Friday, January 25, 2013

Mayor's Race 2013: Tora Tora Tora

When You Have No Answers on How to Fix Unemployment, the City's School and A Middle Class That Can No Longer Afford to Live Here, A Shrinking Tax Base Led by A Changing Wall Street and Your Running For Mayor, Your Attack

Stupid Is As Stupid Does
Unexpected Focus at a Mayoral Forum(NYT) This year’s campaign for New York City mayor was expected to turn on police tactics, education policy and economic development.  On Thursday, six of the leading candidates in the race found themselves discussing something different: mold. Each candidate tailored his or her message to the the predominantly black crowd. The audience seemed more impressed by Mr. Thompson’s proposal to throw out the current Housing Authority board and replace it with a system allowing more direct accountability to the mayor. The stormiest words came from Mr. de Blasio, who has made “tale of two cities” a rallying cry of his campaign events.
Public Advocate Bill de Blasio charged that the agency can't function well "if the mayor doesn't care about people who live in public housing. There's an old colorful Sicilian expression that says the head stinks from the head down."* Mayor Bloomberg blasted at candidates forum(NYP) * Candidates For Mayor Debate Housing Issues(NY1) * Video of the Mayoral Debate * NYC Mayoral Candidates Square Off On Housing (C&S)

How Does Lui Prepare for His Testimony for Taking the Witness Stand In the Trial of His Treasure and Contributor, With His Science Project

Mayor Bloomberg is not on the ballot this fall, but he’s taking a beating from his would-be successors. "It's quite possible Mayor Bloomberg does not know what mold is," mocked Comptroller John Liu when the questioning turned to the city's response to super-storm Sandy. Some molds also produce mycotoxins that can pose serious health risks to humans and animals.The term 'mycotoxin' is usually reserved for the toxic chemical products produced by fungi that readily colonize crops. One mold species may produce many different mycotoxins, and the same mycotoxin may be produced by several species.

Earth To Allon Obesity and Diabetes is the Number 1 Heath Problem of Minority New Yorkers
Tom Allon, a Republican hopeful who is rarely invited to appear alongside his better-known Democratic rivals, criticized the health department for “chasing after people who are drinking 32-ounce soft drinks” instead of looking at health problems related to the hurricane. 

Education Policy By Attack Hides Deal With the Teachers Union
Three stooges for mayor(NYP) Three mayoral wannabes are now openly promising to perpetuate failure in the schools. That’s right: Ex-Comptroller Bill Thompson, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and current Comptroller John Liu are vowing, if elected, not to shut failing schools. They’re also pledging to make it harder for good schools — i.e., charters — to open.* The News writes that mayoral candidates Bill de Blasio, John Liu, and Bill Thompson were trying to curry union support by appearing with United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew at a school reform rally * Joe Lhota Flops in Debut at Mayoral Forum(NY Mag) * will make "major announcement" Sunday in . Expected to formally declare for mayor *Thompson to propose NYCHA overhaul(CrainsNY)

Mayoral Candidates $$$ Base Differ
An examination of the campaign filings for the New York City mayoral candidates shows that each has been cultivating a distinct base of support separated by geography and industry, The New York World reports * A breakdown of Christine Quinn's campaign spending. [Jon Reznick]* Challenging Quinn a Risk for NYC Council Members(Epic Times) Council members can evoke sponsor’s privilege to push bills through, but it could backfire

The UFT Mayor (Barkan)
The New York Post and the New York Daily News are equally panicked about the idea of increased clout for Michael Mulgrew, the head of the United Federations of Teachers, if a Democrat is sworn in as the next mayor.

GOP Corrupt Leader Looking for A Candidate
 Four NYC GOP Chairs Meet With 'Very Impressive' A.R. Bernard* Still another GOP mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis will officially announce his candidacy at a press conference on Tuesday.] * Mayoral hopeful Adolfo Carrion’s bid for the GOP line is in jeopardy.*

Tech Group Draws Up Wish List for Next Mayor(WSJ) The New York Tech Meetup on Thursday issued a list of policy proposals in an effort to influence the race for mayor, the first since tech companies have had a critical mass in the city.

The Keeper of the Image
Who Trashes The Trashers? Howard Wolfson(NYDN) "If there's something that catches my eye and seems particularly egregious, I'm going to correct the record," Wolfson saidHoward Wolfson and Harry Siegel debate Bloomberg's polling. [Twitter] * Will Contempt for Unions Mar Bloomberg's Legacy?(

Albany Crime and Politics

  Albany Hush Fund Cover Up Expands
Lopez Refuses to Testify On Inquiries Into Reports That He Sexual Abused His Aids
Lopez Declines to Testify on Allegations That He Sexually Harassed Aides(NYT)The lawyer representing Vito J. Lopez, a lawmaker and former Brooklyn Democratic chairman, advised him against testifying on inquiries into reports that he had harassed aides. Per his lawyer’s advice, Assemblyman Vito Lopez declined to testify in an investigation by the state ethics commission into claims that he sexually harassed four former female aides, because of a parallel criminal investigation * Lopez to decide on council run; Twitter account hacked(CrainsNY) “I will be evaluating whether I want to retire or whether I want to continue in politics and run for the City Council,” Mr. Lopez said, adding that he did not enjoy the cold weather in Albany. Previously, Mr. Lopez has cited poor health as a reason he may not run for the council.* RT : Vito: "I’ve never sent out a tweet or an email. I’ve never sent out a twit."

State Senate Diversity
3 Black Men Are Offered Committees in Senate (NYT)The move came as lawmakers seek to address concerns about a lack of racial diversity in the ranks of its leadership.* Plan To Mark Roe v. Wade Anniversary Meets Resistance In State Senate(NY1) The state Senate coalition leadership offered committee chairmanships to two black Democratic senators who are not part of the coalition in an attempt to address concerns over the lack of racial diversity in its ranks

Smith's Pay to Play IDC Deal
Payroll records show that state Sen. Malcolm Smith gave his staff taxpayer-funded raises totaling $58,500 effective this year, coinciding with his decision to join the breakaway Independent Democratic Conference, the Times-Union writes: * Sen. Dave Valesky, the IDC’s deputy leader, will chair the Senate Commerce, Economic Development and Small Business Committee.* Skelos And Klein To Headline Manhattan GOP Fundraiser(YNN)

Silver Does Not Like Cuomo Gambling Plans
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that the Legislature should have a voice in choosing where casinos will be located in the state, after Gov. Cuomo proposed that his new State Gaming Commission would choose the sites, The Buffalo News reports: * NY1 Online: Speaker Silver Discusses State Budget, Teacher Evaluations * Cuomo and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are at odds over deciding where new casinos should be located (assuming the constitutional amendment allowing their creation is given second passage and receives public approval).* Silver Injects Drama Into No-Drama Budget(YNN)

Spitzer Was Right In How To Control the Senate, He Just Could Not Do it
So The Legislature Was The ‘Steamroller’?

Huntley Plea To Mail Fraud
Ex-Senator Huntley will cop to mail fraud; pol still faces charges in $30G charity 'sham'(Queens Politics)
Ex-Senator Huntley will cop to mail fraud; pol still faces charges in $30G charity 'sham'(NYP) * Ex-State Sen. Huntley to plead guilty(NYDN)

Good Government

Crappy Pol Controlled Redistricting Passes

The Times-Union writes that a constitutional amendment to create an independent redistricting process in New York is a sham, calling the independent commission “a tool of the legislature that created it.”:

New Budget

Mr. Cuomo’s Low-Buzz Budget(NYT Ed) By Albany standards, Governor Cuomo’s budget is mostly low trauma, but it does need a few fixes.* Budget Hole Seen After Loss of Aid(WSJ) New York state is drawing up plans for a budget shortfall almost twice as large as the $1.35 billion gap described by Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday, as the federal government seeks to reduce how much it pays for health care to some of the state's most severely disabled people.* Cuomo's call for a 20 percent hike in the state's minimum wage is just a "starting point," he said in an interview with Crain's editorial board, signaling a willingness to accept a smaller increase, Crain’s Insider writes: * Cuomo’s no drama budget may end up causing sparks after all. Now that Cuomo’s new budget plan has been unveiled, he’s revisiting a number of the bills he previously rejected, including a scaled-back plan to boost the state’s Environmental Protection Fund with $15 million in 5-cent bottle deposits that go unclaimed.  Environmental groups are pushing back against the Cuomo administration’s plan to support a growing yogurt industry by easing regulations on large-scale dairy operations.* New York is bracing for twice the expected budget shortfall as the federal government tries to reduce its healthcare costs for the severely disabled. Opposition from teacher’s unions and local governments is making the passage of Governor Cuomo’s budget more contentious than he might have hoped. 

Everyone Knows Federal Budget Cuts Are Coming Except the Budget Makers
Health care officials in Washington and New York are negotiating a plan that would remove between $800 million and $1.1 billion from federal Medicaid spending, and;postID=4349828271866702092potentially blow a new hole in Cuomo’s proposed budget, The Wall Street Journal reports: * The Cuomo administration is drawing up plans for a shortfall almost twice as large as the $1.35 billion gap described by the governor in this week’s budget address, as the federal government seeks to reduce how much it pays for health care to some of the state’s most severely disabled people.


City Council eyes NYCHA reforms(NYDN) The New York City Council plans to announce reforms to the city Housing Authority today, including a change to the agency’s automated system that tenants say loses their application and then moves to evict them


NY1 Online: Sounding Off On Bronx Issues In 2013(NY1)

Annual city tally of homeless has Bronx advocates  split as to whether or not numbers are accurate (NYDN) Volunteers will hit city streets Monday night for Homeless Outreach Population Estimate


Bus union, companies to meet Monday over crippling work-stop: sources(NYP) * City Offers Up Space For School Bus Talks(NY1) * Talks in School Bus Strike Are Set to Resume(NYT)

In Bus Drivers’ Strike, a Windfall for Livery Cabs(NYT) * Nat'l Labor Relations Board Gets Recommendation On City School Bus Strike(WSJ)* Queens Student Unable To Get To School In Bus Strike To Get Alternate Transportation(NY1)

* Bloomberg Says He’s ‘Sympathetic to People Who Want to Keep Their Jobs’(NYO)* Councilman Jumaane Williams criticized the Bloomberg administration for what he described as the “villainization of bus drivers and matrons in the media” in the wake of the bus strike

Teacher Evaluations
Mayor Skeptical About Teacher Evaluations Deal(NY1) *Bloomberg suggests Cuomo to help in evaluation deal

Catholic Schools to Close
 In the News, New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan explains that Catholic school closures in New York City are necessary to prevent closures in the future: * For Sotomayor, Bronx School's Closing Prompts Heartache - and Memories(NYT)

Uncertainty about after-school programs creates stress for (NYDN)

Health Care

The Soda Lobby Vs. Diabetes
The Post chides the NAACP for “playing the race card” in arguing that New York City’s soda ban gives some drink sellers a competitive advantage over others
The NAACP’s sweet spot The group just filed an amicus brief in support of the beverage industry’s lawsuit against the city for its ban on super-sized sugary drinks. Mayor Bloomberg says the city’s plan to prohibit the sale of sweetened drinks in cups or bottles larger than 16 ounces is needed to combat rising obesity. "I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the NAACP", after slamming group for opposition to soda ban: * Mayor Bloomberg lashes out at groups opposing sugary-drink limits(NYP)* Soda-ban foe rewarded by Coca-Cola(CriansNY) *  Coke Executives Give Christine Quinn’s Campaign $9,750: Christine C. Quinn, if elected mayor, would have the power... * Coke Executives Gave Quinn Campaign Thousands(BYT)* NAACP and Mayor Bloomberg battle over soda restrictions(NYDN)* Bloomberg: Group 'sold its soul' over drinks issue(NYP)

Rally Held To Save Long Island College Hospital(NY1)
New York City Health Commissioner Tom Farley defended the city’s decision not to evacuate hospitals and nursing homes before Hurricane Sandy hit, saying they wanted to avoid the risk of endangering the health of vulnerable patients, the New York Daily News reports

Sandy Update

NY ba$h for Senate Sandy foe(NYP) GOP mayoral hopeful John Catsimatidis will host a fund-raiser for Senator Mitch Mcconnell

  • [image]PATH's Road Back Is Rocky(WSJ)Like its much larger counterpart at the MTA, the subway system run by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey was inundated by superstorm Sandy. But while most of the MTA's subway service has been restored, major sections of the PATH are still out.
Localities’ Next Hit From Hurricane Is to Tax Revenue(NYT) * Health Chief Defends Decision Not to Evacuate Hospitals(NYT)

 New Lessons for Bellevue in Post-Sandy Return(WNYC)Superstorm Sandy damaged billions of dollars worth of real estate in coastal areas around Long Island and New Jersey, causing a steep decline in property tax revenue in localities, which may result in deep spending cuts on services, The New York Times writes: * Sandy Prods Northeast to Update Electric Grid*WSJ) * Christie Adopts FEMA Flood Maps for Sandy Rebuilding (WSJ)* Sandy Relief Package Remains Stalled In Senate(NY1) * Officials defend move not to evacuate hospitals before (NYDN) * Still no federal $$ for Hurricane Sandy recovery. Senate * Localities across the New York region, already reeling from the cost of cleaning up from Sandy, are confronting the prospect of an even bigger blow to their finances: a precipitous decline in property tax revenues.* FEMA To Close Disaster Recovery Center In Brooklyn (NY1) * Hurricane Victims Granted Extension to Apply for Federal Aid(NYT)* A Shrinking Footprint: Geophysicist Klaus Jacob On Rising Sea Levels, Sustainability And Indian Point * Homeowners Cleaning Up From Sandy Worry About Nearby Damaged Homes

NYC Pushing the Poor and Middle Class Out

Fair and Toll Hikes is Just One Way NY Punished the Poor and Pushes the Middle Class, Business and Jobs Out of the City
City’s bid to double parking fees booted (NYP) The Bloomberg administration tried to raise parking rates at municipal facilities by more than 100 percent in some cases — and then pulled back* One-fourth of low-income taxpayers miss out on Earned Income(NYDN) * Con Ed Seeks Rate Increase(NYT) * Con Ed seeks 3.5 percent rate hike for customers' electric (NYP) * Con Ed seeks $400 million in rate increases(WABC)


City Prepares For a Chilly Super Bowl(WSJ)* Broadway Going Pro For 2014 Super Bowl(NY1) * Big party for New York's Super Bowl(NYDN)

Fans of Cold Spell Say It Reduces Outdoor Crowds(NYT)

* Brooklyn Tenants Heated Over Cold Radiators(NY1)

Requiem for a Dolphin Dolphin in Gowanus Got Mugged by Polution
Sad end to wayward dolphin: Mammal meets doom in polluted Gowanus
Injured Dolphin Spotted in Gowanus Canal, Witnesses Say(DNAINFO)
* Dolphin Dies After Being Caught In Gowanus Canal (NY1)




He may be a billionaire now, but Mayor Bloomberg used to livein a shoebox

Why Cinderella Is Late to Broadway(WSJ)To borrow a song title from the musical, it seems "Impossible" that "Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella" has never appeared on a Broadway stage. To bring it there this season, producers have tried to preserve the classic elements while adding contemporary touches.

Port Authority Replacing Holland Tunnel Lights With LED (WCBS)

Little Italy in the Bronx Tries to Add Spice(WSJ)The neighborhood of Belmont in the Bronx is well known for its Little Italy, but local business owners are looking beyond that traditional base

So Much for Filibuster Reform (NYDN Ed) Democrats kicked away their chance at speeding up the legislative process.

'American Foreign Policy Is Not Defined By Drones'...

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trms Why Harry Reid Is, And Is Not, An Idiot For Failing To Reform Filibuster

Women in the Battlefield - New York Times
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Clinton's Clarity on Threats in North Africa - Washington Post
DiFi's Ill Conceived Gun Control Legislation - Investor's Business Daily
Sen. John Kerry’s secretary of state Senate confirmation hearing was interrupted by an anti-war protestor, whom the senator praised.
Gun Laws and the Fools of Chelm (Newsweek) The individual is not only best qualified to provide his own personal defense, he is the only one qualified to do so. By David Mamet.
The New York Army National Guard will serve as a testing ground for the Pentagon’s new policy of integrating females into combat battalions.
Bill and Hillary Clinton are reportedly in the market for a “stately but relatively modest-priced” oceanfront home to rent or buy in the Hamptons.
Denis McDonough: Mr. Popular (Daily Beast) Obama’s new chief of staff Denis McDonough can be ornery to journalists. But inside the administration, he’s known for his deft people skills—which may explain why he got the job. Daniel Klaidman reports.
Morning Joe Clashes Over Women In Combat: ‘There’s A Reason Why There Are No Women In The NFL’
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Sen. Saxby Chambliss retiring in 2014(Wash Post)
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Appeals Court rules Obama recess appointments unconsitutional: (Politico)
Court Rejects Obama Recess Appointments to Labor Board(NYT)
Obama Shakes Up White House as He Names Chief of Staff(NYT)
Chambliss to Leave Senate, Setting Up Battle on Right(NYT)
Bloomberg, Biden to talk guns over dinner:(Politico)
Sarah Palin is out as Fox News contributor 
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Obama wants country to appreciate Hillary Clinton: (Politico)
Looking to Israel for Clues on Women in Combat(NYT)
Obama on Clinton: "I'm going to miss her" (CBS)
President Turns to Loyalist for Chief of Staff - Wall Street Journal
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NRA's CEO to testify at Senate hearing on gun violence
Obama's recess appointments bet sours: (Politico)

Battle of the ban begins(NYP)Surrounded by cops, shooting victims and a wall of fearsome-looking guns, top D.C. Democrats launched a new bid to pass the most sweeping gun-control bill in 20 years – a federal ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.
Background checks don't threaten the 2nd Amendment, Biden says(News Hour)

When the Bullets Flew, ‘They Didn’t Care That I Was a Woman’(NYT)* Women in the Battlefield (NYT Ed) Ending the ban on women in combat means greater opportunity and a stronger military

Hillary Clinton’s special eyeglasses to stop 'double vision'(NYP)

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to host campaign fund-raiser for NJ Gov. Chris Christie(NYT) * Christie Friends Powerful Fundraiser(WSJ)

Jon Stewart Reams GOP For Hillary Clinton Grilling, Dems For ‘Ass-Licky’ Fawning

Wall Street 

The Mob Terminator Next Target Wall Street
Crimefighter Mary Jo White to patrol Street as SEC head(WSJ) * A Signal to Wall Street In Obama’s Pick For Regulators(NYT) * SEC Nominee Signals Shift(WSJ)

Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House(Rolling Stone)* The White House delivered a strong message to Wall Street, taking the unusual step of choosing two former prosecutors as top financial regulators. One, Mary Jo White, tapped to head the SEC, is the first female US attorney in Manhattan.*New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman spoke to WNYC about Mary Jo White's appointment to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, and what that says about Obama's approach to cracking down on financial crime. [The Takeaway]


Tricky Times target(NYP) * Top New York Times Editors Take Buyouts(Huff Post)
* Times reporters Ashley Parker and Jeremy Peters are now covering Congress. [@ThomasKaplan]* Jim Roberts on Leaving the New York Times: ‘Twitter Still Has Me’(NYT)

 Inauguration BLR WATCH: Inauguration 2013 Gets The Bad Lip Reading Treatment

It’s Been Frigid Outside, But Also Less Dangerous(NYT)As of Friday morning, New York City had been murder-free for nine days.

Greg Kelly back at "Good Day New York"(WSJ)

The Woman Who Help Make David Paterson Governor
New ma Ashley’s passion(NYP)

Law and Order

Police Station Break Out Caught
Caught: suspect who escaped during bathroom break nabbed in Bronx(NYP) * Police Find Suspect Who Escaped Brooklyn Precinct; Search On For Prisoner Who Escaped In Bronx(NY1) * Officers Catch Escaped Suspect(NYT)

Slay suspect asks to use the bathroom, then barrels over officer and escapes Brooklyn station house(NYP)* Suspect in Killing Escapes Police Station in Brooklyn (NYT) * Murder Suspect Flees Precinct  * Murder Suspect Escapes from Park Slope Precinct(WSJ)

The Hell Of A Dead Cops Family
Trial opens in death of Brooklyn Officer Peter Figoski(NYP)Lifetime of anguish for hero’s four daughters(NYP) Trial Opens in Slaying of Officer(WSJ) * Trial Begins For Two Men Charged In NYPD Officer's Death(NY1)

The Times’ Jim Dwyer examines why Cuomo has not used the power of his office to pardon or commute the sentence of a single one of the 55,000 people in the state prison system:  Jim Dwyer takes Cuomo to task for failing to use his pardon/clemency power, suggesting he’s playing it safe with an eye toward 2016.

Bronx prisoner escapes police custody one day after Brooklyn man flees precinct(NYP)
Teen girls arrested after attacking older man on subway in Brooklyn(NYP)Two teen girls were cuffed after they attacked a man on the subway in Brooklyn, authorities said.

15 LIRR workers face copper theft charges(NYP)

Accused gun dealer carried loaded assault rifle to street-corner sale, surveillance shows(NYP)

$taged crash’ arrests (NYP) Sixteen people have been arrested for staging six auto accidents..

It’s Too Cold to Kill in New York City(NY Mag)

Gambino associate gets life for gundown(NYDN)
 Suspect Sketches Released In Beating Death Of Gay Activist(WCBS)

Schneiderman Unveils New Safety Rules For Albany Gun Show(YNN)

10-year-old B'klyn girl scares off would-be rooftop sex attacker(NYP) * Sources: Girl Beaten On Rooftop In Canarsie(NY1) * Pervert briefly abducts, beats young girl in Canarsie(NYDN)* Police Looking For Suspect In Alleged Attack Of 10-Year-Old(WCBS)

Cold Wave Cut Murders in New York City Significantly 

Police Look For Suspect In At Least Seven East Harlem Violent Robberies


DOT worker arrested in child porn bust(NYDN)

Army vet risks life to rescue subway stranger(NYP) * Subway Hero Lifted Giant Drunk Man Off the Tracks Just in Time(NY Mag)

Organizers of the annual antique and collectible weapons show at the Empire State Plaza Convention Center this weekend anticipate a record turnout in the wake of Cuomo’s recent gun control measure.

Man arrested for beating 98-year-old(NYDN)

Tourist busted after racking up bill & forgetting his wallet(NYP)

Cuomo wants crackdown on speeders(NYDN)

‘Martyr Inc.’ wiseguy likens himself to Rosa Parks (NYP) He’s gone from Colombo crime-family street boss to iconic civil-rights figure. Thomas “Tommy Shots” Gioeli — who’s cooling his heels in federal lockup while awaiting sentencing on several murder conspiracies — compared himself to Rosa Parks in his...  

Teens Arrested in Violent Subway Assaul(SI Advance)
Police Look For Suspect In At Least Seven East Harlem Violent Robberies(NY1)

Boy, 9, testifies against school aide accused of molesting him(NYP)
Alleged sex abuse vics screams at defense attorney4 hrs ago(NYDN)

Staten Island burglar allegedly caught red-handed(SI Advance)

Real-estate titan 'sugar daddy' charged with rape of would-be conquest: sources(NYP) Real-estate titan Lakhinder Vohra, who brags about his wealth on “sugar daddy” Web sites to score with beautiful young ladies, was accused of rape by a would-be conquest he allegedly lured to his..