Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mayoral Dances

de Blasio Hopes the Anti Stop and Frisk Activism Translates into Votes . . . Team Quinn Uses Kelly As A Bridge to Make New York Voters Feel Safe After Bloomberg

De Blasio blasts Christine Quinn's decision to keep Ray Kelly as NYPD Commissioner if she's elected mayor(NYP)   de Blasio is trying to build a coaliton from the anti stop and frisk activists to conservative to conservative orthodox jews in Brooklyn. It will be interesting to see how sucessful Team Quinn is in trying to pick off de Blasio conservatives who fear crime but opposes the speaker because of her lifestyle. * THOMAS A. REPPETTO: Keeping the City Safe  "Crime will gradually go up" if the next mayor cuts back on stop-and-frisk, a former president of the Citizens Crime Commission warned. [Thomas Reppetto]* A Soaring Homicide Rate,  Public Advocate Bill de Blasio criticized Council Speaker Christine Quinn's reported backroom deal to keep NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly in place if she's elected mayor, but also said he has "a lot of respect for Ray Kelly."?

How Lhota Forms His Team Could Be the Key to His Victory
Lhota is a Republican He Does Not Need the Support of the County Leaders All He Needs to Do is Win A Primary
If he runs agianst the corrupt county leaders like Mayor Robert Wagner did in 1961 he wins easy* If he makes deals with the GOP leadership he will be attacked for buying the ballot line in the general
The Republican chairman are split: Brooklyn and the Bronx favor Adolfo Carrion Jr.; Queens and Manhattan favors John Catsimatidis; and Staten Island is open to Joe Lhota. [Liz Benjamin]* Former MTA chairman Joe Lhota indicated that he plans to run for mayor after sitting down with Republican leaders from Staten Island yesterday, while the leaders acknowledged he faces challenges in winning over a Democratic city, the Post reports * Lhota Makes His Case to Republican Leaders(WSJ)*
More on Lhota's meeting. [Jonathan Lemire]

Will Team Rudy for Lhota Be As Open and Skillful that Carried Him to Victory in 1993? Or the Political Operatives
Who Destroyed His Presidential Campaign

After Giuliani lost to Dinkins in 1989 he built a very diverse campain team that carried him to victory in 1993. Team Rudy that carried him to victory had talented political operatives like Ed Koch, Ray Harding, David Garth and Peter Powers who made a name for themselves in politics before their joining up with Giuliani.  More importantly the team reach out to neighborhood activists like Mary Sansone all over the city.  In other words it was an open group that were self assured who reached did not closed their circle with loyalty but reach out for talented people.  Those Talented operatives drifted away during his two mayoral terms and replaced by team loyalty Giuliani.  A group made out of much less talented and open to indepenedent talented operatives.  Giuliani crash and burn presidential race was run by his loyalty team.  The big for Lhota is which Rudy Team will run his mayoral race.  One long term political consultants says that decision will determine who will be the next mayor of New York.* Mayor's Race Crowded As 2013 Begins(NY1) * NY1 Online: Koch Discusses Decisions For Next NYC Mayor * NY1 Online: Dinkins Discusses Decisions For Next NYC Mayor
MTA scrubs site of ex-chairman Joe Lhota(NYDN) * After Leaving MTA, Joe Lhota Has "Fire In The Belly" For Mayoral Run(Gothamist)

If you take the subway you have to worry about: rising fares, getting pushed to your death, getting groped & getting your IPOD stolen.

Where the GOP County Leaders Stand for Mayor Today

Lhota has Staten Island wrapped up.
Queens is tight with Catsimatidis
Manhattan says it's tight with Catsimitidis
Eaton is likely to be squeezed by Golden, who will be for Lhota
Bronx is with Carrion, but if he can't get a 3rd, or if someone offers him a better deal, he'll go elsewhere

Sal Albanese Formally Announces Long-Shot Mayoral Bid(NYO) * Albanese campaign makes the Staten Island Advance:

Adding up the proposals from the city's chief accountant as he hurtles toward the 2013 mayor's race
Liu, under cloud or no, delivers interesting substantive speech. State of visibility for Comptroller Liu

The government’s initial witness list for the trial of NYC Comptroller John  Liu’s campaign treasurer and a top campaign fundraiser does not include Liu himself.

Campaign 2013 Team Espaillat Backs Julie Menin for Manhattan Borough President 

Another Fake Council Redistricting
Anti-Vito Lopez club to grill redistricting rep(Crains NY)
 It’s unclear whether the New Kings Democrats will get the lowdown on the commission’s political machinations late last year. Only the commission’s director of outreach, Jonathan Ettricks, will attend, according to the president of the political club, Alex Low. Mr. Low does not expect the commission’s executive director Carl Hum, who is in charge of running the process, to to be present.

Also of interest to the New Kings Democrats: A district currently represented by Brooklyn Councilman Steve Levin was packed with thousands of new Hasidic Jewish voters likely to support Mr. Levin. A prominent member of the New Kings Democrats, former district leader Lincoln Restler, may well run in 2013 against Mr. Levin. Mr. Restler’s odds of winning would decrease if the redrawn lines stand. One ally of Mr. Restler, Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James, who would lose those Hasidic votes from her own district, wrote a letter to the commission several months ago asking for those voters to be removed from Mr. Levin’s district, according to two sources, but that effort has apparently so far been unsuccessful.

Ecomomy vs Environment? Still No Clear Answers
Albany’s top 2013 job: more jobs(NYP) Our elected leadersmust also begin to address the numerous impediments to economic growth. Many barrierspreventour statefrom regainingitsstature as one of the nation’s economic drivers—most notablyhigh state and local taxesand job-killing, special-interest-driven mandates. * Gas Drilling Is Called Safe in New York(NYT) An analysis by the state Health Department on hydrofracking concluded that the drilling method could be conducted safely in New York, but it is unclear how much original research the state did on potential health impacts The New York Times has obtained an early copy of the fracking health impact study from a source who felt it shouldn’t be kept private. 

The Times writes that it’s unclear how much original research the state did. * The Wall Street Journal argues that if Cuomo is serious about tackling climate change, he should strongly consider lifting the state’s moratorium on shale gas drilling and hydrofracking * Gannett’s Albany bureau also obtained the document, which was dismissed by a DEC spokeswoman for being more than a year old. The Wall Street Journal editorial board, which is very much in favor of hydrofracking, took Cuomo to task for not moving quickly enough on approving the process and holding the upstate economy “hostage.” Unshackle Upstate’s Brian Sampson writes in The New York Post that the state needs to allow more design-build, streamline the environmental review process, and yes, expand natural gas development, in order to create jobs.* Leaked Fracking Report, Different Lenses(YNN) * Get Your Leaked Fracking Health Impact Analysis Here(YNN)

Why not a Latino for Majority Leader? 

The best chance the republicans have in Brooklyn, is for Frank Seddio to follow through with his threat to expel Felder. But given his nice-guy demeanor, I'm not pinning much hopes on that.  (orthodoxpundit)

Bloomberg New/Old Man in Albany
Bloomberg’s New/Old Man In Albany(NYO)  Mayor Bloomberg announced today announced the appointment of Joseph N. Garba as director of the Mayor’s Office of State Legislative Affairs, which means he’ll be heading up the lobbying and communications effort on behalf of Hizzoner here in Albany.

Update Boehner Reelected Speaker John Boehner wins new term as Speaker, in maximally humiliating fashion: (Slate)
FINAL VOTE: Boeher 220, Pelosi 192, Labrador 1, Lewis 1, Cantor 3, West 2, Powell 1, Jordan 1, Walker 1, Cooper 2, Amash 1, Dingell 1
Hope everyone enjoyed the congressional recess 
Boehner's next act (Wash Post)
The depressing reality of the 113th Congress(Wash Post)
Dereliction of Duty
Northeastern Republicans in the House of Representatives are furious at House Speaker John Boehner for maneuvering to prevent a Hurricane Sandy federal disaster aid bill from coming to the floor for a vote*
That vote will now be held on Jan. 15 after wilting Republican criticism, with some aid being considered by Friday.
Hurricane Sandy relief back on track after GOP lawmakers unload on Boehner(NYP) * Boehner sees the light(NYP Ed) * Stalling of Storm Aid Makes Northeast Republicans Furious*NYT) * Hurricane Sandy Aid (NYT Ed) Speaker John Boehner failed the thousands devastated by the storm when the relief package that passed the Senate was ignored in the House
.GOP Infighting Follows Delay in Sandy Vote(WSJ) * The News calls House Speaker John Boehner’s decision to stall a Hurricane Sandy federal aid bill “cowardly”, and that the only way he can “pull the knife out” is by finding a way to pass the bill as quickly as possible * Christie to House Republicans: 'Shame on You'(WSJ) * The Times’ Michael Powell examines why House Republicans are stalling the federal Sandy aid bill while New York City residents patiently wait for relief * House Delays Vote On Full Sandy Aid Until January 15(NY1)
 As President Obama splashes on the beaches of Hawaii, Hurricane Sandy victims continue suffering their never-ending nightmare(NYDN) * John Boehner up close: 'He has that kind of devil-may-care(NYDN) * House Sets Sandy Aid Vote After Harsh Criticism From Area (WCBS) * Congress’ Inaction On Sandy Relief Infuriates Storm-Devastated (WCBS) * House sets Friday vote for Sandy aid after criticism(WABC) * Rep Peter King Backtracks: Boehner Is ‘Voice Of Reason…Despite Some Of The Things I Said Yesterday’(Today) * Michelle Malkin: ‘Resentment’ Between House GOP Leaders ‘Boiling Over’ Prevented Sandy Relief Bill Vote * Staten Island Grimm's twin political flip-flops(SI Advance) * Sandy Victims Say Congress Has Forgotten Them(NBC) * Cuomo at yesterday’s cabinet meeting described the fiscal cliff as “ugly ball.”* Sandy Recovery Vote Delay Will Hurt Taxpayers, Jersey Shore(Huff Post)

The Times’ Michael Powell takes a look at the changing tone from GOP officials over what was once considered a basic function of the federal government. * While Councilman Jimmy Oddo, the top-ranked Republican in the Council, expressed some disagreement with the state GOP chairman, Ed Cox, over what Mr. Cox called a “pork-laden” Hurricane Sandy relief bill, tweeting, “Funny, dont remember seeing him on the streets of my district or calling any of the SI GOP electeds to check in/offer help re Sandy.” * Speaker John Boehner apparently called fellow GOP Rep. Pete King an “unprintable name” in the Washington Post: Mr. Boehner said Mr. King was an “asshole.” * Pete King had a very big day. [Jason Horowitz]* Governor Andrew Cuomo called out New York Republicans who weren't as angry as Rep. Peter King. [Dana Rubinstein] Scarborough: If you’re part of a Congress that's rolled up $16.5T in natl debt, Sandy seems like a strange place to draw a line in the sand.* Cuomo: Show Me The Money On Sandy Aid(YNN)
Did the Sandy Bill Get Porked?
DID PORK STALL HURRICANE SANDY RELIEF? When House Republicans postponed a vote on Hurricane Sandy aid until the next Congress convenes, one excuse was that the Senate bill was filled with “pork,” such as funding for the Smithsonian and Alaskan fisheries. But officials on both sides of the aisle insisted the delay has nothing to do with pork (City and State) * The Hurricane Sandy relief bill is "pork-laden," complained one editorial board. [New York Post] * "the pork was ridiculous"--NYS GOP Chairman Ed Cox re: hurricane billWhat exactly is in the Sandy aid bill?(NY World)

Sandy victims fume about stalled relief bill(NYP)

How Deal Was Made, Unmade, Then Saved
 Obama signs cliff deal, $633B defense bill(NYP) *  Obama signs bill to avert fiscal cliff via autopen(NYP) * For Obama, Deal Is Victory That Also Holds Risks(NYT) * How Deal Was Made, Unmade, Then Saved(NYT) * Deductions Limits Will Affect Many Taxpayers(WSJ) * Deal Fails to Satisfy Liberal Democrats(WSJ) * Obama signs fiscal cliff bill, defense bill in Hawaii(WABC)
Our Decadent Democracy - George Will, Washington Post
New Taxes, No Cuts. Obama Won the "Cliff" Showdown - John Judis, TNR
The President Who Wants It All - Fred Barnes, Wall Street Journal
Obama Relying on Campaign-Style Approach - Alexis Simendinger, RCP
Ryan and Rubio Blaze Different Trails - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
What Next, Mr. President? - David Harsanyi, Human Events
The Real Test For Obama - Steve Kornacki, Salon
How All That Pork Got Into Fiscal Cliff Deal - Tim Carney, DC Examiner
House GOP Clown Car Crashes, Again - Joe Conason, Truthdig

Washington Trades Away America's Future - Carlson & Patel, Daily Caller
Good Riddance to Rottenest Congress in History - Ezra Klein, Bloomberg
Boehner Likely to Remain Speaker - Caitlin Huey-Burns, RealClearPolitics
Lieberman Made History, But Retires Alone - David Lightman, McClatchy
A Guide to the Senate's Freshman Class - Erin McPike, RealClearPolitics
Can GOP Rediscover Successful Foreign Policy Tradition? - M. Fisher, WP
Half the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong - Ronald Bailey, Reason
The Future According to Larry Page - Miguel Helft, Fortune

More Battles Ahead - New York Times
Cliff Deal Only Whets Obama's Appetite For More Taxes - IBD
It's Time for Same Sex Marriage in Illinois - Chicago Tribune
Iranian Nuclear Talks Need To Come To a Close - Washington Post  * . reports - The GOP’s blue state contagion(Politico)
Back to Congress today, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL), some of his greatest hits from 2008-2010: 
Congress ushering in new members, with old divide(Wash Times)
So much for that Senate swearing in. Kerry "will report to the State Department regularly" starting Fri (NYT)
Gotham Extra: Christie Takes a Swing at His Party, Possibly Hurting His Political Future (NYT)
Biden 'kills it' on C-SPAN2:(Politico)
The date for filibuster reform: Jan. 22. After the Senate has a 480-hour day. 
Talk about meta: Actor Daniel Day-Lewis, who played the 16th president in “Lincoln”, standing in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House.
The Deal Is Better Than It Looks - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
The Spending Cliff - Michael Tanner, National Review
Why the Tea Party Lives On - Michael Hirsh, National Journal
Getting Paul Ryan Right - Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post
Lessons From the Cliff - Joan Walsh, Salon
America's Stunning Leadership Crisis - Father Raymond de Souza, Natl Post
Al Jazeera Seeks a U.S. Voice Where Gore Failed - Brian Stelter, NY Times
The Great New Year's Stampede - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
Let's Repeal the Second Amendment - Kurt Eichenwald, Vanity Fair
Losing a Mom Soon After Becoming One - Amy Joyce, Washington Post

Winds of GOP War: 3 More Congressional $$$ Cliffs Coming 
"If you liked the fiscal cliff, you'll love the next three months of drama in Washington."(Buzz Feed)
‘The Seeds Are Being Planted Right Now For The Destruction Of The House Republican Majority’
Tax Deal Shows a Possible Path Past House G.O.P.(NYT) * Obama Signs Bill; Lawmakers Gird for Debt Ceiling Clash(NYT) * Cliff After Cliff(NYT) More Battles Ahead (NYT Ed) The unwillingness of House Republicans to work for the common good suggests that the 113th Congress will be bitterly unproductive.* Ryan, Rubio and Paul Place Their Bets(NYT) * Fresh Budget Fights Now Brewing(WSJ) * Obama signs fiscal cliff bill, defense bill in Hawaii(Rich, NY Mag) * Just because Congress averted the fiscal cliff deal now, don’t celebrate just yet as more fights loom.

 NYT Wonders Why the NY's Middle Class No Longer Have Money for Taxi Tips
 Tips Fail to Keep Pace With Taxi Fares(NYT) Four months after cab rates were raised, ridership remains about the same but the percentage given as a gratuity to drivers has fallen.*Report: taxi tipping down since fare hike(Fox 5) * The fiscal cliff deal will raise taxes $579 a year on average for families making $50,000 and higher.

NYers will see tax hikes in first paychecks of new year(NYP) New Yorkers will see higher taxes in their first paychecks of the year, owing to Congress allowing for a spike in Social Security payroll taxes, but they would have been steeper had it not been for the fiscal cliff deal

Fat City for Wall Street
Relief over cliff deal spurs stocks’ best day in year(NYP)

City Board of Elections still leaderless(Brooklyn Eagle)

Happy Birthday Jesus?
Unspoken message of the lobbyist's xmas card I tweeted yesterday is: Dear Clients, send your checks to Cuomo 2014. 
Albany lobbying firm Malkin & Ross celebrated the birth of a special December baby – the governor, of course, not Jesus – in its annual holiday card.

Cuomo's Tiger Mom Education Commission 
The Real Courage Will Be to Redirecting the $54 Billion the the State Spends on Education to Follow the Commission Recomendiations 
Cuomo's education commission recommended popular items like universal pre-kindergarten and longer school days and school years, but avoided controversial topics like teacher evaluations, charter schools and school funding 
Commission Recommends Core Changes in Education(NYT) A group empaneled by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo suggested, among other things, extending the number of school days in New York State and making teachers pass the equivalent of a bar exam. * Gov. Cuomo’s Education Reform Commission recommended that the state consolidate its nearly 700 school districts to save money on administrative overhead, but only three reorganizations have taken place since 2000, the Times-Union writes: * Cuomo Panel Recommends School Goals(WSJ) * Education Commission Provides Preliminary Report To Governor(NY1) * The Post applauds Cuomo’s education reform panel chaired by Citigroup Chairman Dick Parsons for coming up with constructive ideas to improve the state’s public education system New York should have a bar exam for teachers, according to a report from a state education commission. [Yoav Gonen and Erik Kriss] * Cuomo Warns Teacher Evaluation Deadline is Real (WNYC)

Teacher Evaluations Deadline Again
Cuomo urges city and teachers to get evaluation deal do(NYDN) Cuomo told reporters yesterday that blame lies with local officials in the very few school districts that are yet to agree on the local criteria for teacher evaluations. "It’s a pox on all your houses if you don’t come to an agreement," Cuomo said, referring to New York City and the U.F.T. regarding their ongoing negotiations over teacher evaluations. [Glenn Blain and Rachel Monahan] 8
wins in arbitration, thousands of special ed teachers & paras must be paid for working after hours on the clunky SESIS data system

In the News, New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott warns of the possibility of a strike by the school bus drivers union and hopes that the union will “come to its senses” to avoid disrupting the routines of more than 152,000 students:

Gabrielle Giffords has private meeting with Mayor Bloomberg on gun control(NYP) * How to Get a New Assault-Weapons Ban Through Congress(NYT) * County Denies Gun Records(WSJ) An upstate New York county official added fuel to a national debate over gun control by denying a newspaper's request for pistol permit records in a move she acknowledged was illegal * Cuomo said that the gun show scheduled for later this month at the state-owned convention center at Empire State Plaza would go on as planned, despite plans for gun control legislation from the governor in the next legislative session, the Times-Union writes:  * Newspaper That Put Gun Permit Map Online Hires Armed Guards(NYT)The Journal News has hired armed security personnel to protect its staff after the paper published the names and addresses of handgun permit holders in two counties, while Putnam County has blocked the release of permit information * Armed guards at NY paper that reported gun info(WSJ) * Armed guards at NY paper that * Rep Carolyn McCarthy to reintroduce her bill banning high capacity ammo clips today on first day of new Congress * New York aleading provider of subsidies to assault weapons makers (NY World)  Eight states have lured assault weapons makers with $19 million tax breaks and other aid — including New York, which ranks No. 2 in the nation.* Gabrielle Giffords and Mayor Bloomberg Discuss Gun Control in Private Meeting(ABC) Petition urges Walmart to stop selling assault rifles  * ABC News has learned fmr Congresswoman Gabby Giffords & husband Mark Kelly will visit Newtown, CT on Friday for a private visit w/ families.

Update 2PM Clinton plans to return to work next week (NBC)

Hillary Rodham Clinton discharged from hospital after treatment for blood clot(NYP) * Clinton Out of Hospital After Treatment for Clot(NYT) * Secretary Clinton Discharged From Hospital Following Health Scare(NY1) * Newsday’s Dan Janison writes that it’s “useless” for pundits-turned-armchair-doctors to link Hillary’s 2016 prospects to her health. A spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wrote a pretty amazing email to a Fox News producer on December 17th, criticizing the network for a question suspicious of her medical condition:* Clinton "appeared pale and stoic with her hair pulled back and a gray scarf around her neck." [Edgar Sandoval, Irving DeJohn and Larry McShane] * State Dept Spokesman Tears Into Fox Producer For ‘Misleading,’ ‘Asinine’ Question About Hillary Clinton * Spokeswoman: Clinton will return to work next week(Wash Post)

Bronx Nurses, Locals Dread Closing Of Westchester Square Medical Center(NY1)

Help Sought for Ground Zero Volunteers Who Lack Proof of Service(NYT)

Ackerman Says Goodby
The Wild Bunch the 112th
A Salute to Outgoing Members of Congress
So congratulations, 112th Congress: You were, at multiple points, less popular than communism.  * A salute to the outgoing members of the 112th Congress(NY mag)
* Congress Will Be Diminished by the Departure of Dennis Kucinch (Nation)

New Congress Begins Today(Huff Post) * The new people in Congress (Wash Post) Here are 5 of the most notable new Congresswomen from the 113th Congress(AM NY) New Congress 233 200 2 vacant: 217 to pass a bill, if Dems hold means 17 far right conservatives can sink any GOP bill

Outgoing Congressman Gary Ackerman penned an op-ed, of sorts, to explain his last day as a federal legislator. “As I walked out of La Guardia Airport this morning, on my last flight as a congressman from Reagan National Airport, I suddenly felt lost. I got misty. Without a musket to raise, a barricade to storm, a flag to wave, the question hit me in the face like the cold air: ‘Who am I?’” Mr. Ackerman wrote. “Back home on Long Island, I am slowly regrouping, stunned by my own question. But wait. Slowly, slowly, from the back of my mind … can you hear it? It’s the sound of distant drums!”


Instagram’s popularity moves from hipsters to politicians: Mayor Bloomberg embraces photo sharing site as tool for extra exposure (NYDN) A new kind of ‘photo-op’ for savvy politicos, like big-city mayors Cory Booker, Michael Bloomberg and Rahm Emmanuel, that gives an inside look at causes, issues and events that consume their days.


Sandy Update

The federal government estimates that 16 million cubic yards of debris from Hurricane Sandy piled up around New York and New Jersey, yet more than half of that amount has yet to arrive at landfills, The Wall Street Journal reports:  * Long Beach boardwalk demolition to begin Saturday(WSJ) * Ideas for Fixing New York Before Next Big Storm (WSJ) * A.S.P.C.A. to Close Pet Shelter Opened After Hurricane Sandy(NYT) * Chicago-Based Charity Donates Goods To Sandy-Impacted SI Schools (NY1)

SI couple says AllState used pics of their Sandy-ravaged home in ads — then low-balled them(NYP) *Some SI Residents Still Waiting For Help From Rapid Repairs(NY1) * NYC students return to regular classrooms for first time(NYDN) * Full PATH service restoration possible in 10 days(NYP) * Long Beach boardwalk demolition to begin Saturday(Fox 5)* Queens Family Lives Out Of Camper After Sandy Damages H(NY1) * Chelsea School Damaged By Sandy Nearly Back To Normal

Charities raised $400M for Sandy relief: NY attorney general(NYP) 

Know a hooker when u see one? City offers a course in how-to-spot one
 City releases new anti-sex trafficking video for cabbies(NYP)

Thank You New York's Bravest
City Had Record Low Number Of Fire Deaths In 2012(NY1)
City’s 58 Fire Deaths in ’12 Are Lowest on Record(NYT) * Fire Deaths Hit Record Low(WSJ) * Fire deaths in New York City hit lowest number in nearly(NYDN) * Fewer New Yorkers Are Dying in Fires Than Ever(NY Mag)

Minority Hiring NYFD
320 probationary firefighters start their training soon, the first class since a judge declared the agency's hiring practices discriminated against minorities. [David Seifman]

New York City launches $500K grant program for local media (NYDN) Lights, camera, money: The city has launched a $500,000 training grant program for small businesses specializing in media and entertainment to train workers in new technologies and platforms

[image]Driving West Side From Grit to Glitz (WSJ)On a remote swath of 11th Avenue once lined with parking lots and diners, a new Maserati dealership will pay more rent than many SoHo retailers for a space recently occupied by an industrial tool supplier.

Push Underway To Bring Tourism To Downtown Manhattan(NY1)

Less than 1/2 of NYC's public housing projects have recycling bins
City Housing Projects Call For Environmental Help(NYT)

Report: Al-Jazeera More Closer to Gore's Views Than Glen Beck?
Current TV, the progressive media company founded by Vice President Al Gore and his business partner Joel Hyatt, has been acquired by Al-Jazeera. After apparently having previously rejected conservative talk show host Glenn Beck as a possible buyer. Beck tweets, "Before Al-Jazeera bought Current TV, TheBlaze looked into buying it but we were rejected by progressive owners." But that's not Beck just being flippant on Twitter. The Wall Street Journal reports that "Glenn Beck's The Blaze approached Current about buying the channel last year, but was told that 'the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view,' according to a person familiar with the negotiations." * Glenn Beck tried to buy Current TV(Politico) * Poor AlGore didn't make sale to alJaz before end of the year, but plenty of other Obama tax evaders did==>
* Backstory to Al Jazeera deal: Gore wanted Current sold by Dec. 31. Yep, for tax reasons.
* BuzzFeed Announces $20 Million in New Financing 
Limbaugh Goes After Al Jazeera's Current TV Purchase: Will Joy Behar Have To Wear Burka On-Air? (AUDIO)
Al Gore and Al Jazeera, Gore hates fossil fuels, but loves money

The Washington Post this summer will roll out an online video channel devoted to politics.

Law and Order
Greenwich Village ‘bomb’ beau: Hey, it’s just fireworks(NYP)

State Comptroller Sues Qualcomm for Data on Its Political Contributions(NYT) 

We’re taking action to shed light on in , to bring transparency& protect donors to nonprofits cc

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli has sued Qualcomm, demanding to view internal records of political expenditures by the company, one of the country’s largest makers of computer chips for mobile devices. 
NYC feds collect record $3B in ill-gotten gains(NYDN)U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara announced that his office collected a record $3 billion in criminal forfeitures in 2012, including $500 million from the CityTime scandal, with most of the funds being repaid to crime victims

Cop shoots, injures scissors-wielding man in Brooklyn(NYP)

How Gov. Andrew Cuomo is poised to make an impact on the state’s highest court.

Accused 'cannibal' cop wants freedom to prepare his defense for upcoming trial(NYP)

Slain gal ‘stalked’ by her ex(NYP)

Cops: Teen Takes Pics Of Self After Stealing iPod From Bronx Girl (CBS)

Bronx woman first homicide victim of 2013(NYP)

Charges Are Dropped Against Mother in Shaken-Baby Case(NYT)
Li Ying, who was charged with manslaughter and endangering the welfare of a child, had been accused of failing to promptly call 911 when her 2-month-old daughter became unconscious.

Queens man killed in LIE wreck with 'drunken' relative behind wheel: police(NYP)

Crazed Bronx man arrested for holding child hostage(NYP)

Cleared in One ’95 Killing, 3 Seek Reversal in Another(NYT) * Man Shot by Police in Fort Greene, Brooklyn(NYT) * Man accused of stripping in church(Fox 5) * "Lost Football" Pair Eyed in Wayne, NJ Burglaries(NBC) * Queens Man Accused Of Groping Woman On Subway Platform * DA: Brooklyn Man Sentenced For Carrying Illegal Gun Onto Subway