Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Town Without Journalists Who Can Demand Answers From the Mayoral Candidates

Yesterday the NYP Demands That the Mayor Race Be A Battle of Ideas . . . Today the Only Story About the Mayors Race Informs Us That Quinn Said She Would Have Kicked Giulani's Ass

‘I’d have kicked Rudy’s ass, Quinn boasts (NYP) The gloves are off! When told it would have been hard for her to run against former Mayor Rudy Giuliani in the 1990s because she is a lesbian, mayoral candidate Christine Quinn sounded off like a prize fighter. “I would’ve kicked his ass,” A two-party town(NYP)

Liu Charges DCA Tried to Block His Audit
Charges Online Payment System Had Fake Contracts
$11M city ‘con’tract: Liu probes ‘fraud,’ rips stonewalling by gov’t(NYP)Investigators were called in to examine an $11.5 million city technology contract yesterday after Comptroller John Liu uncovered what he described as questionable billings that could lead to “potential fraud.” The comptroller lashed out at managers at the Department of Consumer Affairs, charging they were so obstructive that he aborted the audit in midstream and sent his findings to the Department of Investigation.Liu’s office had been examining a contract signed in 2007 with Gartner Inc. to oversee an online payment system being built for businesses that are licensed by the DCA and other city agencies. The original deal was for $2.7 million. It has since grown to $11.5 million, with $10.4 million paid.* Liu Audits Consumer Affairs Contract After Cost Jumps Millions

 Liu's Vinny the Chin Pan 
The trial of two allies of New York City Comptroller John Liu has been delayed after one defendant was involuntarily hospitalized, pushing the trial into April and potentially distracting Liu from his mayoral campaign

john liu fbJohn Liu’s Campaign Trial Postponed After Controversial Donor ‘Involuntarily Committed’(NYO) * Fraud Trial Delayed After Former Liu Fundraiser Is Involuntarily Committed(NY1) * Trial Tied to Liu Delayed(WSJ) * While details of Oliver Pan‘s health condition remain scant, the Post‘s sources said the donor to Comptroller John Liu‘s campaign “was locked up Friday over fears he was suicidal.” After the hearing, Mr. Pan’s lawyers declined to elaborate on Mr. Pan’s condition as well. They did hint that it was related to stress over the trial, however. “Are we concerned about our client? Yes,” one lawyer said. “He’s a human being in distress.”

Lhota From Cleaning Up Subways to Cleaning Up Protential Negatives and Offer Warm and Cuddly Bio to Cindy Adams
MTA fattens four fat cats (NYP) The MTA, which will sock riders with fare hikes next month, handed four executives fat one-time pay raises totaling $253,000, the agency confirmed. The checks were cut in December, right before former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota left to make a run for mayor. The move came after one of the four execs — all who had been asked to defer raises of 3 to 6 percent for up to five cash-strapped years — threatened to sue, Lhota said.* New York Post‘s Cindy Adams brings you everything you would want to know about mayoral candidate Joe Lhota, from his Czech-Italian-Jewish heritage to his low-carb, cheese omelet diet. Asked if he ever “screwed up,” Mr. Lhota replied, “In college I drank and had a little fun. And kinda stole newspapers thrown at neighbors’ doors, which I read neatly then replaced. Maybe they’d wonder where the coffee stains came from.”

GOP Leaders How No Juice to Stop A Primary, First Since 2001
New York City Republican leaders conceded that a crowded Republican primary field for mayor was unavoidable after they failed to persuade any of the candidates to drop out or to unite behind a single candidate, the News reports * Could the city’s five GOP county chairs let former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión and State Senator Malcolm Smith, two non-Republicans, campaign in the party’s primary after all? Bronx chair Jay Savino, a backer of Mr. Carrión’s, said it’s a “very real” possibility. As the Daily News noted, “New Yorkers haven’t seen a Republican primary for mayor since Mike Bloomberg faced off against Herman Badillo in 2001.” 

Asked by Jon Stewart if he’s thinking of running for mayor of NYC, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly laughed and praised his boss (Mayor Bloomberg).

NYC Public Advocate candidate Reshma Saujani’s campaign edited her Wikipedia page to erase mentions of her hedge fund history.

The New York City Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association added to the long list of Manhattan BP Scott Stringer’s NYC comptroller camaign endorsements.

Joe Hynes kicksoff.joined by BP Markowitz,Council members David Greenfield, JamesNFidler, N State Senator Martin Dilan.

NYC Districting Commission has voted 14-1 to approve the lines of the final maps......

No New Date for NYC Primaries After Albany Lawmakers Nix June, August Proposals(NBC)


Shocking: Another Jerk Exposes Himself In Albany
Cuomo Acted Like Hitler in Gun Push, Official Says(NYT) Assemblyman Steven F. McLaughlin compared Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s push for quick action on gun limits to Hitler’s and Mussolini’s dictatorships, but later apologized. * Court Orders Gun-Permit Holders’ Addresses Redacted in Database(NYT)  A state appellate court ruled that the home addresses of gun permit holders and hate-crime victims must be redacted from databases released under the state’s Freedom of Information Law, with the data available only for research* Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, speaking about Gov. Cuomo’s late night vote for gun control legislation, compared the governor to Hitler and Mussolini for this “dictatorial” action, but later apologized, NY1 reports: 

Adam Lanza's Arsenal (NY Mag)The guns he carried embody the nation's evolving relationship to freedom. And fear. * House Members Look To Crack Down On Firearms Trafficking (NY1)* Pol: I’m sorry for ‘Adolf Andy’ slam(NYDN)* Paladino Scheduled To Attend Large Anti-Gun Control Rally Planned In Albany(YNN) * A state appellate court ruled that the home addresses of gun-permit holders and hate-crime victims must be redacted from databases released under the state’s Freedom of Information Law.* Skleinos Touts Gun Control(YNN) * VPOTUS just told House Democrats that 1600 Americans have been killed by gunfire since Sandy Hook.

Hate At Brooklyn College 

Brooklyn College peace talks over controversial anti- Israel forum called off  (NYDN) Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) forum is Thursday Bloomberg says he "couldn't disagree more violently" w/ BDS, but if you want gov control what univ can do, "apply to school in North Korea."* Bloomberg Suggests North Korea as a Home for Brooklyn College Critics (NYO)

I have withdrawn my name frm City Council ltr on funding 4 BK College. I maintain my criticism of BDS & impression of BK College endorsement. Mr. Levin, who represents a fairly anti-Zionist district, wrote on Facebook. “I want to make clear that, while I disagree with many aspects of what BDS advocates, I fully support the principle of academic freedom.”

I am appealing to Brooklyn College donors to remove the official endorsement of the hateful BDS event

NYS Government

Sandy Victims Still in Hotels By Thousands(WSJ) Cuomo’s alliance with state Republicans is beginning to show cracks as Senate Republicans nearly prevented a vote on his nominee for the state’s highest court and attacked his budget for a “hidden” tax * Cuomo Downplays Differences With Legislature(YNN)

News Hits Cuomo Judicial Appointment
The News writes that Cuomo’s nominee for the state’s top court barely passes muster because of her relative lack of courtroom experience compared with the other potential candidates approved by the Commission on Judicial Nomination: * Sen. Diaz Sr. Opposes Cuomo’s High Court Pick, Compares Gov To Caesar (Updated)(YNN)

Harlem Dem who criticized Cuomo 4 'back of the bus' politics now cheers him 
Sen. Bill Perkins, who once accused the governor of engaging in “plantation politics,” sang Cuomo’s praises in Harlem today.

G.O.P. State Senators Open to Raising Base Wage, Leader Says(NYT)

Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos jabs at Cuomo: “If I had $27 million in my campaign fund, I would probably be for public financing.”

Traffic Doublespeek

Bull beep! Street Clutter
Beware the Orwellian Speak from the city’s Department of Transportation. It is removing “Don’t Honk” signs because, a spokesman says, the streets are too cluttered. This from the agency that chopped the streets into little bitty mazes with endless signs, bike lanes, pedicabs and pedestrian plazas.(NYP)

Board of Election Commissioner Crisis Week 2

From Those Wonderful People Who Brought You Long Lines and Close Polling Place On Election Day, A Scramble to Save Their Power At the BOE

The Political Party Leaders Are Scrambling to Reappoint the BOE Commissioners Before the Public Finds Out. Tonight Manhattan Boss Wright is meeting with district leaders in an emergency meeting to legally appoint Manhattan BOE commissioner Gregory C. Soumas.  Souman and the other entire commissioner who were sitting until last week did not follow the election law in their reappointment and possibility originals appoint.  Until City Council Eric Ulrich used the appointment rules to get even with Queens Boss queens GOP Boss Phil Ragusa. None of the Democrat or Republican bosses or the City Council gave a dam about the legal procedures of appointing commissioner as long as they did their bidding and protect who they wanted and knock off from the ballot who they wanted.  The media is now shameful covering up the BOE commissioner scandal to allow the political bosses, city council  and commission that rob NYC of it Democracy for years, to legally appoint the same bum who gave us the worst election day in history. This is the best time in years for the media and reformers to demand change and they remain silent.

Who Is Making Decisions On the Primary Date?
Talk of Putting NYC BOE in NYS Board of Election Recivership 
As the NYC Redistricting Committe Rushes to Approve Its Gerrymandered Council Lines.  With the BOE Leadership in Crisis and the Board on record it cannot handle the runoff, just who is making decisions for the BOE? With the media black out on the commissioner appointment scandal continuing the public has no idea what is going on.

What Role Will the City Council Play In Reappointing the Illegally Appointed Commissioners?
True News Told You On July 16th that the City Council Controls the Appointment of  BOE Commissioner. City Council Eric Ulrich checked on the rules and found the council and BOE were not following the state law on the appointments of commissioners.  Now Quinn, the Board and City Council are in a panic on what to do.  The media as always is protecting the BOE and Quinn.So far this year they allowed votes that were not complete for certified to be cast in the electoral college voting process. The media also ignored the fact that Manhattan elected officials were serving in office before their votes were certified.  Brewer Who Threw Her Council Investigation of the BOE Mishandling of Last Years General Elections is Also Silent of the BOE City Council New Commissioner Scandal.

Redistricting Fast Tracked
mapNew City Council Lines Announced(NYO)
Mark-Viverito’s plight, and other redistricting insights (CrainsNY)
Districting Commission Still Draws Criticism With Latest Proposed Council Lines(Gotham Gazette)
CUNY’s Center for Urban Research has updated their interacting redistricting map to include the latest Council map proposal, making it easy to tell how specific districts changed over time. “Here’s the Bayside Hills section, currently in District 19: – but use the slider at the top of the map to see it move into District 23:,” Steven Romalewski, the mapping project’s director, explained in an email. “And here’s what that section looked like based on the initial Districting Commission proposal (circa Sept. 2012):”


Health Care

Another Hospital to Close 
Where Are the Pols Protesting?
One Cannot Stop Wondering if the Large Hospitals Anticipating Be Cuts From Washington Are Behind All These Hospitals Closings
Exclusive: Long Island College Hospital top official will push for Closing (NYDN) Long Island College Hospital is a goner if its top official gets his way. SUNY Downstate Medical Center president Dr. John Williams will recommend at a meeting Thursday of state officials the Cobble Hill meeting Cobble Hill hospital shut doors* Vote This Week May Close a North Brooklyn Hospital(NYT) * SUNY Downstate bigs earn $200k as LICH closing moves ahead, with top official taking $650,000 annually * EXCLUSIVE: STEPHEN BERGER BACKS CLOSING OF LICH.(Daily Eagle)  * SUNY Downstate bigs earn $200k as LICH closing moves ah (NYDN)

New York City’s longtime Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Charles Hirsch, appointed in 1989 by then-Mayor Ed Koch is retiring, with his deputy, Dr. Barbara Sampson, assuming the position City’s Chief Medical Examiner Since ’89 Quietly Retires(NYT) Dr. Charles S. Hirsch, who had served since 1989, developed the nation’s largest DNA laboratory to help identify the victims of the Sept. 11 attackNYC medical examiner retires(Fox5) 


School Plans Its 17th Move, but Its First Since 1892(NYT)

Lawsuit Seeks to Block Penalty for Teacher-Evaluation Impasse
School Money Lawsuit Filed(WSJ) An attorney who once successfully sued to increase New York state school funding on Tuesday challenged the state's decision to withhold about $250 million from New York City.* Bloomberg on teacher eval dispute: "We are trying to work together & come up with something, but we have not made a lot of progress so far."

Charter Schools Block From Competitive Grants
In the Post, Bill Phillips, president of the Northeast Charter Schools Network, argues that Cuomo should allow charter schools to participate in a competitive grant process for strong pre-K programs in the state*
Mike Rebell, the attorney in the successful CFE case, filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s decision to withhold about $250 million from NYC due to the lack of a teacher evaluation deal. (NYC Councilman Robert Jackson, a plaintiff in the CFE case, is again a plaintiff in this case).

School bus strike actually saving the city money

Mayor Bloomberg Condemns ‘Twittering’ in Schools(NYO)

The New York City Housing Authority plans to lease out land to private developers to build 3 million square feet of luxury apartments in the middle of Manhattan housing projects, the New York Daily News reports: 

Cuomo Buyback from Flood Zones: “best ideas to come along”, while cautioning that it will be a tough sell for some residents
U.S. to Release First Installment of $51 Billion in Hurricane Sandy Aid(NYT) Federal officials plan to release the first installment of the $51 billion federal aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims today, with New York City slated to receive $1.77 billion and New York State $1.71 billion  With roughly 4,000 New York and New Jersey households displaced by Superstorm Sandy remaining in hotel rooms, New York City Council members urged city officials to move as many people out as possible as costs to the hotel program are mounting, the Journal writes; * Mr. Cuomo’s Sandy Plan(NYT Ed) Buying damaged properties and returning them to their natural state to protect residents from future floods is one of the best ideas to come along.* Hearing Held On How Well City Ran Evacuation Shelters During Sandy(NY1) * Koch Family Sits Shiva At Gracie Mansion(NY1) * Sandy-Damaged Areas Debate Whether To Raise Their Homes(NY1)
* 1st round of Sandy relief funds being distributed(WABC) * Murry Bergtraum High School still doesn't have telephone service more than 3 months after  *Bloomberg Announces Where $1.8B in Relief Will Go:* $1.8B in Sandy relief to aid flooded homeowners, spur utilities to improve systems(NYP) * Health Department Lifts Breezy Point's Boil Water Order (NY1) *City Plans to Allot First $1 Billion in Storm Aid to Housing and Businesses(NYT) * NYC plans to spend much of its first $1 billion in federal disaster aid cash on loans and grants to homeowners and businesses affected by the storm and efforts to protect public housing and critical infrastructure from future storms.* Mayor Plans To Use Latest Federal Sandy Aid For Recovery, Infrastructure Programs(NY1) * Following The Sandy Money: Bloomberg’s Timetable Upsets  * Housing And Urban Development Secretary Visits Sandy-Impacted SI Area


M.T.A. Adds Interactive Features to Online Subway Map(NYT)


Nuclear Plant Report Evaluates Fish Impact(WSJ)

Keep green space in, malls and stadiums out, of Flushing (NYDN)

Engraved forever(Goodwin, NYP)Throughout his life, Ed Koch took great delight in being a hair shirt. If something he said made you uncomfortable, that was your problem — and his pleasure. The habit didn’t die with him.Among several inscriptions on his tombstone is a sequence that is meant first to stir the heart, and then to provoke the faint of heart. It begins, “My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish.”Under those words, in parentheses, the inscription continues: “Daniel Pearl, 2002, just before he was beheaded by a Muslim terrorist.” Each of those lines meant something special to Koch, and, having planned the tombstone for years, he wanted to make a point in sharing them permanently.* NY1 Online: Current, Former Wiseguys Share Memories Of Ed Koch * Financial Issues, Transit Strike Among Issues Koch Faced In First Term (NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg defends anti-Israel event at Brooklyn College 

Edward Irving Koch, 1924–2013(NY Mag)  * Yesterday, Inside City Hall held its first “Wise Guys” series since former Mayor Ed Koch‘s passing and former Governor Eliot Spitzer discussed Mayor Bloomberg’s eulogy. ”He actually seemed emotional at the end,” Mr. Spitzer said. “You know, Mike is not emotional. … He’s a numbers guy. You give him a spreadsheet, he’s happy. A balance sheet, hopefully one with a profit at the bottom line.” While former Senator Al D’Amato said it “was the best speech I ever heard him make.”*
Mario Cuomo: "I have never really disliked Koch. He might have said things in moments I thought were crude but I never really disliked him."

Emergency Rescues

Roosevelt Island high anxiety: Worker rescued from Tramway(NYP)

Plucked from icy death grip: Two plunge into Pond at Central Park(NYP)
2 Pulled From Pond in Central Park After Falling Through Ice(NYT) * Two Pulled From Icy Pond(WSJ) * Two Teens Hospitalized Following Fall Into Icy Central Park Pond(NY1)
* Icy fall in Central Park(NYDN)

Don't Bet On the Mets

First the Mets Bet On Madoff Now They Want to Bet On A Casino
Let’s bet Mets? (NYP Ed) It’s been so long since the New York Mets were genuine contenders, it should come as no surprise that the team’s owners are looking to get into a different game. Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz want to roll the fiscal dice on a full-fledged casino. And they want to put it right next to the Amazins’ home in Queens, Citi Field. As The Post’s Rich Calder reported yesterday, the Mets’ interest here is obvious: The team owes $162 million in phony profits it received from the Bernie Madoff scam. Wilpon and Katz’s answer is to let it all ride, so to speak, on another gamble. * City Dismisses Talk of a Willets Point Casino(NYT) * NYC: No plans for casino in Willets Point(WSJ) * Legislature should have say in where casinos are located, says . * NYC: No plans for casino in Willets Point(Fox5)* The Bloomberg administration insisted that there will never be a casino at the Willets Point area, where it hopes instead to develop new housing, shopping and entertainment venues.


Drone Strikes’ Dangers to Get Rare Moment in Public Eye(NYT)* Immigration Reform Issue: The Effect on the Budget(NYT) * When Can the U.S. Kill One of Its Own?(NYT) * To Kill an American(NYT Ed) A new document underscores the Obama administration’s chilling analysis of executive power.
RT : WH confirms Obama to nominate Sally Jewell, CEO of outdoor equipment giant REI, to head Interior Department.
Obama Urges Congress to Act to Stave Off Cuts - Shear & Calmes, NY Times
Republicans Will, & Should, Force Cuts - Charles Krauthammer, FOX News
Eric Cantor's Empty Happy Talk - Dana Milbank, Washington Post
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India vs. China vs. Egypt - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Children Deserve School Choice - Richard Garnett, Public Discourse
Postal Service to announce end of Saturday mail: The financially struggling U.S. Postal Service says it p... 
Saturday mail delivery will stop, package delivery will continue(WP)
Postal Service to end delivery of letters on Saturdays in effort to save $2B.(NYT)
President's Agenda Is Haunting the Economy - Orange County Register
Time for Congress, Obama to "Chip Away" at Deficit - Washington Post
Rick Perry's Pitch to California Businesses - San Francisco Chronicle
Why Is Obama Sending F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood? -
Video: Scarborough: If Bush were doing drone strikes, everything in D.C. would stop
Karl Rove Responds To Tea Party Criticism: We Need Conservatives Who Can Actually Win Races
Geithner gets think tank gig at Council on Foreign Relations(Wash Post)
Obama’s chief speechwriter, Jon Favreau is leaving his job March 1, maybe to do some screenwriting, though he’ll be staying in the D.C. area.
White House officials meet with defense contractors about Pentagon cuts
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will deliver the Republian response to the president’s State of the Union address on Feb. 12

Chris at ‘heavy’ risk: doc(NYP)


HOW MUCH Will Time Inc. Layoffs Will Cost?(Huff Post)

Brown christens her creature ‘News Beast’(NYP)
Lawrence O'Donnell goes through Dick Morris' 'greatest' hits(Huff Post)

DIE HARD: Bruce Willis Fights Gun Control...
Wall Street

Standard & Poor’s Stands Accused(NYT Ed) But will the Justice Department make the civil fraud charges against the credit-ratings agency stick?* U.S., S&P Settle In for Bitter Combat(WSJ)

Law and Order

Top Judge Says Bail in New York Isn’t Safe or Fair(NYT) Jonathan Lippman, the state’s chief judge, said the system unfairly detained many people and did not allow judges to consider public safety when determining bail.* State Chief Judge Lippman Asks Albany Lawmakers To Change Bail Policies(NY1) * According to Lippman, New York is one of only four states that did not allow judges to consider public safety when making a bail determination.

About New York: Police Stops Are Down in New York; So Is Murder(NYT)

You have the right to remain silent(Queens Crap)

From the Huffington Post: New York appeals court ruled last week that Queens prosecutors' violated the constitution through their interrogation program, which identified people without counsel to interrogate before reading them their Miranda rights. The Brennan Center filed an amicus brief in March of last year on behalf of the defendants, arguing that the interrogation program violated constitutional rights set forth in the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

Sour charity: Ousted Ground Zero mosque leader stole millions, suit says(NYP)
Donor, Citing Fraud, Sues Imam Tied to Mosque Near Ground Zero(NYT)

Missing Staten Island woman found slain in Instanbul hung with bad guys: feds(NYP) FBI agents probing the murder of a Staten Island mom in Turkey said they don’t believe she was there just to take pictures — and said she hung out with a “criminal element”

Cop's mug shot tweets proved right after 2 parolees re-busted for crimes in B'klyn(NYP)

Jail guard pregnant with cop-killer's child(NYP)
Impregnated by Prisoner, Guard Now Faces Charges(NYT)
Authorities Say Guard Had Sex With Murderer(WSJ)

Sources: Correction Officer Had Sex With Detectives' Murderer In Prison(NY1

Wait, baby on board! Car stolen with little girl inside; she's found safe(NYP)

Cops say this is the rapis(NYDN) * Cops Release Sketch Of Brooklyn Rape Suspect(WCBS)

\Ex-cop convicted of seducing & raping 14-year-old girl(NYP)
Defense For Policeman's Accused Killer Gives Final Argument That Shooting Was Accidental(NY1)


Mechanic's chilling confession(NYDN)
5 From Queens Are Charged in Toy-Smuggling Scheme(NYT)
Truck Driver Arrested in Fatal Hit and Run in Midtown(NYT)

Accused carjacker caught on video after stealing Jeep with baby still inside(NYP)

Police Release Video of Suspect in Subway Stabbings(NBC)
Brooklyn man 'kills' sister, wounds niece in eviction fight(NYP)

Woman: I'll shoot up school(NYDN)

Slain cop Figoski's father becomes unresponsive during(NYDN)

Perilous pursuit: Cop, chasing burglary suspect, is struck by car in Bronx(NYP)

Mother, Daughter Shot Over Eviction in Brooklyn(WSJ)* Police: Man Shot, Killed Sister, Wounded Her Daughter(NY1) * Woman in critical after being shot by brother(NYDN) 
* Photo released of suspect in Queens bank robbery
Cops Release Sketch Of Brooklyn Rape Suspect
Robber Threatens With Flammable Liquid, Lighter(NBC)
Man Wanted In Robberies Of Bagel Shops, Liquor Store, Deli (WCBS)
nwood man confesses to setting wife's head on fire with (WCBS)
No jail for Asst. DA charged with attacking EMT(WABC)
Nanny caught on camera slapping baby(WCBS)