Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Closing of NYU and Bellevue Hospitals Because of Sandy Should Have Been A Wakeup Call That NYC Has A Hospital Crisis

New Yorkers are Getting Sicker and Even Dying (esp. the poor) Because of A Hospital Crisis Made Worse by the Floods . . . Where is the Pols, Media and Activist Outrage?

Nobody Notices Hospital Crisis Or Sandy's Wake Up Call

With Some Hospitals Closed After Hurricane, E.R.’s at Others Overflow(NYT) Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn had 1,100 more emergency patients last month than in November 2011; the increase was mostly attributed to a hospital shut by the storm.* Hospital in Brooklyn Files for Bankruptcy Protection(NYT) Some New York medical centers are adding extra shifts and converting offices and lobbies into space for patients as emergency room visits surge. *Half of Brooklyn hospitals on life support | Crain's New York Business

The Angry New Yorker's Who Demanded Their Rights is Gone
Where are the Mayoral Candidates on the Hospital Crisis? 
Why Is There No Movement To Save These Hospitals Like There Was in 1980 Against the Closing of Sydenham Hospital3 hospitals closed in Queens, St Vincent's murdered for a Co-op in Manhattan, 5 hospitals in trouble in Brooklyn. The activist and progressives are all over Facebook and twitter demanding pay for fasttfood workers because it is being pushed by unions looking for membership.  It is very stranged that these same activists are silent on the health care needs of many of these workers who depend on the hospital system for all their health care needs. Could it be that the help unions provide the reason the activist are supporting their issues?

Breaking: The Bull Shit Charter Commission Moves Lopez's District 4 Blocks
They then proposed a new set of maps that move four blocks around Lopez’s Bushwick address from District 34, now represented by Diana Reyna, back into District 37, represented by Erik Dilan.
That restores the boundaries that were in place before a change requested by Dilan, which was widely perceived as a favor to Lopez should he make a run for Reyna’s council seat.  The commission will have a new round of public hearings and could make more changes before sending a new set of maps to the Council next year.

How Do We Know the Redistring Panel Will Kill Lopez Move Into the District Before They Vote If Nobody Controls Them
Lie #1 Quinn says she learned of the proposed change only after the commission sent her its finalized maps.
Lie #2  Panel Said It Did Not Have the Power To Change the District Before the Council Rejected Them.
Lie #3  Quinn Said She Does Not Control the Panel.
Lie #4   The Panel Did Not Move Lopez's Home into the District He Lives in Queens.
It’s nopez to Gropez: City panel to nix Vito-friendly council map (NYP) The city’s Districting Commission will meet this morning to formally withdraw the new City Council maps it presented last month creating a new district seemingly tailored for a Vito Lopez candidacy. The meeting was called in response to Council

Banana Republic Redistricting
Last Tuesday  To quash 'Vito seat,' council must reject all lines - Crain's New York ...(CrainsNY) Panel had told Quinn it lacked power to alter lines

Last Friday  chair says in letter "there is no legal impediment preventing the Commission from withdrawing the plan."* Districting Commission To Chris Quinn: We'll Vote On Pulling Back Those New Map(NYDN) * Panel had told Quinn it lacked power to alter lines (CrainsNY) *

Both Citizen Union or Common Cause Never Objected to the Council Lines Before the Lopez District Blow Up
.: "we support withdrawal of the proposed maps so that additional hearings can be held."* Pragmatic move by @citizenunionny. De Blasio/Common Cause statement on Fri called for up or down vote* A flawed process is currently in play over the review of the submitted maps - * Citizens Union wants the Districting Commission to withdraw its proposed maps because the Councilmay not provide the votes to shoot it down. [Citizens Union] *
“Council members individually met with the chair of the commission, Carl Hum, before the process, and they’re asked what areas are most important to you, what makes the most sense,” one anonymous council member said to describe the initial redistricting process. “Those opinions can vary: ‘this is good for the community or this is good for me.’ Members of the speaker’s staff contact council members during the process….This is not the most independent redistricting commission.”

Monserrate Slash and Have Her Beg

Go easy on ex-pol Monserrate, gal pal Giraldo begs(NYDN)

Joseph J. Lhota is being encouraged to run by former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and a number of business leaders.

Hillary Would Have to Move From Chappaqua to the City Before Election Day
Bloomberg: Mayor Hillary Clinton
Clinton for Mayor in ’13? Bloomberg Asked Her to Consider Succeeding Him(NYT) Sources say Mayor Bloomberg, in a private conversation, pushed Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to run for mayor and be his successor, uninspired by the current field of candidates * Told about the call on Monday, Ms. Quinn said, “Really?” as an elevator began to close, then added, “I don’t know anything about that.” The doors then snapped shut.Bloomberg's dream candidate for successor is Hillary Cl(NYDN) * Chelsea Entering The Family Biz?(YNN) * Mayor : "If you want to start a fight between me and you're not gonna do it. It's cheap, lousy journalism." #2013* After Courtship of Clinton, Bloomberg Makes Amends(NYY) * NY Mayor lashes out at reports he asked Hillary to mull running for his seat:

Bloomberg's Coup De Tar Of NYC Possible

wow. Bloomberg: "I considered a fourth [term]." via

Dysfunction Road to City Hall: Mayoral Crime Forum And Then Their is the Real World
All the mayoral candidates oppose Stop and Frisk, Liu calls it a dictatorship policy, de Blasio says says gangs are caused by Dicken's poverty and they all have opinions on cybercrime. What will the next mayor do when he or she speaks to a parent of a child shot stay bullet from a by a gang fight, read to them Oliver Twist? These forums put on by different interest group with no professional follow up are encouraging candidates to avoid the hard answers to real problems. Many of these interests groups holding forums hope to be funded by the new mayor.

Public Advocate Bill de Blasio blamed the city’s gang problem in part on teens who “don't sense they have a real place in society.” 
All Oppose Stop and Frisk. “When you read about 700,000 people being stopped and frisked on the street, almost all of whom have done absolutely nothing wrong, you don’t expect to read about that in New York City…maybe some third world country or a country that’s ruled by a dictatorship,” Liu said.  When the subject of the discussion moved towards the proliferation of gang violence in New York City, it gave de Blasio an opportunity to channel his inner Dickens and address some of the underlying economic issues that lead young men and women to crime and the sense of twisted community that a gang provides them. “A lot of our young people in New York City, they are living in effect a ‘Tale of Two Cities’,” de Blasio said. The evening concluded with a question on perhaps the city’s most ominous criminal threat: cybercrime.* Liu says he would push for elimination of stop-and-frisk (NYDN) His rivals offered more measured criticism of stop-and-frisk, which opponents point out is applied in disproportionate numbers in black and Latino neighborhoods.

Today Recchia Drop Out of the Comptrollers Race A Day After True News Said He Was Crying About Stringer Doing to Him, What He Has Done to the Jews and Russians in Brooklyn
NYC Comptroller Race Shuffle, Recchia Out(YNN) *  Councilman Domenic Recchia is dropping out of the comptroller’s race and may be seriously considering a run for Brooklyn Borough President. We asked him about rumors that he would do so two months ago, before Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer entered the race, and he repeatedly told us we were “totally wrong.” * Worth noting, has a lucrative private law practice that he would have to give up as BP.*  Is the #2013 comptroller race over already? my story: "How Scott Stringer went from longshot to 800-pound gorilla" 

 Yesterday's True News
A couple of Hard Weeks for CM Dominic Recchia As He Learns the Lesson What Your do to Others Will One Day Bite You in the Ass
First Stringer Cuts Recchai Off From Quinn when the Manhattan BP is forced by low poll numbers to drop his campaign for Mayor and run for comptroller. Recchia has been having a public temper tantrum ever sinceRecchia says Scott Stringer won't be 'anointed' comptroller (Capital) One long time observer is stumped why Recchai is so mad because the councilman built his career by spitting votes. First cutting the Jews vote and then Russians community.  Recchai was first elected to the council in 2001 when the Jewish vote was split between 5 other candidates in the democratic primary.  In 2003 when he ran for reelection after redistricting he worked a deal with the redistricting committee to cut 1/3 of the Russian votes out of his district.  There are empty bottles of vodka all over Brighton Beach bidding goodby to the butcher of Brigthton Beach, Dominic Recchia IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE(True News) *  Recchia Likely to Run for Borough President(Barkan)


Campaign 2013 *Corey Ortega, an aide to Assemblyman–and Manhattan’s Democratic Party chair–Keith Wright, explained his run for the City Council on The Perez Notes:* Supermarket mogul and former “Clinton Democrat” John Catsimatidis is setting up an exploratory committee to consider running for mayor of NYC next year. * The NYC public advocate field is getting crowded. Democratic Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez is interesting in running next year; he’s the sixth contender, but the only Latino.* Is Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer running unopposed for the Democratic nomination for NYC comptroller? * Analysis: Albany Needs to Let More Sunshine In(NBC)

Cuomo Visits 1600 and the Hill
[image] Governor Optimistic About Aid (WSJ) * Gov gets love for Sandy job(NYP) * Cuomo hit$ up DC(NYP) * Cuomo Travels to Washington to Press for Disaster Aid(NYT) * Cuomo Meets With Washington Lawmakers To Request Sandy Relief Aid(NY1) * NY1/Marist Poll: New Yorkers Approve Of Bloomberg, Cuomo's Performance Since Sandy While Cuomo was in D.C. seeking post-Sandy help for New York, US Sen. Sen. Chuck Schumer issued a warning for lawmakers who don’t step up for the storm-battered region: If you’re not there for us, we won’t be there for you. * After meetings with top Obama administration officials and congressional leaders, Cuomo said he’s “optimistic” that Congress will act quickly to provides tens of billions of dollars to help his state recover from Superstorm Sandy. * Sen. Mary Landrieu, a Louisiana Democrat who heads a subcommittee overseeing disaster funding, remembered how a New York lawmaker supported her state after Katrina and pledged to “step up” to return the favor.* Cuomo’s Day in DC: ‘the Governor Hit the Trifecta’(NYO)

Breaking The Senate announces a new leadership structure: a "historic bipartisan partnership" or a two-headed monster, depending who you ask.
Senate GOP IDC Deal for Leadership of State Senate  : Temp President of Senate will alternate between & every 2 weeks... Skelos, Klein "will administer joint and equal authority" over Senate agenda, budget, appointments to state & local boards * IDC And Senate GOP Announce Coalition Government(YNN) * : new agreement = "title of Temporary President will alternate...every 2 weeks" * Senate Dems: It’s A Coup(YNN) * Espaillat Treads Lightly On IDC(YNN) * State Senate Unveils ‘Unprecedented Agreement’ to Share Power Between GOP, Breakaway Dems(NYO) * Albany pols confirm agreement to team up(NYP) * State Republicans Join With Dissident Democrats to Control Senate(NYT) * Business Council "encouraged by the creation of a bipartisan governance model that will avoid the dysfunction" of 09 & 10* Biz Groups Optimistic On Majority Coalition(YNN) * State Dem Co-Chair Adopts ‘Wait-And-See’ Attitude On Skleinos Alliance(YNN) * Republicans Control State Senate With Independent Democratic Conference On Their Side(NY1) * NYS Senate deal’s winners and losers(C)rainsNY) * Klein: Coalition Not About Empowering GOP(YNN) * Krueger: "another Albany backroom deal to empower a select few Dems while forestalling the Sen Reps’ inevitable fall" (Gotham Gazette) * Cuomo spox: Senate leadership ‘an internal legislative matter’(TU) * As Mr. Smith goes to the IDC, what will Crowley do? (CrainsNY) * "Another source, a Democrat, claimed that Mr. Klein has been running ideas past Mr. Cuomo before moving forward." 
* Coalition Is to Control State Senate as Dissident Democrats Join With Republicans(NYT) The power-sharing deal announced Tuesday was a victory for New York Republicans, who are outnumbered 2-to-1 in the state’s electorate.* Critics say Jeffrey Klein just craves power in Albany(NYDN) *
State GOP cuts unprecedented deal with five renegade De(NYDN) * Here come the clowns(NYP Ed) Albany sometimes beggars belief — and one of those times was yesterday, when five dissident Democrats hooked up with the state Senate’s fading Republican majority to form a governing coalition that promises no end of banana-republic buffoonery in coming months.Just how will their Rube Goldberg gizmo function? Most likely, not at all. What’s clear is that the old Albany tradition of placing power above principle prevails. Neither Democrats nor Republicans care a whit about principles — indeed, they no longer even care about the appearance of principled politics. * .'s Mulgrew on coalition: "It all comes down to what it produces. The people in NYS voted that they want a progressive gov't."* GOP, Independent Democrats Unite For State Senate Majority (CBS)


The Battle for the State Senate Smith Payback Time Or
Malcolm Smith joins caucus formed to oppose Malcolm Smith
Sen Smith, who lost leadership when other D's left his conference, has now returned the favor by leaving his conference. Delutes the Race aimed at the 4 white IDC
Dem Smith to join GOP coalition(NYP) Democratic state Sen. Malcolm Smith will join the Independent Democratic Conference in a plan to align themselves with Senate Republicans in a new coalition leadership.  Democratic state Sen.-elect Simcha Felder’s decision to vote with Senate Republicans has come of no surprise to his constituents, who view party affiliation as less important than practical concernsHeadline of the Day: “Diaz: Wait — anyone can form a conference? Hmm …”* Malcolm In The State Senate Muddle(YNN) * In a long-speculated move, former Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith, who lost power during the 2009 coup, has left the Democratic conference to join forces with the IDC.* Malcolm Smith spox Hank Sheinkopf says boss is "an expert on dysfunctional government." *Senate Dems: Those Elected As Dems Should Sit With Us(YNN) * MacKay Backs IDC Coalition * Malcolm Smith Defects, Joining Dissenting Democrats (NYT)

As one rabbi phrased it, “It was understood that he (Felder) was a Democrat by name, but not in his views so much.”
Change in Party Leaning Is No Surprise to Constituents(NYT)A Democrat elected to the State Senate Felder from an Orthodox Jewish pocket of Brooklyn drew little voter criticism after saying he would probably caucus with Republicans.

The judge overseeing the state senate election result between Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Cecilia Tkaczyk, said he was “inclined” to hear arguments over the 887 disputed ballots in the race, the Times-Union reports * In the News, Bill Hammond writes that state Senate Republicans are targeting ballots cast by voters suspected of supporting Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk in her disputed election versus Assemblyman George Amedore: * For the super-interested: Here's myonline spreadsheet tracking which ballots will be opened in the Amedore-Tkaczyk race * Senate Dems Have Plenty of Reasons to Think Cuomo Isn't On Their Side, Or Worse (Gotham Gazette) * MacKay Backs IDC Coalition(YNN) * The full, ballot-by-ballot, Amedore-Tkaczyk tally is here:

Fed Tax Cap Could Cripple NYC's Budget
As part of the fiscal-cliff talks, lawmakers are also eyeing new caps on deductions, such as for local taxes, home mortgages, etc. — which will deliver a more painful blow to New York than other states. The Post criticizes New York’s Congressional representatives for pushing for tax hikes on wealthy earners and caps on tax deductions in Washington’s “fiscal cliff” negotiations

New York’s own cliff(NYP Ed) New York may be about to get walloped by Washington again — only this time, with the blessing of the state’s own representatives in Congress. Higher-income folks — that is, folks who happen to live disproportionately in New York. New York is a relatively high-income state; thus, New Yorkers already foot more than their share of the nation’s income-tax bill. In 2010, they carried 14 percent of the load, yet made up just 6 percent of the population. Likewise, a lower ceiling on mortgage deductions would squeeze more from New Yorkers whose mortgages dwarf those elsewhere, thanks to their pricey real-estate. Sure, some New York millionaires may accept new caps and the higher taxes.But many will look more closely at their no-longer-deductible local tax bill and wonder why they’re still in New York. And should even a small percentage move, as McMahon notes, the loss in tax revenue could be devastating.

The City's Yellow Traffic Ticket Scam
Drivers to sue city over red-light cam tickets (NYP) The city’s red-light camera program is nothing short of highway robbery, a lawsuit will claim. Three motorists who were slapped with $50 red-light camera tickets are filing a class-action suit against the city, arguing that they were nabbed by too-short yellow lights

Assemblyman Karim Camara makes a passionate plea to the Archdiocese of New York not to go through with closing 27 Catholic schools throughout the city
Closing good schools(NYP) Let’s stop Catholic closures by Assemblyman Karim Camara Last week’s announcement by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York that it may close another 27 schools should serve as a wake-up call for all who care about urban education across New York state. This is not just a “Catholic” issue.* Cooper Union Kids Occupy Clock Tower for Free Tuition(NY Mag) * Rumors and Race Cause Park Slope Parents to Shun P.S. 282, Supporters Say(DNAINFO) * Cooper Union Students Take Over University Clock Tower To (WCBS)

NYP Toast Cuomo
NYP praises Cuomo for not acceding to the request made by the gov’s Public Health and Health Planning Council to raise the tax on alcohol sales and limit permits for bars and liquor stores
 Andrew stands a round(NYP Ed) It was just a scant 40 days ago that Gov. Cuomo was hosting a wine, beer and spirits summit in Albany to promote New York’s booming beverage industry. But, as The Post’s Carl Campanile reported Monday, it’s an industry that the governor’s very own Public Health and Health Planning Council has drawn a bead on — drafting a five-year plan to hike the tax on alcohol sales in New York and slash permits for bars and liquor stores in an effort to stop adults from drinking more than the government do-goodniks think is healthy.* Cuomo rejected proposals by a health panel that would have increased taxes and regulations on alcohol, according to a published report.

Update Subway Pusher Caught
Suspect in Fatal Subway Push Is in Custody (NYT)
Why Did Not One Person Move to Help Him Get Up?
Queens dad pushed to his death by madman in Times Square station (VIDEO) * Man Pushed to Death on Subway Tracks(NYT) * Man Dies After Push Onto Track(WSJ) * Man Pushed To His Death On Midtown Subway Tracks(NY1) * Man Pushed In Front Of Train, Killed, At Midtown Subway (WABC) * Police Seek Suspect Who Pushed Man In Front Of Oncoming Subway Train (NY1) * Man Was On Tracks For More Than One Minute Before Getting Hit(Huff Post) * A picture of controversy(NYP) * Anguished fotog: Critics are unfair to condemn me(NYP) * Experts split on getting involved(NYP) *Police track down ‘killer’(NYP) * Shaken up’ motorman hospitalized after nightmare(NYP) * Admits pushing Queens dad onto subway tracks in Times Square(NYP)

Should This Subway Photo Have Been Published?(NYT)


Sandy 5% of NYers live in public housing -- in zone A 12% "How the Coastline Became a Place to Put the Poor"
City-based hurricane cleanup crews losing out to out-of-state firms * How the Coastline Became a Place to Put the Poor(NYT) New York first started building housing projects on the waterfront because that’s where its poorest citizens happened to live, and continued because that’s where space was most readily available.* Resisted for Blocking the View, Dunes Prove They Blunt Storms(NYT) * Most New Yorkers Think Climate Change Caused Hurricane, Poll Finds(NYT) * They Came to the Rescue; Now, They Wait to Be Paid(NYT) Utility employees from outside the metropolitan area said National Grid had not fully compensated them for their grueling out-of-town shifts after Hurricane Sandy. * The House Makes an ‘Offer’(NYT Ed) Republicans didn’t bother with even basic calculations in their proposal to the White House to cut the deficit.

Returning Home, but Only to Mourn(NYT)*Democratic Group to Offer Tax Plan With Huge Payoff(NYT) * Clams and Grass to the Rescue(NYT Ed) Scientists are not just studying the bay on Long Island, but working to restore its waters and tidal flats to health.* GOP Counters on Budget(WSJ) * Storm Leaves Mark, but Some Buyers Persist(WSJ) * FEMA Has More Than 100 Unused, Winterized Trailers In Pennsylvania Lot(NY1) * Millions Of Gallons Of Sewage Flow Into City Waterways After Sandy Damages Treatment Plants(NY1) * Mayor Lauds City's Handling Of Waste Water During, After Sandy(NY1) * Ironman triathlete sweats for Sandy victims(NYDN) * Violations for fallen trees irk homeowners(NYDN) * Bronx furniture store replaces beds, dining room set destroyed (NYDN) * New York City contractors say that the decision by the Army Corps of Engineers to switch contracts to an out-of-state contractor has frozen out city-based companies that pay higher union wages, the News * The Times shines a light on an innovative program run by Stony Brook University to replant eelgrass and seed Long Island’s Shinnecock Bay with clams and oysters that help filter the water and keep it free of pollution:* APNewsBreak: Feds release 1st FEMA funds for NYC(Fox 5) * New York State voters overwhelmingly say they believe that Hurricane Sandy demonstrated the effects of climate change, a new Siena poll found.* AG Eric Schneiderman has requested a full financial disclosure from the Brooklyn Recovery Fund — which Borough President Marty Markowitz co-founded with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Brooklyn Community Foundation to help rebuild storm-slammed neighborhoods.* FEMA: Trailers Won't Work In New YorkSI Residents Want Trailers, But Politicians Say They Are A Bad Fit (NY1) * New York City Hits Sandy Victims With ‘Failure To Maintain’(WCBS)
* Soldier talks family through Sandy disaster(WABC) * I-Team: Billions in Unclaimed Cash Tied to Hard-Hit Sandy (NBC) * Orchard Beach Set To Reopen Wednesday(NY1) * Areas hit hard by Sandy suffer big rise in burglaries(NYDN)

Toll Increases Pay for High PA Pay

The MTA’s $andy aftermath(NYP)
A watchdog group revealed that the most tenured Port Authority cops are paid an average of $83.99 per hour, compared to the $58.86 per hour earned by their counterparts in the NYPD, the News reports:  * A day after the Port Authority hiked cash tolls at its bridges and tunnels to a staggering $13, a watchdog group revealed the most senior PA cops are paid an average of $83.99 an hour — dwarfing the $58.86 earned by their counterparts at the NYPD. 

Boots were only part of it  (NYDN Ed)Barefoot man's story highlights challenge of solving homelessness *
Homeless man who got boots from officer has arrest history stretching into 1980's(NYP)

Opponents of hydrofracking called for a public hearing on the potential health risks associated with the drilling practice, which is not currently required before the Department of Environmental Conservation completes its fracking study, the Times-Union reports: http://bit.ly/Yuab1M *Opponents called for a public hearing on the potential health risks associated with fracking, something that currently would not be required under the DEC roadmap which will oversee the decision on whether drilling should be allowed in the Marcellus.* The anti-frackers called the lack of information about the Cuomo administration’s health review process “insane” and “surreal.”

PHOTOS: City breaks ground on 26-acre Hudson Yards project(NYP)City officials will break ground today on the Hudson Yards project, a $15 billion, 15-structure “mini-city”, the largest private real estate development in city history, with the first phase expected to be completed in 2017, the Daily News writes: http://nydn.us/QDVuEL * New York City breaks ground Hudson Yards project(WABC)

Major League Soccer to sell snake oil at their dog & pony show (Queens Crap)

From A Walk in the Park: Just a week after Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber claimed a Flushing Meadows stadium was nearing "the finish line," a meeting of the Queens County Board learned last night the league was actually years away from having a finished plan. Speaking after an intense PR blitz by the league, MLS President Mark Abbott refused to contradict his boss’ imminent start date. But it was hard to see how a realistic proposal could come together when the league had yet to locate an acceptable replacement park site, or develop a parking plan, much less find an owner for the new team or figure out how to pay for the stadium.MLS is holding a townhall meeting on the project at 7 p.m. tonight, December 4, at the Queens Theatre in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, next to the Queens Museum of Art. After a number of well attended community organized town hall meetings were held in opposition to Major League Soccer's proposal the league is doing a dog & pony show Tuesday night.* A soccer stadium in Queens? M.L.S.: There's "a lot left to do" (Capital)

Dowdy Airport Aims for Jet Set(WSJ) The drab confines of John F. Kennedy International Airport might land a dose of the upscale hotel

Washington GOP Counters on Budget(WSJ)
Republicans Play a Weak Hand - Eugene Robinson, Washington Post
The Only Answer Is to Cut Spending - Doug Bandow, Forbes
Obama Risks Repeating First-Term Mistake - Jonah Goldberg, USA Today
Why the Poor Favor the Democrats - Hajnal & Horowitz, Los Angeles Times
The U.S. Is Already Headed to Recession - John Hussman, Hussman Funds
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Obama Should Return to Clinton-Era Spending Levels - IBD
Speaker John Boehner Makes an "Offer" - New York Times
A Bipartisan Way to Cap Deductions - Bloomberg
The Growing List of ObamaCare Troubles - Richmond Times-Dispatch
Roger Ailes Tried to Draft Petraeus Into Running for President
Obama is reportedly considering nominating Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief of Vogue, to be either his next ambassador to the U.K. or France, as he looks to reward his biggest fundraisers with embassies that never seem out of fashion.
Sources: Elizabeth Warren to Banking Committee 
No good cheer between Obama, Boehner(Wash Post)
admits that outdated Senate rules are responsible for abuse and unnecessary delay:
The ambassador might wear Prada.(Wash Post)
Minority Whip Steny Hoyer says Dems need to bend, too(Politico)
Mr. Netanyahu’s Strategic Mistake(NYT) Expanding settlements in contested areas will hurt Israel’s long-term security interests.
G.O.P. Balks at Short-Term Stimulus in Obama Plan(NYT)
Obama: Wasserman Schultz 'gets the job done' --(Politico)

New York TimesNew York Times Announces Buyouts, Possible Layoffs(Huff Post)

Jimmy Savile comes back to bite Mark Thompson again (Evening Standard) Coinciding with the publication of a series of emails over the weekend that seem to show he may have known far more than previously stated about Newsnight’s axed investigation of Savile, I gather that Thompson, now chief executive of the New York Times, has been forced to postpone two open meetings with his new US colleagues.*Mark Thompson emailed over Savile scandal in February(Broadcast) * Mark Thompson Update: Fresh Questions on When NYT CEO ...NewsBusters (blog) * Meanwhile, the Times continues to prominently cover pedophilia coverups...in the Catholic Church.

Law and Order
Mom: I had to pay 12G to this ‘sex fiend!’ (NYP) If she stopped seeing her alleged abuser, she would have been expelled from school. The mother of a teenage Brooklyn girl who was allegedly sexually abused by a prominent Hasidic leader testified yesterday that she was forced by her daughter’s...* Mom boosts daughter at Hasid sex abuse trial(NYDN) *  The defense will call about four witnesses including Weberman, who's likely to testify in his own defense tomorrow. *Weberman, suspected of sexual assault, will testify(NYDN)

After 4 Years Those Sexual Abuser bu Emanuel Yegutkin Have Finally Received Justice . . .  Are the Bloggers for Social Justice Changed Policy at the DA Hynes Office

Brooklyn, NY - Principal Of Orthodox Jewish School Convicted For Abuse; Faces Life In Prison(vosizneias.com)
* Brooklyn yeshiva principal convicted of sex abuse(NYP) * Brooklyn yeshiva principal convicted of molesting three brothers: (NYDN) * Ex-Principal Is Convicted of Sex Abuse

Teacher busted after female student said they shared 3-year (NYDN) * ‘Perv’ teacher bust(NYP)* Teacher accused of sexual misconduct with teen girl(WABC) * NYC teacher accused of sexual misconduct(Fox 5) * Female Brooklyn Teacher Accused Of Sexually Abusing 13-Yr-Old Female Student: Urszula Jankowska, a 33-year-old...
Give ‘evil’ slay wife life: feds (NYP) A former stripper who organized the “sadistic” killings of her millionaire husband and his mother should rot behind bars, prosecutors said yesterday.

Slain ma’s final plea (NYP) The Staten Island mom bludgeoned to death allegedly by her husband for cheating on him had stumbled into her teenage daughter’s room begging for help after the beating, police sources said yesterday *

Bust in fatal Staten Island shooting(NYDN)

Lawyer Dominic Barbara busted for stalking, attempted extortion of ex-wife: Rice(NYP) * Celebrity Divorce Lawyer Dominic Barbara Charged With Trying (WCBS)
" Assaults(NY1) * Ex-Met Dykstra gets 6.5 months for bankruptcy fraud(NYDN) * Queens woman charged in 28-year-old cold case(WABC) * Staten Island man charged with murdering one man, wounding(SI Advance) * Charity Robbed of Money for Children's Gifts(NBC)Serial Bank Robber Stole From At Least Four Locations (NY1) * WATCH: Woman Uses Pen In Violent 6 Train Attack(Huff Post) * Woman found fatally stabbed in basement(WCBS) *Texts triggered deadly blows by jealous Staten Island husband(SI Advance)

Defense rests case in Ronell Wilson death penalty hearings(NYP)

TerrorismManhattan DA set for first terror conviction with synagogue bomber plea * NYC synagogue bomb plotter pleads guilty to terror charges (Huff Post) *Ex-Aide to Bin Laden, Vital Witness for U.S., Seeks Sentenc
* Queens Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Blow Up Manhattan Synagogue(NYT)
* One Of Two Suspects Pleads Guilty To Alleged Synagogue Attack(NY1)
* Queens man pleads guilty to plotting to blow up synagog …(NYDN)