Saturday, January 30, 2010

True News Updated All Weekend

Albany's Gambling
Pay to Play Payoff

Pay to Play Albany Slots Capping a flawed selection process, Gov. Paterson yesterday picked a business consortium tied to friend and former Democratic Rep. Floyd Flake to build a slot-machine casino at the Aqueduct Racecourse in Queens.Playing faves Gov pulls 'win' lever for friend

Lobbyist Payoff If you believe that Paterson's political consultant did not talk to the governor about his winning client Flakes' AIG you deserve to have Albany represent you.
SL Green hired Bill Lynch as a $7,500-per-month lobbyist in November; Lynch is Paterson's political adviser. Lynch said the Paterson campaign paid him $10,000 last year but he has been working for free for months. He said he doesn't talk to the governor about Aqueduct * Lynch is Paterson's political adviser *** Piece of the Action Albany's racino racket * SL Green's hiring of Bill Lynch, one of Paterson's top political aides, as a lobbyist has only reinforced the sense that the final decision won't be on the merits.

Crime Pays in Albany
Assembly sources said that's a "potential problem" for at least two smaller AEG investors, including Darryl Greene, an associate of Flake's firm and onetime business partner with Senate President Malcolm Smith (D-Queens). Greene was convicted in 1999 of stealing $500,000 from city agencies and private firms that paid him for affirmative-action hiring services. Silver, who was believed to have favored another of the bidders, insisted that four conditions be met, including a requirement that no investor associated with AEG could have a criminal record. Playing faves Gov pulls 'win' lever for friend

Smith's Happy
Sampson makes the guy he replaced as leader of the senate Smith happy by delivering a jackpot to Malcolm's team Exclusive: Paterson gives 'racino' contract to AEG *** Lawmakers Agree On Aqueduct Lottery Machines Operator * In Casinos, New York Faces
Uncertain Returns***Queens cronies' horse power

Entitlement that applies to no one else? Just days after warning Albany that proposed cuts in state aid to the city would force him to lay off 18,000 municipal employees, it was reported that Mayor Mike had created city payroll slots for 15 staffers of his re-election campaign. What about the city's 10.6% unemployment rate which seems not to effect anyone who worked in the Bloomberg campaign Mike’s bonehead hires (NYP Ed) *** Mike mystery money went to key elex aide *** Another Million-Plus Bloomy Bucks to Indy Party PalsPay to Play NJ Secret Videos Aired in Jersey City Corruption Trial

Waiting on Albany Mayor Plans Budget Cuts Caused by Less Revenue,
Uncertainty on State Aid (Henry Stern NY Civic)

Gov of La Mancha Albany Shock for Gov. Paterson's mansion cop *** The editor of the Hamaspik Gazette on Paterson: "The media makes him look like a fool, and in real life he is anything but a fool." Paterson proposed to legalize "ultimate fighting" to create a new revenue stream for the cash-strapped state, it was rejected by a whopping 68% of New York voters in a new Marist poll *** Little Stimulus Funds Used for Transportation (Building Congress) *** Fixing Mistakes in the Ethics Bill (ReformNY)

Inside City Hall As City’s Charter Schools Expand, State Remains Deadlocked on Future Growth *** City Schools May Get Fewer A’s *City to change school report card grading** Silenced cabbies go sullen on cell muzzle *** Mike wants to stamp out fire alarm boxes Save City $2.5 Million *** A judge delayed the state's planned seizure of property in Brooklyn to make way for Atlantic Yards *** Stolen Cop Car Ends Up At LaGuardia *** Census Shenanigans in Canarsie *** Rising Eminent Domain in New York (Architect’s Newspaper via Planetizen) *** Using Trash to Rebuild the City (Inhabitat) *** ULURP Begins for Highline Preservation Above 30th St. (High Line Blog) *** New Report Examines Neighborhoods for .nyc (NYConvergence)

Election 2010 64% of the electorate think Cuomo is doing either an excellent or good job in office. And, just 7% believe Cuomo is performing poorly. Marist Poll *** Upstate Dems go for AndyNew York Economic Melt Down The dirt on 'filthiest' of NY's hotels *** How to kill a hospital (NYP Ed) *** It's the pensions, stupid: Cadillac retirement plans are killing the city (DN Ed) *** Take the deal, Larry: Time for Silverstein, PA to stop bickering and build WTC (DN Ed)
'KeySpan' is out at old ballgame *** Macklowe moves out of residential RE *** Usurious Tax Refund Loans Cost City $58 Million (Bronx News Network) *** Paterson Proposes Elimination of HEAP Weatherization Funding (PULP Blog)

Law and Order Jayson Williams robbed, $150Gs stolen ***Nutjob 'cops' an NYPD van *** Cop suspended after idle car with shotgun is stolen: cops
*** Saturday *** Rx robbers kill woman in getaway *** Feds on prowl in gem slay *** Kill cover-up: 'Out walking' *** Kelly: New 'brutality' vid doesn't tell story *** Cop chief quitting at 62 *** Man Infuriated By Overdraft Fee Jailed After Threatening To Rob Bank *** Abortion Foe Found Guilty in Doctor’s Killing *** Law Has Little Effect on Early Release for Inmates*** Stein believed assistant was stealing from her: witness *** Brooklyn mom denies involvement in case of missing son ***Blaze that killed 5 in Bensonhurst - including mom who tossed kids to safety - may have been arson *** Documentary film editor killed by CVS robbers' getaway car *** Brooklyn Apartment Fire Kills 5; Arson Suspected

More City News Five Die In Three-Alarm Brooklyn FireTerrorism Site for Terror Trial Isn’t Its Only Obstacle *** U.S. Beefs Up Missile Defenses in Gulf Protection Upgraded for Allies Against Potential Iranian Strikes *** Yemen says 24 rebels killed in Saada clashes *** Bay what? Guantanamo eyed for 9/11 trial *** Rumors swirl on Taliban death
*** Saturday *** Terror Trial Likely to Leave New York City (WSJ) *** Plane grounded after passenger on no-fly list boards *** Terror trial won't happen in New York City, says official *** Search for 9/11 remains continues with sifting operation *** Put a chokehold on Iran: Time for sanctions to block Tehran's nuke ambitions (DN Ed) *** New Teams Created to Connect Dots of Terror Plots *** Get Terror Trials Out of Civilian Court - New York Daily News *** Bin Laden blasts US for climate change *** Continental: TSA Insisted On Diverting Plane *** Missteps in Response to Christmas Bomb Attempt - Detroit Free Press *** AP: Feds Offer $200 Million To Terror Trial's Hosting City

White House
U.S. Speeding Up Missile Defenses in Persian Gulf *** The Caucus: Bush Stops By the White House *** Camus Fired UpFor a moment in time, at the Q. and A. with the president at the annual retreat of House Republicans, each side realized that the other had something to say (Dowd NYT) *** The State of the Union Is ComatoseThe dysfunctional Congress needs shock therapy, not a talking cure from a president with large legislative majorities and powerful strings to pull (Rich NYT) *** The Saturday Word: Budget Pivot *** Obama To Propose $3.8 Trillion 2011 Budget *** U.S. Deal With Taiwan Has China Retaliating *** Bam's budget proposal will help struggling states: report*** Obama joins sellout crowd to watch college hoops *** Tightwad Orszag Finds New Role*** Sunday Take: The theater in the meeting between Obama and House Republican Wash Post *** Obama's Strategy: Blame the Other Guys - Doyle McManus, LA Times *** Obama Can Get Past Early Missteps - Harold Jackson, Philadelphia Inquirer *** Speed Up Job Creation - Philadelphia Inquirer *** All Aboard High Speed Politics - Washington Post *** Play-by-play man Bam calls the hoop shots *** We Get It, Mr. President, We Just Don't Like It - Ron Smith, Baltimore Sun *** Obama Won. Now Follow the Leader - Anna Quindlen, Newsweek *** The Muddled Selling of the President - Richard Stevenson, New York Times *** If Obama Can't Change DC, Can Anyone? - Cynthia Tucker, Atlanta JC *** Fiscal Fraud -- or Frugality? - Steve Chapman, Chicago Tribune

*** Saturday ***Obama Faces Off With G.O.P. in Lively Airing of Differences *** Obama, GOP exchange barbs, ideas in rare encounter *** Off Script, Obama and the G.O.P. Vent Politely *** Prez vs. GOP is a rip-roaring bout *** Bam carries ball to force 'true' college pigskin playoff *** President Obama slams obstructionist Republicans at GOP issues retreat *** Uncommon capital candor: An outbreak of rare straight talk from Washington *** Obama slams obstructionist Republicans at GOP issues retreat *** Obama Outlines Plan to Increase Employment ***U.S. Approval of Arms Sales to Taiwan Angers ChinaObama Acts to Ease Way to Construct Reactors *** Clinton Warns China on Iran Sanctions *** Is Barack Obama Becoming A New Jimmy Carter? *** Obama's Message Not Getting Through - Charles Blow, New York Times *** White House Forced to Review 9/11 Trials - Harvey Morris, Financial Times *** Obama's Speech Misread the National Mood - San Diego Union-Tribune *** Legacy Obama Inherited from Bush Too Quickly Forgotten - The Guardian *** Obama: Deficit Threatens Recovery *** Obama Tackles Football *** Hard slog for SOTU proposals *** Obama: Cutting deficit as important as job growth

G.O.P. Facing Opportunities and Obstacles *G.O.P. Hits Its Stride, but Faces Rifts Over Ideology** Obama Budget Freezes Much *** No Jobs, No RecoveryThe Senate should pass a jobs bill that combines tax credits for hiring and incentives for small-business lending with sound features from the House and Senate versions (NYT Ed) *** High Jinks to Handcuffs for Landrieu Provocateur *** Voters Seem to Like Campbell’s Switch
*** Saturday ***
Domestic SpendingJudicial Watch Uncovers New Documents Detailing Pelosi's Use of Air Force Aircraft *** Activist Offers Justification for Tampering in Senate Office *** Scott Brown: 'People Aren't Stupid' - John Fund, Wall Street Journal *** Understanding Massachusetts - Jonathan Schell, The Nation *** Health care moves to back burner *** Rep. paid big bucks for legal defense *** Retiring Democratic Senator Says Obama Erred By Tackling Health Care First *** Little Progress Seen Against Health Insurance Fraud - USA Today

Political Parties
Tyranny of the Majorities (NYT Magazine) ***Can Palin Raise Enough to Win 2012? *** Stop Trying to Reason With GOP and Fight - Bob Kuttner, Boston Globe *** Getting Ready to Battle Over Ads - David Broder, Washington Post *** 2010 Elections: Taking the Fifth - Richmond Times-Dispatch ***GOP to Tie Obama to Democratic Candidates - Jonathan Martin, Politico
*** Saturday *** G.O.P. Waters Down 'Purity Test' for Its Candidates *** Antigovernment Movement a Lasting Force? - Eleanor Clift, Newsweek *** Centrist-Liberal Split Divides Dems - Matthew Dallek, The Daily Beast *** Possible Epic Party Disaster for Democrats - Michael Barone, DC Examiner *** The Court and Campaign Finance - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic

Wall Street
Toyota to Issue a Fix for Recalled Cars *** Calling Buffett on apparent flip-flip
*** Saturday *** Economy Grew at Vigorous Pace in Last Quarter ***Barclays Seeks Dismissal of Lehman Estate Suit *** Union Greed Has Dismembered Michigan - Nolan Finley, Washington Times *** CEOs to testify on 'Volcker rule' *** Toyota Didn’t Install Brake Override Systems Despite Complaints - Wash. Post *** Regulators Shut Down Banks In 5 States

Haiti Is Again a Canvas for Approaches to Aid *** Orphaned, Raped and IgnoredThe civil war in eastern Congo has claimed at least 30 times as many lives as the Haiti earthquake, yet no humanitarian crisis generates so little attention (Kristof NYT) *** Argentina Prez Pushes 'Sexy' Pork
*** Saturday ***
Cost Dispute Halts Airlift of Injured Haiti Quake Victims *** China Suspends Military Exchanges With U.S. *** Iran, After the Deadlineince Iran has failed to stop enriching ranium, it is time for President Obama and other leaders to ratchet up the pressure with tougher sanctions (NYT Ed) *** China’s Zeal for ‘Avatar’ Crowds Out ‘Confucius’ *** North Korea Holding Second American *** China retaliates over US arms sales to Taiwan The Guardian

National Mass. AG Finds Clout of Hospitals Drives Costs - Boston Globe *** U.S. Agrees to Repay Military Veterans in Debt Dispute - Wall Steet Journal ($)*** Watchdog: Texas Gov’s Job Creation Figures Are Exaggerated - Star-Telegram

Environment U.S. Government Plans to Reduce Its Energy Use *** Massachusetts Sets Ambitious Energy Standards *** Copenhagen's Moment of Truth - Jonathan Lash, Los Angeles Times *** NYS to Close One of NYC's Dirtiest Power Plants *** EPA Probes Its Actions in Town with Toxic-Waste Dump - Los Angeles Times *** More UN Climate Panel Claims Questioned - Richard Gray, Telegraph

Media and New Tech TV's Jersey 'sure' to hit LI Hamptons *** Steve Jobs and the Economics of Elitism *** Candy Crowley Gets CNN Sunday Morning Show
*** Saturday ***
Google Exec: iPad Won't Save Newspapers *** How To Report The News': British Journalist Savages TV Coverage *** WATCH Jimmy Kimmel: 'Tattle-Tale' Jay Leno Actually 'Sucker-Punched' Me! *** Gay Dating Site Ad REJECTED By CBS For Super Bowl Run *** NBC Expects 200 Million Viewers to Watch Olympics... *** Jersey Shore Gets Second Season *** Apple iPad Challenges Google's Chrome Cloud Computing Designs *** Report: Critical Infrastructures Under Constant Cyberattack Globally - Wired *** Could 'Catcher in the Rye' finally make it to the big screen? Salinger letter suggests yes *** Matt Taibbi Accuses David Brooks Of 'Racist Elitism' *** Politico Distorts Obama's Q&A Message, Proves His Point About The Media
Page 6 Willie Mays, at 78, Decides to Tell His Story *** 'Ripped' torn in bank 'burglary' *** Cuckoo for coconuts Madonna *** 'Melody Queen of Shea Stadium' Jane Jarvis dies at age 94 *** Frigid weather doesn't stop 'Idiotarod' race
*** Saturday *** Edwards' mistress sues to get her sex tape back *** Stay, rover, stay! *** Salinger’s Last Known Manhattan Home *** LISTEN: Duped Elizabeth Edwards Goes Off On Former Staffer, Calls Hunter 'Concubine' *** Loverboy Eliot lacks mojo: gals *** Heavy male politicians come out big in new study *** Edwards mistress goes to court seeking return of 'private' tape *** The Salinger Effect: How He Won the World Over - John Wenke, Forbes ***Hathaway Receives Hasty Pudding Award ***PETA goes overboard with robotic groundhog, columnist says ***Dave Matthews Responds To John Edwards Wedding Connection ***JD Salinger, and His Way, Are Dead ***Actor 'Rip' Torn, 78, Charged With Breaking Into A Bank While Carrying Loaded Gun, Drunk