Friday, January 11, 2013

Albany Went to School On Ocean 11

In Ocean 11 The Rat Pack Tried to Steal From A Casino, In Albany They Tried to Steal the Entire Casino
Albany’s latest stench(NYP Ed) Reports of political rot in Albany keep a-comin’ — with revelations this week by The Post of probes of top Democrats in a sleazy deal that, by his own admission, even ensnared ex-Gov. David Paterson.For starters, the feds are investigating whether state Sens. John Sampson and Malcolm Smith and others were involved in a scheme to steer a multibillion-dollar contract to a politically juiced firm, AEG, to run a racino at Aqueduct Race Track.

 And on Wednesday, the ex-gov admitted that he backed AEG for political reasons — as opposed to what was best for the state. Paterson said he sided with Sampson because he wanted to help the “vulnerable” Democratic majority leader. Yet the AEG plan involved folks with shady backgrounds and clearly should’ve been shot down. Smith, by the way, is also a subject of the broader inquiry. Meanwhile, Paterson’s admission of his own sordid role in the affair is just more evidence of his lack of fitness — to put it mildly — for the position he accidentally acquired.

Did Cuomo Keep Sampson At Arms Lenghts Because He Knew That the AEG Investigation Would Exploded?
Gov. Cuomo must sure be glad he’s chosen to keep Sampson at arms length — even though he’s drawn considerable criticism from liberals for having done so. 

NYP Asks Who is the Real Cuomo
NYP, former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin believes that the best explanation for Cuomo’s tack to the left during his State of the State address is his ambition to run for president in 2016

The real Cuomo?(NYP Ed) New Yorkers may be wondering just who that guy was in Albany screaming his head off on Wednesday about, supposedly, the State of the State — and where the heck was Gov. Cuomo?

 Because, let’s face it: The man at the mic sure didn’t sound like the same Andrew Cuomo who’s been serving as governor for the past two years.Indeed, Cuomo’s heavily left-leaning, kitchen-sink agenda — and the near-hysterical manner in which he pitched it — seemed to mark a sharp turn in his two-year-old term. And for average New Yorkers, the shift may mean bad news ahead. * Andrew’s new agenda(NYP) * NICOLE GELINAS: Andy’s fuzzy math * The NY Post was not impressed with the “heavily left-leaning, kitchen-sink agenda” Cuomo laid out in his SoS, or the “near-hysterical manner in which he pitched it.”* The governor insisted he has not tacked to the left, saying: “I am socially progressive and fiscally responsible. I believe that’s where most people in this state are.” * The New York Post‘s editorial board, which has often avoided taking the ax to Governor Andrew Cuomo like it does for other Democratic pols, certainly didn’t hold back in today’s paper. Using words like “near-hysterical” to describe his State of the State speech, the Post attacked Mr. Cuomo’s agenda from every angle. They even dismissed the Adirondack Challenge! * Bloomberg cuomos-school-day-expansion-great-if-state-pays-it(Capital)  "I don't think anybody disagrees with the more time in the classroom, the more you can change the child's life," he said, adding, "The problem is, who pays for it? And I think I agree with the governor, it would be great. How you'd pay for it, I don't know. Keep in mind, the state used to pay for 50 percent of our education. Today they pay for 30 or 40 percent of our education."  * Cuomo’s 11th Hour State Of The State-Related Fundraising Ask(YNN) * Cuomo’s NYS2100 commission says New York City should build a real bus rapid transit system so it can better weather the next Hurricane Sandy.

Update Cuomo Promotes Spokesman to Chief of Staff(NYT)

New Gun Laws for NYS
New York Legislators Debate Details of Gun Law(NYT) Negotiations continued between Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and lawmakers over the specifics of a broad gun-control package that addresses a ban on military-style weapons and high-capacity magazines. Cuomo and lawmakers were cautiously optimistic about the prospects of a deal on gun control legislation, with a sticking point being a limit on high capacity magazines that would be the most restrictive in the country * Biden's Gun Push Draws NRA Ire(WSJ) * In CBS interview after, NRA Pres David Keene said Biden considering proposals to "interfere significantly" with 2nd Amendment rights. The governor and legislative leaders are putting the finishing touches on a gun control package. Cuomo will get most of what he wants, with the potential exception of a reduction on the number of bullets permissible in detachable magazines.

The Obama administration is considering a $50 million plan to fund hundreds of police officers in public schools as part of a broad agenda against gun violence that is likely to include a ban on high-capacity ammunition clips and universal background checks.* More than 100 people in three different groups plan to stage protests outside the City Center during Saturday’s Saratoga Arms Fair. * Cuomo defends gun plan from NRA criticism(Huff Post) * Cuomo Gets The DAs On His Side - A key component of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's sales job on his gun control effort is mobil.(YBB  * Perry: Cuomo’s Gun Ban Would Be Unconstitutional  (via )
* Updates on the Gun Violence Debate(NYT)

New State Gun Laws Would Not Have Saved Raphael Ward From Being Guned Down Last Week
The Boy Who Shot Him Was Only 16 Years Old.  It is already illegal for anyone under 21 in NY to have a gun.
Boy, 16, Charged With Murder in Death of Another 16-Year-Old(NYT) * The Times-Union writes that Cuomo is smart to not wait on Congress to enact tough gun control legislation, but highlights the importance of federal legislation to supplement strong state laws:VP Joe Biden says there’s “no silver bullet” to stop gun violence. : "we are going to have the 200 to 300 million guns in this country for a long time"

Cuomo Joins the Long fight for Equal Pay for Women
Cuomo met with representatives of more than a dozen women’s groups yesterday, including NARAL and Family Planning Advocates, after the governor committed to passing a Reproductive Health Act in his State of the State address, the Times-Union reports:  * Cuomo Meets With Women's Groups To Get Started On Equality Agenda  * Cuomo turned up the heat on the Senate Republicans to pass his Women’s Equality Act, meeting with female lawmakers and advocates the day after his SoS.  * Next Monday, some 400 pink-clad advocates are expected to descend on the Capitol to rally in support of Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act.

Even the Crooks in Albany Does Not Want Vito Lopez
Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez a no-show in Albany

(NYDN)Vito Lopez returned to Albany where he make his first appearance at a legislative session since he was stripped of his leadership posts in a sexual harassment scandal last summer, but then turned around headed home Reporters were eagerly anticipating an appearance from embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez during the State of State festivities at the Capitol this week. But Lopez made few public outings, sticking to his cramped fifth-floor office on Tuesday. 

Walking Dead Vito Lopez Who is Keeping Him Alive?
We spotted Lopez on Tuesday afternoon in an elevator in the Legislative Office Building, where he joked about his rough year, but he skipped a meeting attended by several Assembly members on Tuesday evening, the chamber’s swearing-in ceremony, and Cuomo’s State of the State address on Wednesday afternoon. Lopez’s office confirmed he left Albany that morning to go to a doctor’s appointment in the city. The lawmaker avoided intense scrutiny from a herd of testy Albany reporters and his anxious colleagues, including Republican Assemblyman Steve Katz, who accused Speaker Sheldon Silver of “protecting sex offenders” in a statement on the floor of the chamber before casting his ballot for Minority Leader Brian Kolb. A spokesman for Silver said that Lopez informed the clerk he would not be present for the speaker vote on Wednesday, joining Assemblymen Marcos Crespo and Phil Steck as the only absentees.

 Not A Smooth Ride For Lincoln

A post  by Lincoln Restler, on his Facebook page, against the redrawn map of the 33rd Council district, where he is considering to run against incumbent Steve Levin, ignited a debate about the Hasidim's voting power and if it should be tolerated. Mr. Restler posted that:"Woman testifying at redistrictring public hearing says district gerrymandered by Stephen Levin could not elect a female or LGBT councilmember." * Can an Orthodox Jew Win A Majority Black District?(Barkin Report)

 Election 2013
Debate Over Campaign Finance Reform Continues(NY1) As the race for City Hall heats up, the Campaign Finance Board and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn are squabbling over how groups can spend money to influence the race. "The voters wanted the disclosure of money spent in New York City elections," Amy Loprest of the city's Campaign Finance Board said. "Candidates already disclose that information since 1988." But the speaker is behind a measure to make expenditures such as flyers unions send out to their members backing certain candidates, not have to be disclosed to the general public.*  NYC Campaign Finance Board won't relent in its standoff with City Council.  * Campaign Finance Board firesback at City Council(NY World) Campaign Finance Board Fires Back At City Council

Crowded Field for November Possible
Those seeking a pathway to the mayor’s office in New York City for former MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota, a likely Republican candidate for the job, are floating the theory that there could be four nominees on the ballot in November. Lhota’s supporters envision a race where Council Speaker Christine Quinn or former City Comptroller Bill Thompson is the Democratic nominee, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is the choice of the Working Families Party, former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión winds up the Independence Party’s pick, and Lhota, of course, gets the GOP’s nod and likely the Conservative Party’s support as well. In such a case, they argue, Lhota could defy the massive voter registration advantage of the Democratic Party and squeeze through a divided electorate to win. Though the possibility was not mentioned by Lhota’s supporters, if everything else they postulate comes to pass, the general election could actually wind up a five-way, the fifth candidate being Tom Allon, the CEO of Manhattan Media (the parent company of City & State), who was selected last year by the Liberal Party as its mayoral nominee.(City and State)* NYC’s five GOP chairs have agreed to disagree on a mayoral candidate – for the moment.*  the Bronx chairman, Jay Savino, said. “At this moment, everyone is still in the same position they came in at.”  Previously undecided Staten Island GOP Chair Robert Scamardella says he’s leaning toward former MTA Chairman Joe Lhota, but isn’t ready to make a formal endorsement.* Manhattan GOP Chairman Dan Isaacs says ex-GOP Gov. George Pataki became “Democrat light,” which he wants the party to avoid when selecting a NYC mayoral candidate.

Emily List Backs Quinn
Influential Women’s ‘PAC’ to Back Council Speaker in Her Bid for Mayor(NYT) The support from Emily’s List underscores efforts by Christine C. Quinn’s campaign to highlight her gender in a crowded Democratic primary field.(She’s the lone woman candidate in the field, and would be NYC’s first female executive).

George McDonald Focus On Unemploymemt
Advocate for the Homeless Announces a Mayoral Run(NYT) * Nonprofit Founder Jumps Into Mayoral Race(NY1)

George McDonald, founder of the homeless advocacy organization, the Doe Fund, officially announced his candidacy for mayor of New York City, running as a Republican after identifying as a Democrat for most of his life. * Democrat-turned-Republican and Doe Fund founder George McDonald formally launched his mayoral campaign.* George McDonald: Tackling NYC Unemployment Is Mayoral Job #1(NYSN) “My administration would have a laser-like focus on unemployment,” said McDonald, noting that the jobless rate was 9% citywide and nearly 12% in the Bronx.  

This Is New York: Bill de Blasio, NYC Public Advocate(Epoch Times) An advocate of heritage, honor, and family* Let's not wait for more court rulings to set boundaries of our policing tactics—we should be setting our priorities w/ our laws & oversight

Mark Gjonaj and Andy King hope to change image of Bronx (NYDN)

Two hopefuls kick off beep campaigns(Times Ledger)Leroy Comrie and Barry Grodenchik have thrown their hats into the race for Queens borough president:..

The Jan. 15 fundraising deadline is particularly important for NYC mayoral hopeful Bill Thompson.

Sen. Eric Adams has a divide-and-conquer strategy in the Brooklyn BP’s race. Also, he hired consultant Evan Thies. 

With AC Gambling Down 8% Before Sandy Would NYers and Tourist Travel Upstate to Roll the Dice in Upstate Casinos?
AC casinos were bad bet, with 8% revenue hit (NYP)  Turns out, the house doesn’t always win.   Hedge-fund high rollers who bet big on a comeback for Atlantic City’s casinos are watching their gambling profits dwindle.

Brooklyn Civil War Russians Vs Orthodox
Russians and Orthodox Jews Clash at Brooklyn Redistricting Hearing(NYO)It was the multicultural American Dream, the only hope of ambitious Russian immigrants and the possible death knell of Orthodox Jewish communities, all at once, at least according to some of those testifying at the redistricting hearing last night in Brooklyn.

State Senate 
Republican Senate candidate George Amedore asked the Court of Appeals to postpone counting an additional 99 ballots in his race against Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, extending the election dispute into next week, the Times-Union reports: * statement on being named Chair of the Senate Democratic Conference *  At the request of Republican George Amedore, the state’s highest court told election officials to wait on counting 99 ballots in his state Senate race with Duanesburg Democrat Cecilia Tkacyzk.* What’s actually new in the new state Senate rules? Find out here.* Rule Changes In New Power Sharing Senate Draw Criticism From Good Government Groups(NY1)

 Look Like Cuomo Plan is to Establish the Gambling Sites At the State Race tracks and Have the State Lotto Commission Regulate it

Cuomo said that because of a contract with the Seneca Nation of Indians that prohibits any casinos in a large area of Western New York, casinos in that part of the state would not be a part of his gambling expansion package, The Buffalo News writes: * The mayor of Lake George is calling for a casino study in Warren County, just as Cuomo has proposed three initial non-Indian run casinos somewhere upstate.

As the State Keeps Closing Hospitals the City Is Less Able to Take Care of Emergencies Like the Ferry Crash
City Trauma Care Showing Strains(WSJ)After a ferry smashed into a Lower Manhattan dock Wednesday, first responders rushed dozens of people to a scattering of hospitals where nearly all were treated for minor injuries. But one passenger suffered serious head and face trauma and had to be taken 6 miles north for treatment.

Flu Epidemic In New York City
The flu is currently at epidemic levels across the five boroughs, New York City Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley announced Thursday.New York in midst of flu epidemic as emergency room and drug store visits rise(NYP) *Already 15,000 More Flu Cases This Year Than All Of Last Season(NY1)

Bloomberg Reduces Mothers Little Helpers At City Hospitals

Mike cracks down on painkiller pills(NYP) * New York City to Restrict Prescription Painkillers in Public Hospitals’ Emergency Rooms(NYT) Bloomberg announced that New York City municipal hospitals are going to start restricting patients to a three-day supply of prescription painkillers to combat the abuse of opioids in emergency rooms * Farley: ‘Severe’ Strain Of Flu Reaches Epidemic Proportions (WSBCS) * Bloomberg Slaps Down Criticism of Painkiller Restriction Plan(NYO) * Bloomberg Cracking Down on Easy-Access Painkillers(NY Mag) * No St Vincents, Sandy, Flu Hospitals Over Crowded Strained (Troy Artist)

Cuomo Shows His Guns
(Photo: Flickr/governorandrewcuomo)Headline of the Day: “A Different Kind Of Gun Show? Gov. Cuomo Gets His Flu Shot — And A Lollipop.”

State Island Update
NY1 Online: Assessing The Top Issues On Staten Island In 2013(NY1)

Report More Teachers Failing In Poor Areas
Dozens of city schools are plagued with 'unsatisfactory'(NYDN) Report Links Poor Schools, Teachers(WSJ)A report released Thursday by StudentsFirstNY showed that in schools where students are eligible for free lunch, 3.4 percent of teachers were rated unsatisfactory, while in affluent schools, the number is 1.3 percent * Report: More failing teachers in NYC poor areas(Fox 5) *  The News writes that a report that shows that New York City’s worst public school teachers are concentrated in its poorest neighborhoods reflects job protections in the United Federation of Teachers’ contract that must be changed:*
Radio host John Gambling on teacher evals: "Six more days & they’re working on it, right?" : "I think that’s fair to say"* Senator Simcha Felder, who made yeshiva funding the main issue in his campaign, may be in line to grab the chairmanship of a newly-created subcommittee on New York City education in the chamber. And good luck figuring out all of the new rules that were announced in the dead of night earlier this week, but here’s a guide to help. * The New York City teachers union has scheduled a meeting with its top delegates for Thursday – the teacher evaluation deadline - a sign top officials think negotiations could come down to the wire.* Mayor, Union Back In Talks Over New Teacher Evaluation System (NY1)

.NYC's War on the Middle Class and Poor
Fair and Toll Hikes is Just Some of the Ways NY Punished the Poor and  Middle Class
Housing Costs AlsoChallenging Year Ahead for NYC Renters: Experts (WSJ) In the last year, renters have watched incentives like no-fee listings and building perks trickle awa 

Copy Cat of the Upstate Killing of Two Fire Fighters?
Arsonist sets deadly apartment fire, then fights rescuers trying to save lives: sources(NYP) * Man Sets Fire, Killing One Person, Police Say(NYP) * Suspect Fought With Responders As They Tried To Enter Burning SoHo Building(NY1) * NYPD: Charges Pending Against Suspected Arsonist In Deadly (WCBS) * Man charged with murder, arson after allegedly setting fire to SoHo apartment(NYP)

Bloomie admits to caller: "We don’t enforce the bicycle laws as much as we should" in NYC


Mechanical Error or Control System
Manhattan ferry-crash victim on ventilator(NYP) * Day After Crash, Focus Is on Ferry’s Control System(NYT) * Ferry Captain: Boat Lost Engine Power(WSJ) * Ferry Crash Injures 74 (WSJ)* Mechanical Error May Have Been Cause Of Ferry Crash *Captain: Ferry in crash suffered mechanical failure(WABC)* New Engine Data From Crashed Ferry Could Shed Light On Accident(NY1)

Acquitted Crane Crasher Owner Strikes Again

The crane is owned by New York Crane, whose owner, James Lomma, was acquitted of criminally negligent homicide charges stemming from the 2008 crane collapse on the Upper East Side that killed two construction workers.
City Suspends License of Operator in Queens Crane Collapse(NYT) * Long Island City crane operator responsible for Wednesday's(NYDN) * Crane Operator May be to Blame in Crane Collapse(NBC)

Families Displaced By Sandy Face Hotel 'Checkout'(Huff Post) * Before Rebuilding Beaches, Plucking Debris From Storm-Tossed Sand(NYT) As part of a 24-hour operation in the Rockaways, truckloads of sand washed away by Hurricane Sandy are being poured through super-size versions of children’s toy sifters.* A Storm Victim's Luck Changes(NYT) After his home was badly damaged by Hurricane Sandy, a Breezy Point, Queens, man went into an appliance store and left with a promise of a full kitchen's worth of them free. * Suit Hits City Over Limits on Sandy Aid(WSJ) * Financial Firm Donates $10 Million To Sandy Victims(NY1) * Sandy donations may be going elsewhere(NYDN)* FEMA almost kicks out Sandy victims from hotels, but they get reprieve(WPIX)
Hipsters win hearts of Rockaway surfing community(NYDN) * Andrew Cuomo’s unlikely LIPA plan—Nicole Gelinas * Sandy Aid Runs Into Republican Demands for Spending Cuts  * Staten Island Sandy victim can't go home again(SI Advance) * Meng Wants Houses Of Worship To Be Eligible For FEMA Aid(NY1) * Final School To Reopen After Sandy Welcomes Back Students(NY1)

MTA Sandy $5 Billion Ouch
MTA Estimates Sandy Took $5 Billion Swipe At Budget MTA Estimates Sandy Took $5 Billion Swipe At Budget(NY1)

No pants subway ride(Fox 5) In an attempt to bring some laughter to commuters' lives, the comedy troupe Improv Everywhere/ We Cause Scenes has organized No Pants Subway Ride 2013.


 [image]At WFMU, Loyal Fans Step in to Save the Day (WSJ) Fundraisers are typical for the proudly listener-supported station—but Sunday's event in Brooklyn is uncommon for its cause: $250,000 in losses from damage incurred as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Yoko Ono Says Get the Frack Out of New York
A marathon Assembly hearing on fracking was dominated by opponents of the controversial natural gas drilling process. * Anti-fracking activist Yoko Ono paid a visit to the state Capitol with her son, Sean Lennon.* The WFP has launched an on-line campaign to send Cuomo to see the anti-fracking movie “Promised Land.”* Lennon’s Widow Takes Fight Against Gas Drilling to Albany(NYT)

Firefighter hopefuls are getting a second chance to join New York's Bravest
Hundreds Retake FDNY Entrance Exam After Old Test Rejected By CriticsHundreds Retake FDNY Entrance Exam After Old Test Rejected By Critics(NY1)

The Ed Koch Documentary is Premiering this weekend. The former NYC mayor is still at it.

Brooklyn Sundance
Robert Redford is in talks to expand his famous Sundance Film Festival to Brooklyn. 

Judge Blocks Restaurant Plan for Union Square Park(NYT)

Shutout in Cooperstown(NYT Ed) In a stunning rejection of the steroid era, no players were elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame.



Hillary Clinton vs. Chris Christie would be an ‘epic’ 2016 race: poll(NYP) * Hagel, Obama Forged Bond Over Iraq(WSJ)

“As Chuck Schumer goes, so goes Chuck Hagel,” blared a Politico headline on the biggest nomination fight of the moment. In the story, a “prominent New York Jewish figure” said Senator Schumer “has to decide whether he wants to be Dov Hikind or whether he wants to be a leader.” No pressure or anything.* Schumer: Questions For Hagel(YNN)
* Secretary of Defense-in-waiting Chuck Hagel reached out to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and will likely meet with her later this month.
 Washington's Economic Boom, Financed by You - Annie Lowrey, NYT Mag
When Big Deficits Became Good - Victor Davis Hanson, National Review
GOP Obstructionism & Our Endless Civil War - Robert Shrum, Daily Beast
Launching a Conservative Revival - Jim DeMint, Washington Post
Vile Absurdity of the Debt-Ceiling Fight - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Defense Spending Can and Should Be Cut - Byron York, DC Examiner
Biden Hints at "Universal" Gun Background Checks - A. Simendinger, RCP
The Real Gun-Control Consensus - Kimberley Strassel, Wall Street Journal
Obama Should Play Hardball in Second Term - Robert Reich, Huff Post
ObamaCare Is Republicans' Savior in 2014 - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
Great and Terrible News About Health Care - Paul Waldman, Am. Prospect
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Rockefeller Won't Seek Re-Election...
The Meaning of Hagel - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Hagel Brothers Still Burdened by Vietnam War - Leigh Munsil, Politico
The EPA Pushes the Envelope, Again - A. Barton Hinkle, Reason
Now Can We Talk About Climate Change? - Eugene Robinson, Wash Post
'Platinum coin' now a campaign attack
Jay Leno On Lincoln’s Oscar Nods: ‘First Time Hollywood Has Ever Voted For A Republican President’ 

Blue States' Fiscal Woes Test Obama - Brian Barry, Bloomberg
From Talk to Action on Guns - Washington Post
Jack Lew's Budget Ineptitude - Investor's Business Daily
America's Health Disadvantage - New York Times

David Gregory skates on gun clip charges...
Richard Griffin's Union Dues - Wall Street Journal
Bank Deal Ends Flawed Review of Foreclosures by Regulators(NYT) * Geithner’s Tenure Defined by Financial Crisis(NYT)* A Step Backward in Bank Regulations (NYT) New watered-down rules suggest banks are again dictating public policy in ways that could risk another crisis.
Another prominent woman to depart White House (CNN)
Rockefeller to Leave Senate as State Tilts to G.O.P.(NYT)
The end of the Rockefeller political dynasty? (Wash Post)

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Think We Have Our First Fox Boner Alert Of 2013'

NYT Layoffs
New York TimesLayoffs Approaching At NY Times(Huff Post)* Media rattled by possible layoffs: * The New York Times public editor: Keeping environmental reporting strong won't be easy without a team dedicated to it.  

British Sex Abuse Report Details Decades of Claims(NYT) * Report Details Savile Abuse Allegations(WSJ) * BBC entertainer Jimmy Savile committed more than 200 sex crimes against children: report (NYDN)

The New York Times is dismantling its environmental desk…and that’s not all that’s on the chopping block.

Law and Order
Even Before Oath, Reminders That Being a Police Officer Isn't Easy(NYT) * NYPD Swears In Latest Round Of Recruits(NY1)


The NYC medical examiner’s office is undertaking an unusual review of more than 800 rape cases in which critical DNA evidence may have been mishandled or overlooked by a lab technician, resulting in incorrect reports being given to criminal investigators.NYT) A review of 800 cases in New York has so far found 26 in which a technician failed to detect biological evidence. * NY examining errors on DNA in rape cases(DNA) * NY looks at 800 rape cases for possible DNA errors(Fox 5(

Village bomb suspect's pals say he planned to blow up Washington Square Arch: cops(NYP) * As Child, Suspect Fixated on Explosives, Police Say(NYT) * Lawyers Say Police Confused Bomb Suspect's 'Doodle' With Nazi Symbol(NYT)

NYC police: Cannon found loaded with powder, ball(CBS)

Man gunned down in Bed-Stuy(NYP)

Father, Young Son Allegedly Shot By Teen In Bed-Stuy Park(NY1)* Man, child shot in park(NYDN)
NYPD hunts for 3 suspects in Brooklyn subway robbery(WABC)

Monster who burned woman to death in elevator horror gets 50 years(NYP) * Man Who Burned Woman in Elevator Gets 50-Year Sentence(NYT)

Daughter of slain cop Lt. Federico Narvaez joins new class of NYPD recruits(NYP)

Ray Kelly Adamant He’s Not Running for Mayor or Violating Anyone’s Civil Liberties(NY Mag) Frisking Saves Lives

Adam Lanza autopsy mystery: His brain was not unusual. 

NYPD Eyeing Drones to Monitor Crowds(DNAINFO)


Suspect in city's first 2013 murder caught in Ohio(NYP)
Attorney Kenneth Thompson has received significant campaign contributions from celebrities such as actor Denzel Washington, comedian Chris Rock, and former Jets running back Curtis Martin, in his bid for Brooklyn District Attorney, the New York Daily News writes: * Two candidates running against Brooklyn D.A. Joe Hynes are touting their top donors set to emerge in the latest finance report. Attorney Ken Thompson has support from celebrities like Denzel Washington and Chris Rock while former prosecutor Abe George received a $45,000 check from David Boies

In the News, Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance applauds Cuomo for addressing human trafficking in his State of the State speech, as Vance’s office has taken a new approach to trafficking, treating prostituted individuals as victims, not criminals: 

Killer South Slope mugger stole the wedding ring off victim’s finger, cops say(NYP)

2 children found in NY apt. with dead mother(Fox 5)

Search for electronics store robbers(Fox 5)
Robbers Posing as Cops Taken Down in DEA Sting(NBC)

Salomon rips aide in ‘scam’ (NYP) He paid her $93,000 a year — and, he claims, she still robbed him blind.  William Salomon, the 98-year-old scion of venerable Salomon Brothers trading house, told a federal judge this week he “implicitly” trusted former secretary Karen Febles

Bronx fake-cop theft ring used car sporting 'James Bond'-style device to hide license plate: feds(NYP)