Monday, December 3, 2012

When It Comes to New Yorkers Voting Rights the Pols and Press Have Amnesia

On Tuesday the NYC Board of Elections will only provisionally certify the presidential contest and US Senator because the 330,000 paper ballots are not counted
Despite the fact that tens of thousands of New Yorkers were forced to wait on long lines and thousands of others did not vote there has not been one single story about the BOE incompetence since election day (a month ago) True News reported that 22.3% less city residence voted this year as compared to the 2008 presidential electionOn Wednesday the City Council will hold hearing on the BOE FU.  But don't expect any major changes without the press and pols hammering the board. BOE History of Corruption and Incompetence (True News)

Last Time Newspaper Talked About the Long Voter Lines Was On November 6th - Why do they protect the BOE? Progressiveves Limp on Voting Rights in NYC. 

Reported in True News on November 3. 2012

For the last few days the there has been talk of creating a queens supper poll at the Aqueduct Racino were all the the voters flooded out could go to vote on elections. True News has learned why that plan has been delayed until today.   The political leaders who control the board have been fighting each other for control or where the new pollings sites are put.

Board watcher cannot believe that the peoples constitutional right to vote was delayed for so long on such an important vote. There is a power struggle going on within the board between the Crowly forces and the senate majority leader Skelos GOP board loyalists on where to locate the supper polls in Queens because of the Addabbo Ulrich close race .  The GOP lead by Skelso does not want the Racino because they say the place is controlled by Crowley and the democrats.  According to BOE insiders that fight has delayed a voting plan for 3 or 4 days.  According to today's NYP the BOE has decided on a comprised plan of 3 supper polling sites in Queens. But that delay means less voters will know were to vote and less time for the incompetent BOE to set up emergency tent polls.  Katy Bar the Door Time Guys.

Dicker Uncovers A GOP Delay Conspiracy To Keep Control of the Senate That Cap ton Revealed Last Week

State Senate Republicans are planning to further delay the court challenges of two new Democrats so that the 30 Republicans and new Democratic Sen. Simcha Felder can vote 31-30 in choosing the new majority leader
GOP’s secret stall tactic(Dicker, NYP)Embattled Senate Republicans have crafted a secret plan to delay the seating of two new Democrats next month so they can elect their own majority leader in early January. The plan involves intentionally further delaying ongoing court challenges to the two apparent Democratic victors so that the 30 Republicans who have been elected to the Senate can join with GOP-friendly Democrat Sen.-elect Simcha Felder of Brooklyn in voting 31 to 30 over Democrats to select the new majority leader, two sources close to the situation said.

It Looks Like There A Deal to Remain Silent in the State Senate Battle Before It Turns into A Racial Battle
sigh. Independent Democratic Conference members are not talking to reporters today, i'm told.   * Attempts at reconciliation between state Senate Democrats and the Independent Democratic Conference have been strained due to public criticism from Senate Democrats and Working Families Party officials, the Daily News reports:  * While the Senate will have 63 seats come January, Senate rules and the state Constitution are being read by Republicans and Democrats alike to say that a majority leader is selected by a majority vote of the elected members — meaning if two Senate seats haven’t yet been decided, there are only 61 members eligible to participate.

A Montgomery County judge will hear arguments today on the disputed ballots in the state Senate race between Republican Assemblyman George Amedore and Democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk, with Amedore holding a 111-vote lead, the Times-Union * The Senate Republicans have a “top-secret plan” (revealed on CapTon last week by Sen. Mike Gianaris) to delay the two yet-unresolved races into the new year so they have more members than the Democrats for the majority leader vote.  * Chartock: "no wonder that Governor Andrew Cuomo keeps finding ways to support the Republicans in the Senate" * Court papers filed in Amedore-Tkaczyk fight * State Senate Independent Democratic Conference Still Upset Wtih Democratic Colleagues * At 31, Would Senate Republicans Have A Quorum?(YNN) * There’s More Where That Came From (Updated)(YNN)
* 46th Senate District race in court(YNN) * Stewart-Cousins is sure Cuomo is interested in a 'united & non-chaotic' Senate  * Sandy victim, Senate battling over desk (CrainsNY) * Rev. Ruben Diaz Jr. likes the idea of forming his own conference. [Casey Seiler] * A judge said he was “inclined” to hear the meat of mostly Republican-brought challenges to absentee and affidavit ballots that will be the deciding factor in the 46th SD race and, by extension, determine which party controls the state’s upper chamber. * Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins on when - and if – Cuomo will involve himself in the Senate battle: “I imagine the governor is interested, as most of my colleagues are, providing a united and non-chaotic face to the people of New York at the beginning of the new year.”46th Senate District race in court: Attorneys for republican George Amedore and democrat Cecilia Tkaczyk present... * Mayor Bloomberg praises DEP workers at Staten Island wastewater (SI Advance)

The Hate City Council Race
City Council race sparks more venom!(NYDN) The race for an uptown City Council seat that will be contested next fall is unofficially underway — and it officially became a little bit uglier on Sunday

Bloomberg: Mayor Hillary Clinton

Clinton for Mayor in ’13? Bloomberg Asked Her to Consider Succeeding Him(NYT)

Campaign 2013  Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani says his one-time deputy, MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota, will likely announce by Christmas whether he will leave his post to run for mayor himself in 2013.* Mr. Stringer, of course, hails from the Upper West Side and a number of today’s endorsers formerly supported East Side Councilman Dan Garodnick before he dropped out of the race. Or, as Assemblyman Rory Lancman said of Mr. Stringer’s unifying talent, “If only he’d run in ’90s, Tupac & Biggie might still be with us.” * While District Leader Mark Levine announced his candidacy for the City Council and was endorsed by Mr. Stringer, mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio and State Senator Adriano Espaillat‘s crowd. Related, Mr. de Blasio and Ms. Quinn have both backed an anti-hate campaign aimed at defending Mr. Levine from criticism that he’s too “White/Jewish” for the Up town seat. * Rudy Giuliani said (again) that he wants M.T.A. chairman and former aide Joe Lhota to run for mayor. [Ken Lovett] * video of , & Malcolm Smith at the Independence Party event #2013 // cameo by Bloomberg* Establishment-backed candidate for Robert Jackson's Council seat emphasizes diversity * Lhota, Giuliani Have Discussed Possible Mayoral Run: Report (NBC) * Robert Jackson Flexes Harlem Machine Muscle for BP Campaign(NYO) * Where in the World is Scott Stringer? Increasingly Not Manhattan(DNAINFO) * Bill de Blasio has to paint Christine Quinn as the reincarnation of Michael Bloomberg. [Chris Smith]* Former NYC Mayor David Dinkins and Rep. Charlie Rangel will co-host a 62nd birthday fundraiser for NYC Councilman Robert Jackson, who’s running for Manhattan BP in 2013.* Some political insiders say Manhattan BP Scott Stringer’s decision to drop out of the mayor’s race and instead run for city comptroller  could help Brooklyn Councilwoman Letitia James in her run for public advocate. * . calls family court system broken, touts community court system + jokes abt getting arrested during protest in Red Hook.

Will the Fake Divorce Be Granted Between Lopez and Quinn?

MT : NYC Districting expecting formal ruling from Law Dept. on withdrawing council maps. Commission could vote as early as Tues  the councilmember like their new district and support lopez.

Banana Republic Redistricting
Last Tuesday  To quash 'Vito seat,' council must reject all lines - Crain's New York ...(CrainsNY) Panel had told Quinn it lacked power to alter lines

Last Friday  chair says in letter "there is no legal impediment preventing the Commission from withdrawing the plan."* Districting Commission To Chris Quinn: We'll Vote On Pulling Back Those New Map(NYDN) * Panel had told Quinn it lacked power to alter lines (CrainsNY) *

Both Citizen Union or Common Cause Never Objected to the Council Lines Before the Lopez District Blow Up
.: "we support withdrawal of the proposed maps so that additional hearings can be held."* Pragmatic move by @citizenunionny. De Blasio/Common Cause statement on Fri called for up or down vote* A flawed process is currently in play over the review of the submitted maps - * Citizens Union wants the Districting Commission to withdraw its proposed maps because the Councilmay not provide the votes to shoot it down. [Citizens Union]

A couple of Hard Weeks for CM Dominic Recchia As He Learns the Lesson What Your do to Others Will One Day Bite You in the Ass
First Stringer Cuts Recchai Off From Quinn when the Manhattan BP is forced by low poll numbers to drop his campaign for Mayor and run for comptroller. Recchia has been having a public temper tantrum ever sinceRecchia says Scott Stringer won't be 'anointed' comptroller (Capital) One long time observer is stumped why Recchai is so mad because the councilman built his career by spitting votes. First cutting the Jews vote and then Russians community.  Recchai was first elected to the council in 2001 when the Jewish vote was split between 5 other candidates in the democratic primary.  In 2003 when he ran for reelection after redistricting he worked a deal with the redistricting committee to cut 1/3 of the Russian votes out of his district.  There are empty bottles of vodka all over Brighton Beach bidding goodby to the butcher of Brigthton Beach, Dominic Recchia IT'S ALL ABOUT RECCHIA! THE VOTERS HAVE NO CHOICE(True News)

It's likely that Recchia got the message(QueensCrap)

From The Brooklyn Paper:

A group of outraged Hurricane Sandy victims nearly ran Councilman Domenic Recchia out of a Community Board 13 meeting on a rail Wednesday after the legislator announced that a desperately needed Coney Island sewer repair project won’t begin until 2016. Residents have been demanding the city update the neighborhood’s infrastructure for years, claiming that sewers constantly overflow during big storms. “If we get a hard rain, a tough rain, we’re going to get that water again. And it’s not good,” said CB13 member Ronald Stewart.

A Holiday Party Rugby Scrum
Mayoral candidates Bill Thompson, Bill De Blasio, and John Liu, and Comptroller hopeful Scott Stringer paid their respects to Brooklyn Democratic Party Chairman Frank Seddio and 600 other politicos at the Thomas Jefferson Club’s annual holiday party in Mill Basin on Sunday night. But the political ambitions of many other guests in attendance remain fluid due to Stringer’s decision to drop his mayoral campaign and continued uncertainty over which party will control the state senate. Councilman Domenic Recchia, who has explored a run at comptroller, is now reportedly eyeing Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz’s term-limited seat. Taxi Commissioner David Yassky, who has kept up a busy schedule of appearances this fall, may be looking at both offices, though sources said he is unlikely to run for comptroller and could be leaning toward borough president. And state Sen. Daniel Squadron, who is interested in either the public advocate or borough president posts, may step away from citywide office if Democrats hold the majority in the coming weeks.(City and State)

New Yorkers Will Pay for Sandy Just As We Are Now Paying for 911 WTC Attack With Higher Tolls
The Post writes that New York City taxpayers will likely end up footing the MTA’s $5 billion bill from Hurricane Sandy, either through toll and fare increases or tax revenue going towards debt service payments 

The MTA’s $andy aftermath(NYP)
The NYP says sandy will cost NYers either through cost not covered by FEMA or debet service on plan bond sales to meet MTA costs. Yes, Lhota said, the MTA faces an almost $5 billion Sandy bill. But, he added Wednesday, “The burden of Sandy will not be upon our riders” — essentially pledging that tolls and fares won’t go up above already planned 7 percent hikes in 2013 and 2015. * Drivers Grumble Over Increased Tolls For Port Authority Bridges, Tunnels(NY1) * Donohue: Shift-y MTA stiffs staff(NYDN) *Work Week Begins With Higher Tolls On Bridges And Tunne (WCBS) * What’s behind NYC’s GDP problem?(CrainsNY) Experts on the New York City economy fall into two camps. The first includes people who believe that the local economy is strong and that the city has outperformed the rest of the nation. (I am in that group). The other says any gains are an illusion because they are based primarily on low-wage jobs and in fact all the improvement is a result of the unhealthy gains of the richest New Yorkers.

Cuomo Goes to DC For Sandy Aid After Must Media BS Why He Has Waited So Long

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is heading to Washington, D.C. today to lobby for the $42 billion in federal disaster aid he’s seeking to help the state recover from Sandy and prepare for future storms.  As Cuomo heads to D.C., word is out that the White House is expected to issue its supplemental spending request for Sandy-related aid early this week, but it won’t likely include all of the $80 billion sought by New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.* * Giuliani says Cuomo & Christie "can check the box off that says they can handle an emergency." * Schumer acknowledged the fiscal cliff battle in Washington makes it harder to make the case for New York to get all the aid it’s seeking, but he’s “hopeful.” *  Poll: Voters rate Cuomo Sandy response the highest (TU) *

 Governor Andrew Cuomo is down in Washington today, meeting with Speaker John Boehner–the one notable official Mayor Michael Bloomberg didn’t powwow with last week–among others. Mr. Cuomo and Mr. Bloomberg are totally not feuding, by the way. * Siena Poll: New Yorkers Hail Handling Of Superstorm Sandy By Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg, But Not Power Companies * Cuomo To Lobby Congressional Leaders For Sandy Relief Funds (NY1) * The New York Post cites an unnamed source saying Cuomo was always planning to go down there. * : Gov Cuomo and Rep. Pete King head into a closed door mtg with House Speaker Boehner. * The Washington Post welcomed Cuomo over the weekend with an editorial echoing his claims that New York needs to rethink its infrastructure. [Washington Post] * Cuomo fights for Sandy aid in Washington(BX 12)
* Cuomo And DC(YNN) * Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu Says She'll Help New York Like New York Helped Her State After Hurricane Katrina (NYDN) * Andrew Cuomo said he feels "optimistic" after lobbying federal lawmakers for disaster relief. [Raymond Hernandez] * The "Cuomo at the White House" gif. [Nick Reisman] * Cuomo Meets With White House Officials, DC Lawmakers To Discuss Sandy Relief (NY1) * House Dems Feel Slighted By Cuomo(YNN) * Cuomo says Gov Christie will make the trip down to lobby congressional leaders on Thursday.* uomo Travels to Washington to Press for Disaster Aid(NYT) * Gov. Cuomo Meets With Congressional Leaders, Lobbies For(WCBS) * Millions Of Gallons Of Sewage Flow Into City Waterways After(NBC)


Rockefeller Made Brooklyn Boss Meade Esposito A Bag Man

Bipartisanship is not in evidence too often in New York or national politics but it was on display at a memorial service on Friday for late Democratic party power broker Jerry Finkelstein, who died last week at the age of 96. Speakers at his service included former GOP Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo, both of whom lauded Finkelstein's ability to bring people from both sides of the aisle together. Finkelstein's son, former City Council President Andrew Stein told the 200 attendees about his father's colorful life, including a night he brought Brooklyn Dem boss Meade Esposito to Governor Nelson Rockefeller's house to broker a deal which would net "Rocky" 16 Brooklyn votes he needed to pass a bill in Albany. "That's a nice painting," Esposito told Rockefeller. "It's a Picasso," said Rockefeller. You want it?" Esposito: "Sure." And the Brooklyn boss walked out of the Rockefeller Park Avenue home with a shopping bag filled with a Picasso painting. "That's how politics was done in those days," Stein told the memorial service mourners.(City and State)

How Does 71% High Schools get As or Bs, and 92 percent passed, Yet Only 29% of the Students Are College Ready

Bloomberg Grade Inflation
‘M’ for Murky(NYP) If you ask Mayor Bloomberg, Brooklyn’s It Takes a Village Academy looks like the jewel in the city’s public-school crown. The Flatbush high school graduated 86 percent of its students last year and got an A from the city in students’ “College and Career Readiness.” Its overall rating from Bloomberg was tops in the city: 98.7 percent — nearly perfect. But Bloomberg’s numbers and letter-grading system for city schools mask a heartbreaking statistic: Only 11.8 percent of students at It Takes a Village were ready for college after four years at the school. That’s right: Even though most of the kids managed to graduate, barely more than one in 10 was actually prepared for the rigors of higher education or for good jobs, based on their test scores.  State school districts have six weeks to reach a deal on a new teacher-evaluation system or they will forgo millions in public school funds, as 633 of the nearly 700 state school districts have submitted plans for approval, the Post School Districts in 5 States to Lengthen Calendars(NYT) * NY among 5 states to increase class time(WSJ) * Report: No school, work for 16 percent of NY youth(WSJ) * 300 more hours of school time(NYP) * Some State Educators To Take Part In Pilot Program To Expand School Year

Another Hospital in Danger of Closing
Leery of a Merger, a Hospital in Brooklyn Plans to Declare Bankruptcy(NYT) *  Amid concerns it will be forced by the state to merge or close, a financially troubled hospital serving a largely African-American and Caribbean niche of central Brooklyn is planning to declare bankruptcy this week.* Hospital Staff Looks Back On Bellevue's Long Recovery From Storm Flooding  * NYU Langone's Main Hospital To Offer Inpatient Services By End Of The Year   Bankrupt Interfaith Medical Center owes millions(CrainsNY)
* NYU Langone Medical Center Hopes To Reopen Tisch Hospital By Year's End (NY1) * Interfaith Medical Center files for bankruptcy protecti (WABC) * Hospital in Brooklyn Files for Bankruptcy Protection(NYT) * Brooklyn Hospital Files for Bankruptcy Protection (NBC)

Update With Some Hospitals Closed After Hurricane, E.R.’s at Others Overflow(NYT)

Gov’s booze-reform plan sobering news (NYP) What a buzz kill. State health advisers to Gov. Cuomo will approve a plan later this week pushing for an increase on “sin” taxes on booze, limiting the numbers of new bars and liquor stores, and restricting the hours of gin joints.  The state Health and Health Planning Council put forth recommendations for a five-year Health Improvement Plan, including a tax increase on alcohol sales and cutting back on permits for bars and liquor merchants *
State Health Advisors To Reportedly Recommend More Alcohol Regulations (NY1)

Update  Cuomo rejects proposals to increase booze tax, place limits on bars

By hook & by crook (NYP) City tow-truck companies are hauling off legally parked cars and then shaking down their hapless owners for cash — threatening to take their vehicles to the impound yard if they don’t cough up the dough.

When NYC Stops Giving Dead People Rent Breaks, It Saves Tons Of Money

Hynes ‘Tamper’ flares (NYP) A defense lawyer claims Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes’ office coached a witness to implicate his client in an armed robbery and fudged evidence in prosecuting the case.

Barefoot Again

Homeless Man Is Grateful for Officer’s Gift of Boots. But He Again Is Barefoot.(NYT) “Those shoes are hidden. They are worth a lot of money,” Mr. Hillman said in an interview on Broadway in the 70s. “I could lose my life.” *  Homeless man grateful for boots, but barefoot again. Story: * Homeless Boot Recipient Stashed His New Footware(NY Mag)

Why is the Upper East Side the Only Precinct to Have A Homeless Officer?
Cop’s job is the homeless (NYP) She’s the NYPD’s other blue angel. Officer Vanessa Wanderlingh’s job is to aid the homeless people in her precinct — the only Police Department employee specifically dedicated to the task.
NYers to rescue (NYP) New Yorkers: We love you! The pregnant Hurricane Sandy victim booted to the freezing city streets after FEMA botched her hotel reservation received a heartwarming outpouring of support from the city yesterday — and has a roof over her head again. 

Behind a Call That Kept Nursing Home Patients in Storm’s Path(NYT) Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo’s decision to have thousands of elderly, disabled and mentally ill residents remain in more than 40 nursing homes in flood-prone areas during Hurricane Sandy had terrible consequences* A Forlorn Shuttle Points to Progress in the Rockaways(NYT) * Intruding on the Man-Made(WSJ) * A Siena Research Institute Poll shows that New Yorkers give Gov. Cuomo, Mayor Bloomberg, and President Obama high marks for dealing with Hurricane Sandy, while the Long Island Power Authority did a poor job* Cuomo to Lobby for Sandy Funds in Washington (WSJ)* Schumer: Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Not Expected To Block New York's Sandy Aid(NY1) * Queens woman lost everything to Hurricane Sandy, but not (NYDN) * Scammers prey on Rockwaways homeowners(NYDN) *Rockaway Sandy Victims Meet With FEMA  * Giuliani says Cuomo & Christie "can check the box off that says they can handle an emergency."  * Bloomberg’s Sandy tax relief is questioned * Building for New Era of Storms:(Gotham Gazette) * LIPA’s $6.9 billion debt load, long portrayed as a hindrance to rate relief and new energy projects, also stands in the way of efforts to protect the Long Island grid from the impact of the next major storm.* As Sandy smashed us, bravery and dedication saved Staten (SI Advance) * Fast ferry to offer Staten Island residents free rides(SI Advance) *A Little Bit More R Train to Open Monday(NY Mag)
* Gerritsen Beach Families Settle Into Winterized Campers * FEMA considering renting empty apartments to house NYers displaced by Sandy say elected officials * NY1 Online: Staten Island’s Borough President Says No Need for FEMA trailers  J & Z trains resume full service tomorrow(NYP) * R train to Whitehall resumes for first time since Sandy(NYP) * R train services resumes in lower Manhattan(NYDN) * How the Coastline Became a Place to Put the Poor(NYT) * They Came to the Rescue; Now They Wait to Be Paid(NYT) * Most New Yorkers Think Climate Change Caused Hurricane, Poll Finds(NYT)


Running Aways From Paying the Bills
Insurance Battle After Canceled Marathon(WSJ) The cancellation of the New York City Marathon has led to a battle over how much money race organizers will be able to reclaim, while sources say that the insurance company has already authorized a large payment* The New York Road Runners club and its insurers have been waging a pitched battle the past four weeks over how much money race organizers will be able to reclaim in the wake of last month’s canceled New York City Marathon. Superintendent for Financial Services Ben Lawsky has stepped in to mediate.

Verrazano-Narrows getting $236 million makeover

Federal Fiscal Cliff deal could Slam NYC
The Post, E.J. McMahon, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, details how “fiscal cliff” negotiations in Washington will affect the New York tax base, and admonishes state congressional leaders for too much “cheerleading”:
A quick deal to sidestep the federal government’s fiscal cliff could end up pushing New York state to the edge of its own precipice. Yet top New York officials seem oblivious to a wave of federal tax hikes due to hit the state’s tax base as soon as next month. Any compromise relying heavily on soak-the-rich tax increases seems likely to draw a bulls-eye on the Empire State. As of 2010, New Yorkers earning $1 million or more generated 14 percent of the entire nation’s federal individual income taxes in that bracket, according to IRS data. So, 14 percent of any tax rate increase targeted solely at these top earners would come from New York. * Looming Fiscal Cliff Leaves Many Confused, Concerned(WCBS) *  A proposal in Washington to lower the cap on mortgage-interest deductions would hurt New York City, since buying an apartment here is so expensive. [Sally Goldenberg]

A Boulevard in Harlem Undergoes a Resurgence(NYT) More than just mainstreaming, Frederick Douglass Boulevard is becoming trendy, with some old-timers fearing the loss of a familiar culture. 

. wastes millions propping up parking garages. NYC's next mayor could put a stop to that:

The News voices support for the plan to build a 25,000-seat soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, cautioning that Major League Soccer must build the $300 million stadium on its own dime: 

The Watertown Times writes: “Maybe New Yorkers so adamantly opposed to fracking should stand by their principle and purchase higher priced natural gas from sources they find more suitable to them.”

We smell a rat at posh shop (NYP) Maybe he was trying to audition for a role in the Nutcracker.  He’s a rat with fine taste. This unwelcome customer spent early yesterday on display in the window of Zabar’s E.A.T. gourmet shop on..

First Round of Deficit Cuts Is Sticking Point in Fiscal Talks(NYT)
Clinton Warns Syria Over Chemical Weapons(NYT)
Obama films campaign-style video urging tax increases for top 2% 
GOP offers own proposal to avert ‘fiscal cliff’(NBC)
BREAKING: House GOP offers fiscal cliff counterproposal - 
G.O.P. Makes Counteroffer in Fiscal Talks With Obama(NYT) 
Reid’s "on that cusp of trying to walk the fine line" but pressure growing "untenable" (BuzzFeed)
Axelrod slams political horserace journalism via

Obama Brings End to Giving In, Pushing G.O.P. to Negotiate(NYT) * Fiscal Cliff Talks at Stalemate(WSJ) * New Yorker editor David Remnick believes Hillary Clinton is running for president in 2016
Obama Should Hang Tough on Budget - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Time to Call the President's Bluff - Keith Hennessey, Wall Street Journal
Obama Pushes GOP, Brings End to Giving In - Peter Baker, New York Times
The NY Times Rewrites Obama's History - Conn Carroll, DC Examiner
Obama Finally Holds Firm for Tax Hikes - Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post
Entitlements Are the Real Problem - Daniel Mitchell, New York Post
The GOP's Big Budget Mumble - Paul Krugman, New York Times

Will Obama Years Be Our "Lost Decade"? - Thomas McClanahan, KC Star
Who's Not Bargaining in Good Faith? - Robert Samuelson, Washington Post
Is the GOP Already Blowing the Next Election? - John Judis, New Republic
It's Time for America to Say "Enough!" - Joseph Curl, Washington Times
Egyptians Fear Morsi Dicatorship, Warn U.S. - Richard Engel, NBC News
Will the Benghazi Perps Pay? - Peter Brookes, New York Post
Farewell to Europe - Clyde Prestowitz, Foreign Policy
Warren Emerges as Partisan Warrior - Holly Robichaud, Boston Herald
Hillary the Survivor - Maureen Dowd, New York Times
Men Find Careers in Collecting Disability - Michael Barone, DC Examiner

Democrats Are Unserious on Debt - New Hampshire Union Leader
On Taxes, Boehner Has It Wrong - Tampa Bay Times
ObamaCare's Medicaid Time Bomb - Washington Times
The Mortgage Challenge - New York Times 
Poll: Congress Ranks Second Lowest In 'Honesty Rating,' Beating Only Car Salespeople 
Re-elected congresswoman already retiring(Wash Post)
Why the White House kept Debbie Wasserman Schultz as DNC Chair (Wash Post)
Bill Kristol: GOP Runs 'Real Risk' Of 'Looking As If They Don't Care About The Middle Class' (VIDEO)

  In which I try to explain Leveson to a bewildered America: * "New times demand new journalism," declared when he launched The Daily in Feb. 2011. R.I.P. * Rupert Murdoch's iPad newspaper is closing shop:* The New York Times is threatening layoffs again  * New York Times Seeks 30 Buyouts from Newsroom  * CNN Under Zucker Will Be About More Than News  * Post Leveson, Rupert Murdoch resurgent (Guardia)

Newsroom layoffs loom at <em>The New York Times</em>Newsroom layoffs loom at The New York Times(CrainsNY)
Jimmy Savile comes back to bite Mark Thompson again (Evening Standard) Coinciding with the publication of a series of emails over the weekend that seem to show he may have known far more than previously stated about Newsnight’s axed investigation of Savile, I gather that Thompson, now chief executive of the New York Times, has been forced to postpone two open meetings with his new US colleagues.*Mark Thompson emailed over Savile scandal in February(Broadcast) * Mark Thompson Update: Fresh Questions on When NYT CEO ...NewsBusters (blog) * Meanwhile, the Times continues to prominently cover pedophilia the Catholic Church.

Law and Order

After 4 Years Those Sexual Abuser bu Emanuel Yegutkin Have Finally Received Justice . . .  Are the Bloggers for Social Justice Changed Policy at the DA Hynes Office

Brooklyn, NY - Principal Of Orthodox Jewish School Convicted For Abuse; Faces Life In Prison(
* Brooklyn yeshiva principal convicted of sex abuse(NYP)
* Brooklyn yeshiva principal convicted of molesting three brothers: (NYDN)

SI man busted in wife slay(NYP)
 Accuser in Orthodox Abuse Trial Testified out of 'Responsibility'

The Worst Thing That Can Happen in the Subway Has Happened Again(NY Mag) A man was killed after being pushed in front of a train * UPDATE: Witnesses told police two men were seen arguing on the 49th Street platform, where a man fell on the tracks * Man Pushed To His Death On Midtown Subway Tracks(NY1)

 Accuser in Orthodox Abuse Trial Testified out of 'Responsibility' (WSJ) The young woman who accused a respected ultra-Orthodox Jewish counselor of sexual abuse wrapped up her testimony Friday afternoon, telling jurors that she came forward because she felt a sense of “responsibility.”

Prosecutors: Let ex-stripper rot for plotting husband s (NYP)

 Woman, three men kidnap, torture, rob Bronx couple(NYDN)

Gang Said to Have Been Vanquished in ’80s Makes Cameo in Extortion Case(NYT)