Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Skleinos Winning In Albany

Two and A Half Men In the Room
As “conference leaders,” Skelos and Klein will jointly control budget negotiations for the Senate, decide what bills get voted on and make appointments to leadership and committee posts as well as state and local boards. The duo will alternate every two weeks as temporary Senate president — right behind the lieutenant governor in gubernatorial succession.* The Rise Of Skleinos(YNN)

With Smith in the Mix the Deal and Governing is Not So Racial

Libs get ‘left’ out by GOP-Dem group(NYP)  The unorthodox marriage between current Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos (R-Nassau) and Independent Democratic Conference leader Jeff Klein of The Bronx leaves most of the Senate’s liberal-leaning Democrats out in the cold — although their party might emerge with a numerical majority in the 63-seat house * Coalition Is to Control State Senate as Dissident Democrats Join With Republicans * Senate Power-Sharing Pact Struck(WSJ) * GOP, Independent Democratic Conference Join Forces To Control State Senate(NY1)
*Union Backs GOP Coalition With Breakaway Senate Dems(NYO) * MT : Skelos, Klein will be conference chairmen. So will they each get a $41,500 lulu like Skelos currently gets? Skelos says his new title will be "Conference Chairman."Craig Johnson: This Isn’t A Coup * staffer: "How does this work for us? Who is our boss?"

Produce Reform Or Die in A Clown Show
Yet the coalition is expected to grease the skids for Democratic-backed bills increasing the minimum wage, providing partial taxpayer financing of state elections and decriminalizing pot during stop and frisks. But insiders suggest miffed rank-and-file Democrats could resist watered-down versions of Democratic-leaning legislation.* Critics say Sen. Jeff Klein is more interested in the power he will get from the Senate coalition government than pushing a bipartisan legislative agenda(NYDN) * Insiders suggest that the jilted Senate Democrats could resist watered-down versions of Democratic legislation as a result of the new Republican-Democrat partnership in the Senate Libs get ‘left’ out by GOP-Dem group(NYP) * Newsday argues that the power sharing agreement in the state Senate between Independent Democrats and Republicans could help the state by allowing meaningful reforms to come up for a vote

NYP Suprise Attitued to the Deal: “Democrats hooked up with the state Senate’s fading Republican majority to form a governing coalition that promises no end of banana-republic buffoonery in coming months.”
Here come the clowns(NYP Ed) Albany sometimes beggars belief — and one of those times was yesterday, when five dissident Democrats hooked up with the state Senate’s fading Republican majority to form a governing coalition that promises no end of banana-republic buffoonery in coming months.Just how will their Rube Goldberg gizmo function? Most likely, not at all. What’s clear is that the old Albany tradition of placing power above principle prevails. Neither Democrats nor Republicans care a whit about principles — indeed, they no longer even care about the appearance of principled politics. * .'s Mulgrew on coalition: "It all comes down to what it produces. The people in NYS voted that they want a progressive gov't."* GOP, Independent Democrats Unite For State Senate Majority (CBS)

The Money and Majoriety Winners Lose
Hidden Winner the Klien's Bronx Machine
The coalition represents a blow to teachers unions, which pumped big money into the campaigns of Democratic senators loyal to Minority Leader John Sampson of Brooklyn. Sources with ties to the charter- school community and Mayor Bloomberg, whose spokesman called the coalition “an example of bipartisan cooperation at its best,” said the deal is good for both.While others had a much more positive outlook, include Democratic Senator Adriano Espaillat, who uncritically declared his intentions to work with the new majority coalition, and State Party co-Chair, Assemblyman Keith Wright, who flatly said, “I don’t usually mess with the other house.” * The dissed Senate Democrats dismissed the IDC-GOP coalition deal as little more than a second coup. Dueling attorneys in the 46th SD fight spent all yesterday battling over ballots in court, but in the end, opened none.* Analysis: Albany Needs to Let More Sunshine In(NBC) * Senate Democrats: That Progressive Agenda? We Support That(YNN) Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy responded to the op/ed that Gov. Andrew Cuomo laid out in an op/ed to The Times Union today, noting that “litmus test” for lawmakers the governor proposed is a similar agenda.* Sharpton denounces coalition government(TU) * The Rev. Al Sharpton opposes the IDC-GOP Senate coalition, which has just one member of color: Sen. Malcolm Smith. * Sharpton says Albany's new bipartisan power sharing deal leaves minorities out in the cold(NYDN)

Cuomo Winning with No Finger Prints For Screwing Dems
Cuomo has a 72-21 favorability rating, second only to Clinton at 75-23.
A Siena College poll finds that Gov. Cuomo’s favorability ratings are at their highest levels since April, and that two-thirds of voters say that it is okay for state senators to switch party allegiance to control the state SenateWhile Governor Andrew Cuomo is not claiming ownership of the situation, thank you very much. “This is an internal legislative matter,” said Mr. Cuomo’s spokesman Josh Vlasto. “The most important thing is to have a functional senate that passes the Governor’s progressive agenda to advance the State of New York. The Governor will withhold judgment until he sees how the Senate functions and acts on critical issues facing the state.” * Not everyone seems quite willing to buy this and a  Daily Kos Elections writer declared Mr. Cuomo to be “deeply anti-progressive” as a result.* Through a spokesman, Cuomo called the Senate deal an “internal legislative matter” and said he’ll “withhold judgement” until he sees it in action.* Cuomo Lays Out Conditions For Support Of Coalition(YNN)
* Cuomo op-ed: Mainline Senate Dems blew their chance(TU) lays out 10 issues for coalition to address * Cuomo: "rather than base my support on amorphous & often misleading political labels, shifting coalitions, or internal organizing concepts" * Spitzer says coalition is 'likely to breed chaos' Daily Kos Founder: ‘I Look Forward to Crushing Cuomo’(NYO) * Cuomo Says 'Only Time Will Tell' if Senate Coalition Will Succeed 
* Cuomo: "if you don't raise minimum wage, you fail the pl of the state."As Cuomo Sits Passively, Republicans Take Over New York State Senate Despite Losing Election(FDL) * Cuomo on SD-46 and SD-41: "If there were any stalling tactics I would have no problem with writing a letter again."* Gov. Cuomo Says He Will Stay Clear Of NYC Mayoral Race Next Year(NYDN) * Cuomo: Well, Let’s See What Happens(YNN) * Cuomo Lays Out Next Year’s Uncertainties(YNN) * Once upon a time, during a campaign far, far away (from now), Gov. Andrew Cuomo supported a Democratic Senate majority. * Republicans love Cuomo.

Assembly Democrats Push Job Measures(WSJ) Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver said the state needs a multipronged approach to reinvigorating the economy and getting people back to work as the state jobless rate remains nearly two points above the national level.

Phone Leak Months Later
 Why Would Anyone Want to Use Hillary?
Michael Goodwin on the motives of both Clinton and Bloomberg in leaking the phone call story. 

I’m nuts for you, too, Chris(NYP) . * Hill & Mike both have a motive(Goodwin, NYP)  As Agatha Christie’s detective Hercule Poirot would say, find the person with a motive. In this case, there are two suspects. Clinton and Bloomberg both have something to gain by publicizing the details. Start with the mayor, who has become a power junkie. There’s lots about the job he doesn’t like, but he couldn’t let go of City Hall after the two-term limit, and bought himself a third term when Quinn lined up the council votes to allow it.* After Courtship of Clinton, Bloomberg Makes Amends(NYT) * In Poll, New Yorkers Like Cuomo for Governor and Clinton for President(NYT) * Mighty Morphin Hillary (Dowd, NYT) Longing to start the 2016 campaign? So's Hillary.* Bloomberg Praises Quinn After Source Says He Asked Hillary Clinton To Run For Mayor(NY1) * New Yorkers Weigh in on Hillary and Cuomo’s Potential 2016 Bids(NYO)

Forbes Lists Bloomberg As World's 16th Most Powerful Person (NY1)

Mayor Sandy
M.T.A. Chief Weighs Run for G.O.P. Mayoral Nomination(NYT) Joseph J. Lhota is being encouraged to run by former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani and a number of business leaders. MTA Chairman Joe Lhota is seriously considering a run for mayor in New York City, even raising the possibility in a meeting with Mayor Bloomberg on Monday
Far Rockaway line sets sale (NYP) The MTA released a limited run of Rockaways H train merchandise yesterday, with all proceeds going to the area’s storm victims.  T-shirts and hoodies bearing the logo of the recently resurrected shuttle line will be sold on the New York Transit. * MTA Chairman Joe Lhota met with Mayor Bloomberg (whom he called an “idiot” not long ago, and then apologized) to discuss his potential 2013 mayoral run, which Bloomberg reportedly did not encourage.

The BS Charter Commission Moves Lopez's District 4 Blocks
Number of Stories From the NYT About the Lopez District 0
Daily News Suggests the Commission Broke the Law by changing the lines without a concil vote rejecting the lines. "The City Charter appears to state clearly that once the commission has submitted its map, the Council has only two choices: vote the maps up, or down. The Charter doesn’t mention the possibility of a Mulligan."

They then proposed a new set of maps that move four blocks around Lopez’s Bushwick address from District 34, now represented by Diana Reyna, back into District 37, represented by Erik Dilan.
That restores the boundaries that were in place before a change requested by Dilan, which was widely perceived as a favor to Lopez should he make a run for Reyna’s council seat.  The commission will have a new round of public hearings and could make more changes before sending a new set of maps to the Council next year. * Voting Map Tossed Out Amid Gripes(WSJ) A group tasked with reshaping New York City's election map voted to withdraw its first attempt after the plan was criticized as politically motivated among other reasons.* Redistricting Plan Withdrawn By Commission That Created It(NY1)* Quinn Crosses a Line(Tom Allon) Subverted the Democratic process the democratic proces by adding a third term for the mayor and herself. Her decision in the district lines approval process has virtually assured chaos, and a huge advantage for incumbents and machine backed candidates, if the primary date in the mayor's race is changed to June. And let us not forget her member item slush fund scandal and the three Council members under her direction who have been indicted or have gone to jail, including the recently convicted Larry Seabrook.


Daily News is Wrong When It Says Lopez Must Run In Dilan District if the Panel Did Not Put Him in A Diffrent District
According the the election law Lopez is free even now when he is again put back into the Dilan district to run anywhere he wants, as lone as he moves into the district before election day. Besides you the DN said he lives in Queens in 2010  Brooklyn Dem boss Vito Lopez is hard to find at Bushwick home, but spends much of his time in Queens(NYDN) Vito vetoed (NYDN Ed) Initially, the commission drew its maps in such a way that Lopez’s home would have been in the district of ally Councilman Erik Dilan. That meant Lopez would have had to run against Dilan.

Comptroller Rivals Clear Way for Stringer(WSJ) A second potential candidate for New York City comptroller backed out of the Democratic primary, raising the prospect of an unopposed election for Scott Stringer.

Sock Puppet Weprin Owes $360,000 to the CFB
Assemblymember David Weprin fined for violations campaign committed during 2009 run for comptroller (Queens Courier) According to the city’s Campaign Finance Board (CFB), Assemblymember David Weprin owes $28,184 in total penalties and $325,561 in public funds repayments for a dozen violations his failed election campaign for comptroller committed in 2009

Update Man arrested in deadly subway push, charged with second-degree murder charges.(NBC)
 Homeless man charged in Times Sq. train shove murder (NYP)
Homeless man arrested, charged in Times Sq. train station murder(NYP)

Photog Ethics?  Where Where the Others?
Images of a man’s last moments on a subway track provoked outrage and discussion about what bystanders should — or could — have done. Photographer: My snap decision; ARM CHAIR CRITICS WRONG. Ki Suk Han pusher confesses.*  CNN Starting Point Guest Wonders If NY Post Would Publish Subway Death Photo 'If It Were A White Woman' (COLUMN)* Relatives of man pushed onto tracks to his death outraged by photo (NYDN)

Critics are unfair to condemn me, I was too far away to help
Anguished lensman: Critics are unfair to condemn me, I was too far away to help(NYP) * Anguished fotog: Critics are unfair to condemn me(R. UMAR ABBASI, NYP) * After Subway Push, Asking: Were There No Heroes?(NYT) * Critics are unfair to condemn me, I was too far away to help(NYP)

NY Post subway photo--if it's such an outrage, why is every website and TV network endlessly showing it?

Campaign 2013
Community leaders from around the Manhattan are joining me on the steps of City Hall to announce my candidacy for BP. Promises to reduce income inequality in Manhattan, touts support for OWS and a famous mosque * Gyory: Mayoral race will come down to outer-borough supremacy.  * Menin Kicks Off Manhattan Borough President Bid With Nod to OWS(NYO) * The Lesbian Past of Bill de Blasio’s Wife(NYO) * Manhattan BP Scott Stringer landed the first union endorsement for his 2013 NYC comptroller run from 32BJ. * Bruce Gyory explains why next year’s NYC mayoral race will all come down to the outer boroughs. *Bill de Blasio married to woman who was out and proud in (NYDN) * Crowded field for 2013 NYC mayor's race(Fox 5)

Plan to push at-risk kids out, move charter in1(NYDN) *
School choice in Brownsville? Only one A-rated school(NYDN)

Keeping the Public Uninformed While Racking In the Millions

This Is What Fox (5) Calls Informing the Public

6:00AM    Weather 02    Traffic 04    Local:  Suspect in custody for pushing a person off subway platform. 05    Local:  Robbery in a bodega in the Bronx  06    Local   Missing college student search 08    Local   Koch enters hospital  09    Local   Man plead guilty to Manhattan synagogue plot 10    Weather  11    Commercials 14    NJ police search for person who stole a dog 15    Bon Jovi's daughter in trouble.  16    Fake tickets purchased through Craig's List  17   Christie heads for Washington to get funds for Sandy cleanup.   18   Weather  20   Traffic   21   Commercials   24   Local   Auto accident in Manhattan   Covered Live    25   ER visits for synthetic pot up  26   Study that heavy use of cell phones can lead to addiction 27   Commercials

Fox 5 Says Nothing About
1. The Deal to Run the State Senate
2. About the 2013 Mayoral Campaign
3. The Hospital Crisis in NYC
4. The Changing of Council Districts
5.  The Council Having Hearing Today About People having trouble voting on election day   

Sandy Update: 2500 Vacant Apartments, Burglaries Up and FEMA Broke 
Breaking: President Obama to ask Congress for about $50 billion in hurricane aid, NYT reports.    * Obama Proposal For Sandy Aid Unlikely To Match New York State's $42B Request * Cuomo: Reports On Lowered Federal Sandy Aid Request Are "Premature" (NY1) *White House to Ask for $50 Billion in Hurricane Relief Aid(NYT)
In a joint statement, Reps. Nita Lowey and Pete King called that amount “insufficient to meet the severe needs” of New York, New Jersey and other storm-impacted states. 
Home Again, but Only to Mourn(NYT) The water and wind of Hurricane Sandy destroyed nearly half of the homes on Kissam Avenue on Staten Island, and flooded the rest.* City Readies Housing for Sandy Victims(WSJ) Superstorm Sandy victims will be given priority for about 2,500 vacant apartments owned by private landlords across New York City, under a landmark deal struck between property owners and government officials * Scalpers Seek Profit on Tickets for MSG Sandy Benefit  * How Did Wall Street Do on Sandy?(WSJ) * NY1 Exclusive: New Yorkers Support Rebuilding Homes In Flood Zones(NY1) * FEMA: Trailers Won't Work In New York(NY1) * Teachers' Union Joins Chorus Of Concern About Formerly Flooded Queens School(NY1) * New York City’s coastal neighborhoods suffered a surge in home burglaries the month after Sandy battered the area, forcing the NYPD to beef up patrols in those areas, the News reports: * Orchard Beach Set To Reopen Wednesday(NY1) * Red Hook Bakery Repoens Five Weeks After Sandy Damage(NY1) * Agencies Appear Before House For Storm Response Hearing(NY1)   * FEMA chief says Sandy will wipe out all its remaining $4.9 billion in aid(NYP) * 1st wave of Sandy aid: $200M(NYDN) * Areas hit hard by Sandy suffer big rise in burglaries(NYDN) * Victims of Sandy could be entitled to billions of dollars in unclaimed funds held by the state comptroller’s office – perhaps has much as $3 billion, all told.* In about face, Long Beach approves dune building(WABC) * Deal struck on housing for NYC storm victims(Fox 5) * New York Water Taxi offering free Staten Island tickets * Bronx' Orchard Beach reopens Wednesday after Sandy cleanup effort (WABC) * New York City to continue free lunches for Staten Island SI Advance) * FEMA chief: Sandy funds should last through spring(SI Advance) *  Sound Advice: Musicians Team Up To Raise Money For Sandy(NBC) * Manhattan VA Outpatient Clinics To Reopen In March 
* Manhattan VA Outpatient Clinics To Reopen In March: Department of Veterans Affairs officials say the outpatient...  * Bill Rudin Is Grateful the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel Flooded—And Maybe You Should Be, Too(NYO) * City Room: Rockaways Newspaper Is Back in Ink After Weeks Only in Cyberspace (NYT) * Bridge tolls into Rockaway irk volunteers(NYDN)

Taxes pay Hudson Yards’ debt, thanks to Bloomberg(NYDN)
 The Times’ Jim Dwyer writes that the devastation from Hurricane Sandy has not stopped development at the margins of New York City’s islands, citing the Hudson Yards project as an example:
The Hudson Yards development project is expensive, for taxpayers. [Juan Gonzalez]

Former NY Mayor Koch back in the hospita(NYDN) A spokesman for former NYC Mayor Ed Koch says he’s being treated for a lung infection, and should be well enough to leave the hospital to celebrate his 88th birthday next week. 

NY minimum-wage hike ‘would kill 22K jobs’(NYP) A proposal to hike the state’s minimum wage would kill 22,000 jobs over the next decade and cut economic output by $2.5 billion, New York’s small- business lobby

  With Gov. Cuomo voicing his support for non-Indian gambling casinos in the state, a group of activists and consultants are pushing a plan to give local municipalities the final say over hosting casinos within their boundaries, the Times-Union reports: * With expanded non-Indian casino gambling looking more like a sure bet within the next several years, a group of activists and consultants is pushing a plan to give cities, towns or counties the last word on whether they should host casinos within their boundaries.

Tale of the Barefoot Homeless Man Gets More Depressing(NY Mag)


NYS Easy On Under Age Drinking
Age-old booze cheats(NYP) Let’s not drink to this. New York state is the easiest place for underage drinkers to illegally purchase booze, a new survey shows.

The Fat Lady Has Not Song On the NYC Opera
  [image] A Sale Sets the Stage(WSJ) Pieces of New York City Opera's past will go up for auction as the company tries to climb out from under its financial burdens and remake itself as a smaller, leaner organization.

New Destiny Housing filling with tenants(NYDN)

Deal Allows Company to Continue Niagara Boat Tours(NYT)Announcing that the Maid of the Mist will stay in business, Cuomo called Niagara Falls “a jewel that we haven’t invested in, that we haven’t given the time and attention that it deserves.”

Obama: GOP can take flying leap without tax hike on rich(NYP) * Public won’t pin ‘fail’ on the donkey: poll
(NYP) WASHINGTON — Republicans are losing the fiscal-cliff blame game. A 53-percent majority of Americans think Republicans should get the blame* Tax Deduction Limits May Trim Deficits, but Not Easily(NYT) * From Republicans, a Parting Slap at Bob Dole and Disabled Americans(NYT)Despite Terrible Track Record, Sheldon Adelson Will Still Dispense Campaign Cash(NY Mag)
Democrats' ObamaCare Woes - Noemie Emery, Washington Examiner
The Flawed Crusade to Undermine ObamaCare - Jonathan Cohn, TNR
Dems Have Upper Hand in Budget Debate - Doyle McManus, LA Times
Geithner Plan's Assault on Small Businesses - Rep. Kevin McCarthy, RCP
Republican Plan Fails the Fairness Test - Rep. Keith Ellison, USA Today
The Phony "Cliff" and the Real One - Conrad Black, National Review
Washington's Tax Cut Amnesia - Ruth Marcus, Washington Post
The Blue-State Suicide Pact - Joel Kotkin, Forbes
Unionizing the Bottom of the Pay Scale - Eduardo Porter, New York Times
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Ryan, Rubio Lay Out Vision for Future of GOP - Brian Montopoli, CBS News
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It's Time to Kill the Debt Ceiling - Paul Waldman, The American Prospect
ObamaCare Architect Takes Pharma Job - Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian
What Canada Can Teach U.S. About Immigration - Shikha Dalmia, Reason
Al Qaeda 3.0: Terrorism's New Power Bases - Bruce Riedel, The Daily Beast
With President Obama holding most of the cards, Republicans are trying to figure out what their fallback position on the fiscal cliff should be. [Jonathan Weisman]

Dem Who Helped Shape Civil Rights Act Dies(Huff Post)
GOP Refuses to Acknowledge Reality on Budget - Baltimore Sun
Will Obama Ever Get Serious About Spending Cuts? - Chicago Tribune
The Budget Baseline Con - Wall Street Journal
Our Affordable Housing Crisis - New York Times
Engel gets ranking post
Rep. Nydia M. Velázquez (D-NY) confirmed by the House Democratic Caucus as Ranking Democrat for the House Small Business Committee  
Citigroup Cuts 11,000 Jobs as It Writes Down $1 Billion(NYT)
Cantor: House won't adjourn until "credible solution to the has been found"
Very interesting Lois Romano story on Dems begging Obama to institutionalize his campaign's data infrastructure.
GOP infighting on taxes in fiscal deal(Politico).  
Don’t Use Debt Ceiling as Weapon, Obama Tells G.O.P.(NYT)
Progress? Obama and Boehner had a 28-minute conversation today: (Wash Post)

Detroit Councilwoman Wants Government ‘Bacon’ In Return For Supporting Obama
Why Obama Won't Negotiate Over Debt Ceiling - Greg Sargent, Wash Post
Bargaining and Its Limits - Yuval Levin, National Review Online
The Republicans Are Going to Fold - Frank Rich, New York Magazine
Democrats Are Pathologically Unserious - Milton Wolf, Washington Times
21 States Reject ObamaCare Exchanges on Cost, Rules - Dave Hogberg, IBD
Ryan, Rubio, and a Fresh Coat of Paint - Steve Benen, MSNBC
Like John Kerry, First Impressions Killed Romney - James Antle, TAS
Iron Empires, Iron Fists, Iron Domes - Thomas Friedman, New York Times
Al Qaeda 3.0: Terrorism's New Power Bases - Bruce Riedel, The Daily Beast
Cities and States Test Fiscal Limits - Steven Malanga, RealClearMarkets
Video Highlights: GergenObama | Krauthammer | CostasMore

Jon Stewart Compares GOP’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal To ‘Stalin F*cking A Bald Eagle’


 msnbc white house MSNBC Hosts Spotted Visiting Obama White House
Fox Jealous 
Fox & Friends Blasts Obama Meeting With MSNBC Hosts: ‘Maybe It Was A Thank-You’ For Re-Election

  Fox Has Been Keeping Karl Rove Off The Air Post-Election, According To Report


The devil you say(NYP ED)

Law and Order
Woman Stabbed, Two Other People Injured By Central Park(NY1)
Man Stabs Common Law Wife, Child By Central Park (NY1)

Weberman, suspected of sexual assault, will testify(NYDN) * Satmar counselor takes stand in sex abuse trial(WABC)
Lawyer busted in ex-wife ‘shakedown’(NYP) * Ex-NY attorney pleads not guilty to extortion try(WSJ) * Fallen celebrity lawyer Dominic Barbara faces stalking(NYDN)

Lindsay’s ‘victim’ meets DA(NYP)

Cop killer sane enough to face death penalty: shrink(NYDN)

Former ADA in pot bust(NYP) * Sex-bust teach free(NYP) * LIRR-scam guilty pleas(NYP) * Fed Programmer Sentenced in Theft(WSJ) * Cops investigate two murders discovered Monday(NYDN) *
Surveillance video released in 2 Bronx deli robberies(WABC) * 2 LIRR retirees plead guilty in disability scam(WABC) *Armed Bronx bodega robbers caught on camera(Fox 5) * ‘Killer’ strikes as cold-case cops close in, confesses to 3 slays(NYP) * Police: Man Confesses To Killing Three Women(Huff Post) * Man Opens Fire On MTA Bus In East Harlem, Then Gets Arr NYDN)
* Police Take Down Violent Bronx Gang That Used Facebook To (Wcbs) * 7 Indicted In Credit Card Fraud Scheme At Midtown Parking (WCBS) *  Police search for person (NBC)
10 years in temple bomb plot(NYP) * Ex-Aide to Bin Laden, Vital Witness for U.S., Seeks Sentence(NYT) * Queens Man Pleads Guilty in Plot to Blow Up Manhattan Synagogue(NYT) * Guilty Plea in Terror Case(WSJ) * One Of Two Suspects Pleads Guilty To Alleged Synagogue Attack Plot(NY1)
* Queens man pleads guilty to plotting to blow up synagog (NYDN)