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Dysfunctional Mayoral Campaign: It is All About the Press Not the Voters Needs

Media Savvy de Blasio Who Knows His Voters Hate the Conservative NYP Blames the NYP All Over For Attacking His Family To Limit lesbian Story Damage to His Campaign

It Was Politicker Who Broke the Story and According to de Blasio Never Contacted Him for Comment Before the Story Broke. Insiders say the normally cool PA was personally hurt by the story was know to many insiders for years. But media and political consultants talk about building name recognition
Bill & wife speak ‘out’ (NYP)Advocate Bill de Blasio and his wife went on a media blitz yesterday — opening up about her lesbian past and their 21-year marriage. * MT : NY1 Online: And Rip Reports On Her Sexuality * Mayoral Candidates Blast NY Post For Cartoon Mocking Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray (NYO) * In a series of televised interviews, New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray spoke out about the revelation that in the 1970s McCray was a lesbian, the News writes:  * Bill & wife speak ‘out’ (NYP) Hail her past as lesbian pioneer

Lewis: No Post For You de Blasio
 Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, angry at the New York Post‘s controversial columns and cartoons, said he’s going to skip the publication’s editorial process in the mayoral race unless they moderate their tone. “I’ll happily talk to any Post reporter; they have a job to do,” he explained on Inside City Hall last night. “I’m not going to seek the editorial board’s endorsement if they don’t address this issue. If they are going to denigrate my wife, if they’re going to continue to divide this city, I have no interest in seeking the endorsement of a corporate entity–in this case represented by an editorial board–that chooses to do that.” Errol Lewis added he did not think there was much chance that de Blasio Would get the NYP endorsement.* De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, spoke about her experience as a lesbian in the 1970s during a series of televised interviews. He says he’s proud of everything she is, and she says she “owns” her past.* Sexuality is very fluid, it’s very individual and it’s very personal,” McCray said.  * De Blasio on what New York could learn from rural Nicaragua
  “He can build name recognition from it (Lesbian story). This is the type of issue the media loves,” -political consultant George Arzt. * . on city's response: "We don't govern by press release." Also said he's asthmatic

NYC Media Wimps Out
Thompson Joins In de Blasio in Media Bashing 

Bill Thompson Blames Unfair Media Coverage for the Perception He’s Boring(NYO)



NYP Right Wing Voice Going . . .  Is It Connected to de Blasio Cartoon?
Distinguished Dinosaur Donezo at New York Post(NYP) Bob McManus, a veteran of the New York Post for nearly 30 years and the tabloid's editorial page editor since 2000, is retiring, his colleague Fred Dicker announced on the radio today. The right-leaning section with an independent streak ultimately answers to Rupert Murdoch, who will replace McManus with a "distinguished" but not yet named columnist from another one of his papers, The Wall Street Journal, according to Dicker

Hiram Joins Amego Carl Kruger and Pedro Espada In Jail
Former state Senator Monserrate sentenced to 24 months behind bars $80,000 Fine
Hiram Monserrate Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison  * . Preet Bharara: "Monserrate took money out of the pockets of needy people to fund his own political career."* Monserrate Sentenced To 2 Years Behind Bars For Fraud(YNN) * Former state Sen. Hiram Monserrate gets two years in prison(NYP) * Monserrate Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison, Find $79,000 In Restitutions (NY1) * Monserrate Gets 2 Years in Prison for Misusing City Funds(NYT)

Incumbents Push Loop Hole CFB Opposed . . . . Media and activists silent . . .Breaking Bloomberg Says An Attempt By Unions To Take oper the City Government
Pay No Attention to the Speaker Behind the Curtain With the Red Hair or the Orginional Intent of Term Limits or Campaign Finance Law
Quinn is supporting a bill that will be introduced Monday that would allow unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts and coordinate with campaigns of their favored candidate
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn dismisses critics, says campaign financing bill would bolster unions and corporations' First Amendment rights (NYDN)

City Council To Take Up Controversial Campaign Finance Legislation(NY1).'s Amy Loprest attacks for rushing a "terrible" campaign finance bill under false premises.* Loprest also says was wrong by saying candidates' pics given 2groups would count against $ limit* MT :

The NY City Council will not vote on the proposed campaign finance bill this year, said Tuesday.* An aide to says they are still reviewing bill but they expect to support it.* The CFB Blasts Quinn’s Bill | The Barkan Report:  * If enacted, Intro-978 would create a huge loophole in the City's campaign finance system. * Bill Thompson is supporting the CFB legislation. Bill de Blasio and John Liu are still reviewing but speaking positively about it.*
FYI, here's a draft copy of the bill the says will blow up campaign finance system 
* Rupert Murdoch has left the (Independence) party(CrainsNY)

Bizarro New York
Bizarro world is a place where everything is inverted, backwards, or just not right but similar
Only Bloomberg Opposes Mayoral Candidates Attempt to Kill CFB Laws . . . Shame on the Reformer and Goo Goos Who Support this CFB Change Taking Power Away from the Voters
Bloomberg A Staunch Opponent To Quinn's Campaign Finance Law (NY1) *
Court Rules Gang Crime Falls Short of Terrorism(NYT)

DN Discovers Old Trick by Independence Party Cult Leaders 
The News examines how the rolls of registered Independence Party voters increased over the past four years due to confusion over registering with “Independence” rather than an “Independent
Independence Party’s confusing name has tricked thousands of New Yorkers(NYDN) Citizens who meant to register as unaffiliated voters find themselves party membersRELATED: GOV. CUOMO MUST DELIVER ULTIMATUM TO INDEPENDENCE PARTY

8 Day Ago True News Reported That Most People Who Register in the Independence Party Have Not Idea Its A Party or Who is Running It

Today's Daily News part two of their series on the fake and phony Independence Party reported that most of the registered voters in that party have no idea they are part of a party. This has been an open secret known in the political cycles since the party began.  * points out that botched voter reg form 2nd time. Shld hv checked "do not enroll"

The Media Was Silent About the Independence Party During the Years Bloomberg Needed Their Ballot Line to Win
The city's media establishment which supported Bloomberg change of term limits knew their candidate needed the Independence Party ballot line to win and remained silent for years after Bloomberg paid the party and its non profits millions for the ballot line  They though the word independent meant not part of a party. Fully 169 of 200 voters contacted by The News, all of whom are listed as registering in 2010 and 2011, were surprised to learn that the party counted them as loyalists. Reported 8 days ago in True News *

 Rupert Murdoch can’t seem to get the hang of this voter registration form thing. Thankfully for him, the NYC Board of Elections has gotten the message.* The state has to end the confusion that has swelled Independence Party rolls with unwitting and unwilling members(NYDN) As chairman of News Corp., Rupert Murdoch heads a global media colossus that owns television, movie and publishing enterprises — all requiring sophisticated expertise in fields ranging from finance to law to technology. Yet Murdoch made the mistake of registering to vote in New York as a member of the Independence Party when he had intended to enroll in 2010 as independent of a political organization. Bartiromo, too, signed up with the Independence Party when she had wanted to register as an independent voter “to maintain my impartiality” as a journalist.

NY Daily News attack on NY Independence Party hypocritical. Where were they when IP endorsed Cuomo and Pataki ?

A New Albany Team Takes It First Steps

New Senate Coalition Finds Common Ground In Helping Sandy Victims(NY1) * SKELOS, KLEIN TAKE ON DISASTER RECOVERY: The coalition of state Senate Republicans and the Independent Democratic Conference is taking up Hurricane Sandy as its first order of business, a nonpartisan issue that the lawmakers used to fend off criticism of their partnership(City And State) *  In the Post, Michael Benjamin chides some Democratic lawmakers for failing to speak out publicly about Cuomo’s lack of support for a Democrat-controlled state Senate * 

Will the new coalition of the state Senate Republicans and the Independent Democratic Conference pass a minimum wage hike next year? State Sen. Jeff Klein, the leader of the IDC, thinks it can happen, but his Republican counterpart, Sen. Dean Skelos, simply won’t talk about it. “We formed the Independent Democratic Conference two years ago because we were concerned about the dysfunction,” Klein said at a press conference yesterday. “We were concerned about the hyper-partisanship that stymied action on important issues – important issues that affect the minority communities, like increasing the minimum wage, reforming stop and frisk policies. These are things that I believe that a coalition government can get to work on.” But when Skelos was asked repeatedly about his position on a minimum wage hike after the press conference, he would only say, “We’re going to discuss all the issues.” (City and State) * Tweet of the Day: “Awkward moment at GOP/IDC presser today: Skelos asked about diversity. He turns to lone minority in coalition, Malcolm Smith. Smith shrugs.” * When it comes to Skleinos, says former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, Cuomo has “at best” been “a modern Pontius Pilate, washing his hands of responsibility and party loyalty in the name of a cooperative and functioning state Senate.”* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos on Skleinos: “Senator Klein and myself personally have looked each other in the eye and said, ‘We’re going to make this work; we’re going to show that this new model of government can work.’”* Skelos and Klein rejected claims that their almost all-white coalition is prejudicial and shuts out minorities.* Sen. Jim Seward said the IDC and GOP have been “engaged” for the past two years, and “now we’re married.”* New ballots will be opened starting Wednesday in the close state Senate race between Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Duanesburg Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, a judge has ruled.* Democrat Terry Gipson declared victory in the 41st Senate District race, though ballots are still being counted there. His GOP opponent, Sen. Steve Saland, has all but conceded. A final decision in the ballot tally could come today. (Subscription).* Skelos Re-Elected As Senate GOP Leader(YNN) * Paterson Has Tough Assessment Of Malcolm Smith(YNN) * Sampson: Senate Democrats Won’t Pass ‘Watered Down’ Bills(YNN) * Addabbo won't accept a chairmanship unless it's 'part of a bigger picture' (Capital) * Post on Skelos Q&A updated with Senate Dem response and full video from : * Will Albany’s New Coalition Pass Cuomo’s Campaign Finance ‘Litmus Test?”?(NYO) * MT 3 of the 4 Amigos (Democrats) who created havoc in NYS Senate in 2009-2010 are now in jail or on their way to jail*
Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos insists the Republicans’ agenda “is not changing,” regardless of their new alliance with the IDC. * Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous on campaign finance reform and a minimum wage hike: “I think if they do go to the floor…they will be in a different form than what we presently see.” He says “creative” solutions are necessary.

Power play! Liberal legislation compromising GOP efforts(NYDN)

Cuomo Is Counting On Grimm to Get the $50 Billion Sandy Relieve Package Trough Congress . . . Media Treats Grimm Much Different Than Meeks

NY1 Online: Rep. Grimm Talks Storm Aids & Fundraising Scandal Gov. Cuomo said during a radio interview that he did not yet know how Hurricane Sandy would affect the state budget, after saying that the storm would blow a $1 billion hole in the budget earlier last month, the Times-Union writes: * Back on Inside City Hall, Congressman Michael Grimm had a fairly confrontational sit-down, disagreeing sharply with host Errol Louis. “From where I sit, I think it speaks volumes about how baseless accusations and the politics of personal assassination can be so costly, but it is that costly,” Mr. Grimm said of his huge $550,000 legal bill surrounding fundraising accusations against his campaign. “A lot of it it, more than legal work, is handling the media inquiries that come in when something like this comes up. ‘Oh, the Ethics [Committee] said this,’ and my lawyers have to get on the phone with 5, 6, 7 different reporters.” 

Attorney General Seeks to Force Disclosure of More Political Donors(NYT)

Campaign 2013
Koch Endorses Katz for BP
Former Mayor Ed Koch is endorsing former NYC council member Melinda Katz for Queens borough president in 2013.(is Artz running Katz's campaign also?) *
Virginia Fields backs for Manhattan Borough President #2013. Rd more here: * Former State Comptroller Hevesi Leaving Prison Wednesday(NY1) * "It has historically been a black seat." Assemblywoman approached to run for city council *Assemblywoman Being Eyed to Keep Traditionally Black City Council Seat(DNAINFO)

NYP Says Charter Schools Do Better Because They Have A Way of Getting Rid of Bad Teachers
Be good or be gone(NYP Ed) A Harlem charter school shredded a boatload of taxpayer money this year by booting 33 substandard staffers and handing them substantial severance packages. Not to worry — it was a good thing.As The Post’s Yoav Gonen reported yesterday, Harlem’s Promise Academy I — a public school operating free of union-contract constraints — gave severance pay to 15 teachers and 18 other staffers as it fired them because of poor performance.That was the humane thing to do — and, happily, it will help to keep the school’s long-term personnel costs down.But while it may seem that Promise Academy was rewarding teachers for failing, severance pay is a sensible arrangement used in almost every industry.  Dan BrinzacGeoffrey Canada, visionary for Harlem Promise Academy Now consider what happens when substandard teachers are identified in the city’s mainstream public schools.Nothing happens, that’s what.* U.S. Students Lag in Math and Science, Tests Show(NYT) * Cooper Union Students End Occupation of Suite After a Week(NYT)

As MTA Raises Our Fares There PR Machines and Press Lackies Tell Us How Much They Are Helping The Riders Get refunds for lost cards
Refunds put on the fast track (NYP) Losing your MetroCard or having it ripped off is getting to be a lot less of a hassle. Instead of having to call 511 or mail in a claim, you can now fill out a form online at the MTA’s eFix Web site. Single Rides and Monthly Passes to Cost More in M.T.A. Plan(NYT) *Bus-time displays(NYP) * MTA Maps Out Details for Fare Increases(WSJ) * Fare Hike Proposal Includes $112 Monthly MetroCard, $2.50 Single Ride (WSJ)* MTA prefers Bus Time to countdown clocks(NYDN) Next-bus countdown clocks are so yesterday. The MTA - which once envisioned electronic message boards with bus arrival times along its routes - is now more focused on getting bus info to passengers via smartphone * Proposed MTA Subway And Bus Fare Hike To Go Easier On Everyday(WCBS) * MTA quits countdown clocks in favor of 'Bus Time'(WABC) *
Help us fix the subways NOW, MTA board member begs NYS * Dead man found in L train station(NYP)

Not Only is the Bus Late the Mayor During the 2009 Campaign Promised It Would Be Free
Slow pokes! Crosstown buses on 42nd, 66th named slowest in town(NYP) * Bloomberg Calls for Free Crosstown Buses - NYTimes.com * M66 and M42 Win Pokey Awards for Being City's Slowest Buses

Campaign 2013  In the Post, Nicole Gelinas, a contributing editor for the Manhattan Institute, writes that if MTA Chairman Joe Lhota runs for mayor, he would be leaving the agency at a time when the agency is faced with financial difficulties:

Thompson Message to the Jews
#2013 mayoral candidate reaches out to the Orthodox Jewish community ” by

Bloomberg Say Healty Eating Makes New Yorkers Live Longer and Bloomberg Wants Credit
City Residents Live 2 Years Longer Than National Average  * NYC life expectancy hits record: 80.9 years(WABC) * New Yorkers are living longer; Bloomberg says city initiatives SI Advance)

City Schools Miss Out On Opportunity For Share Of $400 Million In Grant Money(NY1)

DOE flubs in race for feds’ $40M(NYP)

Sandy drowns biz (NYP) What should be the busiest season of the year has been nothing but a bust for thousands of small businesses socked hard by the Superstorm Sandy.* Fed $$ will do ‘job’: gov(NYP) * City Limits Storm Aid(WSJ) The Bloomberg administration has limited the food stamps disaster aid program to residents in only ten zip codes, due to the federal government offering its own disaster-related food stamp hike
  [image]Saving Coney Island Favorites(WSJ) Superstorm Sandy took a toll on the beloved, old-fashioned rides and games at Coney Island's Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. The owners are getting help from professional tinkerers to save the damaged novelties.

Gateway Recreation Area Faces Long Recovery After Storm’s Battering(NYT) * NY1 Exclusive: Midland Beach Resident Not Allowed In Home Because Of MIA Neighbors * Sandy Victims Seek Free Advice At Staten Island Clinic(NY1) * Registration Deadline For FEMA Assistance Extended(NY1) * Operation Breezy Gut and Pump ends(NYDN) * The Times calls on the Bloomberg administration to develop a workable emergency response plan for public housing residents after a news report showed that the city moved too slowly to help those residents after Hurricane Sandy * JCP&L criticized for Sandy response(WABC) * While NYC dawdles over Sandy task force, Staten Island pols (SI Advance) * Staten Island lawmaker holds 'Sandy' seminar on dealing SI Advance) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver wants a New York City property tax break for Sandy-impacted homes and businesses which would cost the NYC budget, not the state budget.* After Surviving the Storm, a Menorah Will Head to the White House(NYT) * Relief Workers Find Spartan Lodging, Right on the Water(NYT)* Holiday Income Wiped Out For Businesses Shuttered By Sandy(NY1) * Storm-damaged businesses struggle to reopen(Fox5) * Crews Prepare For Historic Concert To Benefit Sandy Relief(NY1)
NY1 Exclusive: Silver Speaks About Sandy Impact On Upcoming Legislative Session * Relief Workers Find Spartan Lodging, Right on the Water(NYT) *Town Hall Meeting Held For Sandy Victims In Brooklyn(NY1)

City’s Economic Development Corporation Agrees to More Openness(NYT)  The New York City Economic Development Corporation pledged to make some financial information that is already in the public domain accessible, in a new agreement with City Comptroller John Liu to renew the agency’s contract* State officials will announce how $220 million of economic development funds will be apportioned to the state’s ten regional economic councils for capital infrastructure projects and other spending, the Times-Union reports: * A year after announcing he would create a tax reform panel, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has finally named some people to sit on it. (More from Ej McMahon here).

The agenda for the first-ever open board meeting with the trustees of the New York Racing Association will include proposals to ban political contributions and betting by NYRA officers, the Times-Union reports: 

Jimmy Breslin on the Media

The New Yorker: An Interview With Jimmy Breslin (City and State )

CS: One of your great sayings is, “Media is the plural of mediocrity.” Do you still feel that is so?
JB: Oh, sure. It has to be… The Daily News [and] the Post, I think their days are gone. There’s an open field with the newspapers stumbling and going out of style, and the television news—when you see people in their suits and ties coming on news programs, and obviously they’ve never done any reporting, and they read a script, I mean, it’s terrible.

Councilman calls for local input on casino gambling(NYDN)

Community doesn't want soccer stadium (Queens Crap)

From A Walk in the Park: Rain didn't stop hundreds of people from taking to the streets around Flushing Meadows-Corona Park on Sunday to "express outrage about an unprecedented land grab for public parkland."  The crowd chanted "Bloomberg, entiende! El parque no se vende!" ("Bloomberg, understand, the park is not for sale") and "Bloomberg, escucha! Estamos en la lucha!"("Bloomberg, listen, the people are ready to fight!") as it marched through the immigrant neighborhood of Corona and headed to the park along Roosevelt Avenue under tracks of the 7 train.  The group passed the sites of a proposed 1.4 million sq. ft. mall at CitiField and the proposed expansion of the U.S. Tennis Association's facilities before ending at the Fountain of Planets, where Major League Soccer is heavily lobbying to build a new stadium and concert venue on 13 acres.

Tests Say Mislabeled Fish Is a Widespread Problem(NYT) *
That's fishy! 39% of seafood sold in city isn’t what you (NYDN)

Cop: I’d ‘re-boot’ (NYP) He’s willing to give a leg up — forever.  Even though the boots he gave a barefoot homeless man have disappeared from the vagrant’s feet

Bloomberg News: “From coast to coast, states are cutting funding for schools, public safety and the poor as they struggle with fallout left by politicians who made pay-and-pension promises that taxpayers couldn’t afford.” The worst in the nation: California. 

The public comment period on whether the state should allow large-scale natural gas drilling, known as fracking, begins tomorrow.

O revs up ‘campaign’(NYP)WASHINGTON — President Obama yesterday jammed his campaign machine back into high gear, revving up public pressure on Capitol Hill Republicans to.* In Budget Talks, G.O.P. Weighs Loyalty to Voters(NYT) * Michigan Labor Fight Cleaves a Union Bulwark(NYT)
* Obama is oddly nice to Wall St. Is this a real thaw, or is he using them to win the fiscal cliff battle?  * Man Shot Execution-Style In Broad Daylight In Midtown(WABC) * Scalia Defends Comparison Between Bans on Homosexuality and Murder(NY Mag) * Feds Get Tough On States Rejecting Obamacare Provision(Huff Post)

Republicans Must Wise Up - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
The New Government Class - Paul Kengor, The American Spectator
Dems in All-Out Fight for Union Power - Byron York, Washington Examiner
The Resurrection of Liberalism - DeWayne Wickham, USA Today
Obama's Atmosphere of Distrust - Michael Gerson, Washington Post
Why Obama Must Go Over the Fiscal Cliff - Noam Scheiber, New Republic
Republicans Can Win Fiscal Debate with a Retreat - Charles Kadlec, Forbes
Pushing Same-Sex Marriage Ahead - Charles Lane, Washington Post
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Fed Telegraphs Intention to Rein In Bank Size - Simon Johnson, Bloomberg
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Debt-Ceiling Nonsense Once Again - Froma Harrop, Providence Journal
The U.S. Stock Market Rally Deserves Some Respect - Edward Yardeni, FT
Nate Silver explains why Hillary Clinton will be a strong presidential contender in 2016.
ObamaCare Taxes Every Bit as Bad as Expected - Boston Herald
Higher Prices a Burden Worth Bearing for ObamaCare - USA Today
The Republican Tax Panic - Wall Street Journal
Repairing America's Elections - Washington Post
According to a new Politico/George Washington University Battleground poll, 60 percent of registered voters have a favorable impression of Clinton, with 35 percent seeing her in an unfavorable light. (Of course, she’s not running for anything at the moment).
Deficit-reduction proposals from Speaker John Boehner and President Obama fall short of clearly stabilizing the debt, according to budget experts, putting the U.S. credit rating at risk of a downgrade.
Michigan Bills Limiting Union Power Pass in Legislature(NYT)
John Heilemann and Mark Halperin are planning a followup to their 2008 bestseller 'Game Change'
In a 58-51 vote, Michigan’s House of Representatives approved a bill that would vastly reduce the power of organized labor in this traditionally strong union state.
Libyan Reluctance Hobbles Benghazi Assault Investigation(NYT) * Al Qaeda in Syria(NYT Ed)
Here’s what major donors from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will be attending if they go to the president’s inauguaration next month.
BREAKING: Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signs right-to-work legislation into law(Huff Post)
BREAKING: Obama: US now recognizes opposition group as `legitimate representative' of Syrian people.  (AP)
As Goes Michigan, So Goes the Nation? - Ruth Conniff, The Progressive
The Battle of Lansing - Rich Lowry, New York Post
Amid Turmoil, Loan Billions Flow to Egypt - Howard Schneider, Wash Post
Bin Laden, the Movie - Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker
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Republicans Must Wise Up - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
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Best and Worst of the 2012 Campaigns - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
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Peter Berkowitz's Constitutional Conservatism - Stanley Kurtz, NRO
Cliff chaos: The two sides are still hundreds of billions of dollars apart (Politico)
U.S. Will Grant Recognition to Syrian Rebels, Obama Says(NYT)


Jon Stewart Blasts Fox Pundit: 'Shut Up And Shut Up'

Another Paper Dies 

Sporting News Ends Print Edition After 126 Years


HSBC Laundering Drug Money
In Settlement, HSBC Avoids Charges Over Money Laundering(NYT) * Insider Probe Widens(WSJ) * HSBC to Pay Record U.S. Penalty(WSJ) * Feds outline HSBC ties to laundering, drug money

Law and Order

Victim speaks after sex fiend is found guilty: 'Now he'll learn how it feels to be helpless'Victim speaks after sex fiend is found guilty: 'Now he'll learn how it feels to be helpless'(NYP) * Hasidic molest monster guilty(NYP) * Andrea Peyser‘Now he’ll learn how it feels to be helpless’: victim(NYP)

Teen Accusing Orthodox Jewish Leader Of Sex Abuse Testifies

Abuse Verdict Topples Hasidic Wall of Secrecy(NYT) * Guilty Verdict In Orthodox Abuse Trial(WSJ) * Counselor Found Guilty in Orthodox Abuse Trial(WSJ)* 'Guilty!' Weberman emotionless as jurors send him away(NYDN) * Satmar leader Weberman: Guilty of molesting girl1(NYDN) * Brooklyn Ultra-Orthodox Leader Found Guilty On Child Sex (NYDN) The News praises the conviction of Satmar Hasidic therapist Nechemya Weberman of sexual abuse, and the bravery of his victim during the trial: * 'The people in this community are so hurt': As pervert Hasid is found guilty of oral sex with child, some in insular sect claim THEY are victims(NYDN)
* Nechemya Weberman found guilty of sexually abusing girl he was counseling (Daily Beast) * Brooklyn, NY - DA: Any Yeshivah Found Ostracizing Abuse Victims Will Be Prosecuted By Grand Jury(vosizneias.com)
Joe Hynes and Brooklyn justice(NYP Ed)

 Rabbi May Have Been Attacked As Reaction to Guilty Verdict

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Attacked In Williamsburg

Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg 1Anti-child-sexual-abuse activist Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg was attacked in Williamsburg a few minutes ago, allegedly by the son of a man Nuchem named as a pedophile. The attacker apparently threw bleach in Nuchem's face.
Continue reading "Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg Attacked In Williamsburg" »(failedmessiah)
Rosenberg was just released from hospital. His bleach-stained clothes (not Lemon Juice, geniuses) taken by cops. I hear there was an arrest   *Crusading Rabbi attacked with bleach in : Cops. (NBC) *Satmar crusader against molestation says bleach was splashed in his face, following Nechemya Weberman’s landmark sex abuse conviction   Nathan (Nuchem) Rosenberg says he was walking down Williamsburg street when approached by man with cup of bleach * Crusading Rabbi Claims He Was Attacked In Brooklyn(vosizneias.com) *Rabbi Who Aided Abuse Victims Hurt(NYT) * Bleach-bombed! Hasidic perv’s foe attacked(NYP)
* Bleach-bombed! Hasidic perv’s foe attacked(NYP)
* Rabbi sprayed with chemical in attack(WABC) 
Crusading Rabbi Attacked with Bleach in Brooklyn: Cops(NBC) 

NYPD Sergeant commits suicide after fight with her girlfriend(NYP)

Midtown killer seen right before gunning down victim in broad daylightMidtown killer seen right before gunning down victim in broad daylight(NYP)

Man executed on busy Midtown street in planned ‘hit’(NYP) * Man Fatally Shot on Midtown Street(NYT) * Man Killed in Rare Midtown Shooting(WSJ) * NYPD seek suspect in fatal shooting of LA man(WSJ) * Cops: Woman tried to smuggle drugs into NY prison(WSJ) * Woman raped in the Bronx, suspect sought(WSJ) * Sources: Man Shot In Midtown Was Aspiring Los Angeles Rapper(NY1) * Man shot in head near Columbus Circle(NYDN) * NYPD seek suspect in fatal shooting of LA man(Fox 5) * Police Hunt Suspect in Deadly Midtown Shooting of LA Ma(NYDN) * Photo Shows Man, Gun in Hand, Just Before Fatal Shot(NYT)   * Local gun: cops say 9mm used in Midtown shooting was used in 2009 to shoot up house in St. Albans Queens.* Midtown shooting victim Brandon Woodard had 20 arrests in Calif., many on drug charges. (NYT) * Police Release Video in Killing of Brandon Lincoln Wood (NYDN)

Assaults woman, 85, as husband lies dying(NYP)

Bust in NYC sex slavery  (NYP) Three Mexican brothers have been extradited and charged with running a vicious sex-trafficking ring that lured girls as young as 14 to the US with promises of love and a new life — only to smuggle them into New York to brutally pimp them out,.

For the love of odd: Passion plea in FDNY trans trial(NYP)

Tax-thief ref slam-dunked by judge(NYP) * High-rise ‘escort’ lawsuit(NYP) * Tower heists baffle police(NYP)* 55 Years Later, a Girl’s Killer Gets a Life Term(NYT) * Fallen Dean’s Life, Contradictory to Its Grisly End(NYT) * Police bust man in girlfriend's stab death(NYDN) * Weepy model's tears force recess twice in assault trial (NYDN) * Cops hunt Bronx rapist(NYDN) * Teen on teen crime in Bronx(NYDN) * Cops: Woman tried to smuggle drugs into NY prison(Fox 5) *
Man Arrested in Harlem Scissors Stabbing Death(NBC)
Man Raped Woman in Bronx Building Stairwell: Police(NBC)
Man Stabbed Dead in Harlem: Police(NBC) 
Tracing a Victim’s Path in Life to a Brazen Killing in Midtown(NYT)

Hotel Worker Settles Claim Strauss-Kahn Forced Sex(NYT) * Strauss-Kahn Settles Sex Suit(WSJ) * Former IMF Chief, Hotel Maid Reach Civil Suit Settlement(NY1)
DSK and hotel maid settle civil lawsuits over rape char(NYDN)

EXCLUSIVE: In Wake Of Subway Push Tragedy, NYC Woman Recalls(WCBS)

Police Commissioner Hits the Street to Help Open an Applebee's(NYT) * Ray Kelly Is a Fan of Applebee’s, and Every Other Restauarant in New York(NY Mag)

City Room: Some Charges Dropped Against Masked Protesters(NYT)

NYPD Sergeant Found Dead of Suspected Suicide(NY Mag)

Cops Link More NYC Elevator Robberies (NBC)

Rapist Entered Apartment Through Bathroom: Police(NBC)

 Cop Struck by Livery Cab in Times Square(NBC)

 Elmo tickled a fourth teen: Suit(NYDN)

Cops hunting Bronx rape suspect(NYP) *
Sketch released of Mott Haven rape suspect(WABC)

Mom gunned down outside hospital (NYP) A Brooklyn mom of three was fatally gunned down this morning by a passerby as she stood right behind Brookdale Hospital -- where her 8-year-old daughter was undergoing treatment for an asthma attack.* Woman Found Shot Dead Behind Brooklyn Hospital(NY1) * Family Wants Answers After Mother Is Shot Dead Outside Hospital(WABC)
* Mother murdered outside Brooklyn hospital(WABC) * Woman Found Shot Dead Behind Brooklyn Hospital(NY1) * Woman Is Killed Outside a Hospital(NYT)

Lawyer Posits Justification in Fatal Push in Subway(NYT)

Court Rules Gang Crime Falls Short of Terrorism(NYT)

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