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How the Media is Playing the Board of Elections Melt Down vs LIPA Melt Down

Heck of A Job Brownie . . .  The Board Meeting Looks Like A Saturday Night Live Parody
NYC's BOE Baghdad Bob Epidemic
We Did A Great Job Pep Rally

While the media has covered daily LIPA and Cuomo has appoint a Moreland Commission commission to investigate LIPA almost nothing has been in the media about how the BOE disenfranchised New Yorkers Right to Vote.  While the head of LIPA Michael Hervey apologized for days before he resigned yesterday, the commissioners of the BOE bragged about what a great job they did last Tuesday at the poll.  A week after the debacle that was Election Day 2012, members of the beleaguered city Board of Elections were busy paying compliments to each other.
“We managed to conduct a successful election,” said Deputy Executive Director Dawn Sandow after ticking off the challenges brought by Hurricane Sandy. “We have many to thank for helping us to achieve the seemingly impossible. Board commissioner were never confronted in the media with questions about long lines, broken machines, lack of poll inspectors and why it took them till Sunday night to come up with new polling sites for the storm damaged polls, when the gov of NJ keep all the polling sites open and told his everyone that the day after the storm on Wednesday. Not a word has been printed in the media about the boards infighting over where to place polling sites in an important state senator race.
The BOE Secretary Frederic M. Umane blamed Cuomo for running out of ballots and the election day confusion.  It is not clear if the BOE was blaming Cuomo for storing some of the Affidavit's Ballots in garbage bags. They are not even sure if those ballots will count. It will takes $$$ and temp works to do the job. "I am not sure what we are going to do," Umane said. "We still have to decide this."

 These pigs are ndeciding who votes.  Where are the civil libertarian lawyers  City Councilwoman Gale Brewer who will hold hearing on December 5th wants changes but has not explained what she want only that she wants to stop the problems.  We would hope she gets into the real crimes the BOE commits of protecting incumbents and hurting or knocking off challengers. Will the City Council Hearing Go Beyond Putting Lipstick On A Pig? Board Of Elections Defends Performance On Election Day (NY1) * Huh? City Board of Elections officials gush over perfor (NYDN)* Cuomo Orders Moreland Commission Of Utilities(YNN) *Sandy Proves The Need For Early Voting (City and State)

Jimmy Meng pleads guilty Former Queens Assemblyman Jimmy Meng pleads guilty to wire fraud; now faces up to 20 yrs in prison

From the NY Post:

The first Asian-American elected to New York's state legislature is scheduled to plead guilty this afternoon to charges stemming from a federal bribery case, sources told The Post. Former state Assemblyman Jimmy Meng, 68, had promised to pay off Manhattan prosecutors who were pursuing a tax fraud case against a Meng associate, the feds say. Meng — who represented Flushing from 2005 to 2006 — solicited $80,000 in bribes from the associate while promising he could make the case disappear, officials said. Brooklyn federal prosecutors say that Meng directed the man to place $80,000 in cash into a fruit basket that Meng would send someone to collect. In late July, the man - who secretly had become an FBI informant - drove to Meng’s Queens lumber yard with a fruit basket containing several thousand dollars, prosecutors said. Meng took it and was arrested by the FBI. Meng's arrest this Summer marked the broadening of a probe by a team of Brooklyn federal prosecutors and FBI agents that is focusing on public corruption in southeast Queens. * Jimmy Meng to plead guilty to federal wire fraud charges this afternoon: family, reports  * Former Assemblyman Meng To Plead Guilty In Federal Bribery Case(NY1) *  Former Queens pol pleads guilty to fix scheme(NYDN) * Ex-Pol Jimmy Meng Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud(NBC)

 Albany Which Holds Most of the Power to Reform the BOE Will Never Really Change the BOE Without Public Anger
Here Comes the Efford to Save A Corrupt System Whose Main Function is to Sever As A Gatekeeper to Protect Incumbents and Machine Back Candidates

In the News, State Sen. Eric Adams advocates for election reform, including early voting and better training for polling station workers
Adams: In my Brooklyn Senate district, we heard from dozens of residents fed up with disorderly voting locations and unhelpful Board of Elections staff. Some even gave up and went home. And let’s not forget the voters who were still living without electricity and basic services, or without homes at all. Many wasted hours of precious time and energy waiting to simply mark and scan a ballot. 

LIPA Only Government Run Power Authority
Richard Kessel and His Political Friends Patronage, Union Pension Mill Blows Up by Sandy

NYP Hits Cuomo Very Hard On LIPA Mess
Deploying the deflectors?(NYP Ed) Will Gov. Andrew Cuomo be the first witness to testify under oath in front of his newly appointed Moreland Commission?  And if so, will he be asked: “Governor, why didn’t you live up to your responsibility to fill long-vacant board seats on the Long Island Power Authority immediately after Hurricane Irene demonstrated its incompetence?” Turn out lights on LIPA boss(NYP) *Chronic Flaws Hobble Utility’s Response to Hurricane(NYT) * Suffering on L.I. as Power Agency Shows Its Flaws(NYT) * Utility Chief Quits in Wake of Sandy(WSJ) * COO Of LIPA, Michael Hervey, Resigns Amid Mounting Post-Sandy (WCBS) 
 Despite Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s heavy criticism of LIPA, the utility isn’t completely independent from his control. “I talked about consolidating LIPA and the other energy agencies in my campaign two years ago,” he argued at a press conference. “Hopefully now we’re going to have the political will to actually do something about it.” * Despite Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s heavy criticism of LIPA, the utility isn’t completely independent from his control. “I talked about consolidating LIPA and the other energy agencies in my campaign two years ago,” he argued at a press conference. “Hopefully now we’re going to have the political will to actually do something about it.”*
How poorly was it managed? Four days before the storm hit, LIPA officials took the time to discuss hiring a brand consultant and spent just 39 minutes talking about the storm. * Capital New York notes that Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s creation of a Moreland Commission to investigate the utilities is a sign that he’s finally taking on authorities like LIPA after lots of talk, but no action.* Greg David on NY: Investigators exploring the mess should examine 's failures via * "he's responsible for the agency that he's been criticizing"-- to re: Cuomo & .
6:30PM Update Breaking: New York Attorney General Opens Probe of Utility Companies' Handling of Sandy (WSJ)

State GOPers get boost – from Dem(NYP) * Newly Elected State Senator Defects to Republican Party(NYT) * Brooklyn Democrat Sides With GOP in State Senate (WSJ) State Senator-elect Simcha Felder’s decision to join the Republican Conference puts a spotlight on the undecided races in order for Democrats to gain control of the Senate, the Times-Union  * Newsday believes that the Senate can benefit from leadership by the Independent Democratic Caucus by loosening up the two-party gridlock * Felder: 'I'll Vote With  (Jewish Week) * GOP Senator David Storobin congratulated the Democrat who defeated him, Simcha Felder, for siding with the Republican caucus. “I welcome his decision to side with the party whose values align with those of the frum community. I hope he will fight for lower taxes, school vouchers and conservative social values,” he said.* Corporate Money At Play In Senate(YNN) * Survivor: State Senate Edition (UPDATED) (NY World) * "Felder’s spokesman emphasized that the senator-elect will remain a Democrat"(Capital)* It's time that BK Democratic leaders act to remove Simcha Felder from party, so he can become the Republican he is. * How independent campaign cash tipped the balance in fierce fights for state Senate seats.NY World) * Frank Seddio Is Not Pleased with Felder(YNN) * Senator-elect Simcha Felder’s boss, NYC Comptroller John Liu, declined to criticize his fellow Democrat for siding with the Republicans. * The Brooklyn Democratic Party is researching whether it can expel Senator-elect SImcha Felder, who has opted to caucus w/ the GOP, per spox.* Fair point from Hikind: why okay for all those Dems to endorse Bloomberg but not okay for Felder to caucus w/GOP? * Sampson: "What's most important is our conference has stuck together...despite lack of support." (Does he mean ?) * NY1 Online: State Senate Minority Leader Makes The Case For Democratic Control   * UPDATE: Felder: "The Democratic party doesnt sound very democratic today..." cc:

One of the Problems that Seddio Trying to Remove Felder From the Democratric Party Faces. Nobody Moved to Remove Vito Lopez Who Headed Both Democracts for  Pataki and Giulinani

Well He Did Call Bloomberg An Idiot Before He Apologized
Mayoral buzz for Lhota (NYP) Get ready for the “Joe Lhota for mayor” boomlet.City and state officials praised the performance of MTA Chairman Joe Lhota throughout the storm recovery, creating a buzz that Lhota might throw his hat in the ring for mayor* MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota apologizes for saying Mayor Bloomberg acted 'like an idiot'(NYDN)

Prosecutors Seek Prison Term for Seabrook of More Than 7 Years(NYT)

Is John Catsimatidis Running for Mayor or Fighting His Competition?
South Bronx activists and supermarket execs join against Fresh Direct(NYDN)

Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s parole hearing was this afternoon.

 Bloomberg: So you don't like spinach? Eat It

Campaign 2013 Sources say that Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer will no longer be running for mayor and instead will run for city comptroller, though a Stringer spokesman denied the story, the Post reports:  

If Borough President Stringer pulls out of the mayor’s race Quinn will become much stronger by picking up Manhattan voters who have her as their second choice.

* In the Post, former Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrión outlines his candidacy for mayor and calls for strong leadership in wake of Sandy* Carrion post oped "I’m likely 2 run 4 mayor bc my experience, vision & independence would enable me to be effective from Day One."  * Senate Finance Committee Chairman John DeFrancisco says a special session before the start of the new year is unlikely.* U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is returning to the new-look Senate with a lot more clout.* Rep.-elect Grace Meng turned out for the Cosmo 100 Luncheon in New York City.* "Skelos also received the most from unions: nearly $249K. But the report doesn’t highlight that."-- * Ed Koch said it's "atrocious" for Adolfo Carrion to link campaign matching funds and money needed to rebuild the city after Hurricane Sandy. [Azi Paybarah] * Romney fund-raiser John Catsimatidis said Obama's support among African-Americans was a sign of "reverse racism." [Azi Paybarah] * Kirsten Gillibrand's 72% against Wendy Long was the largest share of the vote for any senator in New York history. * A adviser doubts can turn Latino voters Republican

The End Of The GOP?(City and State) What President Obama's election means to New York State politics. Are we witnessing the death of the GOP? * Asked about Carrion, Rangel talks about party-switching Democrats who 'ended up in jail' (Capital) * The high cost of winning (and losing) (New York World) * Former state Comptroller Alan Hevesi’s parole hearing was this afternoon. * NYC's Republican Party has become like a vanity plate, sought by not quite ready for prime time Democrats. Michael Powell

New York's Day After Tomorrow Timeline

Monday True News asked:
Where is the Leadership in NYC Mayoral Candidates on Power to the People or Stop the Damage From Floods? True News pointed out that all were into social media groupthink, No plan for the future, No criticisms of recover efforts or comments on flood victim’s anger, All they do is tell the flood victims where the pampers are being given out. 

 Tuesday The Times’ Michael Powell asks whether mayoral candidates can look at the bigger picture surrounding climate change and work to bolster the city’s storm defenses:*Want to be a NYC mayor for the history book?

Tuesday Afternoon Quinn Put Out A Silly Campaign Press Release Though Her Council Office That Even Her #1 Supporter Bloomberg Dismissed
Quinns' false promse to bury the power lines and not have the consumers pay for it.  Who will Pay the billions to bury the lines Santa, maybe Bloomberg
Council Speaker Urges Stormproofing as the Civic Conversation Shifts(NYT) * Quinn Unveils City Flood Protection Plan(WSJ) * Quinn: Studies Needed On Storm Damage Prevention Efforts (NY1) *
 Bloomy dismisses Quinn's proposal for storm barriers(NYDN) Quinn told reporters at a breakfast hosted by the Association for a Better New York. 
 “In fact, there are some places where digging underground would be more dangerous. What we want to do is figure out where the most vulnerable places are, phase in a plan that would be reasonable over a period of time to begin getting those New Yorkers relief.” Con Ed spokesman Chris Olert said that shutting down the 14th Street substation would have resulted in the same power outages that customers experienced in Manhattan, with the same restoration period.  * Quinn proposes big infrastructure plans to storm proof city * Christine Quinn Vies to Become New York’s Post-Sandy Mayor(NY Mag) * Schumer, Gillibrand Want Congress To Fund Programs That Protect From Flooding   * Sampson: "People forget, escalating budgtes, tax increases, MTA running was while the Republicans were in control." *Protecting NYC's waterfront(Fox 5)


Sandy Was Also Bad Timing: As New York Needs Up to $30 Billion to Pay for the Clean Up the Federal Government is Falling Off the Finacial Cilft and About to Cut Their Budget to the Bone . . .  For NY It is Not Only About Getting Funds to Pay for Sandy We Also get More $$$ to Fund All the Services Covered By the Zadroga Act
 Christie Reverses Stand on Tax Increases After Storm(NYT) Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who has pushed aggressively to cut taxes during his three years in office, said rebuilding New Jersey has to be paid for and “there’s no magic money tree.” *  Storm Costs Wreak Havoc With Budgets(WSJ) New York state officials are hoping the federal government finds a way to grant Gov. Andrew Cuomo's request of $30 billion in aid. Sandy is expected to widen the state's $1 billion budget gap, and if Congress doesn't approve Mr. Cuomo's request, the state would have to trim agency spending, cut aid to local governments and potentially lower how much debt it pays down each year, said Citizens Budget Commission analyst Tammy Gamerman.  * On Capitol Hill, Lawmakers Push For More Sandy Funding(NY1) The Post’s Nicole Gelinas examines Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s call for $30 billion in federal aid for Sandy and how that money might be spent: * Chris Christie’s Okay With Tax Hikes in a Disaster(NY Mag)  

Quinn said it's "crystal clear" there needed to be "protective structures" built to protect against future storms, and the federal government should help pay for $20 billion price tag. [Michael Howard Saul]

Quinn Wants to installing an emergency balloon system that seals tunnels from flooding in the Hugh L. Carey tunnel




 Money Taking Agency Board Rebellion?
The Riders who paid for an unlimited MetroCard during Hurricane Sandy may see a rebate, after all MTA bigs: Refund only fare(NYP) * As the potential toll hikes loom, another Thruway Authority meeting is canceled, and now one board member is blasting the leadership for secrecy.

Sandy Day 15
Defier of Police and Storm, Tender of Residents' Cats and Fish(NYT) * Evacuated in Hurricane, Woman, 93, Reunites With Family After 2 Weeks(NYT) * Occupy Wall St. Offshoot Aims to Erase People’s Debts(NYT) * Refugees Grapple With Hotel Living(WSJ) * Post-Storm Push For Muni Bonds(WSJ) * In a Pinch, Aid Workers Go Upscale(WSJ) * Holding Up in Temporary Digs(WSJ) Hundreds of companies are bracing for weeks—and in some cases, months—of dislocation from offices in Lower Manhattan and West Chelsea.* $30M in storm damage to Westchester, NY parks(WSJ) * All Tunnels Cleared as Traffic Returns to Hugh Carey (WSJ) * ]LIPA COO Submits Resignation As Cuomo Forms Power Probe Commission (NY1)
As Relocated Schools Reopen At Original Locations, Attendance Rates Rise(NY1) * Parents: Bus For Relocated Rockaways Students Delayed In Return Home(NY1) * Grassroots Volunteer Efforts Help Sea Gate Move Forward(NY1) * New Yorkers can expect gas rationing for at least five more days(NYDN) * Catering hall that survived Sandy hit with lawsuit by angry bride(NYDN) * Group of handymen help neighbors in Broad Channel(NYDN) * Price gouging fears for electrical inspections(NYDN) * Mormon Helping Hands in Queens(NYDN) * THE WRATH OF HURRICANE SANDY: Rep. Bob Turner and Mike Long, the Conservative Party chair, talk about losing their homes to the fire in Breezy Point, how they made it out safely and whether global warming should be blamed (City and State) 
Power Remains Out In Much Of LES High-Rise Complex, Residents (WCBS) * Road To Recovery On Staten Island May Take Months, Maybe (WCBS) * Staten Island markets give turkeys to food pantries(SI Advance) * Recovery efforts in Broad Channel and Rockaway(Queens Crap) * Wonder of wonders, Coney Island's marvelous wheel spins again!(BrooklynPaper) * Alternate-Side Parking Indefinitely Suspended In Two More Areas of Brooklyn *Bike-Share Equipment Apparently Damaged by Flooding(NYT) * For Visiting Utility Workers, Finding Comforts in a Tent City(NY* Students At Middle School In Canarsie To Return To Regular Building Thursday * Homeowners In "Safe" Buildings Still Spend Weeks Without Power(NY1) * Power problems linger in Queens * Army National Guard Continues To Aid In Recovery Efforts * R train between Manhattan, Brooklyn still weeks off(NYDN) * ATM shortage in Rockaways(NYDN) * Caribbean diplomats return the favor to New York(NYDN) * EXCLUSIVE: MTA’s Incredible Effort To Reopen Brooklyn-Battery (WCBS) * NYC Hurricane Sandy update: 1,300 NYPD members suffered (SI Advance)* On eve of Staten Island visit, Obama wants 'conversation'(SIAdvance) * Army National Guard Continues To Aid In Recovery Effort (NY1)

Thousands of NYCHA public housing residents are still without power, hot water, or heat, but residents will still have to pay rent until January when they will receive a credit,DN*
NYCHA honcho put gag order on staffers in wake of Superstorm (NYDN) * 15 days after Sandy, public housing gets power back, but 18,000 residents are still waiting for water and heat. (NY Mag) * Mayor's tweet touting NYCHA power restoration draws fire

City Approves Office Buildings Atop Chelsea Market(NYT) The City Council voted overwhelmingly to approve a plan to build two office buildings atop Chelsea Market, and in return the developer will contribute money towards moderate and low-income housing * City Council paves way for controversial expansion of the(NYDN)

NY’s idiotic DMV take$ the ‘high’ way(NYP)The cash-strapped state has tentatively chosen the highest bidder to produce driver’s licenses under a disputed contract that would provide only black-and-white photos and end up costing nearly $38 million more than the current contract if it’s approved.

Dredging PCB-tained muck along the Hudson River has wrapped up for the season, one of the largest environmental cleanups in the history of the Hudson River. 

New School Zoning Plan Proposed in Brooklyn(NYT)

"I am withholding judgement with respect to how the entire process surrounding General Petraeus came up." - Barack Obama
Insult to Benghazi: Petraeus & Allen dallied as furor over Libya massacre raged(NYP)Petraeus and his successor made a four-star farce of the military when they helped a woman whom a judge called mentally unstable in her bitter custody battle — less than two weeks after an ambassador was murdered in Libya, court records reveal. * Tampa Is Seen as Social Link for Unfolding Scandal(NYT) * Get Up Close, but How Personal?(NYT) * Reputation, Reputation, Reputation(Dowd, NYT) David Petraeus, the spymaster who could not keep his salacious secrets * One Lesson From a Messy Scandal(NYT) The Pentagon needs clear rules on misconduct, and they should apply to all serving personnel, regardless of rank or gender. * Scandal Entangles a Second General(WSJ) * Jill Kelley: From Social Role to Scandal's Center(WSJ) *‘General’ mayhem as scandal widens(NYP) * Pot king life on lam ends(NYP) * Eliot Spitzer: Petraeus Shouldn't Have Resigned (NYO) * AP VIDEO: In a 911 call, Jill Kelley cited her honorary consul general status while complaining about trespassers. * Breaking News: Frederick W. Humphries II, 47, identified as FBI agent at center of Petraeus scandal
* A U.S. Army official tells NBC News that Paula Broadwell's security clearance and access have been suspended. -

BREAKING: Pelosi Will Seek Leadership Post Again
BREAKING: Former CIA Director David Petraeus will testify before Congress  Will testify on Benghazi consulate attack in closed door session Thursday* David Petraeus Will Testify On Benghazi, Reports Say

Obama Sets Steep Tax Target(NYT)
Misreading Election 2012 - Andrew Kohut, Wall Street Journal
The GOP's Status Quo Myth - Harold Meyerson, Washington Post
GOP Will Have a Better Candidate in 2016 - Noemie Emery, DC Examiner
How Young Voters Won the Culture Wars - Harry Enten, The Guardian
ObamaCare Taxes = ObamaCare Layoffs - Milton Wolf, Washington Times
Reshuffling Obama's Cabinet - Doyle McManus, Los Angeles Times
Libya, Petraeus & the Limits of Credulity - Michael Graham, Boston Herald
The Republican Freakout Over Susan Rice - Kevin Drum, Mother Jones
Obama Proposes $1.6 Trillion in New Taxes - Goldfarb & Montgomery, WP
Hooray! Bankrupt Calif. Is Now a One-Party State! - Matt Welch, Reason
GOP Voter Suppression Strategy Backfired - Brazile & Crossley, Huff Post
Romney Didn't Make the Sale - Robert Robb, Arizona Republic
Rove, Carville Analyze 2012 Race - Alexis Simendinger, RealClearPolitics
D.C. Must Not Kill Energy Revolution - Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Examiner
What Will Nancy Pelosi Do? - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
GOP Debate on Social Issues Likely to Emerge - Scott Conroy, RCP
Katrina on the Hudson - Glenn Harlan Reynolds, USA Today

Obama's Idea of 'Balance': More Spending, Higher Taxes - DC Examiner
Time Has Come for Health Exchanges - Denver Post
Sex, Lies and Benghazi - Boston Herald
New Leadership in China - New York Times
Frank Rich on Maddow: Even Petraeus Scandal Won’t Draw Attention to the War(NY Mag)
Independent Senate-Elect To Caucus With Democrats(Huff Post)
How to hide money in a super PAC. [Stephen Colbert
MT : McCain, who picked Palin for VP, calls Rice "not very bright" and "not qualified" to be sec of state.
Obama's News Conference
NYT NEWS ALERT: Obama Insists He Will Not Extend Tax Cuts on Income Above $250,000  
Obama takes hard line with GOP in opening fiscal cliff negotiations (Wash Post)
BREAKING: Obama says he won't extend current tax rates for wealthiest taxpayers, wants to see them rise.
Obama untouched by scandal so far(Wash Post) 

TRANSCRIPT: We're updating this througout Obama's remarks
Breaking: Obama dismisses the attacks on United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice by Sen. John McCain and Sen. Lindsey Graham 
Pres Obama says McCain and Graham should "come after me," but to go after Susan Rice "who had nothing to do with Benghazi is outrageous."
And btw.... Graham And McCain Defended Condoleeza Rice Over Iraq WMD Testimony   (Buzzfeed)
Pres Obama says expect to hear more by him on climate change in 2nd term but not sure what Dems and GOP willing to accept
Obama denies secret talks with Iran (Wash Post)
Andrea Mitchell on Obama's response to questions about Susan Rice: 'It was dramatic. He is angry.'
President Obama has concluded his press conference. Here's what you should know:(Wash Post)
Focus on Petraeus and Taxes as Obama Faces Reporters(NYT)
John McCain Fires Back At Obama Over Ambassador Rice: 'We're Not Picking On Anybody' (VIDEO) 
President Barack Obama: Time to “seize the moment” on immigration reform (NBC)
John McCain Fires Back At Obama Over Ambassador Rice: ‘We’re Not Picking On Anybody’
Romney: Obama’s ‘gifts’ to key demographics helped him win(Wash Post)
Romney: Obama won by giving "gifts" to voter blocs(CBS)
Focus on Petraeus, Taxes as Obama Faces Media - Helene Cooper, NYT
Obama in "Throw-Down Mode" on Taxes - George Zornick, The Nation
Web of Deceit on Libya Begins to Fray - Wesley Pruden, Washington Times
Two Generals, Two Women and the FBI - Michael Hirsh, National Journal
More Hispanic Voting Myths - Steven Malanga, City Journal
Pelosi Decides to Stay as Democratic Leader - Eleanor Clift, The Daily Beast
The Freedom Movement Must Man Up - Brad Lips, The Atlas Network
Obama's Liberal Budget Proposal - Jamelle Bouie, Washington Post
GOP Voters in Virginia Analyze 2012 Loss - Frank Luntz, CBS News
How Greedy Unions, Politicians Sank a California City - Tim Reid, Reuters
The CIA After Petraeus - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Senate Democrats are warning Obama not to cave on taxes and entitlements in deficit talks (Politico)

Report Blames Corzine for MF Global’s Collapse(NYT) *  House Republicans Find Jon Corzine Guilty of Being Dumb (NYDN) * New York City's bike-share program may be delayed again due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Law and Order
‘Never let him out’: Judge gives beauty’s killer the max(NYP)

Grand jury formally charges NJ man with 1979 kidnapping, slaying of Etan(NYP)
Pedro Hernandez indicted in 1979 death of Etan Patz
Etan grand jury convenes(NYP) * Grand Jury Gets Evidence on Suspect in Patz Killing(NYT) * Indictment For Nanny Accused Of Stabbing Two Children(NY1) * Pedro Hernandez indicted in Etan Patz case(WABC) * Grand Jury Indicts Suspect in Patz Killing(NYT) * Suspect In Etan Patz Case Indicted On Murder, Kidnapping (WCBS)

Murder 1 vs. ‘killer’ nanny(NYP) *  Nanny Yoselyn Ortega Indicted In Deadly Stabbings Of Brother, Sister * Etan Patz Disappearance: Pedro Hernandez Charged With Murder(Village Voice)

Ex-Bonanno crime boss set to sing again in extortion tr (NYDN)

Out-of-towner cuffed in sting sues over bag bust(NYP) * Good Samaritan treated like thief by cops, sues for $1 (NYDN)* Upstate Brothers Are Charged in Plot to Steal a $5 Million New York Lottery Ticket(NYT) * NYC man indicted in killing of crime witness(WSJ) *NY judge gives serial cat burglar 20 years to life(WSJ) * Couple guilty of charity theft charged with food stamp,(NYDN) * EMT Says BK Prosecutor Attacked Her in Ambulance(NBC) * Bx. teens attack boy, steal his crucifix(NYP) * Grieving beau blasts murderer who killed, raped his fianceé (*NYP) * Wife killing cop gets 25 years(NYP) * Former NYPD Officer Convicted Of Murdering Wife Gets 25 NY1)

Terrorism Documents Show Extent of F.B.I.’s Role in Terror Case(NYT)