Monday, December 10, 2012

NYP: Black politicians are supporting Gov. Cuomo behind the scenes despite publicly accusing the governor of refusing to intercede in the leadership battle in the state Senate on behalf of Democrats

Dicker writes that many prominent black leaders are quietly offering support to Cuomo as race accusations are flung at him for not doing enough to help Dems take control of the state senate

Black Leaders Divided Over Blame for Cuomo Over State Senate Majority Loss
.: "It's a distraction to start arguing about Cuomo" 
Love for gov in ‘race’ rift(Dicker, NYP) Cuomo has been quietly aided by some of the city’s most prominent African-Americans as he has successfully resisted public efforts by other black politicians to pressure him into backing a Democratic takeover of the bitterly divided Senate, insiders have told The Post.Former Gov. David Paterson, state Democratic Committee Co-Chair Keith Wright, and even the Rev. Al Sharpton — who hosted a fiery rally on Saturday against the new “bipartisan’’ alliance between Republicans and the five-member Independent Democratic Conference (IDC), which has given the GOP control of the Senate — are supporting Cuomo, sources said. It reached an inflammatory peak over the weekend, when state Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson of Mount Vernon, who appeared at Sharpton’s rally, suggested that Cuomo’s talk of a “new’’ and more effective Democratic Party was a code-worded reference to a party without prominent black leadership.

And state Sen. Bill Perkins of Harlem, who was also at the rally, compared the arrangement to racial segregation, and suggested Cuomo was to blame.The newly created governing coalition in the state Senate is considering giving committee chairmanships to Democrats on the outside of their power scheme in order to allay accusations of racism, the News’ Ken Lovett writes: * More on Sampson's remarks. [Jon Campbell]*  'Stop buying this rag:' Mayoral candidates react to a 'New York Post' cartoon(Capital) * "Whatever they do, they do. I'll deal with whoever they say is in charge," Cuomo says about the State Senate's leadership.*  
From The Right And The Left(YNN) * Cuomo: This Is A Democratic Schism(YNN) * Cuomo the Puppet Master?(Gothamgazette) * Addabbo: Sandy Recovery Too Important For Political Differences (Gothamgazette)* . says black lawmakers who criticized him over the have a "flair for the dramatic."* Sheldon Silver and Senate Independent Democratic Leader Jeff Klein Insist All Is Fine Between Them(NYDN) * Klein And Skelos: We Have A Very Diverse State * Sen. Malcolm Smith on concerns from black leaders about the : "I think everybody should relax for a moment."  * Senate Republicans will confab in Albany tomorrow for the first time since the Nov. 6 elections and the announcement of Skleinos.* Malcolm Smith: Joining Independent Democratic Conference Unlinked To Mayoral Run(NYDN) * .: "It's hard to imagine the IDC would .. reunite (w/Dems) after being compared to household pests." * New Senate Coalition Finds Common Ground In Helping Sandy Victims(Ny1)

A White Democratic Senate Leadership Divide Also
Klein despises Senate Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman Michael Gianaris of Queens, who, sources said, he holds responsible for a series of “leaks’’ to the press involving allegations that Klein profited from personal-injury suits against New York City brought by Klein’s Bronx-based law firm. Klein, a former assemblyman, is also known to have a strong dislike for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) — feelings that are said to be mutual.* .: “I’m happy to say I’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with Shelly." (NYDN)  *  How State Senate power-couple Jeff Klein and Diane Savino balance their newfound influence. [Chris Bragg] * IDC-GOP Form Sandy Task Force(YNN)

The Senate Count Continues
An attorney for Republican Assemblyman George Amedore said that in Ulster County, some votes in the disputed election versus Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk were improper because a special ballot was passed out too early, the Times-Union * Tom Precious artfully compares the New York State Senate’s alternating President Pro Tem situation to the Romans in 59 B.C. when Caeser and Biblius were co-leaders. It didn’t go so well back then.* Thirty eight poll workers in Ulster County have had their ballots challenged in the ongoing fight for the 46th State Senate District. * Nearly $4 million was spent, mostly by Republicans, in the fight for the state senate.* Tkaczyk joins Senate Dems at orientation(TU) * Latimer More Concerned With Senate’s Results Than Its Leadership(City and State) * Long count in 41st NY state Senate race could end as early at Tuesday; veteran Sen. Saland says he'll accept tally

More On the Racially Divided Senate Fight (True News)

Did Sandy Save the Speaker?

The TU’s Fred LeBrun says “destabilizing” Silver’s speakership through a JCOPE censure vote for his handling of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal was “within the governor’s grasp,” but Hurricane Sandy got in the way. * David Grandeau tries his hand at a little anti-JCOPE poetry.
Albany Hush Fund Cover Up, Press Containment Timeline (True News)

Jimmy Breslin on the Media

The New Yorker: An Interview With Jimmy Breslin (City and State )

CS: One of your great sayings is, “Media is the plural of mediocrity.” Do you still feel that is so?
JB: Oh, sure. It has to be… The Daily News [and] the Post, I think their days are gone. There’s an open field with the newspapers stumbling and going out of style, and the television news—when you see people in their suits and ties coming on news programs, and obviously they’ve never done any reporting, and they read a script, I mean, it’s terrible.

Pay No Attention to the Speaker Behind the Curtain With the Red Hair or the Orginional Intent of Term Limits or Campaign Finance Law
Quinn is supporting a bill that will be introduced Monday that would allow unions and corporations to spend unlimited amounts and coordinate with campaigns of their favored candidate
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn dismisses critics, says campaign financing bill would bolster unions and corporations' First Amendment rights (NYDN)  Opponents say the bill, which would allow unions and coporations to spend unlimited amounts as long as their efforts are aimed exclusively at their members or shareholders, would 'eviscerate' spending limits in the public financing system. The New York City Campaign Finance Board said would allow "unions and corporations to operate above the law — like Super PACs do."

Some News is Not Fit for Print The NYT does with it also does when Quinn their pick for Mayor does something to Screw the public. they write nothing
1988 Intent of the NYC Campaign Finance Law  Public Ownership Of Politics
"Without a sense of ownership, no amount of technical advice or high-powered consultants will solve the city’s problems.  Public financing of NYC campaigns means less money, more information, wider participation, and a better informed electorate are intended to give the citizens of NYC a sense of owning the city."  Joseph O’ Hare, Chairman of the NYC CFB, 1988.  "New York City that today has the most progressive, meaningful campaign finance reform in the United States will, if this law is adopted, go backwards in a very significant way and have possibly the least meaningful reform as respect [to] corporations and unions and their role in the political discourse." Nicole Gordon, the CFB's founding executive director

A Week Ago True News Reported How Mayoral Candidates Quinn, Smith and Carrion Went to the Cult Led Independence Party Begging For Their Support

Today's Daily News reported on the how the NYC Independence Party is led by an cult. The publication took particular offense with the party’s deception-based voter enrollment strategy.  But the paper did not write how the mayoral candidates went to their dinner last week or who Bloomberg pay the group millions for their ballot line in all three of his elections which was reported 7 days ago in True News

85% of Independence Party voters in NY surveyed by the NYDN may have thought they were registering as independents
New York's Independence Party is one of the city and state's biggest political stories, hiding in plain sight:
Anti-Semitic Jew Fred Newman led his cult-like followers to Independence Party power in New York City(NYDN) He was also shrink who pushed patient-therapist sex Eventually, Newman and Fulani became too much of an embarrassment for statewide party leaders. Chairman Frank MacKay moved to boot them, but the New York Court of Appeals ruled in 2007 that the Newmanites could keep power in the city as long as they met enormously stringent organizing requirements set by law. Those challenges are daunting even to the Democratic Party machines. But Newman had an advantage. He was surrounded by zealous devotees, many of whom lived with him in a West Village townhouse, many of whom are so worshipful they appear in stage plays he had written. * Down the Independence Party: a Daily News campaign in print(Capital) * Tom Allon Says His Mayoral Rivals ‘Should Be Judged’ for Independence Party Meeting (NYO)

Conservative Party boss wants MTA's Lhota in mayoral race(NYDN) Mike Long re Lhota: "He’s certainly head and shoulders above the potential (Dem) candidates running right now."  *
. wants , chairman of the , to run for mayor. Here, he tells us why:
Lhota is pressing for a slate of fare hikes that would bump an unlimited monthly MetroCard up to $112, but preserve a small discount for riders who pay per-ride.

Campign 2013 The News’ Mike Lupica argues that former Congressman Anthony Weiner should consider entering the 2013 mayoral race in New York City, considering the controversies that have plagued some of the other candidates:* * Could the Staten Island GOP wield the power in the Republican mayoral primary? Manhattan’s party chairman doesn’t sound like he will waver in his support for businessman John Catsimatidis while Brooklyn & the Bronx are firmly behind former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión. As the Queens GOP is partially employed by Mr. Catsimatidis and Mr. Carrión needs three chairmen to earn ballot status, the city’s tiniest borough might have the crucial swing vote.* All of Queens may soon become "The Vallone Zone" RT Peter Vallone To Officially Announce Queens BP Bid * NYC Council candidate launches her campaign...with a poem * Yetta Kurland Kicks off Campaign With Quirky Press Conference (NYO) * Yetta Kurland Kicks off Campaign With Quirky Press Conference(NYO) * Kurland And Kallos: A Tale Of Two Lawyers (Running For City Council) * WFP leaders in New York City announced their support of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer’s 2013 comptroller bid. He’s the first citywide candidate who has earned the labor-backed party’s backing in next year’s elections. * Sens. Jeff Klein and Diane Savino, Albany’s more powerful power couple since the IDC-GOP alliance.

de Blasio Goes After the NYP "i think there is a problem here that has to be addressed with the "-- to
After de Blasio and his Supporters Attack the NYP for A Cartoon Hit the NY Daily News Does Another One
Meanwhile, de Blasio's mayoral rivals have denounced the Post cartoon and the coverage of de Blasio and McCray. The couple is appearing on "Inside City Hall" tonight, right around the time de Blasio appears at a fund-raiser with Steve Buscemi.* Christine Quinn's well-worded outrage re: DeBlasio/McCray cartoon.(Capital) * . goes after Andrea Peyser. Says she is targeting his marriage and family. He is on w tonight at 7.* NYP said De Blasio's opponents leaked Chirlane story to hurt him, NYDN posits he leaked it himself for bump * MT : NY1 Online: And Rip Reports On Her Sexuality

Gov. Cuomo passes on supporting Hillary Clinton for 2016 presidential bid(NYP)

NYCHA Woefully Unprepared to Help its Residents Deal With the Aftermath
Hurricane Revealed Flaws at City Housing Authority(NYT) * Timeline of the Authority’s Response The New York Times says the NYC Housing Authority was “woefully unprepared” when it comes to helping its 77 thousand tenants after super storm Sandy. * Public Housing ‘Woefully Unprepared’ for Hurricane Sandy(NY Mag)

Mr. Cuomo’s stance on global warming was cited in a New York Magazine feature on reasons to love New York. His placement joins Mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s support for gun control and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton‘s location.

MTA rolling out its final fare-hike plan(NYP)  The MTA rolled out its new fare hike plan, which raises the base fare for the Subway by $.25 and the monthly MetroCard fare by $8, a slight difference in the proposals heard earlier in the year, the News reports: * Report: MTA to reduce minimum for MetroCard discount * Monthly MetroCard Set to Rise to $112; or, Why Joe Lhota Is Doomed(NY Mag) The fare hike, which will go into effect in March, reminds us of one of the reasons we are so dubious of the political prospects of MTA chairman and potential mayoral candidate Joe Lhota. * MTA: Report On Final Fare Hike Decision Premature(NY1) * M.T.A. Plan Would Increase Fares for Single Rides and Monthly Passes(NYT)

NY Will Take A Hit With Washington Tax Fix
Tax experts say no matter what happens in the negotiations, New Yorkers are going to have to make some financial sacrifices.* The State Teacher’s Retirement System says pension costs will be increasing from this year’s 11.84 percent to about 15.5 or 16.5 percent in 2013-2014, another blow to many cash strapped schools.* Read Mike Bloomberg on a new threat to American cities as Washington mulls nixing state/local tax deductibility: * Cuomo walks back his earlier statement that will double state's budget deficit to $2 billion.

The Post charges that the date that New York City Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott set for a new teacher evaluation system is meaningless because the teacher’s union means to shield its teachers from potentially negative outcomes *  Cuomo put $250 million of education aid at risk by effectively giving the teachers union veto power over the teacher evaluation negotiations. [New York Post]
That evaluation deadline(NYP Ed) Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott stepped up pressure last week for a deal on a new teacher-rating system by setting a Dec. 21 deadline — weeks ahead of Gov. Cuomo’s Jan. 17 cutoff for extra state aid. * Prexies earn big in NY(NYP) These guys won’t be needing college loans. Six of the 20 highest private college presidents in the country hailed from New York state schools in 2010 — including four in Manhattan, according to a new report by The Chronicle of Higher Education. * Poor Schools Struggling to Meet State Standards, Years After Critical Ruling(NYT) A report says that some lack basic resources and don’t meet certain state standards, despite a 2006 court ruling requiring New York State to increase spending on public education.A report released by Teachers College at Columbia University shows that schools in poor districts lack basic resources and in many cases could not afford enough staff members to meet state standards in core subjects  * Testing Math Plan(WSJ) * DeWitt Clinton High School got failing grade(NYDN) *The Daily News editorial board on an intriguing new policy designed to diversify a growing Park Slope school:(NYDN Ed) * "[W]e propose that all prospective teachers in the United States take a rigorous bar exam that gauges mastery of subject-matter knowledge and demonstrates competency in how to teach it." [Randi Weingarten]* : The Dep. of Ed. paid a tutoring company $836K for that may not have even happened. * Cooper Union Students End Occupation of Suite After a Week: The 11 students, who staged the sit-in to... (NYT)

Cuomo said its still unknown how much storm aid Congress will approve or when, but it would be "a tremendous asset" to get money by Jan
Thieves swiped valuables from posh apartments following Sandy evacuations(NYP) * NYers fed up with flood-prone apts. below 23rd Street now want to move uptown due to Sandy(NYP) * Long after storm, LIRR restores normal service(NYP) * SI crook houses for ’cane homeless(NYP)
* Senators Propose Tax Breaks for Storm Cleanup(NYT)

N.Y. Sandy Fund Scrutinized Cuomo’s Empire State Relief Fund for Sandy victims will disburse money through a state agency and its board members, who are top campaign advisers for Cuomo, will determine who is eligible for the money, The Wall Street Journal reports * Nonprofits Fear Donors Have Post-Sandy 'Ask' Fatigue (WSJ) * In Lower Manhattan, Storm Recovery Is Slogging(NYT) Local leaders estimate that in Lower Manhattan, several thousand businesses were still closed or operating at less than full strength since Hurricane Sandy, as many as 10,000 jobs have been lost, and 3000 apartments remain uninhabitable * Rough Ride for Arcades at Coney Island Park(WSJ) * Lawmakers Aim To Aid Recovery For Small Businesses(NY1) * Schumer, Menendez Propose Tax Breaks For Sandy Victims(NY1) * Be Our Guest: Hurricane victims need government help(NYDN) * Bill proposes tax breaks for Hurricane Sandy cleanup ef (NYDN) *Six Weeks After Sandy, LIRR Restores Normal Service(WCBS)
* Because Sandy hit hard, but Red Hook wouldn't let Red Hook go under.  * NY And NJ Bustle To Get Their Boardwalks Back By Summer * City Island Residents Faced With Rising Insurance Costs

Schumer Responds To Yesterday NYP Story About Delay In Zadroga Payouts
No WTC James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act payouts two years later Snail’s pace of 9/11 victim compensation fund frustrates workers waiting for aid(NYP) So far, 15,000 firefighters, cops, hardhats and others who lived, worked or went to school downtown have registered as potential claimants. But only 1,500 have filed applications, officials told The Post. Cancers were recently added to the covered illnesses, but the fund has yet to issue the forms for those applications.

Today's Response Schumer blasts pace of 9/11 victim compensation(NYDN)

Anademy of a Murder Of A Hospital
WTF More Hospital Corruption Bankrupt B’klyn hosp rehires ‘mismanagement’ team3(NYP)They ran the hospital into the ground — and then they got rehired.The for-profit firm whose executives manage the Interfaith Medical Center in Bedford-Stuyvesant were handed a new $3 million contract to …

Tremont, Chelsea among NYC's worst neighborhoods for STDs(NYP)

NY Gas Industry thinks it won’t be until late 2013 before they start high volume hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.

Ex-NY Mayor Koch set to leave hospital(WSJ)  Former Mayor Ed Koch will be released from the New York/Presbyterian Medical Center this morning at 9:45 a.m.

Ex-Mayor Ed Koch leaves hospital(NYP) * Preview for documentary "Koch" includes reference to '77 signs reading "Vote for Cuomo, not the homo":
* Koch, the documentary

Tom Wolfe Would Hardly Recognize The Bronx Today(Roberts, NYT) Twenty-five years after the publication of Tom Wolfe’s “The Bonfire of the Vanities,’' the South Bronx depicted in the book has changed.

New Ice Rink Opening In Battery Park CityNew Ice Rink Opening In Battery Park City(NY1)A new ice skating rink is opening in Battery Park City as Lower Manhattan continues to bounce back after Hurricane Sandy

Obama and Boehner have first head-to-head ‘solo’ talk about fiscal cliff(NYP) * U.N. Ambassador Rice Scrutinized on U.S. Role in Congo Strife(NYT) * Susan Rice and Africa’s Despots(NYT) * Consumer Spending Wobbles(WSJ) * President Obama and John Boehner held their first one on one meeting to discuss the fiscal cliff. * Obama to visit Michigan auto plant to rally support for plan to avert 'fiscal cliff'*
mindful that they may have scuttled a big deal in July 2011, this time, Gang of 8 plans to give Boehner-Obama space. (NBC)
Is Economy Creating a Lost Generation? - Robert Samuelson, Wash Post
Obama's Historic Budget Opportunity - Robert Zoellick, Wall Street Journal
Robots and Robber Barons - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Under Obama, Stagnation Is the New Normal - Louis Woodhill, RCM
Fed Likely to Sustain Stimulus Program - Binyamin Appelbaum, NY Times
Real "Fiscal Cliff" Comes From Massive Debt - Jack Kelly, Pitt Post-Gazette
Republican Mischief on Entitlements - Paul Begala, The Daily Beast
ObamaCare Forces Businesses to Make Tough Choices - Dan Danner, USAT
The Viability of My Medical Practice Is In Doubt - Alex Valadka, Roll Call
Big Money Played Destructive Role in 2012 - Albert Hunt, Bloomberg
Why Obama Will Ignore Israel - Peter Beinart, Newsweek
Mexican Migration May Be Over - Michael Barone, Washington Examiner
How Good Was General Petraeus? - Dexter Filkins, The New Yorker
Ignore Greenies: Britain Should Get Fracking - Boris Johnson, Telegraph
Gays Get Their Brown v Board. Will It Backfire? - Linda Hirshman, TNR
Would-Be Internet Regulators Need Deleting - L. Gordon Crovitz, WSJ
Putting Words in Mark Twain's Mouth - Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics
Chelsea Clinton Plays It Safe In A Rare Appearance via
ObamaCare Taxes Every Bit as Bad as Expected - Boston Herald
Higher Prices a Burden Worth Bearing for ObamaCare - USA Today
The Republican Tax Panic - Wall Street Journal
Repairing America's Elections - Washington Post
Did Obama go 'Gangnam?'(CNN)
Politicians who made MAD’s ‘dumb’ list(Politico)
Why Staten Islanders should be afraid of the "fiscal cliff"
Governor Cuomo Won’t Say Whether He’d Back Hillary For President

113th Congress: This Time, It’s Out With the New(NYT) Instead of fresh faces, many of the newly elected members of the House of Representatives are career bureaucrats. 

Bloomberg Weighs Making Bid for The Financial Times(NYT)Not long ago, The Financial Times would have been the crown jewel of any media company, instantly conferring prestige and influence on its owner. Now, given the likely bidders, one of the world’s most respected and distinctive financial newspapers could end up as a trophy to help sell more computer terminals.* For The Journal, Leadership at a Crossroads(NYT)Does Michael Bloomberg want to buy the Financial Times? (Atlantic)

Law and Order

: COUNSELOR FOUND GUILTY IN SEX ABUSE CASE THAT ROCKED BROOKLYN ORTHODOX JEWISH  Orthodox counselor Weberman guilty on all 59 counts of sexually abusing girl.
  - Orthodox religious counselor Nechemya Weberman convicted of sex abuse. More on 1010WINS-AM and .* Guilty verdict reached in counselor sex abuse trial: Nechemya Weberman was convicted Monday of sustained abuse o... * Guilty verdict reached in counselor sex abuse trial 
* sentencing set for January 9.* Orthodox Counselor Convicted of Sex Abuse(NBC) 
* Perv rabbi convicted after repeatedly forcing himself on a child(NYP)
* Hasidic Man Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Young Girl
* Guilty Failed Messiah
* . praised victim: she "showed great courage."  
* DA Kevin O'Donnell said he never saw sex vic x-examined for so long. "Lack of  
* Max sentence is facing is 117 years in prison
* Ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor found guilty on all counts of abusing girl over a 3-year span
* For those claiming convicted with 0 evidence: four days of testimony by the victim = evidence. No corroboration needed by law...   
Hasidic Counselor Found Guilty of Sexual Abuse in Brooklyn(NY Mag)
Brooklyn, NY - Unlicensed Counselor Found Guilty In Orthodox Abuse Trial; Faces 117 Years(
Brooklyn Rabbi Convicted Of Sexually Abusing Young Girl

: Man in critical condition after being shot in head near Columbus Circle * Man suffers fatal wound to head after being gunned down in broad daylight(NYP)
* Man Shot in Head on Midtown Street(NYT)
* NYT account of fatal shooting near St. Thomas Choir School on 58th St. “Nobody saw the guy who did it.”(NYT) * Man Fatally Shot On Midtown Sidewalk, Suspect Sought

New York City’s Dominique Strauss-Kahn Nightmare Is Over (NY Mag)

DSK and the Manhattan hotel maid who accused him of sexual harassment have reached a settlement, a judge said. (NBC) * Strauss-Kahn and Hotel Maid Settle Suit Over Alleged Attack(NYT)

Video Shows Man Mugging 85-Year-Old Woman in Elevator(NYT)

City Is No Longer Reporting the Costs of Its Settlements of Federal Cases(NYT)
Major Renter to Students to Pay Millions for Civil Fraud(NYT) *  The president of a nonprofit housing organization has departed while he was being investigated by New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. [Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein]
In the News, Issa Kohler-Hausmann, a research fellow at the Georgetown Law Center, writes that New York City’s marijuana laws contribute very little to public safety and are a product of the NYPD’s data-driven management system, Compstat:
The News writes that the quality of the pool of candidates for Cuomo to select for the state’s top court has improved significantly and is much more diverse: * The list of potential NYS Court of Appeals judges is on Cuomo’s desk and he will pick 2 new members in the coming weeks.

Undercover Cops Fatally Shoot Man Armed with Pellet Gun in Queens(DNAINFO)Undercover cops shoot would-be robber dead in Queens: NYPD(NYP) * Detectives in Queens Kill Man Pointing a Pellet Gun(NYT) * Investigation Underway After Man Shot, Killed By Police In Queens(NY1) * Police gun down man after he flashes BB gun(NYDN)*  "This year, there has been an unusual string of questionable and highly public shootings." [Alan Feuer]

Laws keep future stabbers & subway pushers on street
Homeless crazies can’t be rounded up – until they attack (NYP) These laws are insane. Mentally ill people have been responsible for some of the year’s most horrific crimes — including murders and rapes — yet authorities are nearly powerless under current law to sweep them from the streets.“The state Office of Mental Health says they can’t be treated until they [show they] are a danger to themselves or others,” said DJ Jaffe, a mental-illness policy analyst. “Rather than prevent violence, the law requires it.” * Homeless need a kick, not a boot(NYP)

 Woman Found Stabbed To Death, Man Found Wounded In Quee (WCBS) * Hotel maid in DSK lawsuit due in court(Fox 5)

Cops hunting Bronx rape suspect(NYP)

Vets who suffer from PTSD are being rejected by NYPD due to bizarre Catch-22(NYP)

Police Commissioner Hits the Street and Cuts a Ribbon (NYT)