Thursday, December 13, 2012

Has the Quinn Campaign Turned into the Jets?

NYT: Quinn, has faced recent criticism as potential rivals gain endorsements, suggesting that name recognition also makes her a more inviting target
NYT Discovers Some of Quinn's Negatives
True News Has Some More 

For the first time the NYT admits that the extension of Term Limits, the attempt to corrupt the city's campaign finance law and Bloomberg affair with Hillary has hurt the establishment chosen one.Hints at Steeper Road to Victory for Perceived Front-Runner in Mayor’s RaceNYT) What the NYT ignores are much more important issues that can hurt her in the primary.  The closing of St Vincent's Hospital in her district to build a co-op for a developer who contributed to her campaign creating a health care hospital emergency in the city caused by Sandy flooding closing down serveral other hospitals.
The attempt to buy political support with the county and city's ethnic leaders with offers of favorable council districts is already public with the articles in the NYP and Daily News (no NYT story) about the moving of sexual harasser Vito Lopez house into a district he will easily win in. The fact that the council never discoverd the true corrupt of Citytime until the US Attorney arrested several of it contract workers.  The Bloomber puppet issue will also come up during the campaign. The attending of the corrupt clut Indpendence Party dinner last week is bound to hurt in light of the Daily News series on the party. Why did Comptroller Liu find the problems and cost overruns in the 911 system and not the City Councl, whose job is oversite of city contracts?  
Does anyone know why the slush fund scandal investigations did not find anything that Quinn did wrong?  In an interesting article profiling Council Speaker Christine Quinn‘s status in the mayoral campaign next year, The New York Times referenced only one of her rivals while leaving Comptroller John Liu and former Comptroller Bill Thompson unmentioned. However, the four-candidate field does have its advantages for Ms. Quinn Quinn Tries to Buy the Brooklyn Boss Support For Mayor With Another $4.4 Million City Council Dollar Slush Fund  *  .  Quinn Stands Behind Decision on Seabrook Funds (NYT)* Quinn Tries to Buy the Brooklyn Boss Support For Mayor With Another $4.4 Million City Council Dollar Slush Fund * Speaker Quinn doles out loot to cooperative Council members ‘Lulus’ on top of salaries are vote-buying tools(NYDN)  * Pork-barrel polka(NYP Ed) * Chris Quinn and the Slow Motion Return of the Slush Fund Scandal(Village Voice)  *Slush Probers Eye Fraud Rap for Quinn (NYP April 13, 2008)* QUINN: SLUSH FUND HELPED ME (NYP 2008) * Speaker admits she knew about slush fund for a while.(2008) * Christine Quinn gives your cash to West Side project - and gets campaign money (NYDN)

Once the Mayor Canceled the Marathon Because of the Cries of Suffering From the Outer Boroughs, Both the Quinn Campaign and NYT Knew their Manhattan Game Was Over

Has the NYT Game Plan of Helping Quinn With Name Recognition Flooded?

Sandy has made the out boroughs more important in this campaign than baking apple pie in NJ
For Council Speaker, Home on Weekends Is at Jersey Shore(NYT) *Christine Quinn's Newlywed Nest - * Titanic Ties in the Race for Mayor(NYT)By JIM DWYER

More NYT Attempts to Help Quinn By Showing She is Not A 100% Puppet of Bloomberg
Even the Best City Hall Partnership Ever Can Have Differences(NYT)


The NYP Andrea Peyser Goes Over the Top on the de Blasio's Sex Life and Marriage

Absurd ‘out’rage(NYP)

Most of the article has been dedacted by True News

"The couple attempted to spin the embarrassing revelation into political gold. In the midst of a media blitz, de Blasio said, in answer to no particular question, that the pair today is in a “monogamous, committed relationship.’’

Update Bill de Blasio Responds to Andrea Peyser(NYO) Ms. Peyser argued he mischaracterized her previous column about his wife, where she wrote, “Lesbians don’t simply get cured, as if homosexuality were a temporary disease.” The public advocate responded by writing a letter saying Ms. Peyser “seems to define those who are gay or lesbian as suffering from a ‘disease’ from which they ‘don’t simply get cured.’” In her follow-up today, however, Ms. Peyser claimed she never made the comparison.

Crowded GOP Mayorial Primary Possible

Some New York City Republican leaders are worried that the GOP field for mayor is becoming crowded, which will encourage candidates to go on the offensive, while others see it as a sign of a weak Democratic field, the News writes * NYC GOP leaders are worried about a bruising primary in the 2013 mayoral race, with four candidates already vying for their ballot line and two more mulling an entry. 

Campaign 2013
Tee-hee. Former Brooklyn Councilman Sal Albanese, a Democrat known for making long-shot bids for mayor some years ago, is apparently at it again. It remains to be seen if he has the organization in place to make the ballot and have an impact. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, a Park Sloper who’s emphasizing the outer boroughs heavily in the campaign, just hired The Perez Notes’ Roberto Perez for his government staff. Mr. Perez, who hails from Queens, joins four other higher-level staffers from that borough, and according to a source in the office, will be surrounded by folks like Deputy Chief of Staff Jahmila Joseph, from Crown Heights, and a healthy crew of fellow Brooklynites. * Former councilman Sal Albanese will run for mayor, perhaps making things more complicated for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio. [Azi Paybarah]*
Didn't realize UFCW endorsed Christine Quinn for mayor yesterday but here's the full press release  UFCW endorsed Christine Quinn for mayor yesterday but here's the full press release  * Pols show Flushing demographic shift(Queens Chronicle) * The Way They Were: Mayoral Candidates in High School(NYO)
* Jessica Lappin to Launch Campaign for Manhattan Borough President Friday - New York * The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1500 endorsed City Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor, even though she hasn't announced yet. (Cap NY)

Budget Dangers for the Next Mayor
NYC's budget is balanced this year and next year’s budget gap appears manageable, but risks remain for the years ahead

Is Cuomo Using His Battleship to Bring Back the Rockerfeller GOP?
In a series of interviews, Gov. Cuomo issued a warning to the coalition state Senate leadership to support his legislative agenda, and pushed back against criticism from his own party that he is not liberal enough
Gov. Cuomo vows to take on state Republican leaders if they don’t back his legislative agenda(NYP) * Cuomo Puts Campaign Finance on 2013 Agenda(NYT) * Cuomo Shifts Tone, Pushes Against GOP(WSJ) * Cuomo Wants New State Senate Coalition To Push For Items On His Agenda(NY1) * Cuomo may find that some of his priorities for the coming legislative session will be a heavier lift than others, with some Republicans not threatened by Cuomo’s “litmus test” comments about supporting his agenda, The Buffalo News reports: 
* In the Post, Michael Benjamin writes that the state Senate Democrats should select a competent new leader if they want to gain the respect of Cuomo and the rest of the legislature

Gov. Cuomo delights in record high approval rating of 74% (NYDN) * In an interview with public radio, Cuomo stopped short of drawing a line in the sand over the issue of public campaign financing vis-a-vis the Senate, saying it’s “very, very important,” but declining to give it make-or-break status.* “It is not my place as a governor to get involved in a Democratic power squabble, struggle, call it whatever you will,” Cuomo said during another radio interview, and then warned Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos he’ll “do everything in my power” to get his agenda passed. * “If Senator Skelos is opposed to the agenda of the people of the state, then I will oppose him…and I will be involved,” Cuomo said.* Sen. Liz Krueger follows Cuomo’s 10-item litmus test list in the TU with a TU OpEd of her own, in which she fact checks his claim the Senate Democrats passed “no meaningful reform legislation” while in the majority.* Tom Precious on Cuomo’s litmus test list: “(It) includes a mix of items that legislators already passed into law, are likely to pass, were long ago proposed by others or are just too vague to judge, such as his insistence that lawmakers address ‘our changing climate.’”* Cuomo attributed his record-high 74 percent approval rating to his handling of Sandy and its aftermath.* Cuomo is reportedly poised to veto Sen. Mark Grisanti’s historic tax credits bill. The senator says Sandy is to blame.* The ballot-counting battle in SD 46 is holding up the declaration of a winner in the 4th Judicial District race.*Who would have thought the Riverdale Press would drop some sizable news in the State Senate drama? The new co-leader of the chamber, Senator Jeff Klein, reportedly accepted $150,000 in campaign contributions linked to convicts and other unsavory sources. In response, he announced he would donate the money to charity.Dysfunction with the Democrats in the State Senate began for real when David Paterson took over. [Michael Benjamin] * The governors of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have written an op/ed due to run in tomorrow’s Washington Post that pushes Congress to approve a $60.4 billion supplemental aid package. Govs. Andrew Cuomo, Chris Christie and Dannel Malloy write in the op/ed, which was posted on the newspaper’s website: * Democrats Ponder Primary Challenges to Rogue Senators
* Leroy Comrie as a Dem challenger to State Senator Malcolm Smith? * 1 of 4 GOP senators to back same-sex marriage in the NY Senate winning endorsement of Gov. Cuomo, concedes his race.  * Saland Concedes(YNN) * DiCarlo: Victory Of ‘Neo-Marxist’ Will Be Corrected(YNN) * Five Senate Dems Push Back On Savino Claim(YNN) * State Troopers PBA Backs Senate Coalition(YNN) * Cuomo: ‘Unfortunate’ That Saland Lost In ‘Today’s Political Environment’ * Jamaica pastor and activist the Rev. Charles Norris called Smith a “traitor” who should be “impeached” or recalled (if New York allowed for that sort of thing).* An appellate court has rejected a motion to stall ballot counting in the five-county 46th Senate District, and elections officials are scheduled to begin opening roughly 385 ballots tomorrow morning.*
Amedore-Tkaczyk counting restarts Friday * Leroy Comrie dismissed speculation about a state Senate run (CrainsNY) * NY1 Online: Senator Defends New Bipartisan Coalition

AG Eric Schneiderman is trying to take “dark money” out of New York elections by requiring that nonprofits annually disclose their political spending on state and local races starting next year.* Cuomo called Schneiderman’s jurisdiction “helpful” in monitoring 501(c)4s, but said he will soon unveil a proposal of his own that will “go further.”* New Regulations Sought for Nonprofits(WSJ)

Update Bloomberg Signs Bill To Regulate Pedicab Fares At the last minute, Mayor Bloomberg decided against signing a bill that would have forced pedi-cab drivers to charge by the minute, post their rates, and provide timers because he wanted more time to consider the measure
With 9.3% Unemployment It is Sad the Council Wants to Make More New Yorkers Unemployed

Bloomberg holds off on signing bill to curb pedicab rip-offs(NYP) * Mike’s bike balk(NYP Ed) NYP wants the mayor to sign the bill * Bloomberg Stops Short Of Signing Pedicab Bill(NY1) * Bloomy throws it in reverse! Decides not to sign bill to (NYDN)

City May Test Smartphone Apps in Hailing Yellow Taxis(NYT) A New York commission could vote this week on establishing a pilot program, because some board members are against a permanent change in the rules.* Hailing a Yellow Cab With an App(NYT) * New Plan Allows Taxi Apps on Temporary Basis(WSJ) * The News declares its support for a plan to allow New Yorkers to hail cabs with an e-hailing app on a smartphone * TLC to vote on smartphone apps for hailing cabs(WABC) * Use smartphone apps to nab a cab ride(NYP) * Taxi Commission Approves Plan To Hail Cabs Via Smartphone(NY1) * Use smartphone apps to nab a cab ride(NYP)


NY voters want legalized marijuana, stricter building codes(NYP)

The News encourages Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to re-open the Statue of Liberty after he tours the monument today to survey the damage of Liberty Island from Hurricane Sandy * Interior Secretary Surveys Damage On Liberty Island(NY1)

In a Farewell Speech, Lieberman Reflects on His Political Journey(NYT) Joseph I. Lieberman, the retiring Connecticut senator, appearing before a small audience, noted the momentous changes in the world and at home during his four terms.

Ed Koch Celebrates 88th Birthday At Gracie Mansion Ed Koch Celebrates 88th Birthday At Gracie Mansion(NY1)After leaving the hospital on Monday, Mayor Ed Koch celebrated his 88th birthday Wednesday with fanfare.*  While celebrating Ed Koch’s 88th birthday at Gracie mansion, Bloomberg called his predecessor “the greatest mayor New York City had or ever will have.” Meanwhile, Mr. de Blasio joined fellow mayoral candidates to schmooze at former Mayor Ed Koch‘s birthday party last night. And a number of 2013 candidates up and down the ballot, including Comptroller Liu, State Senator Eric Adams, Councilman Robert Jackson and Councilwoman Tish James were among those slated to powwow with former Mayor David Dinkins at consultant Bill Lynch’s Apollo Theater holiday party yesterday as well.* City Room: Best Medicine for a Weak Ed Koch May Be a Birthday Party With Friends (NYT) * Former Wyoming Sen. Alan K. Simpson is jealous of the Ed Koch Bridge (AKA the Queensboro). “I said, Ed, you old S.O.B. They haven’t even named an outdoor toilet seat after me here in Wyoming.”

Bad Girl Gangs

NYPD Takes Down Street Gang With Female Faction Called ‘Bad Barbies’ (WINS) * NYPD Takes Down Street Gang With Female Faction Called ‘Bad …(WCBS) * Ray Kelly Sees Progress in 'Bad Barbies' All-Female Gang Bust(NY Mag) Girl gang called the 'Bad Barbies' on loose in The Bronx(NYP)

Pay to Play Heveis Ready to Get His Pension$$$
Ex-NY Comptroller Alan Hevesi out of prison after serving 20 months in pension scandal(NYP) * Alan Hevesi returns home on parole for massive pay-to-play (NYDN)

A Halfway House Built on Tall Claims(NYT)  A Brooklyn facility, left, intended to help inmates after they are released, offers little more than meals and a bed, not counseling and job-search help, some residents say.

 Heretic Hasidim (Huff Post) Torn between devotion to their faith and families and a desire to explore the outside world, rebellious young ultra-Orthodox Jewish men are resigned to live secret double lives.

Music legends band together to raise over $30M for Sandy relief in 12-12-12 concert(NYP) * Music legends band together to raise over $30M for Sandy relief in 12-12-12 concert(NYP) * On 12-12-12, Songs in Reply to a Storm(NYT) Benefit Concert For Sandy Victims Rocks MSG(NY1)* The 12-12-12 concert to benefit the Sandy recovery effort drew big names (but oddly, just two female performers) and lasted six hours.* Cuomo and NJ Gov. Chris Christie were both in Madison Square Garden for the concert. Bill Crystal name-checked them, and made a 2016 joke.* Music’s Biggest Stars Turn Out For Sandy Relief; Millions(WCBS) * ‘Who The F**k Are You?’ The Who’s Roger Daltrey Drops Big Ol’ F-Bomb During 12-12-12 Concert

Sandler: NY Congressman Who Twetted His Dick, Hallelujah. . 
Adam Sandler Pays Hilarious Tribute To New Yorkers With "Sandy, Screw Ya!" Song At 12-12-12 Concert (VIDEO)

House GOP Pushes Back on Sandy Aid(WSJ) House lawmakers don't intend to introduce an emergency funding bill anywhere near as large as the $60 billion the Obama administration is seeking to help rebuild the Northeast after superstorm Sandy.Working from the $60.4 billion disaster aid request President Barack Obama made five days ago, the Senate Appropriations Committee released its own draft of the legislation.
Senate Democrats released their proposal for a $60.4 billion federal disaster aid package for New York, New Jersey, and other states affected by Hurricane Sandy, including billions earmarked for infrastructure projects, the Associated Press writes: 

In the latest Quinnipiac University poll, 65 percent of New Yorkers say that stricter building codes should be imposed before allowing homeowners to rebuild their homes destroyed by Sandy, while 74 percent are very concerned about climate change. Today’s Q poll finds 74 percent of New York voters are “very concerned” or “somewhat concerned” about climate change, and 67 percent say it is “very likely” or “somewhat likely” their community will be hit in the next 10 years by a storm as bad as Sandy. But 50 percent don’t believe Sandy’s severity was due to climate change.

Long Rebuilding Process Continues In Breezy Point(NY1) * Rockaway maerchants seeking lifeline(NYDN) * Holiday sales grim in post-Sandy Sheepshead Bay(NYDN) *
Top Italy pizza man making pies in Brooklyn for Sandy v (NYDN) * Relief for flood-prone areas of Queens(NYDN)*  South Street Seaport Museum Set To Reopen With New Exhibits  * Documenting Recovery in the Rockaways. Look at 's photos & watch his interview w/ the Weekly Flickr(WNYC) * Small Utilities Credits Are Just the First Step, a Commission Says(NYT)
* Obama Official Says It May Not Make Sense To Rebuild All Areas Hit By Sandy

NY, NJ, CT governors urge Congress to make storm aid decision before(NYP)
* It's Time For Congress To Stand With Us'(Huff Post)

In anticipation of the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act, some New York-based health insurance companies are setting up health care exchanges to get ahead of the game, the Times-Union writes: 

Average New Yorker Produces 3 Pounds of Garbage Per Day(NYT)

Former JCOPE commissioner Ravi Batra has been cited by the Huffington Post on a list of “brave employees who stood up to the boss.”

  Parents "stood their ground" with Education Department (NYDN)After parents refused to move their kindergarten children out of an overcrowded Bronx school in the middle of the academic year, the Department of Education has decided to transfer only three students * Protests against possible closure of Bronx Catholic sch (NYDN) * Boys and Girls High School: A View from a Parent Leader(BrooklynMC)

Medical Schools Jockey for Research Space(WSJ)The race to build big new research complexes promises to expand an important high-tech industry in the city. 

Bed-Stuy record-breaker(NYT)Cool Bedford-Stuyvesant just got hotter with Wednesday’s record sale of a three-family townhouse for $1.34 million.

John's pizzeria shut by Health Dept.(NYDN) How about a slice of pepperoni with a side of flies? The city Health Department has shuttered famous pizza parlor John's of Bleecker Street, apparently for violations including "filth flies"

Unpaid intern for Senator Menendez of NJ arrested for being an illegal immigrant(NYP) * Senator Menendez intern arrested(Fox 5)
Clinton will testify on Dec. 20 before the House of Representatives and Senate foreign affairs committees on a report on the deadly attack on the U.S. diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya. 
Republicans Haven't Learned Much - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
A Brief History of American Prosperity - Guy Sorman, City Journal
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The Moral Choices on Interrogation - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Welcome to the World of "Big Data" - Chuck Raasch, USA Today
U.S. Terror Agency to Tap Vast Database of Citizens - Julia Angwin, WSJ

Barbara Walters' Brutal Question To Chris Christie(Huff Post)

The Fed's Contradiction - Wall Street Journal
North Korea's Latest Provocation - New York Times
Union Woes Largely of Their Own Making - USA Today
Union Violence in Michigan Is No Tea Party - Investor's Business Daily
‘Daily Show’ Is Policy Forum for Newark’s Mayor(NYT)
Mayor Cory A. Booker, appearing on Comedy Central, discussed issues like the gross national product, prisoner re-entry and income inequality.

Mayor Bloomberg lauded a decision in Michigan yesterday that rejected a proposal to allow people to buy handguns without undergoing criminal background checks. 
O’Reilly And Karl Rove Agree: GOP In Disarray, Would Lose 2016 Election If It Were Held Today
John Boehner is trying to weather criticism from conservative members, and might be postponing a fiscal-cliff deal until after he's re-elected speaker on Jan. 3. [Jonathan Weisman]
Joe Biden has been relegated to the sidelines while President Obama negotiates a deal on the fiscal cliff. [Reid Epstein and Carrie Budoff Brown]
The next 'right to work' state hard to find(Wash Post)
The House will not adjourn the 112th Congress until a credible solution to the fiscal cliff has been announced
Boehner to Ohio this weekend(NBC)
Embattled UN Ambassador removes name as candidate for Secretary of State(NYP)
South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley Vets Stephen Colbert for Senate Seat(NYO)
The ladies of “The View” got into a heated debate over whether one of their own, Barbara Walters, should have asked NJ Gov. Chris Christie about his weight.
 White House official: Obama-Boehner meeting 'frank' --(Politico)
Rice Drops Bid for Secretary of State, Citing Opposition(NYT)
Also, according to Walters, Bill wants Hill to run in 2016, but she’s “not so sure.”
Obama and Boehner spent 50 minutes meeting at the White House today (Politico)
Rice withdraws as secretary of state candidate; Obama decries ‘unfair and misleading’ attacks(Wash Post)
Obama's Legacy & His Opportunity on the Budget - A.B. Stoddard, The Hill
The Beauty of the Backroom Deal - Todd Purdum, Vanity Fair
Right to Work Returns Michigan to the People - Nolan Finley, Detroit News
Fed Stokes Risk of Bond Reckoning - Mackenzie & Foley, Financial Times
Texas and the $10,000 College Degree - Katrina Trinko, National Review
Romney Didn't Lose Because of Latinos - Aaron Blake, Washington Post
The Hillary Clinton Model - Ana Marie Cox, The Guardian
5 Myths Liberals Created About Themselves - John Hawkins, Townhall
The Best and Worst of 2012, Part II - Stuart Rothenberg, Roll Call
The Court Should Keep Out of Gay Rights - Jonathan Rauch, New Republic
Where Big Bucks Could Matter for Republicans - Glenn Reynolds, NY Post 

Hillary: The new Teflon Clinton (Wash Post)
If Kerry replaces Clinton, who replaces him?(CNN)
Joe Lieberman’s sad send-off (Wash Post)

Law and Order

Upadate Police Identify One Suspect in Midtown Killing (NYT)

Midtown murder victim may have been lured with text message: sources(NYP) * Midtown Shooting Getaway Car Is Found in Queens(NYT) * Hunt for Midtown Killer Focuses on Queens After Getaway Car, a Rental, Is Found(NYT) * Police Seize Possible Getaway Car in 'Hit'(WSJ) * Police Conduct Interviews Connected To Deadly Midtown Shooting(NY1) * Search intensifies for gunman in Midtown murder(WABC)

news | Runnin' Scared Report on Whistleblower Cop Raises More Questions Than It AnswersReport on Whistleblower Cop Raises More Questions Than It Answers(Village Voice)
Queens District Attorney Richard Brown's announcement last week that neither the police nor Jamaica Hospital committed any crimes when NYPD Tapes whistleblower Adrian Schoolcraft was dragged from his apartment by police and involuntarily held in a psych ward raises a whole lot more questions than it answers.

 Fishmonger Charged in Bleach Attack on a Rabbi(NYT) * Man Is Charged in Bleach Attack(WSJ) * Orthodox Rabbis Laud Conviction Of Hasidic Nechemya Weberman On Sexual Abuse Charges (Huff Post) * A man was arrested for attacking rabbi who spoke out against abuse in Satmar Hasidic comm (NYDN)

Five people arrested in Queens gun-trafficking crackdown(NYP)

Dumb OWS
A Brooklyn Protester Pleads Guilty After His Twitter Posts Sink His Case(NYT) Malcolm Harris said he was appealing a critical ruling in his disorderly-conduct case that gave the government access to thousands of his Twitter messages. * 'Occupy' Protester Pleads Guilty in Twitter Case (WSJ)

 FDNY firefighter convicted in partial verdict over fighting with transsexual ex(NYP)

SI man accused of slaying B'klyn shopkeepers says he was a CIA operative ordered to kill(NYP) * Mental Exam for Suspect in 3 Slayings(WSJ)

‘Killer’ son calls DNA evidence a parent trap (NYP)

After 17 years, pair wrongly imprisoned for murder set free (NYP)

 Like Gangs
 Facebook Helps Take Down Brooklyn Gang Members (WSJ)

Some Question Whether Police Watchdog Has Enough Muscle

Investigators say would-be New Mexico hitmen had sights set on teen superstarPlot to castrate and kill Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden is foiled(NYP) * NON-BELIEBERS! Insane duo planned to CASTRATE and MURDER (NYDN) * Police: Plot To Castrate, Murder Justin Bieber In NYC Thwarted(WCBS) * 3 charged in plot to castrate, kill Justin Bieber(WABC) *  Three Men Charged With Plot To Kill, Castrate Justin Bieber
Staten Island repeat felon sentenced to 23 years to life(SI Advanced)
WHAT A BOOB! Manhattan man forced to pay $28,000 strip club(NYDN)
Staten Island repeat felon sentenced to 23 years to life (NBC)

Etan Patz suspect said boy was still breathing when he dumped body(NYP) * Etan Patz Suspect Pleads Not Guilty (WSJ) * Man Accused Of Murder In Etan Patz Case Pleads Not Guilty(NY1) * 's accused killer has hired a world renowned expert in false confessions reports