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Manhattan Illegally Elected Gang

Inside the BOE 
Cover Up

The media which is working hand in hand with the political party bosses and elected officials who run the corrupt incompetent Board of Elections has not noticed that Manhattan still has not certerfied the November 6th General ElectionThe cities perment goverment wants the BOE present leadership to continue despite their incompete performance on election day. The state election law state that nobody can be elected to office without the BOE certifying an election. This officegate scandal is another example how the election law is manipulated to help the powerful and block challengers to their power. This is not the only cover up on an illegal election this yearNYC's votes cast in the Electorial College for the president of the United State were also illegal according to one of the most known election lawyer in New York.  At the time the Electorial College votes were cast on December 17th non of the city's boroughs vote counts were finished. *

Cuomo State of the State Speech - 1000 Tweets Reaction
If full-scale casinos legalized, would direct 90% of tax revenue to education, 10% to local property tax relief * acknowledges "there have been decades of decline in upstate NY"* This is NY's just-announced new "energy czar" - Steve Kauffman, who is currently senior advisor to US Energy Sec Chu. * says "our workforce training is from a different era...a generic jobs training program just doesn't cut it"* Cuomo would reduce "open view" possession of 15 grams of marijuana or less to a violation punishable by a fine. * Cuomo wants minimum wage raised to $8.75 an hour * Cuomo pledges: "No new taxes in the new New York" * Cuomo calls for reforming the Unemployment Insurance program and the Workers Comp program. Pro-biz groups should like that. * Cuomo proposes hiking minimum wage from $7.25 to $8.75 an hour, but makes no mention of indexing to inflation.

. said he is drawing on San Diego as inspiration for new tech agenda, but could have just as easily credited * State Of The State, The Written Version.: NY develops tech but lags in venture capital. Wants better commercialization by creating tax free Tech Hotspots.* Moving into the controversial says NY is already in the casino biz and should expand Upstate* The Legislature last year approved up to seven casinos in the state. Cuomo is moving toward allowing only three and only upstate. * Casino referendum in November, says. * proposes whitewater rafting competition to be held in the North Country ... for lawmakers. He gets creative with powerpoint* Gov proposes community schools in high-need districts to offer every service a child needs - health, after school and other support services* RT : Cuomo on marijuana possession arrests: "It's not fair. It's not right. It must end, and it must end now." * Cuomo proposes letting districts extend school time, how they do it up to them but if they do it the state will pay them 100% of extra cost* We must decriminalize marijuana in public view stopandfrisk | 49,800 arrests in | GRAPH: * For first time, Gov. Cuomo details his sweeping proposal for nation's toughest gun controls   * Cuomo wants a bar exam type of test teachers must pass "before we put them in a classroom to teach our students" in * Cuomo to Push Storm Measures and Gun Control in Annual Address(NYT)* Cuomo proposes community Schools, a service hub, in poor neighborhoods. First started in Dinkins admin ... Known as Beacon Schools * State Of The State, The Written Version(YNN)* NY must remain the progressive capital of the nation. * Cuomo: enact the toughest assault weapon ban in us period. * Cuomo: This isn't aimed at sportsmen -- he owns a Remington shotgun, he specifies. But the "madness must stop" on gun violence, he says.  *

Cuomo: NYS passed nation's first gun control law in 1911.Cuomo notes that NY passed first gun control law, Sullivan's Law, a century ago. Still on the books.* "Enough" gun violence says but says he respects hunters. He owns a gun. Says this is about limiting impact of assault rifles * Cuomo wants to implement the toughest assault weapon ban in the nation. Close private sale loopholes. Ban high-capacity mags. * Cuomo: it's not a mans world in . Not anymore. * : "It's not right. It's not fair. It's time for a women's equality act." VIDEO: ”  * Biggest applause 50-min into speech for "Women's Equality Act"-pro-choice measures, pay, domestic violence, human trafficking   * Cuomo: enact a reproductive health act. Her body it's her choice * Cuomo: Women's Pay Act! Choice! Pro temporarily State Sen Prez Klein claps hard. Pro Temporarily State Senator Skelos sits on hands.  * Cuomo gets applause for saying 's got to go; jokes, "They're all from Queens, those people."

  Cuomo giving very comprehensive talk on global warming and its grave threat. But how to pay?* Cuomo is reprising a lot of what he's said about "hardening" New York's fuel/energy/transit systems against violent weather.* for pushing vital infrastructure improvements to protect Lwr Manhattan from future storms. * Cuomo proposes to help pay to buyout some storm ravaged and flood prone areas and to put others on pylons. * . proposes buyout program for homeowners who don't want to rebuild in flood-prone areas.  

* taste NY: promotes NY products (like the yummy yogurt although he didn't use the word yummy) wants to create duty-free stores  * Cumo shows map of low Manhattan man-made surfaces. Man-made areas get wiped out by storms. * Cuomo: let's reducing the co2 cap. Increase local renewable power sources. * Cuomo: Climate change is real. There has been a 100 year flood every two years now. * Cuomo: DISCLOSE NY. Disclose all political and lobbying contributions within 48hours. Period. * Cuomo: keep guns from people who are mentally ill * Campaign disclosure -- all pol+lobbying orgs -- any contrib over $500 within 48 hrs.   * Cuomo's 80-minute speech was accompanied by a 352-page written message to legislators. Read it here: *Proud of ! Cuomo: "This is New York, the progressive capital."" "The state of New York is that New York State is rising," Cuomo says.: "No one hunts with an assault rifle. No one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer." * Cuomo calls for ending unequal pay for women, bad treatment in the work place. Vows a marriage-equality type effort. * Cardinal Timothy Dolan wrote a letter to Gov. Andrew Cuomo to express his “great disappointment” with the governor’s push “for passage of the radical Reproductive Health Act in a state that has an abortion rate double the national average.”

Same wag insists Cuomo plans to spin Capitol 180 degrees to make illustration correct.  * Cuomo’s SOS is competing for headlines with two accidents in NYC: A ferry boat crash and a crane collapse.*The Big State of the State Vote(NYDN) * Observers see 2016 in Andrew Cuomo speech:(Politico)

As such: does Cuomo think the IDC-GOP coalition will go along w things the GOP doesn't like? Does he want IDC to partner with Ds?* Gov Cuomo proposes what might be a key to extending school day, school year:State would pay full cost of more wages. * Advocates disappointed Cuomo failed to mention Dream Act. * Police saying 9 injured in total at crane collapse in LIC. Luckily none were serious or life threatening   * Cuomo says no casinos in NYC, but NYC voters will be bulk of electorate on referendum in Nov. 2013 b/c of mayor's race....weird*Cuomo: Build three Upstate casinos, lengthen school(TU) * Senate Republican Conference Leader Dean Skelos Responds to 2013 State of the State Address * . passion to end the scourge of gun violence was v inspiring.* Governor Cuomo Sends New York’s Lawmakers Down the Rapids (NYO)

Campaign finance reform, take 2 (New York World) Gov. Cuomo renews call for overhaul of election spending rules, including public financing rejected by GOP leadership * Wow. This from the top elected Republican in New York, responding to Cuomo's speech: "We’ve traded rigid ideology for common ground." * In his formal response, GOP leader says his conference supports a tighter ban on high-capacity gun magazines *Cuomo proposes gun, ammo magazine limits(NYP) * Long on Andrew Cuomo: Mario Jr.(BU) * Skelos: Cut Spending, Help Businesses* New York governor wants new casinos to spur upstate economy *The Republican Response From Skelos(YNN) * Cuomo's State Of The State Agenda Includes Higher Minimum Wage, Women's Equality Act, Gun Control(NY1)* UPDATED FROM LIVESTREAM TO VIDEO: Watch Gov. Cuomo's State Of The State Here!  * Cuomo State of State Stresses Policy Agenda (WNYC) * A full recap of Cuomo's State of the State address (NY1) * Observers see 2016 in Andrew Cuomo speech - Maggie Haberman * Cuomo's Proposed Minimum Wage Hike Receives Mixed Reactions(NY1) * Cuomo SOS Rafting Clip 010913(YNN) * There were more than 1,000 fracking opponents in the capitol today. [AP]* A Serious Slew Of SOS Statements(NYDN) * Senate Democrats struggling with face that Cuomo took the issues they won with but didn't take them. *Cuomo Calls for the State to Return to Its Progressive Ideals(NYT)


Breaking: crane collapse in Long Island City Queens. Several injured.

At least 5 injured in at construction site in Queens. * City Room: Several Injured After Crane Collapse in Queens * 7 injuries in Long Island City Queens crane collapse, 2 serious, but none life-threatening.  

Were is the Outrage? Not 1 Editorials Against the Member Item System Seabrook Used As A Piggy Bank

‘Bagel’ pol to get loxed up: Mere 5 yrs. for Seabrook in $cam (NYP) Bagel-loving, crooked ex-Bronx Councilman Larry Seabrook got lightly toasted yesterday by a judge who cut him a break for a brazen fraud scheme involving more than $1 million in taxpayer money.Manhattan federal Judge Deborah Batts ordered the Bronx Democrat to serve five years in the slammer, rejecting recommendations from the feds that Seabrook get locked up for at least seven-plus years.Former NYC Councilman Larry Seabrook, a fixture in state politics for nearly three decades, was sentenced to five years in a federal prison for using his office to steer taxpayer money to ventures he controlled and staffed with family and friends.* Ex-Lawmaker Gets 5 Years in Corruption(NYT) * Ex-Council Member Is Sentenced to 5 Years(WSJ) * Former City Councilman Gets Five Years In Fraud Case(NY1) * Larry Seabrook sentenced to five years for misappropriation(NYDN) * One editorial board cheers the sentencing of former councilman Larry Seabrook. [Daily News]

Seabrook's Bagel Was Lightly Toasted by Judge Batts
Judge Batts blasted Seabrook — who got booted from the City Council after his conviction last year — for “his sense of entitlement, arrogance, nepotism and greed” in funneling public funds to shady nonprofits that employed his then-mistress, family members and friends. But while citing only “minimal reason” for leniency, (She rejected the recommended 7 year sentence for 5) Batts said Seabrook still deserved “some consideration” for his history of public service, which also includes stints in the state Assembly and Senate. She also declined to slap Seabrook with a fine, and ordered restitution of just $619,000-plus, of which about $418,000 is to be forfeited in the form of any cash, property or possessions he owns. Prosecutors had sought to hold Seabrook accountable for more than $1.1 million, which they said represented a “conservative analysis” of how much he had scammed.

The NYT Rightly Blasts Another Governement Sweetheart Deal With the Banks But Nothing About Seabrook Light Sentence?
Another Slap on the Wrist(NYT Ed) A new deal on foreclosure abuses does more for banks than for borrowers

The Sentencing Sounded Like Seabook Was Running For Reelection . . . Dysfunctional Political Morality
Where is the Press Demanding An End to Member Items?  Where is Seabrook Fellow Councilmembers Including Speaker Quinn Condemning His Stealing?  
Judge’s break saves this piggy’s bacon(Peyser, NYP) Throughout the loony sentencing hearing, Seabrook held onto the delusional belief that he was doing good work for the very people from whom he stole. “I also want to talk about 30 years of service to a community,’’ said Seabrook, who has also served in the Assembly and state Senate.“I actually love the Northeast Bronx,’’ he said, “Giving them a lift up so they will lift up . . . Giving these young people an opportunity to go to college . . . Incarcerated individuals being given opportunities . . .“I come as a proud man and I stand up to my beliefs. I will continue to fight for giving service to people.’’ It was too much.  Make him stop!

Team Liu Puts Up A Brave Nutty Front
Liu says nothing has been proven, well the trials have not been held yet
(Photo: Facebook)John Liu Has No Problem Being ‘Embattled’(NYO)
‘Embattled’ b’day boy Liu (NYP) The little matter of a federal-court trial involving illegal  campaign contributions hasn’t affected Comptroller John Liu’s sense of humor.With his former campaign treasurer and a key contributor scheduled to go on trial next month, Liu’s mayoral campaign sent out an e-mail inviting reporters to a birthday fund-raiser last night at the Jin Fong restaurant in Chinatown this way:
“Embattled Comptroller John Liu would like to invite you as a guest to his birthday fund-raiser”* Liu Hosts Birthday Party Fundraiser, Hints At Mayoral Run(NY1) * A singer at NYC Comptroller John Liu’s birthday fundraiser sang him a rendition of Marilyn Monroe’s “Happy Birthday, Mr. President,” changing the lyrics to “Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor.”* At his birthday fund-raiser last night, City Comptroller John Liu told the crowd that despite allegations against his campaign treasurer and a fund-raiser, none have been proven. [David Seifman] * Comptroller Liu only has eyes for mayor's office(NYP) * John Liu said in a pre-taped video shown at his birthday party, "I learned firsthand why the called it a sweatshop." [Jill Colvin]

NY1 Online: Rev. Bernard Breaks His Silence On Running For Mayor(NY1)* Potential Republican mayoral candidate Rev. A.R. Bernard said he personally would not perform a same-sex marriage. [The Road to City Hall]* Also on Inside City Hall, Rev. A. R. Bernard, who’s eyeing a run for mayor as a Republican, said he’ll “absolutely” be making an announcement by the end of month. “I have a series of meetings with political leaders–party leaders–this week, and coming out of those meetings I’ll be better equipped to make some decisions,” he said. “It’s a big decision. There’s a lot involved. I have to understand the legalities. Of course, I have to settle that with the family to make sure my wife of 40 years is still with me in a decision like this, so far she’s backing me. So there are preliminaries that I have to go through. So we’re looking at the next couple weeks.” * how many black are in ? 2 estimates here:

MT : NY1 Online: Rudy Giuliani Talks Up For Mayor & concerns about

The five NYC GOP county leaders are scheduled to meet for a “reasonably high stakes” get together to discuss their multitude of potential mayoral candidates.

Sal Albanese's mayoral campaign gets some ink in a union newspaper. [Richard Steier]


Slippery Quinn Does A Lopez Fake Public Realitions Dance
First Her Charter Commission moves Vito Lopez house into A District the designed for him. Now After She Got Caught, She Goes to His Opponents Fund Raiser. But what is not getting any press is she sill funds his non profit with Member Items

Plan A

Plan B
City Council allocated $873,589 in member itmes to Vito Lopez to Vito Lopez contolled non profit Ridgewood Bushwick Senior Citizen Council*
Danny Moss: "For many New Yorkers, [Christine] Quinn will be the default vote, simply because she’s gay and a woman." [Jill Colvin] * Quinn Slams List Of New York City Gun Owners Published By Gawker

Campaign 2013 Paul Vallone, the brother of outspoken Councilman Peter Valloneofficially announced his campaign to run against Councilman Dan Halloran. *

Quinn Taps Former Teacher, Ex-Clinton Staffer as Campaign Manager(WSJ)City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has hired a former public school teacher who worked on Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid to manage her soon-to-be-announced campaign for mayor.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio rehired Pinny Ringel, who left his office in order to join former Senator David Storobin‘s chief of staff. The move reflects Mr. de Blasio’s continued focus on Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish community, part of which he represented in the City Council. “We are thrilled to have Pinny back on our team. He’s a powerful voice for Brooklyn,” Mr. de Blasio said in a statement.

State Senate
Both state senators Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein have signs outside their office that read "Temporary President of the Senate."
The state Senate drafted new rules recognizing the Independent Democratic Conference and spelling out exactly how Sens. Jeff Klein and Dean Skelos will run operations of the chamber, the Times-Union reports  *Pols’ split decisions(NYP) The signs outside the offices of state Sens. Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein yesterday both read “Temporary President of the Senate.” * Why the new Senate rules released late last night don’t appear to change very much: “There’s a memorandum of understanding and there’s a working relationship of trust,” said Sen. Hugh Farley. *The signs outside the offices of state Sens. Dean Skelos and Jeff Klein yesterday both read ”Temporary President of the Senate.” (CapTon’s Nick Reisman reported this yesterday) * Senate Democrats Call Rules Change ‘Unusual’(YNN) * The Republicans and independent Democrats have "a memorandum of understanding" and "a working relationship of trust," explained Republican state senator Hugh Farley. Details of that memorandum were not yet made available. [Jimmy Vielkind] * One has to wonder if the best, most positive governmental announcements occur in the middle of the night, but nevertheless, the Independent Senate Democrats and the Senate GOP did just that with some coalition details.* Amedore (R) has a 37-vote lead over Tkaczyk (D). 99 more votes counted could erase that. * Here are full details on the Amedore-Tkaczyk decision, along with a copy of the eight-page ruling *Court Orders 99 Ballots Opened In Sd-46(YNN) * Here’s a copy of the floor speech IDC leader Jeff Klein delivered today – Day One of coalition government in the Senate.* 46th district race: 99 votes can now be counted: (CBS6) * It's now harder for rank-and-file state senators to force a vote on a bill, thanks to rules passed by the new governing coalition running the chamber. [Jimmy Vielkind]

Silver was re-elected to yet another two-year term as speaker during a closed-door conference meeting. He said the vote was unanimous.* The chairman of the Assembly's environmental committee and others want the public to have more time to comment on fracking. [AP] * Morelle Named Assembly Majority Leader(YNN) * Keeping the upstate-downstate balance in the Assembly Democratic caucus, the new majority leader is Joe Morelle of Rochester. The speaker is, still, Sheldon Silver of Manhattan. [Michael Johnson]

Cuomo and Bloomberg Lead the Fight Against Guns Separately
Mayor goes on the ad-tack(NYP)  Marking the second anniversary of the mass shooting in Tucson, Ariz., that severely wounded then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-control group yesterday aired a powerful new TV ad that featured the mother of a little girl killed in the attack. WATCH: Ad featuring mom of young Tucson shooting victim debuts as part of mayor's push for tougher gun laws(NYP) * Influential Groups Challenge Lawmakers On Gun Control (NY1)Gabrielle Giffords and husband launch anti-gun violence group (Wash Post) * CES? DGAF! Bill Clinton Turns Samsung Speech Into Cry for Gun Control(NYO)

Cuomo Takes Aim

Gov Cuomo Press Operation Has Done A Great Job Today Getting His Gun Control Message Out
In today’s State of the State address, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will propose broadening the number of guns and magazines covered under New York’s assault weapons ban

SI Beep is right on target: Cons’tive Molinaro with gov vs. guns (NYP) Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, a registered Conservative, is bucking his party to back Gov. Cuomo’s campaign for tougher gun-control laws, including a ban on assault rifles. “It’s plain common sense,” Molinaro said. * Cuomo to Push for Broader Ban on Assault Weapons(NYT) * Cuomo Seeks Overhaul in Gun Control(WSJ) * Silver: gun-control deal is 'achievable'(NYDN) *  WCBS Exclusive?  EXCLUSIVE: Cuomo Close To Announcing Sweeping New Gun Control (WCBS) * According to the NYT, Cuomo “is considering not only rewriting the state’s assault weapons ban, but also proposing more expansive use of mental health records in background checks of gun buyers, lower limits on the capacity of magazines sold legally in New York and a new requirement that gun permits be subject to periodic recertification.”* Parents of Lake Avenue Elementary School students asked the Board of Education to support an online petition to cancel the upcoming Arms Fair at the Saratoga City Center. * Silver Says Gun Control Agreement ’95 Percent’ There(YNN)

More on the Cuomo's State of the State
Tom Precious wonders if Cuomo, like former GOP Gov. George Pataki, will signal a shift to the left in his third year in office, looking both toward a re-election in 2014 and a potential White House bid in 2016. * Cuomo’s speech is expected to include details of a LIPA privatization plan, including a five-year rate freeze and new borrowing to pay off the utility’s massive debt.* Casey Seiler reminds us: “State of the State speeches aren’t always accurate indicators of future accomplishments.” (Last year’s big idea – the nation’s largest convention center – never happened).* Cuomo is expected to call for raising the minimum wage, reforming the state's campaign finance rules and decriminalizing possession of small amounts of marijuana. [Ken Lovett] * Cuomo aide Glaser on hydrofracking: "It's not a part of the State of the State because it is in a review period." * Glaser says Cuomo's speech will have "a big focus on upstate economic development" & will include proposals to encourage tourism.*  Cuomo aide Howard Glaser says Cuomo's speech won't be like Christie's -- he'll spend 20% of speech talking about .*Cuomo Aide Says Fracking Not In State of the State(Lohud) * State government barely shrinks in 4+ years (CrainsNBY)

Here Is a List of All the Assholes Handsome Law-Abiding Citizens Who Own Guns Some People in New York City  (Gawker) *
City officials handed over to the New York Times the same info about city gun permits that Gawker published. The Times wanted addresses, too, and sued. [Dana Rubinstein]

Jacobi’s chief trauma doctor to take his expertise and plea for tougher gun laws to fellow physicians Wednesday (NYDN) Dr. Sheldon Teperman also wants hospitals to help interdict gun violence with programs for at-risk youth

What Does the New Gun Laws Do to Crack Down On Illegal Guns ?
NY school hoops game cut short by teen with gun(Fox 5)

It Is Absolutely The Time To Talk About Gun Control'

After He Voted Last Year to Cut the Mental Health Budget by $100 Million Silver Now Wants to Strengthen Kendra's Law

After the death of a man pushed in front of a subway train, legislators are considering closing loopholes to Kendra’s Law, which provides outpatient mental health treatment
'Holes' Are Seen in Kendra's Law(WSJ) The death of Sunando Sen at a subway station in Queens could result in the tightening of the New York state law that allows some seriously mentally ill people to be forced into treatment.* Silver said the gun-control negotiations have also included talks on strengthening Kendra’s Law.

 Shelly’s pole position (NYP Ed) Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver has agreed to discourage the use of welfare cash for booze, lap dances and gambling.

  The Towel is Too Damn High

Rent Is Too Damn High' Guy Makes Shocking Revelation On O'Reilly: 'I'm A Former Stripper'  (VIDEO) This is quite the intersection of politics, theater and actual governance. Long-shot mayoral candidate Jimmy McMillan explained on the O’Reilly Factor how he used to  be a stripper, and therefore proposed legislation to restrict government funds from strip club A.T.M.’s would be counterproductive: “I’m a former stripper here in the United States, and being a former stripper–100 percent of them, strippers, are welfare recipients–they need that money because they have someone babysitting their children. So when they get off work they may have to get money from that machine.”

Libraries looking for way back

From NBC: Nearly half a dozen of the public libraries in Queens took a hard hit from Sandy. Now a group of state and local leaders are trying to figure out what's needed to get them back up and running. News 4's John Noel reports.

CM Koppell takes rare step by using "Sponsor's Privilege" to force vote on his wheelchair taxi bill.

After Weeks of Name Calling City and Union Back At the Table on Teacher Evaluations - Deadline Jan. 17th
7 more schools on ‘close’ line(NYP) * 26 Schools on City's List(WSJ) * DOE Marks Total Of 26 Schools For The Chopping Block(NY1) 
In the News, Eric Nadelstern, a Columbia University professor, lauds the city’s strategy of closing underperforming schools, as it provides a lifeline for students “consigned to subpar educations”: 
NYC-UFT resuming talks on teacher evaluations(WSJ) * City, UFT head back to table(NYDN)* City, UFT resuming talks on teacher evaluations(SI Advance)

After weeks of name-calling and finger-pointing, the Bloomberg administration and the UFT are returning to the bargaining table today to hammer out a new deal over teacher evaluations ahead of the Jan. 17 deadline.
Record Number of Misconduct Complaints Are Made Against City School Employees(NYT) The 4,173 complaints lodged against public school educators is a record high number, according to the Special Commissioner of Investigation for the Department of Education* Record number of school misconduct complaints(Fox 5) * Crown Heights teaching assistant arrested after striking child, cops say. (Daily Eagel)


Why Not Free Wi-Fi for Public Housing Where There Are More People in Need of Internet Connect and Cannot Afford It
Free Outdoor Wi-Fi Comes to Chelsea(NYT) * Google Brings Free Wi-Fi to Its Section of Manhattan(WSJ) * Chelsea First Neighborhood In Manhattan With Free Outdoor Wifi(NY1) * Free WiFi comes to Chelsea thanks to Google(NYDN)

The New York Times delved deeper into Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s purchase of a used car for his daughters.

Will Bronx councilman Oliver Koppell succeed in forcing the Council to vote on a bill that Quinn isn't supporting? [Grace Rauh]

Group links Islam to terror(NYDN)

Kin’s plea on 9/11 remains(NYP)

Sandy Congressional Update
After inspecting damage from Hurricane Sandy, Mississippi Rep. Steve Palazzo switched his position and said he’ll back the $51 billion federal disaster aid bill, which could influence other “no” votes, the News reports: * Belmar begins rebuilding boardwalk after Sandy(WABC)

PATH trains to resume regular service for first time since Hurricane Sandy(NYP)NYCHA contractor rips up Rockaway boxing gym(NYDN) * Insurance Companies Use Exemption To Deny Sandy Coverage (WCBS)* Rockaway Beaches to Open by Summer: Officials(NBC)*
Sandy victims get limp answers from local FEMA chief on(NYP)

Wal-Mart reverses, will send representative to Biden meeting on gun violence: 

50 People Reportedly Injured In NYC Ferry Accident(Huff Post) * 57 injured after Seastreak ferry crashes into Pier 11(NYP) * Dozens Injured in Ferry Accident in Lower Manhattan(NYT)
* Ferry Company in Wall St. Crash Has History of Accidents and Lawsuits(DNAINFO) * Mechanical Failure May Have Caused Ferry Crash, Sources Say(DNAINFO) * The captain and crew are reportedly being checked for drug and alcohol use. [NY1]* Crane Collapses Behind Giant Queens Pepsi Sign(NY Mag) * Several Dozen Injured in Ferry Crash in Lower Manhattan(NYT)

A Slow Death Has Begun At Downstate Hospital
As for Downstate Medical Center, layoffs are looming for about 800 UUP and PEF members — about 10 percent of the facility's workforce. Hundreds of union members rallied in the Capitol to protest cutbacks at a state-run hospital in Brooklyn(TU)

NYC says 2010 blizzard death 'an act of God'(NYT)

   Time unveiled its new cover today and it features a stark, head-on portrait of New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with “The Boss” written below in red capitals.
Follow my lead, DC: Chris says he’s model of gov’t reform(NYP) * Christie Lauds New Jersey’s Fortitude and Presses Congress for Storm Funds(NYT) * After Sandy, Tax Cuts Fade From Christie Plan(WSJ) * Chris Christie Sidesteps Gun-Control Questions(NY Mag) * Joe Scarborough To Agreeing Chris Christie: ‘There Need To Be Limits’ To First And Second Amendments * Chris Christie Hates His Time Magazine Cover, Thinks It's Too Gangster: A day after delivering his State of the...  * Chris Christie Now More Popular With Democrats Than He Is With Republicans(NY Mag)

Waitress At Brooklyn Pizzeria Serves Customers In The Nude(WCBS) * Waitress strips naked for final shift (Video) (NYP)

Finding Inner Peace Along The Bronx River(Huff Post)

Nominees, in Step on ‘Light Footprint,’ Reflect a Shift(NYT) * New Obama Picks Highlight Lack of Women in Top Posts(NYT)
Here We Go Again - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
Our Obsolete Constitution? - Richard Epstein, Defining Ideas
The Market and Mother Nature - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Hobby Lobby Fights the Good Fight vs. ObamaCare - Bill Frezza, Forbes
Veteran Dems to Shepherd Hagel Nomination - Erin McPike, RCP
Chuck Hagel Is No Susan Rice - Margaret Carlson, Bloomberg
How to Waste a Decade in Afghanistan - Frederick & Kimberly Kagan, WSJ
Why Is GOP Defending Neo-Conservatism? - Paul Mulshine, NJ Star-Ledger
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Psychological Toll of High Joblessness - Gary Burtless, RealClearMarkets
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The Radical Visions of St. Francis of Assisi - Joan Acocella, The New Yorker
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The Hagel Question - Los Angeles Times
Great Guns Debate: Grabbers Rise Anew - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
At EPA, Obama Should Look for Another Like Lisa Jackson - Boston Globe
.: Al Gore's petrodollars once again make him a chip off the old block(Wash Post)
The Cowards Surrender in Illinois - Chicago Tribune
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may testify before Congress in two weeks on the deadly Benghazi attack,  according to Sen. Bob Corker, the top Republican on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. 
Why Republicans Won’t Bargain With Obama Again(NY Mag)
Scarborough Rips GOPers Who ‘Scream’ And ‘Rant’ But Cave On Policy: ‘They’re Liberals’
Wal-Mart reverses, will send representative to Biden meeting on gun violence
Lobbyists who profit from selling filibusters ... are fighting Senate filibuster reform
The WH has fully ruled out the 14th amendment option. They aren't really doing the same with the coin
Colin Powell to defend Chuck Hagel on 'Meet the Press'(Wash Post)
Biden: White House Can Take 'Executive Action' On Guns(Huff Post)
White House won't rule out $1 trillion coin: (Politico)
Local Ties of Obama's Choice to Lead Treasury(NYT)
Obama Managed to Find Another Inauguration Pastor Who Thinks Gay People Are Evil(NY Mag)
Eric Holder staying on for Obama's second term.
THIS JUST IN: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis tells colleagues she's resigning from Obama administration, reports AP
MSNBC Contributor: GOP To Blame For Obama's White, Male Inner Circle Because They Opposed Susan Rice
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki and Attorney General Eric Holder will remain with the administration in their current posts.
Soon-to-be-former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton eschews the word “retierment,” but says she’s definitely “stepping off the fast track for a little while.”
Cabinet musical chairs continues(Wash Post)
Movie and TV reps are headed to the White House talk guns with Biden, reports:
Why the White House Refuses to Rule Out the Trillion-Dollar Coin(NY Mag)
New Yorker Jacob Lew to be nominated as treasury secretary(NYDN)
Beyonce to sing national anthem at Obama inauguration; Kelly Clarkson to perform(NYP) Beyoncé will sing the National Anthem, Kelly Clarkson “My Country Tis of Thee,” and James Taylor “America the Beautiful.”
: Obama will nominate W.H. Chief of Staff Jack Lew for Treasury secretary as soon as Thursday
President Obama's inauguration planners soliciting $1M donations 
Inauguration pastor under fire for anti-gay remarks: (Politico)
A Jewish newspaper notes Schumer's inauguration meal is "as treyf as they come." [Devra Ferst]

Politico---Nixon at 100--
22 Reasons To Love Richard Nixon On His Birthday (BuzzFeed)
Friends and admirers remember Richard Nixon at a gala on what would have been his 100th birthday:(Politico)

'OUTRAGEOUS': Anger Brews Over Potential AIG Lawsuit(Huff Post)

DealBook: A.I.G. Says It Will Not Join Lawsuit Against Government * Morgan Stanley to cut 1,600 jobs, some in investment bank via

Law and Order
An element of the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practice was deemed unconstitutional by a federal judge, a ruling that may have broad implications for the city’s widespread use of police stops as a crime-fighting tactic.
The News argues that Manhattan Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin’s ruling that the NYPD violated New Yorker’s constitutional rights under their stop-and-frisk policy is unwarranted and lacks evidence* Judge’s big slap at ‘frisk’(NYP) 

Bloody outrage (NYP)  How much blood will federal Judge Shira Scheindlin have on her...* Police Stop-and-Frisk Program in Bronx Is Ruled Unconstitutional(NYT) * Judge Halts Stop-and-Frisk Tactic (WSJ) In the first judicial rebuke of the city's stop-and-frisk practice, a judge ordered the New York Police Department to end what the ruling described as "unlawful trespass stops" outside some private buildings in the Bronx.* Federal Judge Rules Stop-And-Frisks In Private Buildings Unconstitutional(NY1) * Too many innocents harassed by NYPD(NYDN) * NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said Scheindlin's ruling "unnecessarily interferes" with cops. [Chuck Bennett and Bruce Golding]* Federal judge bars cops from using "stop and frisk" on some Bronx residents (AMNY)

Bronx defendants wait longest for trial(NYDN)

'Bullied’ girl found dead in Brooklyn was police sergeant's niece (NYP) A body found naked and burned in a Brooklyn nature preserve over the weekend was identified yesterday as that of a bullied 14-year-old girl — the niece of an NYPD sergeant, law-enforcement sources said. * Burned Body on Brooklyn Beach Is 14-Year-Old Girl's(NYT) * Burnt Body Found in Brooklyn ID'd as 14-Year-Old Girl(NBC)

Witnesses: Street fight erupts at Raphael Ward's memorial service on 2nd Ave. (Ev Grieve)

Jealous ‘stalker’ is shot in love-triangle road rage(NYP) A Brooklyn man’s harassment campaign against his ex and her new beau came to a bloody end when he was shot by his love rival in a wild road-rage incident yesterday, authorities and witnesses said.

‘Bomber mama’ to rehab (NYP) She’s heroin-hooked and incarcerated, and hasn’t seen her baby — a healthy, drug-free little girl named “Melody Sunshine” — since giving birth last week while hospitalized in police custody. New details of “Bomb Mom” Morgan Gliedman, the millionaire.
Philadelphia Police Question Brooklyn Nets Player in Assault(WSJ) *Woman told not to bomb out in rehab(NYDN)

Park Ave. maid ‘rip-off’(NYP) A Park Avenue cleaning woman was arrested for allegedly swiping $62,000 in checks from her wealthy boss so she could pay off her car and cover other...

Hurricane Sandy prevented total number of complaints filed against NYPD cops from rising last year(NYP)

Elderly woman shot twice in chest on street: Officials.

Police Investigate Brooklyn Shooting Involving Two Correction Officers(NY1)

The Times-Union examines the state of New York’s juvenile detention centers, saying that a federal takeover might be necessary to curb the rampant violence: 

Judge upholds firing of teacher who let students drink wine during trip to France(NYP) * Guilty plea in LIRR disability scam(WSJ)

 Man Pretends to Be Cop in Bronx Robbery(NBC)

Two men wanted for gunpoint robbery in Long Island City

Suspect in ex-NY woman's slaying charged in Calif.(Fox 5)

A man was killed in Brooklyn breaking up a fight. alum Joseph Stepansky had the news on the .  

Trial Begins in Death of 2-Month-Old Girl(NYT)

90-year-old grandma hurt in B'klyn drive-by shooting  

Elderly Woman Shot, Wounded On Streets Of Brooklyn

90-Year-Old Woman Hit By Stray Bullet In The Streets Of (WCBS)

Elderly woman shot twice in Brooklyn(WABC)

Woman Is Shot in Brooklyn(NYT)
Elderly Woman Recovering After Being Shot Three Times In (NY1)
Triggerman takes plea in DJ Megatron's slay(NYDN)
Creep confesses to raping woman in West Village(NYP)
Jail guard shoots driver(NYDN)

Brooklyn Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Terrorism Case(NYT)Agron Hasbajrami, an Albanian immigrant, pleaded guilty in April to sending more than $1,000 to a contact in Pakistan to finance terrorist activities.* Judge Annoyed He Can’t Sentence Brooklyn Wannabe Terrorist to More Time(NY mag)