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For Over 3 Years True News Has Been Telling You About the AEG Cover Up By the Media

True News Told You 3 Years Ago About the Pol, DA and Media Cover Up of AEG . . .  They Can Run But They Cannot Hide

The feds are grilling state Senate Democratic insiders as part of an explosive probe into an alleged Aqueduct casino bid-rigging scandal
Senate bigs targeted in racino bid-rig probe(NYP)
nvestigators are asking questions about the roles of then-Senate Democratic leaders John Sampson and Malcolm Smith and others who were accused of helping the Aqueduct Entertainment Group (AEG) land a multibillion-dollar casino contract three years ago, sources said.

t’s the second federal probe targeting Sampson. The Post last week reported that the former Senate minority leader is linked to a broader federal investigation into Queens Rep. Gregory Meeks and a convicted real estate developer, Edul Ahmad.

Kruger, Monserrate and Lipsky Ratting On the Sampon and The Rest of the Crooks in Albany
 FBI agents recently interviewed witnesses about the Aqueduct case who were captured on wiretaps talking to other subjects convicted on corruption charges — including ex-state Sens. Carl Kruger and Hiram Monserrate and lobbyist Richard Lipsky.

“They asked about John Sampson, Malcolm Smith, Eric Adams and Carl Andrews,” the source said of FBI agents. “They said, ‘What do you know about these people and their role in the Aqueduct deal?’ ” 

The Senate Democratic insider said the feds appeared to be looking at developing potential conspiracy charges for setting up the contract for AEG. In the IG report, Sampson was slammed for tainting the process by leaking a confidential bidding document to AEG’s lobbyist, Andrews, that included the detailed plans of rival bidders.

A Lobbyist Ordered By the Court To Spill  Beans on AEG

Lobbyist loses racino bet (NYP)  Lobbyist Carl Andrews will have to spill the beans about his role in the rigged selection of his client AEG’s bid to run a multibillion-dollar racino at Aqueduct Racetrack, the state’s highest court ruled yesterday.


 How the Media Drop the Ball On the AEG Investigation
Not A Word in 3 Years

3 Years Ago

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver yes terday raised the stakes in the rapidly growing Aqueduct scandal, formally calling on state Inspector General Joseph Fisch to launch an immediate investigation of the mess (NYP Ed)*A Closer Look At Paterson's Allegedly Corrupt "Racino" Deal (Gothamist)

The AEG Bunch
Consultant Bill Lynch phone call to Paterson aboard Amtrack had to have to have a lot to do with AEG losing it winning bid at aqueduct and the federal investigation of it partner Flake and it political supporters Meeks and Smith. Lynch who must have been a follower of the late Roy Cohen school of business, set up a meeting between Paterson who he was an political advisor and Flake a day after AEG won the contract for video slots at Aqueduct. The thing is that Lynch was being paid by SL Green a competing company to win the contract for them. It is clear the the political consultant lobbyist business is not only corrupt it is very inse Cheating, Lying, Stealing --"Not me?" said, Mr. SL Green * Queens residents rallied against what they see as “racist” coverage of the death of the AEG deal * Hundreds of people rallied in Queens against “racist journalism” 
 of the Aqueduct deal. (City Hall) * Lobbyist Payoff If you believe that Paterson's political consultant did not talk to the governor about his winning client Flakes' AIG you deserve to have Albany represent you. SL Green hired Bill Lynch as a $7,500-per-month lobbyist in November; Lynch is Paterson's political adviser. Lynch said the Paterson campaign paid him $10,000 last year but he has been working for free for months. He said he doesn't talk to the governor about Aqueduct * Lynch is Paterson's political advise

 Albany's Gambling Pay to Play Payoff Gov. David Paterson's advisor, Bill Lynch, was overheard giving the governor "sensitive advice" and disparaging AG Andrew Cuomo on speakerphone on a crowded train to Washington The meeting was arranged by Harlem political consultant Bill Lynch, who apparently spoke to the governor, on speakerphone, on a train. (Page Six) *** Skelos wants to hold hearings about how the contract was awarded. (NYP)Pay to Play Albany Slots Capping a flawed selection process, Gov. Paterson yesterday picked a business consortium tied to friend and former Democratic Rep. Floyd Flake to build a slot-machine casino at the Aqueduct Racecourse in Queens.Playing faves Gov pulls 'win' lever for friend

You Can Run But Can't Hide The political corrupt tax that is destroying our governmental budgets is so harmful to New York that the U.S. Attorney from the Southern saw fit to join the ingestion of AEG deal, which is already being investigate by the Eastern District because it is in their jurisdiction. This development just show how important the investigative authorities are taking this. So a word of to the Albany gang and their lobbyists time to cut and run. Prosecutors seize state info on Aqueduct casino deal

 Why is the Press So In Love With Sheinkropf ?

What Sheinkropf does is help elected people to office and then Use those same people to make money for Himself

How in the world can Thompson hire a consultant who took the 5th 56 times when the NYS questioned him about the AEG bidding process.  The press in a group has drop their prime mission of protecting the public by informing them of what is going on in their city, in exchange for the one lines and sound bites the consultant gives them.    Sheinkopf took the 5th when asked questions by the NY former state Inspector General Joseph Fisch about the AEG scandal which is still being investigated by the feds as part of the AEG investigation.  The Feds are also investigating a Board Of Election (the cesspool of political corruption) contract for new machines that Sheinkopf was a lobbyist for. Feds investigate switch by Board of Elections ... - New York Post 


 Not So Fast Mr. Mayor Smith
Meanwhile, a source told the feds that Smith boasted that the AEG casino would be his “golden parachute” when he left the Senate. During his testimony, Smith insisted he did not play an active role in the Aqueduct selection process. But the IG report concluded that he was an AEG advocate who served as “AEG’s eyes and ears in the Senate.” Smith also signed the AEG contract as Senate president.

27th Anniversary Of Former Queens Boro President Donald Manes First Suicide Attempt
Shortly after his inauguration for a fifth term, Manes attended a dinner party for the new Israeli consul at Borough Hall in Kew Gardens on January 9, 1986. He left in his own car and was followed by his chauffeur up Queens Boulevard. He was later found in his car in the early morning hours of January 10; his wrists were slit and he was bleeding profusely. He initially claimed that two men had carjacked and attacked him, but later recanted the statement, saying he had attempted suicide. In the following weeks, it was alleged that Manes had used political appointments and favors as the source of large kickback schemes involving personal bureaucratic fiefdoms such as the New York City Parking Violations Bureau. Zoning and cable TV franchises were being investigated, and some of Manes' appointees and associates were indicted or forced to resign. Manes himself stepped down as borough president in February.

The scandal became nationwide news and a continuing top story in New York. A fictionalized version served as the basis for the pilot episode of the television series Law & Order. Manes, now facing the prospect of indictment on corruption charges, stayed in seclusion until March. On the night of March 13, he took a phone call from his psychiatrist, who discussed additional care with Manes (and his wife on an extension phone upstairs). Shortly before 10 p.m. the psychiatrist was called away from the phone and, while on hold, Manes reached into a kitchen drawer, pulled out a large kitchen knife and plunged the eight-inch blade into his heart. His daughter screamed for her mother, who came down to find Manes on the floor in a pool of blood. Marlene Manes pulled the knife from his heart as their daughter frantically called 911. Donald Manes was pronounced dead at the scene.[1]

 Those Involve in the Hush Fund Don't Want Vito Lopez Around
A ‘seat’ slap for Gropez(NYP)Grabby Assemblyman Vito Lopez keeps moving down in the world.Assembly honchos yesterday relocated the accused sex harasser further from the chamber’s rostrum, giving the 30-year-veteran’s second-row seat to freshman Ron Kim and sticking Lopez back a row between an upstate Republican and two other freshmen. Assemblyman Vito Lopez did not join the Democrats in their first private conference meeting.

Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News)

NYTimes: Bloomberg Takes on the N.R.A.
Advisers to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, concerned about the field of possible candidates, have floated the idea of a mayoral run to at least five boldface figures. 
Despite assumptions that he is backing City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to be the city’s next mayor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his advisers have floated the possibility of a mayoral run to at least five potential “dream” candidates, The New York Times reports: http://nyti.ms/Sh0X6t* Bloomberg is reportedly approaching pretty much everybody who’s anybody – from former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell to Sen. Chuck Schumer – in hopes they’ll run to succeed him, a real blow to his supposed favored candidate, NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn.* But really: who does Bloomberg want in 2013? And more in 's morning Briefing * Christine Quinn Scoffs at Reports Bloomberg Tried to Draft Another Mayoral Candidate(NYO)

Was the NYT Having Fun With the Masses?
 Update Bloomberg Dismisses ‘Erroneous’ Report on His Mayoral Search * Bloomberg Dismisses ‘Erroneous’ Report on His Mayoral Search(NYO)

This is Such BS
Report: Bloomberg approached Schumer to run for mayor by   

Bloomberg Cuomo War On Guns
Bloomberg Takes on the N.R.A.(NYT) * The Bid to Stop Gun TraffickingA national crackdown on the devastating flow of illegal guns is long overdue.* Bloomberg Helps Steer Gun-Control Push (WSJ)* The News applauds Gov. Cuomo for his ultimatum to state Senate Republicans to take up gun control legislation in the next session, while calling for stronger national laws to prevent guns from entering the state: * New Giffords Campaign, Gun Control Ad Mark Anniversary of Tucson Shooting(NY Mag)* Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh, co-chairman of State Legislators Against Illegal Guns, is willing to consider legislation that would restrict public access to who has gun permits as part of sweeping new gun-control laws.

Bloomberg got rid of transfat, salt and large soda cups can he get rid of guns?
Here Is a List of All the Assholes Handsome Law-Abiding Citizens Who Own Guns Some People in New York City  (Gawker) * Cuomo spokesman Josh Vlasto insisted the Assembly Democrats are “open” to increasing penalties on illegal guns, which the Senate GOP has proposed as part of a gun control deal. He did not offer specifics.* McChrystal backs gun restrictions:  * Gabby Giffords and her husband unveil new anti-gun violence initiative: * Call to arms on Staten Island: panel votes to give school guards guns   * McChrystal backs 'serious' gun laws   * Assembly Proposal Would Limit Disclosure Of Gun Records(YNN) *Mayors Against Illegal Guns Airing Ads In Towns With Mass Shootings(YNN)
WATCH: Ad featuring mom of young Tucson shooting victim debuts as part of mayor's push for tougher gun laws(NYP) * Libous: Senate GOP Willing To Work On Gun Control(YNN)
* NYC gun owners named on : * The state District Attorneys Association released a gun control agenda that includes microstamping, a high-capacity magazine ban and closing the gun show loophole.* Giffords, Kelly launch group to 'balance the influence of the gun lobby' (Wash Post) * Cuomo to Announce Gun Reform Daily Beast) * Cuomo looks to gain edge on gun control, proposing sharp restrictions (NYT) * Jim Brady's wife Sarah: This is "a huge moment" for gun control (CBS)
Silver: gun-control deal is 'achievable'(NYDN)

Can A Cult Party Pick the Next Mayor of New York?
Former Bronx BP Carrion Becomes Independence Party's Favorite In Mayoral Race(NY1)
Former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión is apparently now the favorite of the Independence Party in the mayoral race. This is interesting as Mr. Carrión’s ability to get onto the ballot as a Republican needs three GOP county chairs to sign on and is complicated by former M.T.A. Chairman Joe Lhota‘s recent entry into the race. In the same NY1 report, two Democrats, Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Comptroller John Liu, said they would seek the Independence Party’s ballot line in the campaign for Gracie Mansion, but former Comptroller Bill Thompson rejected it outright. “You know there have been so many allegations that have been made about the Independence Party, things that look like fraud and other concerns about how they added to their membership. So, no, I am going to be seeking the Independence Party line at all,” he said.

Thanks to A 2006 Court Decision A Cult that Masquerades As A Political Party May Pick the Next Mayor (True News)

From the D.R. to Albany(NYDN)

Mayor announces special election for Sanders' Council s (NYDN)

State Senate 
 * The state Appellate Court heard arguments in the 46th Senate District race between Republican George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, with Tkaczyk appealing 331 ballots that were not counted due to error or early submission, PressConnects reports: * A panel of appellate court judges could rule on opening the remaining ballots in the 46th SD race as early as today.*
"I come to Albany to get things done, not necessarily to make friends," Jeff Klein tells in a profile

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said that his chamber would enact legislation that will bar welfare recipients from drawing their cash benefits at bars and strip clubs, with the bill linked to a potential loss of $120 million in federal welfare aid, the Post reports: http://bit.ly/WpWcD3 * ., emerging from the mtg, said he was re-elected as speaker unanimously. He said he'll name a majority ldr tomorrow

Campaign 2013 Whoopi Goldberg and John Legend attended Cuomo’s big birthday fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria last night, according to brother Chris Cuomo’s tweet. * GOP mayoral candidate George McDonald filed a lawsuit to prevent NYC’s Campaign Finance Board from taking enforcement action against his campaign for accepting contributions in excess of city limits and a loan that is prohibited by city law.*  Orthodox Pundit reported more voters turned out in Hasidic Williamsburg for last summer’s relatively high-profile race for district leader, featuring Lincoln Restler and Chris Olechowski, than for president last November: “In a phenomenon – that may be news to outsiders but not community observers – the presidential elections drew half the number of Hasidic voters that turned out for the recent obscure district leader contest. 1,708 voters pulled the levers on Heyward St. for both presidential candidates combined, versus 3,409 votes that the 2 district leader candidates netted.”* Here’s a copy of GOP NYC mayoral candidate George McDonald’s lawsuit against the Campaign Finance Board. * The RWDSU issues early endorsements in six NYC Council races. * good q: asked how a black Republican wins in . anyone? anyone? * potential GOP mayoral candidate Rev. said, if asked, he would not perform a same-sex marriage ceremony. via * NY1 Online: Rev. Bernard Breaks His Silence On Running For Mayor 

NYP Bloomberg Apologize to the NRA?
Grodin: Christine Quinn, Bloomberg clash on unions, advocates (NYDN) * The NY Post says Bloomberg needs to apologize to the NRA – not the UFT – for comparing the gun rights group to the teachers union.


Teacher Evaluations Deadline Again TV Ads Vs Bloomberg Likens UFT to Teachers Union
Continuing a tense public debate, Mayor Michael Bloomberg emphasized the need to negotiate a new teacher evaluation plan with the United Federation of Teachers, and compared the union to the N.R.A. for being out of sync with its members

City Names 17 Schools Slated to Close(NYT)
Cuomo: Teacher-Evaluation Talks Face Firm Deadline New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued a warning to his largest city and its teachers union: Get your homework in on time. There will be no extension * DOE Releases List Of 17 City Schools Marked For Phasing Out, Closure(NY1)* Teachers' Union, Democratic Mayoral Hopefuls Continue To Blast Bloomberg "NRA" Remark(NY1) * S.I. Council Proposes Armed Retired Officers Patrol Schools(NY1) At a press conference yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo passed on the opportunity to join the crowd of Democrats attacking Mayor Michael Bloomberg for comparing the leadership of city’s teachers union to the National Rifle Association. “I don’t know the context in which he said it,” Mr. Cuomo claimed. “I know the teachers union is very upset about it and I can understand why. It’s not their position on guns, especially at this time. But I don’t know the context. Context is everything.” president Mulgrew says negotiations with NYC over teacher evaluations will resume later this week

 The Post argues that Bloomberg should not apologize for comparing the United Federation of Teachers to the NRA, but the union should for potentially forcing New York City schools to lose out on $450 million in funding: * Staten Island Board Votes In Favor Of Plan To Put Retired (WCBS) * 7 schools facing ax(NYP) *More schools to be added to 17 targeted for closing(WCBS) * Report: 17 NYC schools to close(Fox 5) * Staten Island Education Council Votes for Armed Guards in Schools, Won’t Get Them(NY Mag) * UFT head back to table(NYDN)
*Record Number of Misconduct Complaints Are Made Against City School Employees(NYT)

Union Leader, School Chancellor Negotiate As Yellow School Bus Strike Threat RemainsUnion Leader, School Chancellor Negotiate As Yellow School Bus Strike Threat Remains(NY1) A bus union president said Monday that he begin labor talks with Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott, and said in case of a bus drivers' strike, the union would inform the families of more than 150,000 city public school students who rely on yellow buses, so that they could arrange alternate transportation.

The Bagelman Seabrook Gets 5 Years His Fellow Councilmembers and Speaker Quinn Put Up a No Comment Blue Wall

(Photo: Facebook)John Liu Has No Problem Being ‘Embattled’(NYO)

 Pols at @JohnCLiu party: peter vallone, comrie, recchia, @JumaaneWilliams, robert jackson #2013
John Liu’s Supporters Wish Him ‘Happy Birthday, Mr. Mayor’

The Fake Vito Lopez Redistricting After the Fake Divorce

Several City Council Members testified at a public hearing in Manhattan last night to contest the proposed district lines. Councilmembers Rosie Mendez, Melissa Mark-Viverito, Gale Brewer, and Ydanis Rodriguez, as well as a representative from Jessica Lappin's office, all gave testimony that was critical of the Redistricting Commission's process and the lines it crafted. Residents of Mark-Viverito's district came out in full force at the hearing, reflecting her East Harlem community's strong sense of unity as a center of Hispanic culture affectionately referred to as "El Barrio". Under the proposed district changes, El Barrio would be fragmented into the Council district of Inez Dickens and lose the representation of Mark-Viverito, a longtime advocate for the neighborhood. Mark-Viverito was greeted with a standing ovation as she approached the microphone to speak and proceeded to lambaste the Commission for "rushing" to make changes to other districts while leaving hers split up--a subtle shot at the changes requested by Council Speaker Christine Quinn to prevent Assemblyman Vito Lopez from running for City Council. "More likely than not the people here today will overwhelmingly be here present because of there concerns regarding District 8 and to inspire faith and trust in a truly democratic and independent process," Mark-Viverito said. "It is unclear to me why this level of public outcry has been largely disregarded by the commission, which rushed to make changes to other districts while leaving District 8 the same." The Commission will make revisions to the district maps by January 23rd, with a decision on adopting the revised map coming a week later. The City Council then has three weeks to decide whether to vote on the new district lines or send them back to the Commission for more hearings.(City and State)

Call it LIPAthetic (NYP) A commission called by Gov. Cuomo to probe New York’s power companies after Hurricane Sandy yesterday recommended that the state pull the plug on the Long Island Power Authority.* Standing Out Among Post-Holiday Real Estate Listings(NYT) * Landlords Are Blocking Rewiring of Cable After Hurricane, Verizon Says(NYT) * Panel Proposes Dissolving the L.I. Power Authority(NYT)

* Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to propose legislation to give the state more regulatory oversight of its utility companies after a special panel recommended privatizing the Long Island Power Authority following criticism over power outages, The Buffalo News reports: http://bit.ly/ZB9Tpo *State Panel Wants LIPA Privatized  * State Panel Recommends More Utility Oversight, LIPA Overhaul * Mayor Bloomberg Signs Bills For Business Enterprise Program, Sandy Cleanup Efforts(NY1) * Gov. Cuomo's panel wants to dismantle LIPA(NYDN) * Verizon Says Manhattan Landlords Want Cash for Cable(NY Mag)* Cuomo’s Moreland Act Commission recommended privatizing LIPA, an authority his former governor father created. Asked if he feels responsible for not trying to fix LIPA sooner, Cuomo said: “Absolutely not.”*  Cuomo, with few specifics, said he will propose legislation to end what he says has been a system “skewed in favor of the utility companies.”* Sandy damaged or destroyed more than 95,000 buildings on Long Island and left behind 4.4 million cubic years of debris, according to FEMA statistics obtained by Newsday. * NY1 For You: Far Rockaway Tenants Left In The Dark After (NY1)

$51 billion sandy relief bill in jeopardy
$51-billion Sandy relief bill in jeopardy of not passing(NYDN)
To Pass the Aid Bill Unite NY/NJ
A $51 billion federal emergency aid bill for states affected by Hurricane Sandy has the support of every House Democrat and every Republican House member from New York and New Jersey, but needs five more Republican votes to pass, the News writes:

Jon Stewart Tears Apart House GOP Over Sandy Aid: If You Can’t Vote For This, ‘Then We’re F*cked’

NYS Has A Fiscal Cliff Also
State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warns that as a result of significant new borrowing, New York is fast approaching its debt capacity and will have difficulty finding money to cover state-funded infrastructure projects, the News’ Ken Lovett writes:  * State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli warned New York is fast approaching its own fiscal cliff, spending billions each year to pay down past debt, which now tops $63 billion

Cuomo Plans New Rules in Fight Against Sepsis(NYT)

New EMT station opens in Washington Heights(NYDN)

  Chelsea to get free Wi-Fi, courtesy of Google(NYP)

As Use of Libraries Grows, Government Support Has Eroded(NYT)


The state Board of Elections has zero investigators – down from six – to conduct any campaign finance or election law violation probes.*
The state Board of Elections has been without a single investigator for nearly a year due to budget cutbacks, hampering the agency’s ability to conduct proper oversight, while the Board has turned to the State Police for some investigatory tasks, the Times-Union writes: http://bit.ly/11b4Xbk
* New York City mayoral candidate George McDonald filed a lawsuit in state Supreme Court on Monday to prevent the city’s Campaign Finance Board from taking action against his campaign for accepting contributions in excess of city limits, The Wall Street Journal writes: http://on.wsj.com/11akGr5

City unveils simplified parking signs(NYP)
Parking Signs, Cluttered and Confusing for Decades, Are Revamped at Last(NYT)
City Shows off Simplified Street Signs(WSJ) 
New York City unveils new parking signs(NYDN)

  The state Board of Elections has been without a single investigator for nearly a year due to budget cutbacks, hampering the agency’s ability to conduct proper oversight, while the Board has turned to the State Police for some investigatory tasks, the Times-Union writes: http://bit.ly/11b4Xbk

Victim of success: Brooklyn activist can’t afford nabe she improved(NYP)She’s paying the price for making her Brooklyn neighborhood an incredibly desirable place to live.  Cecilia Maniero Cacace, 76, a lifelong resident of Carroll Gardens best known for hosting problem-solving “sit-downs” inside local eateries* UES deaf to plan for blind crosswalk help(NYP)

Finding Inner Peace Along The Bronx River(Huff Post)

 How Am I Doing
To Some, He'll Always Be the Mayor(WSJ)Ralph Gardner Jr. says "Koch" is a highly entertaining, and at times quite moving, documentary about the former three-term mayor

In Queens, Taking the High Line as a Model(NYT)


Dept. of Offense: GOP rips O’s Pentagon pick of Hagel(NYP)
* Why Hagel Was Picked(NYT) * Nominations for Defense and the C.I.A.(NYT Ed)Before they can expect confirmation by the Senate, Chuck Hagel and John Brennan have serious questions to answer.

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Gillibrand emerges as key figure in Hagel hearings (WAsh Post)
 Hardheaded Hillary(NYP)* Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spent more time on an airplane over the last four years than most average Americans spend doing anything except sleeping, working and watching TV.* Patti Solis Doyle, Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign manager, says ”hopefully” there will be a Clinton 2016 campaign.

After Bailout, A.I.G. May Follow a ‘Thank You’ With a Suit(NYT) Feds replace flawed foreclosure review with vague $8.5 billion settlement by

Rikers Guards' Love Triangle Leads to Shooting in Brooklyn(NY Mag)
Burnt Body Found in Brooklyn ID'd as 14-Year-Old Girl(NBC)
EMTs show support in court after alleged assault(WABC)

Judge orders NYPD to 'cease' policy in Bronx 'Clean Halls' buildings(NYP)

Judge Limits a Stop-and-Frisk Program in Bronx(NYT) * NYPD Stop-and-Frisks Outside Bronx Apartments Ruled Unconstitutional(NY Mag) * Judge: must half suspicion-less top and frisks in the . * Safety Chair Vallone: "clean halls program has very little 2do w/stop & frisk, but I guess critics will grab @ anything 2 go after the NYPD"  * Federal Judge Rules Stop-And-Frisks Unconstitutional In (NY1)

Call to arms on Staten Island: panel votes to give school guards guns(NYP)

 Lanza shielded ears from kids’ screams(NYP)

Breaking: burned body found on Gerritsen Beach Brooklyn Sunday ID'd as 14-year-old girl.
THUG'S COP-OUT: Brooklyn diner gunman tries pinning the blame on victim's girlfriend  

Cops: These guys killed boy for coat(NYDN)
Video Shows 4 Sought in 16-Year-Old's Killing(NYT)

3 grilled in teen parka slay (NYP)Police are questioning three men in connection with the murder of a 16-year-old boy who was shot near a Lower East Side bodega after he refused to hand over his green Polo Ralph Lauren winter coat* Police Want To Speak With Four People Of Interest About Lower East Side Shooting(NY1)

 Not That Kind of Eatting: Kinky Not Cannibals
‘Edible’ complex all a game! Wife says hubby & cop are kinky, not cannibals(NYP) * Psychiatrist to Testify on Deviance of Officer(NYT) * Bail Denied in Cannibal Case(WSJ)

Village 'bomb mom' out of hospital, set to be arraigned(NYP)

Police Investigate Brooklyn Shooting Involving Two Correction Officers(NY1)
Crying judge gives ‘Dating Game killer’ life(NYP) * Judge Cries During Sentencing of Serial Killer Rodney Alcala(NYT) * At Sentencing, a Judge Weeps(WSJ) * Death Row Inmate Gets 25 Years To Life In Pair Of Cold Murder Cases(NY1)

Subway ‘plotter’ pleads (NYP)A terror suspect charged with plotting with al Qaeda to blow up the New York City subway system and targets around the world pleaded not guilty in Brooklyn federal court yesterday. Abid Naseer (pictured), 26, was extradited from Britain last week to...   4:09 A  B'klyn man gets 15 years for attempt to join jihad terror group