Sunday, January 6, 2013

True News Sunday Update

 In an internet age where everything a politician thinks, takes a position on and says is decided on and written by a consultant, Joe Lhota at least before he decided to seek office, is blunt-talking, opinionated and politically incorrect in today very carefully choreographed campaign world.

You Think You Choose

Blunt-talkin’ Lhota(NYP) While serving as the top deputy to former Mayor Giuliani, Joe Lhota (inset) urged the chancellor of the City University to expel students editors of the Hunter College newspaper who published disquieting pictures of Jesus crucified on the cross and wearing a condom. Longtime government watchdog Gene Russianoff offered a similar assessment. “I’ve always liked the guy,” he said. “He might give you an earful, but you could talk to him.”  Lhota was equally blunt in a Sept. 24, 1998, letter to Lew Eisenberg, then the chairman of the Port Authority. Lhota said the city would demand full property taxes from anyone who ended up buying the World Trade Center, which the PA was peddling at the time. “It is well known to everyone in New York,” he lectured the PA boss, that the bi-state agency “favors New Jersey at the expense of New York.”

Lhota Moves the Campaign Away From the Far Left
NYP Says Quinn Announced the Kelly Stay On Deal Last Week To Bunt the Buzz of Lhota Entering the Race
Whole lhota shakin’ goin’ on(NYP) For a freshly unemployed mass-transit worker, Joe Lhota sure has a way of making politicians take note.The top Democratic candidates are truly a bland, progressive soup, so the possibility of a seasoned Republican in the mix is appetizing indeed. If Lhota enters the race, it would be far more difficult for the contenders to ignore New York’s conservative Democrats and Republican voters. Call it the Lhota effect.* Christine Quinn hits Bloomberg over remarks comparing teachers union to NRA(NYDN) Mayor Michael Bloomberg linked the unrelated groups while blasting the union for failing to reach an agreement with the city over teacher evaluations.

Dog Shit Sign is Full of Crap
Signs lie like a dog(NYP) Pup-poop fine a fiction. Here’s the real poop on the scooper law. The city for years has posted signs in parks and promenades that threaten a $1,000 fine for dog-waste violations — citing “public health law 1316.”Just one problem with the signs: They’re full of crap. Not only is the fine not $1,000, that section of the law doesn’t exist. When The Post asked city officials about one such posting on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, red-faced officials admitted that “1316” is a typo — and that the actual fine is $250.

Broken Housing
Chairman John Rhea — an investment banker with no previous housing experience — spending millions in a constantly shifting search for ways to fix what’s broken.
NYCHA spends twice for consultants(NYDN) NYCHA drops $26 million to advice-givers in the last five years. The nation’s largest public housing authority faces an annual $50 million budget gap and a backlog of 340,000 repairs to its deteriorating apartments. Some 10,000 of those repairs won’t be made until 2014.

The NYP and Daily News Know That the 3 Cs Sells Newspaper 
Crime, Comics and Cunts
Welfare recipients take out cash at strip clubs, liquor stores and X-rated shops: report(NYP) They’re on the dole — and watching the pole. Welfare recipients took out cash at bars, liquor stores, X-rated video shops, hookah parlors and even strip clubs — where they presumably spent their taxpayer money on lap dances rather than diapers

Cuomo On the Spot This Year
Cuomo's ability to negotiate will be on full display this year (

The only way to clean up Albany (NYDN ed) Let small donors power the system

Last Year NYS Cut the Mental Health Budget by $100 Million
No more Sunando Sens(NYDN Ed)
The confessed subway pusher who took the life of Sunando Sen last week is the product of a fundamentally insane system that allowed her mental illness to metastasize and become lethal.
Fourteen years ago, New York enacted a law empowering authorities to seek a court order to forcibly medicate dangerous mentally ill people. It is known as Kendra’s Law because it’s named after Kendra Webdale, a young woman who was was pushed in front of a subway train by a deranged man in 1999.
On Thursday, her parents, Patricia and Ralph Webdale, published an article in the Daily News that took note of the law’s strengths and called for eliminating its weaknesses.

The won't convene until Wednesday, and the chamber's new rules remain under wraps (TU)

Vito Lopez Finally is Downsized  
A smaller office and crummy parking space await disgraced Brooklyn Assemblyman Vito Lopez when he returns to Albany(NYDN) After losing leadership posts, veteran pol embroiled in sex harassment scandal loses his trappings of power

It Was Not the Sexual Harrassment of the Beauty that is Pushing Lopez Out of Albany It is Involvement of the Speaker, AG and Contoller
Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(TrueNews)

Liu on Oliver Pan Witness List
Liu May Testify In Fraud Case Of Campaign Fundraiser(NY1) Messages Are in Dispute in Liu Fundraising Case(NYT) As the case into John C. Liu’s fundraising continues, a defense lawyer wants to block potentially incriminating communications that he said have nothing to do with the charges against the defendant.*
Liu: Settle 'Central Park Five' lawsuit(NYDN)


  “Hou was not interested in working for Liu, but Liu kept asking": New docs released as $ cases near trial

Carrion Plays Latino Card
Carrion: New York Ready for Latino Mayor(WSJ) Adolfo Carrion, who aspires to be New York City's first Latino mayor, said he believes he's the best person to succeed Mayor Michael Bloomberg, but he also maintains it's high time a Latino is the chief executive at City Hall.* TWC Reception Honors Record Number Of Hispanic Lawmakers(NY!)

NY1 Online: Albanese Explains Run For Mayor

Dysfunctional Political Parties Blood Feud Giuliani Vs. Cox Vs County Leader Looking for $$$ and Control
The political leaders all have an agenda and not of it includes needs of the public

Preacher A.R. Bernard weighs run for mayor(NYDN)State GOP chairman Ed Cox urges the Rev. A.R. Bernard, pastor at Christian Cultural Center, to enter into already crowded field. Cox move to Bernard after Lhota meet with Supermarket billionaire Catsamitidis yesterday.  Although
Catsamitidis said yesterday that he would spend up to $20 million to win the mayor's office there is a lot a internet buzz that he will drop out for Lhota.   Other say that since Cox and Catsamatidis are in-laws there is no way in the world he is getting out of the race.  Cox who hates Giuliani because he will push out of the 2000 U.S. Senate race by him before he got sick and drop out.  * Up Close: NYC Mayoral Campaign(WABC) (Video) Three Republican county chairs about the upcoming race for mayor in New York City and their Meeting Next Week.

Will the NY GOP Lose Power By Forcing A Primary Like the DC Lost Face and Power With the Fiscal Cliff Forced Show down?
A second major factor splitting the GOP is the political leaders search for money.  Bloomberg paid each of the 5 county parties 100,000 for getting them on the ballot. Yesterday CrainsNY reported that the Manhattan GOP party was flat broke. The Manhattan GOP is essentially bankrupt. Yes they housekeeping account is flat broke but the Townhouse they own on 81street between 1st and 2nd avenues is worth over $20 million dollars. Some say the building is owned by the met club, but others say that the Manhattant GOP controls the club.  What is clear the Manhattan GOP party leaders and the rest of county leaders are looking to sell their endorsement for money.  Catsamitidis has Bloomberg bucks, Carron campaign account in 2010 had a war chest of $2 million dollars. But very very little of that money can be use in a run for mayor. Most of the Carron money would have to be returned to the contributors and recontribute under CFB rules. 

George Mcdonald has no money listed in his CFB account. Joe Lhota is not even list on the CFB site as of yet. Vincent Trombone the VP of the Queens GOP Party works as a lawyer for Catsmitidis.  All the candidate except for Carron do not need the support from any county leader to run in the GOP primary.  Carron needs to get permission for three GOP county leaders to run.  The last time the GOP had a primary for mayor was in 1989 were Ron Lauder another Billionare lost to Giulani.  The primary hurt Giulani who lost the general to Dinkins by less then 50,000 votes. There is also the possiblility that the court with over turn the conviction of John Haggerty and order a new tria or no trial at all (do you think Bloomberg wants to get back on the witness stand).  This could make Haggerty a wild card player in the GOP mayoral primary.

Preacher A.R. Bernard from L.I. to move for mayor race

Joe Lhota Had Secret Meeting With Potential Mayoral Rival John Castimatidis: At this point it seems pretty clear... * Mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota brings experience, baggage(SI Advance)

McDonald plans to run for NYC mayor(NYP) Joe Lhota isn’t the only Republican making moves in the mayoral race — advocate for the homeless George McDonald is staffing up ahead of a formal campaign launch next week


New Blog Goes After de Blasio

Campaign 2013
The Racist Expletives are Flying in Upper Manhattan’s City Council Race(NY Mag)
City Council Candidate Has No Regrets About Slur-Filled Rant(Gothamist)
Boroughs battle over redistricting of Randalls Island 
Looks like the 2013 gop mayoral primary will be as interesting as the Dem one(NYDN)
Liu Calls On City to Settle $250 Million Central Park Five Lawsuit(DNAINFO)
James Sanders Jr. Has A lot of People Who Want to Replace Him | The Barkan Report:

Searching for El Primero: Latinos & the Mayoralty - In the 43 years since the first serious mayoral candidacy by a Latino, the community'..

Martha Taylor Rejecting Fraud and Corruption In Politics? Time Will Tell (Queens Politics)

GOOD TIMING! John Sampson's top aide resigns as the Brooklyn state Sen. gets rushed by the Feds(NYDN) Paul Rivera's departure -- which raised eyebrows considering the FBI probe -- was actually in the works for a long time: insider.

 Spitzer Idea to Continue His Show On Al Jazeera Rejected
Stop it!!!!!!“: Eliot Spitzer's show on Current TV is over, effective immediately. Scoop on

Eliot Spitzer End His Show on Current TV (NYT)

In NY, not a good season for former governors on the air..

Barry kicks off BP campaign(Queens Crap)
From the Daily News:Barry Grodenchik is entering the crowded field of Democratic candidates for Queens Borough President with an official party/fundraiser on January 8th at Young Israel of Jamaica Estates from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Grodenchik, a former Assemblyman and long-time staffer at Queens Borough Hall, said his experience sets him apart from the pack which includes City Councilman Leroy Comrie, City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr., former City Councilwoman Melinda Katz, State Sen. Tony Avella and State. Sen. Jose Peralta. “I have the most county-wide experience of any of the candidates,” said Grodenchik, 52. “Combined - I have worked in the Borough President’s office for 14 years. Grodenchik, who grew up in the Pomonok Houses in Flushing, started as an aide to former Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn.He also worked at the Parkside Group, the lobbying and political consulting firm. We can see by the company he keeps that he'd be a traditional choice for borough president...

Kelly On the Price of Safety
Since Mayor Bloomberg took office, 69 New York City police officers have been shot by criminals in the line of duty. Ten of them succumbed to their wounds. Last year, 12 officers were shot, an average of one a month. Fortunately, none of them died.

Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly: New York City's resurgence comes at a high price(By Ray Kelly, NYDN)'Public safety has been the foundation of New York City’s resurgence, but it is not free. Mayor Bloomberg and I, in emergency rooms throughout the city, see too often just how high a price is paid.' (picture  Murdered New York City police Officer Peter Figoski) * A round of applause for one of New York Cities finest! VIDEO of Officer Pichardo leaving the hospital(WPIX)

NY Elected Officials Attempts to Strengthen the States Gun Laws Will Not Stop Most Problems Gun Attacks in City
GOP Skelos: "90% of the guns used in the commission of a gun crime in NYC & 70% of gun crimes in NYS are illegal guns from out of state."  
NC grandma stunned to learn her stolen gun was used to shoot a cop in The Bronx(NYP) * The gun used to shoot a Bronx cop was stolen from an elderly North Carolina woman in 2008 * Gun shows face new scrutiny after school shooting(WSJ) * Gun-Wielding Man Shot By Police In East New York(NY1) * Shooting of Two Officers Began With a Minor Violation Used to Fight Crime(NY1) * Giffords Sees Victims’ Kin in Newtown(NYT) * Hero cop thwarts Bronx car-lot heist(NYDN) * Wounded ex-Rep. Giffords meets with Conn. families(Fox 5) * From The BBC Four dead in Colorado shooting: Four people, including a gunman, are found dead following a shootin... * Senate Republicans Introduce Gun-Control Package(Albany Watch) * A day after Cuomo meets with the IDC on gun control, Skelos pushes his own legislation on illegal firearms. (YNN)

Cop who took bullet while trying to stop robbery at Bronx auto mall leaves hospital(NYP) *Off-Duty Officer Wounded During Attempted Robbery Released From Hospital(NY1) * Police and the public pay the price for the flood of guns on our streets(NYDN Ed) Three cops shot Thursday night drive home the danger yet againRead more:

Bx. cop-shoot rap on thugs (NYP) The four men embroiled in the shooting of an off-duty Bronx cop during a botched robbery were arraigned on attempted-murder charges yesterday — and the alleged shooter showed up in court sporting black eyes and stitches.

Stamford Gun Show Controversy Has Some Locals Calling For Postponement(WCBS) Organizer Says Event Will Go On, Despite Close Proximity To Grieving Newtown * Gun shows face new scrutiny after school shooting(Fox 5) POWERFUL MOMENT: Gabby Giffords visits Newtown to meet with Conn. officials and console heartbroken Sandy Hook families *'We've lost respect for life': Detroit records deadliest year in nearly two decades (NBC) * New York Politicians Condemn Gun Map Paper(Huff Post)  

'I fought a war so these guys can have their pork?': Emotional WWII vet reclaims his Sandy-ravaged Rockaways house(NYDN)* Stamford gun show goes on in shadow of Sandy Hook despite mayor's pleas(NYP) More Gun Deaths in Aurora  Thought this was an error: old news recycled. But, no, there are yet more gun deaths in Aurora, CO.  * 62 mass shootings in America over the last 3 decades—and most of the killers got their guns legally(Mother Jones) * Powder to to Newspaper Envelopes Filled With Suspicious Powder Sent To Westchester Newspaper That Published Names Of Gun Owners: An...  * Teacher surrenders Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle to police after ranting on YouTube about his job * Skelos Pushes Illegal Guns Legislation - A day after his governing partners in the five-member Independent Democrati... (YNN) * Controversy Erupts Over Stamford Antique Gun Show Less Than (WCBS) * Mass shootings do little to change state gun laws(Salon) * Newtown-Area Gun Show Goes On Despite Mayor's Objections(NY Mag) * Gun show too close for comfort(NYP) * If Obama goes for this broader gun control package, it's going to be a HUGE legislative fight. * Michael Bloomberg Has the President's Ear on Gun Reform(The Atlantic) * White House mulls broader gun control: Washington Post (Wash Post)
* After Pinpointing Gun Owners, Paper Is a Target(NYT)

This Jerk is the Opinion Page Editor for the Daily News, What is He Related to Zuckerman? 

Chicago Girl, 7, Shot Dead at Mom's Candy Stand


White House working with Bloomberg aides on broad package of gun-violence initiatives: report(NYP) * Joe Biden Is Preparing an Ambitious Gun Control Plan(NY Mag)


Bizzaro's World: Rudy. Lhota An the NY Obsever Remake
Is new editor and former Giuliani consultant Ken Kurson plan to remake the Observer to appeal to Staten Island fireman an attempt to help Lhota? Can it be done? It a little like remaking the NYT to appeal to the tea party.  The Obsever game plan was to appeal to the city's rich elite with sections art, real estate, culture and a very liberal opinion page.  The paper has counted on high end real estate ads to appeal to its rich elite readership to make a profit. To attract the conservatives of Staten Island who elected the only GOP congressman in the city the Obsever would have to dump it liberal positions and copy fox news. It is ridiculous to belive that this plan is real or workable. But it does indicate that Kurson and papers owner Kushner are up to some scheming.  It is a good bet they are trying to attract readers who they think would vote for Lhota for mayor.   The Paper said this week that Joseph Lhota’s entrance into this year’s mayoral election is welcome news on a couple of fronts. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, his presence in the campaign immediately raises the level of competence in the candidate pool.  Secondly, Mr. Lhota is a Republican, and that, too, is a good thing, because it means that New York will have another truly competitive general election in November. If Kurson, Kushner and Giuliani really understood how to help Lhota become mayor they would be trying to convince it current readership why Lhota would be a better mayor for manhattan than a liberal democrat.  Lhota already has the Staten Island fireman vote. Giuliani carried Staten Island big time agaiinst a liberal democrat Messinger by over 80% of the vote in 1997.

Ken Kurson, is a political consultant, longtime professional associate of former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani and close friend of the paper’s owner, Jared Kushner, and Kushner’s father. * Enter Mr. Lhota | Observer - New York Observer Lhota's entrance into this year's mayoral election is welcome news on a couple of fronts. * New York Observer Names Author as Editor(NYT) By DAVID CARR  Ken Kurson, an author and editor who once worked with Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York, was named editor in chief of The Observer. The newspaper has already had five editors in the seven years since Jared Kushner, a New York real estate developer, acquired the newspaper at the age of 25 in 2006. Kurson wrote a book called “Leadership,” which he co-wrote with Mr. Giuliani. Mr. Kurson worked at Giuliani Partners in 2002 after completing the book and then joined Mr. Giuliani’s failed campaign for president in 2008.

Deadline Looming in Teacher Grade Deal(WSJ)New York City and its teachers union haven't met for more than three weeks to hash out a deal on a new teacher-evaluation system. After more than a year of negotiations, a host of issues separate the two sides.* Union blasts Bloomberg’s educational record in TV ads amid fight over teacher-evaluation system(NYP) * IBO Report Puts Sandy-Related OT Costs At $154 Million(NY1)
* Talks on Teacher Evaluations Disintegrate as Deadline Looms(NYT)

Bad Teacher Amnesty
DOE’s grade charade (NYP) The city has a secret weapon to rub out incompetent teachers — an eraser. If a teacher who is deemed a dud agrees to quit or retire before a termination trial, the Department of Education will wipe out all of her “unsatisfactory” or U ratings * Retired Cops in Schools In NYC, a proposal to put retired cops in schools

Ergonomic Seats? Most Pupils Squirm in a Classroom Classic(NYP)New York City has bought millions of “super stacker” classroom chairs since the 1990s, but districts around the country are choosing models deemed ergonomically superior.

Schools Chancellor "Concerned" About Potential Bus Drivers' Strike(NY1)
Chancellor Walcott warns that bus driver strike could happen tomorrow, but a union spokeswoman says nothing has been announced yet.* Labor issues could mean NYC school bus strike(NYP)
* City Prepares for a Strike, as Early as Today, by School Bus Drivers(NYT)

Love these -- Movie Scenes of the Past in Real Life New York - Arts & Lifestyle - The Atlantic Cities

NYT Says Buy the Community Off to Build the Soccer Stadium
New Soccer Stadium, but Where? (NYT Ed)A new arena at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park in Queens could help rejuvenate the aging park. Flushing Meadows has already lost some of its territory to the tennis association, which is seeking to enlarge its existing footprint. Though the association, whose courts are mostly public, has made some efforts to reach out to the community, many Queens residents see the center as a playground for Manhattanites with little connection to their community. Local skepticism about another stadium is thus to be expected. To overcome it, major league soccer will have to add more public resources before taking away a few acres of a beloved park.

Update Obama Signs Bill For Federal Flood Insurance For Sandy Victims(NY1)
Jackasses Texas alone received $5.5 billion — and cast eight votes in the House against replenishing flood Insurance program's funds to help Sandy Victims
Named and shamed! These jerks voted 'NO' to needy Hurricane Sandy victims: We provide their phone numbers in case you had anything you wanted to say to them(NYDN) *Former New York Senator Al D'Amato Calls House Members Who Voted Against Sandy Aid 'Jackasses'(NY Mag) * Gulf Coastcollected billions from flood insurance, repays with ‘no’ votes for Sandy (NY World) Texas alone received $5.5 billion — and cast eight votes in the House against replenishing program's funds. Of the 67 House votes against the bill, eight came from Texas, which has received more than $5.5 billion under the federal flood insurance program since 1978. That is the third-highest total in the nation on a per capita basis, according to a New York World analysis of Federal Emergency Management Agency data * Bunch of jackasses:' Former New York Sen. Al D’Amato rips 67 GOP congressmen who voted 'no' to Hurricane Sandy relief bill (NYDN) * The enemy 67(NYDN)* Why Boehner Delayed the Sandy Bill (The Atlantic Wire) * The GOP's Sandy shame (Daily Beast) * With new Congress comes a new push for gun laws (CNN)

Widow Mom Outraged At Washington No Pols
Widow mom of firemen outraged at politicians who voted 'no'(NYDN)
Brooklyn Relief Workers Rally To Have Their Site Operate Through Winter * Damaged Oceanside Area Of Staten Island Struggles To Move On From Sandy (NYDN)
Hurricane Sandy hit the city with at least $154 MILLION bill for overtime costs(NYP) * Flood Money Trickles In(WSJ) * Congress Approves Partial Aid for Sandy(WSJ) * First Round Of Sandy Relief Funds Clear Congress (NY1) * Union, Mayor Continue To Spar Over Teacher Evaluations * Congress Passes a $9.7 Billion Storm Relief Measure(NYT)
* A cancer-stricken 6-year-old boy whose family was displaced by Sandy is back in his LI home rebuilt by volunteers(NBC)
* Scientists to Sandy-slammed Brooklynites: Bring out your dirt(Brooklyn Paper) * Coney Island Eatery Celebrates New Year With Free Meals For Sandy Victims: Tom's Restaurant in Coney Island served...

Leukemia patient, family return to renovated LI house after Sandy(NYP)* New Ideas for Protecting New York Harbor - WNYC* Rockaways Homeowners, Volunteers Collaborate On Post-Sandy Repairs* Stamford gun expo goes on in shadow of Sandy Hook despite mayor's pleas(NYP)

Lotto sales jump 12% as Aqueduct rakes in $667M(NYDN)
 State probe in Bklyn death(NYDN)

Facts about Grand Central Terminal as it gets ready to celebrate its 100th anniversary(NYP)

Most Brooklyn nabes not selling like hot cakes, stats s …(NYDN)


On treating subway-pushing by treating mental illness and homelessness (Capital)
MTA Announces Restoration Of More Than A Dozen Bus Lines …(WCBS)
Sister says gunman slain by NYPD was mentally ill(Fox 5)
After NYC subway deaths, barriers get new eye(Fox 5)

Drilling Far From Imminent, but Debate Roils a Region(NYT)

In the Bronx, Restoring a Fleeting Paradise(NYT)WASHED AWAY Steven Smith at the site of his ravaged Oak Point wetland.

Sunday Washington Update
The Surreal World: Capitol Hill - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
BREAKING: Obama has settled on Chuck Hagel to succeed Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (Politico)
GOP senators: Hagel is in for a fight(CNN)
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Debt Limit Can Save Us From Ourselves - Conn Carroll, DC Examiner
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Getting Dirty Getting bin Laden - Debra Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
Freshman Rep. Tom Cotton says he'd vote against Hagel
What Happens If Hugo Chavez Succumbs? - Mac Margolis, The Daily Beast
Republicans Begin Soul-Searching After Bruising Tax Vote(NYT)
Looking for a Jump-Start in China - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Hillary Clinton Returning To Work On Monday(Huff Post)
Obama Upends Iran Debate By Picking Chuck Hagel(Buzz Feed)

The president shatters four years of fragile consensus and opens a real foreign policy debate.
Luck of the Irish - George Will, Washington Post
White House Weighs Broad Gun Control(Daily Beast)
One Term Gone and No Recovery in Sight - Washington Examiner
Tough Days Ahead for House Speaker - San Francisco Chronicle
Maureen Dowd sings the praise of Joe Biden's humor & his unexpected effectiveness in knowing how to reach a deal
Can Al Jazeera make it in the US market thanks to Al Gore?
Next Step: Reform Taxes - Chicago Tribune
Divided GOP Faces Big Battles Ahead(Politico Wire)
Obama will hit the road in battles with GOP
Obama's new Cabinet: Who's in, who's out, and who's in the running
Stopping the Sandy Steamroller - Washington Post 
If confirmed, Chuck Hagel would be first enlisted soldier and Vietnam veteran to serve as Secretary of Defense. 
Graham calls Hagel pick an 'in your face nomination' from Obama(The Hill)
Hagel Pick Pressures Pro-Israel Democrats
Obama to Name Hagel for Defense, Despite Opposition(NYT)
Gen. Stanley McChrystal on the tasks behind him via
Sunday News Shows
RT : McConnell says the biggest problem in America's future is the excessive spending.
"You can't do the work of the Senate because the leaders won't work together. They don't like each other." - Simpson
Follow the Sunday shows with POLITICO Now and
Sunday show highlights so far: McConnell, Cruz, Graham, Durbin, more.
Mitch McConnell: 'The tax issue is behind us'(WP)
McConnell on tax fight: 'That's over'(NBC)
Lindsay Graham On CNN: 'All Of Us Should Be Fired' If Congress Doesn't Have A Plan To Reduce Debt (
Today's political talk show roundup:
Senate Leader Says Focus Must Now Be on Cuts, Not Taxes(NYT)
TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads(Huff Post)
Nancy Pelosi says Democrats will fight for more revenue during the debt ceiling debate: (Politico)
Nancy Pelosi On CBS: Requiring Wealthy Americans To Pay Even More Is 'Not Off The Table' (VIDEO) 
Democratic Congressman Introduces Bill To Abolish Presidential Term Limits (VIDEO) 
Are ‘grand bargains’ still possible? - The Washington Post
Washington Saturday
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi defends altered photograph of congresswomen on Capitol steps(NYP) * Photographers' Groups Slam Nancy Pelosi's 'Doctored' Photo...

New Congressman's First Order of Business: Helping his Sick Daughter (WSJ) As the long roll call vote for Speaker of the House dragged on yesterday, freshman Rep. Sean Maloney's 10-year-old daughter Essie looked up at him.

The Real Fight Over Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary Likely Starts Next Week(NY Mag)

Rich: Fiscal Cliff Was a Molehill(NY Mag)
On To the Next Crisis - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Obama Digs In As Debt Ceiling Fight Looms - Matea Gold, Los Angeles Times
Without Course Correction, America Is Doomed - Mark Steyn, Natl Review
Obama Can Win Debt Ceiling Fight - Michael Tomasky, The Daily Beast
Will the Press Ever Be Tough on Obama? - Fred Barnes, Weekly Standard
Secret and Lies of the Bailout - Matt Taibbi, Rolling Stone

Secret and Lies of the Bailout(Rolling Stone)

The federal rescue of Wall Street didn’t fix the economy – it created a permanent bailout state based on a Ponzi-like confidence scheme. And the worst may be yet to come
Taibbi: Bailout Helped Turn Financial System Into 'Ponzi-Like Scam'
What’s Inside America’s Banks?
Frank Partnoy and Jessie Eisinger, The Atlantic

The Positive Side of America's New Malaise - Conrad Black, National Post
Job Creation Is Still Steady Despite Worry - Catherine Rampell, NY Times
Why the Unemployment Rate Remains So High - Peter Morici, FOX News
Obama Plans to Overwhelm NRA With Rapid Victory - Benjy Sarlin, TPM
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Lance Armstrong Weighs Admitting Drug Use - Juliet Macur, NY Times
Lou Holtz Explains Why Notre Dame Is Back on Top - Stephen Moore, WSJ

Too Angry to Negotiate(NY Mag)Republicans can't even say if they like Obama's deal on the debt ceiling and spending cuts.

Time for Congress to Raise the Minimum Wage - New York Times
Federal Policies Should Promote Work, Not Dependence - The Oklahoman
The New Stealth Tax Hike - Wall Street Journal
We Need More Than Armed Guards at Schools - New Jersey Star-Ledger
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4 FRANTIC DAYS: How The Fiscal Cliff Deal Was Done(Huff Post)
More Risk-Taking, Less Poll-Taking(Friedman, NYT)
CEOs and the Fiscal Cliff: What Influence?(Bussnessweek)
The Surreal World: Capitol Hill(Dowd, NYT)
On CNN - James Carville Slams Critics Who Question Hillary Clinton's Illness: 'Inhumane, Idiotic' Behavior 
PHOTOS: Who’s on the shortlist for Obama’s top jobs?(Politico)
Obama is getting a special inauguration gift from Ireland:(Politico)

Crossroads, which had a rough cycle, signals it will get involved in primaries(Politico)
about the 112th Congress -- myth 3: Boehner was the big loser.(Wash Post)
Two Canny Strategies for Eliminating Stupid Debt-Ceiling Votes (Slate)
Obama Campaign Fined $375,000 By Federal Election Commission After RNC Request For Audit 
In Defense of the Cliff Deal(New Yorker)
House Rules (New Yorker) Can John Boehner control Congress?
The White House isn't giving up on its "grand bargain."(Wash Post)
John Boehner told lawmakers he would not seek to punish the Republicans who voted against him for Speaker(The Hill)
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Are People Being Unfair to the House Republicans?(The Atlantic)
Would More Women in the Senate Lead to Less Gridlock?(Time)
If you were John Boehner, you’d cry too (Columbia Journalism Review) Why journalists should put the struggles of the House speaker in a larger context
Christie: Comments on Obama, Boehner part of job(Fox 5)

4 Freedoms Speech 75 Anniversary
As America entered the war these "four freedoms" - the freedom of speech, the freedom of worship, the freedom from want, and the freedom from fear - symbolized America's war aims and gave hope in the following years to a war-wearied people because they knew they were fighting for freedom.
72 years ago today, FDR changed the world with his Four Freedoms Speech. Watch it now:

1 man killed, another injured in Queens club fight(WABC)
Search on for 2 inmates who escape women's jail(Fox 5)

One man dead after shots fired in Brooklyn diner(NYP)
One man dead after argument leads to shots being fired in Brooklyn diner(NYP)

Man shot dead, another slashed with broken bottle in two fights outside Queens club(NYP) * Brooklyn Man Shot Dead By Queens Nightclub

Hey, scofflaws! Police union cards available on eBay
Get out of jail – now it’s for sale(NYP)
Buying a “get out of jail free” card is just a mouse click away — and city officials are horrified. Police union cards that cops hand out to friends and family free of charge are selling on eBay for as much as $100 a pop, even though the resale of the coveted plastic is strictly prohibited by the unions.

Bird is the word(NYP) A federal appeals court has just ruled that Americans have a First Amendment right to act like jerks in public. At least as far as flipping off a cop is concerned.

Defending the Notorious, and Now Himself(NYT)
TROUBLE Ivan S. Fisher has been suspended from practicing law in New York City’s federal courts. Ivan S. Fisher, a prominent criminal defense lawyer, has said that he believes in doing whatever it takes to win. But he is now fending off criticism that he let down two clients.

A new proposal would require criminal background checks to keep sex offenders from working at senior care facilities.

'Boozed-up' plane passenger duct-taped to his seat to stop rampage: sources(NYP)* Man restrained on flight with duct tape(WABC) * Man on Icelandair Flight Is Said to Have Been Restrained by Fellow Passengers(NYT) 

‘Sloshed’ La Guardia pilot’s wings clipped(NYP)Swiss sisters charged with jumping on police car in Times Square on New Year’s Eve(NYP)

Queens ‘grudge’ slaying(NYP)
Family: Man Fatally Shot By Police Was Mentally Ill(WCBS)
Four Men Arraigned In Connection With Bronx Shooting Of Off-Duty Policeman

Sunday Update

Lower East Side Teenager Shot to Death(DNAINFO)
Teen fatally shot in lower Eastside(NYDN) * Man arrested in brutal New Year's beating of Queens cab(NYDN)Teen gunned down on LES(NYP) * Teen Fatally Shot On LES May Have Been Killed Over Jacket: A 16-year-old was fatally shot in the Lower East Side on... * On Lower East Side Corner, Mourning Young Athlete Killed by a Gunman (NYT) * Teen Fatally Shot Near His Lower East Side Home (NY1) * On a Lower East Side Corner, Mourning a Young Athlete Killed by a Gunman(NYT) *Teen killed for his coat in lower Eastside(NYDN) * Vigil held for teen killed on Lower East Side(Fox 5) * Teen Fatally Shot Near His Lower East Side Home(NY1)
NYPD Looking For Bronx Armed Robbery Suspect(WABC)*
NYPD Looking For Bronx Armed Robbery Suspect(WCBS)
Man Arrested for Complaining About the Noise in Williamsburg(NY Mag)
Call for change after teen shot on Lower East Side  (WABC)

Dead woman found naked in Marine Park(NYP)

Argument turns Deadly. Man shot in Brooklyn diner. Couple in questioning (WPIX)
Woman’s Naked, Charred Body Found On Brooklyn Shoreline(WCBS)

Man Dies In Double Shooting At Queens Restaurant(NY1)

Photos Show 'Heroes' Star Tawny Cypress' Beau Hitting Ex-Hubby, Lawyer Says(DNAINFO)

Two men were shot, one fatally, inside a Queens restaurant early Saturday morning, authorities said.
Brooklyn Man Accused Of Making Hundreds Of Phony 911 Calls(Huff Post)

Boehner to WSJ: "I need this job like I need a hole in the head."(WSJ)

Four Men Arraigned In Connection With Bronx Shooting Of Off-Duty Policeman(NY1)

Man shot to death outside Queens nighclub after argument with other party-goers, cops say

Dead woman found naked in Marine Park(NYP)

Gunman’s sis: ‘Society failed him’ (NYP) The sister of a gunman shot dead after he blasted two cops on a Brooklyn subway train said yesterday that he should not have been on the streets.

Bernie Madoff's brother Peter sells Park Avenue apartment ahead of prison sentence(NYP) * Feds snub Peter Madoff and wife's property claims(NYP)

Push-in punks rob couple(WCBS)

Man dead in Brooklyn diner shooting; suspect charged with (NYP)

 Feds arrest coconspirator in 'Cannibal Cop' case(NYDN)
New Jersey man charged in kidnap plot with 'cannibal' cop(NYP) * Second Tied to Alleged Cannibal Plot(WSJ)