Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Media Tries to Kill Vampire Lopez Again

Breaking Election
Council Candidate Donovan Richards After Paper Count Ahead of Pesach Osina by 80 votes to win pending certification the 31st Council Seat
Donovan Richards Wins Queens Special Election(NYO)
No lengthy & controversial recount 
Donovan Richards' Lead Widens In Special Queens Council Election(NY1)
Contentious City Council race finally comes to an end(NYDN)
Donovan Richards' Lead Widens In Special Queens Council (NY1)

Political Corruption

Vito Lopez Won't Leave

Media Tries Again to Kill Lopez.  So the NYP NYT, NY Magazine On the Same Day Leak More Detail From JCOPE Report. . .  Who Says the Media Does Not Work Together  . . . But For Who and When?

Covers His Tracks 
Gropez made women write him love notes(NYP) As his grip over one of the most powerful Democratic machines in New York was slipping away last summer, Assemblyman Vito Lopez tried to hang on to power by bullying women on his staff to help him whitewash a looming sex-harassment scandal. As soon as complaints against Lopez began to pile up, the assemblyman forced his reluctant female staffers to write fawning and admiring notes about him to create a paper trail that would “cover his tracks.” The letters, e-mails and text messages that were offered up as part of his defense during an ethics probe sang Lopez’s praises, saying how great he was and how eager the staffers were to work or travel with him, sources said. *Ethics Panel Report in Lopez’s Harassment Case Is Withheld The New York State ethics report is said to include descriptions of inappropriate touching by Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez of his female aides that go beyond what was known. * To Fight Scandal, Vito Lopez Allegedly Forced Staffers to Pen ...(NY Mag) *The special prosecutor investigating the sexual harassment scandal involving Assemblyman Vito Lopez has asked the Legislature not to release a state ethics commission report on Lopez, The New York Times writes:  * To Fight Scandal, Vito Lopez Allegedly Forced Staffers to Pen Fawning Notes(NY Mag) * Staten Island D.A. Donovan seeks to delay release of report(SI Advance)
Meet DA Donvan A Major Player in Next Mayor's Race
Also Investigating Lopez

Staten Island DA Daniel Donovan
Release Of Vito Lopez Report Delayed While Special Prosecutor Continues Probe: Sources(NYDN)

2009 Election Probe Emerges Again(WSJ)

DA Donvan Going After WPA's Data and Field Stream Who Were Very Involved in de Blasio and Liu 2009 Campaign
Working Families Party Officials Served With Subpoenas(WSJ)Working Families Party officials have been subpoenaed to appear before a grand jury investigating the party's ties to a for-profit company Data and Field Services that provided campaign assistance to candidates including Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and Staten Island Council Member Debi Rose, court records show.Working Families Party backing helped propel Ms. Rose, Mr. de Blasio and city Comptroller John Liu to victory in 2009. Messrs. de Blasio and Liu are now Democratic contenders for mayor this year.Mr. Rabb and Ms. Siegal declined to comment through a party spokesman. Representatives for Messrs. Liu and de Blasio declined to comment. Calls to the Mastic Beach association, Kantor Davidoff and Ms. Rose weren't returned. Data and Field Services is now defunct.
. was "a trusted emissary" b/w & in 2010, reports
Subpoenas Go Out To Working Family Party Officials; Party Says Prosecutor Should Be Dumped
Bill de Blasio may be ensnared in Working Families prob(NYDN)  * De Blasio has a long-standing relationship with Cuomo and even served as his go-between with the WFP during the 2010 campaign. Will the governor assist him in his mayoral run this year?  

de Blasio's Campaign Tactic Exposed (2009) Cleared in (2010) subpoenaed (2013)

Judith Kaye's botched whitewash of WFP hijinks--Editorial 

3RD PARTY WARNED ON FUNDS The city Campaign Finance Board sent a warning yesterday to the Working Families Party and candidates who use its for-profit arm, saying they're the same entity and all expenditures must be accounted for * Working Families Party candidates warned about financial dealings De Blasio has two contracts with Data and Field Services totaling $90140, a campaign aide said *** Questions for Data and Field (New York Times) ** WFP candidates warned on Data and Field Services firm *** As ACORN Engaged In Political Work, Affiliate Received Taxpayer Money *** CFB Declares DFS An Arm Of WFP ** The NYC Working Families Party Scam UPDATED *** Bill de Blasio Accused of Playing the (Inter-)Race Card

Liu Staffer Charged With Stealing From Senior Lunch Program(NY1)

A Staten Island Revolution
Is Quinn Using the BOE Commision Scandal 
to Take Over the SI GOP? By Who?

A Coup D'etat of A Coup D'etat? Plus Another Coup D'etat?
SI GOP A Quinn Fifth Column? Who Would Ever Think the Revolution Would State on Staten Island

Is the BOE's Coup D'etat commisioner scandal who can be blamed in part on Speaker Quinn and the City Council being managed to help her take over the SI GOP? Councilman James Oddo who gets tons of Member Items $$$ from Quinn has not endorsed a mayoral candidate yet.
Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, a Conservative, is leaning towards supporting Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor, with GOP candidate Joe Lhota hoping to change his mind, the News writes:

James Molinaro endorses Chris Quinn for mayor in latest setback for GOP(NYP)

Quinn and Oddo Worked Together Before
Go back 10 years to 2003: GOP had a majority on the council redistricting commission for the first time in nearly a century. Oddo casts tie-breaking vote to pass the Dem plan, which cut Russian population in Brighton Beach into two distrists.

Lunch today with : informative, productive and more than a couple of laughs
Board of Elections Fallout

GOP SI Boss Steps Down Over feuded over the borough’s GOP appointment to the city Board of Elections

BOE Commissioner Coup d'état Affecting GOP Leadership and the Mayor's Race

Thwarted SI GOP boss quits(NYP) GOP Chairman Bob Scamardella cited disagreements with some of the borough’s Republican elected officials — particularly Councilman James Oddo — as the reason for his decision to step down now. “My resignation occurs because I have been hamstrung in my ability to function and I want to put an end to recent public displays of party discord,” Scamardella said in a letter to GOP County Committee members.

Campaign 2013

Poll: Quinn Has More Support Than Three Closest Rivals Combined (WSJ)New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has the backing of 37% of registered Democrats in the race for her party's mayoral nomination, placing her tantalizingly close to the 40% she needs to avoid a runoff, a poll released Wednesday showed.  Trailing Quinn are Bill de Blasio, the city’s public advocate, with 14%; Bill Thompson, a former city comptroller and the 2009 Democratic mayoral nominee, 11%; and John Liu, city comptroller, 9%. Another 27% of registered voters are undecided.* Poll: Quinn Leads NYC Democratic Mayoral Pack(WCBS) * New Yorkers in favor of woman for mayor: poll(NYP) * Poll: Quinn leads NYC Democratic mayoral pack(Fox 5) * Only 27 percent enthusiastic about woman mayor in one of nation's most forward-thinking cities.

Carrión Will Be A Play in November . . .  The Latino Split
Carrión, Sole Latino Candidate, Announces Third-Party Bid for Mayor(NYT)
Adolfo Carrión Jr., a former Democrat and former Bronx borough president, won the support of the Independence Party last week. "Let's bring an end to the politics of paralysis and division, and lsquo;Make It Your City.'He also talked about jobs, repeating several times that "the best social program is a job," and, doing his best imitation of Mr. Bloomberg, perhaps, voiced support for tourism and a national infrastructure bank. he also appealed to the 71 percent of the electorate who did not vote in 2009."Bad officials are elected by the good voters who stay home," he said.Carrion could be the spoiler in the general election pulling many of the 20% latino voting base away from the democratic party line giving the GOP candidates a better shot to win.* Campaigns Woo Latinos(WSJ) * Adolfo Carrion Announces He'll Run For Mayor(WSJ) * Adolfo Carrion Jr. to run for mayor of NYC(Fox 5) * Adolfo Carrion Kicks Off His Very Unconventional Mayoral Campaign(NYO)

New York City Democratic mayoral candidates are wooing Latinos, who make up a quarter of the city’s voters, with several candidates trying to win endorsements from key Latino politicians, the Journal writes:

Lhota hails teacher merit pay in mayoral forum (NYP) Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota unveiled his education priorities at a feisty debate last night. At a New York City mayoral forum on education last night, the Democrats mostly stuck to positions laid out earlier, with Council Speaker Christine Quinn suggesting a teacher mentor program to retain teachers and Public Advocate Bill de Blasio highlighting his plan to fund universal preschool by taxing the wealthiest New Yorkers. For Republican candidates Joe Lhota and John Catsimatidis, it was an opportunity to make themselves known to voters, and both stood out by not supporting legislation allowing charters to accept and retain a proportionate number of students with special needs or English language learners as public schools. Lhota also said he supported merit-based pay for teachers and the co-location of public and charter schools, an issue he and City Comptroller John Liu sparred over during the debate, while adding that he would be held accountable by New Yorkers for getting a fair share of state education funding in Albany. Catsimatidis gave little in the way of substantive responses to the audience's questions, often veering off topic by giving anecdotes from his educational background or leaning on cliches. "We are teaching our kids how to fail and that's wrong, we have to teach our kids how to succeed," Catsimatidis said, pausing to acknowledge the crowd's applause with a "thank you!"(City and State)*
Mayoral hopefuls show true colors at News forum(NYDN) * Joe Lhota Spars With Democrats Over Merit Pay, School Closures at Debate(DNAINFO)

Sal talks to abt hiring police, his opponents' indebtedness to big $, & not raising income taxes:



Quinn Endorsements
Fire Officers Back Quinn for Mayor(WSJ) The union representing New York City fire department officers plans to endorse Quinn for mayor, adding to the growing number of unions that have lent their support to Quinn’s campaign* Christine Quinn Not Worried That Endorsement From Home Club Is at Risk(DNAINFO)Asked by whether he'll endorse someone for mayor, says, "We'll see," before adding "It's possible."

Comptroller John Liu opened up to his New York Post nemesis, Cindy Adams, and discussed his childhood, family life, daily schedule and, of course, his phone situation. “I always, even now, keep a rotary dial at home,” Mr. Liu explained. “Rotaries don’t require electrical service. They don’t break down. Just plug into the wall jack. They always work.” 

Could the field for public advocate narrow in the near future? Candidate Noah Gotbaum isn’t denying rumors that he’s going to drop down and run for term-limited Councilwoman Gale Brewer‘s seat instead. “I will clarify what I intend to do later this week,” Mr. Gotbaum said. Although he was always a bit of a long-shot for the citywide race, Mr. Gotbaum had a campaign website for the public advocate position and had been attending candidate forums. * Quinn Treads Delicately With Bloomberg Relationship Ahead Of Possible Mayor Run (NY1)

 Sal Albanese: "I strongly condemn Assemblyman Hikind's tasteless attempt at humor and suggest my opponents stop begging for his endorsement"

Mayoral candidate can accept contributions over city limit — for now(NY World) Republican George McDonald wins round in bid to overturn campaign finance rules  

A NYC Sequester

$equestions for NYC, too(Goodwin, NYP) Still, the arguments about spending, taxing and borrowing offer a useful preview of this year’s mayoral race. The budget has grown 56 percent above the rate of inflation over the last 11 years.” For the first time in history, the city has more than $100 billion in outstanding debt. The borrowing, which grew by 83 percent in the last decade, according to the Citizens Budget Commission. The borrowing carries debt-service costs of nearly $7 billion a year, a tab that will grow when interest rates rise. Throw in more than $8 billion a year in pension costs, and the combination consumes more than 20 percent of the budget of $70 billion, yet doesn’t hire a cop, a teacher or fill a pothole. A Post story reflected how higher federal tax rates also are prodding New Yorkers to leave. Although local tax rates didn’t change, the new federal rate of 39.6 percent led so many private-equity and hedge-fund execs to turn to Florida that Palm Beach County set up an office to help them relocate. Florida has no state or local income tax, so it can offer immediate savings of 13 percentage points to beleaguered New Yorkers. Bloomberg makes that point repeatedly, noting that about 5,000 wealthy families pay 30 percent of the city’s income tax.

Bloomberg Takes On the NRA and Beats Them

Bloomberg Beats Pro Gun Democrat
Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at:
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat

Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at:
Bloomberg Gave Kelly $2 Million
Pressure on 30 Democratic Pro NRA Congressmembers

Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
Kelly Wins Dem. Nod For Ex-Rep. Jackson Jr.’s Seat
The Latest Hurdle to Gun-Law Reform(NYT Ed)
The New York SAFE Act bars gun dealers from selling magazines with more than seven rounds, but gun manufacturers say magazines with just seven rounds don’t exist, The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle says:
As Gun-Control Vote Approaches, Mayor Bloomberg Puts Washington on Notice(NY Mag)
National Journal says Rubio is among the targets on Bloomberg's radar 
Bloomberg after D.C. gun meetings: "Time is coming' for new laws"
After meeting with Bloomberg in D.C., Sen John McCain said the mayor appears more focused on enhancing background checks on guns than on an assault weapons ban.
Americans for Responsible Solutions, the gun control PAC founded by Gabrielle Giffords and Mark Kelly, is using the Bloomberg’s PAC special election in in Illinois as a fund-raising tool.  
Bloomberg takes victory lap in D.C. 
Bloomberg-Backed Candidate Wins Chicago-Area Congressional Primary (NY1)
Bloomberg Credited With Defeating NRA-Backed Illinois Democrat - See more at:

Bloomberg/pro-gun control will get lion's share of credit. But will issue work in swing CDs, not just heavily D CDs?

Always about the Benjamins: Why else wud Albany consider exempting film makers from NY's assault-weapons ban for blood-soaked films.

Remembering Officer Edward Byrne

Recalling Killing That Led Officers to Reclaim the City
In Queens, Police Officers Remember the 25th Anniversary of an Officer’s Killing (NYT) The old police cruiser sat at the corner of 107th Avenue and Inwood Street in Queens, just as it did 25 years ago. On Tuesday afternoon, this throwback — a refurbished Caprice Classic — served not only as a powerful reminder of Edward Byrne, the 22-year-old rookie officer who was shot and killed inside it while on patrol one morning in 1988, but of the pervasive violence that defined the era. 


MTA ‘fare’ thee well: Another hike hits(nyp)  It’s the MTA’s most reliable service — constant fare hikes* MTA Fare Hikes Begin Taking Effect This Week(NY1) * The MTA will increase fares for the fourth time in five years this weekend, infuriating fed-up riders who are now searching for cheaper ways to get around town.* At 5th Avenue Station, Riders Find an Exit Trap(NYT) * MTA fare and toll hikes(Fox 5)

NYS Government

Non Profit Layoffs
A 6 percent funding cut first noted in Cuomo’s 30-day budget amendments may prompt layoffs among some of the hundreds of private nonprofit groups statewide that serve the disabled and result in fewer services.

A new report shows the eight gambling facilities run by Indian nations in New York saw falling revenues in 2011.

Legalize Marijuana 

A charter snowball(NYP) Try stopping good schools A whopping one-third of the children enrolled in kindergarten in Harlem these days attend charter schools. The Post’s Bob McManus points to the success of charter schools in Harlem as evidence that the school-choice movement in New York City is picking up steam

Union-Run School Wins Short Reprieve(WSJ) The New York City teachers union has two years to fix academic and administrative problems in its Brooklyn charter school or it will be shut down, state officials said Tuesday.

Kindergartener walks out of school, no one notices(WABC)

Health Care

Competition for Patients Changing NYC Health Care System
A surgical strike(NYP) The clock’s ticking on New York’s financially strapped hospitals. As The Post’s Carl Campanile reported this week, New York’s large hospitals now find themselves challenged by smaller, private “same day” surgery centers operating with less staff and lower overhead. One such firm, Omnicare Multi-Specialty Center, is getting set to open a facility in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights. But its license is being challenged by Kings County Hospital — run by the city’s Health and Hospitals Corp. — on the grounds that Omnicare’s opening would mean a $750,000 hit for Kings County’s revenue.

NYU Expansion

NYU gotta be kidding! Matthew Broderick rips $6B expansion (NYP) Ferris Bueller was busy on his day off.* NYU EXPANSION FACES OBSTACLE: New York University’s expansion plan hit a potential snag when a judge agreed to review documents that opponents say show the need for approval of the state Legislature: (City and State)*
Broderick joins anti NYU case(NYDN)


NYC taxi fleet owners jump into 'e-hail' fray(Fox 5)


Real estate firm files suit against anti-gentrification(NYDN) 

Chinatown Buses

Fung Wah Bus Company Pulls 21 Buses Off Road After Safety Inspection(dnainfo)

Feds shut down Fung Wah Chinatown buses over safety concerns (NYP) * Fung Wah Buses Now Officially Too Dangerous to Be That Cheap(NY mag) * Cheap Bus Fare Lures Riders Despite Company’s Troubles(NYT)


In the News, Hudson Riverkeeper’s Paul Gallay thanks Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his administration for taking a cautious, pragmatic approach to exploring the issue of natural gas drilling in the state:* The Joint Landowners Coalition of New York is moving forward with a lawsuit against the DEC, issuing a call for willing plaintiffs after the agency missed the latest fracking deadline.
Park Robbery

$100,000 in solar equipment swiped from Brooklyn Bridge Park(NYP) * $100,000 in solar equipment swiped from Brooklyn Bridge(NYP)

Barclay's Labor Unrest

 Barclays Center sees first labor unres(NYDN)
Daily News: arena conversion workers seek to de-certify union, complain about part-time status, say MSG pay is better(Atlantic Yard Reports)


An Aquarium in Brooklyn Will Partly Reopen in Spring(NYT)
Aquarium Reopening in Spring After Repairs(WSJ)
Fairway Details Losses From Superstorm (WSJ)
Police Arrest Man Suspected Of Robbing School During Sandy Clean Up(NY1) * New FEMA Flood Maps Expand Flood Zones To Include World Trade Center Site(NY1) * City Council Examines Ways To Help Businesses Recovering From Sandy(NY1) * Some Rockaway residents irate with Rapid Repairs(NYDN) 

When Will The Statue Of Liberty Reopen?(Huff Post)* CIVIL SERVICE: Sanitation workers promised differential pay for hurricane cleanup duty stunned by light paychecks(NYDN) * Staten Island pols call on city for a Sandy sitdown(SI Advance) * Insurance answers for Hurricane Sandy victims at Staten(SI Advance) * I-Team Tracks Sandy Relief Money from 12-12-12 Concert(NBC)* PHOTOS: The Destruction Of NYC Schools By Sandy(Huff Post)

Queens Housuing

Would you pay $1.38M to live along the Flushing River?(Queens Crap)

From The Real Deal: The final tower at Sky View Parc, the massive mixed-use project looming over Flushing, Queens, has hit the market, representatives for developer Onex Real Estate Partners, confirmed to The Real Deal today. The tower, known as Tower 2, holds 134 studio, one-, two- and three-bedrooms over 17 floors, including 22 penthouses, according to a spokesperson for Onex. Helen Lee, a director with Onex, said that 32 percent of the available units were in contract within four hours of the soft sales launch. Onex has marketed apartments at Tower 2 by word of mouth for about the last five weeks, but began officially marketing the condominiums this week.

Queens building permits plummet(Queens Crap)

From The Real Deal:The number of residential permits issued by the New York City Department of Buildings rose by 19 percent in 2012, according to an analysis of U.S. Census data released by the New York Building Congress. The DOB issued permits for 10,599 units in 1,011 buildings in 2012, compared to 8,936 units in 997 buildings in 2011. The 2012 number represents a 75 percent increase since the 2009 recessionary low of 6,057 units, but is still some ways away from the 2008 peak of 33,911 permits. Eighty-six percent of all permits issued were for multifamily residences. 

Tatanic to Reach NYC

A Real Titanic Sequel

You can sail into history! Billionaire’s real-life Titanic sequel(NYP)* Billionaire Unveils Blueprints For Titanic II (NY1)

Titanic II on the Hudson(NY World) Australian mining magnate Clive Palmer isn’t on a solo voyage to launch a replica model of the Titanic: He may have a willing partner in the Bloomberg administration. Last year, city officials 


Austerity Kills Government Jobs as Cuts to Budgets Loom(NYT)
Hagel OK’d to head Defense(NYP)
Hagel Approved for Defense in Sharply Split Vote(NYT)
Hagel Is Confirmed as Defense Secretary(WSJ)
Justices Turn Back Challenge to U.S. Eavesdropping(NYT)
What Mortgage Relief?(NYT Ed)
Defense and the Sequester(NYT Ed)
Fresh Acrimony in Congress as Cuts Loom(WSJ)
Detained Immigrants Released Ahead of Sequester(WSJ)
Kerry Hits Bumpy Road in Diplomacy(WSJ)
Republicans Must Bridge the Income Gap - Sheila Bair, New York Times
Celebrity President Faces Real Tests - Howard Fineman, Huffington Post
Obama and the Sequester Scare - Phil Gramm, Wall Street Journal
D.C. Is Hysterical Over Piddly-Widdly Cuts - Michelle Malkin, Townhall
I Have No Idea What Republicans Are Doing - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Pols Scare Monger, as DC Real Estate Booms - David Freddoso, DC Examiner
Do Dems Really Have Young Voters Locked Up? - Harry Enten, Guardian
Ben Resuscitates QE, Downplays Risk and Cost - Caroline Baum, Bloomberg
Growth, Reform and Freedom - Thomas Donohue, Manhattan Institute
Get Off of Your Cloud - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Working From Home: Marissa Mayer Is Wrong - Derek Thompson, Atlantic
Wal-Mart's Sales Problem--& America's - Rich Karlgaard, Wall St. Journal
Romney's CPAC Return Draws Interest, Questions - Scott Conroy, RCP
Republican Self-Pity Over Big, Bad Obama - Michael Kinsley, New Republic
Deliberately Causing Travel Chaos Will Backfire on WH - Jon Tobin, Com.
Is Mexico the Comeback Kid? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Treachery at the Top in Afghanistan - Ralph Peters, New York Post
More on RCP: 7 Sequester Outcomes | Major Events in Cyberconflict

Another Day, Another Outcry Over Sequester Cuts - Chicago Tribune
Even With Sequester, Spending Keeps Growing - Pittsburgh Trib-Review
Buying a Gun? Prints Please - Washington Post
Toward a Ceasefire in the War on Drugs - The Economist
The Perfect Logic of Boehner’s Crazy Sequester Strategy(NY Mag)
Bob Woodward Tears Into Obama With Veiled Nixonian Criticism: ‘Madness That I Haven’t Seen In A Long Time’
FiveThirtyEight: Christie’s Honeymoon With Conservatives Is Over (NYT)
A Virginia man has pleaded guilty to using his company to illegally funnel nearly $200,000 to Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political campaigns. An officer in his company pleaded guilty to a related charge.  
Frank Rich on the National Circus: Republicans Avoid Getting Flattened by History(NY Mag)
Obama to meet with Congressional leaders as budget cuts kick in 
Publishing insiders predict an “historic bidding war” for Hillary Clinton’s next memoir, which she has yet to even start writing. 
Conservative Justices Voice Skepticism on Voting Law(NYT)
Spending Cuts Are Only One Skirmish in 2013 Budget Wars(NYT)
JUST IN: Senate confirms Jack Lew as next Treasury secretary in 71-26 vote
BOB WOODWARD: A 'Very Senior' White House Person Warned Me I'd 'Regret' What I'm Doing

Grudging Christie adds NJ to ObamaCare (NYP)* Christie Says He’ll Take U.S. Money to Expand Medicaid(NYT) * Christie Left Off Meeting's Invite List

Wall Street

Obama’s Nominee for S.E.C. Tries to Allay Skepticism(NYT)

The “new normal” on Wall Street, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli: Fewer jobs, with higher pay for those who are left.


 Times ‘dead’ line: obit includes hate for Gray Lady (NYP) An Israeli-born Upper West Sider revealed his lifelong hatred for The New York Times — in a paid death notice that ran in The New York Times. Retired stockbroker Amos Shuchman, 84, “loved his family, his birth and adopted countries, finance, skiing, opera, ballet and biking in Central Park,” read his Feb. 2 death notice in the Times. “Loved everything about NYC, except The New York Times,” his obit read.

Jon Stewart Tears Into Robert Gibbs For MSNBC Gig, Flippantly Admitting He Lied On Drones

‘Think Locally, Bomb Globally’: Colbert Finally Finds A Reason For Liberal Tree-Huggers To Support Drones


Pope Evokes Difficult Moments in Address(NYT)
Pope Recalls 'Joy' of Papacy, Difficulties(WSJ)

Law and Order

A Bronx tale of ‘I Dismember Mama’
Son’s savage chop rampage (nyp) A Bronx lunatic hacked up his mother and dumped her remains all over the neighborhood yesterday because the woman told him to grow up and move out* Body Parts of Bronx Woman Are Found in Bags on Street(NYT) * Body Parts Found Scattered in Bronx(WSJ) * Dismembered Bronx Woman Had Child With Down Syndrome, Friends Say(NY1)* "Cannibal Cop" Emails Read On Day 2 Of Trial(WSJ) * Prosecutor: Cannibal Cop planned to eat wife, college f (NYDN) * Police Continue To Question Son Of Woman Found Dismembered (WCBS)
Convicted Sex Offender Charged In Bronx Laundromat Rape(NY1)
 Woman lured to Brooklyn hotel, raped(WABC) * : Son, friend arrested after mom killed, body cut up * Two men charged for dismembering body of woman, including her son, but neither charged w/ murder * 2nd person arrested after missing mom found dismembered, scattered around Bronx nabe(NYP) * Charges Tie Son and 2nd Man to Mother’s Dismembered Body(NYT) * 'Cannibal cop' trial resumes with FBI agen(WABC) * Two Men Charged With Chopping Up Bronx Mom, Jeered by Crowd at Precinct(DNAINFO)

Cops reveal why gal says she 'pushed' man in front of train as she demands public defender(NYP)


NYC continues trying to block NJ Muslim suit(WSJ)

Cops save woman, 74, from elevator sex attack in E. Har (NYDN)
Woman Lured to Motel for Job Interview, Raped: Police(NBC)
'Cannibal' had BBQ plans for beauty(NYP) * Sorry, but ‘sizzling’ saga can’t cut it with real NYers(NYP) * At Trial, Officer’s Friend Recalls Abduction Threat(NYT) * In Cannibal Plot Case, FBI Agent Reads NYPD Officer's Online Chats(WSJ)* "Cannibal Cop" Emails Focus Of Day Three Testimony (NY1) * 'Cannibal Cop' 'longed to butcher and cook female meat': FBI agent(NYP) * "Cannibal Cop" Emails Focus Of Day Three Testimony(NY1)

Fortune teller pleads not guilty in $150K scheme(NYP)
Man who shot cop he found in bed with his wife indicted for attempted murder