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New York's Silent Liberal and Progressive Give A Free Pass to Corrupt

Welcome to Bizarro NY: Reformers Disconnect
 Bizarro world is a place where everything is inverted, backwards, or just not right but similar
Reformers and Goo Goos Facebook and Tweet on Social Issues, But progressive reform issues that affect peoples life every day they are silent on or the wrong side.
1. Bloomberg Calls Quinns' new campaign finance bill "Not Good for Democracy” 
. . . Shame on the Reformer and Goo Goos Who Support this CFB Change Taking Power Away from the Voters
Bloomberg A Staunch Opponent To Quinn's Campaign Finance Law (NY1) * Court Rules Gang Crime Falls Short of Terrorism(NYT) Quinn Delays Hearing on Campaign Bill(NYT) A hearing on the proposal to loosen regulations on spending by unions and advocacy groups was postponed after critics, including Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, denounced the plan. Mayor Bloomberg denounced a campaign finance bill proposed Monday by the City Council that would allow unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts and coordinate with the campaigns of their favorite candidates as a “terrible idea”, the News writes: * After Bloomberg’s comments, Quinn delayed action on the bill, which would loosen regulations on spending by unions and advocacy groups in New York City elections.Argument for campaign measure is outdated(CrainNY)
Goo Goos Leaders Favor the Special Interests CFB Changes

Susan Lerner, executive director of Common Cause, a good government group, said she supports the bill because it is important for organizations to be able to communicate freely with their members. Citizen Union Dick Daley has not opposed the bill either

Hints at Steeper Road to Victory for Perceived Front-Runner in Mayor’s Race (NYT)Christine C. Quinn, the City Council speaker, has faced recent criticism as potential rivals gain endorsements, suggesting that name recognition also makes her a more inviting target.

Politicker Gives Quinn's Consultants Spin Help On A Social Issue Most New Yorkers Agree With
Christine Quinn to Antonin Scalia: ‘Don’t Compare Me to a Murderer Because I’m a Lesbian’(NYO)

2. To New York Politicians and Feminist A Statue is Safer to Attack or Defend Than Sexual Abuse Victims in Albany Which Involved Vito Lopez and Several Top State Leaders

Vito Weakness of Civic Virtue
Ironic that BP Marshall and cohorts have spoken out and had a symbol of what they consider insulting to women removed from Queens Borough Hall.  However,  Helen Marshall and feminist supporters have not spoken out demanding and investigation  the hush fund Vito Lopez cover up of the sexual abuse of woman that involves not only the assemblyman, but the speaker, AG and comptroller. It not only Marshall who is covering up the Albany sexual abuse.  The media which is all over the Triumph of Civic Virtue statue has not done a story about the Albany hush fund scandal in months. No way to treat a lady War over ‘sexist’ statue.  Also add those who are fighting to keep the statue in Queen who have not spoken out what is going on in Albany. Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. and statue supporters rallied yesterday to keep Civic Virtue in its current place outside Queens Borough Hall in Kew Gardens.
Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline(True News) * Historic sculpture headed to Brooklyn (Queens Chronicle) Civic Virtue statue should stay in Queens, Peter Vallone, protesters say  

3. Brewer A Manhattan Progressive Threw the BOE Hearing On the FU at the Polls on Election Day . . .  She Also Supports the CFB Changes to Give Special More Power in NYC Elections Which Bloomberg Stopped
Instead of question what went why thousands of voters were disenfranchised and inconvenienced on Election Day Chairwoman Brewer became Kellner’s and everyone else’s puppet as she allows them to testify only asking gentle questions which only enforced points to improve procedures at the board. She never asked why are bad system or policy was in place.  

When it comes to the BOE and the election law Kellner the is one eyed cyclops in a world full of blind.  He knows more than most.  But, his goal is to keep the machine in control of the BOE not restoring democracy to elections in NYC.  Kellner wants to be able to influence the BOE to develop a better Election Day plan and to manage it competently.  In the past they have stubbornly request many of his suggestions. 

4. The Media, Goo Goos and Progressives Have Allow A Cult Party to Control Who Wins Citywide Elections in NYC for Years 
8 Day Ago True News Reported That Most People Who Register in the Independence Party Have Not Idea Its A Party or Who is Running It

Today's Daily News part two of their series on the fake and phony Independence Party reported that most of the registered voters in that party have no idea they are part of a party. This has been an open secret known in the political cycles since the party began.  * points out that botched voter reg form 2nd time. Shld hv checked "do not enroll"

The News reveals that the Independence Party recruits thousands of people to serve on governing panels in each borough to stand for election without notifying people that they are on the ballot:People from across the city were unknowingly placed on panels, allowing the party to stay alive * If a media titan like Rupert Murdoch can’t register as unaffiliated, despite multiple tries, what does that say about average New Yorkers? This is part of the argument the New York Daily News keeps making as they rail against the Independence Party.

Quinn Attacks Bloomberg to Make It Look Like She Has Ditch Her Puppeteer As Part of A Public Show to Make Her Lose the Puppet Image

Quinn, Council Members Criticize Limits on Storm Aid (WSJ) New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and more than a dozen council members are demanding Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration reverse course on its plan to limit the number of poor New Yorkers eligible for supplemental food stamps in the wake of superstorm Sandy.


Judge: "Tricky Dick Hiram"

Judge says crooked pol Monserrate is like Nixon — except he gets jail (NYP) Call him “Tricky Hiram.” Crooked pol Hiram Monserrate was likened to disgraced President Richard Nixon yesterday by a judge who sentenced him to two years in the slammer for looting nearly $100,000 in taxpayer money to try to win higher office. Monserrate two years behind bars for spending $100,000 in taxpayer cash directed to a nonprofit on his failed 2006 Senate campaign.  Judge McMahon told Monserrate: “Using other people’s money for your own purposes is way down in the lowest circle of hell…You succumbed to the temptation, as so many have before.”

Hevesi Out Monserrate In - Pedro Will Join Soon
Runinng for Office or Jail?

Hevesi Freeing Up A Cell for Monserrate
Hevesi’s release due today(NYP) * Monserrate Gets 2 Years in Prison for Misusing City Funds(NYT) * Funding Scheme Lands Monserrate in Prison(WSJ) * Hiram Monserrate Sentenced to Two Years in Prison (WSJ) * Monserrate Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison, Fined $79,000 In Restitutions(NY1) * Former State Comptroller Hevesi Leaving Prison Wednesday(NY1)
* 'Pay to play' state comptroller Hevesi out of prison(NYP)
"I am very very happy to be home" (getting my two pensions) Alen Hevesi

READ RULING: Judge Refuses To Dismiss Bruno Case * Judge Won’t Dismiss Bruno Case(YNN)

The FBI raided offices of the Altamont Program, a nonprofit founded by the state Legislature’s unofficial in-house priest, the Rev. Peter Young.

Dr. Frankenbloom Creates Life
Mike: I give life! Says health kicks led to city's longevity gain(NYP) Bloomberg touted statistics that show that New York City has made gains in life expectancy since he’s taken office, which he said validated the city’s health policies regarding smoking, unhealthy diets and physical activity *  NYC life expectancy hits all-time high of 80.9 years

Campaign 2013 Councilman Peter Vallone officially launched his campaign for Queens Borough President, and with a huge campaign war chest, he’s all but guaranteed to make a splash. Of course, there’s another outspoken Italian-American pol already in the race, as well as a crowd of other contenders. * NY1′s “Wise Guys,” Ed Koch, Eliot Spitzer and Al D’Amato, commented on a certain story surrounding Public Advocate Bill de Blasio.* Why New York Doesn’t Want Mayor Hillary Clinton(NY Mag) * Backs For Council in * Bill De Blasio hires 'Perez Notes' reporter(CrainsNY) *Vallone officially announces borough president bid (Queens Courier) * Bill Clinton, & others announce 2morrow teacher pension $ going 2 Infrastructure projects 2 help spur recovery* Scott Stringer Picks Up Comptroller Endorsement From Ruben Diaz Jr. * NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has hired “The Perez Notes” blogger/radio show host Roberto Perez, who is hanging up his reporting hat – for now.* MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota, who is considering a run for NYC mayor next year as a Republican,  turned up last night at Democratic NYC Councilman Peter Vallone’s Queens borough president campaign kick-off.* Rev. Floyd Flake endorses for mayor * Former Councilman Albanese 2 make 3rd try for mayor * Former Brooklyn Councilman Sal Albanese to make a third try for mayor 

Will the 2013 State Senate Explode Like in 2009?
Clown Show Is the Only Way for the Dems to Take Over Their Major 
New York Voters Open to Coalition Leadership of State Senate(NYT) Forty-eight percent of voters said they preferred that a bipartisan coalition run the Senate, according to the poll, compared with 31 percent who said they wanted Democrats to control the chamber and 17 percent who said they supported Republican leadership. In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, almost half of New York state voters prefer a power-sharing coalition to control the state Senate, while 51 percent of New York City voters believe Hillary Clinton should not run for mayorA new Quinnipiac poll finds 53 percent of New Yorkers believe the new Senate coalition will be effective, while 30 percent think it’s a power grab. Cuomo gets a new high score in the job approval department with 74-13. (More here).*The NYT’s Jim Dwyer notes the similarities between the 2009 Senate coup and the IDC-GOP alliance, and compares the Senate Democrats to The Jets’ Mark Sanchez, who managed to “bang into the backside of his own lineman instead of handing off the ball to a running back.”

 Will the Democrats Act As Gremlins to Get Control?

 State Senate Republican Leader Dean Skelos said that details on the logistics of the coalition leadership between his conference and the Independent Democratic Conference were still being worked out, the Times- Union writes: * The Times’ Jim Dwyer writes that the new leadership in the state Senate looks a lot like the old one in 2009 when Republican Sen. Dean Skelos persuaded former Democratic Sens. Pedro Espada and Hiram Monserrate to join his conference*  Power play! Liberal legislation compromising GOP efforts (NYDN)
* While the Albany Times Union‘s Frank LeBrun doesn’t exactly hold back “In the meantime, though, the new arrangement has been described as four men in a room instead of three. Wrong. It will be two men, and two boys holding coats.” * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, unanimously re-elected to head the GOP conference, was cagey about the “progressive” agenda the IDC is promising the new coalition will pass. He refused to be pinned down on campaign finance reform or a minimum wage hike.* Skelos would only say he wants “transparency” in any campaign finance reform legislation, and expressed skepticism of a publicly funded system based on New York City’s model, which he views as too expensive.* The race for the 46th state Senate District will move to an appeals court after the attorney for Assemblyman George Amedore filed an appeal.* Senate GOP, IDC Fete Q-Poll(YNN) * Sharpton, Senate Dems To Oppose Skleinos ‘Over The Long Haul’(NYO) * Four Men in a Room: How the Independent Democratic Conference Did New Yorkers Wrong(NYO) * Wow. Riverdale Press finds that Jeff Klein accepted $150K in donations from convicted felons  * Riverdale Press exclusive: State Sen. Jeff Klein says he’ll give up convict donor cash.  * Diane Savino Discusses Campaign Finance, Diversity and Who She Won’t Work With * Savivo “Anybody is welcome to join. Anybody except for maybe Ruben Diaz....I’m not sure if I like him.” 
* Token Hispanic': Diaz says he wdnt give racial cover 2 coalition anyway

Cuomo Untouched By Senate Dems Dis . . . Here Comes Fracking in NYS . . . He Has Political Capital to Do Lots of Shit

Cuomo on popularity: "To be at the highest level really is extraordinary." 

Andrew Cuomo Approval Rating Hits Record High: Poll(Huff Post)Cuomo: “I’m not going to say who’s right and who’s wrong and try to forge some back room deal on who runs the .”* Cuomo: Raising the minimum wage is very important, campaign finance, stop and frisk. "That's my agenda." Cuomo now going through the background on the Senate fight for listeners "who are living their lives in reality."Cuomo To Skelos: Mess With The Agenda, You’re Messing With Me  *Cuomo To Skelos: I Find Your Lack Of Support Disturbing (Updated)(YNN) Cuomo was reacting to comments made by Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos, who told reporters in Albany yesterday that it remained up in the air as to whether the new coalition of GOP lawmakers and independent Democrats would hold floor votes on measures such as increasing the state’s minimum wage, overhauling campaign-finance laws and curtailing stop and frisk arrests in New York City.* “If Senate Republicans have proven anything over the last 2 years, it’s that we can successfully work with Gov Cuomo"(Capital) * Cuomo Warns State Senate Coalition That He’s the People’s ‘Instrumentality’(NYO) * Gov. Cuomo Promises To Oppose Skelos If Senate GOP Balks AtHis "Litmus Test" Agenda (NYDN) * Cuomo also says public financing of campaigns is important, but would not say specifically that it's make or break* Not a surprise, but Cuomo says there will be no special session to approve a legislative pay raise. "That's not going to happen this year." . very blunt in describing the IDC: he says formed it b/c he "wanted to be leader" of the Senate Dems and couldn't.* , Cuomo says he will "fight with all his might" to have Senate pass his agenda. Listen here: * Cuomo boils IDC coalition situation down to a dispute over who should be senate president among Democrats* Cuomo: “We have a hodge-podge quilt of rules and regulations that apply to lobbying and campaigns that make no sense, frankly.”* In a wide-ranging interview with Karen DeWitt, Gov. Andrew Cuomo trumped AG Eric Schneiderman’s 501(c)4 donor disclosure announcement by saying he’ll put out his own plan that “rationalizes the entire system.” * Notably Cuomo going to NPR station, specifically, to float his campaign finance proposals. Not Dicker's bag, baby!* City Room: Cuomo Puts Campaign Finance on 2013 Agenda (NYT)
* * Cuomo pushing agenda to republicans: The Senate's new coalition government is still in its infancy, but Governor...

Adam Sandler Pays Hilarious Tribute To New Yorkers With "Sandy, Screw Ya!" Song At 12-12-12 Concert (VIDEO)

AG Want More Disclosure on Poltiical $$
Attorney General Seeks to Force Disclosure of More Political Donors(NYT) The proposal by Eric T. Schneiderman takes aim at tax-exempt organizations that spend heavily on political advertising but have not been required to reveal their contributors. Schneiderman drafted a proposal that would force tax-exempt organizations, including out-of-state groups, to disclose how much money they spend on state election and ballot measures *  MT : NY1 Online: Talks Campaign Disclosure And Ticket Scalping * Attorney General Talks Campaign Disclosure And Ticket Scalping(NY1)

Statement: Bravo AG Schneiderman and Gov. Cuomo

"Bravo Attorney General Schneiderman for seeking to unmask those who wish to 
speak secretly, while taking a tax deduction, with your new draft regulations.

Bravo Gov. Andrew Cuomo, after JCOPE's illegal masking of legally required 
funding source disclosures on July 15, 2012 of the first half of 2012, to now 
begin, albeit, belatedly, to speak of moving the legislature to identify and 
unmask political speech so that the public may know which speech to believe and 
which to ignore."

Ravi Batra

A Raise for A Board of Election Lawyer Who is the Brother of the Queens GOP Chairman

A Raise And A Promotion For A NYC Board Of Elections Lawyer Board commissioners on Tuesday approved a raise from $89,000 to $115,000 for Raphael Savino, who has served as the Board's enforcement counsel since July 2011. Savino is a longtime friend of Bronx Republican BOE Commissioner J.C. Polanco. His elder brother, Jay, is the Bronx County GOP Chairman.



City  Screws Up Race to the Top Request for $40 M
Teacher Evaluatiopns Battle Continues
DOE flubs in race for feds’ $40M(NYP) * City Fails in Bid For School Funds(WSJ) New York City fell just short of winning $40 million in funding through the federal government’s Race to the Top grant program, after they failed to make individual employee salaries available as well as a budget timeline * Many New York City teachers discovered that their evaluation scores, which are based on how well their students did on standardized tests, were posted publicly on the Education Department’s internal computer system, the News reports *  The News presses the city and teacher’s union to reach an agreement on a teacher evaluation plan, and argues that parents should have the right to access teacher evaluation scores NYC teachers enraged over computer glitch that exposes personal(NYDN) * City Schools Miss Out On 'Race To The Top' Federal Funds(NY1) * As NYC officials prepared to send teachers copies of a controversial part of their evaluations that judges them on how their students did on standardized tests, some discovered their scores were already posted on the Education Department’s internal computer system for everyone to see.

Brooklyn rents see ‘high rise’(NYP) Brooklyn rents — especially for studios — are soaring as apartment hunters are finding cheaper alternatives to pricey Manhattan on the other side of...

Koo Wants In on Lobbyist Gambling $$$
Councilman calls for local input on casino gambling(NYDN) Local residents should get a chance to weigh in before the state rolls the dice on full-tilt casino gaming, a Queens lawmaker said on Tuesday. City Councilman Peter Koo is pushing for increased “local …

Right to Work is Politically  Impossible in NY, But NYP Asked What Would It Do
Would transform dying upstate! What Right To Work Would Do for NY, * Michigan Approves Union Curbs(WSJ) * Labor unions, stung by an unexpected setback in Michigan, where Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed a right-to-work law yesterday limiting their ability to collect dues, are eyeing a large-scale counteroffensive against the conservative state leaders.

In the News, David Yassky, the commissioner of the Taxi and Limousine Commission, makes the case for a new taxi-hailing app in New York City * City May Test Yellow Cab Hails via Smartphone Apps

Mayor hits brakes on pedicab rate bill decision.(NBC)

The Sandy Long Slog to Recovery
Relief Workers Find Spartan Lodging, Right on the Water(NYT) * Storm-Tested Menorah, Off to the White House(NYT) * NY menorah heading for White House(WSJ) * Town Hall Meeting Held For Sandy Victims In Brooklyn(NY1) * NY1 Exclusive: Silver Speaks About Sandy Impact On Upcoming Legislative Session * Sandy Cleanup Goes On At Snug Harbor Cultural Center(NY1) * Crews Prepare For Historic Concert To Benefit Sandy Relief Efforts(NY1) * Queens' kids want fixed homes, not toys for Christmas(NYDN) *
Music Legends Coming Together For ’12-12-12′ Sandy Relief (WCBS) * Sandy Ineptitude Catches Up With LIPA At Moreland Commission …(WCBS) * Massive Generators a Necessary Evil in Sandy-Scarred Downtown's Comeback(DNAInfo)Sandy Victims In City Can Now Apply For Food Aid (NY1) * Bill Clinton, & others announce 2morrow teacher pension $ going 2 Infrastructure projects 2 help spur recovery* NYC eyes moving power gear higher after . (NBC) * NYC officials are updating all pay phones with WIFI to maintain internet if power fails again * The CBO estimates only about a third of the emergency disaster aid package for Hurricane Sandy will spend out  in the next 21 months, which won’t likely encourage the GOP to move quickly in approving President Obama’s $60.4 billion request. * New Yorkers should expect fully financing the recovery process to take months or years, not days or weeks. To wit: Officials estimate the state is still waiting on approximately $200 million in federal aid for Hurricane Irene.*  The Venerable Bridge Cafe Struggles to Reopen After Sandy (NYT) * Top Italy pizza man making pies in Brooklyn for Sandy v (NYDN) * Relief for flood-prone areas of Queens(NYDN) * Senate Dems offer Sandy disaster aid package(Fox 5) * Holiday sales grim in post-Sandy Sheepshead Bay(NYDN)Long Rebuilding Process Continues In Breezy Point(NY1)
Power Fall Out And Tax Fix
Comptroller Audits Utility Bill Program(WSJ) * The Public Utility Law Project, an Albany watchdog group that advocates for low-income utility consumers, shut down this week because the New York Department of State has yet to approve their new contract, the Syracuse Post-Standard reports: * Two Cuomo administration officials confirmed to the AP the appointment of Lawrence Waldman as the new LIPA chairman.  * A year after it was first announced, a panel tasked with brainstorming long-term fixes for New York’s tax code is beginning to take shape.* Cuomo tapped a bipartisan group of bankers, investors and a former state Republican chairman to sit on the commission that will ultimately rewrite the tax code.

Firm Is Accused of Monopolizing Double-Decker Bus Trade(NYT)

JFK guards threaten strike, could snarl holiday travel plans(NYP) Up to 300 private JFK Airport security guards are threatening to strike unless they receive better training and equipment, with a vote scheduled for tomorrow that would authorize the strike starting December 20t* JFK Guards Set to Strike in Union Bid(WSJ)

New NYRA Board Meets For First Time (NY1)

First section of WTC spire set to be hoisted(WSJ)* Crews To Lift First Section Of WTC Spire(WCBS) * First Spire Section Placed Atop 1 WTC Tower(NY1)




I will be home for christmas only in your dreams
Down to brass tax: Rate hikes, entitle cuts in fiscal cliff compromise (NYP) Rate hikes, entitle cuts in cliff compromise*  Rep. Peter King tells reporters that Boehner told lawmakers this morning not to make holiday plans b/c of talks.
Mich. Becomes 24th Right-to-Work State - Chad Livengood, Detroit News
"Right-to-Work" Laws Hurt Workers - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
An Adjustment to Reality in Michigan - Charles Krauthammer, FOX News
Michigan Previews Coming Tests of Labor Power - Josh Kraushaar, NJ

How Higher Taxes Could Lift the Economy - John Judis, The New Republic
Government Gone Bad - John Stossel, FOX Business
Republicans' Damaging Ideas on Medicare - Rep. Nancy Pelosi, USA Today
Dems Continue to Find Out What's in ObamaCare - Tim Carney, Examiner
The GOP's Weak Hand on Entitlements - Joshua Green, Boston Globe
How GOP Can Gain Momentum in Budget Fight - Steve Forbes, The Hill
In Michigan, the Republican Will to Power - Jonathan Chait, NY Magazine
Big Labor Shows Its Ugly Face - James Taranto, Wall Street Journal
GOP in Search of Identity on Foreign Policy - Scott Conroy, RealClearPolitics
Can God Save Egypt? - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Public Support for Tax Increases Is a Myth - Hanna & Cortes, Roll Call
The Risks for Gay Marriage at Supreme Court - Ruth Marcus, Wash Post
California Leads U.S. Pay Giveaway - Niquette, Marois & Yap, Bloomberg
Right to Work: Michigan's Epiphany - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Michigan Republicans Complete a Cynical Charade - Detroit Free Press
Place Limits on Filibustering - Philadelphia Inquirer
Google's Bermuda Billions - Wall Street Journal
New York Mayor officially joins our effort to push for a comprehensive solution to
Dem source tells me a big reason last night's POTUS/Boehner call was tense: GOP counter included permanent extension of tax cuts for wealthy
RT : WH official says Boehner counter-offer included permanent extension of lower tax rates for top two tax brackets.
BREAKING NEWS: Federal Reserve takes unprecedented step of tying interest rates to 6.5% unemployment rate. for more info.  Fed to keep interest rates near zero as long as jobless rate is over 6.5%, inflation under 2.5% -
Chris Christie Does Not Think He Is Too Fat to Be President(NY Mag)

Speaker Boehner today says Pres Obama's 'fiscal cliff' plan "does not begin to solve our debt crisis. It actually increases spending."
Fed to Hold Rates Down Until Jobless Rate Is Below 6.5%(NYT)
Census: Whites no longer a majority in U.S. by 2043(Wash Times)
Hillary Clinton Says While "All Doors Open," No Presidential Bid Yet (ABC)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren officially named to the Senate Banking Committee today (The Atlantic)
Lieberman, in Final Senate Speech, Reflects on His Political Journey (NYT)
Obama spent 63m on payroll. Romney spent 33m(Huff Post)
Mayor Bloomberg has joined Campaign to Fix the Debt, a controversial debt-reduction group funded by corporate CEOs and private equity billionaire Peter G. Peterson.
Editorial Board: What future faces Afghan women after U.S. forces depart?(Wash Post)
Michigan and the Unraveling of the Blue Model - Walter Russell Mead, TAI
The Political Advantages of Not Caring - Ed Kilgore, Washington Monthly
Age of the Republican Governors - Peter Wehner, Commentary
Snyder Declares Civil War in Michigan - James Hoffa, Detroit News
Union Violence in the Age of Obama - Michelle Malkin, New York Post
Obama's Trump Card on the Debt Limit - Matt Miller, Washington Post
Here Come the ObamaCare Taxes - Michael Tanner, National Review
The GOP's Selective Concern for the Poor - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Conservatives, Liberals & Faux Intellectualism - Ace, Ace of Spades
"Too Big to Fail" Becomes "Too Big to Indict" - James Downie, Wash Post
Watch: The importance of Jon Stewart as a media critic-- and how he's taking on Fox over gun control 
House’s Far Right Has Bracing Words for Boehner(Wash Post)
The date for Hillary Clinton’s highly anticipated congressional testimony on Benghazi has been set:(Politico) 
Woodward: 'There's a Civil War in the Democratic Party'  "You had Nancy Pelosi on, saying, oh, we're not going to change the eligibility age for Medicare. And down at the White House they very much want to do that."

Jon Stewart Channels Eminem To Give Chanting Advice To Michigan Union Protestors

Too Big to Indict(NYT Ed) When government authorities chose not to prosecute HSBC on charges of vast and prolonged money laundering, they weakened deterrence for wrongdoing. * Secret Talks Behind Central Banks' Bets(WSJ)

North Korea's Rocket Orbiting in Outer Space
North Koreans Launch Rocket, Defying Threat of Sanctions(NYT) * U.S. Will Grant Recognition to Syria Rebels, Obama Says(NYT) * North Korea Launch Boosts Leader's Standing(WSJ) * How did North Korea fix its rocket program so quickly?  * North Korean news anchor is very, very excited about North Korean missile launch(Gawker)


Curry could add CNN spice(NYP) * Ann Curry May Have Her Revenge at CNN(NY Mag) * Ann Curry Heading To CNN Prime Time? Don't Bet On It

The News Corp. way: Rupert Murdoch pushes out editor critical of phone-hacking

Law and Order
Police questioning man who may have been involved in brutal Midtown shootingPolice questioning man who may have been involved in brutal Midtown shooting(NYP) * Man Executed In Midtown Had "Huge" Enemies List, Says... Former "All My Children" Star?: The chilling story of the...

  NYPD says they've recovered getaway car from midtown shooting* Silver Lincoln sedan used in brazen Midtown murder nabbed in Queens(NYP) * Police Locate Getaway Car Used In Deadly Midtown Shooting (NY1) * Search for Gunman in Midtown Murder Focuses on Queens(NYT)  * Hunt for Midtown Killer Focuses on Queens After Getaway Car, a Rental, Is Found(NYT)

Pics show how Midtown execution went down(NYP) * Tracing a Victim’s Path to a Brazen Killing in Midtown(NYT) * Midtown Victim Lured(WSJ) * Police Release Video in Killing of Brandon Lincoln Wood (NYT) * Midtown murder suspect linked to Queens shooting(WABC)* NYPD: Victim In Midtown Murder Likely Lured Into Ambush(Huff Post)

NYPD Takes Down Street Gang With Female Faction Called ‘Bad Barbies’ (WINS) * NYPD Takes Down Street Gang With Female Faction Called ‘Bad …(WCBS) * Ray Kelly Sees Progress in 'Bad Barbies' All-Female Gang Bust(NY Mag)




 Chemical Thrown at Rabbi Who Aided Victims of Abuse(NYT)

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg 1Anti-child-sexual-abuse activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg was attacked in Williamsburg a few minutes ago, allegedly by the son of a man Nuchem named as a pedophile. The attacker apparently threw bleach in Nuchem's face.
Bleach-bombed! Hasidic perv’s foe attacked(NYP)* Bleach-bombed! Hasidic perv’s foe attacked(NYP)
* Rabbi sprayed with chemical in attack(WABC) 
Crusading Rabbi Attacked with Bleach in Brooklyn: Cops(NBC) 
Satmar anti-molestation crusader gets bleach in face(NYDN) * Suspect expected to surrender in rabbi bleach attack(WABC) * Rabbi Had Accused Alleged Bleach-Thrower's Father of Sexual Abuse(NY Mag)

Abuse Case Exposes Role Of Shadowy ‘Modesty Committees’
 Weberman's sexual assault victim's mother speaks out
 DA: Any Yeshivah Found Ostracizing Abuse Victims Will Be Prosecuted By Grand Jury(

Audio: Ex-Hasid Talks About Being Sexually Abused And Impact Of The Weberman Case

Luzer Twersky as a childLuzer Twersky, a son of a hasidic rebbe, talks about being sexually abused by a private tutor and the impact he thinks the Weberman case will – and will not – have on Brooklyn's hasidic community. Failed Messiah Blog


Lawyer Posits Justification in Fatal Push in Subway(NYT)  Citing news accounts, the lawyer for Naeem Davis said the Queens man who was shoved onto the tracks might have been drunk and harassing his client. * Subway ‘pusher’ plea(NYP) Now Naeem Davis wants straphangers to help him. A week after the homeless drifter allegedly pushed a passenger off a Manhattan subway platform to his death, Davis’ lawyer has made 500 fliers asking train riders to step forward as witnesses to help clear his client.* Fatal Subway Pusher's Lawyer Posts Fliers Seeking Witnesses(DNAINFO) * Attorney For Alleged Subway Pusher Seeks Witnesses(NY1)


NY Occupy protester whose tweets were subpoenaed pleads guilty; to appeal ruling to hand over tweets:(AP)

Cops question man suspected of stealing heirloom wedding band in elevator mugging(NYP)


Occupy Wall Street Twitter Warrior’s Messages Finally Revealed(NY Mag)

Car drags Times Square cop(NYP) A cop trying to issue a ticket to a livery driver picking up an illegal fare in Times Square yesterday was struck and dragged for a block by the*
NYPD officer struck, dragged by cab in Times Square(WABC)



Man arrested in elevator robberies.

Alleged serial killer Salvatore Perrone was just in court, giving a bizarre rant about not able to reach his "personal attorney"...* Man Pleads Not Guilty In Brooklyn Shopkeeper Slayings(NY1) * Not guilty' plea as psychiatric test ordered for alleged (SI Advance) * Accused Killer in BK Shopkeeper Deaths Pleads Not Guilt (NBC)


Etan Patz suspect due in court, will plead not guilty(WABC) * Man Accused Of Murder In Etan Patz Case Pleads Not Guilty (NY1)* City Room: Suspect in Patz Murder Pleads Not Guilty(NYT) * Etan Patz kidnap murder suspect pleads not guilty(WCBS)

O’s tragic NY cop: GZ escort takes her own life (NYP) A pretty NYPD sergeant who once accompanied President Obama as he laid a wreath at Ground Zero killed herself yesterday morning in her Long Island home, law-enforcement sources said.

Bravest's new trans gal pal in court as jury begins deliberations in sex-assault trialBravest's new trans gal pal in court as jury begins deliberations in sex-assault trial(NYP)
 Tough-guy firefighter cries like baby during his trial(NYDN)

41 Suspected Gang Members Indicted (NY1)

Jesus Statue Stolen From Church in Possible Hate Crime, Police Say(DNAInfo)

Alleged parent killer thinks DNA evidence is 'funny,' pleads not guilty(NYP)

Parents’ ‘killer’: Kin framed me (NYP) A hulking Queens drug addict accused of murdering his parents in separate attacks a year apart claims he was framed by his sister and brother-in-law using tricks they learned watching “CSI” TV shows, court records reveal.* Alleged parent killer thinks DNA evidence is 'funny,' pleads(WCBS)

 Four women robbed in three days in Williamsbridge(NYDN)

NYPD fires accused pimp cop(NYDN)

Court Rules Gang Crime Falls Short of Terrorism(NYT) * Cop dragged in Times Square(NYDN)

Investigators say would-be New Mexico hitmen had sights set on teen superstarInvestigators say would-be New Mexico hitmen had sights set on teen superstar(NYP)