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Frankencandidates/journalists Born Without An Embarrassment Gene

Spitting in the Face of Thomas Jefferson Today's Journalist Do Not Feel It is There Job to Inform the Public. . .  And They Do Not Care What You Think
As True News reported yesterday New Yorkers have no clue what the 2013 candidates for mayor will do if they are elected.  Today's journalist spend more time spreading candidates and consultants spin instead of doing research to find out who these candidates are.  We have a public that knows nothing more about the candidates then the consultants want them to know and many in the press feel they are doing their job.   Many play ball with insiders, looking for high paying jobs from consultants like George Arzt or in government. Reporter Adam Lisberg last year got a high paying job with the  MTA.  Other journalist play ball because they need the tips and explanations of insiders because they are clueless about the subject they are covering.

The lessons of John Peter Zenger and generations of reporters who saw themselves as Jeffersonian truth seekers are lost.  Today's journalist like their pols they cover lack the embarrassed gene.  They dismiss any person blame for dumb down the public. It is ironic that in an era where the internet and bloggers put information at the finger tips of today's main stream journalist they have stop doing investigative reportering.  These same insiders journalist go out of their way to ignor and black list bloggers who write the real stories.  For 13 years blogger Rafael Martínez Alequín exposed the corruption of Padro Espada, he was even beaten by Espada thugs for information he was exposing about them.  The take over of Albany and the millions that the senator rip off from the government would not have happen if the media did not blacklist what Alequin exposed.

Journalist Blogger That Put His Life in Danger to Get Pedro Espada Was Ignored. . . Main Stream Media Is Not Ashamed
Not only did Martínez break one of the biggest corruption stories of the decade, the ignoring of his finding led to one of the most disgraceful era in Albany history.  The takeover of the State Senate by the GOP and the disgusting deals that the senate democrats made with Espada to make him their leader to buy back the chamber. Martinez was ignored because he is an independent blogger who writes the truth.  Main Street Media owned by corporations are more concerned with sticking with a news narratives that kiss the ass of incumbents and lobbyist who do their businesses favors.  DN Editorial "Espada was abetted by many in Albany who should have known better — including every state senator in 2009 and 2010." More about Rafael Martínez Alequín
Why Does Main Stream Media Hate Bloggers?
After Pedro Espada took over Albany and shut it down. Main stream media journalist turned against the senator and used all of journalist information but never give him an credit. Giving no credit to Martinez was not personal against him. Reporters feel threaten by bloggers that they are doing better work than them

The NYT Public Editor Was Departed Shortly After He Exposed the Bias of the Paper's Metro Editor Carolyn Ryan Against Bloggers and Freelance Journalists
Brisbane sent Carolyn Ryan, The Times’s metro editor, an appeal from Ms. Ludtke to give such credit in part two. But it didn’t happen. And after the second article’s publication, I heard from others complaining about uncredited foundational reporting — scores of articles in recent years — by additional publications, including The Jewish Daily Forward, the blog, New York magazine and more. * Opinion: Will Weberman case be a catalyst for change ?(Jewish Star) There is additional corrupion additional information sexual abuse corruption in Brooklyn that the bloggers are reporting and the MSM is ignoring  


Today's Daily News Agrees with True News That the Public Has No Idea Who They Are Voting for for Mayor
Promises to keep (NYDN Ed) Exactly what would any of the candidates who are running for mayor do upon election in November? No doubt, you have little or no idea. The Daily News mayoral forum last week was a good attempt to inform, but it fell far short of providing enough useful information as to what these candidates would do in the real world.  The News was righting in not being suprised that all the candidates at the forum were for more afforable housing.

Political Promise Written By A Campaign Consultant Do Not Make the Public Informed
Giving out where candidates stand or what they would do it not enough. It is the reporters role to challenger candidates statements to make the public aware of what is real.  Saying your did a great job by getting unrealistic promise on the record is a good job is not enough Daily News.  Journalist must be the leaders for the public to find out what is a real promise and with is campaign Bull Shit.  Remember in the 2009 campaign Bloomberg's promise free crosstown buses? The riders go service cuts and fare hikes.  Where the news really failed was to challenge the candidates at the forum about how they would pay for the affoable housing.  The paper said in its Sunday editorial Liu's idea of using the pension was a dicey proposition on a large scale. It said that jaws would drop were de Blasio to succeed at organizing the nations mayors to get congress to not only cut afforable housing money but to increase it. The Daily News reported that Quinn, de Blasio, Thompson and Liu all committed to using zoning laws to push developers into building affordable units.  They never asked those 4 candidates at the meeting why they did not push for those zoning changes while they were elected officials.

If the Media Does Not Step In A Demand Answers, This Will Be Nothing More Than A Campaign of Empty Promises
All candidates said they would declare mold that’s formed in flooded homes a public health crisis, fit for aggressive action by city government. Mold has always been a problem with housing in New York, why did they wait until now to push for it being a public health crisis.  Quinn said she would make NYCHA developments “a wonderful place for working people to live,” while numerous candidates said elected officials should not tolerate conditions that they would not want their families to experience. Areporter at the meeting should have asked the speaker why she did not make NYCHA a wonderfull please to live while she was speaker for 7 years. All the candidates promised to spead up NYCHA repairs program problems which the news help exposed, but none of the candidates were challenged how they would close the $6 billion gap in the money that was need to do all the repairs on the waiting list. Lastly how do you have a forum on affordable housing without discussing the city's declining middle class and shrinking budget, which is going to become worse by coming cuts from Washington, Albany and the Wall Street which used to cover a large part of NYC budget.  Without including a budget talk in every discussion you what is going on now a lot of fake promises that go unchallenged.  No wonder the public does not understand what these candidates stand for.  They do not believe the fake promises.

Frankencandidates Born Without An Embarrassment Gene
What Me Worry?

Born without the “embarrassment gene.” as the debate this week proved they will say anything to get elected.  And they don't care or feel ashamed. The whole debate despite being moderated by NY1's Errol Lewis turned into 7 years old snarky put  downs not against other candidates but aimed at Bloomberg. Lewis said later in the day on his show that it is late in the game and we still do not know what these mayoral candidates stand for. "What does de Blasio believe in, what does Thompson stand for?" asked Lewis last night. It is unclear what caused the dumb down of these candidates.  Are they just part of the dumb down generation as Senator Moynihan  described 30 years ago?  Or have they just not been challenged properly?

Poor Journalism is the Reason Mayoral Candidates Get Away With Meaningless One Liners
Should we blame the city's journalist Mr. Lewis for not asking the right questions. Your a better journalist than the way you been acting.  Do you think Jack Newfield, Pete Hamill, Jimmy Breslin, Murray Kempton or Tim Russert would lets these bums get away with the Bull Shit. de Blasralio even praised another candidate early in the race over his one liner zing. All we got at the debate besides the snapes is I like housing, good education is good and we will offer new ideas.  Never telling us with the new ideas are or how they differ from the other candidates.  Even the NYT did not know what to make of the rank out fest Unexpected Focus at a Mayoral Forum(NYT) What the NTY did not talk about is the forgotten New Yorkers the long term unemployment, the city's school children and a middle class that is fleeing the city because they can not long afford to live her.  Also left out among the zings is a shrinking tax base led by a changing wall street and fFederal tax laws

Mayor Says Some '13 Candidates 'Just Sound Ridiculous'(NYT) * Bloomberg's War of Words (WSJ) Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday took aim at some of his would-be successors, who criticized him at a candidates forum Thursday night.* Bloom oberg Critical Of Several Potential 2013 Mayor Candidates After Forum(NY1) * Bloomy: Dems are 'ridiculous'(NYDN) * Who's running for mayor? Depends who you ask

Political Corruption

Huntley Plea To Mail Fraud 
The Who Who Did It Has Made A Lot of Pols Very Scared 
(More coming soon)

Everyone is surprised that Embattled ex-state Sen. Shirley Huntley will plead guilty to federal fraud charges, sources said yesterday. They are not surprised that she will plea, what they are surprised is it is with the feds.The new federal case follows her indictment in Nassau Supreme Court last August on charges she falsified documents to hide the fact her niece and an aide siphoned $30,000 from a sham charity she created called “The Parent Network.”  Brooklyn federal prosecutors working in the US Attorney's Office's public corruption unit quietly opened a mail fraud case against Huntley. earlier criminal case that was brought against Huntley last summer by New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is still pending in Nassau County Supreme Court. I wonder how the follow pols and lobbyists slept last night once they learned the feds took over the Huntly case: Smith, Meeks, Sampson, Paterson, Wills, Andrews, Sheinkopf, Lynch and the Rev. Flake Ex-Senator Huntley will cop to mail fraud; pol still faces charges in $30G charity 'sham'(Queens Politics) *  Ex-Senator Huntley will cop to mail fraud; pol still faces charges in $30G charity 'sham'(NYP) * Ex-State Sen. Huntley to plead guilty(NYDN) * Former State Senator From Queens Expected to Plead Guilty to Corruption(NYT)

Campaign 2013

Neighborhood de Blasio In

de Blasio Announces His Run for Mayor In Front of His House to Drive Home the Image He is A Neighborhood Outer Borough Guy
I stand before this city today as someone seeking to be a mayor of our neighborhoods — good, clean, strong, safe neighborhoods * De Blasio says he'll ask te "very wealthiest" to help children and "pay a little more in taxes"* Public Advocate De Blasio Officially Enters Crowded Democratic Field For Mayor(NY1) * . calls for reform of stop-and-frisk, notes his son could be targeted. ( said the same thing couple weeks ago.)* . criticizes fellow D mayorals who only want to "tweak" policies and ones who only show up in election year* . praises on smoking, obesity, mayoral control, immigration reform there are real differences among dem candidates. I will be a mayor for our neighborhoods, in all 5 boroughs. * De Blasio says there has been "tale of two cities" under Bloomberg, now beating paid sick days and "mom and pop" business drums * Proud to have led opposition to mayor Bloomberg's term limits bill, says. "Too many working parents lack adequate childcare & afterschool programs, paid sick leave & decent wages.  

All Boroughs Must Be Treated Equally  . name checks Dinkins, Clinton & Cuomo. . opens up about dad, ww2 vet who lost leg at okinawa,Bill de Blasio: "Today here on my block in Brooklyn, I proudly declare my candidacy for mayor of New York City!". notes that no mayor in recent years has sent kids to public schools but "i intend to rewrite that history this year.". kicks off campaign for NYC Mayor (NYT) * Public Advocate De Blasio Paints Himself As Mayoral Candidate For Working Class  * De Blasio Pledges to Be a ‘Mayor for Our Neighborhood’(NYT) * De Blasio Announces Mayoral Campaign(WCBS) * Public Advocate De Blasio Paints Himself As Mayoral Candidate(NY1) * Bill de Blasio Officially Launches Mayoral Campaign (NY Mag)

The Last Outer Borough Mayor Was Abe Beame Elected in 1974
 Bill de Blasio Tells ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ at His Mayoral Campaign Kickoff(NYO) * Cynthia Nixon endorses de Blasio, criticizes Quinn over Paid Sick Leave | Capital New York * Formalizing Mayoral Bid, Bill de Blasio Brands Himself A Man Of The (Outerborough) People * Public Advocate Bill De Blasio Builds His New Mayoral Candidacy Around His Park Slope Block(NY1) * Bill de Blasio announces he's running for NYC mayor(NYP) * Bill deBlasio announces he's running for mayor(Fox 5)
De Blasio begins campaign by reprising Ferrer's failed and divisive "two cities" theme from 01.  

Old Bull Pols Afraid: Attacking Menin Who Never Ran for Office Before, This Early
Longtime pols Brewer, Lappin and Jackson have been out played by the first time candidate
Will her insider consultant Arzt allow her to now go outside to survive and attack the same system that has been so good to him?
Fool ‘Dem’ twice(NYP) Pol swaps parties 3 times in 2 years. She registered as a Democrat in November 2001. Three months later, in February 2002, she became a member of the Independence Party. A month after that, in March, she joined the Republican Party.

And in July 2003, she boomeranged back to the always-accepting Democrats.After Menin — a 45-year-old lawyer and former restaurateur whose husband, Bruce, is a real-estate developer — joined the GOP in March 2002, she donated $11,000 to the campaign of then-Gov. George Pataki, a Republican. She was appointed to the powerful Lower Manhattan Development Corp. — headed by Pataki crony John Whitehead. “In 2002, she was working 24/7 with the [Republican Pataki] administration to help rebuild downtown,” George Arzt Menin spokeperson said. “She thought she could help her community by showing her support for the state administration’s rebuilding efforts.” Arzt did not address Menin’s one-month dalliance with the Independence Party — whose past leaders include the controversial Lenora Fulani, who once described Jews as “mass murderers of people of color.”

Developers clearly favor Katz for BP(Queens Crap)
How Do You Have 10 Candidates For Queens BP and Not One is Running On A Reform Platform Attacking the Crowley Corruption? 

From the Times Ledger: One of the powers entrusted to a borough president is to review and make recommendations on land use applications for development projects in Queens.  The real estate industry has been backing certain candidates in the race to replace current Borough President Helen Marshall, and it seems to be firmly behind former Democratic Councilwoman Melinda Katz, according to an analysis of campaign finance data from the city Campaign Finance Board.

The Cult Led Independence Party and It Front Runner Chooice ex-Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion is upset he Was Not Invicted to Participate in the Daily News Debate

How Campaign Accounts Keep the Flames of Old Brooklyn BP's Alive

Golden’s parachute(NYP) Ex-B’klyn Beep’s campaign $$ pile Former Brooklyn Borough President Howard Golden left office in 2002, but for the last 11 years he’s been writing checks against his Committee for a Golden Future. At 87, Golden still has $91,001 to give away. The current BP Markowitz who will be termlimited out of his office at the end of this year has $546,046 in his campaign bank account

Bloomberg Supports A Disgrace for Mayor
Quinn, Cool to Soda Ban, Gets Donations From Coke(NYT) Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, would have the influence to overturn new restrictions on the sales of sugary drinks if elected mayor.* Mayor: NAACP Challenge To Soda Ban A "Disgrace"(NY1)NAACP and Mayor Bloomberg battle over soda restrictions(NYDN)
* INFOGRAPHIC: Where Are The Mayoral Candidates Getting Their $?(Huff Post)
* Puzzling Leadership Gap as New York NAACP's Joins Soda Industry to Fight Ban(Huff Post)

Madam Would-Be Mayor(NY Mag) Hanging out with the crude, playful, openhearted front-runner, Christine Quinn.

In upcoming race for mayor, Joe Lhota must find his own voice (NYDN Ed) The former MTA boss and GOP mayoral candidate nodded in agreement with his Democratic counterparts on issues such as housing at the Daily News Mayoral Forum. But as the race progresses, he'll need to find his own voice to stand apart from his challengers.

Controversial billionaire Republican John Catsimatidis is launching a New York mayoral bid next week(NY1) Oil and grocery baron John Catsimatidis announcing his candidacy for Mayor of New York this Tuesday, per an email forward.

NYC Councilman Robert Jackson officially launched his campaign for Manhattan borough president on Sunday, joined by ex-Mayor David Dinkins.

Helath Care

On life support (NYDN Ed) In seeking to rescue Long Island College Hospital and SUNY Downstate, state government must not throw good money after bad * SUNY trustees to vote soon on pulling the plug at the Cobble Hill Long Island College Hospital over disagreements (NYDN)

Campaign 2013

De Blasio Making Mayoral Plans Known This Weekend(Ny1)

Open For Business | Leroy Comrie

Dear ppl () treating John Catsimatidis/ Mitch McConnell fundraiser like it's news: I ran that 10 days ago:

9 Days No Murders

Update Qns. shooting ends city's nine-day murder-free streak(NYP) * Man Shot Dead In Queens; 9-Day Homicide-Free Streak Officially(WCBS) * Queens Man Becomes City's First Reported Murder Victim In 11 Days(NY1)

No cold (or hot) cases! NYC gets nine days without murder during cold streak (NYP) Zero murder in icy temps *It Has Been Frigid Outside, but Also a Lot Less Dangerous(NYT) * It’s Too Cold to Kill in New York City(NY Mag) * New Yorkers Relieved At More Than 9 Days Without A Homi(WCBS) * Police say that as of Saturday morning, the NYC had gone 10 days without a reported homicide.(NBC)

7 dead, 6 wounded in Chicago weekend violence(USA Today)

Prison Population Can Shrink When Police Crowd Streets(NYT)While the American prison population has doubled in the past two decades, New York City has reduced its numbers as its crime has declined over two decades.

WTC Racist Statement All Over

TOWER OF HATE: Racist and sexist slur-filled graffiti covers inside of new World Trade Center(NYDN)EXCLUSIVE: The soaring symbol of American resilience now bears the markings of lowlifes. The graffiti looms over the 16-acre site in lower Manhattan where more than 2,800 people of all colors and creeds died — victims of an attack directed at the heart of American ideals.


Mayor Bloomberg rejects calls to intervene in school-bus strike with job-security pledge (NYP) Wants pact but won’t join talks* Talks in Bus Strike Are Set; City Isn’t Taking Part(NYT) * Bus Operators to Meet Union Over Strike(WSJ) * Queens Student Unable To Get To School In Bus Strike To Get Alternate Transportation(NY1) * City Offers Up Space For School Bus Talks(NY1) * Meet set between school bus cos., union for Monday(NYDN)* DOE Says Acceptance Notices For Public High Schools Delayed Until March 15 (NY1) * New York School Bus Drivers See Threat to Their Long-Established Culture(NYT) * Bus Strike Puts Parents On the Spot * Many NYC school bus drivers "qualify for unemployment during summertime, because they are technically laid off then"

Admissions Deadline Confusion(WSJ)This year, eighth-graders won't find out whether they won a coveted spot in a top public high school until two days after the March 13 deadline for private-school tuition deposits.

Rubber Roomer’s $1M seat(NYP) He worked just one year as a full-time teacher in New York. But he has collected nearly $1 million for 13 years for doing almost nothing.

Catholic Schools to Close
 In the News, New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan explains that Catholic school closures in New York City are necessary to prevent closures in the future: * For Sotomayor, Bronx School's Closing Prompts Heartache - and Memories(NYT) * NY1 Online: Lawmakers Try To Help Religious Schools With Tax Credit

Sexual Abuse

A Brush With Justice Turns Sect Inward(WSJ) Some within an ultra-Orthodox Jewish enclave said a 103-year sentence for a religious counselor might reinforce suspicions that their community is being targeted by outsiders.

Incompetence or Corruption: Ultra-Orthodox Sex Abuse and the Brooklyn District Attorney(Huff Post)
Opinion: Will Weberman case be a catalyst for change ? (Jewish Star)

Grand Cental 100 Years

Looking Out on Grand Central, and Looking Back on Saving It(NYT) Dinner with Kent L. Barwick inside Grand Central Terminal, which he and Jacqueline Onassis helped rescue in the 1970s.* Grand Central Terminal At 100: Station's Majestic Architecture Is Based On Human Scale(NY1)

Requiem for Dolphin
A sad history -- "A Brief History of Dolphins Turning Up in New York City" -- The Atlantic *Tragic Gowanus dolphin(NYP) Curiosity, Then Concern for a Dolphin in Difficulty(NYT) * Dolphin Dies in Gowanus(WSJ) * Dolphin Dies After Being Caught In Gowanus Canal(NY1)* Dolphin dies amid NY canal's industrial pollution(Fox 5)*
Rescuers Wouldn't Risk Entering Toxic Gowanus Canal To Help Injured Dolphin(Gothamist) * The Hard Decision Not to Rescue an Ailing Dolphin (NY1) * Gowanus Dolphin Finally Dies; Here's the Heart-Wrenching Video(Village Voice) *The Hard Decision Not to Rescue an Ailing Dolphin(NYT) * Body Recovered Of Dolphin Who Died In Gowanus Canal(NY1)* Dolphin That Died In Gowanus Canal Undergoes Postmortem(WCBS)

NYC Government


 The Mayor’s tailgater(NYP Ed) Michael Bloomberg will leave office next Jan. 1, but his war on midtown traffic will continue into his successor’s term — at least for a month. The reason is next year’s Super Bowl, which will be played in New Jersey. This week Mayor Mike and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that, as part of the celebrations, a 10-block stretch of midtown Manhattan will be turned into “Super Bowl Boulevard,” where folks can check out the Vince Lombardi Trophy, attend concerts and enjoy NFL-themed exhibits.*

Johns Hopkins should be renamed Mikes Bloomberg

He was ‘flat’ broke! (NYP) Poor little rich mayor.  He’s certainly living the “macro” life now, but when he first came to New York, young Mike Bloomberg lived in a “micro” apartment. * He may be a billionaire now, but Mayor Bloomberg used to livein a shoebox(NYT) * How We Live Now (NY Mag) Mayor Bloomberg's microapartments acknowledge that the nuclear family is virtually extinct.

NYC Pushing the Poor and Middle Class Out

Con Edison Joins Fair and Toll Hikes Punishing Poor and Middle Class, Business/Jobs Out of the City

Con Ed blames Sandy for ‘hurri up’ rate hike(NYP) * Con Ed Seeks Rate Increase(NYT) * Con Ed seeks 3.5 percent rate hike for customers' electric (NYP) * Con Ed seeks $400 million in rate increases(WABC) * Con Ed Requests Rate Increase To Protect For Future Storms(NY1) * Get ready for electric bills to rise, Staten Island: Con(SI Advance)

No Fare Hike Breakes
Play your MetroCards right(NYP) Don’t try hoarding your old MetroCards ahead of the MTA fare hike. All monthly and weekly cards bought before the fare increases must be swiped by March 11 — nine days after the hikes go into effect — in order to get the full value, the agency announced yesterday.* MTA: No Loopholes to Avoid MetroCard Fare Hike(NBC)
Mario Batali plans to use hidden alarms in NYC restaurants to alert kitchen workers to health inspectors(NYP)

New Fees Are Set In Cuomo Budget(WSJ)* The bare minimum(NYDN Ed) By playing smart, hardball politics, Gov. Cuomo is muscling GOP state Senate leader Dean Skelos and his Republican colleagues into accepting adoption of a $1.50-an-hour increase in New York’s minimum wage.

Not so recovered : Dec 2012 median household income $51,088, 4.6% lower than when recovery began June 2009; 7% below start Dec 2007 

Frustrated Staten Island commuters rally against $15 Verrazano (SI Advance)

NYS Government

Some Critical Of Albany's Transparency Efforts(NY1)


Sandy Update

More Than $1 Million From 12.12.12 Concert Headed To SI(NY1)

Two arrested for stealing Hurricane Sandy relief supplies from Staten Island church

Church Update ‘Stealing from God’ (NYP)Two busted in Sandy-relief theft at SI church

Sandy outrage as pair caught stealing storm relief supplies from Staten Island church(NYP)* Creeps swipe S.I. church's Sandy donations(NYDN)

Mobile Medical Van Gives SI Sandy Victims Free Medical Aid(NY1) * Bitter Chill Persists, Sandy Victims Remain Livid(WCBS)* Documentary about Rockaway sheds light on one block’s struggle following Sandy(NYDN) * First permanent memorial to Sandy Hook victims complete(WABC) * Lower Manhattan Businesses Turn To Crowd Funding To Start To Recover From Sandy Losses (NY1) * Schumer: Federal Sandy Aid Bill Funds Army Corps' Projects On City Coastlines  * Schumer: Federal Sandy Aid Bill Funds Army Corps' Projects(NY1) *A New Beginning for a Church Where Demolition Once Started(NYT) After 12 years and nearly $15 million, the St. Brigid’s Roman Catholic Church on the Lower East Side was once again a parish church. Worshipers gathered Sunday for the dedication of the renovated building.* Sandy Victims Say City Housing Solutions Are An Unlivable, Rodent Infested Alternative(CBS) * Upcoming Sandy bill will aid storm-damage prevention (NYDN)


Sunday Update
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after positive story, emails supporters for $: "Make no mistake: I will be a target"

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A Paper That Says the Internet is the Only Way For the Paper to Survive Cuts Its Most Active Internet Reporter?

After Brazil fire, recalls NYC's blaze at Happy Land Social Club; illegal venue; 87 dead:  

Hackers take over Web site of US Sentencing Commission to avenge death of Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz(NYP) * Hackers take over sentencing commission website(Fox 5) * Anonymous takes over judicial Web site after Reddit co-founder's suicide(NYP) * Hacking is ‘Reddit revenge’(NYP)

The best reactions to Sarah Palin’s split with Fox News(Salon)

Wall Street
The Six Degrees of Mary Jo White(WSJ) * Obama praises nominees for SEC, consumer panel(WSJ)
* How to Prosecute Wall Street (New Yorker)

Choice of Mary Jo White to Head SEC Puts Fox In Charge of Hen House(Rolling Stone)* The White House delivered a strong message to Wall Street, taking the unusual step of choosing two former prosecutors as top financial regulators. One, Mary Jo White, tapped to head the SEC, is the first female US attorney in Manhattan.*New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman spoke to WNYC about Mary Jo White's appointment to head the Securities and Exchange Commission, and what that says about Obama's approach to cracking down on financial crime. [The Takeaway]

Gun Control

Only 2% of the People Arrested For Guns in NYC Had Assault Weapons
Kelly says assault weapons not main issue in NYC crime(NYP) * NYPD Commissioner Presses For Universal Background Checks (NY1)
Albany gun show has new rules to monitor sales(WSJ) * U.S. Attorney General Talks To State DAs About Gun Laws(NY1) * A Father's Grief, and the Toll of His Gun-Control Crusade(NYT) For years after his son's 1994 murder, Al Valentin worked for stricter laws. But that work took a toll on him, and he wonders if the public realizes the price of advocacy. * The have released a detailed critique of the new gun laws & urge a number of changes: * Albany gun show has new rules to monitor sales(Fox 5)* Gun control advocates march as nation reels from school shootings (CNN) * Newtown residents to join gun control march in Washington (NBC) * For gun purchases, do background checks work? reports: *Thousands march for gun control in response to Newtown shooting(NYP) * Thousands Attend Gun Control Rally in D.C.(NY Mag) * Newtown leads anti-gun march(NYP)
* What We Don’t Know Is Killing Us(NYDN Ed) After a 17-year freeze imposed by the gun lobby, government research on the causes and prevention of gun violence must resume. * Obama Says Gun Control Advocates Should Listen to Owners * Must read investigation from NYTimes today: How the gun industry has pushed to sell military-style weapons to kids * NYPD Commissioner Presses For Universal Gun Background Checks  * Jim Messina visited Mike Bloomberg’s office to coordinate the fight for gun control legislation(Politico)

Law and Order

 Caught: Suspect who escaped during bathroom break nabbed in Bronx(NYP) * Officers Catch Escaped Suspect(NYT) * Police Escapee Is Caught(WSJ) * Man who escaped BK police arrested(NYDN)

A Second Police Escape
Second Inmate Escape This Week, Jermaine Logan, 27, Slipped (WCBS)

Ray Kelly says gun-scanning technology is 'very encouraging,' but still 'too big for deployment in a reasonable way'

IT'S ALWAYS CRIME TIME IN NYC: A 24-hour look at the crooks, cops and courts that NEVER rest in the city that never sleeps

Real guns, fake $$ in Bx. bust(NYP) 

New York’s Success Reworks Equation of Prison Crowding(NYT) While the American prison population has doubled in the past two decades, New York City has reduced its numbers as its crime has declined over two decades.

Stop and Frisk
When Police Violate the Constitution(NYT Ed) A federal judge assails the New York City Police Department’s stop-and-frisk program for its flagrant indifference to the Fourth Amendment.
Is this stop-and-frisk legal?(NYDN) A Brooklyn lawyer claims he has video proof of an illegal stop-and-frisk by an NYPD cop — and he's getting no argument from the city.* Will Stop-And-Frisk Spread To Other Cities?(ABC)

Mr. Cuomo’s Plan on Wrongful Convictions(NYT)Gov. Andrew Cuomo should keep pressing for statewide standards on false confessions and witness misidentification.

Another Jumper
 Train-jumper fighting for life (NYP) A man is fighting for his life after jumping in front of a southbound R train in Park Slope this morning, police sources said. The man threw himself in front of the train around 11:15 a.m. at the station on Fourth Avenue and Ninth Street * Man survives suicide attempt(NYDN)

Mugger Attacking Asians
Possible 8th Incident in Series of Violent Elevator Robberies  * East Harlem Elevator Mugger Strikes For The Eighth Time(WCBS)* Brutal mugger beating Asians in East Harlem — at least 7 (NYP)Video: Serial Mugger Attacking Asians In East Harlem (Gothamist) * Serial robber targeting Asian victims in East Harlem(WABC)* Possible 8th Incident in Series of Violent Elevator Rob (NBC) * Police Link Eighth Incident To Alleged Manhattan Robber(NY1)* NYPD steps up security after string of attacks(Fox 5)*7th Woman Hurt in Manhattan Elevator Robberies(NBC) * Police Link Eighth Incident To Alleged Manhattan Robber(NY1)* Police Release Photo Of Man Suspected Of Eight Muggings Of Asian-Americans In Upper Manhattan * Possible Hate Crime Spree Ongoing in East Harlem(NY Mag)

Brutal mugger beating Asians in East Harlem — at least 7 attacked so far(NYP)

Police Look For Suspect In At Least Seven East Harlem Violent Robberies(NY1)


Alleged sex abuse vics screams atdefense attorney(NYDN)
School Safety Officer Shot in Brooklyn(NYT)
3 Years After Inception, a DNA Technique Has Yielded Little Success for Police (NYT)
Guilty gun seller ‘Scarfaces’ 25 yrs. (NYP) Say hello to your little verdict. A brazen gun trafficker who liked to quote from “Scarface” — and who was caught on surveillance video selling an AR-15-style assault rifle on a Chelsea street corner — was quickly convicted by a Manhattan jury.

NYPD Muslim Spying Lawsuit Moves Forward(Huff Post)

 Man arrested after NYPD recover assault weapons in Bronx (Fox 5)
9-year-old boy tells lawyer of school aide charged with sex abuse: 'Stop being a bully!'(NYP)

Dad's drop causes infant to go blind(NYDN)

NYPD searching for suspect in attempted luring of 2 teens

NYPD: Gang Beat And Robbed Man In Late Night, Upper East Side, Mugging (CBS)

Search for suspect who sexually assaulted a girl in grocery(WABC)

Schools safety agent shot in Brooklyn; he's expected to survive(NYP)

A-Rod linked to Manny Ramirez adviser being probed for ties to performance-enhancing drugs:(NYDN)
Architect to the rich and famous charged with child pornography(NYP)

Funeral for teen found naked and burned(WABC) *
Funeral for BK Girl Found Dead as Death Mystery Looms(NBC)
Attempted child luring in Jackson Heights(WABC)
Man Drove Alongside Girl, Tried to Grab Her: Police(NBC)

Sugar daddy’ site kicked off rape suspect(NYP)* Rape-rap sugar daddy a bawl boy: jail pal(NYP)

Gambino associate gets life for gundown(NYDN)

 LIRR copper robbers busted in $250K scrap scheme: DA* L.I.R.R. Employees Accused of Netting $250,000 From Copper Wire Stolen at Work(NYT) * LIRR Workers in Theft Case(WSJ)  * MTA crew surrenders(NYDN)* Security To Be Tightened At LIRR After Copper Thefts(WCBS)