Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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Is the Corrupt and Incompetent BOE Dictating How New York City Elects It Nexts Mayor?

Instant runoff voting, ha-  the BOE "sleeping beauties" would not know how to count the votes for quick results, They Can't Count the Regular Election
Board of Elections to explore instant runoff voting(CrainsNY)

Quinn's BOE Conflict of Interests: Her Campaign Team Wants A Fast June Primary

Each of the commissioners that sit and make policy at the BOE must be approved by the city council after be nominated by the GOP and Dem party leaders.  Last month the council reappointed another commissioner Maria R. Guastella after the long election day lines scandal, the slow vote count scandals and the fact that the board has not had an executive director in the last two years, since the last one left in ballot tampering scandal. Quinn conflict is that her campaign team wants a fast primary, meaning June.  They feel that with Quinn way ahead in the polls the faster the election the better chance she has of winning.  That is why many of her appointed commissioner on the BOE have been pushing for a June primary under the excuse that a September primary would not give the BOE time to count the voters for a run off. Can you imagine that after spending $100 on new machines the BOE can not do with it used to do with the 1950's built voting machines.

More Campaign Consultant PR Spin: Unemployment
If the press allows spinning about serious issues like unemployment then the 2013 Mayoral campaign will be about nothing 
If Quinn and the rest of the councilmembers supporting a bill to end discrimination against the NYC unemployed really wanted to help them should have created and economic climate that reduced the 8.8% unemployed in the city
Quinn: Council To Pass Legislation Aimed At Ending Discrimination Against Unemployed(NY1)  * Council passes bill protecting unemployed jobseekers.  

Today Team Quinn Owns the Press
More PR Spin What Puppet?
Bloomberg, City Council spar over mayor's strict homeless(NYDN)
* Bloomberg calls Quinn's unemployment discrimination law 'misguided,' but Quinn's political calculus seems clear:

Another Example of Lobbyist Controlling the News In NYC
NYC Soda Limit Foes Doubt Racial Fairness Of Bloomberg's Law(Huff Post)NAACP and the Hispanic Federation, a network of 100 northeastern groups, are trying to block Mayor Bloomberg’s soda cup size restrictions, arguing in court, “This sweeping regulation will no doubt burden and disproportionally impact minority-owned businesses at a time when these businesses can least afford it.”

Campaign 2013 Thompson woos construction crowd on Staten Island(SI Advance) * DNAinfo calls Thompson "top mayoral contender."  * decides to poke holes in Roger Stone's mayoral race analysis * As Daily News Kicks Off 2013 Mayoral Debate Series, Joe Lhota Goes On The Stump * RT : Check out the updated maps showing where mayoral candidates raised their $.

Huntley Pay to Play Niece Survives Indictment
shirley-huntley-wikiFormer Senator’s Indicted Niece Kept on Payroll After Campaign Loss(NYO)

To Be First With Gun Control Law Cuomo Made Skelos An Offer He Could Not Refuse
Intent on Being First, Cuomo Used All Means to Enact Gun Limits(NYT)if GOP-IDC didnt pass his bill, Cuomo threatened 2 "dissolve their fledgling coalition by pressuring his fellow Dems 2 reunite" [1/2] It was "not an intellectual response. it was emotional, visceral" Cuomo on his push for gun control.

The state’s editorial boards generally took similarly skeptical views on Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s budget address yesterday. The Daily News argued Mr. Cuomo “should have gone farther” and the Albany Times-Union said the fiscal plan “is a mix of good and not so good.” The New York Post, naturally, scoffed the loudest, saying, “You’d almost think the 2016 presidential race had already begun.”
Cuomo's Budget: Cuts, Gambling and Fees
NYP Does Not Think Much of Cuomo Budget or Economic Plan
Dec. jobless rate rose upstate, steady in NYC area(WSJ)
Governor government(NYP) Gov. Cuomo seemed to be channeling President Obama — emphasizing the role of government in solving problems — as he presented his $137 billion budget plan yesterday. You’d almost think the 2016 presidential race had already begun. Alas, an activist Albany won’t solve New York’s biggest woe: the decades-long hemorrhage of people, and money, out of the state. Rather, it’s likely to make it worse.Fact is, for the past decade, US economic growth has doubled the pace of growth in the upstate region. New York as a whole, meanwhile, continues to labor under an 8.2 percent joblessness rate, almost a half-point higher than the national level. Oh, yeah — he’s also betting on casinos for Upstate. (Good luck with that.)

‘No-tax’/big-spend Andy’s $143B budget(NYP) * Cuomo Builds Proposed Budget With Cuts, Gambling and Fees * Budget Focus on Sandy, Schools, Guns(WSJ) * In Budget Address, Cuomo Outlines Sandy Recovery(WSJ) * Cuomo gave his budget address yesterday, announcing funding increases for economic development and higher education programs as well as a $1 billion job creation program whose timetable left lawmakers confused, The Buffalo News writes * Sandy Relief, Minimum Wage Raise Among State Budget Proposals(NY1)The Times-Union examines the “good and not so good” in Cuomo’s budget, concluding that the budget did not quite live up to the governor’s “NY Rising” theme he attached to it: * In the News, Republican Assemblyman Kieran Lalor writes that Cuomo and other lawmakers rammed a deeply-flawed gun control bill through the Legislature without it being properly vetted * Transparency and education spending in Cuomo's budget (Gotham Gazette)* Governor’s plan for pensions: fiscal relief or financial gimmick? - The Buffalo New*Headline of the Day: “Cuomo Rolls Out Budget Goodies, With Notable Silences.”* The Budget Committee Schedule Is Here! The Budget Committee Schedule Is Here!(YNN) * Silver: Don’t Make Minimum Wage A ‘Political Football’(YNN) * EJ McMahon calls Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s pension smoothing proposal a “gimmick.”

 NYC and NYS Budget Details
New Site Makes It Easier to View City Spending(NYT) The City Comptroller’s office will unveil a new website that will allow users to view and analyze information about city spending, with city officials and lawmakers hoping it will help curb major cost overruns,
* Want more details on Cuomo's budget plan? His full presentation, briefing book included, is online * New website launched on NYC spending(WSJ) * Get Your Budget Wonk On(YNN) * Comptroller Launches Website That Sheds Light On City Spending(NY1)

Brooklyn hit with crop of six new shelters in two years(NYDN)

Crapy Redistricting Passes
As the state Senate is debating the second passage of the redistricting constitutional amendment, Citizens Union released a report on the evils of gerrymandering.* Katrina vanden Heuvel: “If Cuomo joins arms with the Senate Democrats and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (long a champion of this reform) to muscle through clean elections in New York State, he’ll earn a fresh look from skeptical progressives.”* Anti-gerrymandering amendment passes NY Senate 43-20, meaning (I think) 13 Democrats voted yes.* Redistricting amendment passes 43-20.* Senate Approves Second Passage Of Redistricting Amendment - The Senate approved this afternoon the second passage of... (YNN)

Crisis in The Bronx Hospital Health Care Where are the Elected Officials and Mayoral Candidates ?Two More Hospitals May Close
Bidding Battle Over Bronx Hospital(WSJ) Two competing bids to take over New York Westchester Square Medical Center, a struggling hospital in the Bronx, are bringing to light deeper tensions about health care in the borough.
Exclusive: Long Island College Hospital faces threat of closing, SUNY official Carl McCall warns  (NYDN) SUNY Downstate Medicl Center facility is money loser* Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn May Be Forced to Close(NYT) * BREAKING: LICH ON DEATH WATCH — State prepares to pull plug.(Daily Eagle)

An Absentee Bored Mayor
An absentee mayor (NYP) Too bored to save his legacy?Remember the time Mike Bloomberg jetted off to sunny Bermuda as a monster snowstorm bore down on the five boroughs? Never again, he said afterward, woefully, while the city ever-so-slowly dug itself out of the drifts. For there he was last week, down in Maryland giving America a firearms intervention while the United Federation of Teachers and his own crack Department of Education negotiators pulled his pants down on teacher-quality reform.In the Post, Bob McManus examines Bloomberg’s shaky education legacy, culminating in the current standoff with the teacher’s union over teacher evaluations * A Legacy Threatened by Scorn(NYT)

Teacher Evaluations )Bloomy slams UFT for poor teacher evaluation plan, UFT fires(NYDN)The News applauds Cuomo for staying the course on sound fiscal management, but says that he should have sought legislation to force a settlement between the United Federation of Teachers and Mayor Bloomberg over teacher evaluations:* Fallout From Failed Teacher Evaluation Negotiations Continues(NY1)

Feds Eye Ending Bus Strike
A coalition of bus companies told the National Labor Relations Board in Brooklyn yesterday that the strike is unfairly hurting their bottom line — although they’re not involved in the dispute.
Feds’ eye on bus strike(NYP)
* DENNIS M. WALCOTT: Pushing NYC’s kids into the cold(NYP) * The School Bus Mess(NYT Ed) Mayor Bloomberg needs to hold his ground on the bus strike in order to bring runaway costs under control and genuine competition to the bidding process.* Nat'l Labor Board Hears Challenge To School Bus Strike(NY1) * Bus firms to labor board: End 'illegal' strike(NYDN)*
says police investigating slashed tires at MV Buses in Bklyn, company is training replacement drivers during * Ralliers Want Mayor To Negotiate With Bus Drivers' Union, Teachers' Union (NY1)

NYC Cash-Strapped Archidioces Closing More Schools
New York Archdiocese to Close 24 Schools(NYT) * Archdiocese to Close 24 Catholic Schools(WSJ) The Archdiocese of New York announced that it will permanently close 22 elementary schools throughout its jurisdiction, affecting over 4,300 students, saying that the closures were necessary for the long-term viability of the school system * Twelve City Catholic Elementary Schools, One High School To Close In June(NY1) * Cash-Strapped New York Archdiocese To Close 2 Dozen Sch (WCBS) *24 Catholic Schools to Close, Including 7 in The Bronx and 6 in Manhattan(DNAINFO) * Times Square Catholic School Prepares For Final Act(NY1) * Parents At Bronx Catholic School Upset Over Pending Closure (NY1)

PCB School Lights to Stay Longer

DOE Discusses Explosion Of Light Fixture With PCBs At SI School At Meeting(NY1)

Schumer Stings Brooklyn Bees
Honey From Red Hook Was Missing, and So Was the Right Reason(NYT) Senator Charles E. Schumer blamed Hurricane Sandy for the absence of Brooklyn’s sweetest product at the Inaugural Luncheon, but beekeepers in Red Hook dispute their hives were ruined.* Celebs react to Beyonce lip-sync scandal(NYP) * Singer 'didn't think there was anything wrong' with lip-synching: source(NYP)

Eastside Council Candidate Builds His Negatives
City Council Candidate Didn’t Mean to Offend With Condescending, Sexist Remark(NY Mag) "What's a pretty girl like you doing reading those?" —Upper East Side city council candidate Ed Hartzog, when asked by DNAinfo reporter about his campaign finance filings. Hartzog later told Aspiring pols take note, this is the worst way you can respond to a question about your campaign finance reports without invoking Godwin’s Law. Upper East Side City Council candidate Ed Hartzog followed up the gaffe on by quipping, “I hope for goodness sake that my flippant comment isn’t going to be part of the story. I was just sort of being something.”

Stop and Frisk Technology
New technology will allow NYPD to detect concealed weapons(NYP) The NYPD will soon be able to detect concealed weapons using a new technology, still in the development stages, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said today. “The device reads the specific form of natural energy emitted by people and objects known as..* Police Start Testing Device to Spot Concealed Guns (NYT)

Sandy Update
Sanctuary From Storm Is a School Again as Displaced Students Return(NYT)* Coney Island Key Food Reopens After Entire Store Was Hit Hard By Sandy(NY1) * Fight Over Senate Chamber Rules Holds Up Sandy Aid Vote(NY1) * Cuomo budget would help Sandy vics and schools(NYDN) * Cuomo Aims to Speed New York Sandy Recovery With Private Funding  * Kelly Touts Sandy Response, Low Homicide Rate In "State Of The NYPD"(NY1) * Luxury UES Hotel Donates All Furniture To Sandy Relief Effort  * Kelly Touts Sandy Response, Low Homicide Rate In "State Of The NYPD"(NY1) * Some Red Hook Residents Brave Cold Temperatures With Intermittent Heat(NY1) * In Lower Manhattan, Sandy Still Keeping Businesses Dark(WNYC)
* Fending Off the Storm, and Now the Cold(NYT)
*Moreland Commission Holds Hearing On SI(NY1)
* Coney Island Groups Join Forces Under Small Roof As Sandy Recovery Continues 

Ratner Gets Another Break From the City
At Council hearing, Department of Buildings slammed for allowing Forest City to build modular without licensed trades; did developer get city to bend rules?(Atlantic Yards Review

Cold Apartments

As winter’s chill finally arrives, a perennial lack of  consistent heat in Bronx apartments becomes apparent (NYDN) Bronx logs 673 heat complaints to city housing agency on Monday, as cold snap hits

More MTA Service
At Transit Agency Forum, A Rare Topic: Good News(NYT)In the rarest of turns, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority held a public hearing whose sole focus was not a decrease, but an increase in service.

Will Take A Community of Protection

New WTC security chief says it will 'take a community to protect this complex'(NYP)

42nd Libaray Gets Expansion OK
Landmarks Commission Greenlights Public Library's Facelift (NYT)

Power to the People
Energy drink(NY World) More than a billion gallons of water travel through New York State every day, starting upstate and journeying down to the city and the sea, and driven almost entirely by gravity alone. The city’s watershed includes 19 reservoirs, three lakes, 7,000 miles of water pipes, tunnels and aqueducts, and 7,400 miles of sewer lines — and perhaps many megawatts of untapped energy. 

Loew's Kings the Way It Was Barbara Streisand

B'klyn to get 'the next Apollo'(NYP) Borough President Marty Markowitz’s dream of turning Brooklyn's biggest movie theater -- the once-majestic Loews Kings in Flatbush -- into "the next Apollo" is finally coming true. * ROARING AGAIN! The 1920's Loew's Kings Theater — an architectural treasure hidden in ghostly fallen plaster — will be restored to its former glory(NYDN) *Mayor Bloomberg Breaks Ground on Restoration of Historic Loew's Kings Theater in Flatbush * Project Aims To Restore Once Grand Brooklyn Theater (NY1)

Spitzer Scandal Star Partners With Post to Pen E-Book (NYO) The New York Post and corporate book publishing sibling HarperCollins have teamed up for a foray into the brave new world of e-publishing. Tricks of the Trade, by Eliot Spitzer scandal veteran Ashley Dupré, goes on sale today.

Fake Insurance Claims
36% of car-insure claims bogus(NYP) A whopping 36 percent of New York City no-fault insurance claims in 2010 had some element of fraud

In a Crowded City, Storage Rooms With Amenities(NYT) A new self-storage facility, with customer-friendly extras, has opened on Manhattan’s West Side, but analysts said the city remains underserved.

In Winning Design, City Hopes to Address a Cramped Future(NYT)* Micro Unit Design Unveiled(WSJ)

In New Term, First Year Is Crucial for Obama Agenda(NYT) * Obama Speech Leaves G.O.P. Stark Choices(NYT) * N.R.A. Leader Denounces Obama’s Call for Gun Control(NYT) * Break All the Rules(Friedman, NYT) At a time when we measure our secretaries of state more by miles traveled than milestones achieved, what’s the next secretary to do? Here’s a plan.* Christie Garners Highest Approval Rating Yet: Poll (WSJ) * Leading POLITICO this morning -- No joke: Biden makes 2016 moves(Politico)
The Obama Majority - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
Obama's Warmed-Over Collectivism - Matt Welch, Reason
Can Obama's 2nd Term Unleash Power of His 1st? - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Resurgent Liberalism Must Pay Its Bills - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Four More Years, But It's the First That Counts - Jeff Zeleny, NY Times
A Middle Path to Reducing Gun Violence - Rep. Mike Thompson, WSJ
Obama Out of Step With Public on Guns - Glenn Reynolds, USA Today
Memo to John Kerry: Break All the Rules - Thomas Friedman, NY Times
 Screen Shot 2013-01-22 at 7.33.21 PM NRA Executive Wayne LaPierre Responds To Obama's Inaugural Address
Clinton Faces Capitol Hill Grilling Over Benghazi - Eli Lake, Daily Beast
2 Governors Seek Radical Tax Reform - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets
Bobby Jindal to the Poor: Drop Dead - Jamelle Bouie, The American Prospect
ObamaCare Sticker Shock Is Coming - Scott Gottlieb, Forbes
Winners and Losers of Israel's Election - Ben Birnbaum, The New Republic
What American Women Owe to Abortion Rights - Jill Filipovic, Guardian
The Pro-Life Movement Will Not Rest - Richard John Neuhaus, First Things
An Early Look at the 2016 Presidential Race - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
The Liberal Hour - Ross Douthat, New York Times
More on RCP: 2013 State of the State Addresses | Inauguration Photos
Lautenberg Takes Digs at Booker's Interest in Seat(NBC)
Approve the Keystone Pipeline - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Obama Remembers Climate Change - San Francisco Chronicle
Ending "Silent Filibuster" Will Help Senate Function - Boston Globe
Lefty Offends the Lefties - Wall Street Journal
The Mystery of Michelle Obama’s Eye Roll Has (Possibly) Been Solved(NY Mag)
Keystone Pipeline Decision Months Away(Huff Post)
Latino Population Growth Demands New Political Priorities(Huff Post)
 Clinton: Nobody more committed to security(NYP)
Hillary Clinton Nearly Tears Up At Benghazi Hearing
Clinton Cites New Security Steps After Libya Attack(NYT)
Clinton: U.S. can’t abandon posts(Wash Post)
Hillary Clinton Goes Off On GOP Senator Johnson During Benghazi Hearings
John McCain Confronts Hillary Clinton On Benghazi: Your Answers ‘Are Not Satisfactory’
Rand Paul Brutalizes Hillary Clinton: ‘Had I Been President’ I Would Have Fired You
Jake Tapper: Clinton’s Emotional Testimony A Symptom Of ‘The Exhaustion She’s Been Suffering From’
UPDATE: Clinton takes responsibility in Benghazi attack, clashes with Republicans
House Allows For Federal Borrowing To Continue Through May(NY1)
House Votes to Extend Debt Limit to May, Averting Fight(NYT)

29-year-old antiwar Vietnam vet John Kerry watches President Nixon on Vietnam peace accord--40 years ago tonight:
The price of service: RT : Kerry & wife will divest 100 investments in US/ abroad to avoid conflicts as Sec.
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta will lift a military ban on women serving in combat 
Senate Democrats introduce gun bills: (Politico)
Clinton: 'Going on the Sunday shows is not my favorite thing to do' (Politico)
Boehner says Obama's focus is to 'annihilate the Republican Party'(CNN)
Today in a groundbreaking move, Leon Panetta announced that the military ban on women in combat would be lifted:(Nation)
about women in combat -- myth 1: Women are too emotionally fragile for combat(Wash Post)
Congressman To Clinton: "The Only Person That's In Jail Right Now Is The Filmmaker"(Buzzfeed)
Pentagon Says It Is Lifting Ban on Women in Combat (NYT)
Clinton sparred with with Sens. Ron Johnson and Sen. Rand Paul. (Here’s the full transcript of her testimony). 
McCain: "I respect and support Secretary Panetta’s decision to lift the ban on women serving in combat."  
Clinton's remarks anger Republicans, delight Democrats -- and reveal a troubling disregard for transparency(Salon)
House votes to suspend debt ceiling until May(NYP)
Pentagon Lifts Ban on Women in Combat(NYT)
Giving 'Em Hell (NY Mag)Hillary Clinton beats back harsh Republican critics over Benghazi.
Poll: Obama gun proposals supported (Politico)
Clinton: "It's Our Job" To Prevent Another Attack On U.S. Diplomats (NY1)
In Passing Bill on Debt Limit, House Sidesteps Ultimatum(NYT)
Seven Things Hillary Clinton Was Saying When She Adjusted Her Glasses(NY Mag)
Bipartisan Filibuster Deal Is Taking Shape in Senate (NYT)



RT : At Davos lunch, NYT Chairman Sulzberger delivered to me official company comment on Donald Trump buyout idea: Laughter.

Country Returns to City Radio: After 17 Years, a Home in New York(NYT) * The deadline for NYT buyouts is tomorrow. Here's what we know. 

Are Journalists Joking Too Much On Twitter?(Huff Post)


Jon Stewart’s Epic Take Down Of MSNBC, Fox News And CNN’s Inauguration Coverage

Notre Dame gridder tells Couric he fibbed about online gal after hoax revealed to him in Dec.(NYP)

Wall Street Derivatives
Morgan Stanley Employees Joked About Naming Toxic Derivatives ‘Shitbag’ and ‘Nuclear Holocaust’

Bibi victorious(NYP Ed) * An Israeli surpriseBenjamin Netanyahu’s Likud-Beteinu party took a beating in...* Charismatic Leader Helps Israel Turn Toward the Center(NYT) * Israel Vote Weakens Premier(WSJ) * Charismatic Leader Turns Israel Toward Center(NYT)

Law and Order

Hero gal faced down evil for the rest of us(NYP)
* Unholy monster Weberman gets 103 years(NYP)
Hasidic perv’s victim smiles* Therapist Sentenced to 103 Years for Child Sexual Abuse(NYT) * 103 Years in Orthodox Case(WSJ)

 Bronx bank-rob suspect all of 15(NYP)

Judge delays frisk restrict(NYP)* Stop and Frisk Ban Is Lifted (WSJ)A Manhattan federal judge on Tuesday temporarily reversed a decision she made earlier this month banning New York City police from making "unlawful trespass stops" outside some private buildings in the Bronx.A Manhattan federal judge temporarily reversed her own decision to ban New York City police from making trespass stops outside of private Bronx apartment buildings because of the potential administrative costs to the NYPD* Judge Allows NYPD Stop-And-Frisks To Resume In Bronx Private Housing(NY1)
* Now she tells us(NYDN Ed)  Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin backs off her hasty stop-and-frisk order
Thugs in brutal LES beating convicted(NYP)

Yeshiva teacher charged with kiddie porn possession, sex(NYDN)
Statistics Show Drop In Violent Crimes In Bronx(NY1)
Cleared of One ’95 Murder, 3 Men Have Conviction Vacated in a 2nd(NYT)
Three cleared in cabbie slay(NYDN)
Ex-prosecutor accused of selling pot(NYDN)
Cop: NYPD hired thieving liar(NYDN)
Upstate sheriffs have raised concerns about the SAFE Act.
Photos of Suspect, Jacket Released in Harlem Shooting(NBC)

Man Sought in NYC Attempted Gunpoint Robbery(NBC)
Alleged teen victim testifies against ex-NYPD cop in rape trial(NYP)
Subway suicide horror(NYP) * Apparent Subway-Train Suicide at Times Square(NYT)

Ex-cop on trial for rape of 14-year-old runaway(NYDN)

‘Bash & bust’ guy sues cops(NYP)A man beaten by NYPD cops in a Brooklyn synagogue filed a federal civil-rights suit yesterday against the arresting officers. Ehud Halevy, 21,

Bystander shot in Empire State gun battle sues cops(NYP) * Bystander Shot Near Empire State Building Sues Police(NYT) Lawsuit from woman struck by police gunfire in Empire State (NYDN)

School worker abused boy: prosecutors(NYDN)
Commish Ray Kelly talks highly of videotaped interrogations(NYP)
His Conviction Overturned, Man Is Let Out of Prison After 23 Years(NYT)
Judge frees Brooklyn man jailed for 22 years(NYDN)
Judge Says Man Released From Prison After Serving 23 Years(NY1)
 Filling no pain: Dentist all smiles in drunk-drill bust(NYP)
'Cannibal cop' online pal boasts of feasting on 'black woman and a white child'(NYP)
Cannibal Cop's Online Friend Shares His Cooking Tips(NY Mag)
Linda Riss Pugach, 1937-2013: Linda Riss Pugach, Whose Life Was Ripped From Headlines, Dies at 75
Grid guy’s ‘gun-rob’ fumble (NYP) A former high-school-football phenom who had dreams of playing in the NFL was busted yesterday for taking part in a brutal, gunpoint home invasion on Long Island, cops said.*Ex-football star Gwaltney among 5 charged in burglary(WABC)