Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Monday's True News Said Sandy Bill is Lost In the Fiscal Cliff

Sandy Aid Update 3:30PM: Boehner Gets the Message
Speaker Boehner commits to bringing two Sandy aid bills to floor: $9 billion this Friday and $51 billion January 15th. House to vote on Sandy aid, King says(CNN) * Congress to vote on Sandy funding Friday, placating outraged lawmakers(NBC)

Wednesday Daily News Copies True News Tuesday's Headline Congress to NY Drop Dead 

 True News First Again

"If you want analysis that tells you what is going to happen before the main stream media catches on read True News" A Political Consultant Who Hates True News 
'They told us to basically drop dead!' Angry New York residents and pols fuming over elongated wait for Sandy relief money(NYDN)
Republican Tensions Stall Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill (Buzz Feed) * $60B in aid for Sandy blown away(NYP) * Billions in Aid for Hurricane Victims Appears in Jeopardy(NYT) * House Fails to Take Up Sandy Aid Bill(WSJ) * NY lawmakers: House GOP scraps vote on Sandy aid(WSJ) * Staten Island's Grimm, feeling 'betrayed,' decries inaction(SI Advance) * The sandy bill, passed by the US Senate, dies when the new Congress is sworn in tomorrow. A spokesman for House Speaker John Boehner, who yanked the bill from the floor, said he “is committed to getting this bill passed this month.* Betrayal in Sandy aid snub (NYDN ed) * Chris Christie, Andrew Cuomo: Hurricane Sandy aid failure ‘inexcusable(Politico) * . on aid delay: "Quite frankly, Speaker Boehner... told them to drop dead."

”New York delegation members – Republicans and Democrats alike – were infuriated by Boehner’s decision. Rep. Nita Lowey said she felt “truly betrayed,” while Rep. Michael Grimm said he was “somewhat ashamed” with his own conference leadership.* House members blast Boehner for not holding vote on Hurricane aid bill * "[T]he whole affair is sure to bring back memories of the famous Daily News headline in 1975—'Ford to City: Drop Dead.'" [David Rogers]* Sandy Relief Aid Vote Not Happening, House Leaders Say(NY1) * Lawmakers outraged after Sandy aid vote is delayed (Wash Post)  . coins "Boehner Betrayal" for lack of House action  * Boehner to prioritize Sandy aid in new Congress:(TPM) * Obama urges House Republicans to act on Sandy aid "without delay for our fellow Americans." Story coming.* Cuomo and Christie on Sandy aid inaction by the House: Our states can no longer afford to wait while politicians in Washington play games 
 President Blasts Congress For Failure To Pass Sandy Relief (Updated)(YNN) * . says he is "disappointed" by House's decision not to vote on Sandy Aid - but says he's been assured by Boehner of Jan vote* Christie, Cuomo attack House over Sandy aid(Wash Post) * House Ignores Storm Relief, to Fury of Local Republicans(NYT) Inbox: "Statement by William C. Thompson - Boehner to City: Drop Dead"* Watch Congressional Democrats and NY Republicans furiously denounce the House GOP's relief bill : *Christie blames 'toxic' House GOP for Sandy aid delay (Wash Post) * 9 Politicians Pissed Off About Sandy Relief Delay (Buzzfeed) * Christie on Congress: "They're all so caught up in their own politics... that they forget we sent them there!" (Wash Post) 

Every reporter's favorite words: "Angry Chris Christie holds press conference
Cuomo calls on Cox, Skelos to push for disaster aid vote; Cox says governor playing politics (City and State) * My Column Today - Things House Republicans Voted On Instead of Hurricane Sandy Relief Bill (Daily Beast) * Chris Christie: "I called the Speaker four times last night after 11:20 and he did not take my calls"(Politico) * Video: Staten Island's Grimm, 'stabbed in the back,' won't support Boehner for House speaker (SI Advance) * Boehner told NJ/NY reps it wasn't fair to have a vote on another big spending bill right after the fiscal cliff vote, hence the delay*

 Chris Christie Says Lack of Sandy Relief Shows ‘Why the American People Hate Congress’(NYO) * Christie: ‘Shame on Congress’(Daily Beast) * From NASCAR to rum, the 10 weirdest parts of the 'fiscal cliff' deal (Wash Post) * Boehner, Cantor Release Joint Statement: Sandy Aid Should Be 'First Priority'  Grimm: "I never questioned (Boehner's) personal desire to help NY, NJ and the thousands of people suffering from the devastation of Sandy."  Chris Christie's Howard Beale moment(Wash Post) * Rep. Pete King says he’s confident Boehner will schedule a vote Friday for $9 billion in flood insurance and another on Jan. 15 for a remaining $51 billion in the Sandy disaster aid package.Although they were both initially furious with Boehner for delaying the Sandy vote, Reps. King and Michael Grimm have since said they’ll vote for him tomorrow.* House Ignores Storm Relief, to Fury of Local Republicans(NYT) * On Storm Aid, Fellow Republicans Face Christie’s Wrath(NYT) * Congress’ Inaction On Sandy Relief Infuriates Storm-Devastated NYDN) * Sandy Victims Say Congress Has Forgotten Them(NBC) * House Delays Vote On Full Sandy Aid Until January 15(NY1)

Did One Party New York Help Kill the Sandy Bill?

In the days of Senator Javits the republican house leadership would never bail on aid to New York.  As the GOP has incresingly moved to the right New York and the rest of the north east have become on the federal level one party states.  There was a time when the establishment of New York understood the importance of having leaders in both parties to maximize the states power in congress.  Another problem facing NY is the loss of congrssional seats due to the state becoming a less desireable place to live (high cost) and do business. Since the 50's New York has lost half of its congressional deligation. With the failure of the Sandy bill another area that must be explored is the effectiveness of the New York deligation.  Very few who follow Washington will call the New York Congressional deligation the best and the brightest. Rep. Peter King just indicated to he is *not* ruling out switching parties over the GOP refusing to help provide Sandy relief Rep. King calls failure to bring Sandy relief bill to the floor "a knife in the back." Crowley: "Thanks to their actions, there's no additional federal assistance to help hardworking people to rebuild and restart their lives." King says he appreciates Boehner's friendship, but that what happened with Sandy aid typifies a dismissive strain in the GOP toward NY/NJ.* Rep. Peter King (R-NY) urges New Yorkers to stop donating money to GOP lawmakers 
 Rep. Issa: Schumer, Gillibrand “packed [the Sandy relief bill] with pork, then dared us not to vote on it.” (GOP members also porked it up.)

City Council Ignores the Congressional Sandy Looters
In a letter to the district attorney and city judges, New York City Council members want individuals that took advantage of devastation from Hurricane Sandy by burglarizing and looting to “have the book thrown at them” by the lawCity Council to DA: Sandy looters should be 'sentenced in the most aggressive way possible given their disgraceful nature' * Thieves strike Howard Beach church twice(WABC)
to face Council primary challenge from over expansion, SoHo bid * Former NYC Public Advocate Mark Green endorsed his former staffer Ben Kallos’ NYC Council bid.

Al Gorezeera
Spitzer Working for Al Jazeera?
Al Jazeera Said to Be Acquiring Current TV(NYT)
More: "The plan will bring Al Jazeera ... into closer competition with CNN" and other US news channels."Current’s schedule of shows will most likely be dissolved in the spring."* Al Jazeera to Put Current TV Out of Its Misery(NY Mag)

Kelly Makes New York Voters Feel Safe
Quinn and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly have cut a private deal that will keep Kelly at his post for a fourth consecutive mayoral term should Quinn win the race in November
Christine’s Ray of hope  (NYP) The Kelly Dynasty will continue at the NYPD if Christine Quinn gets elected mayor, The Post has learned. The police commissioner and council speaker have cut a private deal that will keep him as top cop for a fourth consecutive mayoral term* the web site looks like it got a makeove Including member items database * Nearly every New York City Council member has signed a Daily News petition demanding an immediate ban on assault weapons, with only three Republicans, Dan Halloran, James Oddo, and Vincent Ignizio deciding not to sign, the News reports: * : "Premature" to discuss next NYPD commish, blames Bloomberg for exerting influence on next administration
* Why Christine Quinn stays as close to Ray Kelly as possible(Capital) 

Mayor's Race  What do the NYC mayoral candidates expect out of 2013? Check out their predictions: (Gotham Gazette) * Mayor's Race Crowded As 2013 Begins(NY1)

Voters are concerned about crime and how the new mayor will handle it.  Good idea by Team Quinn Not Bad NYT Confessore

MT : Bad idea. Good cop but he's been there long enough. RT Quinn strikes deal with Kelly to stay if she wins

What Does Quinn Have to Do With Congressional Sandy Aid?
. will be on tonight to discuss relief bill

Family in the Spotlight(WSJ) As Bill de Blasio lays the groundwork to run for mayor, his family has been there with him in the public eye and appears set to play an important role in shaping his public persona. The family of New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, has been thrust into the spotlight, while the families of other mayoral candidates have kept a low profile.  Other candidates’ family members are taking a more low-profile approach.

DN had similar story too. “Post did story in 09 PA race about how some ppl of color were offended by mailers highlighting his wife.”

The Catsimatidis Holiday Card

Has One NYT Article Made Lhota Become Rudy's Puppet?
With All the Group Think Press the Rudy Connection is Getting Today Does Lhota Throw Giuliani and His People Out of His Campaign or At Least Builds An Independent Campaign Staff?
Potential Republican mayoral candidate and former MTA chairman Joe Lhota has scheduled meetings today with GOP powerbroker Guy Molinari, Staten Island Republican chairman Bob Scamardella and Manhattan GOP leader Dan Isaacs among others. 
Giuliani Ready to Use Muscle to Put His Man in Mayor’s Seat(NYT) Rudolph W. Giuliani is determined to play an outsized role in the race to replace Michael R. Bloomberg, quietly putting his bulging Rolodex behind a former top City Hall deputy.* . isn't only one worried about legacy; Giuliani pushing to run to uphold his own. Even Fred Siegel, Giuliani's biggest defender and author of pro-Rudy book, says NYC may not want GOP mayor * Try to tell hipster Brooklyn that the city is in trouble"--Fred Siegel re: #2013
How much Giuliani can take? (Capital) *An Amsterdam News editorial this week is headlined "We don't need a Giuliani clone." Lhota in fact isn't a Giuliani clone. He holds some heterodox views and is sufficiently unformed as a candidate to present himself as his own man, in partisan and ideological terms. But that becomes harder if his former boss does the talking for him.* Why Rudy is gaga for Lhota: fear that NYC will slip backward under Dems, he tells me.* MTA Chairman's Resignation Takes Effect: Joseph Lhota is officially out as Metropolitan Transportation Authority... * Giuliani's Third Term: Rudy Plans To Stump For Mayor Lhota In 2013(Gothamist) * Rudy Giuliani & would-be NYC mayor are fond of reciting lines from “The Godfather” together. Not comforting.

 "[] can easily hold his own against whoever emerges from the Democratic primary..."-- #2013*
ICYMI: Rudy Giuliani's "Third Term" If Joe Lhota Becomes Mayor (Gothamist) *
., for the record, on an old shoving incident at City Hall cc: #2013* Former MTA boss Joe Lhota strongly hints at mayoral run(NYP)
* Almost-NYC Mayoral Candidate Lhota Woos Staten Island GOP Chairman(YNN) * MTA scrubs site of ex-chairman Joe Lhota who resigned to consider a mayoral run (NYDN)

Lhota is a Republican He Does Not Need the Support of the County Leaders All He Needs to Do is Win A Primary
If he runs agianst the corrupt county leaders like Mayor Robert Wagner did in 1961 he wins easy
The Republican chairman are split: Brooklyn and the Bronx favor Adolfo Carrion Jr.; Queens and Manhattan favors John Catsimatidis; and Staten Island is open to Joe Lhota. [Liz Benjamin]

State Senate Underdecided Election And Early Voting
If You Thought the NYC BOE Was Voting Challenged Check Out the Count In the Update Amedore Tkaczyk Race  The News argues that every ballot should be re-counted by hand in the disputed state senate race between Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk to determine a winner once and for all:  *   Stewart-Cousins Backs Silver’s Early Voting Bill, Disclosure Requirements(YNN)

Is Dysfunction A More Politically Correct Way of Saying Dumb With No Vision?
Cuomo says New York has "lost ground" to other states in recent years, as a result of legislative "dysfunction." 

Gun Control of Public Relations
What Good is the Daily News Gun Petition When 3/4 of the Guns in NYC That Crimes are Illegal and Come From Out of State
Council almost universally backs assault weapons ban  * Al Sharpton: After Gun Control, We May Have To Deal With Knife Control  (AUDIO)* asked about pledge to ban on assault weapons, said he supports it, but won't sign a petition about it.

NYS Second Largest Subsidizer of Assault-Weapons Manufactures
NY is nation's second-biggest subsidizer of assault-weapons manufacturing, w/$5.5 million to Bushmaster maker.(New York World)
* Cuomo Cracks Door Open On Pre-State Of State Gun Control(YNN) * December was a record-breaking month for gun sales:(Slate) * Cuomo says gun show in state convention center a go (TU)

Brooklyn Gentrification: The Map! (Gothamist)

The gentrification of Brooklyn is oh so very real. And just in case you wanted to see where it was happening, well, Property Shark has a map for you. It looks almost exactly the way you expect it to. What is really interesting in the map (which covers property prices change between 2004 and 2012), however, is just how localized things are. While some neighborhoods are seeing cah-razy growth (Williamsburg, Lefferts Garden, Gowanus, Fort Greene) others are really, really not. Head a bit deeper in and you see some serious declines in places you might expect (poor Cypress Hills) and some you might not (what's up with Fort Hamilton/Bay Ridge?).

Interactive Map: Where New Yorkers Complain About Rats Most: Whether crawling over your face in the subway,...

POTUS now has working majority in Congress w Northern GOPers like Reagan did with Southern Dems?
Obama has signed the fiscal cliff bill
GOP Activist Group Spokesperson: 'Rumor' That John Boehner Will Resign Speakership Tonight
House passes fiscal cliff deal; Obama expected to sign into law(NYP) * Amid Pressure, House Passes Fiscal Deal(NYT) * G.O.P. Advances Senate-Backed Plan, Despite Opposition(NYT) * A New Breed of Republicans Resists the Fiscal Deal(NYT) * A Bigger Tax Bite for Most Households(NYT) * Congress Ends Stalemate, Passes Bill(WSJ) * High Earners Face First Major Tax Rise in Years(WSJ) * Some Executives Hoped for Broader Reach(WSJ) * Boehner Shepherds Deal Through House(WSJ) * Fiscal cliff compromise leaves few satisfied (NBC) * Killer Politico tictock on fiscal cliff and some salty language from a speaker to majority leader:  * 'Bitter' Joe Scarborough Laments: Could GOP Have 'Mismanaged [Fiscal Cliff] Any Worse?' 
Obama Riding High, Wins Cliff Showdown - Howard Kurtz, The Daily Beast
Nothing Is Certain Except More Debt and Taxes - David Malpass, WSJ

Lessons of the Fiscal Cliff - Ezra Klein, Washington Post
Obama Wins Big, Gets His Tax Hikes - Charles Gasparino, New York Post
Businesses Begin Bracing for ObamaCare - Anthony Mason, CBS News
Hillary Angst - Tina Brown, The Daily Beast
Benghazi and the Return of the Credibility Gap - Mona Charen, NRO
5 Disturbing Trends to Watch in 2013 - Paul Brandus, The Week
A New Agenda - Erick Erickson, RedState
Biden May Be Most Influential VP Ever - Michael Hirsh, National Journal
The Man Who Said "Nay" - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
For Obama, the Economy Never Comes First - Byron York, DC Examiner
Obama Took Republicans to the Cleaners - Ed Schultz, MSNBC
Congress Doesn't Mend Its Old Ways - Charles Hurt, Washington Times
Who Pays for the Right to Bear Arms? - David Cole, New York Times
An F for Effort on Holding Down Tuition - Charles Lane, Washington Post
Lost Decade, Revisited - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal

Deficit Spending Forever and Ever - Las Vegas Review-Journal
A Tepid Fiscal Agreement - New York Times
Have the Nation's Leaders Ever Seemed Smaller? - Washington Post
Another Year Begun: Opportunity Beckons - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
. Question: can a guy be elected speaker and in the same week win the Worst Week in Washington prize? Just asking.

 An ugly deal(NYP Ed) * John Boehner Told Harry Reid 'Go F--- Yourself' Outside the Oval Office (The Atlantic) * Fiscal Cliff Fight: John Boehner Reportedly Told Harry Reid 'Go F**k Yourself'  * Obama Speaks On Fiscal Cliff: ‘There Wasn’t Enough Support Or Time’ For A Better Deal * Conservatives Freak Out Over Fiscal Cliff Deal: 'Defeat And Surrender'(Huff Post) * Krauthammer: Fiscal Cliff Compromise 'A Complete Rout By The Democrats'(Huff Post)
The legacy of the Bush tax cuts, in 4 charts(Wash Post) * Why It's Hard to Score the Fiscal Deal (NYT)
Sen. Mark Kirk says his stroke changed his perspective on Medicaid(The Hill)
EJ McMahon’s take on the fiscal cliff deal: It could have been worse for New York. 

2 Months to Till the Debt Ceiling Cliff
3 more fiscal cliffs loom  (CNN) * Here are the specifics of the last-minute tax deal worked out between Biden & McConnell(NYT) * Graham to House Republicans: Save fight for debt ceiling: (Politico) *Debt Ceiling Still Looms(WSJ) * Hoyer: Bipartisanship needed for grand bargain (Wash Post) * Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson lament the fiscal cliff deal as a “missed opportunity:”(Politco) * Toomey: GOP should be ready to shut down government (Wash Post) * . loses drone-strike suit against Obama administration: * Boehner says he's done negotiating one-on-one with Obama 
* Why Boehner and Cantor parted ways on the fiscal cliff and Sandy relief:
Real Problem Is the Policy Deficit - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
Lost Decade, Revisited - Holman Jenkins, Wall Street Journal
Inside the Republicans' Failed "Plan O" - Farrell, Frates, Cook & House, NJ
Well, I'm Glad That's Over - Jared Bernstein, Huffington Post
Is This the High Water Mark for Federal Spending? - Nick Gillespie, Reason
It's Okay to Question Clinton's Recovery - Melinda Henneberger, Wash Post
The Stock Markets Climbed Wall of Worry In '12 - Adam Shell, USA Today
Dysfunctional Republican Nihilism - Michael Cohen, The Guardian

Memo to Washington: Economic Growth Is Easy - John Tamny, Forbes
The Five Worst Op-Eds of 2012 - Gene Healy, Washington Examiner
CNN Has Utterly Lost Its Grip - David Zurawik, Baltimore Sun 

Obama Bolts for Hawaii After Vote(NYT)

Volunteers at Ground Zero Now Face a Demand for Proof(NYT)Volunteers who helped at Ground Zero after 9/11 are  having difficulty providing the proper documentation to prove they are eligible for compensation from a $2.8 billion fund that Congress created in 2010

My Last Day in Congress by Gary Ackerman(NYT)

Secretary of State heads home after treatment for potentially life-threatening blood clot(NYP)
UPDATE: Hillary Clinton leaves hospital with Bill and Chelsea at her side, then goes back to hospital 15 minutes later
Update 2 NEWS: Secretary of State discharged from hospital after being treated for blood clot

Chelsea’s thank-you to Hill well-wishers*NYP) Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to be hospitalized while recovering from a blood clot in her head. There’s no date set for her release. 

And the New York Post wished Secretary of State Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery, while arguing it was justified in mocking her initial injury."The viciousness of the pundit class is disheartening and disgusting," a conservative columnist wrote, defending Hillary Clinton from skeptics. [Kathleen Parker] * Hillary Clinton talking to staff as she recovers from clot(Politico) * What Hillary Clinton's health means for 2016(Wash Post) * Everyone in the country's sympathies are with Hillary Clinton. What's with the bunker mentality here? * Hillary Clinton Leaves Hospital For MRI 

No Bus Stike
NYC school buses dodge a strike(NYDN) * New York City school bus strike averted, for now(WABC)

UFT tours get mayoral hopefuls weighing “community schools”
Will Cuomo extend the deadline, should NYC and UFT still not reach agreement on teacher evaluations? "No," says Cuomo. * Cuomo's education commission recommended longer school days and a longer school year. [Carolyn Thompson] * The commission's report. [] * Cuomo Warns Teacher Evaluation Deadline is A Hard Deadline, no extension for NYC 

City Housing Projects Call For Environmental Help(NYT)

City Had Record Low Number Of Fire Deaths In 2012(NY1)
City’s 58 Fire Deaths in ’12 Are Lowest on Record(NYT)

More Sandy Updates
Rockaways still reeling(NYDN) Landlord already paying for Sandy damage must fork over more to fix pipe city 'broke'(NYP) * Hotel Policies Rile Victims of Storm (WSJ) An unexpected difficulty has emerged for many of the thousands of people still living in hotels after losing their homes to superstorm Sandy: They've had to move from one location to another to make way for other guests with prior reservations.* Boy Suffering From Leukemia, Family Return Home After Sandy(WCBS) * Volunteers Keep Staten Island Sandy Victims Warm On Frigid(WCBS) * Queens Schools Damaged By Sandy Welcome Students Back * Residents Say Damage To Shore Road Promenade Is Dangerous Queens Family Lives Out Of Camper After Sandy Damages Home(NY1) Queens Schools Damaged By Sandy Welcome Students Back(NY1)


As Taxi Fares Increase, Tips by Riders Fail to Keep Pace(NYP)

The News’ Juan Gonzalez implores Cuomo to watch the new movie “Promised Land”, a movie about energy companies and speculators rushing to lease mineral rights on farm properties, as it relates to New York’s debate over fracking A columnist wants Cuomo to watch the anti-fracking Matt Damon movie, Promised Land. [Juan Gonzalez]

Exit of EPA boss a protest (NYP)  Epa chief Lisa Jackson suddenly resigned last week because she was convinced that President Obama is planning to green-light the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline * Say goodnight, Lisa(NYP Ed) The Post examines whether a new Environmental Protection Agency boss will be as supportive of fracking in New York as outgoing EPA administrator
SI Ferry going green(NYDN)

Cuomo Open House
Cuomo and his family greeted more than 400 guests who won a lottery to attend the annual open house at the Executive Mansion, a rare instance of retail politics for the normally guarded Cuomo
 [image]At Open House, Cuomo Shows Lighter Side (WSJ) In the drawing room of the executive mansion here, Gov. Andrew Cuomo crouched down in front of the fireplace so he could meet 3-year-old Madeline Andrus at eye level. Semi-First Lady Sandra Lee and the governor’s three daughters wooed attendees at the annual executive mansion New Year’s Day open house with hot chocolate and cookies. A state worker who attended the open house gave Cuomo an earful on the need to pass gun control legislation.*High Court  Cuomo to fill vacancy soon on NY's top court following retirement of Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick 

Outgoing Brooklyn beep Marty Markowitz plans office swag sell off  (NYDN) Auction for charity will include local liquor, Coney Island boardwalk slab, cable from the Brooklyn Bridge and old-timey borough photos

Polar Bears Swim in Coney Island
Hundreds Ring in 2013 with Icy Plunge in NY Waters(WNBC)  This year, Polar Bear club members and others were raising money for Sandy relief efforts * Thousands brave icy waters for Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge (WPIX) * Hearty Swimmers Take Part In Polar Bear Plunge At Coney (WCBS) * Hundreds ring in 2013 with icy plunge in NY waters(Fox 5) * Coney Island Polar Bears Club Hosts New Year's Day Swim(NY1) * Bathers Brave Icy Water for Annual Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge(DNAINFO)

THIS IS CNN: Kathy Griffin Kisses Anderson Cooper's Crotch...

 Report: Plans Rising For 3 WTC Tower(NY1)

A Century Ago, a Mayor Who Wrote Back(NYT) Probably no mayor of New York City except Edward I. Koch came close to writing as many letters to constituents as William J. Gaynor, who served from 1910 to 1913 and dictated missives filled with philosophical touches.

After Modest Life, Huge Gift to 2 Charities(NYT) Nearly two years after Mary McConnell Bailey’s death, the depth of her wealth is being revealed in large gifts to the New York Public Library and the Central Park Conservancy.

Barclays Has More Than A Screw Loose
Problem With Weak Bolts Has Complicated the Barclays Center’s Early Days(NYT) * Barclays Center opened with defective bolts, not disclosed fully to Department of Buildings; problem hints at why ESD, construction monitor have obscured the issue(Atlantic Yards Report)
* Barclays Center Has Weak Bolts, But It Probably Won't Fall On You (Gothamist)

 Newtown’s ‘new’ school (NYP) Sandy Hook Elementary School children return to the classroom today, wrapped in a white blanket of well-wishes from around the world.

Flooding of 2 Police Warehouses Destroys Evidence Needed for Criminal Trials(NYT) * Damage From Sandy To NYPD Warehouses Has Lawyers Concerned (NY1)

Woman arrested for keeping explosives in apartment already a suspect in robbery(NYP) * Couple Arrested for Bomb Powder(WSJ) *Occupy Wall Street Denies Link To Young Couple Busted With Bombmaking Materials(NYO) * Woman arrested for explosives in apartment a robbery suspect, nabbed in drug bust(NYP)

An argument for dropping the hate crime charge against the latest subway pusher. [Sally Kohn]

Subway push suspect 'clawed my face apart': ex(NYDN)

Ex-boyfriend waited at teen's house on New Year's Eve, sprang from the shadows and stabbed her repeatedly after stalking her for months, victim's brother says(NYDN)
Execution in Bx. car(NYP) * For Brooklyn Entrepreneur, Bolivian Jail and an Actor’s Aid(NYT)
* Seven Injured In Early-Morning Shootings Across City(WSJ) * 9 shot in NYC on New Year's Day(NYDN) * Man Shot By Police After Hitting Officer With Car In The (WCBS) * Tragic track gal dead in ‘drunken’ subway stagger(NYP) * Putnam clerk refuses to release gun owner list(WABC) Nine people in New York City were shot, but none were killed, in the early hours of 2013. [AP] * Cuomo says "highly improbable" microstamping legislation is gonna happen* Charges dismissed against mom accused of not getting help for shaken baby(NYP) * Queens Man Charged In Deadly Expressway Crash * Cops shoot man outside Brooklyn Technical High School:(NYP) * Man threatens police with knife or scissors inside Brooklyn building, shot by officers: sources(NBC) *Why Brooklyn's murder rate has dropped from 780 in 1990 to 149 in 2012 (Patch) * Man Shot by Police in Fort Greene, Brooklyn(NYT) * Man Critical After Police Involved Shooting In Fort Greene(NY1)
* Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Accused of Hitting Correction Officer  *Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Accused of Hitting Correction Officer(NYT) * Man Shot by Police in Fort Greene, Brooklyn(NYT) * Charges Are Dropped Against Mother in Shaken-Baby Case(NYT) * Man Shot By Police In Fort Greene Following Alleged Scissors Attack(NY1)

NYC feds collect record $3B in ill-gotten gains(NYDN)

Brooklyn Deserves a New D.A.(Village Voice) Why the 23-year reign of Charles Hynes must end