WCBS)* FDNY commissioner's son resigns over offensive Tweets(Fox 5)

Smokes and Behavior

Fresh from a bruising setback to his attempt to regulate sugary drinks, Bloomberg proposed another aggressive public-health initiative: banning the public display of tobacco products in stores
Bodega owners blast Bloomberg’s hide-the-tobacco plan(NYP) * Bloomberg’s Plan Would Make Stores Conceal Cigarettes(NYT) Bloomberg proposed a bill that would make New York City the first city in the nation to force retailers to keep tobacco products hidden, intending to shield children from tobacco marketing * Mike’s new health push: Hide the cigs(NYP) * New Anti-Tobacco Push(WSJ)  * Mayor Proposes Bill To Keep Stores' Smokes Out Of Sight* Bloomberg bid to ban cigarette displays in stores(NYDN)* The Daily News applauds Bloomberg’s plan to keep tobacco products out of public view in retail outlets because of the positive effect it would have on young people: * Bodega owners insist Mayor Bloomberg’s latest anti-smoking push would snuff out up to 90 percent of their tobacco sales, costing them thousands of dollars a week in revenue while creating yet another black market for scofflaws.


 Long storm recovery for Lower Manhattan(Fox 5)
The Department of Financial Services has identified the “bottom ten” banks with the worst statistics relating to the payout of Sandy-related insurance claims amd told them to speed up the process.
The Sandy-damaged Statue of Liberty is set to reopen to the public on July 4. 
Statue of Liberty to Reopen July 4(NYT)
Closing A Hospital Again For Developers

SUNY Board Votes Again To Close Down Long Island College Hospital (CBS)
SUNY Downstate To Vote Again On Closing Brooklyn's Long Island College Hospital(NY1) * RT : LICH nurses, patients, caregivers about to get on bus to Purchase!

pols on whose side? Elected who "back" to hit Cuomo-the Mighty-Oz --the one man who CAN save it.

Gowanus Canal Is Getting 700 New Neighbors(NY Mag)

Tennis Stadium Eats Parkland

Tennis Association Seeks Parkland, and Gets a Fight(NYT)
The United States Tennis Association is proposing a $500-million plan to replace two of the National Tennis Center’s three stadiums as well as to build new retail space and parking, but it needs a .68-acre strip of parkland from New York City to do so


Final plans for WTC observation deck set to be approved  (NYP) It’s the cherry on top of New York’s tallest building. Final plans for the observation deck atop the new 1 World Trade Center tower are expected to be approved tomorrow – a remarkable milestone for the rebirth of Ground Zero.


Dumb Down Content Light TV News Also Losing Viewers
Local TV news is now facing the same declines as local newspapers, according to Pew.
Local TV News Is Following Print’s Path, Study Says(NYT)The diagnosis comes in the center’s 10th annual State of the News Media report, which will be published on Monday. The report, covering 2012, describes cutbacks in the reporting ranks of newspapers and television networks and a surge in efforts by politicians, corporations and others to tell their own stories. 31 percent of respondents said they “have stopped turning to a news outlet because it no longer provided them with the news they were accustomed to getting.”* Pew State Of The Media Study: Journalism Cutbacks Are Driving Consumers Away(Huff Post)* Stories about government and politics in the markets that were sampled fell by more than half, to 3 percent of the broadcasts from 7 percent in 2005. 40% of the local news is weather, sports and traffic

New York Times trashes Roger Ailes biography (Huff Post)
New York Times Destroys Roger Ailes Book(NY Mag)

The political media’s declining power(The Fix)


A Goal for Obama in Israel: Finding Some Overlap on Iran(NYT)
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Bodega owners insist Mayor Bloomberg’s latest anti-smoking push would snuff out up to 90 percent of their tobacco sales, costing them thousands of dollars a week in revenue while creating yet another awb Harry Reid Decides Newtown Families Don't Deserve A Vote On Assault Weapons Ban

black market for scofflaws.
As expected, Hillary Clinton’s video in support of same-sex marriage has re-ignited speculation that she’ll run for president in 2016.
BREAKING: Senate Democrats dropping assault weapons ban from gun bill, making ban's approval unlikely. (AP)
Does the president have a food taster?

Law and Order

Murder Conviction Tossed Out in Queens(NYT) A judge said the Queens district attorney’s office had failed to turn helpful information over to the defense team of Pedros Bedi, as required by law.* NYC judge tosses murder conviction(WSJ)

Detective Becomes Sixth NYPD Employee Arrested Since Friday(WCBS)

Accused hit-and-run killer Acevedo indicted for manslaughter(NYP)
Charges upgraded to second-degree manslaughter in crash that killed a couple in Williamsburg: (NYT)
 Man dressed as UPS worker grabs more than $40K in armed home invasion (NYP)
 Jury hears sob-filled jailhouse phone call made by National Guardsman accused of killing girlfriend (NYP)

Decades After Terrorizing New York City, The ‘Son Of Sam’ Seeks To Make Amends(WCBS) David Berkowitz Tells An Author He Wants A Chance To Redeem Himself

Staten Island ma’s ‘killer’ confesses(NYP) * Man Says He Killed Tourist in Turkey After She Rebuffed Kiss(NYT)

Man Dressed As UPS Worker Sought In Harlem Robbery(NY1)

 Cops search for missing woman at Gilgo Beach(Fox 5)

‘Forgive me,’ death driver begs victim’s family (NYP) A Brooklyn man who ran a red light, causing a crash that killed a yeshiva teacher, broke down in court yesterday, begging his victim’s family for forgiveness.

Mobster’s ‘Soprano’ promise (NYP) A Colombo family crime boss won’t be pulling a Tony Soprano when he is released for one day to visit a doctor this week, according to his lawyer.

Cop busted for spying on his stepdaughter for sexual pl(NYDN)
Off-duty cop busted for assaulting customer at grocery store(NYP)